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4 Mobile Lessons from Walgreens By Artemis Berry

In redesigning its app a year or so ago, Walgreens found the perfect prescription for success: simplicity, valuing the ecosystem and understanding the native capabilities of the mobile device. Deepika Pandey, GVP of digital marketing, product and innovation, and Ray Kim, senior manager of user experience for mobile, shared their journey at the Digital Experience Workshop. Lesson One: Simplicity always wins. “It seems very simple, very basic,” Pandey said, “but it’s about taking friction out of the experience.” The first “killer” piece of functionality, for example, was refill by scan, which allows users to scan in a photo of a prescription bottle bar code. More from the Digital Experience Workshop “We like to call this ‘refills in 17 seconds or less,’” she said. “As you can imagine, most people don’t think about refilling a prescription as something that’s enjoyable … but mobile actually showed us that you can change the way that a customer thinks about an experience.” The proof was in the pudding as Pandey shared her favorite feedback: “That was so much fun, I wish I had more prescriptions to fill.” Mobile added a gamification aspect to something that traditionally had been dry. Since then, the company has introduced refill by text, taking the process from 17 seconds to less than three. The user receives a text message, and only has to reply “refill.” Lesson Two: Mobile is the bridge between the digital and physical worlds. “When you are a retailer that has over 8,000 stores, this is really, really important,” Pandey said. Knowing that consumers were already using the company app while in-store,

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Walgreens set out to enhance that experience. Using geolocation, the home screen now updates to elevate functionality that’s most relevant while onsite: loyalty information, relevant offers, store information, etc. As a result, app traffic has since increased “dramatically.” In addition, the company’s loyalty program — which rewards healthy choices — has grown to more than 85 million users; more than 130 million paperless coupons have been clipped. Walgreens has been a frontrunner in mobile payments, too. Lesson three: The ecosystem matters Walgreens launched an application programming interface program, starting with its photo experience. The company knew no one could do fulfillment better, but understood partners could improve other elements and experiences. The company has since integrated with more than 275 partners, and has expanded the practice through the Balance Rewards loyalty program, refills and other areas.

“... ‘Mobile actually showed us that you can change the way that a customer thinks about an experience.’ - Deepika Pandey, Walgreens ...”

Lesson four: Put resources into the team that drives customer experience. In addition, make sure CX has a seat at the table. Walgreens considers it the “golden triangle:” CX is on the same level as product and engineering. Making progress, seeing results “Mobile actually showed us that you can change the way that a customer thinks about an experience.” - Deepika Pandey, Walgreens Kim, meanwhile, spoke about the actual redesign process, of regularly posting the progress on a wall to receive stronger feedback and spark discussions, and taking a “highly iterative design approach.” The redesign, by an in-house team, resulted in an app that is cleaner, less cluttered, easier to use, anticipatory of intent, inviting and consistent with the feel of the recent flagship store design. It’s also slightly different for Android and iPhone users. “Another thing we talk about is designing across our digital touchpoints and across the ecosystem,” he said. “When we talk about the

were nearly four times more valuable than store-only customers. “When you bring mobile into that mix, it actually increases to six times more valuable,” Pandey said. “It really goes back to the fact that you’re designing your app and mobile experience for some of your best customers.”

importance of being consistent within the platform, the framework we like to use is that any feature that we release has to be relevant and connected to the brand … and connects digital to the in-store experience.” In considering the results, the company discovered that those who engage through the store and online

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