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SDA SCORES AN A+ Picking up garbage, using “an inside voice,” and keeping our halls clean were some of the things the student body did to prepare for accreditation. You may ask, “What is accreditation?” Accreditation is the review of the school’s programs, building, teachers, and students. During accreditation, the standards that are being implemented at a school are evaluated. Doctor Whitman Browne stated, “Our school is a good school and that many changes are being made, but there is always room for improvement.” Both the staff and students worked hard and were very optimistic about the process. Dr. Browne’s last words were, “I want the school to be a light in the Virgin Islands, a place where everyone is happy and can find God.” ………………………………………………………………………

Interview with Dr. Hilary Bowman Q:

What do you look for during accreditation?

A: We look at everything—philosophy, finances, services, curriculum, and student life.

`~Quote of the Month~`

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela


How did you feel about the school’s accreditation?

A: It’s a very good school, the principal and staff have really improved. They have done a great job, and I’m really proud. I have no doubt that your school will be accredited. Q:

What did you admire most about the school?


The spiritual atmosphere and the high support system that

the teachers give to the students. +

There you have it! The SDA scores an A , we are now accredited!


Sports Pitch the ball to first base! The sports team has just begun! The fun but intense games had each individual in an uproar. Who won baseball—No! Who won the race?! The sports club allows each child to develop a love for any specific sport; this activity connects with them. This is an excellent club to allow little children to burn their extra energy, keep them occupied, and build their stamina, as well as their physical abilities. Cooking The cooking club has a variety of delightful treats and meals that they’ve prepared for us to try. Ranging from coconut drops to patés and pizza; the cooking club not only teaches students their way around the kitchen, but also satisfies the taste buds of many! Business Future entrepreneurs of billion dollar companies are built in FBLA! This club develops the business intelligence of all students within that club. Want to know how to make your own money and be in control? Well, the FBLA, also known as the business club is where it’s at! Students learn the importance of stocks, and making investments that will always benefit you, and most of all have a successful business. Mathematics Two times five equals ten! The mathematics club is on a quest to mold the next Albert Einstein! Problems such as finding the square root of are shown step by step. Many children tend to lack mathematical abilities, but thanks to our very own mathematics club, that wouldn’t be a problem here at our SDA.


Beautiful Campus Dig down deep! Dig down deep! Our school is on the verge of a grand breakthrough. Many faithful individuals, such as Mr. Carty and Mr. Southwell, have made an effort to make our school beautiful. From beautiful posters and inspirational quotes, to palm trees, bogonvillias, and unique rock gardens created by the agriculture team, our school is doing an excellent job in beautifying the grounds. These simple designs may not be Hollywood material, but its product is appreciated by administration, students and the community.

Christmas Concert Lights‌ Camera‌..Action! On December 7, 2013, the school hosted a spectacular performance, written and directed by Ms. Karis George. The play was phenomenal. The night was filled with amusement. The play was about a journey through time that celebrates the hope Jesus will fulfill. Depicting colorful scenes such as the Prehistoric Modern Era and the American Revolution, the audience gained an insight of the hope that Jesus offers us. A round of applause is awarded to all actors, behind the scenes workers, the band, the audience, and the awesome director for a job well done!

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Fun Day

On Fun day, three teams battled for victory. Gray/Yellow, orange, and purple competed against each other, catching everyone’s attention. Then, teams cheered on their teammates as they participated in numerous games including Over and Under, Racing, Potato Roll, and so much more. “We have a winner!” Mrs. Soanes exclaimed through the microphone. The air was filled with happiness. Everyone was laughing and having so much fun. The fact we didn’t have school assignments to complete made the day relaxing and enjoyable. Blow Pops, Ring Pops, and of course Mrs. Martin’s famous coconut drops were all on sale for everybody to enjoy during the fun-filled day. Sadly, it started to rain, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. Even though we couldn’t play outside anymore, the day was still good. Everyone had a good time. The results have not been calculated, but surely everyone did their best!

Your Address 555 Street Address, Suite 555 City, State 55555

Meet the Band We are, Oh! So Talented! Making their début at the school’s Christmas program, these young men, Evandus Steinbergen, Bashiri Smith, and Kendel Mason, have played their melodious music at local Seventh Day Adventist churches. They’ve even played at our school’s chapel session in the mornings; they’ve also composed many original songs. These young men are very talented, and we hope to see them on the big screen someday soon!

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