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It’s More Than Living...It’s a Lifestyle!

NO BOD Meeting in August

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Tipster August 2018

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Email address for BOD members, GM & Assistant Manager: John Wilson, Meade Davis, President Joy Huxtable, Tim Kelley, Debra Arrett, Director Lou Gard, Director Ted Hood, Director Management Team (area code 520) Mark Wade, General Manager, 917-8080 Robin Coulter, ......Assistant General Manager, 917-8070 Mary Cunningham, Area Maint. Supt., 917-8059 Aalt Brouwer, Food & Beverage Director, 917-8074 Michael Kropf, Course Superintendent, 917-8063 Rick Price, of Golf, 917-8086 Ken Sandrock, Supt., 917-8078 Pam Sarpalius, Director, 917-8077 Randy Trenary, Controller, 917-8060 Support Team Monica Clark, Administrative Coordinator, 917-8082 Kate Cusumano, Librarian, 917-8083 Lonnie Davis, Supervisor, 917-8073 Marsha Dean, Communications Coordinator, 917-8069 Julie Foerster, Resources, 917-8061 Angela Hong, Assistant, 917-8062 Karen Loffredo, Services Coordinator, 917-8087 Katy Mosier, Services Coordinator, 917-8058 Lisa Orach, Administrative Coordinator, 917-8065 Errick Owens, Manager, 825-3277 Kathy Peabody, Marketing & Technology Coordinator, 917-8068 Coco Sullivan, Facilities Coordinator, 917-8072 Monitor - Activity Center................................................................................................... 917-8066 Monitor - Aquatic & Fitness Center.....................................................................................917-8067 Tipster Editorial Committee Lou Phillippi.................................Co-Chair Vicki Ettleman..............................Co-Chair Brad Curtis....................................Member Arlene Douglas..............................Member Karen Koopmans............................Member Mike McMinds................................Member Sue McNally...................................Member Barbara McNeill............................Member

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Association News

From The Board of Directors Our mission as the SCOV Board is to lead in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Sun City Oro Valley as an active adult community. All Board minutes, agendas and reports are available online and in the SCOV Library. Board meetings are open to residents.

Board of Directors

Summer in Sun City by Ted Hood I frequently hear "it's too hot to stay here in the summer," mostly from winter residents who are now enjoying the cooler but much more humid climes in northern parts of the country. Those of us that do live here, more or less year round, have learned to take advantage of the many opportunities that summer brings. "Opportunities?" you say. Let me list a few. Under the category of "many fewer people." • A lot less traffic on Oracle Road which means you can get to Trader Joe's and all points south and east much quicker. • Much less waiting in line for essential services, i.e.: restaurants, doctors, etc. • Merchants offering special deals for us summer denizens. • The summer forces us senior citizens to use our ingenuity to beat the heat. An active mind is a healthy mind. In general, summer is a time to relax and enjoy the many​ indoor amenities, such as our state-of-the-art fitness center available in Sun City, and to explore the best of ​indoor​Tucson. It's almost always between 75 to 80 degrees ​indoors ​in the summer. One opportunity our residents are looking forward to is the re-opening of The Views Restaurant and Lounge. Mark Wade and Aalt Brouwer have been concentrating on providing the quality of service and food that our residents have requested, along with a remodeled kitchen that will be much more efficient than the previous facility. Going to other restaurant venues during The Views closure has made me realize how fortunate we are to have an amenity like The Views, literally in our back yard, accessible by foot, bike, golf cart and auto. Life is good in Sun City in the summer.


General Manager - Mark Wade 520-917-8080

Addressing Rumors I thought the SCOV Community would like a little information about what is going on here and clear up a few rumors that have been circulating, so here you go. The Views Restaurant upgrade project was approved by the Board earlier this year. Since then, the staff has undergone many hours of training. We sincerely hope you like what you see in the way of improved service and food consistency. Please come on out and give The Views Restaurant a try. Rumors and such: It is true that the position of Head Golf Pro has been eliminated. This was an administrative decision to improve operations and fiscal management. It is true that walkers must yield to golfers on the golf course and that all walkers on the golf course do so at their own risk. It is true that the community will vote on whether to have a single provider for trash removal. The vote will be taken in September with more information coming in the weekly emails, "This Week In SCOV" and the Tipster. It is true, we have had more summertime activities than in years past. The golf Chip and Putt event every Thursday afternoon is just one example. It is true, you can’t let your pet off the leash to run wild when you walk the pet on the golf course. It is true, the Administration got a new copier after putting over 2 million copies on the last one. It is true that when driving in SCOV, you must obey all traffic rules. Smiles are optional at SCOV but seem to be very contagious.

Coffee and Conversation

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with the General Manager and a Board Member

An informal exchange of information. Friday, August 10, 11 AM - 12 PM Activity Center/Navajo

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It’s More Than Living... It’s A Lifestyle! Music, the Unifying Force By Maureen (Mo) Zabel


The joy of playing and singing together is what makes belonging to the Kactus Krooners, the Recorder Ensemble and the Ukulele Club of SCOV an enjoyable experience. Each of these groups creates music through an instrument and/or voice and, according to Sharon Heaps, the president of the Ukulele Club, a little unexpected mischief during a performance adds to the fun. The Ukulele Club was established in 2010 by Jean James and soon the 20-member group was performing with Jean hamming it up in front of ever increasing audiences. The 60 plus members are now under the directorship of Don Bong and accomplishing a greater range of chords. HowA few smiling faces during a ukulele gig ever, Sharon assures any prospective new member that novices are welcome to join. The ability to read music is not necessary as rudimentary theory, rhythm and timing are taught as required. All members need to bring along a ukulele, music stand, two ukulele anthologies, and a willingness to perform. Sharon warns that ukuleles are addictive and many members have a burgeoning collection of the various types. Under Don’s leadership, the Ukulele Club is giving approximately 15-20 performances a year: sing-alongs at Copper Health, spring and winter performances and smaller gigs upon request. Coming together with good friends each Tuesday at Desert Oasis to learn beautiful music is what makes the Ukulele Club exceptional. No matter how complicated the music, every member is eager to “get it right.” Yet, in the height of many serious performances, the Ukulele Club can usually pull a prank or two whether it’s tossing in fake snowballs, an unexpected Tahitian War Dancer, sassy banjolele players or involving the audience in sing-alongs. If you like to sing in harmony, Mike Moyer suggests dropping in on one of the Kactus Krooners’ practices at the Desert Oasis. Giving credence to the quote, “The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all,” the Krooners are a Barbershop group in which the human voice is the only instrument. Although the group has 20 members, Mike insists there is always room for more voices. Again there is no experience necessary, just a desire to “have fun, learn, and enjoy singing together.” The Kactus Krooners surprised patrons of the Views Restaurant on Valentine’s Day this year by giving a flash mob performance of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “Only


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Kactus Krooners members You.” The enthusiastic reception was all the encouragement needed for Mike to now plan future performances. Like Sharon, Mike suggests that the greatest reward for all members of the group is their ability to learn new, as well as familiar, 4-part harmony songs in order to make memorable music together. The Recorder Ensemble is an instrumental group in which most of the members have played a musical instrument at one time in their lives. Joyce Minks is the current convener. The group meets weekly at Catalina Vista. Prospective new members need to buy a music stand and a recorder: soprano, alto, tenor or bass. Yes, there is more to a recorder than the student-issue ones we played in our youth. The ability to read music is also a necessity. The recorder can be a touchy instrument to play and there are days when Joyce says the group performs better than others. But, when the group plays all their pieces well together, it is exciting. Joyce’s love for Recorder ensemble rehearses the instrument is contagious. Everyone in the Recorder Ensemble is encouraging and friendly; it contains a wonderful camaraderie. Joyce always finds it stimulating to play, even when there are only a couple of players in residence during the summer months to play duets together. Judging by the enthusiasm Sharon, Mike and Joyce have for their groups, it is truly apparent that music is the unifying force of joy whether it is amongst 60 Ukulele Club players, 20 Kactus Krooners or two staunch summer residents of the Recorder Ensemble.

August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Asst. General Manager - Robin Coulter 520-917-8070 We Want To Help Providing excellent service to you, our customer, is something that is discussed often with our staff. Process improvement meetings are standard for each event that’s held or each new system that’s rolled out. Here’s a great example of how we enjoy taking care of you, our customer. A visually impaired resident contacted Communications Coordinator, Marsha Dean, for assistance in having the online version of the Tipster read out loud. Marsha researched the online service’s website with little result. She contacted them and they liked the idea of providing an audible feature and would submit to their development department, but they didn’t offer a solution for this resident. Marsha then contacted Zoomtext for a solution as her website research didn’t turn up an answer. They called her to let her know that downloading the Tipster in PDF format then opening it up in Adobe Reader should work. Marsha shared this information with our resident with instructions on how to download the Tipster PDF from our website. The resident sent this email to her: “Hi Marsha, I want to let you know that I tried your suggestion and downloaded the Tipster. I then opened it in Adobe, and my Zoomtext was indeed able to read it. Thanks again.” Marsha worked several angles, not giving up, to provide an answer to our resident customer. First, thanks Marsha. Secondly, I truly believe this type of scenario happens many times a day through interaction between residents and SCOV staff. I hope it does. It is our goal to provide you, our customer, with excellent service so that you love living in SCOV.

Controller - Randy Trenary 520-917-8060 The fiscal year for the Association ended June 30, 2018. As in the past, the financial statement for June is not included in the August Tipster due to time constraints for completion of year-end procedures. Financial statements can be found on our website and in our SCOV Library. An audit will be conducted in September, and the complete audited financials will be available on the website and in the SCOV Library before October 31 as mandated by the Bylaws. A copy will also be available in the Administration offices. Money Matters will return with the September issue of the Tipster. Questions? Email or call 520-917-8060.

Programs/Facilities Director - Pam Sarpalius 520-917-8077 August starts to bring an end to summer. During the month we have several events planned at no charge. Our indoor movies continue to be enjoyed by many. Tohono Chul will be here to give you information about this hidden gem near SCOV. An important program by the Golder Ranch Fire District will be presented on “When to Call 911.” This is important to all. There will be a great performance by “The Desert Melodies” as they bring you great songs from Broadway, $10 pp. Always check the “Coming Events” section of the Tipster for more details of August events and what to look for in the coming months.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018

Community Services - Katy Mosier Office Hours 9-11 AM, Monday-Friday, Welcome Center 520-917-8058 Just a Few Reminders… 1) If you are thinking of listing your home for sale, please remember to contact the Community Services Office 520917-8058 to arrange an HOA Listing Inspection. 2) Architectural Review Committee (ARC) submittals that involve permanent structures such as patio covers and room additions will involve the additional process of notifying neighbors within 100 feet of your property line. Please remember this process adds an additional time period before being reviewed by the ARC. 3) If you are spending the summer outside Sun City, please arrange for a gardener to keep up with the fallen plant/tree debris and the weeds. 4) Remember to attack the spurge weed a little differently than normal weeds. Please spray the spurge with a killer, let it die and then remove it. It loves to spread, and if just pulled, it will multiply. 5) If you are submitting a project to the ARC, remember to bring sketches or drawings with all dimensions, colors and samples of the materials that will be used. The submittal is not complete without these items. 6) If you currently have a contractor working at your home, remind them that debris must be disposed of daily or shall be kept in a tarped container on the driveway. All building materials must be stored in the garage or backyard. Trucks and other vehicles should be parked on the blacktop. Aprons and sidewalks are not designed to support heavy vehicles, and you remain responsible for sidewalk repairs. 7) We are proud of the way our community presents itself because you make the extra efforts. Thank you.

Unit # 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 17 17 15 11A

Welcome New Neighbors – June Name From Marianne & Robert Hagemeier Roxanne Tutunnyk Susan Beauchamp Valerie & Raymond Wagner Mary Lou & Howard Klein Veronica & Nelson Peters Kathleen Phillips-Foster & Dale Foster Carol & Lee Zinsli Kaleigh & Ryan Corrigan Mary Ann Diridon Travis Evans Linda Pratt & William Whitney

Steamboat Springs, CO St. Paul, MN Red Rock, AZ Vancouver, WA Nevada City, CA Gilbert, AZ Oro Valley, AZ Wilsonville, OR Reno, NV San Jose, CA San Antonio, TX Minnetonka, MN

June 2018 Housing Resale Information Resales 2018 2017

For the Month 9 18 2017 Total Sold - 207

YTD 128 131

2018: Active Listings as of 6/30/2018........................... 17 2017: Active Listings as of 6/30/2017........................... 19 Source: TARMLS®

June 2018 Average Age of New Owners:



SCOV Library - Kate Cusumano Online catalog: 520-917-8083

Association Committees

It’s time to weed, and not only in our yards. During the quieter summer months I weed our collections, going shelf by shelf to review the circulation history of each book and video. Weeding allows me to check how much use our items are getting and make room for new ones. It’s not all about getting rid of unwanted materials though; it familiarizes me with which books, authors, and videos are popular in SCOV. I often discover a gem of an author with a couple of older books on the shelf that are being checked out a lot despite their age. In these cases I head to my desk to do some Amazon shopping for that author's latest books. Circulation can actually rise after a good weeding, as people don’t have to sort through the older material and books they’ve already read. If that doesn’t convince you that weeding is a necessary task, consider that we have added over 1,500 new items in the last year, averaging about 50 each month in regular fiction, 22 in nonfiction, 19 in large print and 31 in videos. Without having weeded 1,426 books during that same time-period, we would never have fit them on our shelves. So, stop by the library to see the vibrant collection of materials waiting on our shelves for you.

Active Health Chair Janyce Lundstedt 503-475-0520 Nov.-Apr., Second Tue., 1:30 PM, WC1

Recreation and Fitness - Lonnie Davis 520-917-8073

Activity Center Renovation Committee Chair Ed Zwerling Third Tue., 10 AM, AC/Hohokam Room

How much sunscreen should I use, and how often should I apply it? Use enough sunscreen to generously coat all skin that will be not be covered by clothing. Ask yourself, “Will my face, ears, arms or hands be covered by clothing?” If not, apply sunscreen. Most people only apply 25-50 percent of the recommended amount of sunscreen. Follow the guideline of “1 ounce, enough to fill a shot glass,” which dermatologists consider the amount needed to cover the exposed areas of the body. Adjust the amount of sunscreen applied depending on your body size. Apply sunscreen to dry skin 15 minutes before going outdoors. Skin cancer also can form on the lips. To protect your lips, apply a lip balm or lipstick that contains sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Re-apply sunscreen approximately every two hours, or after swimming or sweating, according to the directions on the bottle. Special Note From the Aquatic and Fitness Center (AFC) Orientation on how to use the gym equipment is held every Thursday, 1 PM, so stop in and sign up. Contact Lonnie Davis, AFC Coordinator, to discuss questions or problems with the AFC. AFC and Desert Oasis: See Hours of Operation on page 2. Tuesday, August 14, the AFC pool and spa will be closed for cleaning and shock treatment. They will reopen the following morning at the regular time. Wednesday, August 15, the Desert Oasis Pool will be closed for cleaning and shock treatment and reopen the following morning at the regular time.

Home Safety: Residential Lock Box Program A secure lock box for your home's door key may be purchased from the Golder Ranch Fire District (GRFD) for $65 at their office at 3885 E. Golder Ranch Drive. Once you have the lock box, attach it to a location at your front door. After it is installed, a GRFD firefighter or volunteer will come to your home to lock your key in the box. Only a GRFD first responder can unlock the box and access your key in an emergency to gain entry to your house. Call 520-825-9001 or 520-825-5976 to learn more about this valuable program. Secure lock box. Remember the Golder Ranch Fire District presentation Friday, August 17, 1 PM, Auditorium.

Aquatic Fitness Center Advisory Chair Stan Shopa First Wed., 11:30 AM, WC1

Next meeting: October 3. Have a great summer and thank you for allowing us to serve.

Architectural Review Lorie Puffett 415-902-1133 Second and Fourth Tue., 2 PM, WC3

There are many exterior projects that require prior written ARC approval to ensure compliance with the SCOV governing documents. These projects include, but are not limited to, room additions, patio covers, window and door replacements, shade screens, walls, fences, gates, landscaping, lighting, shutters, gutters, downspouts, spas and swimming pools. The Community Services Coordinator (CSC) is the SCOV staff contact for all ARC matters. The CSC office is open from 9-11 AM, Monday through Friday, to accept ARC submittals and to answer homeowner questions on proposed projects. All design, style, color, dimension and material decisions should be made before submitting your project for ARC approval. The deadline for submitting your project is 11 AM on the Tuesday before the next ARC meeting. Projects that include a permanent improvement (such as room additions and patio covers) should allow an additional two weeks due to the neighbor notification procedure.

Counting Your Steps? Join the Tipster Collation


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Community Directory Chair Lisa Collins 812-344-4773 services/community directory/

What’s so great about the online directory? The paper phone book is updated just once a year, but the online directory is updated monthly. Email addresses are included online only, not in the book. You can even access the directory on your smart phone, which means you have a community directory in your pocket. The directory is located in the nonpublic area of our website, so you need to log in to access it, > members > member services > community directory. Scroll down to the actual listings. There you will find the directory’s incremental search box, which will display results as you type. Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the listings to see additional columns, such as hometowns and emails.

A vote for proposed action item #2 would result in adding the rule back in to Master Declaration to prohibit garage and yard sales on residential lots. A vote against proposed action item #2 would result in the rule existing only in policy, which can be changed by any Board. Ballots: Tuesday, August 14, ballots will be emailed to all eligible primary email addresses with the link to the electronic voting system. If you have opted out of all electronic mail, a ballot will be USPS mailed to you at that time. All USPS ballots should be mailed in the included envelope rather than being turned in to the Administration Office.

Finance-Budget Chair Sharon Miller Fourth Mon., 1 PM, WC3

The committee is not scheduled to meet until September when we will meet on the fourth Monday of the month rather than the third Monday. Meeting agendas, minutes, monthly financial reports and the Board-approved Association 20182019 annual budget are posted on the SCOV members-only website. Please contact Sharon Miller for more information.

Food and Beverage Advisory Chair Barb McNeill Oct.-May, First Fri., 2-3 PM, The Views Terrace To update your information, complete the online form, “To change your directory listing…” or fill out an orange card at the Welcome Center.

Consumer Referral - Vendor List Susanna Moran

Here are directions for looking up the Vendor List on the website: Go to > Members > Member Services > Consumer Referral Vendor List > Read More. The Vendor List was formerly the Consumer Referral List. The Vendor List may be viewed at the Monitor desk in the Activity Center during business hours. Vendors should email Susanna Moran to inquire about applying to be on our Vendor List.

Election Special SCOV Vote Details: Ballots out–Tuesday, August 14; Cut off–Thursday, September 13, Noon; Results Announced–Monday, September 17. Proposed Action #1–Single Waste/Recycling Vendor for Residential Lots A vote for the proposed action item #1 would result in a single vendor as the provider of regular trash removal and recycling services to all residential lots, with costs to be included in the annual homeowner fee. Services outside the scope of the SCOV contract may be contracted for by the homeowner at the homeowner's expense. A vote against the proposed action item #1 would mean no change in how trash collection is currently conducted in SCOV. Proposed Action #2–Prohibit Garage or Yard Sales in Residential Lots In March, 2010 there was a vote to rewrite this section as laws concerning work conducted in a home have changed. The garage and yard sale prohibition was in the same sentence and home business allowances. The garage and yard sale prohibition was inadvertently dropped when the new language was written (and approved by the Membership).

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018

The July 4th edition of the Northwest Explorer featured “Hitting a Healthy Note: The Benefits of Singing.” This Aging Well Splendido article touted not just exercise and diet, but singing with others to improve your mood, brain and immune system. Sound good? If so, SCOV has the place for you: Karaoke at The Views Lounge, every Sunday, 4-8 PM. This is where singers entertain each other, and the rest of us join in as cheerleaders. Enjoy the new bar menu and your favorite beverage for food, fun and friends. Speaking of food, check out the new summer menu. You will find old favorites as well as some new things for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Sunday all-day menu has many favorites. Lunch sandwiches and smaller plates are available at dinner time. Salmon is featured in several new dishes and there are more salads and desserts. Gluten-free and other special dietary needs will be accommodated, upon request.

Friends of the Library Lynne Davis Pat Brown

As I write this, the temperature is well above 100 degrees. It is hard to believe that August is the month that school begins for children and families return from summertime fun. Living in an active adult community, our calendar is a little different from others, with winter as the most active time and August still a summer month. The Library has many books to read as we approach fall, with time yet to explore the shelves in air-conditioning and then maybe sit by the pool with a good book. Friends of the Library will be gearing up for more activities beginning in September, so watch for the first of the Author Talks on Friday, September 21, 1 PM, Auditorium, with mystery writer, Betty Webb. There is no charge, but pick up your ticket, beginning Friday, September 7, in the Library.


Gift Shop Co-Chairs Don Jovag 520-762-6030, Elaine Deeter 520-825-5388 Gift Shop 520-917-8051 Shop hours: Mon.-Sat. 9 AM-12:30 PM

In the Gift Shop you can find a cool spot to browse the offerings of our artists, one of whom may live right next door to you. Featured artists for this month are Julie Holtry and Paul Jensen.

Gogel, to help. He will look at the greens and surrounding areas to improve maintainability and playability. His primary focus is to look at installing an effective sand/gravel mix with drainage piping below each green. In addition, he will investigate creating more pin placement positions on the greens, equipment access areas and other improvements. This work will occur over the next two to three months after which design and cost information will be available. The earliest the green improvement project could go forward is mid-2020. Therefore, I would ask you to be patient and listen to the information as it becomes available, because we don’t have it all yet. In that way, each of us will have an informed understanding.

Loan Room - Community Assistance Chair Gay Russell 520-825-5763 Meeting Third Thu., 3 PM, WC1; Loan Room hours: Tue., Thu., 8-9 AM

Julie makes jewelry and Asian-themed note cards. Her trademark is her pendant dragonfly which dons the necks of many local residents. “I think I have a dragonfly for every outfit I have. They are such fun to wear!” Julie particularly likes to use dichroic glass which takes on a gem-like shimmering quality. Paul’s interest in art has been lifelong. “After retirement, I picked up the brush again and began working with color and fabric, using dyes and fabric paints to create multi-colored shirts and hats. Most recently, I've learned how to do shibori, a style of Japanese silk painting, using dyes and resist to create beautiful silk scarves.”

Government Affairs Chair Bob Henderson 520-308-4861 Second Wed., 1 PM, WC1

Oro Valley Town Council Candidates Forum is scheduled for Saturday, August 4, 2 PM, Auditorium. Doors will open at 1:30 PM, and candidates, at their option, will be available before and after the forum to meet and get to know you. All candidates have accepted our invitation to attend.

Greens Reconstruction Chair Howard Schulz See online Board & Committee meetings calendar for dates/times

After months of information collection and review, it is apparent to our committee that The View’s greens are at risk in their current condition. The primary reason is the greens do not have a sub-surface soil/gravel drainage system which is necessary for root development and flushing of unwanted contaminants (i.e., salts). It may be surprising, but all other golf course greens in the Oro Valley area have this sub-surface system. The Views does not. The BOD chartered this project with no assessment to the community. Committee members are working to advance our understanding of the scope and cost of the project in order to inform the community, both golfers and non-golfers alike. These communications will begin later this year and will include facts about our greens and subsequent recommendations. We recently contracted with a golf course architect, Mike


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Summer in the Loan Room is a quieter time with many of our residents gone to cooler locations. During this time, we take inventory of our items, looking at their condition and number. We try to meet the major needs of all our residents, but with limited space, some items may be passed on to other groups. We try to keep the chaos to a minimum during our open hours. Please come to the Loan Room or visit the website for items you may need (or just to look around).

Marketing Chair Pete Coy 360-739-4100 Fourth Mon., 3 PM, WC1

The committee is on summer hiatus until October 22. Those interested in helping to promote and market SCOV, please submit a Committee Member Application form which can be found under Members > Committees on the SCOV website.

Neighborhood Pride Chair Tempe Johnson 520-825-6994 Third Tue., 2 PM, WC3 It Happens Every Summer Summer rains and winds are here. Help keep a watchful eye out, and report any damage to Administration. Pesky weeds seem to appear overnight with the monsoon season. Please remove them as soon as possible, and try to make every effort to stay ahead of the weed situation in your yard in the next few weeks Did wind from storms cause excessive tree debris in your yard? Keep your driveway and the sidewalk swept so that your home doesn’t appear vacant and be an invitation to a burglar. Is there standing water in your yard? With the rain that we have had, it’s important to drain ponds and/or fountains in yards to eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Check other items outside your home which may collect rain, such as buckets, empty flower pots, and other containers, to be sure they are not holding standing water. Thanks for your help in our extremely hot summer months.

Join the Posse The Ultimate Neighborhood Watch Keep our neighborhood safe. Call Larry Clark 520-404-7664 August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Posse Chair Larry Clark 520-404-7664 Meeting First Tue., 3 PM, Desert Oasis (must be logged in first)

No Posse Committee meetings in August, but our nightly patrols continue. With many of our members gone for the summer, we need your help to continue our regular patrols. Please volunteer. Keep your garage door closed to prevent unwanted visitors this summer.

Preserve and Enhance Lifestyle and Property Values Chair Don Stewart, 618-980-3878

SCOV has a history of widespread interest and concern connected to managing the remarkable vistas and maintaining the value of our community. This interest has been reflected in the 1996 Vegetation Policy Task Force Report, the 2017 Views Committee Survey and the 2017 Future Housing Task Force Survey. SCOV’s Board of Directors has taken steps to address these issues by establishing a task force charged with proposing an equitable way to balance the rights of the community with the rights of individual property owners. The Task Force to Preserve and Enhance Lifestyle and Property Values was created in 2018 to look into the ways communities such as ours have addressed the issues of maintaining views, implemented reasonable processes for neighbors and neighborhoods to work together in deciding what poses a significant impact on their property and defined terms that were helpful in bringing a common understanding of best practices for their communities. The expectation is that the task force will identify promising practices that will result in reasonable decisions related to permanent additions and vegetation. The timeline for the work ahead is: monthly Tipster articles to share information, ballot development and submittal to the BOD in January, resident forums in February and March and SCOV owners' vote on the proposed recommendations during the March voting period. The Task Force will resume meeting on Monday, September 10, 2 PM, WC 1. Meetings are open to all residents.

Properties Chair Rich Oaks Third Thu., 9 AM, WC1

Director of Golf - Rick Price 520-917-8086 The Views Golf Club will be hosting the American Legion Oro Valley Post 132 Annual Charity golf tournament Saturday, August 25. The shotgun begins at 7:30 AM and will include approximately 124 golfers. The golf course will be closed in the morning to support this event and open for play in the afternoon. You can help us help them by supporting this worthy cause. Military and veterans service organizations have honored Post 132 for its programs that benefit service members and veterans in need. If you are interested in playing in the event, the entry fee is $80 per golfer. Also, "We Care" individual hole sponsorships and tee box signs are available for a donation of $450 and $100, respectively. Donations to Post 132 are tax-deductible, and contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted. One hundred percent of the proceeds are to provide care and assistance to local homeless and at-risk veterans and the families of deployed Arizona National Guard and Reserve members (our citizen soldiers). For further information and to obtain registration and donation forms, please contact Steve Didio 520-219-9997 Forms also available at We also have a fun “Play with Pros Summer Series” event going on through the summer with the qualifying teams' final event held Monday, September 10. Please check with the Pro Shop for details of how you can sign up to play. We will be hosting a “Season Series” event in November through April as well if you are unable to play this summer.

Superintendent - Michael Kropf 520-917-8063

Tipster Editorial Co-Chair Lou Phillippi 520-638-6957 Co-Chair Vicki Ettleman 520-519-9781

August is a happy time for golf course maintenance because the brutal hot, dry temperatures of May and June are over. August is generally miserable for people because the monsoons bring a dramatic increase in humidity which people find uncomfortable. However, this increase in humidity is fantastic for growing Bermuda grass. All of the work performed between May and June to aerify and top-dress the fairways, greens and tees prepares the grass to recover very quickly. The golf course will be back to being in great shape all the way until the end of September when overseed begins. This year the transition was even more improved over previous years. The changes to overseeding seed rates, rotating non-overseed holes each year, increasing the frequency of aerification throughout the entire year, and increasing levels of hand watering dry areas during late spring have all contributed to the fight against salts and dying Bermuda grass. Even areas that were weak this year had more underlying Bermuda grass than previous years so the amount of sprigging and sodding was dramatically reduced. The goal is to improve the conditions every May and June and reduce the amount of regrassing required before the humidity of August. By having more Bermuda grass recover

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018


The Properties Committee conducts inspections of HOA buildings, equipment and grounds and reports to the Board and General Manager the status of safety, maintenance and general conditions. Recommendations regarding preservation, maintenance or replacement and improvements are also made. The committee will not meet in August. Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 20.

If you are a new submitter for your committee or club, please contact Marsha Dean, mdean@suncityorovalley. com, to get a copy of the "Guide to Submitting Tipster Articles." We appreciate having you submit a Tipster form every month, whether you have changes or not; this helps us know that your information is up to date. The next Editorial Committee meeting is Thursday, August 16, 9 AM, WC3.

each transition the following transition is that much better. The greens will continue to be needle tined every 14 days starting in January and the fairways will continue to be deep tined during the spring to continue encouraging Bermuda grass recovery in April and May.

event. August signals the end of summer, but luckily we residents of SCOV have an extended number of sunny days for months to come. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer with visits to home and far away, or enjoying life in Oro Valley.

Golf Advisory Chair Doug Kimble, 520-825-3172 First Wed., 2 PM, WC3

Thanks to Mike Kropf and his golf crew, our golf course is in the best condition of the year. The seasonal residents don't know what they are missing. It has been necessary to deep plug the greens on a monthly schedule during the summer months in order to move the salts through the soil and encourage stronger root growth. This is necessary partly due to the fact we have push-up greens that do not allow the salts to drain and filter through the soil. Remember to take pride in The Views Golf Course by obeying the 90 degree cart rule, repairing ball marks and fixing divots. The next Golf Advisory meeting will be Wednesday, September 5.

The Views 18-Hole Men’s Golf Club Pres. Kevin Devaney Membership David Flatness 425-443-3708 Play Wed.

In spite of weather and the early hour, approximately 30 golfers have been showing up each Wednesday morning this summer, paying their $5 entry fee and an optional $2 for skins, to compete on a track at times of challenging playability. The financial rewards are slim but the trash talk is priceless. You can join this hardy group by contacting our membership chairman as noted above. Here are the games for August: August 1, 2-Man Chapman; August 8, Low Net; August 15, 2-Man Better Ball, August 22, 2-Man Shamble and August 29, Stableford. Individual games will be posted as tournament scores.

Men’s Nine-Hole Golf Club VP Mark Fuller 612-978-9901 Membership David Chatterton 520-204-5636 We play 9 holes Thu. morning

Pass Holder Benefits This month The Views Golf Club Annual Pass Holders special is

Two for 1 Margaritas

The Views 9-Hole Women’s Golf Club Pres. Pattie Horning 248-767-6873 Membership: Barbara Armes 206-915-2609 or Louann Convey 303-718-7597 Play Thu. morning

The summer continues to see our resident club members playing early on Thursday mornings. If you are new to the area, please join us.

Food & Beverage Director - Aalt Brouwer 520-917-8074

Over the past two months, we have planned, trained, hired six new staff, trained some more and created a new menu based on your suggestions. We analyzed your responses to our questionnaires and developed a menu we feel you will truly enjoy. We have new items on our cocktail, happy hour, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and bar menus. We changed our hours of operation to stay open until 8 PM every evening and, on slower days (Monday-Thursday), the lounge and terrace areas open at 10 AM. This is an effort to manage labor costs while providing the great service taught in the 25 training classes we recently completed. During times the lounge/terrace is closed, you can still order your favorite alcoholic beverages in the dining room or patio. Since we need more servers working to cover the entire restaurant area, we feel that limiting the hours of the Lounge and Terrace during slower times will enable us to manage our staffing coverage more efficiently. I hope this helps explain why the management team made these changes. Come to The Views Restaurant soon and enjoy a delicious selection from our new menu. New hours are effective when we reopen: Dining Room and Patio: Daily, 7 AM-8 PM Lounge and Terrace: Monday-Thursday, 10 AM-8 PM; Friday-Sunday, 7 AM-8 PM Meal periods will be: Monday-Saturday: Breakfast 7-11 AM Monday-Saturday: Lunch and dinner 11 AM-8 PM Sunday: Limited all-day menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner Happy hour: All dining areas, daily 3-6 PM.

Not a Pass Holder?

Call the Pro Shop at 825-3110 for details. The Views 18-Hole Women’s Golf Club Pres. Darlene Lamb VP and Membership Marty Blakely

Our ladies' league was well represented in the inaugural Par 3 Challenge. Patti Horning and Sue La Fontaine won the women's division. Joann and Jack Breslin were victorious in the couples division. Thanks to the golf staff for a great


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Join the Restaurant Facebook group


August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Sun City Vistoso Foundation Dave Scoles 520-825-2085 Fourth Thu., 1 PM, Desert Oasis

We welcome three new members to the board and look forward to another year of community participation while meeting certain needed services in SCOV and the surrounding areas. The board as of July 1, 2018: Pres., Larry Hoaglund; VP, Dave Scoles; Treas., Ken Hendrickson; Sec., Carol Goeman. Directors: Jerry Bushong, Elaine Deeter, Debbie Francis, Marty Kass, Nancy Montgomery, Kathy Moyer, and Rick Schmeck. Coco Sullivan provides valuable service as statistician. A sincere thank you to Peggy Venus and Steve Holmes for their service on the SCVCommunity Foundation Board. They leave the board with thanks from the Sun City community. Please consider a one-time gift or a regular donation to the Foundation at any time during the year. Send your gift to the Sun City Vistoso Community Foundation, 1565 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd., Oro Valley, AZ 85755. Our auto pay plan is available at Be a participant in our mission as we serve others. Our Foundation email is

Coming Events

Items included in this section must be open to all residents and be either sponsored by the Association or be an annual club event of interest to the entire community.

Every Day, 3-6 PM The Views Restaurant Happy Hour Please join us for happy hour. Enjoy the best in live entertainment Friday and Saturday, 5:30-8 PM.

Saturday, August 4, 2 PM Town of Oro Valley Mayor and Council Forum Join us in the Auditorium to meet and get to know the candidates running for Oro Valley mayor and town council. All candidates have been invited to participate.

Monday, August 6, 1 PM Tohono Chul Presentation A representative of Tohono Chul Park will give a presentation in our Auditorium about this Tucson gem.

Wednesday, August 15, 1 PM Indoor Movie These afternoon movies have been a success, and we will continue to bring them to you in the Auditorium at no charge.

Friday, August 17, 1 PM The Importance of Calling 911 Join us in the Auditorium for this informative presentation by Golder Ranch Fire District. This is a free event.

Saturday, August 18, 7 PM Desert Melodies This group, which gives performances all over Tucson, will bring you “The Best of Broadway.” Doors open at 6:30 PM, performance at 7 PM. Cabaret seating, bring your own snacks and drinks.

Tickets, $10 pp, on sale at the Welcome Center

Friday, August 31, 10:45 AM Tipster Collation Help collate the inserts into the Tipsters in the Auditorium. It's a great way to get some exercise and meet new people.

Tuesday, September 11, 1 PM Author Kristina McMorris Kristina McMorris, author of six historical fiction novels, will speak and sign copies of her latest book, Sold on a Monday, in the Auditorium. Inspired by an actual newspaper photo from 1931, the novel explores the fate of two young siblings during an era of breadlines, bank runs and impossible choices. There is no charge for the event, however to help plan for attendance you will need to obtain a ticket, available beginning Tuesday, August 28, in the Library.

Wednesday, September 12, 1 PM Desert Coalition This great organization will update us on its many wildlife projects going on in our area, plus an update on the wildlife crossing bridge over Oracle Road in Catalina. No charge for this event in the Auditorium.

Friday, September 14, 7 PM Gabriel Ayala Trio It’s been a few years since Gabriel has visited us. Many have asked for their return. This Grammy-nominated Native American group has always been well received by the residents of SCOV. Newcomers to Arizona always love this show. You will enjoy great music and a few stories. Cabaret seating, Bring your own snacks and drinks.

Tickets, $15 pp, start on sale Fri., Aug. 10, at the Welcome Center

Friday, September 21, 1 PM Author Betty Webb Scottsdale mystery writer and retired journalist, Betty Webb, author of two prize-winning series, the Lena Jones, and the Gunn Zoo mysteries, will speak and sign copies of her latest books in the Auditorium. There is no charge for the event, however to help plan for attendance, you will need to obtain a ticket, available beginning Friday, September 7, in the Library.

Saturday, September 22, Dusk Outdoor Movie Our outdoor movies have been a success. There is no charge for this event. Grab your lawn chairs, friends, snacks and drinks. Our beverage cart will be on site for alcohol purchases. More details in the September issue of the Tipster.

Counting Your Steps? Join the Tipster Collation Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018


Friday, October 12, 1 PM Author Jim Williams Local resident, author, and past president of the Oro Valley Historical Society, Jim Williams, will speak and sign copies of his latest book, Claiming the Desert, in the Auditorium. Come hear about the everyday lives of the early Oro Valley settlers, homesteaders and ranchers and the special issues faced by women and Hispanic settlers. There is no charge, however, to help plan for attendance, you will need to obtain a ticket, available beginning Monday, October 1, in the Library.

Sunday, October 21 Oktoberfest 2018 The Sun City Variety Theatre (SCVT) presents Oktoberfest 2018. Enjoy The Bouncing Czechs Polka Band, authentic German food by Haus of Brats, lively entertainment by SCVT and audience participation song and dance. Mark your calendar for this improved event.

Special Events for Clubs

See club articles for full details. Singles Bowling, every Friday, 1:45 PM, Fiesta Lanes Singles Dinner, Thu., Aug. 9, Social Hour 5:30 PM, Seating 6 PM, Activity Center/Navajo Room Singles Happy Hour, Fri., Aug. 31, 5:30 PM, Seating 6 PM, Activity Center/Navajo Room Day Trippers, Tue., Aug. 14, Annual BBQ with Bubb's Grub, $18 pp Day Trippers, Sun., Sep. 9, Brunch and Brew, $77 pp Rock and Roll Club, Sat., Sep. 15, Dance Day Trippers, Sun.-Wed., Sep. 16-19, Rainbow Bridge trip, $777 single, $1,144 double ($572 pp) Day Trippers, Oct., Kitt Peak Day Trippers, Nov., Barrio Tour, Tucson

Workshops and Classes Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Classes Classes are held the fourth Wednesday of each month, 1:30 PM, WC1. Lonnie Davis teaches these classes. To attend, you must register ahead of time by calling Lonnie 520917-8073. You could save the life of a loved one. The next class will be September 26. Association-Sponsored Fitness Purchase a punch card from the receptionist at the Administration Office in the Welcome Center, $20/10 classes. You may use this card for all SCOV-sponsored fitness classes. It can also be used by your guests. There is $3 drop-in charge if you do not have a punch card. Aqua Zumba®: Balance Class: Cardio Chair Aerobics: Core Conditioning: Sunrisers: Sweat Stretch: Water Aerobics: Zumba® :


Tue., 1-2 PM, AFC Pool Mon., 10:30-11:30 AM, AFC Tue., Thu., 10:30-11:30 AM, Sat., 9-10 AM, Catalina Vista Mon., 5-6 PM, Wed., 3-4 PM, AFC Mon., Wed., Fri., 7-8 AM, AFC Tue., Thu., 7:30-9 AM, AFC Mon., Wed., Fri., 9-10 AM, AFC Pool Tue., 9:15-10:10 AM, Thu., 5:30-6:30 PM, AFC

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Parkinson’s Exercise Classes Classes are held Mondays, 4-5:30 PM, WC3. Caregivers are welcome to attend classes. Ray Jerkins 520-219-3561. Spanish Language Classes Classes will be starting in early September. Contact Myriam Barrientos 520-906-8334 or (new) spanishmyriam@ Review the many levels of classes available at

For Your Information The items under this heading are provided as a service to residents. SCOV assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein. AARP Tax Assistance AARP tax aides will be available at the AARP Information Center, 6700 N. Oracle Road, Suite 331, the second and fourth Thursdays of each month through October 11. Assistance is provided by appointment only between 9 AM and 12:30 PM. Call 520-571-9884 to schedule an appointment. Costume Closet The Costume Closet is in the Loan Room at the Cart Barn. Costume checkout and returns are by appointment only. Call Marty Siracusa 520-825-6961 or Betty Verderese 520-8257811 to schedule appointments. Cash donations are always welcome. Sun City Blood Drive Sun City’s blood drive is Thursday, August 9, 8-11 AM, Auditorium. Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. You have the A, B or O blood that patients need. Give your gift of time and blood by scheduling an appointment at 1-800-448-3543 or by visiting

Thank You Corner This section allows residents to express thanks to the community. Articles should not exceed 50 words and should not contain thanks to specific persons. Thanks to the SCOV community for making my 100th birthday wonderful. To all my friends at Pinochle and Show and Share, I want to express my appreciation for the beautiful cards, cake, flowers and special gifts. I sometimes wonder how I lived so long. I know all the friendships, care, and support of Sun City helped me to reach 100! Helen Gorski

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August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Colored Pencil Jan Thomas 520-591-1275, Carol Fouch 817-751-8154 Fri., 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

Ginny Phillips Bill Stine

Residents 1 1

July 7 July 15

Liz Boardman Beverly Riley

Former Residents 1 1

June 20 June 20

Clubs Arts, Crafts & Hobbies Art League Co-Pres. Caryl Thornton 520-638-7024, Judy Bjorling 520-818-1296 Bark Carving Ted Rydzewski 520-825-8624 Tue., 1-4 PM, Thu., 9 AM-Noon Artisan Center/Lapidary Clay Pres. Renee Ford 203-733-4447 Sep.-May, First Thu., General Meeting, 1 PM, Artisan Center/Pottery Orientation as needed Glaze mentoring Third Thu., 1-3 PM; Studio cleaning last Wed., 1 PM Summers in Sun City provide quieter times in the Clay Club. Like-minded potters enjoy spreading out in the coolness of the studio during the heat of the season, knowing that fall will bring back our friends from colder climates. Orientations are as needed during these months, but sign up sheets are always available in the main studio. Several of our members offer their work in the Gift Shop where Leaf man you can always see new creations. Stop in to enjoy and take home something special. Keep in touch with each other while waiting for the season to change once more.

esident Doris R

SCOV Name Tags Name tags with our logo are $8 each. The order form is available at Log in first then >Member Services >This & That >Name Tag Order Form.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018

Are you fascinated with changes in colors and patterns? Do you like details? Colored Pencil may be just the club for you. It is an easy, forgiving medium but does require patience. Basic drawing skills Carol Fouch working on a portrait of her granddaughter on are helpful, esa carousel pecially if you want to venture into scratchboard which some in our group enjoy. We have many resources to help get you started and helpful advice for beginners. Come join us.

Fine Arts Studio Co-Pres. April Hoffman 520-329-8443, Phyllis Cutcher 520-825-2489 Wed., 9 AM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

The summer weather report reads "hot and dry," but it's nice and cool in our art studio. The summer stalwarts are relentless in their objective to achieve a superb painting. We invite all residents to come down and join us for some art chatter, painting and a good cup of coffee. Have a fine summer.

Gourd Art Kaaren Drent 520-818-2343 Mon., 1 PM, and Fri., 9 AM, Lapidary Room

Gourd artists will not be meeting on Monday afternoons throughout the summer. The Lapidary Room reopens Friday, August 3.

Japanese Flower Arranging Donald Marier 520-825-4878 Nov.-May, Second and Fourth Mon., 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge

Japanese flower arranging (Ikebana) is the art of arranging flowers, branch materials, grasses and leaves. At its core is the beauty resulting from a combination of color, shapes and graceful lines. More than simple floral decoration, it is a form of sculpture with plant materials. Learn from certified instructors at your own pace, and make creative arrangements for your home.

Knit and Crochet Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689 Wed., 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista, Mt. Kimball Room

Knit and Crochet is off to a great start. Even though it's summer, and many residents are off to cooler climates, several of us are enjoying the cool environs of Catalina Vista on Wednesday afternoons. We've enjoyed getting acquainted with one another and sharing our projects. Please join us if you are a long time-knitter, crocheter or stitcher of any kind. The more the merrier.


Modelers Pres. Fred Faust 520-907-3469 Second Fri., 8 AM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge The photo shows Modelers Club member, Tom Mehring, working on the HO gauge tracks on the model train layout in the modelers room. Tom has been responsible for track and turnout installation and repair. Tom is an experienced model railroader both here at SCOV and at Photo by Tom Prall his summer Wisconsin home. All SCOV residents are welcome at our monthly meetings and the use of the Modelers Room. On any day, if the lights are on and someone is in the Modelers Room, stop in. At our meetings, you will see what we are about and you may enjoy a cup of coffee and a sweet roll. From time to time, we schedule field trips of interest to modelers.

Open Studio Artists Pres. Carol Nagel 520-825-3097 Thu., 9 AM-2 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

While you are away this summer be thinking about the two upcoming theme shows. October will be "Foreign Lands" and December will be "Through a Window."

Vistoso Photo Pres. Gerda Timm 403-251-5981 Jun.-Aug., no meeting Sep.-May, Second and Fourth Wed., 6 PM, Catalina Vista

Photo by Laura Hackenbrock At the May potluck dinner meeting, photo contest winners for the year were announced. This photo shows those winners who have competed in monthly competitions since September 2017. Back Row: Dave Henderson, Peg Rocklin, Bonnie Svarstad, Jack Welch, Ken Ayers, Gerda Timm, Harvey Gardner. Front Row: Pat Mulligan, Val Harding, Pam Maddern, Clare Scarpulla, Laura Hackenbrock, Steve Perkins. Missing: Bill Snead, Barry Wehrung, Ed Caine, Janie Johnson-Russell, Ron Richardson, Steve Alverdes and Karen Burnham. Winning photos are displayed in the Catalina Vista gallery


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

through September. Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 26, featuring an open competition. Photo entries must have been taken after April 1, 2016. Beginning in October, photos for competitions in assigned categories must be taken after April 1, 2018. Visitors are always welcome to attend any meetings. .

Sculpture Pres. Laurie Lichaa 520-812-0198 Mon., 9 AM-5 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

The summer sculpture group may be diminished but the enthusiasm to create still persists. Our group is very active in our cool studio, so come on over to Catalina Vista to learn to sculpt with clay and take advantage of our resident experts, most of whom are here for the summer.

Sewing Thimblelenas

Penny Burroughs 530-545-2642, Pam Miller 719-244-1396 Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-Noon and 1-4 PM; Sat., 9 AM-Noon Artisan Center/Sewing Casa Amigas

Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689 Mon. and Thu., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing

Even though there are fewer of us around to sew and serge this summer, we're still finishing up children's summer clothing and continuing to sew bags for Aviva. Soon we'll start cutting out warm flannel and fleece for winter clothing. You might think there isn't any need for that type of clothing, however, it's cold in the mornings when children head to school. Also, we send some clothing to areas with higher elevations. There's always something to sew. Cheer Bears

Pat Norton 480-993-8762 Wed., 1-3 PM, Artisan Center/Sewing

Starting in October, we will be gathering in full force again and hope to see everyone together. Safe journeys and bless you all for the works that you do. Remember, you can join our friendly group on Wednesday afternoons, 1-3 PM. All help is welcome, as we do cutting, embroidering, sewing, clipping, stuffing and hand sewing. Everyone can find a place and share friendship with happy people.

We need your aluminum cans! Put your empty aluminum cans to work for SCOV. Deposit only empty, rinsed aluminum cans in the box outside the Activity Center kitchen door.


August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Machine Embroidery

Sharon Larsen 520-818-2791 Training Coordinator Karin Frohlich 520-612-7379 4D Computer Training Debra Dirks 520-825-2248 Third Tue., 1:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo New day. New location. We are now meeting at the Desert Oasis on the third Tuesday of the month. This month's meeting will be Tuesday, August 21. Every month we see new things and get more embroidery ideas. We always have wonderful things to share. Call Karen Frohlich for instructions on the Brother 6-needle embroidery machine. Instructions are available to any Thimblelenas member. Save the new meeting date and come on over to join us. Feel free to bring a friend with you. Embroidered baby bib Refreshments will be served. Pet Beds

Jan Bohe 520-825-9725 Tue., 1-3 PM, Artisan Center/Sewing

Sincere thanks to all the volunteers who have ventured out into the summer heat on Tuesday afternoons to snip away for the animals at the Southern Arizona Humane Society. The hundreds of pet pillows we make are appreciated so much. We are accepting washable cotton fabric scraps to cut up (no fleece, denim or old clothes please). Also needed are larger pieces of suitable cotton fabric (one yard or more) for Jan to cut out and sew the pillow case covers to be stuffed (certain size pillows are required by the Humane Society). Please come and join us for some fun and thanks again to all. Quilters

Carol Guibert 520-404-1462 Second and Fourth Tue., 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Enjoy your summer. Visit lots of quilt shops and start/finish lots of projects. See you all in September.

The Community Assistance Committee uses the funds from recycling to purchase items for the Loan Room. Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018

Seniors for Kids

Jean Sax 651-436-4243 Sewing/Crafting for SFK, Mon., 1-3 PM, Wed., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing Toy Woodworking, various times, Artisan Center/Wood Shop No meetings May-Sep. Tapestry Rug Hooking

Ann Feeney 520-818-0340 Tue., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing

Our members use many different rug-hooking techniques. We enjoy each other’s company while watching our projects come to life. Stop by and check us out. We welcome new members and are happy to work with anyone who would like to start hooking.

Show ‘N Share Vicki Frakes 859-801-0525 Fri., 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon Helen Gorski turned 100 years old June 22. Our group celebrated this momentous occasion with a birthday party and presented Helen with many cards and a beautiful heart with cross necklace. She has been a member of Show ‘n Share since its inception over 20 years ago. Her kind heart goes into every blanket she crochets for charity. She contributes her longevity to being blessed in life. She is a role model to all of us with her sparkling personality. We love Helen.

Silversmith and Lapidary Pres. Tom Moore 503-510-2251 Shop Summer Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-Noon Next meeting Oct. 1, 3:30 PM, Artisan Center/Silversmith Studio

A by-product of silversmithing is small bits of silver. Through lost-wax casting, we repurpose those scraps into new pieces of jewelry. In this method, wax molds, such as ring forms, are attached with melted wax onto thin lengths of wax, creating a “tree.” The tree is secured in a rubber bottom attached to a steel flask. Casting plaster is mixed with water and poured into the flask. The flask is set aside for several days to cure. The rubber bottom is removed and the flask is placed in a kiln where it is heated for about 7 Melting silver scrap in the casting hours, vaporizing the wax and crucible creating the mold. The hot flask is placed in a centrifuge cradle; scrap silver is placed into the centrifuge crucible and melted with a welding torch. The centrifuge arm is tripped and the silver is forced into the mold, filling the voids and forming the jewelry pieces.


Stained/Fused Glass Jo Anne Bowman 501-282-4454 or 520-441-9229 Juliet Williams 623-565-0153 Fusing: Tue. and Thu., 9-11 AM, Artisan Center/Stained Glass Stained: Wed. and Fri., 9 AM-Noon Open Studio, any time Tue.-Sun., Artisan Center/Stained Glass

The rains have arrived, and I heard all my plants breathe a big sigh of relief. It is a good time to take shelter in the cool and friendly atmosphere of the studio. Please come. We, as a club, are suffering some growing pains and want everyone to know that as a club, we are asking members for help with ideas to solve the problems. The board is working on various solutions and also working on equipment to overcome these issues. We welcome all ideas.

Woodworking Pres. Bill Norton 480-993-8762, VP Karen Curry 708-822-3057 Secretary Colin Kaltenbach 520-444-8214 Membership Robert Watson 520-789-7060 Next meeting Wed., Sep 19, 1:30 PM, Desert Oasis My name is Jim Austin. My wife and I relocated to Sun City in 2015. One of the many incentives to our moving was the woodshop, second only to the golf course. I’ve always enjoyed working with wood, building patio covers, an entertainment center for our home and furniture for the grandkids. It’s been a whole new ball Jim enjoying the wood shop game working beside woodmasters like Don Jovag, Bill Norton and Larry Miller. I equally enjoy fostering friendships and acquiring knowledge every hour I spend in the SCOV Wood Shop.

Continuing Education Happy Fourth Thank you to all the volunteers and all the work you do to keep this a growing and fun place to be.

Water Media Co-Pres. Marlene Peradotto 716-390-2982, Darlene Charbonneau 763-442-2092 Tue., 9 AM-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

Your own or neighbor's gardens present a perfect inspiration for water media painters. Flowers and vegetable arrangements have inspired artists for centuries. The Art Studio also has a variety of references for painting techniques in their library of books and videos.

Wood Carving Bob Ash 520-282-3688 Saturday, 9-Noon, Artisan Center/Lapidary

The club meets throughout the year. If you are interested in wood carving, please join us on Saturday mornings for conversation and carving.

Astronomy Pres. Ron Collins 812-344-4772 Oct.-May, Third Thu., 7 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

Mark your calendar for October 18 when our popular astronomy speaker series starts. Check the calendar for a possible August star party. SCOV Astronomy Club features a speaker series and a variety of activities including star parties which look at planets and constellations. The club also sponsors guided field trips to local observatories. Tucson is the astronomy capital of the world with clear skies and good evening weather. If you've ever wondered what's out there, come join us. Solar System facts: • Age: 4.6 billion years • Number of planets: 8 • Number of dwarf planets: 5 • Number of moons: 181 • Number of asteroids: 552,894 • Number of comets 3,083 • Diameter: 11.65 trillion miles Lots to look at!


Hepatic Tanager Photographed at Madera Canyon by Steve Holmes


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Men’s Bible Study

Jerry Anderson 520-638-6586, Rick Thomas 520-591-0475 Oct.-May, Tue., 7:30 AM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

We are in summer recess from the weekly Bible studies, but those who are hardy enough to stay here year-round will continue meeting each Tuesday morning at 8 AM in The Views Restaurant for breakfast. Please join us for good food and great fellowship. Our regular study will commence Tuesday, October 9, 7:30 AM, Catalina Vista. Have a great summer.


August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Precept Women’s Bible Study

Pres. Linda Miller, 520-818-2716 Faith Heitmann, 208-750-5886 Oct.-Apr., Wed., 9 AM, WC3

Our first study will be facilitated by Delores Lovitt, October 3-December 19. In this study, we will be exploring people in the Bible and how they learned to trust God as a covenant partner. Our second study starts January 9. We'd love to have you come and join us.

Great Books Pres. Barbara Gates 520-825-7645 V.P. Connie Armstrong 520-544-7723 Oct.-May, First and Third Wed., 2 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

In our club we read and discuss selections of thoughtprovoking works of literature presented in anthologies by the Great Books Foundation. We offer great conversations about great ideas. We will resume meeting in October. Our next book will be Happiness and Discontent, an international collection of literature, philosophy and poetry specially selected for book discussion by The Great Books Foundation. Readings include such authors as Aristotle, Emily Dickinson and Reynolds Price. Hopefully, the readings will challenge your assumptions and spark debate. The book can be purchased from the Great Books Foundation or from Amazon.

SCOV Book Club Pres. Sandie Roberts 847-525-9239 VP Glenda Tonkin 520-207-4802 Communications: Cynthia Kartman 414-732-3063 First Mon., 1:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

Our August selection is the devastating 2016 memoir When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. In May 2013, age 35 and in his last year as a resident in neurosurgery at Stanford, Kalanithi received a diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer. He died in 2015. This book is his recollections of his experience as he went from doctor to patient, and from living to dying. In September, we will discuss The Address by Fiona Davis. This is a story of two women who lived a hundred years apart. What binds their histories and the novel together is the famed Dakota Building in New York City.

Computer - Vistoso Computer Society (VCS) Pres. Leo Belardinelli 520-989-9314 Membership David Johnson 520-825-6994 General Meetings, Nov.-Mar., Second Mon., 1 PM, Auditorium

General meetings and classes will resume in October. Summer help sessions will be held the fourth Tuesday: August 28 and September 25. To schedule an appointment, call the club’s help desk at 520-329-7661. Membership is required for all classes, help sessions, assistance from other computer club members and use of the ListServ, an online bulletin board. Dues are $10/household. Consult the club’s website for additional information and an application form. Forms are also available outside the Computer Learning Center. Deposit used toner and ink cartridges in the basket provided outside the Learning Center for recycling.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018

Genealogy Pres. Andrea Houston Monitor Training Pat Brown Mentoring Holly Gibson 303-548-1299 General Meetings Oct.-May, Second Tue., 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

Are you heading out to an area where your great grandfather lived? Is a cemetery nearby? Don’t forget to snap some pictures of the cemetery entrance, gravestone closeup as well as the surrounding area. Be sure the GPS button of your smart phone is turned on. While there, take pictures of a few other graves, then add the pictures to FindAGrave. com and/or It’s an exciting way to share your findings from your genealogy hunt on these websites with other genealogists around the world who are searching for relatives.

ILR - Institute of Learning in Retirement Pres. Jane Myerson Curriculum Randy Myerson Registration Karen/Sherwin Koopmans Samplers Sally Evert

Thank you Jim Williams and Jane Myerson for moderating the free summer courses. Your work is greatly appreciated. Have you visited the ILR Facebook page or the recently revamped ILR website? The second registration for fall 2018 courses is open August 1-15. Now members can register and pay on the ILR webpage. The website also offers a printable form for those wishing to continue sending in a mailed form. Be sure to check the courses to see if the ones you are interested in taking are still available. If you register after a course is closed, you will not get a refund. Not an ILR member yet? It’s easy to join. If you are a current resident with paid association fees, complete the Membership Application/Registration Form (found on the website) and send this along with a one-time Initiation Fee of $25 pp. You may also register and pay online. If you use the printed form, mail this to the Club Box address, located at the bottom of the form. When you join, you may register for courses ($10 ea.), workshops and attend Samplers. Your email address is added to the group and you receive updates and reminders as well as the opportunity to vote on items requiring membership approval. The ILR has recently given the SCOV Library a number of new PBS DVDs that are both informative and entertaining. These make good, cool summer viewing and fill the gap until the new courses begin in the fall.

Natural Health and Wellness Sherokee Ilse 520-818-3279 Third Wed. 3-4:30 PM, Catalina Vista, Mt. Kimball/Pusch Ridge Poets Corner Sharyn Rafieyan 520-825-6762 or Esther Berlot, 520-818-6463 No meeting in August


Cultural & Social Barbershop VLQ (Very Large Quartet) Kactus Krooners Mike Moyer 520-818-6509 Oct.-May, Mon., 10:30 AM-Noon, Desert Oasis

This fun, mixed, a cappella barbershop chorus has been taking a rest during the summer months but will be starting up again in late October or early November. Watch the October Tipster for details. Meanwhile, get together with some friends and just keep singing. And put Monday mornings at 10:30 AM on your calendars starting again in the fall.

Democratic Club Pres. Laura Dore 520-338-1016 Second Sat., 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

We encourage all club members to attend the SCOV Government Affairs Committee forum showcasing the two Oro Valley mayoral candidates and the six Town Council candidates Saturday, August 4, 2 PM, Auditorium. See the Government Affairs Committee article in this Tipster. The Democratic Club will hold an informal meeting Saturday, August 11, 1 PM, Navajo Room. We will work on ideas to help get out the vote for the primary elections. Anyone interested in participating will be most welcome. We still collect donations for the local food banks at every meeting, so please be generous.

Dining - Prepare & Share Pres. Alan Bancroft 520-907-4121 VP Colin Kaltenbach Treas. June Rector 520-818-9228

Dog Club - Fido’s Friends Pres. Lynne Wohner Membership/Treas. Marj Young 360-913-8062 Nov., Jan. and Mar., Third Thu., 1 PM, Activity Center/Hopi

Fido’s Friends is the club that operates the SCOV Dog Park, located on Del Webb Blvd., and you must be a club member to use the park. New members are always welcome. Dues are just $10 per calendar year, and there is a one-time $10 key fee. Call our membership chair, Marj Young, for more information and to become part of the dog community. During our three meetings each year, we discuss issues of importance for the protection and well-being of our dogs. Come join us.

Different Drummers Women’s Circle Zona Boss 520-638-6644, Colleen Cottrell 520-825-8393 Wed., 1:30-3 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon We have been busy and the heat didn’t stop us. We entertained at Copper Health, were guests at the Country Club of La Cholla and enjoyed and drummed at a 59-year wedding anniversary party. Join us and find out how much fun can be Drummers at Copper Health available no matter the weather. The Different Drummers Women’s Circle provides a community drum circle for any woman wanting to connect with


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

others through hand drumming using African djembe drums, hand-held Native American frame drums and other small percussion. Drums and instruments are provided for guests. Join us to drum, laugh and meet new friends. People worldwide for centuries have used group drumming to energize minds and bodies, strengthen community bonds, release stress and celebrate life.

Garden Club Pres. Wendy Hughes 503-703-9563 VP, Barbara Marshall 520-825-0618 Oct.-Apr., Second Tue., 12:30 PM, Auditorium

Meetings will resume in October.

Havurah Liz Kinslinger

Our next event, Movie Night, is coming right up, Saturday, August 4, 5:45 PM, Activity Center/Navajo/Hohokam.The Frisco Kid will start promptly at 6:15 PM, and snacks will be served before and after. Cost at the door is $3 for members, $5 for nonmembers. There will be a Rosh Hashanah dinner Monday, September 10, 5 PM. Wednesday, September 19, 6 PM, is a Break the Fast. Bocce play continues on Tuesdays, 7-9 PM. Contact Judy or Ed Heyman, 520-989-3419, if you'd like to try this fun game.

Rosh Hashanah dinner tickets, $30 members, $35 nonmembers, on sale Thu. Aug. 30, Tue. and Thu., Sep. 4 and 6, 10 AM-Noon, Activity Center. Break the Fast tickets, $10 members, $15 nonmembers, on sale Tue. and Thu., Sep. 11 and 13, 10 AM-Noon, Activity Center.

Early Music Recorder Ensemble Joyce Minks 520-825-0642 Tue., 12:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge

Have a recorder (the musical instrument)? Want to learn or improve your skills? Would you like to play in a group? Soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders are welcome. Enjoy the harmonies of an ensemble. Music is provided. Just one hour every week. SCOV visitors welcome.

Republican Club Merritt McGlothlin 520-572-7853 Third Tue., 3 PM, Activity Center

The August meeting of SCOV Republican Club will be Tuesday, August 21, 3 PM, Auditorium. We will have various speakers and candidates regarding current issues of local, state, and national interest. Time permitting, we will have open discussion regarding, but not limited to, current issues including gun control, healthcare, immigration, education, etc. This being an election year, please check the email “This Week In Sun City” sent every Thursday by Mark Wade. That email will usually indicate the speakers who will be attending our meetings. As most of you know, the early ballots for the OV Town Mayor and Council will be mailed August 1. These ballots will also include those candidates who are registered for either major political party. This is the primary ballot and the actual date to vote at the polls is August 28. Plan to attend our meeting, and if possible, bring a neighbor or guest. See you all this August. Meeting is open to anyone.


August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

St. Phillip’s Social Club Abby Marier 520-825-4878

We meet three times a season for social gatherings at various locations, dates and times, as announced in the Tipster.

Sun City Singers Pres. Bob Westendorf 619-571-1040 Director Don Hess 520-444-2206 Rehearsals Tue., 6:30-8:30 PM, Auditorium

The singers are on hiatus until Tuesday, September 18, when rehearsals and planning for our two December holiday concerts begin. Everyone is welcome. There are no auditions. Music will be issued on a first-come basis to members with paid dues. Dues are $10 pp.

Sun City Singles Pres., Nancy O’Hara 847-207-7115, Ticket Sales, Joyce Melchi 520-825-8945 Dinner meeting second Thu., happy hour last Fri.

Culinary Design will serve dinner Thursday, August 9, Activity Center/Navajo Room. Social hour 5:30 PM, seating 6 PM. Menu: shrimp salad, rib eye roast, twice-baked potato, and veggie. Dessert is German chocolate gooey bars. Entertainment by Tag Trio Dance Band. Happy hour Friday, August 31, Activity Center/Navajo Room with entertainment by Western singer, Bill Ganz. Social hour 5:30 PM, seating 6 PM. Singles bowling, every Friday, 1:45 PM, Fiesta Lanes.

Ticket sales: Thu., Aug. 2, 10 AM-Noon, and Fri., Aug. 3, 1-2 PM, Activity Center Lounge. Dinner tickets, $20 pp; happy hour appetizers, $10 pp. Checks only, payable to Sun City Singles

Spanish Cultural Club (SCC) Gary/Carolyn Lerch 520-818-3319 Oct., Nov., Jan.-Mar., Apr. (Cinco de Mayo Fiesta) Fourth Mon., 7 PM, Catalina Vista

Plan to join us in the fall for our first meeting Monday, October 22, for a celebration and pictures of the Divine Nine in San Miguel de Allende for Day of the Dead. For Spanish language classes please refer to Workshops and Classes on page 12.

Sun City Variety Theatre Membership Nancy Gilbertson Third Thu., 10 AM, Desert Oasis

Our 2018-2019 season promises more entertainment for our SCOV neighbors and friends. Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 21, for another Oktoberfest. The spring will bring another variety show for your entertainment. Enjoy your summer. The theatre is dark until September.

Ukulele - Sun City Strummers Sharon Heaps Tue., 10-11:30 AM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo, class led by Don Bong

All our members are essential to the success, but three gentlemen stand out. Don Bong is our music directer. Don selects the majority of our concert music and is a master at creating musical introductions that give us the tempo of any given piece. Bob Ressue plays an electric bass ukulele. If Don gives us the tempo, then Bob gives us the rhythm,

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018

which immeasurably helps keeps the piece tight. Wayne Reinhardt is a relatively new asset, and his mastery of his digital accordion adds a great deal of flair and accent to many of our pieces. There are other key individuals who offer their talents to our performances. I will make mention of them in September.

SCOV Women’s Auxiliary Pres. Kathy Hrdy 520-825-4723 Finance Debbie Francis 402-216-4227 Publicity/Sec. Kathy Patterson 616-350-6443 Donations Judy Hood 520-818-2281 Sep.-Apr., Second Tue., 9 AM, WC3

Our Auxiliary benefits Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse which helps victims of domestic abuse. Emerge! provides support and transitional housing to women and children in crisis. They help educate the community by providing presentations on domestic abuse, as well as counseling to child survivors in handling conflict, trauma and abuse. Donations needed: Gift cards: Fry's, Safeway, Walmart, Target, Walgreen's, Home Depot etc. Paper plates, paper bowls, cups and plastic utensils New pillow cases and twin through queen size sheet sets New bath towels New hair brushes, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, razors, feminine hygiene products Cash donations If you have donations, contact Judy Hood. We are collecting donations for our Fall Accessories Boutique to be held Saturday, November 3. To donate jewelry, call Elaine Deeter 520-825-5388 or Linda Wilkes 520-3952370; for purses, Jane Fairchild 520-909-5069; for shoes, Kathy Hrdy 520-825-4723; for designer jackets and scarves, Karen Koch 520-825-4450. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 11, 9 AM, WC3.

If You Rent Your Home

Please make sure your renters are aware of the following rules and rights: • Home owner must submit paperwork three days prior to renter's arrival. • The facility-use card is $25 (up to two cards), valid for the length of the lease and is non-transferable. • Access to all facilities (restaurant, golf course and Gift Shop), Aquatic & Fitness Center (including pool, gym and exercise classes), Desert Oasis, Catalina Vista, Activity Center, Artisan Center, Library and all workshops, studios, etc. • Participate in activities including use of tennis courts, pickleball, bocce ball, basketball courts, horseshoes, mini-golf, table tennis and billiards as well as join any club. • A renter will receive SCOV homeowner rates at the golf course.



Ballroom - SC Starlight Dance Club Marsha Scoles 520-825-2085 Nancy Sopwith 208-724-5881

Our board is working on the upcoming schedule for dances and lessons for fall 2018 and spring 2019. Check here for more information on our first dance, Harvest Ball, Friday, October 19, Auditorium. Membership is $5 pp for residents of SCOV and $10 pp for nonresidents. Contact Marsha or Nancy for details. Put your dancing shoes on and have a great time. Let me know if you find a great place to dance and we'll send it on to the membership. Enjoy your summer either in a special place, vacation, your other home or just being here to watch the monsoons come and go.

Spring Fling 2018 Folk Dance Club of SCOV Summer Coordinator Don Teiser 520-333-2525 Fri., 10-11:30 AM, AFC/Studio 2 Folk dancing is more fun than a treadmill and excellent exercise for balance, mindfulness, muscle and mood. For most dances we hold hands in a circle performing nonVesela, Croatian folk dance, lead by Don Teiser. gymnastic steps to the sometimes strange but fascinating music and rhythms of diverse cultures (including our own). Neither partner nor prior experience needed. Typical dance session consists of 12-15 mostly easy folk dances always preceded by instructions. Drop by to see if this internationally popular dance form is right for you and/or see us in action by doing a Google search on FDCSCOV YouTube.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Jazz & More! Glory Lamb 805-698-3887 First Thu., Aug., 1:30-3 PM, Dance Studio Got the summer crazies? Why not get out and learn some cool Fosse dance moves in our first Thursday summer dance class. We'll be stretching at the barre and learning some new moves to "Steam Heat," in addition to working with blues and Latin rhythms.

Line - Sunliners Pres. Siva Raven 505-469-7505 Membership Karen Caldwell; website

Classes: Our Saturday classes, Intermediate, 9-10 AM, and Beginner, 10:15-11:15 AM, are with professional instructor, Deanna Berthiaume. Note: Saturday classes normally held August 11 will be held on Thursday, August 9, in the Auditorium. All professional classes are prepaid on a monthly basis. The cost is $20-$25 depending on the number of Saturdays. They are held in the Auditorium. Join us. We are a fun, energetic, co-ed group. Membership is $10/year, required for all activities. Upcoming classes: Welcome Back refresher classes will be held in October in the Auditorium for those who are returning from their summer. Be sure to check our October calendar for specific times and dates. Social: Our next social will be held Saturday, August 11, 6-9 PM, Auditorium. Socials are typically held the second Saturday in February, April, June, August, October and December (holiday event). Our next Fun Friday dance will be held September 7, 6:308:30 PM, Auditorium. Monday – Dance Studio 7-8 PM Beginner - Barbara Hall and Lynne Nelson Wednesday – Dance Studio 2-3 PM Open Dance. Transition to intermediate class with Margaret Whitson will resume October 10 3-4 PM Beginner - Lynne Nelson Thursday – Auditorium 3-4 PM Intermediate - Karen Caldwell and Cherry Harper. 4-5 PM Beginner - Karen Caldwell and Cherry Harper. Check for any additional changes in the calendar section of our website.

Rock ‘N Roll Pres. Francine Saccio 520-825-6526 Membership Chair Nate Norris

We have been busy lining up great bands for our dances in 2019. It is promising to be another fun year of dancing to our favorite music, Rock and Roll. There is no dance scheduled for the month of August. However, it is time Photo by Janie Johnson-Russell to renew your membership for the next membership year starting September 1, 2018. The membership chair will be sending out renewal


August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

membership applications. Please fill out what is needed and return in a timely manner. Our next dance is scheduled for Saturday, September 15, with the band, East to West. The decoration theme will be Hippie Fest. More details will follow in the September Tipster.

Western - Kactus Kickers Pres. Alan Walker 509-430-6343 Membership Ellen LeVee 509-438-4284 email:

It’s hard to believe it’s August already. Rumor has it there just aren’t as many places around to do boot stomps and two steps these days. The Kactus Kickers want to change that. We’re looking at providing a couple of dance opportunities to wind down the summer and welcome in the fall. Members will be notified by email as we have details. Nonmembers are encouraged to come out and toe tap, too. If you haven’t joined yet, and would like to be kept in the loop or have questions about the club, please send us an email. Make sure to put a topic in the subject line so we can get your questions or comments passed along to the right people.

Exercise Aqua Tone Marcia Polley 520-818-9073 Irmel Wheeler 520-334-0957 Tue., Thu., Sat., 8 AM, AFC/Pool

Aquatone is a toning water workout that incorporates a variety of rhythmic body movements performed in the water. This aquatic exercise class enhances cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. We meet Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9 AM in the winter, 8 AM in the summer at the AFC pool. There is no fee to join the club or the class. The teachers are club member volunteers. Being able to do a basic swim stroke is very helpful. Items used in the class are buoys, board, noodle, ball and fitness band. Most are available at the pool. A band can be purchased from Marcia for $5. We assign an experienced member to a newcomer to help with learning the various movements. You will get a good workout in a fun class.

Arthritis Water Pres. Susan Landwer 520-834-9667 Sec. Jane Myerson Instructor: Dawn Simske, Arthritis Foundation trained Mon., Wed., Fri., 10:15 AM Apr.-Oct.; 1:30 PM Nov.-Mar., AFC/Pool Come join us for gentle water exercises specifically designed by the Arthritis Foundation to help with range of motion and to relieve stiffness and pain. These exercises are great for arthritis, fibromyalgia, replaced hips and knees, etc. Classes are led by Dawn or students trained by her.

Energetic Exercise Marty Siracusa 520-825-6961 Mon., Wed., Fri., 8-9 AM, Auditorium

Don’t let monsoon season wash you out. Join us at the Activity Center for friendship and fitness with our professional instructor, Sally Martinez. She’ll get you moving with a variety of classes that give your body plenty of aerobic, strength, balance and stretch moves. She’s expert at keeping us seniors strong and flexible. You’ll be amazed at how

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018

good you’ll feel. New members are always welcome–men and women. Your get-acquainted class is free. Annual dues are $3 pp. Class tickets are a bargain: Only $30 for 12 classes.

Fitness Swim Contact: Dave Goodman Formal workouts suspended during summer months

The Fitness Swim Club provides a vehicle for swimmers to participate in a group swim workout. We generally go 2,400 to 3,000 yards, mostly freestyle per workout. Some do more, few do less. Formal workouts are suspended until next November at which time we welcome new members. Workouts are suitable for master swimmers, triathletes and those that would just like to participate in swim workouts. Please ensure you have medical clearance to participate in vigorous physical activity prior to joining.

Pilates Mary Ayers 520-638-7916 Mon., 3 PM, Thu., 1:30 PM, AFC/Studio

Summer is a great time to commit to a core strengthening exercise routine. Why not try Pilates? Small summer classes offer a great opportunity to learn. 40 years after his death, the Joseph Pilates exercise system is in high demand. Fortunately, SCOV offers these Pilates mat classes twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays. The benefits that come from performing specific strengthening and stretching exercises strengthen the body's core muscles (those of the abdomen and back). The exercises increase spine mobility and build flexibility. More benefits include better balance and muscle tone plus increased stamina. Because the classes are designed for seniors, all exercises can be modified and are taught by two experienced instructors. The cost is only $8/class with annual club dues of $20 pp. Please join us or just come by and watch. Call Mary.

Tai Chi Co-Chairs Gail Barr 303-995-7485 Karen Reich 520-403-2764 Thu., 10-11:30 AM, AFC/Studio 1

Many medical professionals now recommend Tai Chi to help their patients improve balance and prevent falls. A new class session will begin in the fall. Watch the Tipster for more information. Some Tai Chi Club members meet to practice once or twice each week over the summer. If you have already participated in a class session, you may want to join in the practices. Please contact one of the club officers for details.

Yoga Co-Pres. Dick Martin 520-825-0731, Linda Caravello 520-603-5042 Tue., 10:45 AM-Noon, AFC Studio 1 & 2 Thu., Chair Yoga, 10:30-11:45 AM, Dance Studio Fri., 8:15-9:30 AM, AFC Studio 1 & 2

The August yoga schedule is posted above and listed below: Gentle Yoga - Tuesday at 10:45 AM. Chair Yoga - Thursday at 10:30 AM. Intermediate Yoga - Friday at 8:15 AM. Try all three classes to find the best fit for you.


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Games Bridge Duplicate Bridge

Pres. Martin Kass 520-818-2265 Mon., 6 PM, Fri., 12:30 PM, Activity Center/Hohokam

Duplicate bridge is for all players who enjoy competing and playing against other teams. We are not an ACBL-sanctioned club and do not award Master Points. New players are always welcome, and we may be able to help you find a partner. Residents and renters with an Association Renter's Card can play twice before joining. Guests of residents may play twice. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can begin on time. Bring exactly $1 pp for prize money each time you play. Ladies Monday Social Bridge

Pres. Margot Rothenbuecher 520-825-9288 Mon., 1-3:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

Play social bridge in a friendly setting. We welcome new members. Marathon Bridge

Dave Johnson 520-825-6994

Looking for a Marathon Bridge group? Find a partner and join our club. We play once a month (your choice of date), October 2018 through April 2019. There is a one time entry/ prize fee of $15 pp, with no monthly game time fee. Call Dave or Tempe Johnson, 520-825-6994. Mixed Social Bridge

Pres. Don Wheeler 520-334-7578 Mon., Wed., Fri., 8 AM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

We welcome new players. Everyone who comes will have a seat at a table. Come solo or bring a partner. We have coffee and have a good time. We can play until 11:30 AM, but each table decides when they want to quit. Partners Tuesday Night Bridge

Pres. Dave and Pat Brown; Treas. Jim Goodwin; Sec. Judy Bjorling Tue., 6:30 PM, Activity Center/Navajo/Hohokam

It has been a couple of months since any partnership bid and made a grand slam and collected $10. Could it be your turn? Grab a partner and join us as we play 24 hands of bridge. It'll cost you $1 apiece and the top scorers receive a division of the monies collected. We have refreshments and play begins promptly at 6:30 PM, so plan to arrive and get your table number by 6:20 PM. Next Tuesday could be your lucky night. Practice Bridge

Pres. Robert Carlson 612-850-9005 Sec. Marilyn Guimond 520-825-0828 Mon., Wed., 12:30-3 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Wednesday Afternoon Bridge

Co-Pres. Rikki Harvey 520-219-5872, Kay Jacobs 520-825-8525 Wed., 12:15 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

It’s summertime and the bridge playin’ is easy. Everyone is welcome at our tables. Arrive by noon because play begins promptly at 12:15 PM. You don’t need a partner but bring 50¢ for prize money. You are gonna like us. We play six hands then change partners, and rounds are timed to keep play moving. Come join us. Annual dues are only $3 pp.

Bunco Fern 520-825-8127, Pat 520-825-7198 Fourth Tue., 1-4 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo Cribbage Robert Hines 520-825-2208 Mobile 520-240-1375 First and Third Thu., 6:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge Euchre Judee and Art Wickersham 520-245-1357 Becky and Kevin Reiley 815-631-0788 Bonnie and Wayne Klenda 509-548-5315 Mon., Meet 5:45 PM, Play 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

If you are interested in playing this easy, fast moving game, please join us. It will only cost you 50¢ for the evening. The room only accommodates 40, so do not be late if you want to play.

Five Crown Card Game Rosemary Dalla Rosa 520-825-1982 Sat., 4:30 PM or 5:30 PM, Desert Oasis

Five Crown is a fun game and easy to learn. We have two starting times for your convenience, 4:30 and 5:30 PM. If you are free on a Saturday evening, come and give us a try. I promise you a really good time and many new friends.

Gin Rummy Rosemary Dalla Rosa 520-825-1982 Thu. and Sat., 9 AM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo Good group, fun times. Anyone interested in joining us is welcome to give it a try. We have plenty of people who are willing to help you learn the rules for low-stakes team play.

Mah Jongg Kathleen Anderson 520-825-2771; Joyce Unger 520-825-8069 Thu., 1 PM, Desert Oasis

We are here all summer, so join us for a cool game of Mah Jongg. Dues are $5 and were due July 1. Exact change (cash) is appreciated.

Women’s Pan (Panguingue) Claudia Case 206-579-6500 Mon., Fri., 1-4 PM, Wed., 9 AM-12:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

Pan (Panguingue) is an enjoyable and interesting card game. Come watch us play at any session. If you like what you see, we’ll teach you to play.


August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Pinochle Dave Flatness 425-443-3708 Wed., 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

We play single deck and rotate partners every four hands. Bring 50¢ for your tally. The first Wednesday is treat night. The third Wednesday is birthday night. If your skills are a little rusty, we will get you up to speed quickly. Annual dues are $6 pp.

The Pinochle Club celebrated Helen Gorski's 100th birthday in June. Helen has lived in SCOV since 1987 and has been playing pinochle here for 30 years.

We meet year-round starting from the Vistoso Community Church parking lot at 1200 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. (behind the Fire Station) to enjoy an unparalleled combination of amazing desert vistas and ever-improving infrastructure of bike lanes and dedicated paths. New riders are always welcome. A monthly schedule of our 20-60 mile rides is available on our website. Our well-tested loop routes support a wide variety of abilities and usually include a mid-ride coffee stop. We also offer a mountain bike option on Wednesdays, which most often heads out into the Tortolita rangelands. Tuesday morning, our Women on Wheels (WOW) group takes somewhat shorter rides closer to SCOV. In addition, we hold a number of social events each season.

Poker Dealer’s Choice Poker

Steve Dirks 520-429-3303 Tue., 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

Our game is open to all SCOV residents. Games: Texas hold’em, crazy pineapple, Omaha, seven-card stud, crisscross, slide-rule and a couple of five-card draw variations. The dealer antes 25¢. All games are high-low except for Texas hold’em and crazy pineapple which are high only. Stakes are 25¢ for the early round of bets and 50¢ for the last two rounds. Contact Steve Dirks for a Word document with the full club rules and a detailed description of the games.

Bike - Vistoso Cyclists Pres. Bob Workman 402-730-8558 Membership Tom and Bonnie Bethea 773-653-4580 Mon., Wed., Fri., 1200 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd.

Billiards Pres. Jim Baker 520-495-9611 Mon.-Fri., Noon-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Billiards

Anyone interested in playing should stop by the Billiard Room in Catalina Vista during club hours of Noon-4 PM, Monday through Friday.

Birders Group Mona Connoy 520-818-7923 Next planning meeting Fri., Sep. 28, 4 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

No birding trips are scheduled during the hot summer months from June through September.

Men’s Friday Poker

Joe Bonitch 520-329-1149 Fri., 5:45-8:45 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

We play easy going informal poker with low stakes. Games are all high only, five card draw, five card stud, seven card stud, Texas hold ‘em, Omaha, and criss/iron cross. No dues. Bring your own refreshments. Cards provided. Dealer antes 5¢ per player and chooses the game. Absolute requirements are to leave politics and religion at the door and enjoy three hours of no-hassle understandable poker. We welcome new players. Bring nickels, dimes and quarters. Call Joe if you would like to review rules of play before your first game. Please show up at 5:30 PM, so we can start playing by 5:45 PM.

Scrabble Bill Wallace 520-818-6747 Fri., 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo Sheepshead - Shauskopf Terry Rohr 520-818-1936 Tue., 10 AM, Desert Oasis

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018

Spotting birds on Mt. Lemmon Bocce Elaine Scop: website: Bocce Courts, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7 PM Join us on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday at the Bocce Courts. We begin play at 7 PM, but arrive about 20 minutes early. Play one time for free, and if you think it is something you want to continue, the fee is $5/year. Remember folks, we have room for 32 people to play at a session, so get your arrival stick when you get to the courts.


Gun Club David Ilse 520-818-3279 Oct.-Apr., Second Wed., 2 PM, Activity Center/Hohokam

We resume meeting in October. Guests are welcome to attend a free session, and members pay $5/year.

POP Tennis Pres. Barbara Satterly 520-825-8965 Treas./Membership Janell Raty 530-401-2477 Tue., Thu., Sat., 7-11 AM, Desert Oasis Courts

Hiking For required orientation hike, call Meg Gerken 520-638-7204 For E hikes, call Duane Hutchens 520-825-7235 Visit our website to see all scheduled hikes.

Although the weather is quite warm, there are still hikes to do. Hike leaders plan for the heat and may schedule hikes earlier in the day or at higher elevations. Plenty of water, a hat, salty snacks and maybe a cooling neck towel are even more important than usual during these summer months. Check our website for scheduled hikes this month.

Horseshoes Ray Coleman 520-825-2789 Ron Knudson 520-825-9307 Oct.-Apr., Tue., Thu., 2 PM; May-Sep., 8 AM The Pits at Catalina Vista

Photo by: Mark Wheeler

Welcome to horseshoes. If you are looking for an exciting activity that requires little or no experience, you have found it. Everyone is welcome, nothing is needed. There are no fees, and horseshoes are available. Come Tuesday or Thursday. Call for more information. Read more about horseshoes on Get outdoors, enjoy our wonderful weather and get good exercise. See you at the horseshoe pits.

Pickleball Pres. Jeff Rusch VP Membership Dave Burnham

Summer is hot, but that doesn’t stop our members. Now 385 strong and still growing, we play early (6:30 AM) every day of the week and after the sun goes down on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Some of the ladies meet Having fun! on Monday and Wednesday nights to play as well. Are there any other clubs that meet seven days a week? We don’t think so. It must be fun and easy, or they wouldn’t be playing every day, right? Our summer social was held on July 26 and enjoyed by all. We plan a Mixed Doubles Club Tournament for August, date to be determined. Free lessons are offered all year round. Practice paddles and balls are supplied. What are you waiting for? Contact Dave Burnham for your free orientation and lesson one.

esident Doris R


SCOV Name Tags Name tags with our logo are $8 each. The order form is available at Log in first then >Member Services >This & That >Name Tag Order Form.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

As many of you are aware, our club is off to a strong start and much progress has been made. We now have painted POP Tennis boundary lines on the Desert Oasis courts. Our thanks go out to our SCOV Association for the funding to accomplish this feat and to General Acrylics for cleaning the courts and doing a superb job of painting the lines. Many hours and much effort from POP Tennis board members and club supporters went into making this happen, so stop in for some POP Tennis and enjoy the fruits of labor. POP Tennis is helping currently active people maintain and improve their health and fitness, because it’s incredibly fun to play. It will keep people on the courts and playing tennis throughout their lives. Are you a former tennis player who can no longer keep up the pace? Come and try POP Tennis. It’s on a softer, gentler level, but still keeps you in the game.

Racquetball Pres. Michael Pidone 520-825-2369 VP. Al Lichaa 520-606-8829 Sec/Tres. Hart Wagner 520-825-4175 Mon., Wed., Fri., 8-11 AM, Racquetball Court, AFC

The monsoons are upon us. So all you golfers, pickleball players, tennis and POP players, get out of the rain and come join us in the nice air-conditioned racquetball court. Hey ladies, with many members out of town, now is a perfect time to come and join us. We would like to wish our families who are experiencing illness and injury a speedy recovery.

Table Tennis Co-Chairs, Ruth Mayer 520-818-0066 Francie Galbraith 520-447-5834

We have play at all levels of ability and welcome new players. If you have not played for a few years, we will help you get back your game with some instruction. It is a great way to keep fit and flexible. Tables are at Catalina Vista and paddles and balls are available. Hours of Club Play

Women Men/Women Open Play Open Club Play

Tue., 1:30-3:30 PM Tue., 5-8 PM; Thu., 5:30-8:30 PM Fri., 4-8 PM Sat., 9 AM-Noon


August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Tennis Pres. Larry Wall 248-701-1044 Treas. Bill Hasselbach 520-260-7614 Men's tennis, Tue., Thu., Sat., 7-11 AM, Al Burdi 520-818-3516 Ladies tennis, Mon., Wed., Fri., 7-11 AM, Jane Leonard 616-847-1527 Suzanne Kellam 401-952-5911; Mixed doubles, Sun., 1-3 PM, Sally Schuneman 520-331-6543

Ladies open tennis–fun and good exercise Summer's here, the weather is hot, but tennis continues. Our club is active throughout the summer season with more seasonal hours. The board does not meet again until October but we're thinking about and planning future events for our active club. Come on down and sweat a little. Have a great summer.

Wallyball and Water Volleyball Pres. Wallyball Rep. Rich Hoskins 520-825-0614 Vice Pres. Water Volleyball Rep. Brian Goff 520-825-7232 Recreational Water Volleyball: Sun. and Thu., 1-3 PM, Desert Oasis/Pool Competitive Water Volleyball: Mon., 1-3 PM, Desert Oasis/Pool Wallyball: Tue. and Fri., 1-3 PM, AFC/Racquetball Court

Come on in, the water is fine. Whether recreational or competitive, water volleyball is a great way to get exercise while having fun. If you are curious, wallyball is volleyball played on a racquetball court. Using the walls makes for some interesting shots. New members are always welcome. May the volleys be long and the games close.


Day Trippers Chair Warren Cuthbert 520-818-1282 Vice-Chair Laura Suchocki 520-612-7226 Membership Carol Guibert and Barbara Phillips Second Fri., 9 AM, Activity Center/Navajo

Tue., Aug. 14, Annual Barbecue with Bubb's Grubb, 2-5 PM, Auditorium. Entertainment by Ivan Denis. Cost is $18pp. Laura Suchocki, 520-612-7226. Sun., Sep. 9, Brunch and Brew. Brunch at Teaspoon restaurant and then tours of Hamilton Distillery and Dragoon brewery. Limit 40 people. Cost is $77 pp. Carol Guibert, 520-404-1462. Sun.-Wed, Sep. 16-19. Rainbow Bridge trip. Tour of Petrified Forest, Meteor Crater and Rainbow Bridge Charter. Cost is $777 for single, $1,144 for double ($572 pp), Laura Suchocki, 520-612-7226. Oct, 2018 - Kitt Peak Nov, 2018 - Barrio Tour, Tucson Be sure to bring your checkbook to every meeting.

RV Club - Sundowners Bill Hale 503-222-7000 Brad Taylor 520-989-0504

Interested in RV’ing for the first time or taking it up again now that you’ve retired? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know who to ask? Don’t know who to trust for honest answers? If you are contemplating an RV purchase or already own one, join us as a club guest Monday, October 8, at our first meeting of the season and test drive the SCOV Sundowners RV Club. You’ll be happy you did, because things are changing fast in the world of RV’ing. We are a large group of very friendly people with years of combined experience and knowledge. We love sharing RV stories, good and bad, and this is the perfect meeting to hear some of our summer antics. Members: Remember to check the Members Only portion of our website often for updated trip reports with pictures and important club information. Nonmembers: See the Public View portion at the above URL for a tiny peek at what our club is all about. Call or email Bill or Brad at the above for an invitation to our next general meeting on October 8. We hope to see you there.

Town of Oro Valley Photo by Wayne Widener

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018

At the August 28, 2018 Primary Election, Oro Valley voters will decide on Prop. 462, the Local Alternative Expenditure Limitation Option, also known as Home Rule. Home Rule is not an increase or decrease in tax rates. Funding estimates are based on existing income sources. A yes vote would allow Oro Valley to continue to set its own budget spending limits locally via the budget adoption process. A no vote would limit the Town expenditures to the Stateimposed formula limit, resulting in a 70% reduction in services. Learn more at For voter information, visit or call 520-724-4330.


Partnered Organizations The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations. SCOV does not sponsor, support, assume responsibility or liability for the information.

AA Cora S. 520-539-7147 Mon., 12:30 PM, Artisan Center/Stained Glass Kevin D. 708-732-2943 Tue., 7 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Survivors of a loved one who died by suicide have unique grief issues and struggles. It is helpful to talk with others who get it.

Learn the basics of the disease and how to live with it.

Cancer Support Group Facilitator: Laura Held 520-447-5170 First Wed., 4:15-5:15 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Room

The focus of this group will be on present feelings and responses to pre-, current, and post-cancer. Laura M. Held, a retired oncology nurse, cancer survivor, and SCOV resident will facilitate the group. August meeting will take place Wednesday, August 15.

Facilitator Jane Holder Contact Ester Leutenberg 520-818-0016 First and Third Fri., 2-3 PM, Catalina Vista

If you are caring for a partner, child, parent or any other loved one, this support group will allow you to share with other like-minded people in a safe environment. What is said in this group, stays with this group.

Catalina Public Library Art Lovers Book Club SCOV Library and Saddlebrooke Library are co-sponsoring an Art Lover's Book Club which meets from 10:30 AMNoon the second Friday of each month. While it normally meets at Dewhirst Catalina Public Library, 15631 N. Oracle Rd., Catalina, for the month of October only it will meet at the Oro Valley Public Library, 1305 W. Naranja Dr., Oro Valley. On Friday, October 12, we will be discussing Clara and Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland. It is available at all three libraries. Upcoming titles will be announced at the meeting. We hope you will join us.

Grief Support Group Ester Leutenberg 520-818-0016 First Tue., 2-3 PM

This grief support group is for anyone who is grieving any type of loss. Call Ester for more information.


Vistoso Helpful Hands Barb McNeill 520-825-0677

Many of our seasonal residents are gone, but some folks here still need assistance. VHH needs more dispatchers, someone to carry the cell phone for a few days every month, so that we can respond to residents who need short-term help. You select the days and take the cell with you, wherever you go. We don’t get a lot of calls, but if you can volunteer, contact Barb. Training is provided. You might be the one in the future needing help. For VHH assistance, call 520-447-0077. If we do not answer, leave your name and number for a call back.

Wheels for Kids Dick Swain 920-217-2610 or Tom Terfehr 520-789-7243

Caregivers’ Support Group


We will not meet in August. If you want to stay involved there are Get Out meetings on the first Wednesday every month at Scordato's Pizza, 4911 N. Stone, and it is sponsored by PMD Alliance. Call PMD Alliance for information at 1-800-256-0966. Meetings start again in September.

Survivors of a Loved One Who Died By Suicide Contact Ester Leutenberg 520-818-0016

Alzheimer’s Education and Support Group Cecelia Ortiz 661-972-2639 Last Tue., 4 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Parkinson’s Support Payton Davies 520-825-5352 Third Wed., Oct.-May, 10:30 AM-Noon, Desert Springs

Wheels for Kids is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to providing rehabbed bicycles for kids in need in the Tucson area. To date, we’ve provided over 2,200 bikes to various other 501(c)(3) charities who then distribute the bikes to their clients. Some of our partner organizations are Youth on Their Own, El Grupo, Refugee Focus and Tucson Boys and Girls Club. Wheels for Kids is a total volunteer effort, and we need mechanics. If you are interested, we’ll train you. Visit our website for more information and how to donate bikes or financial support. Help kids experience the same joy you had when you got your first bike.

YOTO/Northwest Auxiliary Kris Cohen 520-818-2582 Won't you join us in positively impacting Tucson's future? Your gift to Youth On Their Own will support over 1,700 homeless and at-risk youth who are struggling to stay in school. It is not too late to donate school supplies, personal care items or checks made out to YOTO for the Back to School campaign to help the students YOTO serves get ready for the fall term. Bring all donations to the collection site in the Activity Center on Mondays, August 6 or August 13, between 9-11 AM or drop off gifts in The Gaslight Music Hall lobby through October 1, 10 AM-8 PM.

Join our Facebook group Sun City Oro Valley


August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Extended Community Arizona Historical Society Arizona Pathfinders, a volunteer group of the Arizona Historical Society, is conducting a five-day tour, September 2529, to the Sacramento Mountain area in New Mexico. Travel is by luxury coach, and the cost is $959 per person doubleoccupancy. Visit the White Sands Missile Range Museum, the Mescalero Apache Reservation, the Roswell UFO Museum, the Hubbard Museum of the American West as well as Fort Stanton, the Lincoln State Museum and much more. Additional information: Bob Stuart at 520-825-4239 or Catalina State Park Concert Series Music in the Mountains Concert Series holds one concert each month during the summer. Join us at Catalina State Park Saturday, August 4, 6:30 PM, and enjoy Western music performed by Bill Ganz. All-day admission to the park is $7 per vehicle (up to four adults) and includes the concert.

Trichocereus flowers by Kathy Gross

Oro Valley Historical Society SCOV resident Jim Williams will present a talk on "Early Settlers of Catalina State Park" at the Oro Valley Library on Wednesday, August 22, 2 PM. The event is sponsored by the Oro Valley Historical Society and is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Jim at 520-818-2226.

Volunteer Opportunity Would you enjoy tutoring a child? Painted Sky Elementary School, Rancho Vistoso's neighborhood public school, is looking for volunteers (including math) to work one-to-one with students. One hour a week of your time will make the difference in a child's education. Please contact Amy Watson or 520-696-3820.

Colorful sunset observed by Shery Hester

Aluminum Can Collection Update On June 28, we completed the fiscal year with a load of 440 pounds of aluminum cans and received a check for $189.20. For the fiscal year, 4,220 pounds of aluminum cans were delivered in eight trips. For the fiscal year, we received $1,767.20 to add to Community Assistance Committee's (CAC) fund, primarily used to fund Loan Room purchases. Since July 2005, we have made 150 trips, delivered 70,612 pounds of aluminum cans, and received $41,082.78 for the CAC fund. This money has not only been used for the Loan Room, but has assisted other clubs with financial needs as well. Thanks to our June volunteers: Jim Wisda, our driver; and unloading helpers, Dave Flatness, Nate Norris and Dave Johnson. The volunteer help we have had over the last 13 years has greatly contributed to the success of this program. All of you should be proud of our achievement. This includes all of the daily sorters, those who have picked up the cans at the outlying collection areas in SCOV, as well as those that make the trips to the scrap yard. We thank all of you that have been involved in our success over the years. Pam Maddern photographed this gopher plant

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018



The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations that are neither sponsored nor supported by SCOV Community Association, Inc. SCOV assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein.

BR=Bedroom; BA=Bath; BBQ=Barbecue; N/S=No Smoking; N/P=No Pets; W/D=Washer and Dryer; LR=Living Room; DR=Dining Room; FR=Family Room; AZRM=Arizona Room; FP=Fireplace; Stainless Steel= S/S; WiFi=Wireless Internet Service. Classified Advertising $10/ad • Deadline 10th of the Month. FOR RENT: Rate reduced due to late cancellation, Aug.-Dec. 2018. Newly updated. King in master, great view of mountains and golf course. Rent this fall and have privilege for winter 2020. For pictures and pricing, call Jan at 636-357-8817 or email FOR RENT: Open plan, upgraded/expanded 1,550 sq. ft., 2 BR/2BA. King in master, queen in guest room. WiFi, tile floors, nicely furnished. Quiet, private enclosed back yard with outdoor living, BBQ, fireplace. Covered patio with fan and furniture. Resort-style living amenities of SCOV. N/S, N/P. Available all year, 3 month minimum, $3,000/month winter, $1,500/month summer. For more info and photos, FOR RENT: Updated and beautifully decorated 1,499 sq. ft. Sonoran model. LR, DR with split 2 BR/2BA. King in master and queen in guest which can serve as an office. AZRM and fully-equipped kitchen overlook patio, open desert and Catalina Mts. W/D, BBQ, utilities, cable, roku, WiFi are included. N/S, N/P. Available July 15-Dec. 31, 2018 and May 1-Dec. 2019. 1 month min. Email for info and pics or call Noreen 413-579-1729. FOR RENT: Popular expanded 1,573 sq. ft. 2 BR/2 BA Silver Creek model. Open floor plan with tile and carpet, ceiling fans in every room. Fully furnished including king in master, queen in guest, reclining couch in living room, smart TV. Includes utilities, WiFi, cable, W/D, BBQ on covered patio with ceiling fan. Fully enclosed back yard. N/S, N/P. Available Jul. thru Nov. 2018 and May thru Jun. 2019. Email or call 636-544-1706. FOR RENT: 13798 Lobelia Way, 2BR/3BA plus den, 1,900 sq. ft., newly updated, 2 master bedrooms with full baths, 1 queen and 1 king. Full views from new kitchen, living room, den and bedroom. Fresh paint and tile throughout. All utilities including cable and WiFi. $3,700/mo. Sep., Oct., Apr., May; $3,800/mo. Nov., Dec. Contact Aj, 708-363-2417 or Betty 847-494-3589. FOR RENT: Beautifully furnished 1,577 sq. ft. Cottonwood in SCOV. 2 BR/2 BA. Cable, utilities, WiFi, W/D, lg. front courtyard and fully fenced yard. Brand new flooring and appliances. Lg. back yard with firepit and grill. Available Jul. 2018 thru Dec. 2018. Prefer long term, 30-day min. Email or call 320-444-8679 (Must leave message). FOR RENT: 2 BR/2 BA furnished home on SCOV. King in master, queen in guest bedroom. DISH TV, WiFi, N/S, N/P. Covered patio with great views, golf cart included. Oct. and Nov., $2,700; Dec., $3,000. For pictures call Steve 989-578-9477 or email FOR RENT: Backs to desert with beautiful Catalina Mtn. views. Very quiet and private lot on Lobelia Way. Nicely updated 2 BR/2 BA w/den, 1,635 sq. ft., fully furnished, tile floors, granite, S/S, W/D, 2-car garage, cable, internet. Acess to all of SCOV's many amenities. Enjoy an upgraded and well-appointed home and some of the best views in SCOV. Available Jul. through Sep. 2018, $1,900/mo., Oct., $2,300/ mo., Nov-Dec., $3,500/mo. Monthly rental. N/S, N/P. Randy 402-990-7009.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

FOR RENT: Oct. 2018-2019 Jan.-through May (30 day min.) 14022 N. Trade Winds Way, in SCOV, 1,200 sq. ft. Sweeping mountain views from back yard. Large covered/ furnished patio w/ BBQ. Newly painted, updated kitchen, new appliances, furniture, linens and tableware. King in master, queen in guest room. Utilities, cable, WiFi, NP/ NS. Rates/Pic available. Contact: Margaret at FOR RENT: Available now. Beautifully furnished 3 BR/2 BA (1 king, 1 queen, 1 twin) bright, clean, open floor plan Claridge model on former model home street. Private, enclosed southern backyard with hot tub/pool, covered patio, front courtyard, mountain views, 2 car garage. Smart TV, WiFi. Discount for SCOV. Pets considered. Photos available. Call Cindy 520-955-3028. FOR RENT: New on the rental market starting January 2019. Beautifully upgraded and furnished 2BR/2½ BA, plus office, private enclosed backyard, large covered patio and spectacular Catalina mountain views. King in master; queen in guest. Includes utilities, W/D, BBQ, WiFi/cable/flat screen TV, 30-day minimum. N/S. $3,000/month. Pictures available. Contact Dale 208-660-3937. WANTED TO RENT: Retired Illinois couple with SCOV references, looking to rent 2 bedroom house in SCOV from January thru March 2019. Contact Teacupannie@aol. com or text or call Craig at 815-307-1141. VACATION HOME FOR RENT: In Breckenridge, CO. Summer or winter, sleeps 11. Discounts on long term rentals (2-plus weeks). View at evolvevacationrental. com/399588. Call Tom 720-201-3983. HOUSE WATCH: Jay's Home Watch with TLC "I'll be there for you when you're not." I water plants inside and out, check on your house at least once a day, and bring in mail, packages and newspapers. Jay Leutenberg, all-year resident. Call 520-818-0016, email BUYING: A curious collector would like to buy watches, old photos, war relics, 19th and 20th century family and estate items, antiques, jewelry, coins, silver and much more. Anything unusual or nostalgic. I like to look and love to buy. Exceptional prices paid. 520-529-2984.

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August 2018, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Sun City Oro Valley Scrapbook Resident-submitted photos.

Red yucca flowers photographed by Lisa Collins

"Care to Dance" by John Smith

Steve Holmes observed that a Broad-tailed Hummingbird built its nest high on the fence at Tennis Court #1 (circled at left), a surprising location due to the concussion from tennis ball strikes and the high temperatures reflected from the court surface. Center photo shows the mother feeding one of the two babies. At right, the babies are about ready to fledge.

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ones-Macdough WN

PROOF TIME 4/24/2018 4:55 PM NEXT RUN: SIZE:

04/27/18 3 3

TU-0008786391V01. INDD


Unique Artwork aturing Local Artists ne-of-a-kind gifts!

45 • Catalina, AZ [south of Camp Bow Wow] • 520-818-1242 • Mon-Sat 10-5 & Sun 11-3



04/2 3 3

Unique Artwork Featuring Local Artists One-of-a-kind gifts!

16701 N. Oracle Rd, Ste. 145 • Catalina, AZ [south of Camp Bow Wow] • 520-818-1242 • Mon-Sat 10-5 & Sun 11-3

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Uniqu e Artwo rk Featu ring Local Artist s One-o f-a-ki nd gifts!

16701 N. Oracle Rd, Ste. 145 • Catalina, AZ [south of Camp Bow • Mon-Sat 10-5 & Su

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Learn how to minimize risks that erode your income during retirement Get our guide to maintaining financial health and independence in retirement. Contact us at 520.751.4300 for a free copy. Horizon Financial Group, L.L.C. 7490 N. La Cholla Blvd. | Tucson, AZ 85741 local 520.751.4300 | fax 520.751.6340

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Oh the joy of doing anything but dishes. It’s More Than Retirement. It’s Five-Star Fun. 10701 N. La Reserve Drive • Oro Valley • (520) 314-5141 • Assisted Living Services Available

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A little help. A big difference. Assisted living services that are about the whole family and the whole YOU. But the best part? No matter if you need a little help or a lot, the difference you’ll feel will be amazing. Please call Amber Lights to schedule your complimentary lunch and tour.

I n de p e n de n t & A s s i s t e d L i v i ng 6231 N. Montebella Road Tucson, AZ • 520.395.9616 Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, August 2018, Page 37

Hillman & Shelby Law, Ltd. Sun City Oro Valley Office New Location! 1846 E. Innovation Park Rd. Main Number

Free Consultation

Two Gals And A Bucket Specializing in Cleaning

Estate Planning Wills & Trusts Probate Taxation Trust Administration

On the Sun City Consumer Referral List Pet Friendly Residential & Commercial Bonded & Insured Maria Glenn 520-484-3986


We now accept credit card payments.

L & M Custom Painting & Tile Exterior Painting Special $1,500

Residential Tile Specialists

(up to 1,600 sq. ft. ) Offer good through August 31, 2018

Interior Painting Package 20% off Offer good through August 31, 2018

5 year Warranty ROC #258012 Premium Paint Licensed Bonded Insured We accept all major credit cards

869-9229 Victor Martinez

991-9933 Leo Martinez

Custom installs of all types of tile in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Specializing in home flooring, kitchen counter tops, backsplashes and showers.

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ROC #300427 ROC# 032524

Beat the Heat! IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR! Special!

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• Clean Air Filter • Service Condensation Drain Line • Clean O/D Condenser Coil • Check Compressor Operation • Check Motor Operations • Check Refrigerant Levels • Tighten Electrical Connections


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Estate Planning Probate Trusts & Wills Trust Administration Planning ahead to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property

Kathy Cleere, J.D. Robert F. Cleere, L.L.B. 10445 N. Oracle Road, Ste. 141 Oro Valley, AZ 85737 520-219-9733

Call 917-8065

It matters who you see. Call for appointments.


5599 N. Oracle Rd. Between Orange Grove and River Rd. 10425 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 135


Interior a Exterior Painting a Licensed Bonded Insured a Serving Sun City Oro Valley since 1997. a Epoxy drive ways, walkways and garage floors. a Roof coat on flat roofs. a All work warranted.

Registered with your Consumer Referral at Sun City Oro Valley

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400-1591 ROC 160023

JENNIFER & MATT TEAM Your Sun City Realtors Please Call Us Today!

Buying or Selling in Sun City? Expert Help Is Right Here! Jennifer Shuffelbottom Matt Shuffelbottom REALTOR®


(520) 262-1785

Thanks Sun City for 25+ Years of Continued Support It’s Tax Time. Need an IRA or Umbrella?


Winner of Arizona Daily Star Reader’s Choice Best Homeowner Insurance Agent

Auto • Home • Umbrella • Golf Carts Life • Annuities • IRAs • Motorhomes

Dawn Caffall

Local Agent Specializing in Sun City

15920 N. Oracle Road - Suite 130

Catalina Pointe Centre - Right across the street from McDonalds


Sun City Oro Valley Library There’s Still Time for Summer Reading!

(520) 792-9669

Serving Sun City Oro Valley Since 1998

The Original Re-Paint Specialists We can beat any competitor’s price We want to be your painter of choice We are licensed, bonded & insured We have been in business over 25 years

Visit the SCOV Library Monday-Friday 9 AM-Noon, 1-4 PM Saturday 9 AM-Noon, Closed Sunday

1565 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd.

One Stop Shopping – We Do It All

 Exterior Specialists: Drywall  Top Quality Products & Stucco Repair That Last  Wrought Iron Fences &  We Get It Done On Time Pool Decks  Satisfaction Guaranteed  Free Estimates

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F&S Home Services No job too small or too big

Frank Soto

Master Craftsman

Not Licensed Contractor

Home Repair, Remodeling & Restoration Painting, Plumbing, Drywall (520)-861-2657 Electrical, Concrete & Tile

New Hours at The Views Restaurant New Hours of Operation Dining Room and Patio: Lounge and Terrace:

Daily, 7 AM-8 PM Monday-Thursday, 10 AM-8 PM Friday-Sunday, 7 AM-8 PM

Meal Periods Monday-Saturday: Sunday: Happy Hour:

Breakfast, 7-11 AM Lunch and Dinner, 11 AM-8 PM Limited all day menu for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner All dining areas, Daily, 3-6 PM

See the Daily Specials on the Calendar Insert in This Tipster.

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Tipster April 2018


...It’s a Lifest

Living More Than

Thursday, y Session, BOD Stud 12, 9 AM, WC3 April and day, ting, Tues BOD Mee 9 AM, WC3 24, il Apr


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Tipster June 2018

It’s More Than Living...It’s

a Lifestyle!

BOD Meeting, Thursday, June 14, 9 AM, WC3


Photo by

It’s More Than

Living...It’s a Lifestyle



Heinz Hipp

March 2018

BOD Study Sessio n, Thursday, March 8, 9 AM, WC3 and BOD Meeting, Tuesday, March 27, 9 AM, WC3

470 W. Roger Road, #108 Tucson, AZ 85705

Free In-Home Estimates Free Installation We Do Repairs

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790-6180 ROC 218701

Photo by Shery

l Hester

Fred Swiderski R E A L T O R®

Residential Brokerage

Have buyer for view lot. Ready to sell? Call me.





1091 E. Balmoral Pl. Beautiful Crescent Model

Choose an Award-Winning Realtor®:

• Coldwell Banker International Diamond Society Award for 2016 • #1 Agent for 2016 Coldwell Banker Oro Valley/Marana Office

1148 E. Royal Oak Dr. Beautiful Crescent Model


11165 N. La Canada Dr. #175•Oro Valley, AZ 85737

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In Home Caregiving Services

Let Us Care For You! Your Neighborhood HomeCare Choice!

ExcEptional SErvicE no ExcEptionS. Some people think that choosing a modest memorial means sacrificing service. Our commitment to excellent service allows us to say that no matter what kind of a memorial you have in mind, we’ll provide you with the best service available, bar none.

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Locally Owned & Operated


1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd., Ste. 155 • Oro Valley, Arizona 85755

Save up to $1,500 on Qualifying Lennox Systems. Up to $1,500 Manufacturer’s Rebate. Call for details. FREE ESTIMATE.

Free 20 point A/C Tune-Up

Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 8/31/18. $150 Value

FREE Service Call or Second Opinion Available 24/7 With repair. See dealer for details.




520-544-KOOL (5665)

ROC # 078915,078945 Offer expires . Winner of the BBB Customer Excellence Award & Angie's List Super Service Award Certified Duct Diagnostics & Sealing "We're Better By A Big Degree"

Follow Us

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*Specific Extended Warranty coverage options and certain exclusions are stated in the Lennox CompleteCare Plus™ Warranty certificate and Customer Application. **Specific Extended Warranty coverage options and certain exclusions are stated in the Lennox CompleteCare Plus™ Warranty certificate and Customer Application. © 2018 Lennox Industries Inc. Lennox Dealers include independently owned and operated businesses. One offer per qualifying purchase.

BETTY J. WHITE Associate Broker

YOUR LOCAL TEAM For Buying or Selling Real Estate Roger Angeloni Associate Broker


(520) 825-8677 (520) 275-6654 15250 N. Oracle Rd., #110 Tucson, AZ 85739

Allie Angeloni Realtor® Team Angeloni Long Realty Company Website Address

Email Addresses Roger’s Cell (520) 989-1583 Allie’s Cell (520) 989-1584

Sun City Residents Knowledgeable Hard Working

Honest Experienced Trustworthy

Schedule your free home evaluation today.

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August 2018 Sun City Oro Valley Tipster  

Community newsletter of Sun City Oro Valley, Arizona Community Association.

August 2018 Sun City Oro Valley Tipster  

Community newsletter of Sun City Oro Valley, Arizona Community Association.