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Top 6 Ways VoIP Improves Small Businesses VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, has many benefits that can improve your small business. VoIP allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet instead of using a traditional landline. Since the service is a fraction of the cost of a traditional landline, VoIP is an ideal option for any small or growing business. According to DelmarvaVoIP®, a leader in providing VoIP and recently named 2016’s Top 10 VoIP Solution Provider, every single business needs a phone. Affordable, high quality phone service is particularly important for retail business owners who “typically operate in environments requiring time-sensitive purchasing needs, sales development and customer satisfaction.” VoIP is both cheaper and improves the customer experience. Here are six ways VoIP can improve your growing business.

software programs like remote conferencing, email and e-fax into your VoIP service. This allows users to access the Internet, email and other features through their phone. Moreover, VoIP allows you to set group your phones together so they all ring at the same time. If you’re out of the office for a meeting and someone calls your office phone, you can set it so your cell phone rings as well. This ensures you’ll never miss an important call from a supplier. 3. Call Attendant: Call attendant is probably one of the most valuable features that VoIP provides business owners—Callers will never get a busy signal again! Additionally, you can customize the experience for the customer with custom call flows and even have callers listen to your latest promotion while being transferred or on hold.

1. Cost: Cost savings is the most obvious benefit of switching to a voice over Internet Protocol service. It’s much cheaper than a traditional phone line. With a VoIP, you don’t have to pay long-distance fees. Also, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment or worry about maintaining a phone system. The whole VoIP system is integrated into the same network. After switching to a VoIP service, most businesses realize a savings of 40 percent on local calls. Fo a business, like retail, where profit margins are slim, these savings could make a huge difference for your business.

4. Transfer Calls: With a VoIP service, you can easily transfer calls from one phone to another. If you’re on an important call in your office but need to go to a meeting with a supplier, you can transfer the call from your office phone to your cell phone or even to another extension.

2. Software Integration: A VoIP service allows you to easily combine various

6. Wireless: VoIP services offer a completely wireless phone system.

5. Higher Quality: VoIP services offer higher quality phone calls than traditional telephone services. If you’re talking to a customer or supplier, the call quality will be outstanding ensuring you won’t have to worry about any interruptions or dropped calls.

For a small retail business, this an ideal solution. You won’t have to hide wires around your store or worry about where to plug-in your phones. This will provide a much cleaner, professional environment and make it easier for your employees to move around the store. VoIP offers a number of advantages any retail business would want to take advantage of. Since it’s cost-effective and offers a higher level of quality than any other phone service, switching to VoIP is an ideal choice for any small business.

Let us handle your technologies so you can get back to focusing on delivering exceptional customer service. At DelmarvaVoIP™, we understand the challenges that you face as a business owner. We’re here to help you get back to focusing on what’s most important. Let’s us worry about the rest.

Make the switch to VoIP and save up to 40% over traditional phone solutions. Get your FREE evaluation today!


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