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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes June 17, 2014: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Best Western Plus Hilltop

The regularly scheduled Redding Tourism Marketing Group quarterly board meeting was held on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at Best Western Plus Hilltop in Redding. The meeting was called to order at 10:01 a.m. by Chairman Steve Gaines with the following Board members and guests present: David Grabeal – Vice Chair – Hampton Inn & Suites Steve Gaines- Chair- Best Western Plus Hilltop Ryan Rydalch – Secretary – Oxford Suites Chris Korologos – Past Chair—Red Lion Hotel Carol Mozingo – NonExpiring Board Member – Hilton Garden Brandi Merkel – NonExpiring Board Member—Holiday Inn Janelle Pierson – Officer At Large – Bridgehouse B&B Brady Stewart – Annual Board Member – Tiffany House B&B

Greg Clark – Deputy City Manager – City of Redding Ed Rullman – Attendee – Best Western Hilltop Will Hayward – Attendee – Win River Resort & Casino Tony Kilcollins – Attendee – Old Thyme B & B Kallie Markle – Attendee – CVB Chad New – Attendee – CVB Krista Budkel – Attendee - CVB Laurie Baker – Attendee - CVB

Introductions Confirm Quorum Yes – 8 voting members in attendance (6 is a quorum) Approval of Agenda Motion to approve passed with a unanimous vote Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes  Dave motioned to approve March 18th minutes adopted with a unanimous vote and signed by Secretary Ryan Rydalch. Rae seconded. All approved, none opposed. Presentations  Marketing update presented by Krista. No objections to the logo redesign. Ryan asks if buzz for Celebrate 10 equates to what was hoped/expected. Laurie says that journalists have been eager to cover it and she expects Celebrate 10 to move Redding to the forefront of people’s minds. Ryan asks if we have rights to video footage of the event, and Krista explains we do have videography that is being taken by Bethal, plus we will have our own photographer taking pictures.  The Marketing Plan was distributed and the board members were asked to review it and respond with any changes so an official copy can be forwarded to City of Redding . Items  Redding Soccer Park Sponsorship o Eric Keating couldn’t attend the meeting, so Chris Korologos speaks on his behalf. Eric is having trouble getting soccer teams into town for tournaments. He feels if he can create more of a festive event, with a band as an example, he could increase room nights. Larger tournaments could equate to 400-800+ room nights per three day tournament. Would the RTMG like to sponsor tournaments at $4,000-6,000/each? Steve tables the issue until the budget discussion.

06 june 17 2014 RTMG board meeting minutes  
06 june 17 2014 RTMG board meeting minutes