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Spring 2014

The Sussex County A Quarterly Educational Resource for the Women of Sussex, Wicomico and Worcester Counties Dr. Richard McCann discusses Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Woman Dr. Manonmanni Antony of Sussex Pain Relief Center

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Glenn Courtney gives tips on Changing Eyewear technology

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Photo By Mike Baker at Lessard Builders Model Home, Lewes

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Changing Eyewear Technology activation for extra protection, the darkest everyday lens), Vantage (variable polarization for crisper sharper vision outdoors), Drivewear (Polarized lenses reduce glare, optimizes color contrast, great for driving) and now Signature VII (most responsive, fully clear indoors, just the right tint outdoors).

By: Glenn Courtney, A.B.O.C. of Delaware Eye Optical


ike so many other industries change is constant and the optical business is not imune. I began my career in 1978 and have seen many changes over the years, mostly good but some not so either for the industry or the consumer. Regardless, of what side of the fence you are on a response is required to stay competitive and assure our business’s future. Markets change, economics change, products change so to maintain our position in the market place we must change. The changes in products and to our business, for the coming year are examples of our business adapting and listening to your comments. Improving existing products is a constant at Transitions, striving to offer the consumer both comfort and protection seems a core principle. Successful eyecare should provide optimun vision but in our case comfortable protective eyewear is a goal as well. Transitions lenses offer four products tailored to your specific need, XTRActive, Vantage, Drivewear and now Signature VII. Brief discussions of these are: XTRAactive (more

Spring 2014

sive in more situations, they begin to darken instantly as soon as you step outdoors and they are the fastest fadeback to clear indoors. Signature VII comes in gray or brown and both are more aesthetically appealing over the VI. The “gray tint is more neutral, true to life color and the brown is the best everyday contrast-enhancing lens,” Transitions has offered. So you can see the Transitions Signature VII lenses are an improvement over the VI offering key points of clear indoors, better reaction to various lighting conditions, better colors in both gray and brown, as well a life expectency for the lifetime of a patients prescription. Demonstrations will be available by mid-February and we will have samples soon, as the release was January 7th, we look forward to fitting this new lens treatment.

Transitions Signature VII with Chromea7 ™ technology is a new technology which is an “exclusive dye formulation that allows the lenses to be more responsive in more lighting conditions across all temperatures.” They are more reactive to indirect sunlight and “more reactive” getting even darker on hot days. Extensive research went into developing these lenses which resulted in 8 out of 10 clear lens wearers rating “Transition Signature VII” lenses better than their regular clear lenses. The benefits over the Transitions VI are more respon-

as a result you will notice changes to our internal marketing. The offer associated with this article and future package pricing are direct results of our conversations. Trying to make your decisions easier and in a more cost effective way will hopefully make your experience with us more pleasurable. Delaware Eye Optical will always carry a wide variety of frames, lenses and accessories in attempt to satisfy anyone who walks through our doors. We back those products with friendly service you can count on and are always trying to improve. Thank you for your loyalty and sharing your ideas with us. Hope to see you soon.

For more information or an appointment call 302-645-1800 in Rehoboth, Over the last year we have been lis- 302-934-6620 in Millsboro and tening to you, our patients-clients, and 302-678-3200 in Dover.

Buy 1 Pair of Eyeglasses,


for your distance, reading or computer needs!

Limited first time offer. Minimum purchase $149. Must be a complete pair of select frames. Glare free, H:Index, Transitions and other add-ons at additional charge. No third party payment. No credits of SV upon upgrades. Offer expires 3/31/14.

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Rehoboth Beach, DE

Dover, DE

302 645 1800

302 678 3200

Millsboro, DE 302 934 6620

The County Woman Newspaper 2/10/14 10:28 AM


ROUTINE EYE EXAMS DETECT‌. Health & Medicine Delaware Eye Surgery Center Celebrates DELAWARE EYE SURGERY CENTER OFFERS DELAWARE EYE SURGERY CENTER OFFERS HIGH TECH CARE WITH PATIENTS COMFORT 15,000 Surgical Procedures HIGH TECH CARE WITH PATIENT COMFORT others are easily picked up during a routine eye examination.

FOHDUO\KLWDQGĂ€HOG ages 65 and 74. Early manageable disea a baseball better and detection of macular caught early. improve their lacrosse degeneration allows your game. If no signs doctor to council you on kDiabetes: Let’s start with the or symptoms exist, I preventative measures Diabetic retinopa children. One out of recommend a routine eye and create awareness is responsible for every four children has exam at the age of four, of vision changes that of legal blindness aoffered visual impairment. another before school need to be the leading cause patient‘s faceaddressed and eye will be patients will be asked to wash at the Delaware Eye outcomes. physician’s pre-op instructions. their face and hands. Ittwo is not prepped and draped for surgery¡ new cases of blin feel any discomfort. Patients are generally inclosed-circuit system Modern cataractCenter surgery Surgery ishas more efficient television When you consider starts, then every immediately. Research Patient comfort is an important goal at the The anesthetist administers I.V. sedation and necessary to disrobe for most and the eye. connected This During surgery, most patients Following surgery, patients in adults ages 20 to refrain eating to theyears surgeon’s undergone a gentle revolution in the that 80%onsurgery of learning thereafter. has shown that a diet the eyefrom is anesthetized to guarantee patient center. Certified anesthetists arestructed on procedures, but shoes will be efficiency leads to more patient remain aware of their surroundare moved to our recovery ˜› Â?›’—”’—Â? ŠĞŽ› –’Â?—’Â?‘Â? operating microscope. past decade. Today, cataract staff for each case. Our nurses are experts in comfort. When thein time for surgery is delivered through rich green leafyarrives, Each year 12,000 lesskeeping inflammation, removed. Dentures, ings. They canoperating hear voices and area where, once again, their before aprosthetics, procedure. Uponmore arrival, patients will surgery comfort, is less invasive than patients comfortable and safe during patientsHowarevegetables, wheeled to the room. a child’s eyes, it is Of course, as we no smoking 24,000 people los may put theand child at a music, Sometimes it can bebetter difďŹ cult for ourconditions Somevital common signs/symptoms include: rapidprocedures. recovery and visual and hearing aids for the but don’t feel dis their Patient family members are invited to signs will beany monitored. ever,(except heart blood pressure check-in with receptionist. many dental Thevisit. There is no need (or patients to transfer to an- because of uncon imperative that they start age, the chance for and taking vitamin outcomes. surgical side ear) may in. comfort. disadvantage ifmedications they goremain uncorrected, children to express to with their parents to TV remain patient their stay in preother Once in close the ’•• operating room ŠÂ?’Ž—Â?Âœ ‹Žthe ˜ěŽ›ŽÂ? “ž’ŒŽ At the that time, theduring receptionshouldstretcher. usually beSitting newest-generation offPatient withequipment a foundation eye disease increases. supplements tailored for are blood sugar. Ann Vital signs will be monitored and comfort is an Following surgery, patients op and recovery. Familyand members may, vitalatsigns will again be monitored and the paespecially if with theythe occur early anyŠÂ?vision related problems they ˜›  ŠÂ?Ž›ǯ ist will review help the taken. All patients must make ˜ěŽ›ŽÂ? Â?‘Ž Ž•Š Š›Ž  ¢Ž —ŒŽ Œ˜–Â?˜›Â?Š‹•Žǰ Turning of an eye the operative dilated. Onceface and important goal at the surgery moved to our recovery area of clear vision sopermission, they Routine eyeeye care is tient‘s the disease can inhibit the procedure eye will be prepped and draped exams are used t school comfortably The these maycenter. be having. During formal eyeobserve sure they longer understand theirwhere, patient complete theirpatient admisSurgery Center isCertified morepatient’s efaonce family member may join Squinting the settled, anesthetists are again, their vitals can concentrate on instrumental in the progression. leaking blood ves through a c1osed-circuit television system for surgery¡ By: Jay Taylor, M.D.ꌒŽ—Â? physician’s pre-op sion paperwork. Patients are have Š—Â? Â?Ž—Â?•Ž ˜— Â?‘Ž Ž¢Žǯcase. them. Post-op instructions are exams, practitioners can objectively conditions go the instructions. child they may auntreated, family member on for each Our nurses signs will be monitored. Patients thestaff material they are detection, monitoring Rubbing their eyes connected to the surgeon’s operating microDuring surgery, most patients remain aware retinal swelling (m The anesthetist then invited pre-op ‘’œtest ÂŽÄœÂŒÂ’ÂŽÂ—ÂŒÂ˘ •ŽŠÂ?Âœ Â?˜ineyes –˜›Ž and hear copy given to join them. are experts keeping patients will bereviewed offered juice or water. may learn to accommodate toadministhem. children’s without inputto our scope. of their surroundings. They blinking can voices and edema) and lipid learning, not wasting and treatment of sedation many kGlaucoma: The Excessive mportance of routine, ters I.V. and the eye area for the administration of ™ŠÂ?’Ž—Â? Œ˜–Â?˜›Â?Ç° •Žœœ ’—ĚŠ––Šthe patient for use at home. Patients are generally incomfortable and safearrival, duringpatients their will check-in with our Once comfortable a family music, but don’t feel any discomfort. Upon Most conditions canfrom be easily treated the child. The child does energy struggling tonecessary see ocular and systemic leading cause comprehensive eye tion,from structed to refrain eating or second visit. Patient family aretime, member may join are them. Post-op Light sensitivity is anesthetized toFollowing guarantee more rapid recovery and members anyAt medications. Patients must be released into deposits in the re surgery, patients moved to receptionist. that the receptionist will not need to know the alphabet or and allow the child to reach his/her clearly. Some children’s diseases including: of blindness in the U.S. all of which are s drinking midnight before a the area invited to remain the patient exams. Too often I instructions are and patient comfort. When time Â&#x;’œžŠ• ˜žÂ?ÂŒÂ˜Â–ÂŽÂœÇŻ entering pre-op pa- after the attention care of areviewed responsible adult. our recovery where, once again, their vitals reviewwith andWhile help the patient complete their Short span ADAM SCHMIDT , O.D.M.D. ‹ŽĴŽ› David Robinson, eye diseases, such as found mostly in on the procedure. However, heart and during their stay in pre-op and full numbers for full exam. copy given todothe for use damaged blood ve have seen Robinson, patientsM.D. Patient for surgery arrives, patients tients will be asked to potential. wash comfort isa an imporPlease notpatient plan signs will beismonitored. Patients will bedrivoffered admission paperwork. Patients are then invited By: David medications blood pressure members may, recovery. Family atOnce home. Patients must be reamblyopia and infantile kMacular over 40 crowd. It isGenerally, suffer permanent vision juice oroperating water. comfortable a family memto our pre-op area for the administration of any are wheeled to the their face and hands. It is not tant goal at the surgery center. ing yourself home. With the experience of 16,000 surgical proceIf Post-op you thenotice any of should usually be taken. Allmay join with the patient’s permission, care of a responsileased into glaucoma, need to be to disrobe Degeneration: The characterized by high kCataracts: them. instructions are re- these, necessary medications. While pre-op ŃŽŃŁŃ–Ń‘ ÇŻÇŻhave loss that could WithŃœŃ?Ń–Ń›Ń ŃœŃ›Ç° the experience of 16,000 room. to There isAmerican no need for necessary forentering most Ž›Â?’ęŽÂ? Š—ŽœÂ?‘ŽÂ?Â’ÂœÂ?Âœ Š›Ž ˜— patients will wear an eye patch Many conditions According theber dures, Delaware Eye Surgery Center combines patients must make sure they observe the procedure through a ble adult. Please do not plan on It’s never too soon to scheduling an eye exam would be along enough viewed and copy given to the patient for use at patients will be asked to wash their face and cataract surgeries, Delaware Eye picked up as early as leading cause of pressure in the eye that live been prevented if the patients to transfer to another procedures, but shoes will bePublic ÂœÂ?Šěincluding Â?˜› c1osed-circuit ŽŠŒ‘and ÂŒÂŠÂœÂŽÇŻ ž›eye, —ž›œŽœ for a short time following the the most modern eye surgery technology Health Association, lazy understand their physician’s television system driving yourself home. Generally, home.prePatients must be released into the care of above hands. It is not necessary to disrobe for most Surgery Center combines the are experts good idea. Even if none of the possible to prevent problem had only been blindness in the U.S. damages the optic nerve. will have cataract ÂœÂ?›ŽÂ?ÂŒÂ‘ÂŽÂ›ÇŻ —ŒŽ 10% ’— Â?‘Ž ˜™Ž›ŠÂ?removed. Dentures, prosthet-approximately in keeping patients ™›˜ŒŽÂ?ž›Žǯ —ŒŽ ™ŠÂ?’Ž—Â?Âœ ‘ŠÂ&#x;ÂŽ he Delaware Eye Surtechnique witheye a warm and friendly beginmost regular exams connected to the surgeon’s will wear anplan eye on patch of patients eyeatmosturns, and a responsible adult. Please do not drivprocedures, but shoes willopbeinstructions. removed. Denmodernearlier. eye surgery technoldetected Accurate permanent vision loss. is a result of the It is typically a slow, A cataract is any phere. This promises patients ansafemicroscope. ing room vital signs will again ics, and hearing aids The (except comfortable and durrecovered and receivedthe their are present, anproearly eye gery combination Center combines anesthetist operating forsymptoms a short time following ing yourself home. Generally, patients will wear tures, prosthetics, and hearing aids (except foradministers ogy and technique with a warm large preschoolers have eye amounts for children. spectacle prescriptions unparalleled surgical experience. Amblyopia, in particular, deterioration of certain progressive process that RSDFLĂ€FDWLRQRUF forside the side ear) may be signs monitored the patient’s Patient family post-op instructions, they the most modern Thising their visit. I.V. sedation and the eyean isand cedure. Once patients have Upon arrival, patients willsurgical is time important, especially eye patch forexam a short following the pro- before the surgical ear) may remain in.problems. Vital and friendly atmosphere. Most of them of near farModern cataract surgery hasmembers undergone aandwith are commonly a LVPXFKPRUHGLIĂ€FXOW face and eye will be prepped remain in. Vital signs will be are invited to remain are wheeled to their car and cells in the macula, has no symptoms until the lens in the anesthetized to guarantee patient check-in our receptionist. At recovered and received their posteye surgery technology and cedure. Once patients have recovered and rewill be monitored and the operative eye dilated. beginning school. Learning isofvery patients an cataract Many combination schools screenings revolution inpromises the past decade. sightedness are will not have complaints, simpleperform solution for 40 Today, comfort. the time for time, the receptionist op instructions, are wheeled and draped forofsursurgery. monitored and the operative with thethat patient during their released. Forthey most patients, the Typically cataract to treat after the agewill ofis comfortably which isWhen thethey portion 10% of the nerve technique with a warm and ceived theironly post-op instructions, they are Once the patient settled, unparalleled surgical experience. dependent upon vision in most surgery iswhich less invasive than many dental procefor youngsters, is This great, but gery arrives, patients wheeled their car released. and released. For somethings with chronic review and help patient Duringare surgery, most Ž¢Ž Â?’•ŠÂ?ÂŽÂ?ÇŻ —ŒŽthe Â?‘Žjoin ™ŠÂ?’Ž—Â? staymore in pre-op and recovery. experience at the center soÂ’Âœitlocated is important for easily treated wheeled to patheir carentire and For most pa- not pose a health may have a family member them. friendly atmosphere. 6-9. Often athe detailed retina in theparents istofunctional and the Modern cataract surgery has equipment dures. The newest-generation offered cases. By ensuring your sometimes can be ainaccurate. These to the operating room. There isthe notheir most patients the entire expericomplete their admission headaches andpatients fatigue atthe members tients entire experience at the center takes child’s Patients arepapergenerally instructed to refrain tients remain aware of Family may, with the Œ˜–Â?˜›Â?Š‹•¢ œŽĴ•ŽÂ?Ç° Â?‘Ž¢of –Š¢the only takes about 90 minutes. undergone revolution 1n the combination promises refraction for glasses back eye necessary patient has permanent but can seriously to know what symptoms to sooner they are at the Delaware Eye Surgery Center iswork. more Patients need (or patients toatransfer to90 ence at the takes about 90 them areeating then invited to member vision is center clear, you will enable about minutes. from or drinking after midnight before work and children doing are screenings, which differ greatly past decade. Today, cataract surroundings. They can hear patient’s permission, observe have a family join For an appoinment otr more an unparalleled surgical expecan be found to improve for sharp vision. This vision loss. Treated your vision. Man efficient and gentle on the eye. This efficiency diagnosed. look for. another stretcher. in the minutes. our pre-opThese area adminisForbut andon’t appointment ortheir morehighest information call procedure. However, heart and blood pressure poorly in These lessschool. invasive than to reach potential. voicesOnce and music, the through a for the them. information call 302-645-2300. from asurgery comprehensive eyecomfort, exam. rience. leads toismore patient lessprocedure inflammaa child’s vision so they disease affects 11% of predominately with eye operating room vital signs will tration of anymedications necessary medicaFor an appointment or more people will strugg 302-645-2300. should usually be taken. All pamany dental procedures. The better visual problems and many tion, more rapid recovery and see the board at school Caucasians between drops; glaucoma is a very to get enough ligh again be monitored and the tions. While entering pre-op information call 302-645-2300. tients must make sure they understand their newest-generation equipment read and stop dri night because of cataracts. The vi symptoms progre worsen and are sometimes accom by a shift in the g prescription.

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Fortunately, m ocular diseases a treatable and visi loss can be preve if caught in a tim manner. We rely our vision for so m things, eye health important to over I strongly recomm adding a compreh dilated eye exam your regular heal regimen.



Dr. Jay Taylo The Delaware Institute, has serving the ey needs of patie Sussex County years. To ma appointment (302) 645-23


Spring 2014

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Spring 2014

(Back Standing L-R)Brian Lessard, Christina Lessard, Richard Bell III, Doug Arcos, Stephanie Snyder, Chris Herbst, (Front, seated L-R) Regan Roberts Deck and Leslie Lynn Umstetter

The front cover photo by Mike Baker at the Lessard Builders model home, Lewes DE.


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educate. e

The Body Lift Health & Medicine

Call now to ma our Botox Even 7th . Enjoy com AND $10

Total Breast Cancer Care: Part 1 of a Series ample of chest deformity following breast conservation therapy, which consisted of a/29(<RXUVHOID/LWWOH0RUH lumpectomy and radiation therapy. As you can see, the patientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right breast (left in the image) is smaller than the opposite one. In addition, there Following lumpectomy, a poor cosBy: Vincent J. of one or is a depression at the upper, outer metic result can consist aspect of the patientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right breast. MD problems: morePerrotta, of the following Vincent Perrotta, M.D. Lastly, the nipple/areola complex is being pulled laterally (toward any people are has seeking simple, a. The breast good form the outside). affordable ways of enhancing but it is smaller than the their appearance without having For morethis mature Our these plan with patient is to re- order to remove stubborn bulges opposite breast.painful to undergo a prolonged, individuals, the only truly effective construct the right breast by rear- of fat, we oftentimes perform b. The breast an recovery time. Drs. has Christopher some simultaneous sculpting via way to correct skin laxity is to Pellegrino and Vincent ranging the tissues. This procedure abnormal form.Perrotta are remove Breast Conservation Therapy liposuction. the excess skin via a lifting WZRERDUGFHUWLĂ&#x20AC;HGSODVWLFVXUJHRQV will correct the means depression, reloc. The breast has an unsightly procedure, (BCT) has become the primary which surgery. at Peninsula Plastic Surgery cate the nipple/areola complex to scar, which might form a As you might imagine, a body Lasers or other non-invasive form of treatment following the offering such treatments. OLIWFRQVLVWVRIDVLJQLĂ&#x20AC;FDQWDPRXQW devices might be able to produce an ideal position and lift the entire lump or a band. diagnosis of breast cancer. BCT of surgery. Therefore, following a some skin tightening butwe notwill rebreast. Simultaneously, bariatric d. the Theadvent breastofhas an area usually consists of a lumpectomyWith enough to satisfy any patient that medicine andspider surgery, more and duce and lift the patientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s left breast full body lift, we keep patients in with veins and/or plus post-operative radiation therthe hospital for several days. For KDVHYHUHQWHUHGRXURIĂ&#x20AC;FH more Americans are losing massive so that it perfectly matches the re- patients who prefer to be treated dark pigment. apy. As the term suggests the goal amounts of weight. While losing federal law requires health inconstructed one. of Such surgi- This e. is The nipple/areola complex on an outpatient basis, we perform The body liftright consists of BCT is to remove the cancer but the fat a great achievement, it all surgical inclusive* surance reconcal maneuvers areskin quite simple parts ofcompanies the body to liftcover at separate of excess from the for is pinched, oblong and/or removal FUHDWHVDSUREOHPZKLFKLVGLIĂ&#x20AC;FXOW not the entire breast. The majority surgery performed for the sessions, with sessions separated lower part of body, including us, given ourthe extensive experience structive it normal to treat,out skinoflaxity. Forlocation. these of women who opt for BCT, over in time by at least three to four the belly, medial thighs, lateral 9,1&(17-3(55277$0' inindividuals, excess skin hangs in breast enhancement and recon- treatment of breast cancer. Also mastectomy, do so because of valweeks. This incremental approach thighs and buttocks. As we *All procedures must be booked are by August 31st, 2011we perform from Some the lower belly and produces cluded procedures of these deformities are structive surgery. &+5,6723+(5-3(//(*5,120' id psychological reasons. affords the patient the luxury of reposition the skin higher on unsightly waviness on the opposite breast to achieve evident within or sixrippling weeks on follow- the body, the belly and thighs undergoing surgery in the private, the thighs, and the buttocks slides Their expectation is that, unlike symmetry. /LSRVXFWLRQLVDSURFHGXUHWKDWFDQKHOSVFXOSWWKHERG\E\UHPRYLQJXQZDQWHGIDWIURPVSHFLĂ&#x20AC;FDUHDVLQFOXGLQJWKHDEGRPHQ It might surprise to hear that convenient, warm setting of our ing lumpectomy while others de- appear tighter and you smoother. GRZQZDUGDQGORVHVLWVGHĂ&#x20AC;QLWLRQ KLSVEXWWRFNVWKLJKVNQHHVXSSHUDUPVFKLQFKHHNVDQGQHFN'XULQJWKHSDVWGHFDGHOLSRVXFWLRQKDVEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WHGIURPVHYHUDO mastectomy, a lumpectomy would Beauty comes in all sizes. Imagine the possibilities ... procedure we perform velop months or even years we elevate the buttocks, we for FHUWLĂ&#x20AC;HGRSHUDWLQJURRPORFDWHG For children or young adults, the later. Asevery The timing of breast reconstrucQHZUHĂ&#x20AC;QHPHQWV$QXPEHURIQHZWHFKQLTXHVLQFOXGLQJSRZHUDVVLVWHGOLSRVXFWLRQODVHUOLSRO\VLVDQGWKHV\ULQJHWHFKQLTXH leave their breasts intact and withLQVLGHRXU6DOLVEXU\RIĂ&#x20AC;FHFRPSOH[ shape, will and itbetoocovthe patientits above The ones spontaneously are due to the vol- reestablish looseKHOS'UV3HOOHJULQRDQG3HUURWWDSURYLGHPRUHSUHFLVHUHVXOWVDQGTXLFNHUUHFRYHU\WLPHV$OWKRXJKOLSRVXFWLRQLVQRWDVXEVWLWXWH skinearly tightens tion is variable. The patient dea healthy diet and regular exercise, it can remove stubborn areas The of fatoverall that donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t respond to traditional weight-loss methods. out a deformity. However, studies appears smoother. to a for great degree. Unfortunately, ered by her health insurance. In ume loss that occurred during the scribed here underwent herbody breast ,I\RX¡UHFRQVLGHULQJOLSRVXFWLRQSOHDVHVFKHGXOHDFRQVXOWDWLRQZLWKRQHRIRXU%RDUG&HUWLĂ&#x20AC;HG6XUJHRQVZKRFDQDQVZHU contour and harmony of the Full recovery from the lift show that up to 30% of patients this \RXUTXHVWLRQVDQGJLYHDSURIHVVLRQDOUHFRPPHQGDWLRQEDVHGRQ\RXULQGLYLGXDOFLUFXPVWDQFHV is not the caseThose for middle-aged 1998is Republican Senator Alfonse lumpectomy. of the latter body conservation therapy over a year greatly enhanced. In usually takes approximately 4 or older adults. notice a mediocre or poor cosmetic group are result from the side ef- Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amato sponsored and pushed ago. Since we are going to perform result soon after BCT or lumpecto- fects of radiation therapy. through a bill entitled The Wom- her reconstruction next month, my, and up to 40% three years lat- The photos to the right are an ex- enâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Health and Cancer Rights Act. months after her lumpectomy, her breast reconstruction is classiďŹ ed as Delayed Reconstruction. PLASTIC However, her reconstruction could SURGERY P.C. have been performed immediately following her lumpectomy, 2IĂ&#x20AC;FHVORFDWHGLQ*HRUJHWRZQDQG6HDIRUG'( in which case her reconstruction would have been classiďŹ ed as Immediate Reconstruction. Each of Also in these options has advantages over Christopher J. Pellegrino, MD Vincent J. Perrotta, MD 6DOLVEXU\0' the other. WeJ.will address these Vincent J. in Christopher part two of MD this seriesPerrotta, of articles on MD Pellegrino,  Total Breast Care. In addition, we will show you the â&#x20AC;&#x153;afterâ&#x20AC;? pictures OfďŹ ces located in Georgetown and Seaford, DE Also in Salisbury, MD of the patient we introduced to you 302 628 3118 â&#x20AC;˘ December 2011/January 2012 6 410 546 0464 above. er. This can be very disappointing, since hope for normal-appearing breasts following cancer removal is the emotion that compels most patients to initially choose breast conservation therapy.


What happenedM to my breast?

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Spring 2014

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Health & & Medicine Medicine Health

CoolSculpting Non-Surgical Fat Removal fat. This non-invasive procedure represents an alternative to surgical liposuction by using a novel cooling technology that permanently removes fat cells from treated areas.

Michelle Parsons, MD

is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia and received her residency training from the State University of New York in General Surgery, and Christiana Medical Center in Emergency Medicine. She also served as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force. Dr. Parsons specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and treatment of Thyroid disorders as well as Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Medicine. The biggest trend in cosmetic surgery for 2013 is the expansion of non-invasive body countouring technology, the best of which is CoolSculpting, which is now available at ReNove Medical in Rehoboth Beach. CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-surgical device that uses precisely controlled cooling to destroy fat cells, thereby eliminating unwanted love handles, bra rolls, and stomach fat. Arms and legs can be treated as well. Unlike some other non-surgical technologies that release fat from fat cells, such as Vasershape and I-Lipo, Coolsculpting destroys the fat cells thereby eliminating treated fat permanently, as our body does not make new fat cells. Coolsculpting is a unique non-surgical treatment for removal of fat from localized pockets of excess

How does CoolSculpting Work? The technology behind CoolSculpting was developed by Harvard scientists who noted that fat was destroyed by cold under certain conditions. CoolSculpting is a result of their efforts to harness and refine this application of cold to selectively remove unwanted fat deposits in a safe manner. During a treatment, your unwanted fatty area will be pressed and chilled to a temperature 12 degrees above freezing. At this temperature the fat within fat cells crystallizes. When the fat within the cells crystallizes, it damages and kills the fat cell. Skin and other tissue is not damaged as the water in other cells is not crystallized, only fat. The body will then eliminate the killed fat cells over time. The best news is that we do not make new fat cells. Fat cells merely get bigger or smaller as they store more fat or lose fat. So in essence the fat removal from CoolSculpting is permanent. And we have seen instances of patients who if they gain weight, the weight will not return to the treated areas. What are the most common areas to be treated? Many people on a weight loss program continue to have stubborn hard to lose areas, no matter how much dieting, sit ups or weight they lose. Such stubborn areas are typically around the abdomen, the love handles and inner thighs. Once you are over forty, losing fat in these areas is extremely difficult. These are the areas that CoolSculpt can address. Basically if there is an area you can pinch several inches, that area can be treated and eliminated

by CoolSculpt. Most of our patients are interested in losing fatty areas in the upper and lower abdomen, the muffin top, waist, brat fat, back fat, love handles, and “mommy pooches.” We can also treat arms, thighs and saddle bags.

Are there any side effects from CoolSculpting? The side effects from a CoolSculpting treatment are minimal. It is possible Before to have bruising after the treatment, which resolves in a week. It is common to have numbness or decreased sensitivity in the treated area lasting 1 to 2 weeks. In some instances patients will develop a burning tingling sensation 5 days after the treatment which can be controlled with a Lidoderm patch. There are virtually no long term negative side effects. What does CoolSculpting feel like? Our treatment room is very comfortable where you will relax on a padded recliner. When the CoolSculpting is applied to the fatty area to be treated there is a sensation of pulling that feels slightly uncomfortable for the first 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually this sensation lessens to the point during the treatment any uncomfortable sensation is minimal. There seems to be a natural endorphin release during the treatment so patients are very relaxed during the treatment, which takes an hour. Some people have fallen asleep during the treatment! A typical treatment session lasts between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how many areas are treated. During the treatment, we have Netflix available so you can watch a movie or catch

After up on your favorite television program. Busy moms find this time to themselves a real treat! We also have Wi-Fi.

How quickly do people see results? After a CoolSculpting treatment, the fat cells are actually killed and will be eliminated by the body over time. Many report seeing changes in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. The full benefit will take as long as 60 to 90 days. How long to results last? Once the fat cells are frozen, killed and naturally eliminated by your body, the results are permanent. You can still gain weight in other areas if you over eat and don’t continue to try to remain fit. If you are interested in learning more about CoolSculpting and would like to see if you are a good candidate for this effective treatment to lose unwanted fatty areas, please call us today to set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Michelle Parsons at ReNove Medical, Health Rejuvenating Spa, in Rehoboth Beach, 302227-1079. We will be offering an introductory Special this season, so please inquire.

Michelle Parsons, MD ReNove Med Spa 416 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth, Delaware For appointments please call


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Presented by Richard J. McCann, D.M.D., P.A. What Is It?

Some teeth have cracks that too small to show up on X-rays. Sometimes the cracks are under the gum. These small cracks re know as “cracked tooth syndrome.” Cracked tooth syndrome is most common in lower back teeth (molars). That’s because these teeth absorb most of the forces of chewing. Some people grind or clench their teeth. These people may be more likely to have cracked tooth syndrome. Sometimes, the way a person’s teeth come together can put too much pressure on one tooth. This can cause the teeth to crack. Teeth with large fillings may be more likely to crack. Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are weaker that other teeth and also may be more likely to crack. People with one cracked tooth are more likely to have others, either at the same time or in the future.


The tooth may hurt sometimes when you bite or chew. The sensitivity or pain can be mild or intense. It may last a brief time or a long time. It may be painful only when

you eat certain foods or when you bite in a specific way. You will not feel a constant ache, as you would if you had a cavity of abscess. The tooth may be more sensitive to cold temperatures. If the crack gets bitter, a piece of of the tooth may break off. You may also develop an infection. This can happen in the gum around the fractured tooth. You may notice a pimple-like bump on the gum near the tooth. Pus may drain from the pimple. This is know as a fistula. Many people with cracked tooth syndrome have symptoms for months. Cracked tooth syndrome is one of the most difficult dental problems to diagnose because the pain is not predictable. Your dentist may refer you to an endodontist (root canal specialist)


If you grind or clench your teeth, talk to your dentist about treatment. Grinding can increase your risk of cracked tooth syndrome.


Treatments for cracked tooth syndrome do not always relieve the symptoms.

Treatment depends on:

• Where the crack is • How deep it is • How large it is


Sometimes a crack affects one or more cusps of a tooth. These are the highest points of the tooth. In this case, the tooth may be fixed with a crown, also know as a cap. Some cracks affect the pulp, the center of the tooth, where the nerves and blood vessels are. In this case, the tooth will need root canal treatment.

Your dentist will examine your mouth and teeth, focusing on the tooth in question. He or she may use a sharp instrument call an explorer to feel for cracks in the tooth. Your dentist also will look at the gums around the tooth. You may have x-rays taken. But x-rays often do not show the crack. Your dentist may user special tools to test the tooth. One tool looks like a toothbrush with out bristles. It fits over one part of the tooth at a time as you bite down. If you feel pain, the part of the tooth being tested most likely has a crack in it

About 20% of the teeth with cracked tooth syndrome will need root canals. After a root canal, the tooth will no longer be sensitive to temperature, but it still will respond to pressure. If you felt pain before the root canal, you may still feel some pain afterwards. It probably will not be as intense or as frequent, but it may still occur.

Your dentist may shine a very bright light on the tooth. He or she may stain it with a special dye. If the tooth already has a filling or crown, your dentist may remove it in order to see the tooth better.

In some cases, the tooth may need to be removed. Some cracks affect the root of the tooth in the jaw. There’s no way to fix this type of crack. If your tooth is removed, you can have it replaced with n implant or a bridge.

Expected Duration

How long symptoms last depends on how quickly a cracked tooth can be diagnosed. Even after a crack is found, treatment may not completely relieve the symptoms.

Your dentist can make a night guard (a plastic bite piece) to prevent you from

grinding your teeth. This will relieve the pain from grinding your teeth. For some people it can stop tooth sensitivity. The night guard can be worn during sleep. It also can be worn at other times if clenching or grinding happens during waking hours.

When to Call a Professional

If you feel pain when you bite or chew, contract your dental office.


Treatment of cracked tooth syndrome is not always successful. Your dentist should talk with you about what might happen. In some people, a crown will fix the problem. In others, root canal treatment solves the problem. Some people continue to have occasional symptoms after treatment. They may need to have the tooth taken out.

Richard J. McCann, D.M.D. 31413 Winterplace Parkway Salisbury, MD 21804

410-546-9940 The County Woman Newspaper


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The Right Time for an Orthodontic Dental Implants T

he American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children get a check-up with an orthodontic specialist no have later Patients than age 7.

tGLIĂ&#x20AC;FXOW\LQFKHZLQJRUELWLQJ t mouth breathing t jaws that shift or make sounds tVSHHFKGLIĂ&#x20AC;FXOWLHV t biting the cheek or the roof of the mouth t facial imbalance t grinding or clenching of the teeth


Final treatment decisions should b made among the parent, childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s den orthodontist.

One Team â&#x20AC;Ś One Cost â&#x20AC;Ś One Location

Dr. Stewart Perim of PENINSUL PERIODONTICS AND ORTHODONT member of the American Associat Orthod implants Patients May Receive well a that look, feel Teeth in a very short of the and function like time span HEREâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S WHY: Acade (1 day possible in most cases) l Orthodontists natural teeth Period can spot subtle Our all-on-four procedure, He has Once you have recovered from your problems with and dedicated team trainin implant procedure, you canMalocclusions start close labs, (â&#x20AC;&#x153;bad bitesâ&#x20AC;?) like those illustrated below, may benefit from jaw growth and of specialists makes it possible Orthod enjoying the foods you love again and early diagnosis and referral to an orthodontic specialist for a full evaluation. emerging return to a teeth healthy diet. Your implants for patients to leave with fully (childr Dr. Stewart Perim, while some will look likebaby natural teeth, and you functioning teeth on the day and ad D.M.D, M.S. teeth are still will even brush, ďŹ&#x201A;oss and care for of their procedure. After 6-8 Period present. months, patients return and them like natural teeth. Dental receive their ďŹ nal, permanent Dental implants have given thousands Implan One Team. One Location. set of teeth. l While your chance childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;stoteeth appear to be of people a second enjoymay TMJ T the foods they love, to smile straight, there could be a with problem that only OneanCost. Togeth CROSSBITE OF FRONT TEETH CROSSBITE OF BACK TEETH CROWDING conďŹ dence and tocan get their lives back orthodontist detect. Traditionally, dental implants require Dr. Ma after tooth loss. Peninsula Total Dental Top teeth are to the inside of bottom teeth Top teeth are behind bottom teeth multiple visits to multiple locations Mera, Carelhas leadingmay the way with athat your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s A been check-up reveal and doctors, each with their own and PE system that reduces recovery time and ELWHLVĂ&#x20AC;QH2UWKHRUWKRGRQWLVWPD\LGHQWLI\D fees for their portion of your dental simpliďŹ es the entire process of getting PERIO developing problem but recommend monitoring implant treatment. At Peninsula Total dental implants. AND the childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s growth and development, and Dental Care our experienced team ORTHO then, if indicated, begin treatment at the A permanent solution & works together under the same roof to appropriate time for the child. In other cases, is able provide treatment for one ďŹ xed cost. Hope for patients O PEN B ITE P ROTRUSION D EEP B ITE WKHRUWKRGRQWLVWPLJKWĂ&#x20AC;QGDSUREOHPWKDWFDQ compl Front teeth do not meet when back teeth struggling with missing EHQHĂ&#x20AC;WIURPHDUO\WUHDWPHQW dentis Treatments are are closed as com and failing teeth performed with sedation l Early treatment may prevent or intercept specia Bridges, crowns, and dentures Many dental implant more serious problems from developing and may procedures are all the typically only last 5-10 Dental performed make treatment at years. a later age shorter andwith less local anesthesia. Please implants are the only lifetime solution At Peninsula Total Dental Care, we complicated. In some cases, the orthodontist 742-86 to failing or missing teeth and are provide our patients with a range of will be able to achieve results that may not be an app the only solution has been shown to sedation options to make the entire SRVVLEOHRQFHWKHIDFHDQGMDZVKDYHĂ&#x20AC;QLVKHG at the U NDERBITE S PACING O RAL H ABITS prevent bone loss. experience as comfortable as possible. growing. Salisb Sucking on thumb, fingers The lower teeth sit in front of upper teeth when back teeth are closed locatio l Early may give your orthodontist Notreatment Insurance? NO PROBLEM! In addition, if you notice any of the following in your child, check with your orthodontist: the chance to: Try QDP - Our Quality Dental Plan! e ak M e W y Guide jaw growth t early or late loss of baby teeth t speech difficulties Dentistry lityLower Quay the risk of trauma to protruded M em t difficulty in chewing or biting t biting the cheek or the roof of the mouth be rs ! hi le p Includes Affordab Complete Eva front teeth t luatmouth breathing t facial imbalance ion $ with X-Rtays,jaws that shift or make sounds y Correct harmful oral habits t grinding or clenching of the teeth 2 Cleanings Pe for 1 year r Year, y Improve appearance M MAG.CO PLUS MOFinal LSTYLE ASTA ($71500 Value) childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dentist and RE! treatment decisions should be made among the parent, INE â&#x20AC;˘ CO OF orthodontist. O y Guide permanent teeth into a more R R MAGAZ P LA â&#x20AC;˘ PU F OST PO PROO OREâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S M STERN SH ROOF â&#x20AC;˘ of the Visit the â&#x20AC;&#x153;About Orthodonticsâ&#x20AC;? THE EA favorable position OF â&#x20AC;˘ Psection O R P â&#x20AC;˘ Call NOW for additional benefits ROOF American Association of POrthodontists Web site at y Create a more pleasing arrangement of and membership information. teeth, lips and face

Problems to Watch for in Growing Children



410.742.8686 //

Dr. Stewart I. Perim, D.D.S., M.S. l Through an early orthodontic evaluation, 1505 S. Salisbury Blvd. s Salisbury, MD youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be giving your child the best opportunity for a healthy, beautiful smile.

If your2014 child is older than 7, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s certainly not Spring too late for a check-up. Because patients differ in both physiological development and treatment needs, the orthodontistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goal is to provide each patient with the most appropriate treatment at the most appropriate time.

1505 S. Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD 21801


1505 S. Salisbury â&#x20AC;˘ Salisbury, MD

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By R. Alberto Rosa, M.D., FACC

Dr. Ramon Alberto Rosa is a graduate of the University of Santo Domingo in his native Dominican Republic. He completed his post-graduate medical education at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia with a residency in internal medicine (1991-1994), Chief Medical Resident (1994-1995), and cardiology fellowship (1995-1998). Dr. Rosa has practiced cardiology in Sussex County since July 1998. He has served as Medical Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and as Chief of the Department of Cardiology at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, DE. Dr. Rosa is trained in non-invasive cardiology, Nuclear Transesopageal Echocardiograms, as well as invasive diagnostic procedures and pacemaker implantations. Dr. Rosa is board certified by the American Boards of Internal Medicine and Cardiology. He is also a Certified Aviation Medical Examiner and is Board Certified in Nuclear Medicine.

Is a “broken heart” a true medical condition or is it just a figure of speech to describe someone’s emotional state after some great personal loss or stressful situation? It may come as a surprise to many people but the answer is both. This condition is also known as “stressinduced cardiomyopathy”, a rapid and severe heart muscle weakness, typically as a consequence of sudden emotional or physical stress: unexpected illness, injury or loss of a loved one. It can also be from a severe medical condition, surgery, an accident, intense fear, domestic violence, severe pain, financial loss, even public speaking or a surprise party.

The exact cause is unknown, but it is clear that most of the affected individuals are postmenopausal women between the ages of 58 and 75 years, in about 90 percent of cases. The symptoms are very similar to those of a heart attack, with chest pain or pressure and shortness of breath being the most frequent ones. It is not completely understood why this condition affects mainly women, but most investigators believe that after menopause the decline in estrogen levels renders patients more susceptible.

patients, the coronary vessels are open and the blood flow is usually normal. It is the “stunning” of the heart muscle cells by adrenaline and other hormones that creates the muscle weakness and this process is, for the most part reversible. Another interesting finding in this broken heart syndrome is that it does not tend to recur in the same patient. In other words, once somebody experiences this syndrome, even if other stressful events come along in their lives, the same phenomenon doesn’t tend to happen again. Learning to cope better with life stresses can prevent it in the first place.

It was first observed in Japanese women in the early 1990’s and the name of takotsubo cardiomyopathy was used originally. This name describes the characteristic appearance of the left ventricle (heart’s main pumping chamber) as seen in cardiac studies that resembles the traditional Japanese octopus trap. There is ample evidence to suggest that the massive release of certain hormones in the bloodstream, such as adrenaline and noradrenaline, as a natural response to stress, under certain conditions causes the heart muscle cells to stop working properly, especially in the lower part and the “tip” of the left ventricle.

The management of this medical condition is similar to the treatment of congestive heart failure with medications

such as diuretics, beta-blockers and ace-inhibitors as well as aspirin and in some cases blood thinners on a temporary basis. So yes, it is quite possible to have a “broken heart” literally, as a true medical illness that is brought about by a heightened physiological response to stress, especially in women. The good news is that in almost every case it is a temporary condition and full recovery is the expected outcome. There is no way to differentiate this situation from a heart attack, before hand. Therefore, it is very important to seek immediate medical attention for symptoms of sudden chest pain or pressure and shortness of breath. It might be the case that your heart doctor could tell you, in the end: “Just a broken heart, already on the mend”.

Stress-induced cardiomyopathy can be serious medical condition because it involves the sudden onset of congestive heart failure due to the heart muscle weakness, low blood pressure and potential shock or life threatening heart rhythm problems; it is, however, rarely a fatal illness. Furthermore, it is almost always reversible with most patients recovering completely within 2 to 4 weeks. The main differences between a heart attack and “broken heart syndrome” is that heart attacks occur as a consequence of blockages or blood clots in the coronary vessels (heart vessels that supply blood flow and oxygen/ nutrients) to the heart muscle cells that cause those cells to die or to suffer permanent damage. In the stress cardiomyopathy

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Learn The Facts About Bladder Slings


lot of women needlessly endure stress urinary incontinence (SUI), a condition in which they experience an involuntary loss of urine when they laugh, sneeze or exercise. In fact, SUI is the most common form of incontinence in women, impacting 28 percent of women age 30-39 and about half of women over 50, according to a recent University of Washington survey. There are many treatment options for this condition, both surgical and nonsurgical. One of the surgical options is a sling operation. This is an effective procedure involving the placement of support material through small incisions in the vagina.

There are many types of slings, most of which have been used successfully for more than 15 years. However, concerns have been raised recently about complications associated with synthetic slings. In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an alert on the use of some types of slings for incontinence surgery. Consequently, we often VHHSDWLHQWVLQRXURIÀFH who are frightened at the prospect of getting any type of sling to resolve their issues with leaking. However, there are a number of slings that are highly effective and have very low risk.

Learn the facts

When considering any kind of surgery, you

shouldn’t be shy about asking all the questions you would like answered. To get the information you need to make an educated decision about slings, talk to a urogynecologist, a specialist who is trained in both female urology and gynecology. Urogynecologists are IRFXVHGRQÀQGLQJVROXWLRQV for women who suffer from leaking and other problems involving the bladder, uterus and rectum. A vaginal sling is a sort of hammock. It provides support for the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder. That support keeps the urethra from opening and spilling urine when you do jumping jacks, KDYHDFRXJKLQJÀWRUGR other activities that result in leaking.

The mesh is made from polypropylene, a form of plastic. It has been used safely for more than 30 years in many surgical procedures, such as hernia repairs and vascular surgery.

Know your options

According to the FDA, the use of slings to treat SUI is less invasive than repairs that don’t involve slings, which require a larger incision in the abdominal wall. Because there is less cutting of tissues, patients can expect less pain and a quicker recovery. Sling procedures involve tiny cuts about the size of an eraser head. So there is very little scarring. The outpatient procedure for the slings takes about 20 minutes and is performed under anesthesia. Within 36 hours, most women are back on their feet, feeling as

if they have not had surgery. The time for a full recovery varies with the individual, from a couple of days to a few weeks. After they recover, about 85 percent of women will be able to jog, sneeze or laugh at good joke without leaking. So is a sling right for you? A urogynecologist who is experienced in both surgical and nonsurgical treatments for SUI will answer your questions and provide you with the information you need so that you can make an informed decision. For an appointment call the Christiana Care Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery. Babak Vakili, M.D., Howard Goldstein, D.O., and Emily Saks, M.D. are the only urogynecologists in Delaware who are boardFHUWLÀHGLQIHPDOHSHOYLF medicine and reconstructive surgery.

Bladder problems shouldn’t keep you from the things you enjoy most in life.

Babak Vakili, M.D., is the director of the Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery. Dr. Vakili is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He completed a fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans, LA.

Emily K. Saks, M.D., MSCE, is a urogynecologist with the Christiana Care Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery. Dr. Saks completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia and has completed a fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Howard B. Goldstein, D.O., MPH, is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He completed a fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ. He currently serves as the Director of Research and Education for the Division of Urogynecology.

Let us help you get back to what really matters.

Christiana Hospital Medical Arts Pavilion 2 4735 Ogletown-Stanton Road, Suite 1208 Newark, DE 19713


Christiana Care Center of Women’s Health 3706 Kennett Pike, Greenville, DE 19807 Smyrna Health & Wellness Center 100 South Main Street, Suite 215, Smyrna, DE 19977 302-623-4055


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Human Parvovirus B19 the virus. However, transmission can occur by direct hand to mouth contact. The incubation period, or time from exposure to actually seeing signs of the virus range from 4-14 days. The facial rash appears by day 16 at which time the virus has disappeared from the respiratory tract and the host or primary source of the infection no longer is infectious. The three stages of the Parvovirus 19 are: Stage 1 slapped cheek eruption appears day 16 Stage 2 Rash on trunk and limbs day 17-20 Stage 3 Recurrence an occur during 1-3 months

From Left to Right in the back is Dr. Leo H. Eschbach, DO, Dr. Steven Berlin, MD seated, Dr Vincent B.Killeen, MD, F.A.C.O.G. and Dr. Tabitha F. Perry seated By Dr. Vincent B. Killeen, M.D.F.A.C.O.G

Recently quite a few mothers, teachers, healthcare workers, and day care providers’ presently pregnant or considering pregnancy have inquired about Human Parvovirus B19, better known as “fifth disease”, “slap face disease” or” slap cheek disease”. Parvo virus 19 is characterized as a mild rash illness to which better than 50% of pregnant women are immune. Because of this immunity, these women and their babies are usually protected from getting the virus or the disease. According to the CDC, “pregnant women who are not immune usually do not have serious complications after they are exposed to others with fifth disease. They usually have only a mild disease. Their babies as well usually do not have any problems. However, sometimes a baby will develop severe anemia, and in less than 5% of cases, mothers will experience a miscarriage or fetal fluid accumulation problems.

In pregnancy, the rate of transmission depends on the length of exposure to a source. In casual contact this is about 5%, but in the school setting, it is about 20% which is why there is alarm in our teachers. But really the highest transmission of 30-50% occurs in the household environment.

er names. Measles , the first exanthema; scarlet fever, the second exanthema; German measles, third exanthema; Duke’s disease, fourth exanthema and roseola, sixth exanthem. Fifth disease usually exhibits a facial rash, primarily affects children 5 to 14 and outbreaks typically occur in the spring. Transmission, or how do we get it is through the air. This respiratory droplet transmission requires close contact with

The developing fetus is particularly susceptible to the virus, usually after the first trimester after which the first half of the pregnancy may result in miscarriage. The second half of the pregnancy when af-

There are blood tests for the Parvovirus that will help show if you are immune to the virus, or may have had a recent infection as well as telling you if you have never been exposed and are not immune to the virus. Still the best tools to prevent getting the virus for you or your baby are good handwashing, avoiding close respiratory contact with any child that exhibits the virus or is known to have or be recently exposed to the virus. Do not share food, eating utensils or drinking glasses If you test positive, or are exposed, you and your doctor will follow you with serial ultrasounds every 1-2 weeks for 12-13 weeks and have you see a high risk specialist. Close surveillance is the current method of treatment. At this time there is no single recommended method to monitor of treat, so vigilance on the part of the pregnant mothers is essential.

Bayside Health Association is committed to bringing quality Women’s Health Care to the Eastern Shore. We have two conveniently located facilities in Lewes and Georgetown. Our Board Certified staff of Physicians and our Certified Nurse Midwives are ready to listen to all your health concerns. We offer Dexa (bone density) screening and Gynecological and Obstetrical ultrasounds by appointment. Our ultrasound department has just recently received it reaccreditation, meeting the AIUM Standards. Our Lewes location offers same day mammograms and lab services.

This is not a new illness; the virus was first discovered in 1975 by Dr. Gossart while actually screening blood for the hepatitis B virus. However was not implicated in maternal/fetal complications until the early 1980s. Fifth disease caused by Parvovirus 19 results in erythema infectiosum. The erythema is caused by the “fifth exanthema.” Exanthem is from the Greek for “a breaking out” that results in a widespread rash usually in children. The other “exanthems” are well known to all of us by oth-

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fected my have dire consequences with transmission from mother to fetus across the placenta of about 35%. This may result in stillborn, fetal death or fetal hydrops which is the excess accumulation of fluid around the heart, brain, abdomen or the lungs.

For more information about our practice please visit or call Melissa Warren at 302-645-4700 ext. 313


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What is Ultherapy? is a face and neck treatment that improves skin laxity in a meaningful way but completelynon–surgically.


Michelle Parsons, MD

is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia and received her residency training from the State University of New York in General Surgery, and Christiana Medical Center in Emergency Medicine. She also served as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force. Dr. Parsons specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and treatment of Thyroid disorders as well as Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Medicine. Here at ReNove Medical, Dr. Parsons offers Ultherapy, a state of the art medical procedure utilizing focused ultrasound energy to lift and tighten sagging skin. No scalpel or anesthesia is needed. Ultherapy is great for people who would like tightening and lifting of facial skin without have a surigcal facelift. The Ulthera sound energy passes right through the skin and targets the areas you want lifted. During a typical 30-60 minute Ultherapy treatment session, an ultrasound applicator is passed over each region of the face. The sound waves emitted deliver small, controlled amounts of energy into the deep layers of skin and soft tissue. The beauty of Ultherapy ‘uplifting ultrasound’ is that it

Ultherapy works great for sagging jowls, where the skin is fatty, heavy and drooping. Ultherapy is able to reduce this fatty heaviness, tapering the jaw line, for a more youthful look. Ultherapy can restore a more youthful shape to the face from a square to the inverted triangle.

Nasolabial Folds

Ultherapy also works well to minimize the drooping of excess skin that we get along each side of the nose, or lower cheeks. You may think that you need to fill in these areas with a filler, but the real problem may be that fat and loose skin is just falling down due to the effects of gravity. With ultherapy we can target this area and minimize the fattiness and tighten up that skin. Again this will restore the more youthful balance of the face with the center of gravity higher in the cheek areas.


Ultherapy can tighten up that loose skin underneath our necks as well. The area that Ultherapy works the best is that area just underneath the chin and extending into that curve of the neck. Ultherapy won’t duplicate the results of a surgical neck lift. But if you have somewhat loose and fatty skin in your upper neck, hanging just beneath your chin, Ultherapy can improve this area, and improve your profile.

Eyelids and Brow Lift

Michelle Parsons, MD ReNove Med Spa 416 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth, Delaware For appointments please call


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Perhaps one the most dramatic areas that Ultherapy can improve on without surgery is the eye area and creating a brow lift, helping to lift heavy drooping eyelids. Ultherapy can make the eyes appear more open,

more awake, rested and more youthful. This may be subtle change but this small difference can have a significant effect! Our clients really love this part of the Ultherapy results.


Overall Ultherapy works wonders to taper, redefine your facial contours, while eliminating fatty, droopy areas, and lift and tightening skin around the eyes and underneath the chin, for a more youthful sculpted look. The stars in Hollywood do this treatment, and now you have access to this age defying procedure right here in Delaware at the beach. Dr. Parsons is pleased to bring this cutting edge highly sought after technology to you to help you look your best. If you think you may be candidate for Ultherapy, please give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Michelle Parsons. 302227-1079.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Ultherapy?

After just one treatment with no downtime, your skin will gradually shift back into a more youthful position. Improvements include a sleeker, more defined jawline and tighter skin on the neck under the chin. Sagging skin on the cheeks can be tightened and lifted, which in turn can


improve folds from the nose to mouth, folds from the mouth to jaw, and drooping corners of the mouth. Tightening of skin on the forehead can reduce the sagging skin on the eyelids and promote a more open, refreshed look in general. The results of Ultherapy are permanent, just as the results of a face-lift are permanent, 0f course, your skin will continue its natural aging process. While Ultherapy is not a replacement for surgery, it is an inviting alternative for those who are not ready for surgery but looking for meaningful results.

TESTIMONIAL One week after my Ultherapy Treatment, my husband, after being out of town for a couple of days asked me “what’s different about you,” he was staring at my face! Not having told him about my treatment I innocently said “what do you mean?” His response was “I am not sure but your face looks different.” I asked “different good or different bad?” He replied “different good, looks stretched.” I was surprised that the results were noticed that quickly. I found the treatment to be bearable, certainly wasn’t pain free, but tolerable. I was very happy when it was over! For the past 2 weeks following the treatment my face has been tender which is a reminder that the treatment is continuing to work! I would highly recommend it to all! K.M. – Ocean City, MD.


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Spring into Spring with the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition By Beth Berger, Communications Director Spring is in the air and the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (DBCC) is here to remind you to water your garden, clean off the patio furniture, and take care of your breast health! We’ll be out in your community all spring to raise awareness and funds to support our statewide nonprofit organization. All of the money raised helps men and women in Delaware to facilitate the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Our vision is to create a community where every person diagnosed with breast cancer becomes a survivor, and fear and doubt are replaced with knowledge and hope. We hope you will join us at our next community event or one of the programs we offer.

Peer Mentoring and Clinical Trials Education

Mobile Mammography Van

(owned by the State of Delaware)

The van travels the state and provides on-site digital mammography screenings. Women who are uninsured or underinsured may be eligible for free or reduced cost mammograms through Screening for Life (Delaware Division of Public Health) and DBCC. For more information, call toll-free 1-888-672-9647.

Annual Breast Cancer Update

The Sussex County Survivor Socials occur monthly with fun activities and are open to all breast cancer survivors.

Community Breast Health Education Programs

If you or someone you know is diagnosed with breast cancer, call us toll-free at 1-866-312-DBCC. We have an office located in Sussex County at 16529 Coastal Highway, Suite 116, in Lewes. Please give us a call at 302-644-6844. You can learn more about DBCC at www.

Provides breast health educational programs to businesses, participates in health and wellness fairs, educates nurse and allied health students, provides cultural competency training to health care providers.

One day educational forum open to the public as one of Delaware’s trusted sources of up-to-date breast cancer information held each April.

Survivorship Programs

Provides information in a small group setting to those newly diagFree one-on-one support and edu- nosed with breast cancer and gives cation by trained breast cancer survivors the chance to meet regusurvivors to newly diagnosed pa- larly to socialize, learn a craft, volunteer or learn about health topics. tients.

Please contact the DBCC location nearest you to find out more: New Castle County – 302.778.1102; Kent County – 302.672-6435; Sussex County - 302.644-6844 The County Woman Newspaper


Spring 2014

Health & Medicine

Chiropractic Treatment of Headaches

If you suffer from headaches, a chiropractic spinal checkup and massage are two of the best things you can do. Chiropractic and massage are safe, gentle, and drugless, and have helped millions of headache sufferers over the years. Yet chiropractic and massage do not claim to be a headache treatment and cure — they have a different approach to health care.

dr. sheila Burek Henlopen Chiropractic Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Sheila Burek to our practice. Dr. Burek is a Buffalo, NY native, who received her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology at D’youville College. She then worked as a medical research assistant in Cardiology at the University Of Buffalo School Of Medicine. It was at that time that Dr. Burek suffered an injury at the gym, for which she sought chiropractic care. It was through this experience that Dr. Burek became interested in furthering her healthcare career in alternative medicine. She attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating in 1995. After 18 years of private practice in Pennsylvania, working in a multi-disciplinary setting, including orthopedic surgeons and physiatrists, she relocated to our beautiful beach town.

Doctors of Chiropractic free your body from the vertebral subluxation complex, or VSC, that has the power to destroy your health. It affects millions of us — it is a hidden epidemic. When freed of subluxations, your body works more efficiently to use its natural energies to heal itself. Massage therapists aid the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) into a natural and relaxed state. How is this accomplished? Read on.

Types of HeadacHes • Cervical Origin Headaches

Pain originates from the neck due to such things as subluxations, muscle spasm and nerve irritation.

• Tension Headaches

Pain comes from irritated or inflamed soft tissues of the neck and head, primarily muscles, nerve endings and their connective tissues that can develop into trigger points (“knots”).

• Vascular Headaches

Produced by irritation and inflammation of the blood vessels of the brain caused by a variety of diseases (fevers, drugs, poisons, toxins, altered pH, nerve irritation, hormone imbalance).

• Migraine Headaches

A neural-hormonal- vascular phenomenon of disabling proportions caused by a complex interaction between the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the affected vascular segment. Many times preceded by a prodrome or “warning signal” such as nausea, visual or speech disturbance, numbness, or dizziness.

• Cluster Headaches

Called cluster headaches because the headaches come in groups. Pain generally lasts from 30-45 minutes, but can persist for several

hours. Most sufferers experience one to four headaches a day during a cluster period.

• Organic Headaches

Include, sinus headache, hangover headache, allergy headache, caffeine withdrawal headache, pregnancy headaches, hypertension (high blood pressure) headaches, TMJ (jaw) dysfunction, reading headaches, hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) headaches. May also be due to tumors, brain aneurysm, hematoma, meningitis, brain abscess, etc.

• Rebound Headaches

Due to the overuse of medications (exceeding label instructions or doctor’s advice). Precipitates a “rebound” into another headache. This is particularly true if your medication contains caffeine.

WHaT puTs THe acHe In HeadacHe?

The ache in headache does not come from the brain. It’s true! Your brain can feel no sensation. Even during brain surgery the patient is often wide awake feeling no pain, even talking to the doctors while his/her brain is being tampered with (a local anesthetic numbs the scalp). What puts the “ache” in your headache? Veins and arteries inside the brain and skull, membranes that wrap around the brain, and certain nerves in the head called cranial nerves. When these are pulled, stretched, compressed, irritated, inflamed or infected, headaches often result.


Headache treatment depends on what caused it. A headache arising from visual problems can often be cured by eyeglasses. An infection headache of the sinuses or ears is relieved when the infection subsides. But the most common headaches are usually treated with painkillers. The hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on everything from aspirin to Tylenol to prescription drugs may provide blessed relief, but please remember — the pain may be gone but the cause of the headache is not corrected! That’s why we may see millions of people swallowing pills for years, possibly suffering from the side effects of long-term medication use — and not getting any better, only temporarily feeling better. Surely, that’s not a healthy way to live.

THe cHIropracTIc and massage approacH

Millions of headache sufferers are turning to the natural, drugless, chiropractic and massage approach to health. Chiropractors are the only healing professionals who are trained to analyze and correct the vertebral subluxation complex — a spinal distortion that can damage your nerves, inflame your

Spring 2014


tissues, cause muscles to tighten and knot, weaken your body, cause fatigue, and set the stage for sickness and disease. It is truly a hidden epidemic. Massage addresses tension headaches by relaxing the neck, shoulders, and upper back. As we relax, we soften our muscles and headaches disappear. Tension headaches are the easiest headaches for us to address. Sinus headaches are best addressed by face massage. As the sinus cavities become relaxed, the fluids that are trapped in these spaces release and begin to flow, allowing us to drain and cleanse the sinuses. There are simple techniques that any experienced massage professional can teach you to allow you to release these cavities yourself.

Between massages, you will find relief with a few minutes of self-massage done on a regular basis. Migraine headaches can be caused by either impingement of the nerves in the neck or by chemical imbalances. Massage can address the impinged nerve problem by releasing the Levator Scapulae Muscles and other neck musculature.

THe cHIropracTIc cHeckup

Just as you may have a cavity in your teeth and be unaware of the damage it’s causing, so the VSC may be causing serious harm to your body -- sometimes for years -- without your knowledge. Using our hands, possibly x-ray, and other instruments to analyze your spine, your chiropractor will determine if you have VSC. Then using special techniques, they may perform a spinal adjustment to correct the vertebral subluxation complex, removing the nerve pressure and spinal distortions. You may then see a massage therapist to treat the muscular and other soft tissue components of your condition.

To resTore ITself

Remember, the purpose of the chiropractic spinal adjustment is to remove the nerve and spinal stress caused by the vertebral subluxation complex. The purpose of massage therapy is to restore the soft tissues to a normal, relaxed state. This permits your body to restore itself to a greater level of health and wholeness -- in effect, to better heal itself.

THe spIne and HeadacHes

Researchers have often noted the relationship between the spine and many types of headaches. For example, one study of 6,000 long-term (two to 25 years) headache sufferers revealed that neck injury (whiplash, falls) was the most important factor in the cause of the headache and should be suspected in every nonspecific cause of headache.

If you suffer from headaches, make sure your spine and muscles are healthy! Adapted from Koren Publishing. The Spinal Column: Tips and News from the Sauganash Wellness Center

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Health & Medicine

La Red Health Center Health care can be complicated, and ensuring that you and your family have access to a network of quality care is very important. As a leading provider of medical, dental and mental health services in Sussex County, Delaware, the dedicated staff at La Red Health Center, (LRHC) understand the effect that access to affordable quality health care can have on a person’s life, and work hard every day to make a positive impact for those who need it most. LRHC has been recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance as a Patient-Centered Medical Home. Our service delivery model ensures that each patient has a direct relationship with a medical provider who coordinates a cooperative team of healthcare professionals. The team takes collective responsibility for patient’s care and arranges for additional medical services with other qualified providers as needed. This model leads to improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction. As Sen. Tom Carper said,”La Red Health Center represents a model program that provides access to affordable, high-quality, cost-effective health care for everyone, uninsured and insured.”

Today, LRHC offers an extensive array of programs and services that include:

Pediatric & Adolescent Services • Infant Care • Childhood Immunizations • Chronic Disease Management • Acute Illness Treatment • Lead Poisoning Screenings • School and Sports Physicals • Vision Screenings • Childhood Nutrition Counseling • Vaccines for Children

Mental Health Services for Children & Adults

• Counseling for Children & Adults • Medication Management • Group Intervention • Parent Child Interactive Therapy Psychiatric Therapy

Other Services

• Screening for Life • Community Healthcare Access Program (CHAP) • Medicaid Eligibility & Enrollment • Referral to Women, Infants & Children, (WIC) • Access to Transportation • Access to Medications • Web Based Access to your Personal Health Information, (Patient Portal)

Adult & Senior Services

• Acute Illness Treatment • Chronic Disease Management • Flu and Pneumonia Shots • Tetanus and Other Immunizations • Employment Screenings • Annual Physicals • Adult Nutrition Counseling

Women’s Health Services

• Routine Gynecological and Obstetrical Care • Reproductive Health Services • Prenatal Services • Post-Partum Services • Breast Feeding Support & Education • Nutrition Counseling

Screening Services for Chronic Diseases

• Heart Disease • Diabetes • Cervical, Breast, Colorectal, and Prostate Cancer • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV • Hypertension • Obesity • Depression

Customized Services for Small Businesses

• Pre-employment Screening • Routine or Customized Annual Physical • Educational Classes

Oral Health Services • Exams / Screenings

• Cleanings / Restorations • Extractions / Fillings • Education / Prevention

But providing stand-alone programs and services is not enough, and as a PatientCentered Medical Home, LRHC has integrated various programs such as Mental Health & Primary Care Services, Oral Health & Primary Care Services, and Pediatrics and Prenatal Services to deliver a more comprehensive level of service. Patients receiving treatment in any of these programs are referred for additional medical services whenever needed.

of quality care centered around you and your family. LRHC is not a free clinic, but income documentation may qualify uninsured patients for its sliding fee scale. LRHC accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, and works with people who currently do not have health insurance. LRHC has come a long way from the days when it served a small, marginalized portion of Sussex County’s population. Though proud of the fact that it started as a means to keep immigrants from falling through the health care cracks, the staff at LRHC is equally proud that people of all ages across southern Delaware now have access to affordable, high quality health care, and that LRHC is becoming a patient centered medical home for an increasing number of Sussex Countians.

In addition, LRHC also participates in a statewide initiative called “Healthy Women, Healthy Babies” that is designed to improve birth outcomes by improving access to high-quality preconception, prenatal, perinatal and interconception care. So whether you have lived in Sussex County your whole life, recently moved here, or are just visiting the area, LRHC with convenient locations in Georgetown and Seaford can help meet your medical needs, and become a network

La Red Health Center is conveniently located at:

Seaford 300 High Street Seaford, DE 19973

Georgetown 21444 Carmean Way Georgetown, DE 19947

La Red Health Center is open Monday-Thursday 8AM - 7PM, Friday 8AM - 5PM and Saturday 8AM - 12 Noon. Call today to make an appointment:


Visit us at

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Spring 2014

Health & Medicine

Spring 2014


The County Woman Newspaper

Health & Medicine

Lumbar Radiofrequency (RF) Neurotomy for Chronic Low Back Pain

Dr. Ajit Shrestha completed his anesthesiology residency at Wayne State University in Detroit and went on to finish his pain management fellowship at University Hospital, Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OH. He is passionate about treating chronic pain patients with a comprehensive, integrative approach that combines alternative therapies with minimally invasive procedures. He is skilled in a multitude of procedures that span from basic “bread and butter” cases to the implantation of intrathecal pumps and spinal cord stimulators. Dr. Shrestha enjoys fishing and kayaking, as well as spending time at the beach with his wife and daughter.

cause of back pain. Since they are a common cause of back pain, it is reasonable to block the sensation of the z-joints with local anesthetic first before performing the procedure. This local anesthesia-test (diagnostic test) does not result in long-term relief; it is just used to identify patients that might be candidates for the more permanent-RF neurotomy. If back pain is resolved right after the nerve block, this is considered a positive test. A better option for the same back pain condition is to knock down the sensation of such joints semi-permanently with the RF neurotomy.

Z-joints and their innervation

What about ‘facet’ injections?

What are z-joints?

Z-joints connect the bones in the spine and normally help guide the spine during movement. They are found on both sides of the spine and each one is about the size of a dime. Located near the joints, there is a medial branch nerve that normally transmits movement signals from the z-joints to the brain.

Lumbar RF neurotomy is an outpatient procedure to treat What is z-joint pain? back pain. The lumbar spine consists of multiple structures such as discs, nerves, ligaments, and a series of small joints. The small joints of the spine closer to the skin are called z-joints (z is for zygapophyseal). Arthritis of the zjoints can account for 40% of chronic back pain in the elderly population. A painful sensation from such joints is carried out by a small nerve at each vertebral level.

Z-joint pain can result from an injury to the cartilage inside or the ligaments surrounding the joint. As people age, these z-joints develop arthritis. This can result in back pain radiating back down to the buttocks and the back of the thighs.

Do I have z-joint pain?

Common tests such as X-rays and MRIs may not always show if the z-joint is the

Injections into the inside of the Z-joints (a.k.a. facet cortisone injections) have been shown to be ineffective for long term relief. Repeated cortisone (steroid) injections can result in significant side effects such as high blood sugar, brittle bones (osteoporosis) and high blood pressure. Thus, the risks outweigh the benefits.

What is RF neurotomy?

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is used to decrease the sensation of the z-joints by disrupting the function of the lumbar medial branch nerve, so it can no longer transmit pain signals from the injured z-joint. What happens during the RF neurotomy? Intravenous sedation is used to help with relaxation in addition to numbing medicine which is used in the skin and overlying muscle area. The doctor inserts a thin needle near the z-joint, using an x-ray camera to

Radiofrequency (RF) neurotomy for back pain visualize the multiple spine structures. The procedure is performed in 20-30 minutes. After multiple images are taken and electrical testing is performed, the doctor uses radiofrequency to disrupt the nerves.

How long can I expect pain relief?

Pain relief can be expected for up to 6 to 12 months following the procedure. The disrupted nerves after the RF neurotomy procedure regenerate but this regeneration varies from person to person. If they do regenerate, another RF neurotomy can be done. RF neurotomy can be used to treat neck pain and thoracic pain as well.

20728 DuPont Blvd Unit 317 Georgetown, DE 19973


Welcoming Two New Physicians!

New Office Location!

Both are Board-Certified Interventional Pain Physicians

Groundbreaking Ceremony at the Site of Sussex Pain Relief Center’s New Office

Dr. Alan Gonzalez-Cota M.D. Dr. Ajit Shrestha M.D.

Front: Dr. Manonmani Antony, Dr. Alan Gonzalez Cota. Back: Jennifer Rahn PA-C, Dr. Ajit Shrestha, Jack Byrd PA-C

• Comprehensive Integrated Pain Center • Right off Route 113 • New On-Site Services Offered • Physical Therapy

• Bilingual Fluency in English & Spanish • Availability of Gender Preference • Anesthesiology Based Service • New Patient Appointment Available in 2 Weeks • All Insurances are Accepted

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Example of a radiofrequency (RF) neurotomy using an RF generator

“Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art interventional pain medicine techniques, in a safe and caring environment, in order to restore patients’ physical, mental, and social well-being in a patient-oriented manner.”


Spring 2014

Health & Medicine

Providing a Med-ucation By Erin Thompson, Walgreens Community Leader Members of the Sussex community who take multiple medications for various conditions are not alone. Today, millions of Americans are prescribed more than one medication at a time. Many people are under the care of more than one physician and each drug prescribed could have its own set of side effects. At times those medications could counter each other making the goal of improving health all the more difficult. Several patients have found a consistent factor in their medical regiment. A last line of defense to ensure all the medications prescribed are doing more good than harm. They are the community pharmacists. Found on street corners across the county, the pharmacies like Walgreens play an important role in health care. The role of community pharmacy continues to advance with pharmacists providing more services such as immunizations and health screening. But the basic role of pharmacy remains consistent.

“As a pharmacist my goal is to educate my patients, by counseling them to be sure they understand what they are taking and why they are taking it,” said Elizabeth Dattoli, Walgreens pharmacist in Bethany Beach, DE. Improving medication adherence has long been a priority at Walgreens. The drugstore is taking steps to improve medication adherence which negatively affects patient outcomes and costs the health care industry more than $280 billion annually. Dattoli often sits with patients and reviews the medications they are taking to better understand why they are taking them. A comprehensive medication review is covered under most insurance plans including Medicare Part D and how to recognize possible side effects/drug interactions.

for patients receiving certain diabetes medications improved medication adherence by 24 percent. In a medication review pharmacists look for ways to lower the risk of harmful drug interactions, discuss side effects and medication alternatives and answer questions about prescription and over-the-counter medications. Increasing medication adherence may reduce doctor visits, ER trips, hospital stays and the overall cost of healthcare, while improving the quality of life for the patient. To get the most out of a comprehensive medication review, patients can

“Lots of times patients stop taking a medication because they do not remember what it is for,” Dattoli said. “By understanding the medications people take, the more adherent to the medication they tend to be.”

bring their prescription medications with them. Walgreens patients can even print their prescription history before their consultation with the pharmacist. Patients will leave the review with a personalized medication record, a comprehensive report tracking the mediations taken, to share with the patient’s doctors. Patients also receive a medical action plan to review with doctor which summarizes any issues about medications discussed with pharmacists. “I became a pharmacist to help people,” Dattoli said. “Providing counsel to patients is a key to help them get and stay well.”

Come in and get your Vaccine at


A 2012 Walgreens study found that pharmacist-led counseling programs

Flu Shots

Hepatitis A & B Vaccine

Pneumonia vaccine

Blood Pressure Measuring

Shingles vaccine

Tdap Vaccine

Most Insurances accepted

prescription savings club

Cathie Smith, RPh

5-20% discount on all immunizations including flu and Tdap shots

$avings on ALL Generics, many Brand medications, and even Pet meds. Plus, earn 10% rebate on Walgreens-brand products & Photos. Comprehensive benefits for diabetics, including insulin, glucose monitors, test strips and supplies

Elizabeth Dattoli, Pharm.D.

Spring 2014


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Dr. William Barrish has practiced in Southern Delaware since 2001. As a Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist (Physiatrist), he utilizes non-surgical interventions to treat patients with various musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions, including overuse injuries, arthritis, sports and work-related injuries, neck and back pain, and peripheral nerve conditions. Dr. Barrish also has extensive experience performing EMG/ Nerve Conduction Studies to diagnose radiculopathy, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other disorders of the peripheral nerves.

C tnioJ & enoB Recently, Dr. Barrish added Botox for Migraine to the services he offers. According to Dr. Barrish, clinical studies have shown significant benefit for those who suffer from chronic migraines, defined as at least 15 headache days/ month. Botox has been shown to be effective in reducing the frequency of migraine headaches, and is now FDA approved for that purpose. The realization that Botox could help treat migraines came about anecdotally from patients receiving Botox Cosmetic, who also suffered from migraine headaches. They reported a reduction in migraine frequency and severity. Clinical studies confirmed the findings, and now a standardized injection protocol has been established. Injections are performed at various sites in the forehead, scalp, and neck region, and are typically repeated every 3 months.

spasticity. Patients with various disorders, including stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury and Multiple Sclerosis often develop significantly elevated muscle tone and involuntary muscle spasm. Botox is FDA approved for treatment of upper extremity spasticity, but also has been shown to be effective in the lower extremities. Often Botox injection is combined with an aggressive stretching and rehabilitation program, to take full advantage of the effects of Botox. If successful, Botox injections can be repeated, at an interval of 3 months or greater, if spasticity returns. Dr. Barrish reports that many patients have benefited from Botox, to help restore function as result of decreased muscle spasm. Botox is also used to treat excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) and neck spasms (cervical dystonia).

Dr. Barrish has over 15 years of experience administering Botox injections, mainly to treat muscle

So, what is Botox, and how does it work for these wide variety of purposes? Botox is a trade name for botulinum toxin A.

The botulinum toxins attach themselves group, the risk of it spreading to other to nerve endings. Once this happens, areas of the body is greatly diminished. diminished acetylcholine, the neurotransmitters For more information please visit the responsible for triggering muscle website for Premier Orthopaedic Bone contractions, cannot be released. and Joint Care,, or Basically, the botulinum toxins block call for an appointment. the signals that would normally tell your muscles to contract. Within a few hours to a couple of days after the botulinum toxin is injected into the affected muscle(s), the spasms or contractions are reduced or eliminated altogether. The effects of the treatment are not permanent, reportedly lasting anywhere from three Dr. William J. Barrish, Amanda Moore, PA-C, to eight months. By Jennifer Hazzard, PA-C and Dr. Wilson C. Choy injecting the toxin of Premier Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Care directly into a certain muscle or muscle

Bone & Joint C are, llc Bone & Joint C are, llc 329 MULLET RUN STREET, MILFORD, DE 19963 • 1606 SAVANNAH RD. STE. 1, LEWES DE 19958 92 ATLANTIC AVE. STE. A, OCEAN VIEW, DE 19970

TEL 302-424-4141 • FAX 302-422-6506

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Spring 2014

Health & Medicine

A Special Place for Special Memories: A Family Expresses Appreciation for the Delaware Hospice Center in Milford home, but finally a decision was made that we couldn’t. Luckily we found the Delaware Hospice Center in Milford. The care we got there was unbelievable.

By Beverly Crowl Sometimes caring for a loved one at home as they approach the end of life is not the best option. Care needs may require professional attention or be too physically demanding for caregivers, or the home environment just may not be the best place. Becky and Ed Martin discovered the Delaware Hospice Center and were very grateful for the services provided there on separate occasions to their parents. Becky remembered, “Delaware Hospice came into our lives about 20 years ago for a family member with cancer and enabled her to stay at home, which meant a lot because of the comfort that we had. Staff members always went the extra step to make sure all of us understood what was going on. Also, the bereavement care was fantastic. Recently, my mother’s twin sister fell to cancer. We had Delaware Hospice in the home and, once again, the care was wonderful. So we knew what hospice care was all about.” Then, Becky’s step-father was diagnosed with cancer. She said, “It was very tiring to go back and forth to the hospital for treatment and exams. One round of chemotherapy nearly killed him. He was already in stage 4. We were trying our best to keep him at

Becky and Ed appreciated not only the care provided, but the special moments that the family was able to enjoy together when the burden of care was shared with Delaware Hospice’s staff. “We felt blessed by the warmth of the staff from the first moment,” she said. “And with them taking over the physical care, we were able to focus on my dad. We shared stories, watched sports games on TV, and listened to him sing songs to us. One day, we stepped out for pizza. When we came back in, he was reaching for the sky, waving. My cousin said, ‘Everybody grab hands.’ We held hands, prayed and then he passed.” Instead of being frightened or upset, Becky and her family felt that his passing was special. “It was very nice,” she said. “When my time comes, I hope for such a peaceful passing in such a beautiful place.” Tragically, Ed Martin’s mother was in a severe car accident and suffered devastating injuries at the age of 79. She underwent several surgeries before the family decided to bring her to the Delaware Hospice Center.

appreciated the attention they received while at the Center. “The staff was always asking us if we needed anything. Is everything alright? Is she comfortable? Do we have any questions? They reassured us that they were right there if we needed them.” “With our step dad,” Ed said, “he was so coherent when he came here that the nurses and CNA’s were able to joke with him and sing with him. He was quite the jokester. He went to Indiana University and hated Purdue University. So he would Ed and Becky Martin share their appreciation for the care sit up in bed and say, ‘Poo Poo on Perdue,’ and they would say ‘Poo Poo on Perdue, Mr. given their parents at the Delaware Hospice Center. Krueger.’ No one gave us the impression they were ‘just doing a job.’ They felt more like brought my step-father. He knew what was going on. We talked about it, and when the members of the family.” ambulance came he said, “I’ll never come “There was also a lot of pride with my step back home again, will I Becky? That was dad, Becky remembered. “He had lost con- hard. But once we decided, there was such trol of all bodily functions, but he still had relief in knowing they would be well cared his pride. At the Center, we could have all of for and that they are where they should be at our family around and step out to the suite of this point in their lives.” family rooms if he needed privacy. At home, Ed said, “I give Delaware Hospice kudos, it’s it was harder.” a special thing that you do. You have some Ed said, “Our parents felt like this was a hotel. real special angels here.” People think it costs too much, but we never For more information about Delaware saw a bill. Bringing my mother here was one Hospice and its program and services, of the best decisions that our family made.” including the Delaware Hospice Center “It wasn’t an easy decision,” Becky added. in Milford, call 800-838-9800 or visit “The toughest moment was the night we

Ed said, “In the hospitals, there was no communication from her whatsoever. When we brought her to the Center, it was like she suddenly woke up. She didn’t know where she was, but one day she was sitting up and she looked at me and said, ‘This is such a beautiful place. Thank you, Eddie, for bringing me here. I don’t know why I’m here, but I just love you all.’ I knew she was alright then, and she was where she was supposed to be.” Becky and Ed

It’s more than coins under a pillow. *UTBCPVU(SBOEQBBOE.BYBOEBmSN belief in tooth fairies.

About Delaware Hospice

Since 1982, Delaware Hospice has provided exceptional care and support to 44,000 patients and their families. Its mission is to help each patient, each day, live the fullest, most comfortable life possible. Delaware Hospice is the largest and only licensed, nonprofit, community-based hospice serving Delaware and Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania. Delaware Hospice is honored to be accredited by the Joint Commission, the nation’s leading health care standards-setting and accrediting organization. For more information about Delaware Hospice’s programs and services, upcoming events, or employment opportunities, call 800-838-9800 or visit our website at

Spring 2014

playing the Tooth Fairy

At Delaware Hospice, we believe it’s about living fully. That’s why we work to make each day the best it can be. So little boys and grandpas can still believe. Call us for a quality of care that improves the quality of living at 855-DEL-HOSPICE (335-4677).


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Spring 2014

Health & Medicine

Spring 2014


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and Hot Stone. Our prices start at $50.00 a service. 7KH0HGLFLQH:RPDQLVQRZ offering fantastic therapies. Take that hour or two and let yourself drift away to your private sanctuary, where the person that needs and gets the attention is you. Our prices start at $80.00 a service.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fun Being The New Kid On The Blockâ&#x20AC;Ś By: Terri Pippin, The Medicine Woman

With all that is new going on we are also offering our tried and true services that are WKHEDFNERQHRI7KH0HGLFLQH Woman. We will never leave our Holistic roots and The 0HGLFLQH:RPDQZLOODOZD\VRIIHU Shamanic and Energy Healing services.


his is an exciting time for The 0HGLFLQH:RPDQDVZHPRYHG to our new location in Historic Lewes, De. Our doors are open and we are ready for business. This is a time for new beginnings, new friends, new services and new clients while also honoring and respecting old friends, old services and especially old clients.

We will keep on balancing and repairing your chakras and cleaning out and cleansing your $XUD:HZLOOGRUHĂ H[RORJ\WR help move the energy to promote healing in different areas of the body. Healing done on your mind, body and spirit, either at our new location or a distant healing when you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get to us. Our prices start at $50.00 a service.

We will be offering different types of massage that will LQFUHDVHĂ H[LELOLW\UHOLHYHPXVFOH pain and body tension while relieving stress. Choose from Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Swedish and Prenatal massage. What will be coming in the future are Thai and Hot Stone. Our prices start at $50.00 a service.

As always, our Shamanic Healing is done on a very deep and very different level. Full Spectrum Healing is energy work done within Shamanic boundaries and with the power RIWKH0HGLFLQH:KHHO$6RXO Retrieval will help you recapture what was physically, emotionally and/or spiritually lost thru traumas in your life. Take that

educate. enrich. empower.


3DVW/LIH-RXUQH\VR\RXFDQĂ&#x20AC;QG out why you like or dislike certain people, places and things. Prices start at $125.00 a service. We will also be doing The Shamanic Healing Circles and our Three Step Prosperity Workshop. There will also be a few new workshops added and meditation circles available. Just wanted to give you something to look forward to in the fall of 2012!!

Testimonials: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have been a healer for 20 years as a Massage Therapist and an Herbologist. My dear friend gave PHDJLIWFHUWLĂ&#x20AC;FDWHDQGWROGPH Terri was very impressive. I went and was blown away with the work and the valuable information she provided. I have seen Terri for several treatments; just as my friends have had multiple sessions. Terri is truly gifted in all that she does. I hope after reading this, you call and make an appointment!â&#x20AC;? ~Sue M., Lewes, DE

Health & Medicine


The Medicine Woman 33800 Dreamweaver Lane Lewes, Delaware 19958 302-220-1146 Shamanic Healing & Workshops Energy Work Massage Body Wraps and Scrubs

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Terri is an exceptionally gifted, spiritual and loving individual. I highly recommend Terriâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s services to anyone who wishes to embark on the spiritual path, or to those who simply want to feel better about life.â&#x20AC;? ~Marty T.


A Year for Prosperity and Success As always, our Shamanic Healing is done on a very deep and very different level. Full Spectrum Healing is energy work done within Shamanic boundaries and with the power RIWKH0HGLFLQH:KHHO$6RXO Retrieval will help you recapture what was physically, emotionally and/or spiritually lost thru traumas in your life. Take that

7KH0HGLFLQH:RPDQLVQRZ offering fantastic therapies. Take that hour or two and let yourself drift away to your private sanctuary, where the person that needs and gets the attention is you. Our prices start at $80.00 a service.



Mention this Newspaper and get 10% off any Service until 8/1/12

As Publisher of the Country Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Newspapers, I can say it is the best deep tissue massage I have ever had. ~ Elizabeth K.

I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe you favorable about money, you will multiply and should ever wish time increase it in your midst, whereas if you criticize and condemn it in any form, either your own or The Medicine Woman away, buthealth&medicine I am so glad anotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, you repel it from you. 2014 is here! This year


The Medicine

educate. enrich. empower.

founded by Terri Pippin


Massage, Energy Wor & Shamanic H

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fun Being The New Kid On The Blockâ&#x20AC;Ś Massage, Energy Work, Body Therapies & Shamanic Healing


Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to make 2014 one The desire for ďŹ nancial independence whether it of the most prosperous years I is a decent weekly income or for a millionaireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pippin, have hadBy: soTerri far. You can do it status is With all thatdesire is newthat going a divine should not3DVW/LIH-RXUQH\VR\RXFDQĂ&#x20AC;QG be sup The Medicine Woman why you like or dislike certain on we are also offering our also and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easier to achieve pressed, but expressed constructivelyout through people, places and things. Prices tried and true services that are thanhis you may think. at $125.00 a service. mind of man. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t accept thingsstart as they is an exciting time for The the WKHEDFNERQHRI7KH0HGLFLQH 33800 Dreamweaver Lane, Lewes, Delaware 19958

33800 Dreamweaver

302-645-8369 (w) 302-220-1146 (c)

Testimonials: 302-6 â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have been a healer for 20 years 302-2  as a Massage Therapist and an June/July 2012 The County Woman Newspaper 18 Herbologist. My dear friend gave medicinewoman We will never leave 0HGLFLQH:RPDQDVZHPRYHG PHDJLIWFHUWLĂ&#x20AC;FDWHDQGWROGPH are. Woman. Let go of unsatisfactory ďŹ nancial situation. We will also be doing The our Holistic roots and The to our I went The ďŹ rst thing you need tonew startlocation doing isintoHistoric make  Circles and our Terri was very impressive. TerriPippinTheMe must be done before the right doors open. Healing Shamanic Lewes, De. Our doors are open This0HGLFLQH:RPDQZLOODOZD\VRIIHU and was blown away with the  no excuses for putting up with lack or acceptThree Step Prosperity Workshop. Shamanic and Energy Healing and we are ready for business. work and the valuable information There will also be a few new services. This is aof time new thought beginnings, ing is as a permanent way life.forYour she provided. I have seen Terri If you are unhappy with your job, realize that June/July 2012 1 workshops added and meditation neware services and for several treatments; just as of mind has made new you friends, what you and your circles available. Just wanted We will keep on balancing your present circumstances are for a purpose. new clients while also honoring my friends have had multiple to give you something to look your chakras and thought of mind can make you what you want and respecting old friends, old Youand mayrepairing ďŹ ndout you arecleansing where you are now for theto in the fall of 2012!! Terri is truly gifted in forward cleaning and your Founded by sessions. Terri Pippin services oldcanclients. to be. People, places, eventsand andespecially conditions purpose of redeeming certain qualities, characall that she does. I hope after $XUD:HZLOOGRUHĂ H[RORJ\WR not keep your prosperity andbesuccess you ter traits, reading this, you call and make help move the energy to promote We will offeringfrom different or attitudes of mind that has impeded The Medicine Woman healing in different areas of the types of massage thatthinking will once you deliberately use prosperous your progress in the past. Meanwhile, 33800 remind Dreamweaver Lane an appointment!â&#x20AC;? LQFUHDVHĂ H[LELOLW\UHOLHYHPXVFOH body. Healing done on your ~Sue M., Lewes, DE as your ally for success. yourself nospirit, work either that isathigh or low, as Delaware 19958 mind,there bodyis and pain and body tension while Lewes, relieving stress. Choose from â&#x20AC;&#x153;Terri is an exceptionally gifted, longour as new it is location essentialortoa distant the welfare of anyone.302-220-1146 healing when canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get to Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Swedish spiritual and loving individual. I Your rich supply must be contacted and used So perform it as you efďŹ ciently as youa can, as long www.TerriPippinstart at $50.00 and Prenatal massage. What will us. Our prices highly recommend Terriâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s services and your mind, attitudes, mental concepts, outservice. be coming in the future are Thai as youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re active in it. to anyone who wishes to embark Hot Stone. Ourlinks prices start look and beliefs areand your connecting with 33800 Dreamweaver Lane path, or to those Shamanic Healing & on the spiritual As always, our Shamanic $50.00 a service. your prosperity and at your access to it. Prosperous When who simply you make the of deep your present situa- WorkshopsLewes, Delaware 19958want to feel better Healing is done onbest a very about life.â&#x20AC;? ~Marty T. thinking opens the way to prosperous results. level.that Fullgreater good willEnergy Work 7KH0HGLFLQH:RPDQLVQRZ tion,and youvery candifferent be assured Spectrum Healing is energy offering fantastic therapies. reveal itself. When you go thru hard time, make Massage 302-645-8369 (w) work done within Shamanic Take that hour or two and let Body Wraps and Scrubs As Publisher of the Country I like to think of the basic law prosperity as it pay boundaries and with the power than you preyourself drift of away to your private with a greater understanding 302-220-1146 (c) Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Newspapers, I can say it RIWKH0HGLFLQH:KHHO$6RXO sanctuary, the person radiation and attraction. Whatwhere you radiate out-thatviously had and the results from that experience Mention this Newspaper is the best deep tissue massage I will help you recapture needs and gets the attention is wards in your thoughts, actions and words you will Retrieval be lasting. and get 10% off any Service have ever had. ~ Elizabeth K. what was physically, emotionally you. Our prices start at $80.00 a attract into your lifeservice. and affairs. If you think posand/or spiritually lost thru until 8/1/12 traumas in your life. Take that itive youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll attract positive. If you think negative


The Medicine Woman Massage, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing Classes & Workshops

your attract negative. If you wish to be prosperous and successful in all areas of your life you     must consciously, boldly and deliberately take hold of your thoughts and feelings and redirect them toward prosperity and success.

Mental preparation always comes ďŹ rst. The reason is the mind is the connecting link between the formed and unformed world. What you de-      liberately entertain mentally, you constantly attract. Often you have to take external steps  as well but you will discover that by working things out mentally ďŹ rst, the outer steps will un  fold easily. 

Did you know that money is charged with divine intelligence and  it tune in on what you say or think about it and acts accordingly? If you think

The prosperity law of persistence should be used when you start to formulate your plan for success.  Persistence is bold, daring, and fearless. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hesitate but goes after what it wants and keeps plugging until it gets results.

Terri Pippin CMT, Reiki Master & Shaman, is founder of The Medicine Woman. Terri started her spiritual When you realize that prosperity is your divine journey of healing heritage, you should persist in claiming it. When in 1986 when she discouragement tries to hold you back, when it was ďŹ rst introduced to meditation. She seems as though your efforts toward success has   has been a CertiďŹ ed been in vain, remember to hold onto this by statefounded Terri Massage Pippin Technician since 1996. Her journey ment â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;nothing in the world can take the place of has included the development of Reiki persistenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. This is your â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;can-doâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; attitude! Re- skills, culminating in the achievements Massage, Energy Work,the Body Therapies member successful people cultivate habit of of the Master Reiki Level in 2007 and the development of several energy & Shamanic Healing persisting in the face of apparent failure. They healing techniques. The Medicine Woman is trained in both Celtic and Native American persist toward their goal and they achieve it. 33800 Dreamweaver Lane, Lewes, Delaware 19958 Shamanism and has been a shamanic healer since 1998. 302-645-8369 (w) 302-220-1146 (c)

The Medicine Woman

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time you were one of the successful people!

The County Woman Newspaper  

June/July 2012



Spring 2014 The County Woman Newspaper

Home Health Care

CHEER Home Health Care Services CHEER Home Services has been a part of the Sussex County Community since 1971. Founded as a local private non-profit community based service provider, CHEER promotes healthy and active lifestyles for persons aged 55 + throughout the County. In fulfilling the mission CHEER provides a wide range of programs and services supporting senior citizens, caregivers and family members on a daily basis, 7 days a week, 365 day a year. CHEER provides meals at 7 different senior activity centers, delivers homebound meals, provides transportation, provides health educational, recreational activities and a full service non-medically skilled home services program. CHEER’s home service program helps hundreds of Sussex County seniors to continue to be able to live safety in their own homes. CHEER home services staff cook meals, provide light housekeeping, companionship and provide personal care services for people right in their own homes. CHEER Home services programs are developed and administered under the direction of licensed nurses, and client care is provided by a trained staff of certified nursing assistants and home health aides. CHEER home services are assisting approximately 200 active clients at any given time. For many, CHEER’s home services staff has become part of an extended family caring for the needs of elderly friends and neighbors, while helping caregivers and assuring family members that their loved ones are being well attended. CHEER is a licensed and bonded home services provider. CHEER has a variety of contracts with the State of Delaware to help care for many of our most special citizens. CHEER also serves private clients who are just looking for a little CHEER to help them in their homes. CHEER’s Home Services team is headed up by a Program Director who is a registered nurse, with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and is certified as a care manager. CHEER’s Home Services program director brings 28 years of nursing / client care experience with an emphasis on geriatric care and insurance related medical issues and services. The program Director is back up by a dedicated staff of nurses, care coordinators and of courses our Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides who touch the lives of our clients daily in their homes.

ber of our CHEER client family. CHEER takes pride in providing whatever service a client needs; be it assistance with a bath, light housekeeping, companion care, respite care, meal preparation or light grocery shopping including picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy. When more than housekeeping is involved a Registered Nurse is scheduled to visit the client in their home to assess their needs and perform a complete nursing and needs assessment. This is followed by communication with the care coordinators regarding the client’s specific needs, special requests and preferred hours of service. This information is used to match a specific home health aide to the client in efforts to assure that the match will be successful and that the client will have a positive experience with CHEER services. Our caregivers are not only about satisfactorily providing the duties on a care plan; our caregivers provide caring and compassion in a way that each of us would want for ourselves and our family members. Think about your own circumstances. Could you or a loved one use a little CHEER in your life? Maybe only a couple of hours once or twice a week is all that is needed to help insure a comfortable and orderly home. Maybe some help with meals, getting up in the morning or being tucked into bed at night gives you peace of mind knowing that someone you love is being cared for in a way that they need and that you would want. Maybe it’s just a little relief for you or family members from some of the ongoing activities associated with being a

caregiver. What could that little bit of CHEER actually mean in your life? This is what some of our CHEER Home Service client family think: “Phyllis has become more than just someone who comes to clean my room and bathroom and do my laundry. She has become more than a companion. She has become my friend. I look forward to her coming every week; it gives me some- Our staff from left to right: Barbara Grogan, thing to look forward too! I truly Placement Coordinator; Teresa Price, RN, BSN, would be lost without her. I love CCM Director; Sara Dutton, Placement Coordinator her to death”. “While my Mom is, by nature, a sweet, funny and very social woman, she can be a challenge as a result of her dementia and hearing disability. Every one of her aides has done a really good job and we have been very pleased with all of them. Would like to recognize Desiree who is with my Mom every day, Monday through Friday; when Mom is difficult, we can count on her to display Certified Nursing Assistants Paulette Jones (left) and the same kind and compassionate Tradina Snead (right) attitude, day in and day out. She smile, a reassuring hand and a caring heart is able to get things done that the rest of us is priceless for many who have become part can’t. She truly cares for my Mom and my of CHEER’s Home Services family of carMom loves her”. ing. If you or someone you know could use Each of us evaluates the things that are important to us in our lives. Quality of life is an individual determination. The value of a

a little more CHEER, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are here to CHEER you up!

All CHEER home services staff participate in regular and on-going training programs to keep their skills honed to providing the best possible client care. Each one undergoes and extensive background review and orientation prior to meeting their first mem-

Spring 2014


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People in Profile Doug Arcos

Richard Bell, III

Doug Arcos has a motto, “Quality is not expensive it’s priceless!” We welcomed Doug aboard as Clean Cut’s General Sales Manager in 2010. He has an outstanding 34 years experience in the pool industry. Doug will be there to oversee your project from start to finish beginning with your estimate. He will then draft your design, help you choose colors, answer questions during the process and be sure that you are 100% pleased with your new pool and/or pavers upon completion!

Rich Bell, President of Clean Cut Interlocking Pavers and Pools, originally started his company when he was just 12 years old, back in 1995. Even though his company has grown over the years, he still oversees every single project from start to finish! Thanks to the excellent quality of his work; attention to detail and his determination to make sure each and every customer is 100% satisfied, he has built a reputation of being second to none! Rich is your GO-TOGUY when you need hardscaping or an inground swimming pool!

Tony Smith

Regan Roberts Deck A Sussex County native, Regan Roberts Deck earned her Bachelor’s degree Cum Laude from Tulane University. If the experience of living in a city as diverse as New Orleans has only one thing in common with owning a service company, Regan says, it’s that “every day affords you the opportunity to learn something new.”

Working as our Hardscape Manager, Tony is a key player in our Clean Cut team.Graduating with a Civil Engineering degree from Delaware Tech in 1972, Tony brings with him many years of experience in the hardscaping industry. He is currently an ICPI Certified Installer, an NCMA Certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installer, a Techni-Seal Certified Applicator and has his State of Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Management Certification. Since Tony is a Delaware native, he is well known and respected by his fellow peers and coworkers as a leader in his profession.

The County Woman Newspaper

Co-owner of Custom Mechanical, Inc. with her father, Regan hopes to continue the growth of the company her parents started by expounding on the founding principles of quality workmanship and superior customer service in their chosen industries: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and home performance. Regan sees the future of the company in the continuously evolving building science and wireless technologies. “By taking advantage of advancements in diagnostic and resolution technology within the industry, combined with infrastructure like smart phones, tablets, remote thermostats and on-line scheduling, we can improve efficiency, comfort and value for our clients,” she says. When she’s not running the family business, Regan also enjoys running races – from 5k’s to marathons – for a variety of causes and, of course, for fun. It’s also something she wouldn’t be able to accomplish without the support of her family: her husband, Ryan, a Sussex County Paramedic, as well as their three children. But, whether running the roads or the business, Regan is excited for the future. “Coastal Sussex and Worcester Counties have expanded and changed so much recently; I can’t wait to see what the industry and our community will look like in another thirty years.”


Spring 2014

People in Profile Brian Lessard

Christina Lessard

The owner of Lessard Builders, Brian is a third generation builder with over 35 years of experience designing and building custom homes. His passion for quality craftsmanship sparked at an early age when he first built a home from frame to finish with his father, Adelard. His practical, on-the-job experience is a driving factor in the traditional, proven methods and first rate products used in the construction of every custom home he builds. Brian personally meets with each client and oversees the residential and commercial projects to ensure Lessard’s building standards are met. Native to Delaware, the Lessard family is very active in the community and is loyal to using local reputable subcontractors and trades. Brian is involved in many community organizations, coaches youth volleyball and serves on the board for both Habitat for Humanity and The Diocese of Wilmington. .

Christina began working with Lessard Builders at a young age helping clean the office and run errands as well as other receptionist duties. As she grew older and more familiar with the business, she took on more responsibility and worked with her father, Brian on the day to day activities. Upon graduating from Wilmington University with a BS in Finance, she assumed the role of Comptroller and gained a more comprehensive understanding of the industry from the financial aspect. Today, you can find her working in the office with the administrative team, with clients at the model home or on the construction site. In addition to her father, Christina works alongside her mother Kathy, sister Michelle and brother Brian. Since the 1940’s, the Lessard family has built custom homes with a passion for quality craftsmanship and superior design. As the fourth generation, Christina looks forwards to carrying on the business with the same values and dedication.

Stephanie Snyder

Chris Herbst

Stephanie Snyder attended Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA majoring in Interior Design. She graduated from Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She began her career in the electrical and lighting division of design. Since moving to the area from Maryland, she held a Retail Marketing and Space Planning Position, and was then brought on board the sales and design team at Bath, Kitchen & Tile as the Retail Sales Design Assistant. She is now the Retail Sales/Designer at the company’s Harbeson location. Stephanie plans to continue her career as a Kitchen & Bath Designer and to receive her certifications in both divisions.

Spring 2014

Christopher Herbst graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA with a degree in Business Administration. He began his career in retail management with a large department store chain. After holding positions of increasing importance there, Chris obtained his real estate license selling real estate in the Philadelphia suburbs of southeastern Pennsylvania. While licensed, Chris also learned the basics of design and designed custom storage solutions based on the needs of the client. As the manager of Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center in Harbeson, Chris brings years of background in management, customer service, design, to the customers of Southern Delaware.


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People in Profile Leslie Lynn Umstetter

Mike Baker is the founder of C.M.Baker Photography with over 25 years experience. His photography ventures have been quite diverse. Throughout the year you may find him shooting a wedding, a Quinceañera, in the pits of a NASCAR race at Dover Downs and now at front stage at the Firefly Festival or flying over doing aerials. Giving back to the community has always been an important part of it all. Mike Guaranteed Lowest Price On Kitchen And Bath Cabinetry And was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” from CDCC (Central Complete Remodeled Kitchens And Baths on Comparable Products. De Chamber of Comm.) in 2005, ”Volunteer of the Year” from Kent County Tourism 2010,”Chairman’s Outstanding Partnership Award from CDCC in 2010 along with “Business Person of the Year” from CDCC in 2008. Since 1997, Mike has been the “official” photographer for the KC Heart Ball and for the “Go Red” in Kent County since it’s onset. Some of the past and present organizations have been: MD Kidney Foundation, De Breast Cancer Coalition, Various De Fire Companies, Bayhealth Foundation, Beebe Hospital, Dover Air Force Base, Autism DE, Relay for Life, MS Bike to the Bay and the Amish Bike Tour , to name a few.


Mike Baker

Kitchen Cabinets

Leslie Lynn Umstetter is owner of White Manor Farm located in Greenwood, Delaware. The property was purchased with her husband, Frank in 2010 through the foreclosure process. From the very beginning, Leslie saw the vision of this unique house to become a place to share with others. The house and land, after being vacant for 3 years, definitely needed some TLC. This has been an ongoing process for Leslie with her end-vision of sharing this beautiful space as well as the planned gardens with others. Leslie is a native of South Jersey who moved with her husband and two daughters to Greenwood, Delaware in 1992, after her parents retired to Seaford from New Jersey. This new business is Leslie’s “Encore Career” having been a stay-at-home mom and business owner with her husband in the HVAC field. Leslie is genuinely grateful that all of her passions are now coming together in her new venture of White Manor Farm. Leslie is a graduate of Wilmington University and the Western School of Feng Shui, as well as a Sussex County Master Gardener, and a member of the Seaford Spade and Trowel Garden Club. Leslie and her husband Frank have been married for 40 years. She is the mother of two daughters, grandmother of three grandchildren.

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Clean Cut Pavers 302.645.1922 Lessard OurBuilders experienced staff of award winning designers and expert 302.698.1091 installation team look forward to making your dream a reality!

Custom Mechanical 302-539-5177

C.M.Baker Photography 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19958

(302) 645-1922 800-261-0792

C.M. Baker Photography 647.8118 WILMINGTON NEWARK LEWES Bath Kitchen & Tile Center White Manor Farm 800.261.0792 “Everything you need for your Kitchen & Bath Since 1963” White Manor Farm 302-542-7411

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Spring 2014

Health & Medicine

Healing Touch

Claudia alesi, HTPA Reiki Master/Instructor Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice

Healing Touch is a holistic approach to healing.

It is an energy therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to enhance, support and facilitate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and self-healing. Healing Touch uses gentle, light or near body touch to clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system in an effort to promote healing for the whole person: mind, body and spirit. The goal in Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system, placing the client in a position to selfheal. Healing Touch is a complementary, integrative energy therapy that can be used in conjunction with conventional health care and is used in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing.

Stop by and see me at the

19th Holistic Health Fair on March 29, 2014 from 9:30 – 4:30 at the Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, DE. You can learn more about Healing Touch at my workshop which will be held at 1:30 p.m.

Spring 2014

When our energy system is depleted we feel tired, we have difficulty coping and it is difficult for our immune system to function properly. Our energy may be depleted due to stress, illness, injury, grief, medical conditions, surgery, and medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. When our energy system is off balance, the energy that usually flows through and around our bodies becomes congested. One example of congested energy is pain. When a client has pain, the practitioner focuses on removing the energy congestion so that the pain level is reduced. Another example is stress. Stress may affect our body by causing muscle tightness in our necks and shoulders. We may develop a headache or experience discomfort in other parts of our body. Stress causes congestion in our energy system. Healing Touch techniques help to relieve that congestion. Healing Touch also promotes relaxation. When our body relaxes, endorphins are released from the brain, which helps the muscles to relax. When the muscles relax, circulation is improved and the increased blood flow elevates oxygen levels throughout the body, which then allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently; enzymes are built to aid digestion, hormones are regulated, and toxins are released from the body. This allows healthy cells to regenerate and promotes a sense of well-being, which also supports healing and regulates the immune system.

Research evidence supports the use of Healing Touch in the following: • Reduction of pain • Cancer support care/provides support during chemotherapy and radiation • Facilitate wound healing • Decrease anxiety and tension, and creates a sense of well-being • Relieves stress and depression • Strengthen the immune system

informative classes will be held in the near future. Contact me at

302-227-6260 if you interested in joining the class.

Healing Touch is a nationally accredited and certified curriculum, and is open and available to people of all professions.

Testimonials Melissa, Bethany Beach, DE - When I started with Claudia Alesi and her healing touch work, I had severe joint pain in my neck and shoulders, lymphatic drainage issues, sleep problems and extremely low energy. I was also dealing with liver, kidney and thyroid problems, among other things. Healing touch not only increased my sense of well being and energy levels, but decreased my neck pain, my liver and kidneys are functioning normally, my lymphatic system is well on its way to being fully recovered and I feel like a new person. I was skeptical at first, but after my first treatment, the mental clarity and more restful sleep were enough to keep me going back again. But it’s helped me heal from the inside. Claudia Alesi is a healer and I would recommend anyone with acute or chronic health issues to give healing touch a try. It played a big part in turning my health completely around.

415 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

When we are physically ill, we are also affected emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When we are emotionally affected or stressed, we often feel it in our physical body. We need to take care of the whole person. Healing Touch treats the whole person.


• Enhancement of spiritual development • Preparation for and recovery from medical treatments, surgeries and procedures • Management and decrease of side effects from medical treatments • Support for the dying process

(302) 227-6260

The Oasis Wellness Spa is located conveniently in the heart of Rehoboth Beach - just a few blocks from the beach with FREE parking!

Services • Massages • Reiki • Ionic Foot Detox • Healing Touch Manicures & Pedicures • Facials • Sunless Tanning Retail Store Dead Sea Bath Salts • Essential Oils • Pendulums Smudges • Healing Aromatherapy • Crystals • Accessories 28

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Health & Medicine What is permanent make-up? How is the procedure performed? Will I look like myself? Does it hurt? By Elena Sullivan Permanent make-up, also called permanent cosmetics, cosmetic tattooing or micro pigmentation is the art of implanting color pigments into the skin. It is the deposit of pigment in the right place, into the skin. This pigment deposit can make you look better naturally, and also provide a way to simplify your everyday make-up routine to enhance your natural beauty.

The most common procedures are eyebrows that are perfectly shaped and in place all the time; eyeliners, for definition of the eyes that remains perfect from morning to night; lip liners or full lip color for shape enhancement and color that always stays in place. Being an invasive procedure, sometimes you would have to have more than one session to complete your procedure. Permanent cosmetics, restores color,

How is the procedure performed? Special instruments allow the permanent cosmetics professional to deposit pigments into the layer of the skin known as ‘dermis”. Because the outermost layer of the skin, the “epidermis” is always shedding and renewing itself you will be looking at the color implanted through a thin veil of skin. When the procedure is completed the color would appear darker than the final result. This is because the color is in both skin layers- epidermis and dermis. During the healing process the color at the top layer ‘epidermis” will flake off normally with other skin cells lightening the overall effect. Will I look like myself? Before the procedure, there should be a consultation. During the consultation we would discuss about your concerns, about your activities, what bothers you, if the procedure hurts, what you want to achieve. You will be able to see before and after pictures of prior clients and we would talk about care during the healing process, among other considerations. This is an invasive permanent cosmetic procedure and I need you to understand that it would carry some risks like in any others procedures you may have had. Some risks involve some inflammation, swell, tenderness and in rare cases infections. In this consultation I would take the time to answer your questions. I would take pictures of you, before and after any procedure. If you are coming for eyebrows, we would talk about your eyebrows shape, I would draw eyebrows on you taking in consideration your features, adding arch or lift, giving you balance when it’s necessary. You will take active part, in the process; you will have a pencil, too. We would discuss your needs and desires for a better lifestyle. When all this happens then we do a color selection, base on your skin color and tone. And only when you and I agree on the best course of action, will I then proceed with the advanced permanent cosmetic techniques. Does it hurt? There are some good anesthetics for the permanent cosmetic industry .Every person have a different pain perception .While someone may feel pain, others may feel what they say is a “tingling” or vibration. I do use topical anesthetics, that numbs the skin, before I begin the procedures and during the procedures. During procedures I try by best in offer my clients comfort .These anesthetics allows my clients to go through the procedures with much less of discomfort.

add definition, accent features and add a finished appearance every time. Permanent make up, helps to give back what time has taken away from you. We devote up to 20 minutes, and sometimes more, every morning trying and practicing the art of make up before we head out to work or face the world. It is a talent that some people have and others may not be blessed with. You can save countless hours in a single year that were formally spent struggling to draw eyebrows evenly or eyeliners half way straight, that’s a lot of extra time!!! Imagine the money you will save not buying expensive cosmetics that rubs off, smears, smudges and disappear during your day. Permanent make up is not intended to replace over the counter cosmetics, the color is “in” your skin, not on. That’s why a more natural, softer look results. So, when you are ready for a night out or you want a different look you can always apply as much additional make up as you wish. You may have special needs for permanent make up or simply put health problems. Those special needs may

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range from short sight, allergies (environmental or to cosmetics products), you may be using contact eye lenses, aging, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, unsteady hands, breast cancer scars, alopecia, among others struggles that prevents you from performing at full capacity. Then consider permanent make up, it is for you. Permanent cosmetic is for you and for those who are conscious of their time, appearance and simply want to look their best every time with little effort. Permanent cosmetic is for the person on the go, the professional with not too much time to spend but needs her makeup impeccable all day long, the athlete, the lady golfer, the swimmer, the runner that wants to look good during their performances, the mothers on the go that want to look good and put all day for herself. Even men can benefit from a youthful look and no one would ever notice that they have work done. Men can cover scars in their head with permanent cosmetics hair strokes. After all makeup make us look younger, healthier, sexier and more dressed up. The only problem is putting on and then taking it off every day, it is very tedious!! And it doesn’t stays on right. A lot of smudges run into your eyes irritating and ruining your looks. But imagine permanent make up that stays put and doesn’t smudge or irritate you. Makeup that stays beautiful, comfortable, every day even when you first wake up. It stays beautiful and subtle every day, you will look your best always. Let me show how the permanent cosmetics will help you achieve and restore your natural beauty. Let me show you how permanent cosmetics will help you return to an active normal lifestyle. I can help you achieve your goals by applying my talents and experience to maximize the benefit results of your procedure. I believe that you deserve the best life has to offer. Together we can achieve better right here, make my studio your destination for your permanent cosmetics needs. When you look good, you will feel better. Permanent make up makes possible to look better around the clock and to be less self conscious.

We are now a full service salon. Call now for a free consultation. Spring 2014


WORCESTER PREP Offering Pre-K to Grade 12 students the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and impetus theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll need for success in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and tomorrowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worlds.

 :R U F H V W H U  3 U H S D U D W R U \  6 F K R R O  Â&#x2021;      6 R X W K  0 D L Q  6 W U H H W  Â&#x2021;  + L V W R U L F  % H U O L Q               Â&#x2021;  w w w.wo rces terpre p. o rg

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Thinking Ahead to Warm Thoughts of Summer and Musical Experiences for All! While we’re in the middle of a winter wonderland, it might help our winter blues to shift to more positive thoughts, like summertime. Although the season may seem eons away, now is the prime time to focus on summer plans for your children, your family and yourself.

age. “Our summer classes focus not only on blending multiple genres like music, dance and visual arts, but also on captivating our community and its families through lively topical discussions, informal musical jam sessions and reviving past passions for the world of music.”

There are many things to occupy our time during those sunny days — the nearby sand & surf, family trips, and plenty of outdoor activities. But in our backyard, The Music School of Delaware can fill our summer calendars with fun and interesting programs for every age in the family. “Summer programming here is all about exploring,” says Layne Thompson-Payne, Director of the Music School’s Milford Branch. “We have entertainment for the days you can’t get to the beach; we can introduce something new to those who’ve never had music lessons; or help a past student return to lessons without that proverbial ‘long-term commitment.’”

Many of the programs offered by the Music School are new this summer — Early Childhood classes for ages 1-4; Saturday Café, Woodwind Ensemble and Rock & Roll Jam Session for adults — while others are popular returning courses like High School Garage Band (ages 13-17) and Sight & Sound Camp (ages 8-14), which is a partnership with Mispillion Art League. “We’re thrilled to be able to expand our offerings to young families this summer as well as revive some of our most popular camp experiences for young area artists and musicians,” Thompson-Payne notes.

The summer programs, Thompson-Payne continues, are a mixture of fun but also have engaging themes aimed at practically every

The new adult offerings were especially exciting for Thompson-Payne to develop. These aforementioned adult student¬– themed programs — affectionately dubbed ‘for Weekend Musical Warriors’ — start on Thursday evenings (because, as everyone knows, ‘Thursday is the new Friday’) and run through the summer weekends. The classes all embrace a shared, casual, let-your-hairdown feel. “We’re hoping the Woodwind Ensemble on Thursdays or Rock & Roll Jam Session on

Friday nights will be embraced as downtown Milford’s ‘go-to events’ for the weekends. Playing in these informal structures not only provides a learning environment among the musicians but also a true bonding opportunity — connecting with like-minded artists who want someone to ‘jam’ with.” The Music School staff even encourages people to consider making these programs part of a ‘date night’ activity — come play, then dash off to dinner at one of the fabulous a local restaurants or for drinks at a cozy local tavern.

Thompson-Payne believes the new Saturday Café — inviting community members in for coffee and spirited conversation about music and arts-related subjects — will be an equally big draw. “We have many artists and arts enthusiasts in and around our community who will have so much to offer to these gatherings.” The Cafe will feature guest speakers and a range of topics including

‘What is a Luthier?’ and ‘How is an organ built?’ “We really wanted to engage the entire community this summer, and I think we’ve created several unique, experience-focused programs here that people just won’t find anywhere else,” Thompson-Payne continues. “I hope that people will discover what we have here is a variety of fun, informal — yet educational —activities that they’ll be talking about long after summer ends.” Of course, she adds, she hopes these offerings will also lead to growth in the Music School’s “family” circle and long-term studies with the talented Music School faculty roster.

Want to make your summer musical? Call The Music School of Delaware’s Milford Branch at 302.422.2043 or email them at milfordreception@

Lessons, Classes & Workshops Ɣ Early Childhood Music & Movement Ɣ Ensembles & Performance Opportunities MILFORD & STATEWIDE LOCATIONS


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• Corporate • Non-Profit • Social • Reunions • Gardening • Tea Parties

✿ CUT FLOWER FARM • Lilacs • Peonies • Lily-of-the-Valley •Violets • Black-eyed-Susan • and more

✿ NATIVE TREES • Wild Cherry • Eastern Red Cedar • Mulberry





Leslie Umstetter


Please call or email with all your questions and for information about our upcoming Open House Tour, Tea Parties, Workshops coming this Spring!

Testimonials As previous Manager of YWCA Delaware’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship, it has been a pleasure working with the Umstetters in their vision to take a very visible and “inquisitive” prime location (primarily their home) and turn it into facility that will not only benefit the local community but travelers near and far. I, like many travelers, often looked at the now present “White Manor Farm” and envisioned in my mind what it must look like inside but never really thinking the opportunity to see inside would ever happen. When Leslie came to the Women’s Business Center in Georgetown to seek help with her business plan, we were elated. She is one of the most creative and talented people I have had the opportunity to work with. Her “wheels” never stop turning. White Manor Farm has so much to offer. I believe her decision to host an official open house will certainly enhance the awareness of the GEM located in Greenwood Delaware. Brenda Whitehurst If your organization or group is looking for an esthetic environment that provides privacy, creativity, and focus, White Manor Farm and Retreat Center of Sussex County is the location for you. The peaceful and serene surroundings allow you to shift gears and accomplish whatever your priorities of the day may be. Deanne Y Walker When Leslie wanted to bring a lamp down from one of the bedrooms to put in my sitting area where no one ever sits…….I immediately told her it would not look good. I was resistant to every change she suggested.….but after moving that lamp and buying a few pillows and new curtains I had a brand new room that was elegant enough for guests and so cozy that I want to sit in there all the time. I realized how complacent I had become with “my things” and how that was spilling over into my personal life. Letting go and becoming open to change has infused me with a new found energy. Since then, I feel so at peace with my surroundings…and so inspired with my life. Regina Arkema

White Manor Farm

11339 Sussex Highway • Greenwood DE 19950

302-542-7411 •

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Paying for Long-Term Care:

The Importance of Planning Early of attorney. While there, they but did not count against Hank since home could be subject to a lien by were surprised to learn that they more than 5 years had passed. Ellen Medicaid. could actually plan now to avoid was incredibly relieved to know that running out of money in the she did not have to worry about paying It took nearly two years to get Hank Amber B. Woodland, Esquire future should they need long term for Hank’s care and could instead qualified for Medicaid, and the Michele Procino-Wells, Esquire care. They placed $200,000 and focus on visiting him and providing process was incredibly stressful for Procino Wells, LLC Ellen and her children. Furthermore, their home into an irrevocable as much support as possible to him. no planning has been done for Ellen trust, and named their children and if her health fails, their remaining as beneficiaries of the trust. If Scenario #2 – By: Michele Procino-Wells, Esquire assets are at risk. needed, their children would be able Hank and Ellen We plan to go on vacation. We plan to take a distribution from the trust without planning ahead. to have dinner with friends. But when rather than using their own money Conclusion Let’s assume Hank and Ellen did not it comes to planning for our care as for Hank and Ellen’s needs. The scenarios above highlight the plan ahead. When Hank had a stroke we advance in age, many of us prefer importance of seniors planning at age 78, the couple had $300,000 in They kept the remaining $125,000 not to think about it, believing it will early for the possibility of needing checking, savings and CDs. somehow all work out. Consider the in a revocable trust that Hank and long term care. There are not only Ellen would use for their living two scenarios below that contrast the financial benefits to doing so, but Under the Medicaid regulations in different outcomes of planning early expenses. The $200,000 placed into also numerous non-financial benefits, place at the time, Ellen was able to and choosing the “wait and see” the irrevocable trust would not be including reduced stress on the keep approximately $117,000 of the counted against them after 5 years, approach for long term care. family and peace of mind knowing should either of them need long assets, but most of the remaining that the family’s needs are taken care term care and the assistance of state assets had to be spent for Hank’s of regardless of any health care crisis The Facts care. While their home would be benefits to pay for it. that may occur. Hank is 72 and Ellen is 69. They protected since Ellen was still living have been retired for several years. Unfortunately, six years later Hank there, if she were to become ill the Recently, their oldest child asked had a severe stroke them whether they had made any and ended up in plans if one of them suddenly got a nursing home. sick. Hank and Ellen had not thought Ellen tried caring much about this since both of them for him at home were in good health. However, they but was simply agreed to seek some advice to see unable to. Because what their options were. they had planned ahead and had set Hank and Ellen own a home and up an irrevocable they have checking, savings and trust, Ellen was CD accounts that total $325,000. able to keep all They both worked most of their     of the remaining adult lives, carefully watching their cash assets in their expenses and never spending money revocable trust, on extravagant items they didn’t feel  and Hank was  they needed. able to qualify  immediately for  Scenario #1 – state Medicaid  Hank and Ellen benefits. The  irrevocable trust planning ahead. Hank and Ellen spoke with an elder (which had now law attorney, as they knew they grown to $215,000)  should update their will and powers remained in place


  



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Wonderful World of Wireless and money … and they’re pretty handy to have around, too.

The Programmable Generation

For a number of years, manual thermostats ruled the cooling and heating industry. Thanks to advancements in technology, this era gave way to programmable thermostats. These new units featured digital displays, easy-to-use controls and menus and the ability to set the on/off times for your HVAC systems. By Regan Roberts Deck, CMI

In recent years, the HVAC industry has taken the technological bull by the horns in order to offer tech-savvy consumers with a variety of improvements, not the least of which is the evolution of thermostats from unsightly, one-feature boxes to completely wireless home comfort gadgets. By combining the programmable capabilities of their predecessors with advanced technology, these units can help you save energy

The Smart Generation

Now, new smart thermostats provide the same basic experience of their programmable predecessors, with other unique capabilities, depending on your needs: • Remote Accessibility - With these more advanced units, you no longer have to be tethered to your home in order to make changes to your thermostat’s settings. Instead, you can do so on the fly by accessing the unit via the Internet from any accessible device. If that’s not enough, some models

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also include the ability to connect through a smartphone by simply downloading an application. • Learning Capability - If you’re on a regular cooling and heating schedule, your system will learn your scheduling habits and make changes on its own, which will help you conserve energy. • Energy Usage Chart - Want to compare your energy usage over a given period of time so you can learn where changes need to be made? Simply check out the easyto-read chart that you can access through the thermostat. As always, at Custom Mechanical we are happy to answer any questions you may have about electrical, heating, cooling carpentry, plumbing and home performance related issues - on the phone, in person, via e-mail … even on Facebook! Our Retail Store offers parts and supplies as well as answers to your product or pricing queries. Our Comfort Advisors are available for free estimates and information about financing


and manufacturer rebates. Finally, our brand-new, redesigned for 2014 website offers more homeowner tips like these as well as on-line scheduling and more detailed information about Custom Mechanical, the people that make us great and the services we offer.

Contact us anytime! Locally, 302-539-5177. Toll free, 800-233-5177. Or on the web,

So, keep in touch and take comfort, CUSTOM is here to help!

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educate. enrich. empower.


Part Time Sales Help Perfect For The Stay At Home Mom or Retired Business Owner, that wants extra spending money. If Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re Not Making $35,000 to $40,000 A Year Part-Time Then it is time to think of the Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Newspapers. We are looking for two part-time sales people. All sales training is included. Applicants must have a great personality! Schedule your own hours from home! Applicants must be bright, energetic, love to meet people, and most of all...

Love Our Educational Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Newspaper With A Passion!!!

CALL 1-800-993-3822 Deeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cleaning Service & Window Cleaning Everyone needs a little help! Residential, Construction Clean up & Commercial Cleaning



h Family Owned & Operated h Free Estimates h In business for over 30 Years h Licensed & Insured

302-856-7989 The County Woman Newspaper

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June/July 2012

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June/July 2012

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The County Woman Newspaper

Spring Spring 2014 2013

By: Mark Gandy

Welcome to Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center

Whether you’re interested in redecorating, remodeling or new construction, it pays to rely on experienced professionals who can meet all of your needs, from start to finish. Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center has been fulfilling those needs for close to half a century for customers throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. We back everything we do with the knowledge and reliability that can only come with time and experience. Yet we remain on the cutting edge in our industry, providing you with the latest selection of high quality products and the best ideas in design and functionality.

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“We recently had our bathroom remodeled by your Harbeson office. The management of the project by Mark Gandy was excellent, as was the quality of work by all your subcontactors. Mark was always present when a subcontractor arrived for the first time to ensure the scope of work was well understood. Subsequently the workers always showed up when they were supposed to and left the work area neat and clean clean when they were finished. We would be happy to use Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center South for our next project.” - Robert and Vicki H., Lewes, DE

Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center

The Best in Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Since 1963 “My wife and I own a residence in Lewes, Delaware and decided upon a major renovation of

our master bedroom. After inquiries with and proposals from several companies, we decided to contract with Bath, Kitchen and Tile due inWhen large partall to the manner in which we Stephanie Snyder attended Moore College of Art Remodeling your home theprofessional plans have been made Design in Newark Philadelphia, PA majoring in Interior Visit one of our showrooms inand Wilmington, or Harbeson, Delaware and see forcan your- bewere handled by Mark Gandycostly and the senseand of knowledge that he projected. Throughout the all the designs are concrete there intimidating, Design. She graduated from Kutztown University in self why we’re known as the region’s premier remodeling company. As you browse installed entire project, Mark kept us well informedwill demonstrated honesty. course be a schedule, which you Of will be Kutztown, PA in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in and even confusing. Choos- and consistently bathroom vanities and showers,Psychology. custom countertops and complete kitchens, you’ll quickly see his professional opinion and expertise were invaluable...Based on our experience, we will not She began her career in the electrical ing the right trim or accessories fully involved in helping to plan, to andtolighting Since moving to the that we have everything you need create division the homeofofdesign. your dreams – including expert design- hesitate to recommend your company and your valued employee to our friends and neighbors.” can help complete that unique look make sure that everything is going ers and professional installers.area from Maryland, she held a Retail Marketing and - Joseph C., Lewes, DE

Space Planning Position, and was then brought on you’ve been trying to pull off. Your board the sales and design team at Bath, Kitchen local Bath Kitchen and Tile experts Our Remodeling Services & Tile as the Retail Sales Design Assistant. She is now the Retail Sales/Designer at the company’s are here to help. From beginning to As a full service design build company, our in-house staff provides you need for a Harbeson location. Stephanie plans toeverything continue her end Bath Kitchen and Tile strives to remodel, addition or commercial project start& toBath finish, including career as afrom Kitchen Designer and installation, to receive electrical, meet and exceed your expectations, certifications in both divisions. lighting, dry wall, painting andher more.

Our services include: • Design Services • Kitchen Remodeling • Bathroom Remodeling • Countertop Fabrication • Commercial Remodeling

• Wholesale Product Sales • Custom Cabinetry • Flooring • Plumbing & Electrical • Lighting

leaving you with the remodel of your dreams.

smoothly and that there are no surprises or hiccups. Your designer will be on-site when the work begins to make sure everyone is on the same page and that things are going the way you want. Even if you aren’t planning on being around for the install you will get updates as your dream progresses from phone calls to photos to make sure you are comfortable and never out of the loop.

The designers at Bath Kitchen and Tile are trained to help you bring your ideas to fruition, keep you in budget, and are up to date on considering all the Whether our products or services, Now, you’re ready to make latest equipment and styles. They WE HAVE THE BEST VALUE, CONSTRUCTION, FEATURES Our Showrooms will help you with the entire at your ANDdecision PROCESSyour IN THEappointment INDUSTRY. Whether you are interested in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, redesigning yourmaking office process whether you are try- local Bath Kitchen and Top Ten Reasons to use or constructing an entirely new addition, our showrooms will make it easier for you toing decide to remodel your home for re-sale Tile Center to meet with Kitchen anda while Tile Center what you want to include in your new room. Many homeowners come to us with a general or idea you planBath on staying there your designer and turn the for your next Kitchen or Bath project: of what they want, but do not know exactly what features to include in their room, especially and just want to make your slice of old into the new! Special-Exclusive since they are not aware of all the options currently available. heaven that 1. much sweeter. Deals 2. Distinctive-Cutting Edge Products 3. Superior-Exceptional Service Our beautifully appointed showrooms, the largest of their kind in the area, include an ever4. Exquisite-Elegant Designs changing, wide array of kitchen and bathroom displays. These displays help you discover Testimonials 5. Brilliant-Charming Designers your design preferences and give you the ideas that will bring your imagination to life. They I am absolutely thrilled with my Through new kitchen! Workers arrived early, were friendly, 6. Considered-Thought Procedures also feature the finest quality products by top-of-the-line manufacturers to give you the best worked quickly & left on time. The calendar was a great idea, but I thought it would not 7. Thorough-Careful Project Planning be followed. Every event (worker & job) were on time. Thanks for the great job. I was selection available. You’ll find everything you need, including cabinetry, countertops, vanities, 8. Measured-Planned Project Management pleased in 1993 when my house was built & BKT installed the kitchen & baths. –Joel H. plumbing fixtures, whirlpool tubs, appliances, tile, accessories and more. Furthermore, we fea9. Accurate-Precise Installation Teams ture customized furniture for the home and office to add a one-of-a-kind feel to every room. 10. Meticulous-Perfect Installations Thank you and your wonderful team for the beautiful work that you all did in creating our new kitchen. Your team performed as totally Certified dedicated professionals. You all were Contact one of our Award-Winning Unlike a catalog, a showroom allows you to stand in a kitchen with the cabinets you’ve very had muchDesigners on task with every detail...Rest assured that BKT today and mention this ad to receive a will be called back to do our bathroom when we get ready. We will certainly recommend your eye one, to touch and feel the countertops, to walk into a shower and to truly experience FREE GRANITE COUNTERTOP with the purchase you to our family and friends. Thanks for taking greator care of us and makingpackage! our kitchen soCELEBRATING perfect.” of a complete kitchen bathroom remodel different product options. Our showroom helps you pick and choose all the little details you 50 YEARS INJim Lorraine and

will want to include your room, from towel bars and toilet paper holders to drawer pulls and Prior Sales Excluded. BUSINESS IN 2013! Choice of Royal Gold, Mediterra Crema Terra spice racks. Even if you’re set on the ideas in your head, our showrooms have such a large My family had been searching for a newSun, counter top for months before walking in to selection of products that you might even find something that you like more than your original BKT. We visited every big name you can think of. The price, service and expertise that we received from BKT are unparallel. We are extremely pleased with everything. I have choice! So call us TODAY and make an appointment for one of our award winning designers Harbeson - 302-684-5691 - 302-737-4968 · Wilmington - 302-992-9210 already recommended you to many ·of Newark my friends. Ann E. to walk you through the remodeling process!

26836 Lewes Georgetown Highway • Harbeson, DE 19951 • 302-684-5691 • 103 Greenbank Rd. • Wilmington, DE 19805 • 302-992-9210 • 375 Bellevue Rd. • Newark, DE 19713 • 302-737-4968 • Spring 2014

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The County Woman Newspaper

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Solar Energy in the News Global warming, rising energy bills, and energy dependence. Who among us is not concerned about these things? Who does not want to become part of the solution? We know Delawarians are--it has been named a top state for solar energy by Environment America Research & Policy Center (7th in nation for solar power and 5th for solar installations 2012). Why Solar? It benefits you, it benefits the environment, and it builds a sustainable future! But solar is still new for a lot of people. To address that, we’re offering answers to the most frequent and important questions we get as a Delaware solar provider. Solar energy is still one of the best ways to make a real contribution to sustainability. How does solar work? PV “modules,” the smallest PV component sold commercially, are made up of solar PV cells. PV modules are combined to build a PV system that converts sunlight directly to electricity. The cells produce electricity any time the sun is shining, but produce more electricity when the sunlight is more intense and strikes the PV modules directly. This is not a byproduct of heat as is the case with solar thermal systems for heating water. Instead, electrons freed by the interaction of sunlight with semiconductor materials in PV cells are captured in an electric current. PV allows you to produce electricity

— without noise or air pollution— from a clean, renewable resource. Who wouldn’t love a system that never runs out of fuel, and it won’t increase U.S. oil imports! PV system components (connected or “tied” to the utility grid): • PV Modules-- One or more, connected to an inverter • Inverter--converts direct-current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) • Batteries--(optional) to provide energy storage or backup power in case of a power interruption or outage on the grid.

is less than half of what it was in 2008, with significant drops in solar equipment prices in the past year. 3. State grants are still extremely generous! Delaware’s Green Energy Fund rebates offset the initial cost of a new solar electric system, in many cases up to 25% of the total price of the system. 4. Federal incentives at all-time highs! A generous Federal incen-

This conversion produces AC electricity, the kind that powers our lights, appliances, computers, and televisions, and is compatible with the utility grid. Incentives? Subsidies and rebate programs available to Delaware residents make solar the smart choice – financially as well as environmentally. Here are the five key incentives for homeowners and businesses right now! 1. Income from Solar Renewable Energy Credits. Delaware legislation allows owners of solar electric systems to receive guaranteed checks in the mail (in addition to electrical savings) from sale of these credits. 2. Dramatic price decreases! The cost of a new solar electric system

tive provides tax credits for solar electric system homeowners. This translates into the federal government paying for 30% of the total price of the system! For business owners, 2013 allows 60% depreciation for the price of your system in one year! 5. Energy prices continue to climb! With oil prices climbing, it does not take a crystal ball to see large jumps in our electricity rates in the near future. The more solar energy they produce, the less solar system owners are

affected by power rate increases. The 25-year warranty on panels effectively protects owners against rate increases. So, why are Clean Energy USA (CEUSA) customers purchasing solar electric systems? 1. To save money on their electric bills. 2. As an “insurance” policy against rising electricity rates. 3. To add an asset to their house while there are great incentives in place. 4. To make additional revenue from the Delaware program that gives money to people on an ongoing basis just for having solar. 5. To limit the environmental footprint they have on their area. Are you considering solar for home or business? Let CEUSA show you how solar will save you money for years to come. CEUSA is based in Rehoboth Beach and has installed over 400 solar electric systems in Sussex County alone. We take pride in having an expert staff of solar professionals to ensure excellence in assessment of your power needs, system design and perfection in installation. Our professional staff will take care of all of the grant applications, local and state paperwork, permits and utility company requirements. In addition to all that, we provide exemplary customer service after your system installation.

20184 Phillips Street • Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Office: 302.227.1337 • Call or email to arrange a solar evaluation. The County Woman Newspaper


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Home & Garden

Your Home –

The Investment You Can Enjoy

Your home is one of your biggest investments. Add to the value of that investment by extending your living area to the outdoors. Your new outdoor living space is limited only by your imagination. It could consist of a patio, a seat wall, a firepit or fireplace, an outdoor kitchen or an inground swimming pool… or all of the above. Whether simple or extravagant, you will want to make sure you do your homework first. Ideally, this will be an area where memories are made with friends and family for many years to come. A well thought-out project will increase your enjoyment of the space, and a little research will ensure you are making a wise investment.

Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools An inground fiberglass swimming pool will bring many decades of enjoyment to your family and friends. Fiberglass pools have improved tremendously in the last few years. They require the least amount of upkeep, compared to gunite or liner pools, and contrary to popular belief they will NOT pop-up out of the ground once they are filled with water. Clean Cut Pavers and Pools offers three top-of-the-line brands of fiberglass pools; Leisure, Barrier Reef and Riviera. With 3 brands to choose from, you’re sure to find a size and style to suit your needs. If you are considering adding a swimming pool to your outdoor living area, let us answer all of your questions. With 34 years of experience in the pool industry, Doug Arcos will be happy to meet you at your home to discuss all of the possibilities and provide a free estimate. Clean Cut Pavers and Pools specializes in turn-key swimming pool packages, which makes the whole process easy for you. Our packages include all necessary pool equipment, a salt generator, a light and all electrical and plumbing hook-ups. When we are finished, your pool is ready for swimming!


16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19958

(302) 645-1922

Why Choose Interlocking Pavers?

Interlocking pavers are the wisest pavement choice because they will last for the life of your home, as long as they are installed correctly. Interlocking pavers outlast concrete because the paver joints allow the pavers to move slightly during freeze/thaw cycles. This flexibility eliminates any chance of cracking, buckling or heaving like concrete does. For pavers to be installed correctly, your installer will need to follow the industry guidelines established by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI). By far, the most important part of a paver project is the part you don’t see – the base. If the base is not installed correctly, the pavers will eventually fall (or sink), and weeds will be able to grow up through the joints. The base work is as important to your pavers as the foundation is to your home. Since the base is the part most people don’t see, this is where a lot of contractors will cut corners. Cutting corners during installation may save you money up front, but it will result in excessive repair costs in the future. The professionals at Clean Cut Pavers and Pools do it right the first time. In business since 1995, Clean Cut Pavers and Pools provides free, detailed estimates, friendly customer service and top notch workmanship. Because we take great pride in our work, every one of our paver projects is installed to last for the life of your home. For more information about us go to:

Remember – Quality Isn’t Expensive…It Is Priceless!

We take care of it all… No headaches for the homeowner! Spring 2014




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 

 

Choosing can be hard to do…..

 

There are so many different ways to cover your windows today that just figuring out what you want can be the most difficult part. It’s understandable because of the size of the investment and the length of time that most people plan to use their window treatments. It’s only natural that you want to get it right the first time. Suddenly something that should be fun is filled with doubt and indecision. There is of course no need for the extra stress. As with most similar situations you only need to organize your thoughts, figure out your final objective then call in a professional to navigate you through it and handle the details. There are lots of reasons to cover a window. Privacy, security, energy conservation, light level, to change the type of light or just to keep an opening from looking so bare to name a few. There are two important questions that you should ask yourself about every window before you cover it. One is how am I going to use the window and the other is what is the style of the room. Bathrooms are a great example. Many homes being built today have a large window right next to the tub. Most people appreciate the natural light source but at the same time privacy is obviously at the front of their minds. A treatment that can be open at the top and closed at bottom is often a good choice here. For a more contemporary home perhaps a top down bottom up light filtering shade would fit the bill and for a more traditional home maybe shutters with louvers that can be open up top but closed at the bottom are the right choice. Do you plan to sleep during the day in here? Does that window get a lot of sun or a little? Does your neighbor’s second story window look down into your first story window? How well will it stand up to kids and pets? Is it ok over the sink? The list of questions is lengthy and a little different for everybody and every room. That is where we come in. We have plenty of experience and the best of resources to assist you. Call today and set up your free in-home consultation. We would love the opportunity meet with you and help you get to what you want.


Good afternoon, Ashley and Tony. Your team arrived on schedule and completed the job….perfectly with the upmost professionalism. I was impressed with the last installation and even more so with today’s install!! THANK YOU for a job well done from start to finish, it has been my pleasure to have worked with your organization. Since you have covered every window and door here, I didn’t expect that I would be calling on you again for this property, until Doug mentioned that you also do exterior solar shades, so…. I will be calling you Ashley during the first quarter to give me a quote on at least five units for our back porch. Merry Christmas! John - B, DE Tony, I just wanted to express my extreme satisfaction with your “5 year No Questions Asked Limited Warranty”. My husband and I built a new second home in Delaware during 2009 and subsequently learned that the window installation was flawed which led to damage to the interior of the home as well as the window treatments with water marks scarring the blinds. I was recently reviewing my home file and came upon the warranty information. My call to you was returned within minutes and the request to replace was seamless. What a great product and service you offer! Thanks, again. Anne Hi Ashley, Your awesome installers just left and I could not be more pleased with my new Plantation Shutters! Thank you so much for such wonderful service ~ feel free to use me as a reference if you’d like. Stay safe. Susan Y - Magnolia, DE

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 


   

 Spring 2014

Home & Garden

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High Crawlspace Humidity? By Mike Benson

Humidity problems in the Crawlspace?

Excess moisture, introduced by way of unsealed, vented crawlspaces, contributes to wood rot, mold growth and increased SHVWDFWLYLW\0RLVWXUH,Q crawlspaces often migrates to the upper levels of the home through a â&#x20AC;&#x153;stack effect.â&#x20AC;? In essence, whatever air is below the house is also in the house, As warm air rises and escapes through the upper OHYHOVRIWKHKRPHQHZDLUĂ&#x20AC;QGV its way Into the home to replace whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been lost. Intake air comes In at the lower levels through unsealed crawlspaces. This may lead to costly problems such as FXSSLQJRIKDUGZRRGĂ RRUVPROG growth, increased air conditioner loads, and swelling of millwork/ FDELQHWU\$LULQĂ&#x20AC;OWUDWLRQIURPWKH crawlspace often carries odors and may contribute to poor indoor air quality and uncomfortable humidity levels. Excess moisture in crawlspaces has also been associated with contributing to increased energy consumption. Wintertime ventilation cools the crawlspace contributing to heat loss from the home. In the summer, introducing warm outside air under the home contributes to heat gains, increasing cooling loads. Ventilation of a crawlspace to control relative humidity only works consistently in an arid climate. In most climates, ventilation can actually add VLJQLĂ&#x20AC;FDQWTXDQWLWLHVRIPRLVWXUH during humid times.

Why Vented Crawlspaces Can Make Humidity Worse.

Venting a crawlspace will either add moisture to, or remove moisture from, a crawlspace depending on the moisture content of the ventilation air compared to the desired conditions of the crawlspace. Venting with dry air reduces moisture levels in the space, while venting with moist air contributes moisture. It is false to assume that venting will

June/July 2012

:1;"2<* 2;#"

*    +

   (   -   %                     (      (     +    ( 


 ,      eliminate it. Active conditioning )HFUDZOVSDFHGHKXPLGLĂ&#x20AC;HU automatically bring in â&#x20AC;&#x153;goodâ&#x20AC;? air  -      may be necessary to of the space and push out the â&#x20AC;&#x153;badâ&#x20AC;? air. If    


maintain humidity the outside air is humid and the       levels.      

. , proper       

$GHKXPLGLĂ&#x20AC;HUFDQSURYLGHORQJ crawlspace air is humid, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re    5     /           

  moisture    67869     term, active control not making any improvements by 97   ((                and ensure humidity levels are venting. Since venting either wets   .(     PDLQWDLQHGDWDVSHFLĂ&#x20AC;FOHYHO or dries the space depending on (  0  & 1       (is / 2  which Is adjustable by the homeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s outside conditions, there no #way              occupant. WRJXDUDQWHHDVSHFLĂ&#x20AC;FPRLVWXUH


      level in a vented crawlspace. 

.(   /        !    It is important to note the areas               of concern when taking steps to



Call Mike Benson at Accurate Termite and Pest Control for any questions or an evaluation at 302-226-1156. Testimonial:

     responsibly convert your vented   

 article in the Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Newspaper had extremely high humidity I readâ&#x20AC;&#x153;Ithe Newspaper       crawlspace to a sealed and The solution to this dilemma is )-)    )# 3       crawl space humidity. I had Accurate and mold in my crawlspace. Within about Accurate    space. Those include, Pest Control come and inspect our problem. to close the  crawlspace. of the  conditioned     One problem. three days relative humidity  

             crawlspaces but are not limited to: assuring objectives of closing They went over cause of our problem       problem and and dropped to the 60% from 86%-taking out ! water drainage, installing is to reduce sources of) moisture     proper  gave us an estimate to solve it. JDOORQVRIZDWHULQWKHĂ&#x20AC;UVW  when    vapor barriers, consideration for entering the space. Even      say howtwo satisďŹ ed we are the I can only After satisfied with the hours! weeks thewith relative 4     combustion  " # $ #  closing and carbon monoxide outcome. Problem solved by great people. done meticulously, a They people. They humidity is down to 50-53%.â&#x20AC;? %          %  # $ and sealing outside vents and FUDZOVSDFHZLOOVLJQLĂ&#x20AC;FDQWO\ were on time and on the money! ( 

   were on time and on the money! â&#x20AC;&#x153;We  have used accurate for the last #       

         not (    controlling moisture with a Santa the Phyllis Phyllis R., R., Ocean Ocean View View  reduce  ' moisture     but            (  .0   1 (+/ 

A Better Solution.


                                                                      !  "# #$  %&  !   $ $             ' #   


      !!"# $!%& '$" ()* * + 


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Christina’s Corner By Christina Lessard

Christina began working with Lessard Builders at a young age helping clean the office and run errands as well as other receptionist duties. As she grew older and more familiar with the business, she took on more responsibility and worked with her father, Brian on the day to day activities. Upon graduating from Wilmington University with a BS in Finance, she assumed the role of Comptroller and gained a more comprehensive understanding of the industry from the financial aspect. Today, you can find her working in the office with the administrative team, with clients at the model home or on the construction site. In addition to her father, Christina works alongside her mother Kathy, sister Michelle and brother Brian. Since the 1940’s, the Lessard family has built custom homes with a passion for quality craftsmanship and superior design. As the fourth generation, Christina looks forwards to carrying on the business with the same values and dedication.

7 Tips for a Better Home Search in 2014 Happy New Year! To kick off 2014, I’d like to go over a few of the most important yet overlooked topics when it comes choosing a new home. By taking these details into consideration and learning a little bit more about them, you’ll be prepared to make a better decision and stress less about one of the most important investments in your lifetime.

1. Define your “dream home” by understanding how you live. Your home is the place that you go to unwind, relax, entertain, cook, raise your family and sometimes even work. In reality, your “dream home” may not be a huge castle-like estate that you see in the movies. It is about finding the perfect home that matches your family’s lifestyle. Focus on functionality first and jump into the interior design finishes later. Consider the natural flow from room to room. Having a master near the main living areas might not be the best idea if you go to bed early or like to sleep in later than your family members. Cost effective outdoor living spaces such as fire pits and patios are ideal for those that like to spend a lot of time outdoors. If you travel often, you might want to look at communities with less yard space or with a routine maintenance plan.

2. Make a list of non-negotiable items. Once you start evaluating your daily lifestyle, you’ll have a better idea of the features that you can’t live without in your next home. Having a list to reference will help you stay focused when looking at floor plans, budget, upgrades and design features. Not having a list of “non-negotiable items” can be like going grocery shopping for a month without a list. Upon checkout, you are not sure what you bought, why you bought it or what you forgot to remember! 3. Avoid shortcuts when it comes to structural details. The integrity of your new home will only be as reliable as the products and methods used to build it. Look for homes that are constructed on-site with energy efficient windows and insulation, engineered roofing systems and solid poured wall foundations. Avoid methods where sections of your home are built off site, mass produced or rely on panelized wall systems. A home that is framed and built on-site together will stay together! 4. Pay extra attention to the foundation. The ideal foundation for a home is dependent on the conditions and location of the land that your home sits on. If a full basement is not on your “non-negotiable” list or your lot cannot support a basement, opt for a conditioned crawlspace. A conditioned crawlspace is designed to help control moisture and protect the integrity of the home from the natural elements of the surrounding area. Over the past few years, concrete slab foundations have become a popular method to cut costs and lower the base price of the home but while it saves initially, it can create expensive problems for you in the future. 5. Work with a financial advisor that you trust. The help of a financial advisor who works in your best interest will help you plan for your budget now so you will feel comfortable living in your home and not feel financially strained each month. 6. Work with industry professionals and ask a lot of questions. View your home search as an educational process. With this view, you will be able to evaluate which items are most important to you and which are essential to a quality home that will last a lifetime. Ask for references for each industry professional you work with. It is important to feel comfortable with their level of experience and honesty because they will be the ones that guide you through each step of the way. 7. Don’t rush and have fun. Choosing a new home that meets your needs, wishes and also fits your lifestyle can be an exceptionally rewarding investment. Don’t settle for a home that “works”, you should love every inch of your home! It can seem stressful at times but always ask questions, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the experience. I hope that the information I have provided will be helpful in your future home search. Purchasing your next home should be a well thought out investment. At Lessard Builders, we work with you to build a home that is tailored to your lifestyle, budget and will last a lifetime. If you would like to go over these items, have any questions, comments or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 302.698.1091 or I look forward to hearing from you! Christina Lessard

Spring 2014


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Home & Garden

Home & Garden

STEELE ELECTRIC Paul began his apprenticeship in 1960, and spent 12 years working in Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning. He founded Steele Electric in 1972. With the help of business contacts who appreciated his excellent work, his business grew to include a solid, service oriented team. SatisďŹ ed customers include local school districts, banks, and businesses, as well as homeowners who needed someone they could count on for dependable service and appropriate pricing. In 2006, he relocated to Sussex County and has many new customers, recently servicing the Lincoln Community Center during major renovation.

Steele Electric offers Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Installations and Service. They have done Custom Homes as large as 12,500 square feet, electrical underground services for trailer parks and Hotel Renovations. No job is too small. SAFETY AND COMFORT INFORMATION FOR HOME OWNERS There are a lot of issues with older homes. ALUMINUM WIRING is one of them. It should be replaced or, at least checked for loose connections. I have found aluminum wires burnt all the way back to the clamp on the wall case. The next thing could be a ďŹ re. We can check all switches, receptacles and lights for any loose connections. It is cheaper to spend a little money now to protect you and your family, than to possibly lose your home and loved ones. Another issue in older homes is UNGROUNDED WIRING. This can be addressed by rewiring the house, or installing GFCI receptacles to protect existing circuits. Kitchen and dedicated appliance circuits should be rewired for full protection.

The County Woman Newspaper Spring 2013

How critical are SMOKE DETECTORS? One of the best safeguards for your home are these protective devices. They can be hardwired with battery backup or just battery operated. We can install both, but remember, the batteries have to be replaced yearly. If a ďŹ re starts in your home, this device will alert you and your family. It can also tell you if you are burning the family dinner! GFCI RECEPTACLES are required in bathrooms, basements, outside, and garages for your protection. With faulty equipment, they will trip off to prevent shocks or even death. Arc Fault Breakers are now required in newer homes for the same type of protection. Young children have been known to stick foreign objects inside of receptacles

and being shocked. Arc Fault devices trip off when this happens. I believe one of the greatest needs in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s market is a backup system for your home. I am talking about GENERATORS. Homes have so many electrical appliances, it has put a load on our main electrical grid. We can purchase and install whatever size you need. I have installed one in my home and would be willing to give you a demonstration as to how easily it works. No power outage has affected our electrical system, because the generator comes on automatically when needed and keeps everything running. I look forward to hearing from you about any of your electrical needs. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talk!

STEELE ELECTRIC Residential â&#x20AC;˘ Commercial â&#x20AC;˘ Industrial Complete Installations â&#x20AC;˘ Dependable Service

-JODPMO %&t 45 #

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For Businesses:

If you can dream it, we can design it! For Individuals:

Logo Design • Advertisements Letterhead • Business Cards Postcards • Mailers • Brochures Restaurant Menus • Coupons and many more.

Invitations • Thank Yous Birth Announcements Save-the-Dates • Wedding Invitations All Occasion Cards • Calendars and many more.

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Tabitha F. Perry, MD s how some

Chris Rementer helps you select the best window covering for your given situation.

discusse Call Us At: 1-800-993-3822 or women can benefit 302-539-2612 from Laparoscopic 302-539-2722 ctomy. HystereFAX

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issues.behind us, we can now take the time to bring our attention back to our own With the summer almost health personal well being. Our goal is that the articles in the County Women’s Newspaper will assist in building a stronger, healthier, and more educated community.

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Making Your Money Work Harder for Retirement Little things you could do that could help you leave work a little sooner.

Provided by: Jeffrey Puglia, CFPÂŽ, AIFÂŽ President Black Diamond Financial Solutions

Jeffrey Puglia, CFPÂŽ , AIFÂŽ Member of Financial Planners Association Jeff has spent his entire career helping individuals with their financial planning needs since graduating from Susquehanna University in 1994 with a BS in Finance. He is a Certified Financial Plannerâ&#x201E;˘ practitioner as well as an Accredited Investment FiduciaryÂŽ, helping retirement plan fiduciaries mitigate risks by instructing them in practices that cover pertinent legislation and best practices. He is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Jeff works with non-profits, business owners, professionals, retirees and pre-retirees to develop comprehensive financial plans that include retirement and estate planning strategies, portfolio construction and risk management. Jeff currently resides in Milford, DE with his wife Andrea and two children, Laci and Roman. He is an avid baseball memorabilia collector. His philanthropic works include being the Founder and President of Salute Our Soldiers, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide relief for wounded soldiers and their families. Recently he co-founded the Southern DE Base Ball Club, a non-profit formed to bring a 1900s era stadium to the Milford area to stimulate commerce and remember baseballâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s originâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.

Little things matter. When planning for retirement, people naturally think about the big things â&#x20AC;&#x201C; arranging sufficient income, amassing enough savings, investing so that you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t outlive your money, managing forms of risk. All of this is essential. Still, there are also little financial adjustments you can make at mid-life that may pay off for you down the road. Drop some recurring expenses & do something else with the money. How much do you spend for cable or satellite TV? Could you drop that expense or find a cheaper provider? How about the money you spend each month on a storage unit? A service contract? A subscription to this or that? Two or three such monthly expenses might be setting you back $100, $200 or more. What if you used that money to pay yourself? What if you saved it? What if you invested it and let it compound? Assign your investments to appropriate accounts. This could be a route toward tax savings. When you retire, you will probably want to structure your retirement withdrawals so that money comes out of your taxable accounts first, then tax-deferred accounts, and then tax-free accounts. This gives assets in tax-deferred and tax-free accounts a little more time to potentially grow. Before that time arrives, you will likely find it ideal for your taxable accounts to hold investments taxed at lower rates, and your tax-advantaged accounts to hold investments taxed at higher rates. Various investment classes (stocks, commodities, bonds and so forth) are taxed differently, and some investors ignore that reality.

How much of a difference could such placement make? Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a long-range hypothetical example. Imagine putting $4,000 each year in an investment returning 8% annually, with 3% of that 8% coming from income. If that investment is held in a tax-deferred account under those circumstances for 40 years, it grows to $1,036,226, and $880,792 when adjusted for taxes. Put that investment in a taxable account (annual contributions adjusted to $2,880, the return taxed annually at 15%) and you wind up with $841,913, actually $771,789 adjusting for taxes.1,* Investigate fees. High fund and account fees can eat into your retirement savings effort, and many people never check on them. If your 401(k) plan charges 0.4% in annual fees and you contribute $10,000 or more to it annually over the decades, those tiny fees could shave tens of thousands of dollars off the account balance by your retirement date.2 Ditch a zero-interest savings account for a better one. Interest rates are rising, but they are still far from historical norms. If you have money in a savings account that is yielding 0.15%, then search online for one that might yield 1.5% or 2% or more. Strategize with your credit cards. If you always pay the full balance off each month, look for a card with rewards points â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you could use them instead of cash someday. If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t pay off monthly balances fully, your strategy is simple â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you want a credit card with the lowest interest rate you can find. See what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re spending. Few pre-retirees do this, and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because when they think â&#x20AC;&#x153;track monthly expenses,â&#x20AC;? they think of pen and paper and a couple of dull hours poring over receipts

and bills. Good news: software exists to do some of the work for you, software that can keep you apprised of household budgetary limits, trends and progress. Some of the budgeting software out there now can help show you how to retain more money to save for the future. Spend less on food & clothes. Online discounts (and coupons) abound, and it is astonishing how many people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take advantage of them. Your smartphone and your PC arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the only sources; the Sunday paper can pay for itself this way. In the rear-view mirror, many food and clothes purchases are less than necessary, sometimes frivolous. Reduce your debt. Some of the above moves may help you do just that. According to the most recent study from credit card comparison website CardHub, American households averaged $6,690 in credit card debt in the third quarter of 2013. Whether you owe more or less than that, such debt is certainly worth whittling down.3 Jeffrey Puglia, CFPÂŽ, AIFÂŽ may be reached at (302) 265-2236 or or * This is a hypothetical example and is not representative of any specific situation. Your results will vary. The hypothetical rates of return used do not reflect the deduction of fees and charges inherent to investing. Citations. 1 - how-taxes-cut?cbdForceDomain=false [1/2/14] 2 - [1/19/11] 3 - [10/23/13]



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Spring 2014

Photography Weddings

We continue to make our wedding couples’ special day through our images to last a lifetime of love. Each wedding is captured, catering to their suggestions, desires and personalities. C.M.Baker Photography is still one of the few that print 8x10’s at the reception for all to view and for the couple to take home with them. Check us out and ask us about our “photobooth” style pictures. Full weddings, from start to finish, available to view.

Events One of our favorites have been Event Photography for at least 15 years. We print immediately! We can do many different sizes with photo folders. Many backdrops to select from. One of the popular methods is Greenscreen Photography. Select a backdrop, stand in front of the green backdrop and the photo puts you there in your selected backdrop. Gala Events, Father-Daughter Dances, Prom/Spring Dances, Charity Events, Conventions, Conferences, Military Events, Holiday Events, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Family Reunions, and the list goes on.


Portraits/ Headshots

We do Residential and Commercial Aerials on the Delmarva Peninsula. Progressive construction sights starting from the bare property and ending with the building finished and in use. Or even someone’s home, farm or estate to make a nice Christmas gift ! We will get your aerial done. With the selection digital images on a disc - to a framed 30x40 print. You choose !

Make an appointment with us to update your portrait or promo headshots for the web site. Setting up to do a company shoot is getting popular. Whether it is a radio station or a hospital, it is always needed for promo purposes.

C.M.Baker Photography • 674-8118 • Spring 2014


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ch. empower.


resort wear



service is huge, especially when you are dealing with such the sensitive issue as a women’s body being exposed to the general population, not fully clothed. This past Thanksgiving I had received a card in the mail. I would like to share it with you all because it sums up why I love what I do and why I love my all my royal customers and truly appreciate each and everyone of them. I know Miss Carol won’t mind me sharing...

AR to all...

Dear Donna, This note is extremely belated, but since this is the season for giving thanks I really wanted to write you. Thank you so much for the time you took with Susan and me back in the beginning oft the summer. Buying a bathing suit was almost impossible for both of us, and for the first time, you made it both productive and fun. Then you added alterations and door-to-door delivery, we couldn’t have asked for more. In addition to the service, it was so nice to have such a selection of suits. We have recommended your shop to a number of people from this area who vacation at the Delaware beaches. Thanks again for your help, Happy Thanksgiving! -Carol

d weather s, heavy coats, are the main ardrobe this wimwear is minds of many is because to warmer h, physical their doctor r exercise pe over the refore, here ss Swim and open seven hout the year n opportunity sortwear months. e reduce the collections left ous summer ventory is rcent off. Our e now arriving t few months. citing time lling the with all the patterns. We able to offer ize one of the swimwear at r twenty-three fitting women y to give our , comfortable that perfect ensive bring in.

Our goal at Pineapple Princess is to make every customer feel the way Carol and her daughter did when they left our store that day. So, if you haven’t visited our store, pleas1it’ so and spread the word. With winter vacations upon us and summer just around the corner, come in a view all the beautiful swimwear and accessories pieces the industry has to offer. We carry over thirty different brands and

designers, from Tommy Bahama, Gottex, Betsy Johnson, Roxanne, Anne Cole, Tara Grinna , Kenneth Cole, Lucky Brand and many more. As you can see we carry a wide variety of lines to cater to a wide variety of age groups and personal styles. Please call us at 302-2278705 for more information and store hours.

s decades retail, I never women and nge of making of them feel I have always set us apart n with the big ores. Personal

February/March 2011


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Spring 2014

Gift Giving Happiness Delivered

Let us help you design a custom gift for any occasion. We ship and offer local courier service.

Expires May 31, 2014

36454 Seaside Outlet Drive 1720 â&#x20AC;˘ Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971


*Offer valid at Harry & David Stores only. Product purchase is exclusive of taxes and excludes in-store catalog orders and the purchase of gift cards and products containing alcohol. Not valid on catalog, phone or internet orders. Not valid with other offers or coupons and cannot be applied to previous purchases. Void where prohibited by law. Coupon void if transferred, copied, purchased, sold or bartered. Limit one coupon per customer and one purchase per coupon. No cash value. Coupon code 945738.

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The Sussex County Woman is now online!

Check us out and see whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new!

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Broad Creek Byway Bike & Brew Tour SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 2014


8:00am Mass Start ~ 8:30-10am Leisure Start

Choose from a 16-mile, 25-mile, 50-mile or Metric Century route 300 Wilson Street ~ (North Laurel Elem. School) ~ Laurel, Delaware 19956 PRE-REGISTRATION NOW OPEN Â&#x2021;5HVHUYHQRZIRUEHVWUDWHV3ULFHVLQFUHDVH0D\ Â&#x2021; 3UH5HJLVWUDWLRQLQFOXGHV(YHQW76KLUW 7DVWHU0XJ Â&#x2021; %RRNRYHUQLJKWDFFRPPRGDWLRQVHDUO\VHHZHEVLWH

Welcome to our 3rd Annual bike tour and to our beautiful community.



We are glad you are here! Register Online @

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Spring 2014


Located in Downtown Salisbury, MD

April 25-27, 2014 Live Entertainment • Local Artists Craft Beer Festival • Shopping Carnival Rides & Games• Kid’s Activities Farmer’s Market• Flea Market Salisbury Festival Twilight Criterium

FREE Admission & FREE Parking Visit for more info or call 410-749-0144 Presented By

Spring 2014


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The County Woman Newspaper


Spring 2014


Spring 2014


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Rehoboth Car Wash By: Chris Dispoto We are certainly receiving our share of winter wrath here at the beach. Salt and sand on every road from curb to curb helps make it safe for travel, but what a mess it makes of our cars. This mess not only looks terrible, it is harmful to your vehicle. The white coating of salt on the paint you see also coats the undercarriage of your car. If this corrosive coating is not removed in a timely manner, it will certainly plague you in the future. Lucky for everyone, Rehoboth Car Wash offers an undercarriage wash with every Deluxe or Ultimate Wash Package. This service safely removes the salt and sand from the bottom of your car. It is also a good time of the year to book your Spring detailing appointment. March and April are our busiest months in the detail bay. With winter behind us and summer in front of us that once a year service will be much appreciated by your hard working vehicle. For an estimate or detailing, stop by the car wash anytime. Rehoboth Car Wash is located on the Route 1 service road at Rehoboth Avenue. Winter hours are 8a.m. to 5p.m. everyday, weather permitting. For more information call 302227-6177.

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Spring 2014


Sussex County FCU and and i.g. Burton present the 3rd Annual

Girls Night Out Featuring the Marvelous Men of Milford Fashion Show and Auction Proceeds benefit the

DE Breast Cancer Coalition & CCGM Friday, May 2nd, 6:30 p.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10 p.m. Harrington Raceway & Casino Gold Ballroom (Rt. 13 S.; 15 West Rider Road, Harrington DE 19952)


Sponsored By:

Sponsored by the Atlantic Sands Hotel $20 at CCGM (prior to 4/30) or $25 at the door Includes gift bag, refreshments & entertainment To purchase tickets, call 302-422-3344 or visit

Spring 2014


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Fabulous Foods

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Spring 2014

Fabulous Foods â&#x20AC;&#x153; Give us one try, and you will keep coming

A conversation with Shawn Xiong of Confucius â&#x20AC;&#x153; Give us one try, and you will keepRestaurant coming back â&#x20AC;? A conversation with Shawn Xiong orofâ&#x20AC;&#x153;palaceâ&#x20AC;?, Confucius Chinese Restaurant yet I want people

Confucius Chinese know it is Chinese. Restaurant was opened in the And everybody knows who Confucius is. spring of 2004 in downtown Rehoboth Beach. Shawn Q: What made you decide to Xiong, the owner, had previrelocate to Rehoboth? ously owned a Chinese X: When I had my previous restaurant in Wilmington restaurant in Wilmington, I prior to relocating to the educate. enrich. empower. beach area. Since then, Con- was working 360 days a year, 12 hours a day. After I had fucius has been named the best Chinese restaurant in the my son, I decided that I thand wanted to spend more time Delaware Today magazine Cumin Beef o or â&#x20AC;&#x153;palaceâ&#x20AC;?, yet I want people with him, time with his favorably mentioned in variConfucius Chinese Restaurant was Q: What was your biggest Q: What aremore your most Q: What are your hours and ilmington Avenue inknow downtown :LOPLQJWRQ0\ZLIHDQG,FDPHWR Confucius Chinese Kung Pao it is Chinese. education. Coming to a resort ous newspaper and magaopened in the spring of 2004 in downchallenge coming Rehoboth? Specials? Rehoboth Beach has longto been Rehoboth because popular we want to dishes? have who Restaurant was opened in the And everybody knows food loverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;swere destination. Popular a restaurant areitis excited town, allows me to take zines.We hadplenty a chance to talk that town Rehoboth Beach. Shawn Xiong, aeateries X: There of challenges X: we This a hard question to answer. X: Confucius is open year round. 7 Shrimp. If yo have called Wilmington about. We want to have exciting Confucius is. spring of 2004 in downtown fish, yo fast afood COMsome time away from work courage with Shawn XIong andofthe the owner, had previously owned a Ave. I have faced. all folwas different popular dishes to days weekrestaurant in season and currently like their home for The a longbiggest time. food for peopleThere who areare looking for a Rehoboth Beach. Shawn with Located on is the the second block of the of good Wefeeling only put guilty about it. ). While has made without or what yo lowing our Chinese restaurant in Wilmington not knowing thesummary market when I dining ďŹ rst experience. different customers depending on their isBINED open for dinner this everyday except Salmon avenue is a small building housing on our menu fooddecide that we ourselves Q: What made you to Xiong, the owner, had previBlack Bean Chinese food popular in this and we wil conversation. love or we think our personal customers will prior to relocating to the beach area. &RQIXFLXV5HVWDXUDQWWKHRQO\Ă&#x20AC;QH opened. The other challenge was (and own taste. If you like spicy Wednesday beginning at 5:00pm. We relocate to Rehoboth? ously a Chinese dining Chinese restaurant in the enjoy.â&#x20AC;? country, it has Chinese ommendat Q: What was your Since then, Confucius hasowned been named continues to be especially during the food, we offer dishes such as Hot Pep- open for lunch and made dinner every Sun- Sauce, Rehoboth â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Lewes area. X: When I had my previous restaurant in Wilmington Steamed Hal food a stereotype Why do youpeople callthat your biggest Shawnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is bestchallenge the best Chinese restaurant in the Del- Q: summer) to convince Chi- philosophy per Chicken, Cumin Beef or comKung Pao day starting at 11:00am( â&#x20AC;&#x201C;think 2:30pm, din- lieve every Chinese food has been one of H[HPSOLĂ&#x20AC;HGLQKLVPHQXVHOHFWLRQV restaurant inthan Wilmington, Iyou like ďŹ sh, Salmon with ner prior to relocating restaurant to the ibut or Crisp â&#x20AC;&#x153;$5.99 eat all you can eatâ&#x20AC;?, special att ing toseafood Rehoboth? aware Today magazine and favorably the nese restaurant ISâ&#x20AC;&#x153;Confuciusâ&#x20AC;?? INDEED more Shrimp. at 5:00pm. most popular ethnic foods People who enjoy a good If was working 360 days a year, beach area. Sincein then, ConWhole Black â&#x20AC;&#x153;free deliveriesâ&#x20AC;? for example). I restaurant X: When I started Confucius, X: There were plenty of chalAmerica, as evidenced in the PHDOFDQĂ&#x20AC;QGVXFKSRSXODULWHPV mentioned in various newspaper and numerous just Fried Rice andbuffet Eggrolls. There are Black Bean Sauce, Steamed Halibut take-out and12 as Salt & Pepper Shrimp, Halibut hours athat day. After I had fucius has been named the Bass are something Imore wanted to offer aevery menu faced. TheBass are have to explain to people whatSea in pretty much with Ginger Scallions, Panmagazines. We had a chance to talk restaurants than 40000 Chinese eateries in &lenges or CrispyIorhave Whole Black Sea my son, I decided that I best Chinese restaurant in the all excellent center or stripChinese seared Salmon with blackof bean once people give us like, they a most â&#x20AC;&#x153;genericâ&#x20AC;? biggest all was Ifnot with Shawn XIong and the following shopping this country (moremall. thanButMcDonaldsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, all excellent choices. youknowing are a ďŹ rst we do, Forbut more information, unfortunatelyand for real Chinese sauce. Anyone who loves hot & wanted to spend more time Delaware Today magazine a try, they keep coming back. choices. it back Iffor restaurants offer. Wherever the market when I first food lovers, placesfast food spicy resfood willtime be very happy to we encourage you to is the summary of our Pizza Hutmost andof these all other customer, you can with more time with his favorably mentioned in variyou are a Ifirs offer more oryou less the same kindhim, Ă&#x20AC;QGHQWUHHVVXFKDV+RW3HSSHU COST. wa you go, probably will find opened. The other challenge conversation. taurant COMBINED). While Chicken, this hasCumin tellBeef ourorserver of menus. In order to enjoy a good Five- or what you do or do not call are Confucius atmost time education. Coming to a resort ous newspaper and magacusQ: What your have a plea a Chinese eatery in every was ( and continues to be esChinese you will have to take spiced Duck. Growing up in made meal, Chinese food popular in this like, and we will offer the right rectown, itoffers allows mepecially toof take zines.We had a chance talk tomer, en a trip to to a nearby big city to satisfy Hunan Province China, Shawn popular dishes? ence we at my shopping center that during the summer 302-227-3848 Q: Why do you call your country, foodhasa a particular ommendation your has made ChineseXiong affection for you. I believe every fast food restaurant COMsome time away from work with Shawn XIongpretty and the fol- the courage you to tell our server X:effort This is a hard question much same items )to convince people that Therefore, he Chihas made every for and spicy food. Asdeserves a restaurant â&#x20AC;&#x153;Confuciusâ&#x20AC;?? stereotype (think â&#x20AC;&#x153;$5.99 eat allhotyou customer special attention at kitchen visit usor online atyouto to ensure that Confucius Established seven years ago, Confucius Restaurant isdo or Q: result, any spicy food lover will ). While this has or made without feeling guilty about BINED lowing is the summary of our what do not like answer. There are different such as lo meins & chow nese restaurant IS INDEED What staff be assomething accommodating as designed to provide for X: When I started Confucius, I wanted Confucius can eat,â&#x20AC;?wasâ&#x20AC;&#x153;free deliveriesâ&#x20AC;? examorder located at 57 Wilmington happy to learnmy thatrestaurant. Confucius isIf they Confuciusrehobothbeach. com. Chinese food popular in this conversation. and we will offer the right re possible. You want to request gluten popular dishes to different an alternative to a take-out oris more meins. Our menu fomore than just Fried Rice and and Spec regularly stocked all kinds Avenue on the second block to offer a menu that most â&#x20AC;&#x153;genericâ&#x20AC;? buffet ple).style I have toAccording explain toto people what theywith donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t quite like,IUHHPHDO"1RWDSUREOHP<RXDUH they are welcome menu. of hot ingredients ranging from country, it has made Chinese ommendation for you. I beQ: What was your from the beach. It is now depending on their X: Confuci cused on items you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t usuEggrolls. There moreAT than DYHJDQRUYHJHWDULDQ":HDUHJRLQJ Xiong, Confucius, Chinese restaurants offer. Wherever Shawn we do, butowner onceofpeople give us a try, Jalapeno, to sendto itSzechaun back for are exchange NO customers Habernera, open forlieve Summer day food (own think every customer deserve Q: Why do youhis call your biggest challenge comto try a ourstereotype best. You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like whatpersonal taste. goalfind is to provide quality food Ifevery you like round. ally in those places. So 40000 Chinese eateries in this 7d dry redI peppers. at 5pm for dinner. For other you go, you probably will ďŹ nd a Chi- and they keepservice. coming back. COST. I want customer to have a pleas\RXRUGHUHG":HFDQUHSODFHLW1R quality â&#x20AC;&#x153; I used to all you can eatâ&#x20AC;?, â&#x20AC;&#x153;$5.99 eat special attention at my restaurant â&#x20AC;&#x153;Confuciusâ&#x20AC;?? ing to Rehoboth? spicy food, we offer dishes reservations/information, call decided that I will not name country ( more than McDonson and cu reasonable request is ever denied at Shawn Xiong fully aware that nese eatery in every shopping center own a restaurant in a typical antisdining experience at my place. 302-227-3848. â&#x20AC;&#x153;free deliveriesâ&#x20AC;? forsuch example). I Pepper restaurant. If theydinner order eve X: When I startedshopping Confucius, X:or There plenty of chalConfucius. mall setting when I was in were every customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s taste is different. as Hot Chicken, my place â&#x20AC;&#x153; wokâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;great wallâ&#x20AC;? aldsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, Pizza Hut and all other that offers pretty much the same items have to explain to people what something they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t I wanted to offer a menu that lenges I have faced. The dayquite beginn such as lo meins & chow meins. Our to most â&#x20AC;&#x153;genericâ&#x20AC;? Chinese biggest of all was not knowing we do, but once people give us like, they are welcome open forsen lu menu is more focused on items you a try, they keep coming back. it back for exchange AT Sund NO restaurants offer. Wherever the market when I first every donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t usually ďŹ nd in those places. So I Voted by the National Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Newspaper COST. I want customer to E you go, you probably will find opened. The other challenge 11:00am. decided that I will not name my place Q: What are your most have a pleasant dining exper a Chinese eatery in every was ( and continues to be esFISH entre â&#x20AC;&#x153; wokâ&#x20AC;? or â&#x20AC;&#x153;great wallâ&#x20AC;? or â&#x20AC;&#x153;palaceâ&#x20AC;?, yet popular dishes? ence at my place. while supp shopping center that offers pecially during the summer I want people know it is Chinese. And X: This is a hard question to pretty much the same items )to convince people that Chiruary arou everybody knowssuch who Confucius is. & chow answer. There are different as lo meins nese restaurant IS INDEED Q: What are your hours we will hol meins. Our menu is more fomore than just Fried Rice and popular dishes to different and Specials? NESE NEW Q: What made you decide cused ontoitems you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t usu- Eggrolls. There are more than customers depending on their X: Confucius is open Foryear a fixed relocate to Rehoboth? ally find in those places. So I 40000 Chinese eateries in this own personal taste. If you like round. 7 days a week haveinaseacha X: When I had mydecided previousthat restaurant spicy food, we offer dishes I will not name country ( more than McDonson and currently 30 is open for differen in Wilmington, Imy was working 360or â&#x20AC;&#x153;great wallâ&#x20AC;? aldsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, Pizza Hut and all other such as Hot Pepper Chicken, place â&#x20AC;&#x153; wokâ&#x20AC;? dinner everyday except Tues which are days a year, 12 hours a day. After I day beginning at 5:00pm. For moreW i had my son, I decided that I wanted to open for lunch andcall dinner Confuc spend more time with him, more time every Sunday starting 3848ator vis with his education. Coming to a resort Voted by the National Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Newspaper 11:00am. Every Monday, ALL fuciusreho town, it allows me to take some time FISH entrees are on special Confucius away from work without feeling guilty while supplies last. Next Feb Wilmington about it. ruary around Presidentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Beach. Da we will hold our annual CHIYEAR BUFFET. June/July 2012 The County NESE Woman NEW Newspaper 48 For a fixed amount, you will have a chance to enjoy abou The County Woman Newspaper Spring 2014 60 30 different dishes, most of which are seafood. For more information, you ca call Confucius at 302-2273848 or visit us online at Co

â&#x20AC;&#x153; Give us one try, and you will keep coming back â&#x20AC;? A conversation with Shawn Xiong of Confucius Chinese fabulousfoods Restaurant

Confucius 8 Season At The Beach W

A 5-Star Restaurant

A 5-Star Restaurant

Fabulous Foods

Traditional Fine Dining • Steaks, Crabcakes & Seafood • Full Bar • Childrens’ Menu • Lite Fare Menu • Catering • In-House Private Parties Perfect dining room for: • Rehearsal

Dinners • Birthday Celebrations • Family Reunions * Anniversaries • Wedding Receptions

Voted Best Fine Dining in Bethany

Call for Hours and Reservations 302.537.7500 • 114 Garfield Parkway, Bethany Beach, DE The County County Woman Woman Newspaper Newspaper The

55 61

Spring Spring 2013 2014

Fabulous Foods

Spring 2014


The County Woman Newspaper


College Graduates Unemployed! Now What? You just joined the ranks of 4.5 Million recent college graduates that now relize you don’t have a job in your chosen area of professional study, and if you do have a job you are most likely receiving 30% of the pay you thought you would be hired at.

WE HAVE THE ANSWER. Read the following… Do you want to make $100,000 plus this next year?

Bypassing the Corporate Ladder By: Heather Shafer and Luke Kennedy I was lucky enough to grow up in a well educated, affluent family that had the ability to afford me every opportunity parents could want for their child. I went to a prestigious private school, participated in sports, and extracurricular activates. I had great friends and managed to stick to the principles my parents had brought me up to believe in such as hard work, honesty, integrity, and self sufficiency, effectively keeping me out of harm’s way and trouble. When it was time to go to college, I was glad to go. I had been accepted to a prestigious school in Boston that I was excited about, and felt that it was time to stand on my own two feet and start carving my own way in the world. College accomplished for me what any realistic expectations could hope for: the ability to think analytically and express myself appropriately. However, the reason I chose my school, and the reason most people I know went to college, was not for these rather humble aspirations. I was career focused and wanted college to be my ticket into an amusement park of opportunity. What I found was my analytical mind saying, “You’ve got a $120,000 education. What now, hot shot?”

Although I had a good experience at college, I wasn’t an academic at heart and knew that spending another $100,000 for post grad was not for me unless absolutely necessary. Of course it was time to get a job, but where? I started contacting all the advertising companies I had been studying over the past four years and managed to land a handful of interviews. It became quite clear that nobody was hiring, and that the whole industry was slow enough to grant interviews as a way of distracting themselves from the fact that they didn’t have enough work to do either. The offers I did get would have given “education investment” a return in about 6 years as long as I didn’t need to pay rent or eat. We all have to start somewhere, but I refused to believe that my value to the professional world was within $5,000 of minimum wage. “Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know,” and that was certainly true with me. My mom had worked for a guy named Bob who had started a womans focused educational newspaper out of Las Vegas 31 years ago, and he was trying to get one started in Boston. My mom told him my position and soon enough I was meeting the President of The County Woman Newspapers. He has trained over 370 women across the country to publish the format he invented and told me that fear was the only thing to stop me from doing it, too. Bob has been in educational publishing since 1969. The more I found out about it, the more confident I became. Not a single paper using his format, formula, concepts, marketing

and sales techniques, trade secrets and business plan of the Sussex County Women’s Journal ever went out of business. I complained that I didn’t have any background in publishing and he told me that he had never trained anybody with a publishing background. So with a little help from my family I got the money together for the initial down payment and soon I was getting all the “real world” training I needed to run my own newspaper. And more to the point, my first year gross was $86,000 plus. Training took about a week and is continual, you never feel vulnerable. With several other first time entrepreneurs, I learned everything that can be taught about the County Woman’s Newspaper. By the end of the week I knew how to operate a women’s newspaper, sell advertising, and manage distribution. It was all very fast, scary, and exciting, and before I knew it, I was scheduled to print my first “sample” run of newspapers back in Boston. I followed my training, called local contributors, and scheduled appointments to meet with professionals in industries proven to have strong track records with our format. By the time the first issue was printed, I had $24,000 in advertising sales. Within the first 2 years I had taken about 10 weeks of vacation and grossed over $175.000. I now run two papers and estimate their total sale value around $450.000. When I do sell these papers I can go wherever I want to go and do it all over again. Sometimes I daydream about what my next job interview will be like (if I ever want one), and I’ve decided it will probably be sig-

nificantly different than my last one. If I’m going to ever get on the corporate ladder, there’s no way I’m starting on the bottom. In fact, I’ve virtually created my own ladder. There are a lot of perks doing what I do, but it’s certainly not all fun and games. A lot of it is real work. Still, any job worth having is hard work, and more to the point, most jobs not worth having are hard work, too. At least I like what I do, and feel confident in calling myself a success only 2 years out of college. I was lucky to know Bob. There’s no way around it. But most people who can relate to where I was 2 years ago don’t know Bob. I like to think that America can still be about what you know rather than who you know, which is why I’m writing this article. I’m a testament to the fact that everyone just needs the right break, so hopefully anybody reading this now knows of one. There are lots of counties still available, so if you would like to know more about publishing our trademarked and copyrighted newspaper in your area, call Bob at l-800-99-EDUCATE. “CHANGE YOUR LIFE THIS YEAR” Check out a few of our websites to see what fully developed women’s newspapers look like.

Change Your Life in 2014 Licenses Available In Your Area Woman Publishing Entrepreneurs Wanted ... Join over 371 other counties that are publishing or have an option to publish in the United States and BE YOUR OWN BOSS! We are looking for a few bright, energetic, creative women and men to publish our trademarked, copyrighted newspapers IN YOUR COUNTY, IN YOUR STATE, IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Join the fastest growing educational Woman’s Newspaper syndicated in the United States. MINIMAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED! Maximum return ... Be your own boss, set your own hours and make your life mean more! ALL TRAINING PROVIDED! If you are interested in developing with us in 2014 in your STATE, in your COUNTY ...

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Spring 2014

Business Women Publishing Entrepreneurs Wanted Pamela J. Rizzo

Lynn K. Wolf

Thirteen years ago I had never even heard of the Women’s Journal, and today I can honestly say the Women’s Journal most definitely changed my life. I had always made good money with my different business ventures, but the Women’s Journal has given me the freedom to control my own financial life, and also have the freedom to enjoy my family. I took a concept and gave it my own touch, and with hard work and consistently following the concept that I was trained in I have built an extremely successful paper.

Robin Coppinger I have been the owner of the Bucks County Women’s Journal for 7 years. It has been a pleasure to be part of the National Women’s Journal family. I have enjoyed publishing the paper, and have had a rewarding and successful career. I also appreciate the continued help and support I have received from both Bob Kapke and other owners over the years. I look forward to working with Bob for many years to come.

With the experience of publishing nine different County Woman publications, I can confidently inform you that this is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and successful business ventures for women entrepreneurs in any part of the nation. I originally born and raised in Minnesota and I have lived on the West Coast and the East Coast and many states in between. Some of my past careers include being a National Insurance Account Executive, Retail Operations Manager, Certified New Jersey Teacher and Teacher of the Year, but of these, I have being a County Woman Publisher to be the most gratifying on many levels. I guarantee that you will meet many incredible business owners and community leaders. Your publication will be the critical component in helping to launch a new business and/or successfully grown an existing business. The personal rewards are endless.

Linda Hunsicker Publishing three Women’s Journals is very rewarding and fits with my high energy lifestyle. It allows me to be my own boss, be creative and work with the public. Recently, I opened the Finger Lakes Woman and it has been very well received. Now, I can go to my vacation home in upstate NY, make money and be respected and recognized as a local business woman with a great educational publication.

Celeste Kline Purchasing the Women’s Journal has been the best decision I have ever made. Not only giving me financial freedom, but allowing me to make my own schedule and my own business decisions. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Christie Cook The Women’s Journal has been an incredibly rewarding business venture for me. As the publisher for the Chesterfield Women’s Journal, I contribute to the growth of my Contributor’s businesses, and help women, in my Journal community, make wiser choices. I have found a new love in the Women’s Journal, building something that will both impact businesses and educate women, while creating a legacy for my daughter. The support and mentoring, that I have been blessed to have, from some of the most successful publishers in the Journal syndicate, has helped me grow and develop my business. The support and guidance has been consistent from the moment I made the decision to become a publisher. I love what I do, and I will continue to build and grow my business as a publisher of the Women’s Journal.

Dorri C. Scott Becoming a Publisher has been a dream come true for me. Always a writer, I am an educator and continue teaching as a college Professor. Every two months, I “Give birth and deliver a new child” – my magazines in 2 counties. YES! I love what I do and am growing. The opportunity has been lucrative though the learning curve has been keen, the support from Bob Kapke has been priceless. Passionate about what I do, over the past 18 months I have met, connected and helped so many people. The powerful resource is one that I highly recommend if you want to work hard, stay focused and make money too. Have the heart and work ethic to do something for both you and others? I highly recommend that you take the step and join a phenomenal group of publisher/owners who are happy going to work every day. Do it and don’t look back!

Tara Pannell Being a part of the Women’s newspaper business has changed my life. I’ve always wanted to own a magazine and The Women’s Journal helped my dream come to life.

Change Your Life in 2014! Call 1-800-993-3822 • • www.The

Spring 2014


The County Woman Newspaper

Advertising This is What Our Advertisers Say About the

Women’s Journal


Chris Rementer Budget Blinds

Claudia Alesi Oasis Wellness Spa

“I would like to thank the Women’s Journal for the opportunity to be part of their publication. Barbara is wonderful to work with! I have received many comments from readers who have seen my articles and who are now loyal clients. The feed back has been great!”

Beth Berger

“We advertise in the Sussex County Woman for a few reasons. First, it is a good read, second, it’s an opportunity to go into a little more detail to reach the more educated customer and third, the readership definitely represents our clientele. We stay because it gets results.”

Mike Benson Accurate Pest Control

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition “We thoroughly enjoy working with the Sussex County Women’s Journal. For the past three years, it has allowed us to reach a large group of readers to share information on DBCC programs and events. Thank you for being so responsive to our requests and so available to meet our needs.”

“Phyllis R. of Ocean View, Delaware read the article in the Women’s Newspaper and couldn’t say enough about our service. She is among the other who have used us because of the articles we have in the newspaper, bringing a great amount of business we would not have otherwise.”

Jeff Puglia

Black Diamond Financial Solutions

Dr. Manonmani Antony Sussex Pain Relief

“This is our second year advertising with them after a one year gap, and we can immediately see the difference. What we appreciate most is not the fact that we personally see our articles in waiting rooms and hospitals all over the county, but the feedback we get from the patients themselves. Patients who read our articles are better informed on services available to them and understand more about the science behind the medicine itself. Education is an important tool in our profession and the Women’s Journal lets us reach a wide audience which we would be incapable of otherwise.”

“Black Diamond Financial Solutions is extremely happy with our investment in the Sussex County Women’s Journal. The awareness that SCWJ has created for our firm has been far more than we expected and we look forward to continued success with our return on investment.”

Regan Roberts Deck

Custom Mechanical, Inc. “We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Sussex County Woman and Delmarva Parent since 1994 and love the response we get from their papers. Month after month, we consistently received feedback from existing clients and new customers who read our articles and appreciate the tips we pass along courtesy of the magazine.”

Terri Pippen

The Medicine Woman “I have advertised with the Sussex County Woman for several years. I am always being told by my clients that they see my advertisement and it reminds them to call my business And make an appointment for a service or to enroll in one of my classes. This has been a wise business decision I made that has helped my business become the success it is”

Fred Winward

President Resort Landscaping “We have built our business on the readership of the Women’s Journal. I cannot believe the amount of business we receive from our articles.”

Luanne Holland and Barbie McDaniel Delaware Hospice

“The County Women’s Journals have been a great tool for Delaware Hospice to reach and educate the community on Delaware Hospice’s programs and services. Directed to female readers who are caregivers and decision makers, the Journal provides health information for all types of symptoms and illnesses. It has increased community awareness on how to live a better life and provides options of care for our community members.”

Reaching 100,000 + Readers Throughout Delaware & Reaching 44,000 + Readers in Sussex County, DE

Don’t you think it’s time you test theWomen’s Journal TM?

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Spring 2014






20080 Church Street, Rehoboth Beach <0&$ ZZZ\PFDGHRUJ Spring 2014


The County Woman Newspaper




The County Woman Newspaper


Spring 2014

Spring Cosmetic Seminar Wed, APRIL 9th, 5�8pm

The Clubhouse at Baywood Greens

32267 Clubhouse Way, Long Neck, DE 19966 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Vincent Perrotta & Christopher Pellegrino along with their staff will share the latest in state-of-the-art techniques. You’ll witness hundreds of actual before & after photos of their happy patients along with live patient testimonials. Plus, take advantage of question & answer sessions with the doctors. Stay for the entire seminar or just the sections that interest you:

5pm Registration Begins 5:30pm Complimentary Dinner Served 6pm Facial Cosmetic Procedures 7pm Body Contouring 7:30pm Breast Augmentation & Lifting 8pm Skin Care Rejuvenation (Lasers, Peels, Programs)

Botox® & CoolSculpting™ Live Demos Fabulous Giveaways SWAG BAGS to All Attendees Space is limited! Register by calling or emailing us!

410.546.0464 email: 314 WEST CARROLL ST | SALISBURY, MD 21801 With Satellite Offices in Georgetown & Seaford, DE

Spring Breast Augmentation Special • $4299 All Inclusive* *Restrictions apply. Call the office for more details. Expires 5/31/14

Sussex County Woman Spring 2014  

A Quarterly Educational Resource for the Women of Sussex, Wicomico and Worcester Counties

Sussex County Woman Spring 2014  

A Quarterly Educational Resource for the Women of Sussex, Wicomico and Worcester Counties