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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Spring into Summer with Dr. Jim’s Tips Make Your Children’s Health a Priority This Season

CITY, ST – Month, xx, 2010 – May leads to a summer filled with BBQ’s, pool time, and family fun. When kids get out of school, parents are not always monitoring what they do. From lounging at the house to watching TV at a friend’s, children may not be getting the physical activity they need. Dr. Jim Sears, from the hit show The Doctors, has put together healthy tips and suggestions for the summer on his L.E.A.N website ( To mark the start of May, Dr. Jim is focusing on what parents can do to keep their kids active and fit this summer. With childhood obesity having more than tripled in the last 30 years, it is extremely important for parents to monitor what their kids are eating and to get them involved in aerobic activities. Overweight and obese youth are more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease, bone and joint problems, as well as social and psychological issues. Dr. Jim’s passion is to help families understand the vital role nutrition and exercise play in a variety of medical and behavioral problems. Dr. Jim has put together ideas for families to keep them active. 

Family outings: Families can do a lot of different things together that will provide physical activity. Dr. Jim believes that going on a family bike ride is a fun outing. Take a day trip and explore nature or run some errands. Find bike routes where you will only be passing other bikers or runners. Taking a walk after dinner is another way to bond and will encourage your kids to enjoy the outdoors!

Outdoor games: Dr. Jim suggests playing games as a family. Go on a scavenger hunt in a park or your backyard. Hide items from your kids and have them work together to find everything. They will love the thrill of not knowing what they are going to find! Simon says is also a great game that kids love. Substitute Simon for your kid’s favorite movie or Disney character and have them act out exactly what you say.

Dr. Jim provides tips about a variety of things this month from summer sports that will help children stay active and make new friends to things parents should consider when looking for a daycare this summer. Be sure to check Dr. Jim’s tips on his website to find more information on activities, exercises, and games families can do together! It is important to remember that children often only get exercise by doing activities that they find fun. Many children today find sedentary activities, such as playing video games, more fun than games involving physical activity. It is crucial for

parents to encourage healthy eating habits for the whole family as well as playing with their children to promote physical activity.

For more information, go to or please call XXX Dr. Sears L.E.A.N mission is to build a healthier world one family at a time by focusing on Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. L.E.A.N. focuses on fun, simple, affordable strategies that help everyone in the family have more energy, improved learning, better behavior and focus, lower medical expenses, etc. A healthy lifestyle begins with education. Contact Name Company if applicable Phone email

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 Outdoor games: Dr. Jim suggests playing games as a family. Go on a scavenger hunt in a park or your backyard. Hide items from your kids an...