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BOTANICAL ART For your eyes only

For your eyes only Sarah horne, Jo Jarvis


Sarah horne Jo Jarvis aifd



Contents 6 8 26 44 62 82 100 118 132 150 160 166

Inspir ation Flowers for me Flowers for you Show us your plants Let me entertain you Party party Flowers to carry Flowers to wear Art for art’s sake glossary Biogr aphies Acknowledgements


Inspiration Botanical Art ‘For Your Eyes Only’ is the collaboration of award winning floral designers Sarah Horne AIFD and Jo Jarvis AIFD from the United Kingdom. They have been friends for many years, meeting first when Sarah entered her first competition, where Jo was one of the sponsors. She came forth on that occasion, going on to win the Metz and Earthworks competition the following year. The idea of doing a book came from the now famous words “Why don’t we do a book together?” after their successful standing ovation programme at the American Institute of Floral Designers national symposium in Chicago 2008. Both Sarah and Jo are highly regarded designers in the floral industry and have now formed the company, 3-5-8 Productions Ltd., in which to channel their respective talents. Sarah is a renowned demonstrator and gold medal designer and Jo is a floral talent spotter and designer in her own right and both are successful business women. With Jo’s publishing and project management experience and Sarah’s exciting design skills and creative flair and their desire to create something new, dynamic and challenging, the outcome was always going to be a book that caused a stir and inspired many. Despite such prestigious and highly regarded talents, Sarah and Jo still continue to train and develop their skills, constantly offering their clients and demonstration audiences something new, fresh and vibrant. Sarah has always been inspired by attending the workshops held by European design group, Pandora’s Box, formed by esteemed European floral designers, Niels van Hement and Carles Fontanillas. Both Sarah and Jo have worked behind the scenes with Gregor Lersch and Tor Gundersen in recent years, continuing their professional development in the industry. The attendance of floral demonstrations and workshops has led to the development of techniques and ideas that have inspired much of the foundation of Botanical Art, with designs subsequently being innovative, evolutionary and awe-inspiring. The book is a culmination of ideas and inspiration, showing designs ‘outside of the box’, the love of nature and the imagination of both of these talented designers. One of the main objectives for the book was to broaden people’s concepts of floral design not just for those in the floriculture industry but to encourage others to see how botanical material can be used with a little imagination in everyday life. From the creation of a romantic floral dinner in the woods, to the opulence of a fragrant floral bedspread and through to the idea of the male model, where the character of the person and the flower meld into one another to create living art as it’s never been seen before! Pushing the boundaries is something Sarah has learnt works for her in her career. This can often be seen in her designs, such as naked model covered in flower sushi! Jo is more at home with nature which transpires in this book with the beautiful woodland settings, the organic planted designs, coupled with stunning containers. The book is a testament to the fact that you have to evolve and grow to set yourself new challenges. There is something to appreciate in every page of this book whether a flower fanatic, nature lover, designer or artist. The lively personalities and professionalism of Jo and Sarah come to the forefront in this book, where you see new challenges set to floral designers, artists and flower-lovers everywhere. When asked, Sarah says “My inspiration and drive came from my late mum, Jenny, who lived 80 years in 46! My determination to succeed came from my dad, Fred, who taught me the difference between winning and being ‘an also ran’.” Ever the planner and perfectionist, Jo also wanted to include something for everyone; so the concepts in Botanical Art – For Your Eyes Only are for the designer, inner child, nature lover, artist and creator in all of us. All things are possible you only have to believe in your dreams and have the courage to grab it with both hands, which is what Sarah and Jo have done. The enthusiasm, energy and passion that have gone into this book leaps from every chapter, so turn the page and feel the inspiration. Sarah and Jo would like to express their heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported and believed in each of them along the way – this book is for you.








This is not just a gift from me to you but instead an expression intended to represent us. 31


Solid and absolute plants are often the ones that can drive you wild.



Flow with the enchanted woodland to discover wisps of hidden treasure. 105

3-5-8 Pr oductions are pr oud to announce the relea se of

BOTANICAL ART For your eyes only

designed by

Sarah horne Jo Jarvis aifd


at the Society of Floristry’s Annual Show À la Mode… November 22nd 2009

photography: Gary Maxwell

Botanical Art is a floral feast - For Your Eyes Only. It celebrates living art – both man-made and man himself. A fresh, modern take on floral design is combined with artistic displays, making this a truly unique and inspirational coffee table and reference book. Perfect for those with an interest in any modern art form, especially floral design; this book is a must for anyone aspiring to the talents of the 3-5-8 productions team.

Sarah Horne and Jo Jarvis’s unique talents came together to create botanical art as you have never seen it before. You can see their work produced live at the Society of Floristry Annual Show in November, where the book will be available to be signed upon purchase. Feast your eyes on Botanical Art, and see how nature and man exist harmoniously together in this magical world Jo and Sarah have created.

RRP £45.00 plus P & P £6.50 (UK)

33 x 24 cm, 160p, Hardback

Pre-order your copy now and save £5!

Botanical Art – For Your Eyes Only will be launched at Society of Floristry’s À la Mode. PRE-ORDER NOW FOR COLLECTION AT THE SHOW AT A SPECIAL OFFER PRICE OF £40!


Sunday 22nd November 2009 - 9am to 4pm


£12.25 / Non- Members £17.75 THEATRE OF DESIGN - Members £12.50 / Non- Members £17.50 Botanical Art ‘For Your Eyes Only’ 11:00 am - Sponsored by 3-5-8 Productions Sarah Horne AIFD MSF & Natalie Stanyer LCGI MSF Fusion of Tantalising Textures 1:15 pm Eileen Avery-Scott NDSF FSF & European designer TBA See website for further details or call 07896 639 520

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Collection at show £40

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Cheques made payable to 3-5-8 Productions Ltd C/O Sarah Horne Flowers, 86 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England CV32 4QG 01926 424826

Botanical Art - For Your Eyes Only  

By Sarah Horne AIFD and Jo Jarvis AIFD 3-5-8 Productions

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