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provide project ideas. Please come by and view our display window next to the Wood Shop in the Artisan Center and drop in on Saturday mornings. Members, remember to pay your $10 annual dues.

Woodworking Pres. Bill Bable 248-231-2829, VP: Chris Schatzman 504-470-6075 Sec. Colin Kaltenbach, Treas. Nancy Njaa

Our club continues to be busy and many woodworkers enjoy working on multiple different projects from the novice to the expert worker. Come join us and enjoy woodworking. We have an amazing club and awesome fellow woodworkers.

Continuing Education Astronomy Pres. Allan Mashburn 435-219-0042 Oct.-May, Third Thu., 7 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

Thursday, April 18, Dr. Glenn Schneider from the U of A Steward Observatory, will teach us how his team, using spectrometers and various scientific instruments, searches for habitable planets. Habitable planets, circulating distance stars, can be identified as not being too hot or cold and have the necessary chemical make-up to substantially support life. The Kepler telescope ran out of fuel in October and was an important tool in astronomical planet research. Astronomers are looking forward to NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope due to launch in 2021. The question is no longer, is there life beyond Earth? It’s a pretty sure bet there is. The question is, how do we find it? Today we have confirmed 4,000 exoplanets. There are more planets than stars. There are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way alone and at least 25 billion places that life could take hold and our galaxy is one among trillions. Stargazing party Thursday, April 11.

Bible Men’s Bible Study

Jerry Anderson 520-638-6586, Rick Thomas 520-591-0475 Oct.-May, Tue., 7:30 AM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

Spring is here. Join us in our study of 2nd John and 3rd John as well as the book of Jude. As men of faith, we feel it an honor to study God’s Word and grow in discipleship together. We welcome you to bring your own experiences and biblical insights into the discussions we enjoy so much. Many of our members take the opportunity to have breakfast at The Views Restaurant directly after the study. What’s not to like? Precept Women’s Bible Study

Pres. Linda Miller 520-818-2716 Sec. Faith Heitmann 208-750-5886 Oct.-Apr., Wed., 9 AM, WC3

We continue to meet on Wednesday, 9 AM, WC3. In this new study of “Precepts-Romans Part 1,” we will be discussing Paul’s gospel of salvation for all mankind. Shirley Brown is our facilitator. Come and join us .We welcome new members.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Great Books Pres. Barbara Gates 520-825-7645 V.P. Connie Armstrong 520-544-7723 Oct.-May, First and Third Wed., 2 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

In our club we read and discuss selections of thoughtprovoking works of literature presented in anthologies by the Great Books Foundation. We offer great conversations about great ideas. We are reading selections from Great Conversations1, the first in a series of anthologies intended for those who value the lively pleasure of discussing ideas. Hopefully the readings will challenge your assumptions and spark debate. The book can be purchased from Amazon or The Great Books Foundation. Wednesday, April 3, we will read “Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Wednesday, April 17, we will read “Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking” by Walt Whitman. After April, the Great Books Club will not meet again until next fall, on October 3. We welcome all SCOV residents.

SCOV Book Club Pres. Glenda Jackson 925-640-7312 Contact: Cynthia Kartman 414-732-3063 First Mon., 1:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

In April we will discuss The Darkest Child, the debut novel of Delores Philips. In 1958 Georgia, thirteen year old Tangy Mae Quinn, the sixth of 10 fatherless siblings, must break free from her violent home to forge a better life for herself. Our May book is Last Bus to Wisdom by Ivan Doig. A third generation Montanan and the author of many critically acclaimed books, Doig died in 2015. Last Bus to Wisdom, his final novel, is a touching and raucous coming of age tale set in the 1950’s based loosely on his own youth.

Computer - Vistoso Computer Society (VCS) Membership David Johnson 520-825-6994 Pres. Leo Belardinelli 520-989-9314 General Meetings, Nov.-Mar., Second Mon., 1 PM, Auditorium Help session: call 520-329-7661 for an appointment

The VCS general meeting session is now closed for the 2019 year, so there will not be a general meeting in April. General meetings will start again in November. There will also be no scheduled help sessions until fall. However, computer help is always available by calling the VCS help line 520-329-7661 and setting up an appointment. April classes are available per the schedule below Membership is required for all classes, help sessions, assistance from other computer club members and ListServ, an online bulletin board. To join, see the club’s website. Dues for 2019-2020 are $10/household and can be paid by sending a check payable to VCS, along with an application form to Dave Johnson, 2427 Nasturtium St. Applications are available outside the Learning Center in the Welcome Center or on the club website. Renewing members do not need to complete an application form if personal information has not changed. Used toner and ink cartridges can be deposited in the basket provided outside the Computer Learning Center for recycling. Classes for April Class Name Date Time Windows 10 (Bring your computers) 1 Session Wed., Apr. 10 10 AM-Noon Leo Belardinelli


April 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

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Sun City Oro Valley Tipster April 2019  

Community magazine of Sun City Oro Valley community association.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster April 2019  

Community magazine of Sun City Oro Valley community association.