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It’s More Than Living...It’s a Lifestyle!

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Tipster June 2020

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Board of Directors

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Email address for BOD members, GM & Assistant Manager: directors@suncityorovalley.com

Joy Huxtable, jhuxtablescov@gmail.com..........................................................President Jim Mitchell, jmitchscov@gmail.com.........................................................Vice President Christine Ludwig, cludwigscov@gmail.com.......................................................Secretary Howard Schulz, howardschulzscov@gmail.com.................................................Treasurer Lou Gard, lougard789@gmail.com.................................................................... Director Ronna Heinig, scov.ronna.heinig@gmail.com..................................................... Director Terry McFadden, tmcfadden2020@comcast.net................................................. Director Management Team (area code 520) Mark Wade, mwade@suncityorovalley.com.......................... General Manager, 917-8080 Robin Coulter, rcoulter@suncityorovalley.com ......Assistant General Manager, 917-8070 Mary Cunningham, scvcam@suncityorovalley.com......Com. Area Maint. Supt., 917-8059 Aalt Brouwer, abrouwer@suncityorovalley.com....... Food & Beverage Director, 917-8074 Michael Kropf, scvgolf@suncityorovalley.com.......Golf Course Superintendent, 917-8063 Rick Price, rprice@theviewsgolfclub.com................................Director of Golf, 917-8086 Ken Sandrock, ksandrock@suncityorovalley.com.....................Facilities Supt., 917-8078 Pam Sarpalius, psarpalius@suncityorovalley.com................Program Director, 917-8077 Randy Trenary, rtrenary@suncityorovalley.com.............................. Controller, 917-8060 Support Team Monica Clark, mclark@suncityorovalley.com........................ Administrative Coordinator, 917-8082 Kate Cusumano, kcusumano@suncityorovalley.com......................................... Librarian, 917-8083 Lonnie Davis, ldavis@suncityorovalley.com.........................................Fitness Supervisor, 917-8073 Marsha Dean, mdean@suncityorovalley.com..................... Communications Coordinator, 917-8069 Julie Foerster, jfoerster@suncityorovalley.com.....................................Human Resources, 917-8061 Angela Hong, ahong@suncityorovalley.com....................................Accounting Assistant, 917-8062 Karen Loffredo, kloffredo@suncityorovalley.com..........Community Services Coordinator, 917-8087 Katy Mosier, kmosier@suncityorovalley.com.................Community Services Coordinator, 917-8058 Lisa Orach, lorach@suncityorovalley.com............................. Administrative Coordinator, 917-8065 Errick Owens, eowens@suncityorovalley.com...................................Restaurant Manager, 825-3277 Kathy Peabody, kpeabody@suncityorovalley.com.... Marketing & Technology Coordinator, 917-8068 Coco Sullivan, csullivan@suncityorovalley.com.............................. Facilities Coordinator, 917-8072 Monitor - Activity Center................................................................................................... 917-8066 Monitor - Aquatic & Fitness Center.....................................................................................917-8067

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Mon.-Fri. .......................................................................................... 7 AM-9 PM Sat. .................................................................................................9 AM-8 PM Sun. ................................................................................................9 AM-6 PM Pool .Mon.-Fri......................................................................................7 AM-8:30 PM Sat..............................................................................................9 AM-7:30 PM Sun.............................................................................................9 AM-5:30 PM Children’s Hours: ............................................ Daily Noon-4 PM Except see below .Except Sun., Mon. and Thu. ............................................ Noon-1 PM and 3-4 PM Water volleyball on Sun., Mon. and Thu. ............................................1 PM-3 PM

Gift Shop of Sun City......................................... 917-8051

May 1-15 ........................................Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-4 PM; Sat., 9 AM-12:30 PM May 18-30................................................................ Mon.-Sat., 9 AM-12:30 PM Golf Course Walking........................... See website for current times


Mon.-Fri. ............................................................................. 9 AM-Noon, 1-4 PM Sat................................................................................................... 9 AM-Noon

Loan Room - Community Assistance­ Loan Room at Cart Barn Hours: Tue. and Thu. only.......................................8-9 AM Pro Shop.............................................................825-3110 Golf Info Line................................................ 825-0322

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If you encounter something in the common areas or golf course needing immediate attention (e.g. broken irrigation) and the Administration Office is closed, please report the issue to a building monitor. However, if a situation like this occurs after all the buildings are closed, please contact the emergency line.

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Association News

From The Board of Directors Our mission as the SCOV Board is to lead in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Sun City Oro Valley as an active adult community. All Board minutes, agendas and reports are available online and in the SCOV Library. Board meetings are open to residents.

Board of Directors jhuxtablescov@gmail.com

What Will Be Our New Normal? by Joy Huxtable In the past few months, we all heard the expression “our new normal.” With our SCOV facilities closed and many business and activities in the greater Tucson area shutdown, we were forced to adapt to a new lifestyle of social distancing and, for many people, sheltering in place. Zoom meetings became the new norm for Board and committee meetings. Many of us were disappointed when long-planned social events or trips were cancelled. We missed going out to our favorite restaurants, sporting events and the movie theater. Soon we started focusing on our quest to find a store that had TP, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer. How many of you watched YouTube videos on how to make your own face mask? We developed very dry hands from numerous washings. You may have ended up with an interesting hairstyle after attempting to cut your own hair. While there were many outdoor activities we could still participate in, e.g., golf, tennis, pickleball, walking/hiking and biking, we really missed meeting our friends for happy hours or karaoke night at The Views Restaurant, playing cards with friends, working out at the AFC, or spending time creating works of art in the Artisan Center. If you were like me, you used some of your at-home time cleaning out closets and drawers, purging paperwork and organizing family photos and memorabilia that had languished in boxes for years. The closure of our facilities, approved by your Board of Directors and implemented by management, was based upon an abundance of caution given our more vulnerable community. Some people were not happy with the decision. They felt it was too restrictive, while others didn’t think we had done enough. However, I think we can all agree that this worldwide pandemic has been a battle with a new, invisible enemy. There is no cure nor viable vaccine against this virus yet. Like many other states, our Governor authorized a gradual reopening of Arizona businesses beginning in early May. As I write this to meet the publishing deadline, the SCOV Board of Directors is scheduled to meet in late May to discuss the

What’s Inside

Association News............................ 3 Association Committees................. 7 Golf.................................................. 9 Coming Events.............................. 11 Workshops and Classes................. 11 For Your Information..................... 12 Memoriam..................................... 12

timing and safety measures needed to reopen our facilities. Whatever is decided, it won’t be “business as usual.” We will need to adapt to new procedures when gathering for club and committee meetings, or when using SCOV facilities like the gym or pool. To help protect the health of our residents and staff, we all need to cooperate and be flexible. Maintaining safe social distancing and wearing masks and gloves may be part of our new normal. Nobody knows what to expect in the coming months. We are all hopeful that we can eventually return to our usual activities and lifestyle. One thing I know for sure, our community is resilient and we will get through this together.

General Manager - Mark Wade mwade@suncityorovalley.com 520-917-8080

Being Cooped Up: Very Good or Very Bad? We’ve seen so much good service being performed by the residents of SCOV. Many have worked long and hard hours to sew face masks not only for the frontline health care workers at our local hospitals, but also for our residents. I know that staff have handed out over 750 of these masks to residents. Some residents have donated to help staff who have lost hours due to the shutdown. Volunteers have assisted residents in other ways as well. Reports from the Community Assistance Commiitee (CAC) Loan Room seem to indicate that many of those staying at home have decided to spend their time trying out new forms of exercise. As a result, more than 20 calls have come in because of unexpected injuries. All requests for medical items have been handled by appointment. Gay Russell, CAC Chair, ventured an opinion that it’s counterproductive to take up extreme sports just because you’re bored, and that maybe we should stick with walking, chair exercises or something benign until medical equipment is easier to obtain. So far, all requests for medical items have been met by appointment with either Gay Russell or Carolyn Carson. SCOV is fortunate to have this service available and volunteers willing to meet demands for items in these unusual times. At the time of this writing, our conditions are very fluid. The Governor just announced that pools and gyms are able to reopen, but at the same time said that those who are vulnerable should stay home. Nearly all of our residents fall into that category. I’m sure by the time this is published in a couple of weeks, there will be more changes. I received an email from a resident who noted that they liked the comment of our Board President, Joy Huxtable, when Joy said, “This too shall pass.” This resident said that is better than, “You too shall pass.” Stay safe, well and make good choices my friends.

Clubs............................................. 12 Arts, Crafts & Hobbies............... 12 Continuing Education................. 16 Cultural & Social......................... 17 Dance......................................... 19 Exercise...................................... 22 Games........................................ 23

Music.......................................... 24 Sports......................................... 25 Travel.......................................... 27 Partnered Organizations............... 27 Extended Community................... 28 Volunteer Opportunity.................. 28 Photo Scrapbook........................... 29 Classifieds...................................... 30

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020, Page 3

It’s More Than Living... It’s A Lifestyle! Phasing-in Reopening


t a special Board of Directors meeting held by video conference on May 21, the Board voted on a phased-in plan for reopening SCOV facilities and activities. Following is information from that meeting summarized by Board President, Joy Huxtable. SCOV management is tracking CDC, State and County guidelines and advising the Board on procedures we need to have in place before we can safely reopen. So far as we know, COVID-19 has not been reported in our community yet. To keep it that way, the Board and management believe we need to move forward with reopening our facilities in a thoughtful, safe, conservative manner. To that end, your Board of Directors discussed and voted to approve the following policies and guidelines for reopening our community.

safety procedures. • Approximately June 16-20 reopen the AFC pool once repairs are completed. Safety restrictions will be in place. Again management and staff will work out the specific details which will be announced through normal communication channels. • The spa will remain closed until guidelines and safety procedures can be determined.

Phase 3-Effective July 1st • Evaluate how well Phase 1 and 2 openings have worked. Make modification as needed to comply with the latest guidelines from the CDC, the State and the County. • Reopen additional clubs once their proposed safety guidePhase 1-Effective June 1st lines have been re• Reopen the Library with viewed, modified, as online reserving of maneeded and approved terials and outside pickby management. Club up & return. Manageleadership must help ment and staff will work ensure compliance out the specific details with the safety procewhich will be announced dures. on the Website, via • Reopen the Fitness TWISCOV and other ofCenter/Gym with safeficial means. ty procedures in place. Librarian Kate Cusumano (left) and Program Director Pam Sarpalius (right) coordinated • Reopen The Views Res- the distribution of facemasks to community members. Masks were sewn by volunteers from Note: Until further notice, taurant to patio and ter- the community who also donated large numbers of masks to local healthcare providers guests and non-residents race dining only with resmay not use SCOV facilities. ervations required. Take-out service will continue. Committees who are scheduled to meet during the sum• Reopen the Desert Oasis pool, limiting the number of mer will continue to do so via video conferencing to comply people and their time in the pool. Again management with open meeting requirements. and staff will work out the specific details which will be Dance clubs and exercise groups who wish to organize announced through normal communication channels. outdoor dances or exercise classes should send their pro• The Bocce Club can resume play when their submitted posals to the General Manager for approval. Safe social dissafety guidelines are approved by management. The tancing is required. Bocce Club leadership agreed to notify its members and The Board understands that not everyone will be happy help ensure compliance with safety procedures. with the decisions made regarding reopening SCOV facilities. When we shut down our facilities back in March, we Phase 2-Effective approximately June 15th • Reopen The Views Restaurant for inside dining further all agreed we were in uncharted waters and would learn reducing the number of tables and ensuring other safety to navigate the best we could. Now that we have a plan to slowly reopen our facilities, we would appreciate your guidelines are in place. • Reopen some clubs who have provided reasonable patience, understanding and cooperation. This is all about safety guidelines to management; guidelines may be getting us active again; however, doing so in a manner that modified by staff, as needed. Management will no- also considers staff safety and the needs of those in the tify the clubs in writing as to when they may reopen. community who are most vulnerable. Club leadership must help ensure compliance with the


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Asst. General Manager - Robin Coulter rcoulter@suncityorovalley.com 520-917-8070 Annual Mailing Details The annual dues invoice was mailed at the beginning of June. Included in this year’s mailing is a letter from our General Manager, an Annual Budget Summary & General Information, annual dues invoice ($2,075), dues payment options, golf information, how to register your golf cart, service days by unit for waste/recycling pickups and a listing of the changes in the governing documents made this year. The annual dues of $2,075 includes the annual fee of $134.40 for waste and recycling services. The list of governing document changes is new this year and covers issues on which the community voted, changes in the Development Standards recommended by the Architectural Review Committee and approved by the Board, and Board policies. All the governing documents are available on our website under Members/Documents. If by June 8 you have not received your invoice, please contact the Administration Office 520-825-3711.

Program/Facilities Director - Pam Sarpalius psarpalius@suncityorovalley.com 520-917-8077 Not Much News At the time of this writing, little is known as to when SCOV facilities will reopen. What I do know is that I am seeing a community coming together. As of early May, we have handed out over 800 face masks that were sewn by caring residents who put in hours of work to not only have masks for SCOV, but thousands were made and given to local hospitals. I see sidewalks filled with chalk drawings and messages of hope. I see residents having driveway happy hours, allowing them to get out and see neighbors and also check on them. Our restaurant has had great reviews for having take-out food to give us a break from cooking. The golf course has allowed many to be active. All in all, while SCOV has curbed activities, it remains a great place to live.

Community Services - Katy Mosier Office Hours Mon.-Fri., 9-11 AM, Welcome Center kmosier@suncityorovalley.com 520-917-8058 Making Changes to the Exterior of Your Home During this period of social distancing and closure, you can repaint your house, replace your roof with approved tiles, have your roof lifted and re-laid, install flatwork such as pavers, replace your garage door, make changes to exterior lighting, have your driveway coated, install solar tubes and window bug screens. These are all in-house approvals which can be granted by filling out an In-House Submittal Form from our website and emailing it to kmosier@suncityorovalley.com. Be sure to describe the project as fully as you can and attach pictures of materials, colors, drawings, etc. There is no fee for any of these items. As a measure of safety during this pandemic, the Architectural Review Committee will not go to residents’ homes for project review. However, the ARC will grant approval for most projects if they do not require a Town of Oro Valley permit, do not change the footprint of the house (a room addition or a covered patio), are not retractable awnings or any project that requires a variance from the governing documents. Usually solar energy installations require a Town permit and ARC approval, however, they can temporarily be

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

submitted with the Town permit as an In-House Submittal. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to adhere to the governing documents which can be found on our website. To begin the process, go to: www.suncityorovalley.com/ Members/Member Services/For Your Home/Making Changes to Your House. Click on Initial ARC Submittal.

Unit # 3 4 5 7 7 9 10 10 12 12 12 17

Welcome New Neighbors – April Name From

Charlotte Ray Linda & Reagan Bell Charlotte & Ronald Shelden Monica & Michael McGee Susan Wilson Linda Mayer & Jan Rogers Marla Postal Margaret & William Smith Annette Lyons & Dennis Eggiman Janet Tinker Sylvia & Eugene Venechanos Ronald Nemec & Giovanni Tardi

Frankford, DE St. Charles, IL Castagnola, Switzerland Oro Valley, AZ Oro Valley, AZ Bridgeport CA Phoenix, AZ Appleton, WI Tucson, AZ Marana, AZ Santa Clara, CA Vail, AZ

April 2020 Housing Resale Information Resales 2020 2019

For the Month 12 22 2019 Total Sold - 191

YTD 66 69

2020: Active Listings as of 4/30/2020........................... 13 2019: Active Listings as of 4/30/2019........................... 16 Source: TARMLS®

April 2020 Average Age of New Owners:


SCOV Library - Kate Cusumano www.suncityorovalley.com/amenities-facilities/library Online catalog: https://evolveopac.infovisionsoftware.com/suncityorovalley/ kcusumano@suncityorovalley.com 520-917-8083

Last month was spent preparing for the Library’s reopening. The task I most enjoyed was shopping for items to update our collection. Many happy hours were spent gleaning information from websites, emails and social media on the on the best releases of the last couple of months, which were then ordered from Amazon. Standing orders for large print books were renewed for the next twelve months, thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Library and the Institute of Learning in Retirement (ILR). The ILR also generously funded the purchase of twenty-five new audiobooks to reinvigorate that collection. Funding from these two sources is much appreciated, as I estimate the Library lost as much as $1,800 in revenue during the time we were closed, money that would have come in from video check outs, sale items and donations. I visited RottenTomatoes.com and IMDB. com, checking ratings of new videos by viewers in our age demographic. I wonder how many of you learned how to stream movies and television shows during the crisis and will no longer check them out from us? To help you easily view newly added items, Library volunteer Garry Buck created a short video on how to sign into our database and “Browse New Items.” From there it’s easy to click on the green button to put a desired item on hold. This video is available now on the SCOV website by clicking on “Library” and scrolling down.




Statement of Revenues Expenses Results Operations Statement of Revenues & and Expenses andand thethe Results ofof Operations

Revenues: Annual H.O. Fees Capital Contribution Fee Golf Revenues Activities Revenues Restaurant Revenues Interest Income Other Income Gross Revenues



$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

290,033 30,375 178,575 39 47,231 11,849 42,828 600,930

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Asset Reserve Contribution Contingency Fund Contribution Wash Fund Contribution New Capital Acquisitions Restricted Use Revenues Net Operating Revenues Expenses: Wages & Benefits Cost of Sales Utilities Repair & Maint. Supplies & Expenses Depreciation Total Expenses

$ $ $ $ $ $

(63,830) 537,100

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

305,662 26,778 52,474 5,344 69,465 115,000 574,723

Restricted Fund Expenses Net Operating Expenses

$ $

(119,675) 455,048



Results of Operations

Above is a summary of the Revenues and Expenses and the Results of Operations for the first 10 months of the 2019-2020 fiscal year. A copy of the report in greater detail can be found on our website www.suncityorovalley.com. Login after hovering over the Members tab and selecting Financials. At this page you will find the monthly Financial Statements as well as the Annual Budget for the current Fiscal Year and a copy of the Annual Budget for the coming year.


10 Months 2019-2020

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

4,084,934 325,272 1,651,451 138,624 1,125,156 171,091 416,097 7,912,625


$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

4,084,934 357,642 1,510,564 160,968 1,075,700 38,334 297,556 7,525,698

$ (1,120,000) $ $ (25,000) $ (34,886) $ (642,290) $ 6,090,449

$ $ $ $ $ $

(1,120,000) (25,000) (39,600) (429,907) 5,911,191

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

3,204,877 662,830 718,521 102,026 1,058,010 1,150,000 6,896,264

$ (1,189,994) $ 5,902,880

$ $

(1,150,000) 5,746,264



3,320,632 697,982 708,010 99,067 1,117,183 1,150,000 7,092,874



If you are interested in more information regarding the Community’s finances, we encourage you to attend the Finance-Budget Committee meeting which will be held Monday, July 27, 1:30 PM, WC3. If COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, there will be a virtual meeting conducted via Zoom, and the meeting ID will be made available to the community. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 917-8060, or email me at rtrenary@suncityorovalley.com. Randy Trenary, Controller

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Recreation and Fitness - Lonnie Davis ldavis@suncityorovalley.com 520-917-8073 Staying Hydrated Tidbits Don’t get thirsty: drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day. On hot days or heavy exertion days, increase water intake. Listen to your body; if you feel you need more, drink more. Eat your water; many fruits are a great source of both electrolytes and fluids. Cucumbers, oranges and watermelon make for great options. Beware of alcohol; alcoholic beverages can lead to additional fluid losses; for every alcoholic drink have one non-alcohol. Coconut water is very low in calories and has a host of vitamins and minerals. It contains many essential electrolytes to help replenish your body Special Note From the Aquatic and Fitness Center (AFC) Once we have reopened, orientation on how to use the gym equipment will be held every Thursday, 1 PM, so stop in and sign up. Contact Lonnie Davis, AFC Coordinator, to discuss questions or problems with the AFC. AFC and Desert Oasis: See Hours of Operation on page 2. Tuesday, June 9, the AFC spa will be closed for cleaning and shock treatment (pool is closed for resurfacing). It will reopen the following morning at the regular time. Wednesday, June 10, the Desert Oasis pool will be closed for cleaning and shock treatment and reopen the following morning at the regular time.

A Word About the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak Buildings are closed and meetings and events in SCOV are cancelled due to the virus. Check with your committee or club prior to attending any function.

Association Committees Active Health Chair Rita Menet 920-659-1428 rita.menet@gmail.com

LifeLine-Phillips, www.lifeline.philips.com/resources/ blog/2018/07/14-exercises-for-seniors-to-improve-strengthand-balance.html Healthline, www.healthline.com/health/everyday-fitness/ senior-workouts. Get some great ideas on safe and fun exercises. Stay well and happy.

Architectural Compliance Team Chair Don Stewart 618-980-3878 bethsdad81@gmail.com First Fri., 1 PM, WC1 Architectural Review Marlene Branz 618-670-1063 mzbranz@mac.com Second and Fourth Tue., 2 PM, WC3

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC), like all SCOV committees, has been on hiatus. Katy Mosier, Community Services Coordinator, continues to approve in-house submittals electronically for projects such as garage door replacement, house painting, flat work, etc. SCOV staff have collected submittals that were either dropped off or mailed to the Administration office. The ARC will review these submittals in the order received once the committee members are back to doing business as normal. ARC submittal forms are available on the SCOV website under the Committees, ARC link. Need help with your submittal? Contact Katy for assistance. We are always here to answer your questions. Let’s all stay healthy so we can get back to enjoying the Sun City lifestyle.

Community Directory Chair Lisa Collins 812-344-4773 scov.community.directory@gmail.com www.scovaz.com/members/services/directory

Do you have a gorgeous photo of an SCOV setting that would be perfect for the cover of our Community Directory? Submit your best SCOV photo by Sunday, June 21. Log in at www.scovaz.com/members/services/miscellaneous/ and click on SCOV Photo Contest Form. Is your directory listing correct? Maybe you replaced your landline with a cell phone. Check both the online directory and the paper directory. Is your deceased partner still listed? A lot of people like to keep their loved one’s name in the directory, for safety or for sentiment, so deceased spouses are removed only when the surviving spouse requests it. If you’ve decided it’s time to update your listing, just let me know. To update your information, complete the online form “To change your directory listing…” or fill out an orange card at the Welcome Center.

Activity Center Renovation Chair Ted Hood tedhood@yahoo.com

The ACRC will meet on an as-needed basis. Watch the SCOV calendar for future dates.

Aquatic Fitness Center Advisory Chair Michael Takerian afc@suncityorovalley.com First Wed., 11:30 AM, WC1

This may be a challenging time for many of us. We are not able to attend the AFC and enjoy a class or two, swim or work out. It is important to stay focused on your well-being, both physically and mentally. Listed below are some websites that provide excellent physical exercise opportunities for our demographics: The Gray Iron Fitness, www.senior-exercise-central.com

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

Enter the Community Phone Directory Cover Photo Contest Do you have a gorgeous photo of an SCOV setting that would be perfect for the cover of our Community Directory? Submit your best SCOV photo(s) by Sunday, June 21. Log in at scovaz.com > members > services > miscellaneous and click on SCOV Photo Contest Form.


Consumer Referral - Vendor List Susanna Moran scovconsumerservices@gmail.com

The Vendor List is on the SCOV website. After logging in, go to www.suncityorovalley.com/members/services/vendor_ consumer-referral. The Vendor List was formerly the Consumer Referral List. The Vendor List may also be viewed at the monitor’s desk in the Activity Center during business hours. Please check the Vendor List, as changes are made frequently. Vendors should email Susanna Moran to inquire about applying to be on the Vendor List.

Finance-Budget Sharon Miller muggins48@comcast.net No June meeting

The Finance-Budget Committee meets quarterly at 1:30 PM on the fourth Monday of July, October, January and April in room WC3. If meetings continue to be held via Zoom, notice will be provided on the SCOV website as well as on the posted agendas. The Board has approved the SCOV Operation and Capital Budget for the next year as recommended by the committee. The committee’s schedule for its Fiscal Year 2022 budget review will be noticed in the December, January and February Tipsters as well as on the SCOV website. All the members of the committee wish to thank Tim Kelley for his dedication and support of our community. He has been a major asset to our community as Board Treasurer, Board Director and liaison to this committee. Let’s hear a shout- out for Tim. Committee charter, agendas and minutes are posted on the SCOV website: click the Members tab, then click the Committees tab, scroll to Finance-Budget Committee, and click the More tab. Financials are found by clicking the Members tab, then the Financials tab. Please contact Sharon Miller for additional information.

Food and Beverage Chair Barb McNeill bjmac68@gmail.com Oct.-May, first Fri., 2-3 PM, WC1

The Views Restaurant continues with take-out services as we move slowly into the new normal for inside dining. Management is adjusting the menu and pricing to provide the best quality food available at affordable prices. Some items may be unavailable temporarily until our supplier can provide them at an appropriate cost. Special offerings of cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins and lemon bars have been well received. Other items will be introduced to provide menu variety. Every effort is being made to resume staffing levels to provide us the quality of service we attained prior to the pandemic. Our sympathy goes out to Janet Blackwell with the passing of her husband, Chef Paul. His leadership and outgoing friendship had been missed during his lengthly illness. With all kitchen staff and management pulling together, our restaurant continued the success he helped formulate. During inside dining shutdown, residents continued to help TVR non-salaried wait staff with generous gratuities and cash gifts. Thank you. Staff has expressed much appreciation for this outpouring of support. The Views Restaurant family of customers and staff demonstrates that we are all in this together. We will survive to join our friends in our favorite gathering place.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Friends of the Library Andrea Houston ahoust2@lsu.edu Pat Brown patbrown630@gmail.com Lynne Davis lynnedavis100@gmail.com

Summer is here and we’re all ready to spend some hot weather time reading a good book or watching a video. While the library was closed, Kate, our awesome Librarian, kept buying and processing new materials, so there are lots of new things to entertain us. Thanks to all of you for staying safe and keeping safe in the ongoing months. Friends of the Library thanks you for your support this year and every year to make it possible for Kate to keep buying those wonderful books, videos and audios that we all enjoy so much. Happy summer and keep safe.

Gift Shop Co-Chairs Don Jovag 520-818-1078, Elaine Deeter 209-985-6663 Gift Shop 520-917-8051 Shop Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-4 PM; Sat., 9 AM-12:30 PM through May 16; Starting May 18, summer hours, Mon.-Sat., 9 AM-12:30 PM www.suncityorovalley.com/gift-shop

Still in the midst of the great unknown, we want to offer our thanks to our loyal customers who have supported the Gift Shop over the past years. We will reopen when conditions permit; and expect new and exciting merchandise to fill the shop for your enjoyment at that time. Our consignors are working from home and have had extra freedom to explore their art and create from new ideas. We can’t wait to see what they do in confinement. At this point, the 2020 Arts and Crafts Festival is still on for November 14 and registration for this event is still open. Contact Don Jovag 520-818-1078 if you wish to participate. Stay well, decorate your sidewalks, have socially distanced happy hours and enjoy your morning walks around the community. We will again see your smiles outside those fashionable masks.

Government Affairs Chair Don Teiser 520-333-2525 donteiser@gmail.com Second Wed., 1 PM, WC1

The non-partisan Government Affairs Committee conducts political forums and secures speakers on issues that are of special interest to our community.

Loan Room - Community Assistance Chair Gay Russell Third Thu., 3 PM, WC1; Loan Room hours: Tue., Thu., 8-9 AM www.suncityorovalley.com/members/services/loan-room/

The Loan Room has been closed as are other facilities in SCOV. We hope by the time you read this that we are open at our usual times on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8-9 AM. If not, we are still available for medical emergencies only, by calling Gay 520-825-5763 or Carolyn 520-825-1514. Thank you for your continued support.

Long Range Planning Chair Martha Cray marthacray77@gmail.com Second and fourth Wed., 10 AM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

Our committee is in recess; we plan to resume meeting in August.

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Neighborhood Pride Chair Tempe Johnson 520-825-6994 Third Tue., 2 PM, WC3 A Really Strange Spring What a strange spring we have had this year. Some folks who normally leave for cooler climes are still here and may be for awhile. Whether you are here or away, please remember the following: • Weeds in cracks of driveways, sidewalks, and where the cement meets the asphalt of the street are the responsibility of the homeowner to remove. • Cactus and/or bushes should not extend over the sidewalk causing danger to walkers. • Trees need to be kept trimmed up at least seven feet high over the sidewalk so as not to injure walkers or block visibility of a stop sign. • Exposed soil, or bare dirt, needs to be covered by rock. • Artifacts, including empty pots, are not allowed in front yards. Pots should be planted with live plants, as artificial ones are not allowed. • Shrubs near the entrance to your driveway need to be cut down to a height of less than 42” so as not to block visibility of a vehicle exiting the driveway. Thank you for remembering the above. Take care this summer, wherever you are.

Nominating Committee Chair Peg Bushong 719-221-3434 jerpegbushong@icloud.com Posse Chair Linda Simōn 520-789-7169 posse@5LP.com First Tue., 3 PM, Desert Oasis, no meetings in Jun., Jul., Aug. www.scovaz.com/committees/posse/ (must be logged in first)

While we’ve been staying at home, many have been doing chores they’ve put off for weeks or even months. We’ve been challenged to find ways to keep in contact with others and have made many calls to loved ones. We know things have changed, and we may be doing things differently for months to come. I’ve been asked if I think the Posse will be back once the stay-at-home restrictions have been lifted. I know our Posse volunteers are dedicated to our community, and are eager to begin patrols again. I, for one, enjoy patrols as I get to spend time with a volunteer I might not normally see. Finding out about why a volunteer moved to SCOV, more about their family, and the benefits they see in our community is a big part of why I’m a Posse volunteer. Every Posse volunteer has a story, interesting and inspiring. One change you can make is to join the Posse. We need your help to continue to serve SCOV, and we would like to hear your story. I would like to meet you and even go on patrol with you. Six hours a year is all we ask, two 3-hour patrols. Please join us.

Preserve and Enhance Lifestyle and Property Values Vice Chair Jack Evert 520-981-3437 jackevert439@gmail.com Second and fourth Fri., 2:30 PM, WC1 Properties Chair Rich Oaks richoaks114@gmail.com Third Thu., 9 AM, WC1

The Properties Committee has not been meeting, but our work has continued. Members have been working independently on evaluating lighting retrofits and monitoring

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

the Association’s solar systems. In addition, the semi-annual Chalk Creek Wash inspection was conducted and an unrelated wash situation was examined. The Properties Committee works on a variety of tasks like this during the year. Our meetings will resume at the appropriate time.

Tipster Editorial Co-Chair Karen Koopmans 520-818-6337 skkoops@gmail.com

Cell phones have made photography handy, easy and a great way to take a photo for use in the Tipster. If you submit a cell phone photo, please be sure that you save or submit it as a large photo. The small photo setting on your phone results in a picture that will either be too small to print or may be used smaller than you intended. Call Tipster editor, Marsha Dean, 520-917-8069, if you have any questions about how to submit a photo for the Tipster.

Golfing experience that provides professional and friendly service, mountain views and excellent conditions.

Director of Golf - Rick Price rprice@theviewsgolfclub.com 520-917-8086 Joining or Renewing Your Annual Golf Membership We have a limited number of memberships available, and there has never been a better time to become a member. As we get closer to completing our greens reconstruction project and approach the start of a new fiscal year, we are excited about the latest changes to the golf course and look forward to you joining us for the 2020-2021 season. The following benefits are available for Annual Golf Memberships. • No initiation fee • Trail fee for private cart included • Driving range privileges • 9 days advanced starting times • Discounted guest rates • 25% off Pro Shop apparel and 10% off accessories • Special monthly offers All current Annual Golf Members who renew their membership for the 2020-2021 season will lock in their same rate as 2019-2020. When renewing your annual membership, you may purchase it online through our website or in the Pro Shop. If you are a first-time Annual Golf Member and you purchase in June, you will receive June golf privileges for free. When you are buying after July 15, we will prorate your membership for first-time purchasers. All new members must purchase directly through the Pro Shop. You can pay by credit card, check or cash. If you pay by credit card, we suggest you keep your card on file in our system to allow you to charge directly to your credit card for any future incidentals charges. Please contact the Pro Shop for further information 520825-3110 www.theviewsgolfclub.com.

Follow The Views Golf on Twitter: twitter.com/TheViewsGCOV


Superintendent - Michael Kropf scvgolf@suncityorovalley.com 520-917-8063

This summer, the golf course is going through big changes with the greens renovation. The maintenance department is extremely busy with projects related to the greens renovation like irrigation adjustments, pipe locating and sprinkler head removal, vegetation removal and helping the construction company with various items. However, June is still the busiest time of the year for maintaining the golf course with the transition from the winter overseed grass back to the underlying Bermuda grass. The Bermuda grass loves growing in the high heat of June. This heat provides the best time to aerify the tees and fairways, because the Bermuda grass can recover sooner. Aerification is necessary to provide oxygen, water and nutrients to the roots, remove thatch and relieve compaction developed over a long season of daily mowing, watering and golfing. This process also provides a healthier and more playable turf in the long run. Despite the greens renovation occurring this summer, the golf course still needs to go through the transition process on tees and fairways. Starting the last week of May and into the first part of June, the fairways are going to be aerified and heavily topdressed as they are every year. Weak areas are still going to be repaired with sprigs or sod. Based on the construction schedule, grass will begin to be installed in June on the green areas. The timing will work well with the repairs needed on the tees and fairways, since all these areas will require similar irrigation cycles. Be prepared for irrigation running throughout the day starting in June.

The Views 18-Hole Women’s Golf Club Pres. Debbie Huffman dhuffrod@gmail.com VP/Membership Beckie Harkey bharkey2@gmail.com Play Tue. mornings

The Views 9-Hole Women’s Golf Club Pres. JoAnn Matty 520-400-9111 jamatty@q.com Membership Dee Christoffers 520-500-7888 deechristoffers@gmail.com or Susan Olson 971-227-2042 susanolson1127@gmail.com Play Thu. mornings

The green reconstruction project is well underway and it is fun to watch the progress. New challenges lie ahead. We have continued to schedule tee times for our ladies’ Tuesday league days and fun Fridays. If you would like to be included, please contact Debbie Huffman. With the shorter course, we are able to finish in under three hours. The club will be scheduling outings at other courses throughout the summer. Come join us. At the end of the season, Chie Masaki broke 90 for the first time and won Chie, congratulations our league’s Most Improved Player on a great season award. Congratulations, Chie.

The summer is here, and the course is in good condition. Come out and play with us.

Golf Advisory Chair Bill Cocanour 210-771-6541 cokeinator@gmail.com Sep.-May, first Wed., 2 PM, WC3

Pass Holder Benefits This month The Views Golf Club Annual Pass Holders special is

The greens reconstruction and renovation of our practice tees are moving swiftly along. Mike Kropf and his crew are working hard to keep our course the best it can be under the circumstances. Please make sure to keep out of the way of the construction workers while the renovation continues. Hopefully, everyone is enjoying the new temporary shorter course that Rick Price and Mike Kropf have designed for us while the work is ongoing. The representatives for our 2020-2021 season are: 18Hole Men’s League, Kevin Devaney; 18-Hole Ladies League, Mimi Hutton; 9-Hole Men’s League, Gary Gibson; 9-Hole Ladies League, Pattie Horning; Member-at-Large, Steven Parker. Bill Cocanour from the 18-Hole Men’s League is the new chair. We look forward to working with everyone. Have a great summer.



The Views 18-Hole Men’s Golf Club Pres. Richard Flax rflax104@gmail.com Membership David Flatness 425-443-3708 daveflatness@gmail.com Play Wed. AM Men’s Nine-Hole Golf Club Pres. Quentin Anderson Membership David Chatterton 520-204-5636 Play Thu. morning

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

10% Off New Pass Holder Purchase (Pro Shop Credit)

Not a Pass Holder?

Call the Pro Shop at 825-3110 for details.

Convenient community restaurant, lounge and terrace offering an enjoyable experience in food, drinks and entertainment.

Food & Beverage Director - Aalt Brouwer abrouwer@suncityorovalley.com 520-917-8074

Greetings. As many of you know, our Executive Chef, Paul Blackwell, passed away in late April. Paul was a passionate, educated, exceptional chef. He was instrumental in the success and transformation of The Views Restaurant. He led the kitchen staff, trained them to lead and take pride in their work and taught them to be scratch kitchen cooks and chefs. They have applied his teachings and continued them during the recent difficult times. It was truly a pleasure for me to work side by side with Chef Paul. I considered him

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


a friend as well as a partner in this endeavor. He will truly be missed by our staff and many of you. I would also like to thank all of you who have gone out of your way to support the restaurant and its staff during these troubled times. Many of you have been more than generous to the staff, and I cannot tell you how much that means to me. Thank you all. We look forward to reopening as soon as it is safe for all.

Sun City Vistoso Foundation Jerry Bushong 719-221-0580 FoundationSCOV@gmail.com Fourth Thu., 1 PM, Desert Oasis www.foundationscov.org

It is June. Three months ago all of us found ourselves in a pandemic crisis. Hopefully, as you read this, we will have passed through the toughest times and are now out and about. Thinking of the future, you may be wondering what to do with the government checks you received recently. If you don’t need the money, consider becoming a philanthropist, and donate to the Sun City Vistoso Community Foundation. To donate by credit card, go to the Foundation’s website and look for the Pay Pal option, click and follow the directions. You will receive a thank-you letter from Pay Pal to use for a possible tax deduction. If you wish to write a check to the Foundation, pick up a pledge card at the Welcome Center, complete the card and return it to the staff. Stay safe. Your donations go a long way toward helping others and our community.

Coming Events Items included in this section must be open to all residents and be either sponsored by the Association or be an annual club event of interest to the entire community. Editor’s note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, events at SCOV are cancelled indefinitely. Check the website and “This Week in SCOV” for current information.

Every Day, 3-6 PM The Views Restaurant Happy Hour The restaurant is currently closed in compliance with CDC coronavirus recommendations. Join us for happy hour when we reopen.

Wednesday, June 3, 9:15 AM Arizona Diamondbacks Bus Trip The trip, which was subject to the reopening of Major League Baseball, is cancelled.

tails will be in “This Week in SCOV” and on the SCOV Facebook page as the event nears. Special Events for Clubs See club articles for full details. Singles golf, Sun., Jun. 7, 1:45 PM, The Views Singles dinner, Thu., Jun. 11, 5:30 PM social hour, 6 PM seating, Activity Center/Navajo Day Trippers, Sun., Jun. 21, Father’s Day appetizer potluck party, $5 pp Singles happy hour, Fri., Jun., 26, 5:30 PM social hour, 6 PM seating, Activity Center/Navajo Day Trippers, Jul., casino trip open to all SCOV residents Day Trippers, Sat., Aug. 22, Annual BBQ, 4-7 PM, Auditorium Day Trippers, Wed.-Wed., Sep. 9-16, Monument Valley, Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef Nat’l Parks Day Trippers, Oct., mystery trip

Workshops and Classes Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Classes There are no classes at this time. Association-Sponsored Fitness SCOV fitness classes will resume when the buildings reopen. Check the SCOV website www.suncityorovalley.com for current information. Purchase a punch card from the receptionist in the Welcome Center, $20/10 classes or an annual pass for $300. You may use this card for all SCOV-sponsored fitness classes. It can also be used for your guests. There is a $3 drop-in charge without a punch card. Class descriptions may be found at www.suncityorovalley.com/amenities-facilities/ aquatic-fitness-center. Questions, call 520-917-8073. Aqua Zumba®: Tue., 1-2 PM, AFC Pool Balance Class: Mon., 10:30-11:30 AM, AFC Chair Balance Class: Fri., 10:30-11:30 AM, AC/Dance Studio Cardio Chair Aerobics: Tue., Thu., 10:30-11:30 AM, Sat., 9-10 AM, Catalina Vista Core Conditioning: Mon., 5-6 PM, Wed., 3-4 PM, AFC Sunrisers: Mon., Wed., Fri., 7-8 AM, AFC Sweat Stretch: Tue., Thu., 7:30-9 AM, AFC Water Aerobics: Mon., Wed., Fri., 9-10 AM, AFC Pool Zumba® : Tue., 9:15-10:10 AM, Thu., 4-5 PM, AFC Parkinson’s Exercise Classes There are no classes at this time.

Tuesday, June 30, 10:45 AM Tipster Collation Help collate the inserts that go into the Tipster in the Auditorium. It’s a great way to get some exercise and meet new people. Subject to reopening of facilities.

Saturday, July 4 Community Parade The SCOV Veteran’s Club is working with Pam Sarpalius for a Fourth of July parade throughout the community. De-

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

What is an artifact? Statues, depictions, artificial flowers, decorative yard ornaments or other man-made artificial decorations are not allowed in front yards. They may be placed on top of front or street-facing courtyard walls. Refer to Development Standards Section 2.17 xiv.



“Father’s Day”

George Hunt

Residents 1

Photo by Sheryl Hester

Lee Krumm


April 17

Patricia Coultas


May 3

Former Residents Barbara Gioia 1 Marion Casalino 1

For Your Information

The items under this heading are provided as a service to residents. SCOV assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein. Costume Closet The Costume Closet is closed until further notice.

Thank You Corner

Youth On Their Own (YOTO) students thank you for your generous Emergency Fund donations and the masks made by SCOV Thimblelenas. We are fortunate to live in such a caring, giving community with neighbors who are positively impacting the future of Pima County by supporting YOTO. Kris Cohen YOTO/Northwest Auxiliary We want to take the time to thank everyone for your kind thoughts received during Howard’s passing. We can never thank you all enough for all we have been given. You went above and beyond, and we are touched and grateful for this caring community. Blessings, Gail Goforth and family On April 14, while walking my dog, I had a nasty fall to the sidewalk, sustaining several injuries. Fortunately, two neighbors were close by and saw my predicament. They quickly came to my aid and immediately summoned help. An ambulance transported me to Oro Valley Hospital where I received excellent care. I had sustained a fractured nose, facial lacerations and rotator cuff damage. I am now recuperating and doing well. My wife and I are so thankful for our wonderful and caring Sun City neighbors. We shall be eternally grateful for their gracious kindness. Thank you and God bless you. Christopher and Priscilla Powell As I move on with my life, I reflect on the 26 years Hal and I had in this awesome community. Thank you all who sent cards, called, brought food and offered help, comfort and love. Remembering Hal (12/12/19) as I remember the wonderful life we have had here. Sharon Hufford Many thanks to ILR for granting funds to the library to be used to purchase large-print nonfiction books and audiobooks. Reading reduces stress and we could use all the stress relief we can get during these times. Books purchased with your gift will be warmly welcomed by the community. Kate Cusumano, SCOV Librarian



Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

February 28

April 27 April 30

Clubs Editor’s note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, club meetings and events at SCOV are cancelled indefinitely. Check the website and “This Week in SCOV” for current information.

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies Art League Co-Pres. Caryl Thornton 520-638-7024, Carol Nagel 520-825-3097

When it is appropriate, the Art League will hang art for the Summer Art Sale. This was a very successful sale last summer. The April and May theme shows that did not take place due to the Activity Center closure have been rescheduled for April and May 2021.

Bark Carving Bob Ash 520-282-3688 chra25@gmail.com Tue., 1-4 PM, Thu., 9 AM-Noon Artisan Center/Lapidary

We will resume meeting once it is deemed safe to do so.

Clay Pres. Lorraine Buck 520-331-3022 VP Trudy Williams Sep.-May General Meeting first Thu., 1 PM, Artisan Center/Pottery Studio cleaning last Wed., 1 PM. Orientation is necessary to participate We are all eagerly awaiting the reopening of the Clay Studio. Once again, we can get our hands on a cool piece of clay to shape into something wonderful. If you have imagined yourself working with clay, either hand-building or throwing on the wheel, we invite you to join us by signing up for a mandatory orientation. Our education team will familiarize you with our studio as well as instruct and guide you in making your first piece of pottery.

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Colored Pencil Sue Parkes 520-825-7307, Bette McGrath 815-347-4282 Fri., 9 AM-1 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

Our club will not be meeting until the fall since most of our members have fled to cooler climates. We are scattered across the nation from Seattle to Martha’s Vineyard, but we’ll still be creating and eager to share upon our return. Both colored pencil and scratchboard are relatively easy mediums to learn, but good drawing skills are the starting point. We hope you see the Summer Art Sale in the Activity Center, which highlights work by all members of the Art Guild.

Fine Arts Studio Contacts: Charlotte Landis 703-307-7551 landiscf@gmail.com Jane Leonard 616-847-1527 adrianajel@yahoo.com Wed., 9 AM-2 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

At this time, artists are making art in our homes. We hope to be able to work in the studio when conditions permit a safe return. Many of our members have departed for their summer homes, so, in the next four months, we have only a few people coming to meetings. Time will tell who shows up and who choses to wait until a later date. In the meantime, if any in our group would email a photograph of a completed work or one in progress, please send the photo to adrianajel@yahoo.com with some information she may be able to share in future articles. The painting featured in the photo is on the easel of Jane Leonard. Her method is squeezing oil directly from the tube and manipulating the paint with a palette knife. She enjoys the carefree approach, the spontaneity and not having to clean brushes. The end result is a very thick impasto surface that takes a long time to dry and causes light to bounce all over the ridges of the thick paint. It’s great fun. Try it. Call her with questions if you like, because it can be done with acrylics, too. Work in progress by Jane Leonard

Gourd Art John Shaw 520-825-1368 johnshaw1@comcast.net Mon., 1-4 PM, Fri., 9 AM-Noon, Lapidary Room

Join us to become a gourd artist. We have everything you will need to begin and finish a project. We even have lots of ideas and helpers.

Japanese Flower Arranging Donald Marier 520-825-4878 dolmar21@gmail.com Nov.-May, Second and Fourth Mon., 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge

Japanese flower arranging, Ikebana, is the art of arranging flowers, branch materials, grasses and leaves. At its core is the beauty resulting from a combination of color, shapes and graceful lines. More than simple floral decoration, it is a form of sculpture with plant materials. Learn from certified instructors at your own pace and make creative arrangements for your home.

Join the Restaurant Facebook group facebook.com/TheViewsRestaurant

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

Knit and Crochet Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689 sigridkf@gmail.com Tue., 2:30-4:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge

Even though we are not meeting at this time, you can still save your plastic grocery bags for the homeless sleeping mat group headed by Jane Fairchild. You can bring your plastic bags (not the colored newspaper bags) to Jane Fairchild’s home, 1750 E. Crown Ridge Way. She has a box on her front porch. You can also call Jane 520-909-5069 to assist with this project. You don’t need to know how to crochet. You can help by cutting bags into strips and creating plarn (plastic yarn) for those who crochet the mats. All can be done at home. Hopefully, our lockdown will end sooner than later and we can be together once again.

Modelers Pres. Fred Faust 520-907-3469 fjfaust1030@gmail.com Second Fri., 8 AM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge www.scovaz.com/clubs/modelers In addition to helping build and operate the club’s model railroad, some members have their own layouts here in SCOV. Michael Fox’s railroad models the operations of the Mil- Photo by Tom Prall waukee Road in South Minneapolis. It features this scratch-built model of the bakery and distribution center of National Tea, a regional grocery chain, as it looked in 1967 alongside the railroad tracks. The building is gone, and the railroad right of way is now a bike trail, but the scene lives on as the model tells its story. When the current health crisis has passed, come and visit us in the Artisan Center, or stop by Catalina Vista for our monthly meeting on the second Friday.

Open Studio Artists Pres. Carol Nagel 520-825-3097 Tue., 9 AM-1 PM and Thu., 9 AM-1 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

When it is deemed appropriate, we will resume meeting in the Art Studio. Staying home has meant that we have had a lot of time for painting. However, inspiration and the enthusiasm for painting can be hard to find. When we can be together again, we will have the encouragement of other artists.

Snack and Chat with the General Manager and a Board Member An informal exchange of information. Wednesday, June 17, 9-10 AM, Activity Center/Navajo 13

Vistoso Photo Pres. Gerda Timm 403-251-5981 gerdatimm@hotmail.com For meeting schedule please see the website www.vistosophotoclub.weebly.com This article being prepared on May 7, shall be referred to as the COVID-19 edition of the club’s info sheet. It’s been quiet here in SCOV and getting a bit warmer. Not much going on right now. The board is aware of the situation and will be monitoring SCOV rules, common sense and the trend of the virus before making any decisions about “In the Heat of the Day” by P T Fisher scheduling this fall’s activities. In the meantime, take the quiet time to do some creative shooting around your home such as still lifes, backyard flora and fauna and some creative photo editing. We urge you to use best practices, keep your face covered when you are out, avoid crowds, do not touch your face, try to keep the six-foot separation and wash your hands. Visit our website and read the Welcome Message to learn more about our club.

Sculpture Pres. Laurie Lichaa 520-606-8829 Mon., 9 AM-5 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

The Sculpture Club meets on Mondays in the Catalina Vista Art Studio. If you are interested in becoming a member, come talk with us on Monday mornings. You can view some of our group’s creations in the display case outside of the Art Studio, in a display case just north of the Library’s doors or in the Library with the other art displays. Prior to the closing of the studio because of COVID-19, Salvador Hernandez baked his sculpture of an elephant. He finished painting his project at home and shared pictures of his creation which is posted above. Thanks, Sal, for sharing your finished project.

Sewing Thimblelenas

Sue Lane 520-971-8755 sklane6970@aol.com Co-Treas. Phyllis Austin 805-341-5176, Pat Norton 480-993-8762 Monitor Training Suzanne Stiles 805-748-3206 Pfaff Training Mel Wheeler 520-334-0957 Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-Noon and 1-4 PM, Sat., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing

Oh when, oh when will the Sewing Room open? / Not until Mark and the Board have spoken. We’re washing hands and staying away, / But still can’t get into the Sewing Room today. The Board is making plans and we’ll have to wait and see. / We’ll watch for the email that says when that will be. But in the meantime, / we’re washing our hands and staying away / And just awaitin’ for that communique.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Casa Amigas

Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689 Mon. and Thu., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing

The Thimblelenas board members will be determining how and when we will return to the use of Sewing facilities. If we receive approval from SCOV management and Board, we can come together to continue our mission of providing for children at risk. Certainly, there will be restrictions in place to keep us all safe. For those of us who want to be back in the Sewing Room, it will be important that we diligently observe these new procedures. We all look forward to being with one another again and catching up while working toward our goal of providing for those less fortunate. Cheer Bears

Pat Norton 480-993-8762 panpan9803@yahoo.com Wed., 1-3 PM, Artisan Center/Sewing

It’s summer already, and our Cheer Bear group has seen its many winter workers head back to the cooler parts of the country. That doesn’t mean that all work will cease, but it will greatly decrease. If the Artisan Center opens, we will be starting in June and meet twice monthly to keep the bears marching. We will be in the Sewing Room, if possible, June 3 and 17, July 1, 15 and 29, August 5 and 19, and September 2, 16 and 30. Time will be 1-3 PM as always. If anyone would like to join us again in October, mark your calendars for Wednesdays, 1-3 PM, Artisan Center/Sewing Room. We can always use more hands to bring the love from our donated materials. Machine Embroidery

Sharon Larsen 520-818-2791 SharLarsen@gmail.com Training Coordinator Karin Frohlich 520-612-7379 4D Computer Training Debra Dirks 520-825-2248 www.facebook.com/groups/SCOVMachineEmb/ Third Tue., 1:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo, No meetings May-Sep.

With the hot weather, as well as COVID-19, we are all staying indoors much more than usual. But, what better time to work on those unfinished projects? Sure, you can always work on them tomorrow, but now might be Unfinished projects waiting to see the light of day the excellent time to finish them. Our lives might be chaotic right now, so try writing down each of your unfinished projects that you’d like to finish, along with why you started the project in the first place. You might even want to tell friends or family about the project and give them an update on how your project is going. Once you’ve finished that project, you’ll have that feeling of satisfaction and be ready to start on the next project. If it’s a machine embroidery project, we’d love to see it on our Facebook page. So Pick a Project - Finish a Project - Show us your Project.

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Pet Beds

Jan Bohe 520-825-9725 Tue., 1-3 PM, Artisan Center/Sewing

It seems like a long time since we have met to make beds for our animal friends at the Humane Society. We are hopeful that this month we will be able to resume making them but with some restrictions. Keep watching for notices regarding the rooms opening again. As of now, I would anticipate we would meet in June. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again. Quilters

Carol Guibert 520-404-1462 Second and Fourth Tue., 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo Seniors for Kids

Co-Pres. Jean Sax 651-436-4243 jeanazmn@gmail.com Co-Pres. Pat Norton 480-993-8762 panpan9803@yahoo.com Sewing/Crafting, Mon., 1-3 PM, Wed., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing Wooden toy making, various times, Artisan Center/Woodshop Business meetings at Catalina Vista, second Thu., 8-9 AM; no meetings May-Sep.

Hope that this issue of the Tipster finds all of us well, and that our winter guests are also seeing a brighter future. We need to start planning for the months ahead and what we want to accomplish. Keep on truckin’. Tapestry Rug Hooking

Coni Arseneau 217-398-1416 coniarseneau@gmail.com Carrie Wiley 360-734-5952 ecwiley@gmail.com Tue., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing www.scovhookers.weebly.com

The Tapestry Rug Hooking group meets on Tuesday morning in the Sewing Room. If you are interested in learning the art of hooking, our club provides instruction and practice materials. Learn more about our group by visiting our website or come talk with us on Tuesday mornings.

Latch hook (left); tapestry rug hooking (right) In a previous article published in the Tipster, it was noted that our group does traditional rug hooking rather than latch hooking. These techniques differ in many ways such as the backing material, tool used to hook and material used to pull through the backing. Latch hooking with yarn was popular in the 1970s and 1980s, whereas rug hooking dates to the 1800s. In latch hooking, the yarn is cut in 2.5-inch length. The picture compares the difference in textures between what our group does (tapestry rug hooking) vs. latch hooking.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

Show ‘n Share Leader Deb Wehrung 267-377-6760 debwehrung@gmail.com Every Fri., 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista

Show ‘n Share is a crafters group which works on portable crafts. We have crafters who make cards, crochet, DIY crafts, embroidery, jewelry, mixed media, scrapbook, quilt and much more. When facilities reopen, if you can carry your craft to Catalina Vista, please come and join us. We are a fun, easy group with relaxed camaraderie, birthday parties and a monthly project to share. We meet year-round and always welcome new members. At Show ‘n Share we love to show our creations and share our ideas. Annual dues, $5.

Silversmith and Lapidary Pres. Steve Adams 520-268-8216 adams.se938@gmail.com Summer shop hours: Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-Noon

Summer is here, and it has been an (un) eventful spring. If SCOV reopens the Artisan Center this summer, half-day hours will be 9 AM-Noon if a monitor is available. We will send out an email notice of staffing, health precautions and any updates for our shop. Stay tuned.

Stained/Fused Glass Jo Anne Bowman 501-282-4454 jabweb93@gmail.com Mon.-Sun., 8 AM-9 PM, Artisan Center/Stained Glass Monitor on duty Tue. and Thu. 9-11:30 AM, fused glass Monitor on duty Wed., 9-11:30 AM, stained glass

Wood Carving Bob Ash 520-282-3688 chra25@gmail.com Sat., 9-Noon, Artisan Center/Lapidary

Wood carving will resume on Saturday mornings as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

Woodworking Pres. Gary Casner 303-880-4120 gcasner1@comcast.net VP Bill Norton 480-980-4593 panpan9803@yahoo.com Sec. Charlie Tomlinson 503-333-8887 Charlie.Tomlinson@gmail.com Treas. Nancy Njaa NancyNjaa@section20.com www.scovwoodworkingclub.com

The SCOV Wood Shop is one of the many reasons this community is so special. The shop is equipped with twentyfour industrial grade machines along with a dust collection system, work tables, paint booth and a wide variety of hand tools. The club also makes training available to members and prospective members, both in the Wood Shop and on media that is available online. All SCOV residents and renters possessing a valid Facilities Access Card are eligible to join whether they are experienced woodworkers or beginners. As precaution against COVID-19, the Wood Shop has been closed. Information about reopening will be posted at the shop and on the website.

Join the Posse The Ultimate Neighborhood Watch Keep our neighborhood safe. Call Linda Simon 520-789-7169 15

Continuing Education Astronomy Pres. Allan Mashburn 435-219-0042 scovastronomy@gmail.com Oct.-May, Third Thu., 7 PM, Activity Center/Navajo www.scovastronomy.com

Sadly, all of us in the Astronomy Club and visitors have missed several world-class speakers this spring, along with our monthly star parties. Mother Nature has taunted us a little by providing some of the clearest skies we have seen in recent years, in part due to clearer air being experienced all over the world. Unfortunately, it is not possible to practice social distancing while gathered around telescopes, so that will have to wait for a few months. In the meantime, take advantage of clear nights, and look to the South for the 2nd brightest star in the sky, Arcturus, in the kite-shaped constellation Bootes. Just below Arcturus, you will see the 11th brightest star, Spica, in the constellation Virgo. Low in the Northeast you will see Vega, the 3rd brightest star in the sky in the constellation Lyra. Of course, not to be missed is the super-bright planet Venus, which graces our western sky every evening. Enjoy the beautiful evenings here in Southern Arizona, and let the splendor of the night sky calm you in these turbulent times. Stay well.

Bible Men’s Bible Study

Jerry Anderson 520-638-6586, Rick Thomas 520-591-0475 Oct.-May, Tue., 7:15 AM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

Depending on how we organize our club activities, we’ll tentatively plan on meeting October 6, for our first Bible study of the season. The focus of the fall study will be the book of Revelation. This may prove to be a very insightful and timely study, considering all that is going on in the world right now. In the meantime, stay safe, love your family and have a positive attitude. Precept Women’s Bible Study

Pres., Sheila Witler 720-775-7623 Sec. Faith Heitmann 208-750-5886 Oct.-Apr., Wed., 8:45 AM, WC3

Prayer works. When SCOV had to shut down, prayer did not. A Sun City married couple, from the Men’s SCOV Bible Study, and the Women’s SCOV Bible Study, called, texted and emailed many residents in Sun City to set three specific times during each day to be praying protection over our community from the coronavirus. There are still many persons in prayer at 7 AM, 1 PM and 7 PM. There are also local community residents, who attend the Vistoso Community Church on Rancho Vistoso Blvd., who are walking through the streets of Sun City praying over each home and the residents within, for protection from the coronavirus and peace during this time of isolation. We will meet again for SCOV Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday, October 14.

Join our Facebook group Sun City Oro Valley 16

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Books Great Books

Pres. Barbara Gates 302-354-6615 VP Maryfaith Fox 612-414-7789 maryfaith.fox@gmail.com Oct.-Apr., First and Third Wed., 2 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

The Great Books Club provides an opportunity to engage in thoughtful and lively discussions on a wide range of topics. We use the anthologies published by the Great Books Foundation, which offer an eclectic array of essays, poetry and fiction from a variety of contemporary and classic texts. Our meeting schedule was disrupted by the coronavirus. We plan to resume in October with a novel by Saul Bellow and then readings from Great Conversations 2. This anthology is available from the Great Books Foundation and other booksellers. SCOV Library has a copy on hand, as well. Newcomers are always welcome; call Barbara or Maryfaith for more information. SCOV Book Club

Pres. Glenda Tonkin 925-640-7312 gt99673@gmail.com Club Communications: Lynn Kallgren lynn.kallgren@gmail.com First Mon., 1:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

SCOV Book Club meetings are canceled at least until October of 2020. An email will be sent to members with further explanation of the rationale for this action.

Genealogy Pres. Lee Sopwith leesop@cableone.net Mentoring Holly Gibson 303-548-1299 ghgibson@live.com General meetings Oct.-May, Second Tue., 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo www.scvgs.org

Although the Genealogy library may be closed, you can continue to work on leaves of your family tree at free websites. The Library of Congress maintains a newspaper site, Chronicling America at https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov. Did your family buy land from the Federal government? Check out the General Land Office Records at the Bureau of Land Management, www.glorecords.blm.gov/default.aspx for Land Patents, including Cash Entry, Homestead and Military Warrant patents. And don’t forget to research the National Archives (www.archives.gov) for military service records, immigration records, naturalization records and more. Finally, run a Google (or your favorite search engine) search for cities, counties and countries where your ancestors lived. You never know what you may find. Watch for information about the reopening of the library and plans for new programs for next fall. Keep in touch through the club website.

ILR - Institute of Learning in Retirement Pres. Lei Lane Bammel via Constant Contact or 520-818-0017 Curriculum Randy Myerson rcmyerson@gmail.com Registration Karen/Sherwin Koopmans skkoops@gmail.com Samplers Sally Evert sallyevert@gmail.com

Since the previously scheduled summer 2020 ILR courses have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ILR is offering an online course, “A Million and One Gods: Making Sense of Greek Mythology - Five Reflections.” This course will be presented by Jack Peradotto, SCOV resident and ILR moderator and is free to ILR members. If you are interested in participating, you must register by sending an email to Randy Myerson, rcmyerson@gmail.com. Please include your full name in the body of your email. Registration will be open in through June. At the conclusion of the registration period, you will receive course instructions and

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


login information via email. This internet course is designed to proceed at the user’s pace and can be joined or left at any time. Please look for information regarding the ILR’s fall session in upcoming Tipsters. Follow us on Facebook, FB. SCOV ILR.

Natural Health and Wellness Sherokee Ilse 520-818-3279 sherokeeilse@yahoo.com Vegan potluck, First Wed., 5:30 PM, Catalina Vista Mindful Meditation, every Tue., 3-4:30 PM, Catalina Vista Meetings Third Wed., Nov.-Apr., 3-4:30 PM, Catalina Vista

Cultural & Social Democratic Club Maureen Salz 520-240-0049 mosalz@outlook.com Second Sat., 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

Poets Corner Sharyn Rafieyan 520-825-6762 srafieyan@comcast.net Mon., 9:30-11:30 AM, WC1

In late April we began holding weekly meetings using Zoom, which has given us a chance to see and hear each other, in addition to exchanging email critiques. We expect to continue in this vein until the social distancing requirement is lifted. I suspect you can all relate to the following excerpt from Poets Corner member John Padgett’s “That Was Then…” “At 18 you met the call, / 50 missions in a B-17 / to bomb war machines / of the axis oppressors. At 94, widowed, / in assisted living facility, / your memory fades away, / but you welcome my call. You went to see the elephant / with other young marines / in the mud and frozen hills / of armed conflict in Korea. At 91 you cocoon and accept / help three times each week. / You read, watch the world / pass and discuss it with me…” Sharing poetry is a great way to stay connected.

SCOV Technology Club Pres. Paul Sherwood 520-329-7661 paul.sherwood@scovcomputer.com Membership Brian Alexander 520-818-2429 www.scovcomputer.com

All classes require club membership and registration. Register by emailing the instructor. Please note that all classes held in June and forthcoming months will be conducted virtually using the Zoom application until further notice. If you need assistance installing Zoom, please call the Help Desk number listed below. June Classes Use of the Apple Dock 1 Session Mon, Jun. 15 10-11 AM Paul Sherwood paulgsherwood@gmail.com Shortcuts to Speed Your Way 1 Session Tue, Jun. 30 10-11 AM Paul Sherwood paulgsherwood@gmail.com Help and Open Lab Sessions Please note that there are no scheduled Help sessions at the Technology Lab until the HOA shutdown is ended. For individual Help Sessions, see below. The same applies to any business center use. Help Session by Appointment To schedule an appointment please call or text the club’s help desk: 520329-7661 or email us at scovtech@gmail.com Please consult the club website for any further details. Any changes to the schedule will be communicated via club email as well.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

SUV filled with donations for Literacy Connects

“Sheltering in” has not stopped us from staying involved. Sincere thanks to everyone who in only three days answered the call for school supplies on behalf of Literacy Connects. The collection resulted in 25 bags of donations and $850. You all are amazing. In May many members participated in a letter mailing project to Democrats in LD 11 with information regarding the Permanent Early Voting List

(PEVL). Our members will be receiving information via email about Democratic candidates running in the upcoming primary election which is August 4. Early ballots will be mailed July 8. Keep watching the Tipster, “This Week in SCOV” and your SCOV Dems email for information on other upcoming projects, candidates, election issues and information regarding future monthly meetings. If you would like to receive our emails, email mosalz@outlook.com with “Dems” in the subject line. Stay hopeful. Stay healthy.

Dining - Prepare & Share Pres. Debbie Kotlarek 262-899-5810 dlkotlarek@gmail.com VP Sandra Fisher 208-860-3431 sandrafisher2703@gmail.com www.scovprepareandshare.weebly.com

This club is for people who like to cook and socialize over a meal prepared by their fellow club members. Every month brings a new theme and a different group of diners, each of whom prepares a dish for the meal. Last year our themes varied from ones that implied specific culinary traditions (e.g., Mardi Gras) to some that were wide-open to interpretation by the dining group (e.g., colors). By fall, we expect to be holding our usual kickoff dinner (catered) and fun dinners in members’ homes. In the meantime, take a look at our website for details and photos. New members are always welcome.

Dog Club - Fido’s Friends Membership: Carol Tombre 208-961-1133 mctombre@yahoo.com Meetings: Jan., Mar., Nov., third Thu., 1 PM, Activity Center/Hopi Room

If social distancing continues over the summer, please be respectful of others when using the dog park by wiping surfaces touched, keeping groups to four or less, and seating at least six feet apart. Stay safe, friends. Co-Presidents Chic Garner and Kari Dufur presented the Small Dog Park Expansion Proposal to the SCOV Board in April. We hope to present again after the summer when more data is collected. We will keep you informed of any updates by email.


Garden Club Co-Pres. Zona Boss 520-638-6644 zona1boss@gmail.com and Shari Norris 520-825-6786 norrisshari@yahoo.com Co-VP Shelly Bredau 917-754-5637 sbredau@gmail.com and Joyce Wisbey 520-825-5425 bwisbey@msn.com www.facebook.com/SCOVGardenClub Meetings second Tue., 12:30 PM, Auditorium

The Garden Club has voted to change its fiscal year to match the calendar year. Current members will remain as members through 2020. The membership also voted overwhelmingly to increase the dues to $10 per person or $15 per couple beginning in January 2021. This increase reflects the need to cover the $2,000+ cost of operating the club for a year. We are grateful for the many members who donated the cost of their Garden Walk tickets to the club. That will allow us to fund the final three months of 2020 meetings this fall. For membership, contact Annette Munoz at queenanne9@yahoo.com or 253-905-7747.

Havurah Pres. Barbara Hamm 520-989-0062 www.havurahscov.org

As we navigate these challenging times, Havurah continues to wish our SCOV community best wishes and good health. The next scheduled event is our annual movie night on Saturday, August 1. Hopefully in the July Tipster we will be able to tell you if this will be taking place. Meanwhile, the Havurah board is busy planning programming for the new season, so that when all of this is over there will be plenty for everyone to enjoy. Continue to take good care of yourselves and loved ones as we all hope for a speedy return to normalcy.

Republican Club Merritt McGlothlin 520-572-7853 merrittm@nationwide.net Third Tue., 3 PM, Activity Center

The Republican Club is unable at this time in early May to determine if there will be an open meeting that would normally be scheduled on Tuesday, June 16, 3 PM. As we are aware, SCOV is abiding by the guidelines promulgated by the State of Arizona and also locally by Pima County and Oro Valley. If we are still unable to hold a meeting in June we will resort to other means to forward and process information regarding the upcoming elections. The first scheduled election is the primary election on August 4. That August date is also the election date for the Town of Oro Valley. Please continue to monitor the Tipster and for even more current information check the Thursday weekly email, “This Week in SCOV,” for further Republican Club information. Once we return to holding meetings, everyone is always welcome to attend the third Tuesday of each month.

St. Philip’s Social Club Abby Marier 520-825-4878 absma@comcast.net Scandinavian Heritage Club Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689 sigridkf@gmail.com


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Sun City Singles Pres. Pieter Rooker 520-441-9866 Ticket Sales Lenore Lev 917-796-8450 Dinner meeting second Thu., 5:30 PM; happy hour last Fri., 5:30 PM

Bruce of Catalina International Caterers will serve dinner Thursday, June 11, Activity Center/Navajo Room, social hour 5:30 PM, seating 6 PM. Menu: Sliced Angus roast beef with mesquite barbecue sauce, green and red coleslaw, corn tamale pie, kaiser rolls and butter. Dessert: Kahlua chocolate thunder cake with whipped cream. Entertainment to be determined. Happy hour, Friday, June 26, social hour 5:30 PM, seating 6 PM, Activity Center/Navajo Room. Entertainment: TLC in Harmony, vocal trio with combo. Singles golf, first Sunday of month, June 7, 1:45 PM, The Views Golf Course.

Ticket sales: Thu., Jun. 4, 10 AM-Noon and Fri.,, Jun. 5, 1-2 PM, Activity Center Lounge. Dinner tickets, $20 pp; happy hour appetizers, $10 pp. Checks only, payable to Sun City Singles

Spanish Cultural Club (SCC) Gary/Carolyn Lerch 520-818-3319 gclerch@comcast.net Oct., Nov., Jan.-Mar., Apr. (Cinco de Mayo Fiesta) Fourth Mon., 7 PM, Catalina Vista

Looking forward to a new season in October with a seminew slate of officers: Pres., Gary Lerch; VP for Programs, Jim Benshoof; Sec., Carolyn Lerch; Treas., Jane Moody and Refreshments Coordinators, Adele and Owen Reese. Our October 26 meeting will feature Celestino Fernandez (UArizona professor) discussing his new book about life on each side of the border.

Sun City Variety Theatre Membership Christie Faust 231-347-7502 jcf2075@gmail.com Sep.-Apr., Third Thu., 10 AM, Desert Oasis

Thanks to our SCOV community for all the support shown to us during our past season. Regarding ticket returns for the postponed Big Guns: retain your tickets for refund or exchange to take place during February 2021 ticket sales for our March 6 and 7, 2021 performance. No ticket, no refund. Please note the date of our first meeting in the fall is changed to October 15. Wishing you all a good summer. Stay safe and well.

Veterans Club of SCOV Pres. Mike LaBarbera 812-431-7427 mclabarb@aol.com VP Ian Friedlander 520-308-0535 First Mon., 1-2 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge www.vbscov.weebly.com

All veterans, male/female, private to general, one military assignment or retired, active duty or reservist, combat or non-combat. Everyone is welcome. • We visit veterans at Copper Health Rehab presenting “Certificates of Appreciation” thanking them for their service. • We assist veterans at a temporary homeless unit with a hot meal, haircuts and clothing donations. • We donate items to the Veterans Home in Tucson. • We inform club members of VA entitlements and review relevant issues at monthly meetings. Five club members delivered two pickup trucks full of clothing, with SCOV resident donations, to the Tucson Old Pueblo Community Services for the homeless.

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster



Gerry Buddenbaum, Matt Tombre, Wayne Klenda, Bill Livingston and Mike LaBarbera deliver clothing for the homeless

We meet socially at The Views Restaurant balcony at 3:30 PM the first Friday after our regular monthly meetings. We are an organization of veterans helping veterans. Attend a meeting to see what we have to offer. For those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

Women’s Action Group of Oro Valley (WAG OV) Facilitator Anne Munoz 253-905-7747 queenanne9@yahoo.com Communications Kris Sigford 612-747-0487 raykris@aribo.com First Fri., 11 AM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

WAG OV’s mission is to promote positive, progressive political change on issues affecting women and families.

SCOV Women’s Auxiliary Pres. Linda Wilkes 520-395-2370, VP Joyce Shaw 425-765-1415 Finance Debbie Francis 402-216-4227, Sec./Publicity Kathy Patterson 616-350-6443 Donations Kathy Hrdy 520-825-4723 Sep.-Apr., Second Tue., 9 AM, WC3 Our Auxiliary benefits Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse which helps victims of domestic abuse. Emerge! provides support, counseling and transitional housing to women and children in crisis. They also help educate the community by providing presentations on domestic abuse and offer programs and workshops geared toward the prevention of abuse. Donations are always needed. If you wish to help, you may go to their website www.emergecenter.org and click on the How to Help tab at the top. They are currently accepting in-kind donations at their administration office at 2545 E. Adams Street, Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 2 PM. The Auxiliary also supports Impact of Southern AZ by collecting needed food products. We also ask the community to gather their gently used jewelry, purses, shoes, hats, fashion jackets and sweaters for our Fall Accessory Boutique. More information regarding this event to follow. The Auxiliary’s next meeting will be Tuesday, September 8 at 9:00 AM, WC3

Join our Facebook group Sun City Oro Valley

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

Ballroom - SC Starlight Jim Kasierski 520-954-4041 scstarlight.pres2020@gmail.com www.scstarlightdanceclub.wixsite.com/scstarlightdance

Summer is here. Although ballroom dance activities are temporarily on hold, SC Starlight continues to plan and adjust to the changing landscape of the new normal. (Who says seniors can’t adapt to change and be creative?) First on the agenda is the upcoming annual election. Voting this year will be done electronically, so watch your inbox for more information. Until we can join together, enjoy another health benefit of ballroom dance; help reduce your risk of falls by improving your strength and balance just by dancing. Even in a small space you can rumba, cha cha, and swing. So get creative, enjoy some music and just dance.

Folk Dance Harvey Gardner 520-308-5616 savear@gmail.com Fri., 9:45-11:45 AM, AFC/Studios 1 & 2

Folk dancing is more fun than a treadmill and healthful exercise for balance, muscle, mind and mood. For most dances we hold hands in a circle to perform non-gymnastic steps to the enchanting music and rhythms of diverse cultures (including our own). Neither prior experience nor a partner is needed. Typical dance sessions consist of 15 folk dances, most with instructions. Folks may always sit out a dance to rest. Drop in to see if this internationally popular dance form is your cup of tea. Also, search FDCSCOV on www.YouTube.com to see us in action online.

Hula On With Pizzazz! Artistic Dir. Glory Lamb 805-698-3887 dancingextra@gmail.com Thu., 2-3 PM, Activity Center/Dance Studio

We’ve added pizzazz to our dance outreach program for the SCOV community. That means our dance repertoire will be varietal and aimed at providing entertainment and pizzazz to the fun functions for SCOV clubs. To participate, join us by submitting your name for our oncall list, and see how great it feels to have pizzazz.

Line - Sunliners Pres. Cherry Harper 520-818-6396 cj.harper845@gmail.com Membership Karen Caldwell 520-370-5415 bella22643@gmail.com scsunliners@gmail.com; www.scovsunliners.wixsite.com/sunliners

During the COVID-19 shutdown some of our members have been practicing club dances in their homes and some have joined online dance classes, all in an effort to keep line dancing part of our lives. But nothing takes the place of dancing together and seeing our friends. Our board of directors is staying in touch with SCOV leaders to plan for the future. We are in touch with our members by email and encourage them to visit our website for updates. As soon as is possible and safe, we will all be able to say again, “Count me in 5-6-7-8.”


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Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020, Page 20

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Rock ‘N Roll Pres. Renee Steinmetz scovrandrclub@gmail.com Membership Chair Jon Russell scovrandrclub@gmail.com

Hi all you Rock ‘N Rollers. Despite the social distancing orders that have prevented us from holding the March and May dances (we’re still holding out hope for July), we still have a club to keep running in hopes of better and healthier days. So, it’s time to renew our memberships for the 2020-2021 dance season. Renewal forms have been recently emailed and are due by July 31, 2020 at the very latest. See the email for additional details. Important note: Please be aware that if we do not receive your renewal by July 31, your membership will be deactivated. We have a very long waiting list of people wanting to join the club and, starting August 1, we will begin filling any vacancies from that list. Thanks.

Western - Kactus Kickers Pres. Sherokee & David Ilse 520-818-3279 sherokeeilse@yahoo.com Membership Marci Gutierrez marci.gutierrez57@gmail.com Activities in Auditorium

Thanks to all our members who participated in our online election. Our congratulations go out to our new board members: Co-Pres., Bob and Sue Newman; Co-VP, Kurt and Nancy Klucking; Treas., Jetta Hice and Sec., Carolyn Ancell. Hopefully we will all be dancing when our dance season starts in November. We are excited to announce we will be adding two new bands, Unwound and Southern Reins. Hope to see you on the dance floor. A big thanks goes out to our retiring Co-Presidents, Dave and Sherokee Ilse and Vice President, Yvette Schulz. Adios, until we dance again.

Exercise Aqua Tone Marcia Polley 520-818-9073 t.polley@comcast.net Irmel Wheeler 520-334-0957 irmel5596@gmail.com Tue., Thu., Sat., 8 AM, AFC/Pool

Aqua Tone is a toning water workout that incorporates a variety of rhythmic body movements performed in the water. This aquatic exercise class enhances cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. We meet Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9 AM in the winter, 8 AM in the summer at the AFC pool. There is no fee to join the club or the class. The teachers are club member volunteers. Being able to do a basic swim stroke is very helpful. Items used in the class are buoys, boards, noodles, balls and a fitness band. Most are available at the pool. A band can be purchased from Marcia for $5. We assign an experienced member to a newcomer to help with learning the various movements. You will get a good workout in a fun class.

Arthritis Water Pres. Sherry Olivier sherryolivier55@gmail.com Sec. Joy Sawyer joymaesawyer@comcast.net Mon., Wed., Fri., 10:15 AM, Apr.-Oct.; 1:30 PM, Nov.-Mar., AFC/Pool

Come join us for gentle water exercises specifically designed by the Arthritis Foundation to help with range of mo-


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

tion and to relieve stiffness and pain. These exercises are great for arthritis, fibromyalgia, replaced joints, etc. Annual membership is $4 pp. Please note: The outside air temperature must be 77 degrees or higher for the class to be held.

Energetic Exercise Marty Siracusa 520-825-6961 Mon., Wed., Fri., 8-9 AM, Auditorium

Stay fit in air-conditioned comfort. Get out of the house and join your friends, old and new, for fun and fitness at Energetic Exercise. You’ll enjoy a vigorous and beneficial aerobic and cardio workout, plus stretch and strength and balance. Sally Martinez, our professional instructor, keeps things lively and interesting with a variety of sessions that meet your body’s fitness needs. It will thank you. New members are always warmly welcomed, men and women. Your get-acquainted class is free. Annual dues are $3. Class tickets are a bargain: Only $30 for 12 classes.

Fitness Swim Contact: Dave Goodman goodman@sfu.ca Tue., Thu., Sat., 6:45-8 AM, AFC pool

The Fitness Swim Club provides a vehicle for swimmers to participate in a group swim workout. We generally go 2,400 to 3,000 yards per workout, mostly freestyle. Some do more, a few do less. Workouts are suitable for master swimmers, triathletes and those who would just like to participate in swim workouts. Please ensure you have medical clearance to participate in vigorous physical activity prior to joining. We welcome new members.

Pilates Mary Ayers 520-638-7916 scov.pilates@gmail.com Mon., 3 PM, Thu., 1:30 PM, AFC/Studio

As soon as the Sun City AFC reopens, Pilates mat classes will resume twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays with the same instructors as before. Summer is here and both classes will be smaller and more personal. First, the stretching exercises are done to warm up and then the Pilates mat routine is performed with modified moves for those with limitations. People ask, “Can the benefits of Pilates, which come from strengthening and stretching exercises, really develop the body’s core (your abdomen and back muscles), increase spine mobility and build flexibility?” The answer is a firm yes. More benefits include improved balance, muscle tone, stamina and a feeling of well-being. The cost is $8/class and annual club dues are $20 pp. Please join us or just stop by and watch. Call Mary with any questions.

Tai Chi Co-chairs Kathy Patterson 616-350-6443 1969kal@comcast.net Pat Howard 541-621-4404 pathoward45@gmail.com Thu., 10-11:30 AM, AFC/Studio 1

The Tai Chi Club is on hiatus until it is safe for all of us to get together again. We look forward to scheduling new classes in the fall. Stay safe.

Yoga Pres. Jan Wholey 520-638-7088 suncityyoga2018@gmail.com

The Yoga Club has suspended all classes until further notice. We hope you are all staying healthy and active and taking advantage of the many online yoga classes.

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Games Bridge Duplicate Bridge

Pres. Dave Hablewitz 520-989-0486 hkrisdave@opusnet.com Mon., 6 PM, Fri., 12:30 PM, Activity Center/Hohokam

Bring your partner and $1 and join us for about 24 hands of duplicate bridge. Please arrive 15 minutes before the starting time. Your dollars will be paid out to the winning teams. If you need a partner please call Mary Letts 520-797-0060 or Dave Hablewitz 520-989-0486 and we will do our best to find you one. Ladies Monday Social Bridge

Anita Gayheart 360-949-3452 and2@olypen.com Mon., 1-3:30 PM, Activity Center/Hohokam

Play social bridge in a friendly setting. We welcome new members. Marathon Bridge

Dave Johnson 520-825-6994 dpjohn@aol.com

Contact Dave or Tempe Johnson, 520-825-6994. Mixed Social Bridge

Pres. Don Wheeler 520-334-7578 Mon., Wed., Fri., 8:30 AM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

The Mixed Social Bridge Club plays contract bridge in an informal, relaxed and fun environment. If needed, we will make a table of three or have a player float to ensure that everyone can play. We start promptly at 8:30 AM; come a few minutes early to socialize and partner up. We have coffee and members often bring goodies. Please join us. We welcome new members. Partners Tuesday Night Bridge

Pres. Owen Reese, VP Adele Reese, Sec. Judy Bjorling 520-818-1296 Tue., 6:30 PM, Activity Center/Navajo/Hohokam

When the SCOV board allows resumption of club activities, the Tuesday Night Partners Bridge Club will require all participants to wear gloves and masks. We will play at larger circular tables to increase the spacing to comply with social distancing guidance.

Canasta Marge Allen 520-279-0270 margbill7@gmail.com Wed., 6-8 PM, Activity Center/Hopi

The revived Canasta Club meets on Wednesday evenings. Come join us. If you need a refresher, we will help you. Bring 75¢ and wear your name tag.

Cribbage Robert Hines 520-825-2208 Mobile 520-240-1375 First and Third Thu., 6:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge

We look forward to seeing you when facilities reopen. New members are welcome. Come join the fun.

Euchre Judee and Art Wickersham 520-989-3254 Becky and Kevin Reiley 815-631-0788 Bonnie and Wayne Klenda 509-548-5315 Mon., Meet 5:45 PM, Play 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

If you are interested in playing this easy, fast moving game, please join us. It will only cost you 50¢ for the evening. The room only accommodates 40, so do not be late if you want to play. Stay tuned for SCOV opening and new social distancing protocols.

Five Crowns Rosemary Dalla Rosa 520-825-1982 Sat., 4:30 PM or 5:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo www.scov5crowns.weebly.com

If you have a free Saturday evening, please come to Desert Oasis and join us in a very fun game of Five Crowns. We have two starting times, 4:30 and 5:30 PM. Bring lots of dimes and a few quarters. I promise you’ll have a great time and you’ll meet many new friends. It’s. a very simple game, which you can learn in about 15 minutes. Call Rosemary if you have any questions. Hope to see you there.

Gin Rummy Keith Jacoby 209-822-1742 or Sue Lilja 802-236-0150 Thu. and Sat., 9 AM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

We love to welcome new members. Team gin rummy is a fun game and easy to learn. Good people and good times. Come and give us a try; very low stakes. If you are interested in joining our group, or you would like to learn to play gin rummy, contact Sue Lilja or Bob Segebrecht 520-825-5480.

Practice Bridge

Pres. Robert Carlson 612-850-9005, Sec. Marilyn Guimond 520-825-0828 Mon., Wed., 12:30-3 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo Wednesday Afternoon Bridge

Pres. Phyllis Quist 520-354-2356, VP Janelle Parks 319-310-4759 Wed., 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

Wednesday afternoon bridge is cancelled until further notice. Everyone stay safe.

Bunco Fern Strandskov 520-825-8127 Fourth Tue., 1-4 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

We invite all to come and join us on the fourth Tuesday of the month for a fun game of Bunco. We are really looking for some new players. I know we have a lot of Bunco players in our community. There is a $2 entrance fee which is divided among all the winners. Come join us. We promise a fun afternoon for all.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

Checklist for Leaving in the Summer 3 Let the Association know how to reach you. 3 To stop delivery of the Explorer call 797-4384. 3 Fill out a Dark House form with the Oro Valley Police Department to have your home checked. 3 Schedule a landscaper to address monsoon weeds and yard upkeep while you are away. 3 Close your garage door and turn off power to your garage door opener. 3 Put lights on a timer. Place motion sensors with lights in the front and back of your home. 3 Be sure your house address numbers are visible from the street.


Mah Jongg Joyce Unger 520-825-8069 Thu., 1 PM, Desert Oasis

The new mah jongg cards have arrived. We’re looking forward to playing when we can do so safely.

Women’s Pan (Panguingue) Rosemary Dalla Rosa 520-825-1982 Mon., Fri., 1-4 PM, Wed., 9 AM-12:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

Stay cool this summer by playing Pan (Panguingue). Pan is a very exciting game and different from any other card game you have ever played. If you like poker-type games, you’ll love Pan–a winner in every hand. If interested, please come and observe. We will teach you to play and we would love to welcome new players.

Pinochle Dave Flatness 425-443-3708 Wed., 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

We play single deck and rotate partners every four hands. Bring 50¢ for your tally. The first Wednesday is treat night. The third Wednesday is birthday night. If your skills are a little rusty, we can get you up to speed quickly. Annual dues, $5 pp.

Poker Dealer’s Choice Poker

Steve Dirks 520-429-3303 stevenkdirks@gmail.com Tue., 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

Our game is open to all SCOV residents. Games: Texas hold’em, crazy pineapple, Omaha, seven-card stud, crisscross, slide-rule and a couple of five-card draw variations. The dealer antes 25¢. All games are high-low except for Texas hold ’em and crazy pineapple which are high only. Stakes are 25¢ for the early round of bets and 50¢ for the last two rounds. Contact Steve Dirks for a Word document with the full club rules and a detailed description of the games. Men’s Friday Poker

Joe Bonitch 520-329-1149 joe@joebmail.com Fri., 5:45-8:45 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

We play easygoing, informal poker with low stakes. Games are all high only, five-card draw, five-card stud, seven-card stud, Texas hold ʼem, Omaha and criss/iron cross. No dues. Bring your own refreshments. Cards provided. Dealer antes 5¢ per player and chooses the game. Absolute requirements are to leave politics and religion at the door and enjoy three hours of no-hassle understandable poker. We welcome new players. Bring nickels, dimes and quarters. Call Joe if you would like to review rules of play before your first game. Please show up at 5:30 PM, so we can start playing by 5:45 PM.

Scrabble Bill Wallace 520-818-6747 Fri., 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Sheepshead - Shauskopf Terry Rohr 520-818-1936 terryaz34@msn.com Tue., 10 AM, Desert Oasis


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Music Barbershop VLQ (Very Large Quartet) Kactus Krooners Mike Moyer 520-818-6509 mmoyerpp@gmail.com Oct.-May, Mon., 10:30 AM-Noon, Desert Oasis

We will not be meeting while SCOV is under coronavirus protection requirements and will be taking a rest during the summer months. We start up again in late October or early November. Watch for Tipster notices and emails from Mike. Meanwhile, just keep singing. Have a harmonious summer.

Different Drummers Women’s Circle Co Pres. Zona Boss 520-638-6644, Colleen Cottrell 520-825-8393 Wed., 1:30-3 PM, Catalina Vista

Please note we will be having our summer meetings at the Catalina Vista through September, once the buildings have reopened. Looking forward to seeing you there. The Different Drummers Women’s Circle provides a community drum circle for any woman wanting to connect with others through hand drumming using African Djembe drums, handheld Native American frame drums and other small percussion. Drums and instruments are provided for guests. Join us to drum, laugh and meet new friends. People worldwide for centuries have used group drumming to energize minds and bodies, strengthen community bonds, release stress and celebrate life.

Early Music Recorder Ensemble Joyce Minks 520-825-0642 minkster42@comcast.net Tue., 12:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge

Have a Recorder (the instrument)? Want to learn or improve your skills? Would you like to play in a group? Soprano, alto, tenor, bass recorders welcome. Enjoy the harmonies of an ensemble. Music is provided. Just one hour every Tuesday. SCOV visitors welcome. Let’s make beautiful music together. Hopefully, we will be able to resume during the summer, but may need to practice safe distances. Please call or email Joyce Minks for up-to-date information.

Sun City Singers Pres. Bob Westendorf 619-571-1040 rewestendorf@live.com Director Don Hess 520-444-2206 Rehearsals Tue., 6:30-8:30 PM, Auditorium Ukulele - Sun City Strummers Pres. Kathy Mashburn 435-790-4481 kathyp638@gmail.com Musical Director Don Bong Tue., 10-11:30 AM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro www.scovaz.com/clubs/ukulele

The Ukulele Club will continue to practice on Tuesday mornings at 10 AM and beginning lessons will be at 9 AM. Join us for the fun.

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Sports Bike - Vistoso Cyclists Pres. Lynn Lamb 913-915-4676 Lambuilt@AOL.com, VP Ron Wheeler 801-791-2903 ourwildplaces@gmail.com, E-Bikes, Mike Hulett 218-443-3203 Mike.e.hulett@gmail.com Membership Tom and Bonnie Bethea 773-680-7228 Group rides: Mon., Wed., Fri., 1200 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. www.vistosocyclists.wildapricot.org

Vistoso Cyclists Club has over 200 members. We ride year-round to preplanned destinations in Tucson and surrounding cities. We use both city streets, the Loop Trail and other designated bike trails. Occasional away rides start from a distant location. Weekly a mountain bike option take a few of us to the Tortolita rangelands, containing some of the highest rated single track bike trails in the nation. Our group ride options are from 25 to 50+ miles. We always take time for coffee and conversation somewhere on these rides. Our WOW (Women on Wheels) group have their own agenda providing routes of 12 to 30+ miles. Our club sponsors social events, participates in Wheels for Kids and are involved with the Interfaith Community Food Bank. If you are a resident and love to ride your bike, check out our website or call one of us.

Billiards Pres. Tom Caswell 612-396-8254 tcas5171@yahoo.com Mon.-Fri., Noon-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Billiards

When SCOV facilities reopen, stop by and join the fun. We have one of the best pool halls in all of Tucson.

Birders Group Peggy Smith 520-344-0991 pdsaz@aol.com www.scovbirding.wix.com/birdersgroup Next meeting, Fri., Aug. 28, 4 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

Colorful Hooded Orioles (male shown) find their way to SCOV every April along with equally colorful Bullock’s Orioles. Craving sweets, orioles enjoy raiding hummingbird feeders and eating any jelly that might be set out for them. There are technically five species of orioles here in Arizona, although two are rare and only the two mentioned are likely Steve Holmes photo in SCOV. Their rich song and chatter are easily identified by those in the Birders Group who will interrupt any conversation when unusual bird songs enter SCOV space. Want to learn more? We are an activity-oriented group, and all SCOV residents are invited to join us and learn more about the birds here in Arizona. Because of the coronavirus, all official birding trips have been canceled until the fall. If you have any questions about our club or about birds in general, contact Peggy (above).

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

Bocce Debbie Kotlarek dlkotlarek@gmail.com Steve Porter 720-394-0413 www.scovbocce.weebly.com Mon., Wed., Fri., 2 or 7 PM, Bocce Courts If we are fortunate enough to resume club play this month, there will be new rules and restrictions in place. Please check with a board member or the club website for the current rules.

Gun Club Bill Snead 425-246-8100 wgsnead@gmail.com Second Wed., 2 PM, Activity Center/Hohokam

The Gun Club normally resumes meetings in October. We will keep you advised of future plans as COVID-19 mitigation requirements evolve. The Gun Club is especially focused on safety and information. Any shooting events and activities are organized outside of the club, by individuals. The Pima Pistol Club is our closest venue for practice, but has no formal association with our club.

Hiking Pres. Mike Duellman 847-951-3934 Scheduled hikes will be posted on the website www.scovhiking.org

Although all club-sponsored hikes are postponed due to the pandemic until further notice, we encourage everyone to get outside and walk. We know this is happening from meeting many people Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park - 2019 on our walks. The neighborhood streets are wide and you can greet all you see. Or hike the trails as well, just keep your six feet distance from others. Be safe. We want to see all of you when we start hiking together again.

Horseshoes Ray Coleman 520-825-2789 Ron Knudson 520-825-9307 Tom Calder 520-730-6345 tom@tomcalder.com Oct.-Apr., Tue., Thu., 2 PM The Pits at Catalina Vista

Hello fun. Welcome men and women. No experience necessary. We provide the equipment. Easy to learn and the more you play, the better you get. Did you know seniors 70 and older pitch from a shorter distance with less effort and more accuracy? The shorter distance also makes the game more fun for women. YouTube has several videos of everything related to horseshoes. Check it out. Good exercise, good people and friendly competition.


Pickleball Pres. L. Nelson Brown Lnelsonb@gmail.com VP Membership Dave Burnham dburnhampton@gmail.com Sun.-Sat., 8 AM-9 PM www.scovpb.org

COVID-19 procedures were the name of the game last month. At one point we suspended our regular schedule and instituted social distancing and ball disinfecting procedures. A bleach solution was installed in a bucket on each court to sanitize the balls between games and player changes. Chairs were moved six feet apart; half of the chairs were moved to the south side of the courts. With the longer days and early summer heat, Balls in bleach solution some games began shortly after sunrise. Others decided to play under the lights. Small groups were encouraged with less than 10 players per group. Many of our seasonal members were delayed in returning home this year. All clubsponsored socials, training and tournaments have been suspended until normal procedures are back in effect. Our website has many useful training videos and information that you can use while staying at home. For more information, contact Dave Burnham.

POP Tennis Pres. Brian Goff 520-825-7232 bwgoff@outlook.com VP Barbara Satterly 520-825-8965 Tues., Thu., Sat., 7:30-9:30 AM Training first and third Wed., 7:30 AM, Desert Oasis Courts

Exercise and social distancing you out on the POP Tennis courts.

We hope that by the time you read this, our club playing schedule will have returned to normal. We also hope that our members and all SCOV residents have fared well in this unprecedented fight against a pandemic unlike any other we have seen in our lifetimes. We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing

Racquetball Pres. Jerry Moss 360-772-0780 VP Brent Stewart 210-324-0178 Mon., Wed., Fri., 8-11 AM, AFC/Racquetball Court

esident Doris R


SCOV Name Tags Name tags with our logo are $8 each. The order form is available at scovaz.com. Log in first then >Member Services >This & That >Name Tag Order Form.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Table Tennis Co-chairs Pat Norkooli 719-650-9787 patricia.norkooli@live.com Megan Jacoby 949-697-4665 cobymeg@gmail.com

Table tennis is a fun way to get exercise and socialize with a friendly group of people. Tables, paddles and balls are at Catalina Vista. When facilities reopen, days and times reserved for club members are: Hours of Club Play

Women Men/Women Open Play Open Club Play

Tue., 1:30-3:30 PM Tue., 5-8 PM; Thu., 5:30-8:30 PM Fri., 4-8 PM Sat., 9-10 AM upon request, 10 AM-Noon

Fridays, 4-8 PM, are open to the SCOV community. We mostly play doubles, which is somewhat different from singles. We’ll be happy to instruct new players about the basics and rules of the game.

Tennis Pres. Ron Martin 520-395-0608 martin.ron.16@comcast.net Treas. Sherwin Koopmans 520-818-6337 Men’s tennis, Tue., Thu., Sat., 7-11 AM, Jim Benshoof 612-799-5918 Ladies tennis, Mon., Wed., Fri., 8 AM-Noon, Anita Gayheart 360-949-3452, Beverly Johnston 970-744-0697 Mixed doubles, Sun., 1-3 PM, Susan Hernandez 310-433-7474

When this article was written, tennis play was allowed under SCOV and State regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some club Participants in tennis lesson members have been grateful for this opportunity for outdoor exercise and have continued to play. The courts are readily available for these participants, because other members have temporarily suspended play for health precautions and because some seasonal players have departed. Consistent with SCOV and State regulations, no club social events are planned for the next several months. A club highlight during this winter season was a series of tennis lessons offered to club members and other SCOV residents. About 20 persons, including several new club members, participated in each of six lessons that were conducted before COVID-19 limitations began. This was a rewarding experience both for the participants and instructors.

Wallyball Pres. Walt Nalewicki 520-818-9590 wnalewi@gmail.com VP Don Teiser 520-333-2525 donteiser@gmail.com Treas./Sec. Chris Baird 520-344-9170 cbaird6224@gmail.com Competitive Tue., Recreational Fri., setup 12:45 PM, play 1-3 PM, AFC/Racquetball Ct. www.wallyball.us

Hopefully we are back playing in the court. If the coronavirus protection requirements are still in effect, we will resume as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Wallyball is a fun and enjoyable game. It is played in the racquetball court where you use the side walls during volleys but you are not allowed to hit the back wall or ceiling during play.

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Some of the great benefits of playing are that it helps to burn off calories, builds and tones muscles, improves mental health, builds coordination, helps with balance and increased Go for it, Don! aerobic activity. Men and women both are welcome to come out and give it a try. We have a lot of fun, great camaraderie and laughs. Please visit our website at wallyball.us or give one of our officers a call. Come on out and have some fun. Be safe and play safe

Water Volleyball Pres. Barb Satterly 520-825-8965 craftylady838@aol.com Co-VP Sharon Kennedy 206-786-4211 kennesk@comcast.net Co-VP Walt Nalewicki 520-818-9590 wnalewi@gmail.com Treas. John Lesko azjl1946@gmail.com Casual play Sun., Thu., 1-3 PM; Advanced play Mon., 1-3 PM, Desert Oasis Remember that song that goes, “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone”? Now we know and what an understatement. Our hope is that we will soon be back enjoying our water volleyball games in the Desert Oasis pool. Whatever it takes is what we must do to get back in the water. Whenever that happens our new “Dave going for it” team guidelines should allow club by Wayne Widener members to participate safely. The summer temps are climbing and we need this outlet. There will be a better appreciation for the opportunity to participate in group activities. Let us all look forward to resuming normalcy.


Day Trippers Chair, Lynn Krivitz, 520-825-7689 Vice-Chair, Laura Suchocki, 520-612-7226 Membership, Laura and Tom Held, 520-447-5170 Second Fri., 9 AM, Activity Center/Navajo

Please note: Some activities may be cancelled due to health concerns. Sun., Jun. 21, Father’s Day party “catered by grocery store,” $5 pp. Entertainer, Chuck Moses. Monitor, Laura Suchocki, 520-612-7226 July, Casino trip, open to all SCOV residents. Monitor, Edie Phillips, 520292-3920 Sat., Aug. 22, Annual BBQ, 4-7 PM, Auditorium Wed.-Wed., Sep. 9-16, Monument Valley, Bryce, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef National Parks. Monitor, Laura Suchocki, 520-612-7226 Oct., Mystery trip.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

RV Club - Sundowners Pres. Larry Castriotta 520-262-7072 LarryCastriotta@gmail.com VP John McConnaughey 503-580-2465 Captain.Faisua@gmail.com www.sundownersrvclub.org Next meeting Oct. 12, 9 AM,Catalina Vista

It’s that time of year when many Sundowners head north for cooler temperatures. Hopefully, campgrounds and parks will be open; as of this writing many are closed due to the corona pandemic. Be sure to stock up on your masks and gloves. We have several great trips planned; check the website for sign up information. Be careful to log on as you won’t see many of On the road again the website’s features without clicking that “log on” button. We are in need of WagonMasters to help organize the 2021 trips; please volunteer.

Partnered Organizations The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations. SCOV does not sponsor, support, assume responsibility or liability for the information. Regular meetings are not taking place due to COVID-19.

AA Kevin D. 708-732-2943 kjd728@aol.com, Tue., 7 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo Alzheimer’s Education and Support Cecelia Ortiz 661-972-2639 Last Tue., 4 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Whether you are a caregiver, a person with mild cognitive loss, or at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease, our mission is to support one another by sharing new ideas through the advancement of research, to provide support for all affected by sharing ideas and concerns and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

Cancer Support Facilitator: Laura Held 520-447-5170 lmheld@comcast.net First Wed., except Jul. 2020, second Wed., 4:15-5:15 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

The focus of this group is on your feelings and responses to pre-cancer, current and post-cancer. Laura M. Held, a retired oncology nurse, cancer survivor and SCOV resident, facilitates the group.

Caregivers’ Support Facilitator: Jane Holder 520-820-0171 janeyholderaz@gmail.com First and Third Fri., 2-3 PM, Catalina Vista

If you are caring for a partner, child, parent or any other loved one, this support group will allow you to share with other like-minded people in a safe environment. What is said in this group, stays with this group.


Catalina Public Library Art Lovers Book Club The Art Lovers Book Club, sponsored jointly by the SCOV Library and SaddleBrooke Library, will not meet over the summer. The next meeting will be on Friday, October 9, at the Dewhirst Catalina Public Library, 15631 N. Oracle Road, Catalina.

Diabetes Support Facilitator: Bill Bable 520-639-8845 Wcbcfp33@gmail.com First Mon., 3:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

We discuss all things diabetic: type 1, type 2 and pre-diabetes. There are about an equal number of men and women who attend. Some members have lived with diabetes for 60+ years, whereas others are recently diagnosed. If you are interested in our group, please join us.

Grief Recovery and Support Pari Foster 520-248-3658 parifoster@gmail.com Tuesdays, 1-2 PM, Catalina Vista, Art Room

This is not a counseling group but a loving, caring and, most importantly, a safe environment to share your grief from any loss. It is important to note that grief from any loss comes in many forms: loss of loved one or friend, a pet, home or job, loss of independence, etc. It is not to be taken lightly and is a journey that takes time and is vital to healing and growth. By sharing our grief with others on the same journey the burden is, therefore, lightened.

Parkinson’s Support Payton Davies 520-825-5352 bpwdavies@gmail.com Third Wed., Sep.-May, 10:30 AM-Noon, Desert Springs, 30 W. Lambert Lane

Caregivers and/or people with Parkinson's are welcome to attend. We have speakers at most meetings with topics of interest. "I have Parkinson's, but Parkinson's doesn't have me."

Survivors of a Loved One Who Died By Suicide Contact Ester Leutenberg 520-818-0016 ester36@gmail.com Survivors of a loved one who died by suicide have unique grief issues and struggles. It is helpful to talk with others who understand.

Vistoso Helpful Hands Barb McNeill 520-825-0677 bjmac68@gmail.com

Vistoso Helpful Hands volunteers are still available to temporarily help residents without other support until we establish a new normal. Call 520-447-0077 to reach a dispatcher. If we cannot answer immediately, leave your name and number for a call back. We are taking precautions to keep you and our volunteers safe. If you can help others, contact Barb McNeill for application information.

Wheels for Kids Tom Terfehr 520-789-7243 www.azwfk.org

Do you remember your first bike? Wheels for Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing rehabbed bicycles to children and families in need in the Tucson area. To date we have donated 3,000 bikes to local nonprofits who distribute the bikes to their clients. Some of our partner organizations include Refugee Focus, Boys and Girls Club of Tucson, Children’s Advocacy Center, Casa de los Niños, Ronald McDonald House and Youth On Their Own. Wheels for Kids is an all-volunteer effort, and we are always happy to welcome new people to our team. If you


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

are interested in learning more, please visit our website or call Tom Terfehr. Help kids experience the same joy you had when you got your first bike.

YOTO/Northwest Auxiliary Kris Cohen 520-818-2582 krisandearl@msn.com

YOTO will be providing a special Summer Stipend to further support youth experiencing homelessness in our community. Over the next few months, we are trying to raise the $220,000 that we estimate this stipend will cost. This is a daunting goal, but we believe this support will be extremely helpful to our students. Your support has already been crucial to helping YOTO youth stay stable and safe. Thank you for keeping YOTO students in your thoughts during this time.

Extended Community American Legion Oro Valley Post 132 We are local veterans making a difference in the lives of veterans and service members in need. Help us to help them by joining our friendly Post. You too can make a difference. Your membership adds to our collective voice on important issues. Contact: Ed Davis 520-229-1064 ovpost132@gmail. com. We meet the third Thursday at 6:30 PM, SeptemberJune, Vistoso Memorial Chapel, 2285 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd., Oro Valley.

Volunteer Opportunity Tutors Needed for Nearby School Kids Do you enjoy working with kindergarten through fifth grade students? Painted Sky Elementary School is looking for volunteer tutors for math and reading for the 2020-2021 school year. To learn more about our program, please call Amy Watson 520-696-3820 or email awatson@amphi.com. Volunteers will need to complete a clearance through the school district. Potential volunteers may begin the clearance process by contacting Debbie Ahumada 520-696-5102.

Enter the Community Phone Directory Cover Photo Contest Do you have a gorgeous photo of an SCOV setting that would be perfect for the cover of our Community Directory? Submit your best SCOV photo(s) by Sunday, June 21. Log in at scovaz.com > members > services > miscellaneous and click on SCOV Photo Contest Form.

June 2020, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Sun City Oro Valley Scrapbook Resident-submitted photos.

Mike Duellman observed this unusual saguaro

Local deer paid a recent visit to the backyard of Carolyn and Gary Lerch

Sheryl Hester photographed this roadrunner posed in front of wildflowers

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020

Grandmother and granddaughter creating a chalk drawing. Photo by Donna Randolph



The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations that are neither sponsored nor supported by SCOV Community Association, Inc. SCOV assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein.

BR=Bedroom; BA=Bath; BBQ=Barbecue; N/S=No Smoking; N/P=No Pets; W/D=Washer and Dryer; LR=Living Room; DR=Dining Room; FR=Family Room; AZRM=Arizona Room; FP=Fireplace; S/S=Stainless Steel; WiFi=Wireless Internet Service. Classified Advertising $10/ad • Deadline 10th of the Month. FOR SALE BY OWNER: 2 BR/2 BA open floor plan, Claridge model built in 1995, on elevated corner lot with magnificent mountain views and lots of privacy in backyard patio and generous front courtyard. Brand new HVAC, new exterior paint, extremely well maintained, move-in ready. Gently used only as a seasonal rental. Furniture and complete furnishings available separately. Call Tom and Barbara 520-825-0618. FOR RENT: Now available for winter 2021: Large home on 14th fairway with spectacular view of mountains. Fully furnished king in master, queen in guest. Three months or more, winter 2021, will be given preference. Smaller home on Tom Ryan also available winter 2021. For pictures and pricing, call Jan at 636-357-8817 or email janostrander2013@gmail.com. FOR RENT: 14461 N. Sky Trail, 2 BR/2 BA, new S/S appliances, paint, carpet and tile. Owner pays utilities, cable, WiFi. Tastefully furnished and equipped. Small pet friendly, N/S, 30-day min. lease. Email craigramey50@yahoo.com, call Craig or Mary 520-271-5814. Please use this link for pictures, rates, reservation calendars and other information: https://goo.gl/DNxrjz FOR RENT: Popular expanded 1,573 sq. ft., 2 BR/2 BA Silvercreek model. Open floor plan with tile and carpet, ceiling fans in every room. Fully furnished, including king in master, queen in guest, reclining couch in living room, smart TV. Includes utilities, WiFi, cable, W/D, BBQ on covered patio with ceiling fan. Fully enclosed back yard. N/S, N/P. Available Sep., Oct., Nov. and Dec. 2020, and April 2021. Email dixie476@gmail.com or call 636-544-1706. FOR RENT: Updated and beautifully furnished vacation home. 1,499 sq. ft. Sonoran model. AZRM and fully equipped kitchen overlook furnished patio with gas grill, open desert and views of Catalina Mts. Split plan, king in master, queen in guest which can be used as an office. Tile floor throughout. Seasonal rates include all utilities, WiFi, cable, Roku, W/D, 2 car garage. Strict N/S, N/P. Available Jun. 1-Dec. 31, 2020 and May 1-Dec. 2021. Call 413-579-1729 or email noreenweb@gmail.com. FOR RENT: Beautiful 2 BR/2 BA expanded Cumberland, 1,500 sq. ft. AZRM, screened patio, super clean. quiet backyard toward desert, sunset and mountain views from custom brick back and front patio. Fully furnished, guest ready, remodeled kitchen with new S/S appliances, W/D, WiFi, cable TV, Netflix, grill, NS, small pet allowed, min. 30 days. Available May, Jun, Jul. 2020. Call Gretel, 520-825-4175 or 520-780-3831, gcwags@comcast.net. FOR RENT: Fully furnished 2 BR/2 BA home available May through December, 2020. East facing patio and nice backyard with a view of Mt. Lemmon. The home is tastefully decorated and the kitchen is fully equipped. Computer, printer, utilities and WiFi included. Call 303-408-1983 for availability and rates. FOR RENT: Enjoy privacy and sweeping mountain views from the patio in this 2 BR/2 BA home. Open AZRM with separate DR and kitchen nook. Amenities include digital cable TV w/DVR in AZRM and MBR and Internet. Split model for added privacy; grill, ceiling fans, kitchen appliances and linens. Rentals available Jun. 1, 2020 forward, except Jan. 2-Apr. 7, 2021. NS, NP. Call Larry at 949-244-0210 (cell) for rates.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

HOME WATCH: Karl’s Home Watch Service is committed to keeping a watchful eye on your home while you’re away. Karl, a Sun City Facilities monitor and full-time Sun City resident, will inspect your home’s interior and exterior for signs of problems with plumbing, irrigation, A/C, roof and more. Karl Leiderman, 520-406-8894, email: KHWS.Karl@gmail.com. PET AND HOUSE SITTER: Experienced pet sitters, at your home–day only, SCOV residents, reference letters available. Contact Rick 858-729-3438 or Gloria 520425-2079. HOUSE WATCH: Jay’s Home Watch with TLC, “I’ll watch your home when you’re not.” I will check on your home regularly, water indoor plants, bring in mail, newspapers and packages, contact your handy person, landscaper, irrigation person, etc., if needed and take care of any emergencies that arise. I will email you with an update each time I visit your home. Jay Leutenberg, all-year resident. Call 520-818-0016, email jayleu35@gmail.com. BUYING: A curious collector would like to buy watches, old photos, war relics, 19th and 20th century family and estate items, antiques, jewelry, coins, silver and much more. Anything unusual or nostalgic. I like to look and love to buy. Exceptional prices paid. 520-529-2984.

Linda S. Tucker, Attorney Wills • Probate • Trusts

Free Half Hour Consultation Phone or Office 520-257-1166 1846 E. Innovation Park Drive Oro Valley, AZ 85755 lindatuckerlaw@hotmail.com

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Carpentry Electrical Drywall Plumbing, Etc. ROC191660 Building Maintenance & Repairs Honest, Reasonable, Reliable

(520) 792-9669

Serving Sun City Oro Valley Since 1998

Mike Daignault

The Original Re-Paint Specialists We can beat any competitor’s price We want to be your painter of choice We are licensed, bonded & insured We have been in business over 25 years

(520) 289-7607

Rocco Miller

35+ Years of Real Estate Experience Cell: (520) 333-8787 Office: (520) 352-2700 rocco.miller@azmoves.com International Sterling Society Award Winner 11165 N. La Canada Dr., # 175 • Oro Valley, AZ 85737

One Stop Shopping – We Do It All

 Exterior Specialists: Drywall  Top Quality Products & Stucco Repair That Last  Wrought Iron Fences &  We Get It Done On Time Pool Decks  Satisfaction Guaranteed  Free Estimates

Serving Tucson Since 1979

3636 E. Ft. Lowell (Fort Lowell & Dodge)


The Original Off the Wall Bed •Custom Kitchens •Libraries •TV Media Rooms •Home Offices •Custom Cabinetry •Quality Garages www.offthewallfurniture.com email: tucsonoffthewall@gmail.com tm




#1 on Google®


For Sun City OV


14022 N Clarion Way

14045 N Desert Butte Drive Bolero Model

Call Me T

oday 390-6000

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Golden Goose Thrift Shop Paul J. Sandelin Attorney at Law 520.989.0074 - paul@sandelinlaw.com

Making Good Things Happen Every Day! 100% of Profits go to Local Charities

1171 East Rancho Vistoso Blvd Suite117 Oro Valley, AZ 85755

Estate Planning - Elder Law - Wills Trusts - Trust Administration Powers of Attorney - Probate HealthCare Directives - Living Wills Real Estate - Business - Corporations - LLC’s

Best Thrift Shop

(5 Years in a Row) Convenient Location - Personal Service Complimentary Estate Planning Consultation Licensed in Arizona and Minnesota www.sandelinlaw.com

SIZE: 2 x 7.5


For a pick-up A 501(c)3 not-for-profit

Call 825-9101

www.goldengooseaz.com JUNE /Visit 2020

15970 N. Oracle Rd. Catalina, AZ 85739 – Phone 825-9101

Bible Centered Teaching

Traditional Music


RE-OPENING for SUNDAY WORSHIP First service: JUNE 7 at 9:30 AM

Worship with us or join us online via the web: VISTOSO.ORG ~ click on: Livestream

BIBLE STUDY, 10 AM DAILY via the web.


1200 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd, Oro Valley ~ (520) 825-0652 ~ email: vistosocc@icloud.com

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Mr. Butierez is a professional painter who has been painting homes in Sun City since 1994. He has specialized in new custom homes along with interior and exterior repaints since 1985. Refresh Your Kitchen –

SENIOR LIVING PLACEMENT SERVICE There is no charge for our service which helps you find the right setting for Independent Living • Assisted Living Center • Adult Care Home • Memory Care

Amanda Gelatt (520) 870-0962

amanda@aseniorjourney.com www.ASeniorJourney.com

Have Us Paint Your Cabinets


Licensed, Bonded and Insured. ROC 317608 CR-34

(5 2 0 ) 6 8 2 - 5 34 9 Call us today for a free estimate!

Oro Valley United Church of Christ 1401 E. El Conquistador Way, Oro Valley, AZ 85704 · 520-742-7333

Living Trusts • Wills Estate Planning Estates Settled Contracts-Leases Personal Injury Powers of Attorney-Living Wills Guardianship-Conservatorships Divorce-Marital Agreements Corporations • LLCs Serving Northwest Tucson Since 1976

“Whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey,

No Charge For Initial Consultation • House Calls Welcome

you are welcome here.”


Join us Sundays at 10 AM · www.OroValleyUCC.org


1846 E. Innovation Park Dr. 7400 N. Oracle Rd. Suite #175 Oro Valley, AZ 85755 Tucson, AZ 85704

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already thinking about a move to senior housing. We know this is a hard decision. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you sort through the physical, emotional, and financial obstacles that you may experience on this journey. Your path to a vibrant and fun lifestyle starts here. YOUR FREE GUIDE TO SENIOR HOUSING INCLUDES:

FREE GUIDE TO SENIOR HOUSING Download at LeisureCare.com/Guides


Your Guide to Senior


• Senior Housing 101 • Understanding Different Types of Care • How to Afford Senior Housing • Cost Comparison Worksheet • Finding the Right Community

It’s More Than Retirement. It’s Five-Star Fun.

Oro Valley • (520) 314-5141 FairwindsDesertPointSeniorLiving.com

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Hillman & Shelby Law, Ltd. Sun City Oro Valley Office New Location! 1846 E. Innovation Park Rd. Main Number


Free Consultation

F&S Home Services Frank Soto

Master Craftsman Home Repair • Remodeling • Restoration • Painting • Plumbing • Electrical • Concrete • Tile • Roofing • AC & Heating

(520) 861-2657

fs.homeservices@yahoo.com Not a licensed contractor

Estate Planning Wills & Trusts Probate Taxation Trust Administration We now accept credit card payments. www.taylorhillmanshelbyltd.com

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JENNIFER & MATT TEAM Your Sun City Realtors Please Call Us Today!

Buying or Selling in Sun City? Expert Help Is Right Here! Jennifer Shuffelbottom Matt Shuffelbottom REALTOR®



(520) 262-1785

L M Painting Exterior Painting Special $1,750 (up to 1,600 sq. ft.) Offer good through June 30, 2020

Complete Interior Painting Discounts Offer good through June 30, 2020

ROC #324740 Licensed Bonded Insured

869-9229 Victor Martinez

5 year Warranty Premium Paint

991-9933 Leo Martinez

On the Sun City Oro Valley Consumer Referral List

Kevin...does it all Your Sun City Neighbor All Repairs & Remodeling 35 years Remodeling Experience Call us, we’ll get it done!



(520) 203-1648

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24/7 Non-medical Caregiver Staffing

Loving Angels Among Us, LLC

Sylvia Briones

(520) 351-9055

Lovingangelsamongus@gmail.com LovingAngelsAmongUs.com

Member, Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce and Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Tucson Southwest Kitchen & Bath 7780 N. Oracle Rd. #150 • 520.531.9187 WWW.SOUTHWESTKITCHEN.COM

A place where comfort and exceptional care come together. That place is Amber Lights Senior Living Community. It’s where you’ll find all levels of Assisted Living services, a caring staff, and great neighbors all rolled into one. Which is why families call the comfort here “amazing.” Why not see if you share that same feeling?

To learn more, please call 520.395.9616 or visit our website. Independent & Assisted Li v ing R esidences


6231 N. Montebella Road Tucson, AZ www.AmberLightsRetirement.com • 520.395.9616 Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020, Page 36

Outdoor Dining starting June 1 (reservations required) Take-Out and Ready to Heat Orders still available Visit website for details: www.theviewsrestaurant.com (520) 825-3277

Thanks Sun City for 25+ Years of Continued Support It’s Tax Time. Need an IRA or Umbrella?

Auto Home Umbrella Golf Carts Life • Annuities • IRAs • Motorhomes •

Dawn Caffall

Local Agent Specializing in Sun City

15920 N. Oracle Road - Suite 130

Catalina Pointe Centre - Right across the street from McDonalds



Interior a Exterior Painting a Licensed, Bonded, Insured.

Winner of Arizona Daily Star Reader’s Choice Best Homeowner Insurance Agent





Serving Sun City Oro Valley since 1997.


Roof coat on flat roofs.


All work warranted.


Registered with your Consumer Referral at Sun City Oro Valley


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ROC 160023

You’ve always said you wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress.

You’d better tell them now.


149 Special

2285 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. Oro Valley

(520) 544-2285

vistosofuneralhome.com Family Owned and Operated Expires 08/31/20

Expires 08/31/20

Preplanning takes care of all the decisions so your family doesn’t have to. Kotalik’s Mustang Building Service, Inc.

Full Service General Contractor (520) 349-5517 rkmustang@comcast.net

Contact us for: Home Repairs Maintenance Remodeling Interior & Exterior ROC 197786

Fred Swiderski R E A L T O R®

520-850-2439 Residential Brokerage

Fred.Swiderski@azmoves.com website: fredswiderski.cbintouch.com 11165 N. La Canada Dr. #175•Oro Valley, AZ 85737

7883 N. Oracle Rd. ATION!Oro Valley, AZ 85704 C O L W NE

M-F 9am-5pm, Sa 10am-3pm

Free In-Home Estimates Free Installation We Do Repairs


It Matters Who You See... Call for appointments.

520-293-6740 5599 N. Oracle Rd. Between Orange Grove and River Rd. 10425 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 135 Oracle Rd. and Pusch View Lane


Epoxy Coating & Cement Staining for your Garage, Driveway, Patio, or Walkway Brett Monroe • 520-603-7789

Brett@Monroe-remodeling.com • Monroe-remodeling.com Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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ROC 306543

BETTY J. WHITE Associate Broker


To our customers and Sun City

neighbors, we would like to thank you for trusting us with your home remodeling needs over the past 12 years. We are honored to be a part of this special community. During these tough times know that our commitment here remains strong. Stay safe friends!

(520) 825-8677 (520) 275-6654 bettyjwhiteaz@email.com BWhite.LongRealty.com 15250 N. Oracle Rd., #110 Tucson, AZ 85739


(520) 818-3200

16255 N Oracle Rd, Catalina, AZ 85739 Open Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Mark and Susan McIntyre


Free Shuttle for our Area!


“Back to Doing Business the FAIR WAY” wFurnaces wAir Conditioners wAir Purifiers wPackage Units wHeat Pumps wDuctless Mini-Splits

$59 Seasonal l a une Up Speci T


ntract Requ 5 yrs l No Co r fo ed ck lo e Pric Y BRAND We service AN

$59.00 Tune up or Diagnostic Special. Cooling season is here! Make sure your A/C or Heat Pump is safe and reliable for our desert heat! If repairs are needed, we provide transparent upfront pricing. You will NEVER overpay with Fairway!

To ! omers t s u C ur


Your excellent reviews placed us tied for the Top Rated cooling & heating company in the State of Arizona! TopRatedLocal.com


www.Fairway Cooling.com 1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. #161 Oro Valley, AZ 85755

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ROC #316583

Barbara “BK” Kittelson Your SCOV RESIDENT Realtor® & Daughter Team

Team Angeloni For Buying or Selling


We Want to “BEE” Your Agents


Call BK & Avery Today

520-907-3393 .


email: Barbara Kittelson@azmoves com

Roger Angeloni

Allie Angeloni

Associate Broker


RAngeloni@LongRealty.com Roger’s Cell (520) 989-1583

AllieAngeloni@LongRealty.com Allie’s Cell (520) 989-1584

Sun City Residents Knowledgeable Hard Working

Honest Experienced Trustworthy

Schedule your free home evaluation today.


Place your advertising message where it will reach the exclusive community of Sun City Oro Valley with an ad in the Tipster.

April 2018

It’s More


It’s a Lifestyle

Than Living...

day, Session, Thurs BOD Study12, 9 AM, WC3 April and ay, ng, Tuesd BOD Meeti9 AM, WC3 April 24,

Tipster June 2018

It’s More Than Living...It’s

a Lifestyle!

BOD Meeting, Thursday, June 14, 9 AM, WC3


Photo by

It’s More Than

Living...It’s a Lifestyle!

March 2018

BOD Study Session, Thursday, March 8, 9 AM, WC3 and BOD Meeting, Tuesday, March 27, 9 AM, WC3


Heinz Hippa

The Tipster is the official Sun City Oro Valley newsletter with month-long listings of activities within the community. This insures that the Tipster has a long shelf life within the home, giving your advertising month-long exposure.


Call Lisa at 520-917-8065 for details on in the Tipster. ABR,advertising CRS, GRI, Associate Brokers

Photo by John Smith

Sun City Residents

KATHY && RICHARD HARVEY KATHYSpecializing HARVEY in Sun City Photo by Sheryl


ABR, CRS, GRI, Associate resales since 1988!Brokers

Sun Residents If youCity want theCity Best, Oro CallValley Us! Specializing in Sun



Sun C

Specia res If you w

homes sincein1988! Specializing Sun City If you want Best call us! resalesthe since 1988! If you want the Best, CallofUs! Full Time Professional Agents with +40 Years Experience! 7330 N. Oracle Rd. Suite #280 520-297-6172 • 800-297-6172 www.kathyandrichard.com • kathyandrichard@comcast.net

Mariposa m 520-297-6172 Charmin Mariposa model with wonderful views! Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, June 2020, Page 40 520-297-6172 northeast p Charming, updated home with 800-297-6172 borders common area 800-297-6172 northeast patio,www.kathyandrichard.com

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Sun City Oro Valley Tipster June 2020  

Community magazine for Sun City Oro Valley homeowners association.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster June 2020  

Community magazine for Sun City Oro Valley homeowners association.

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