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Wolf’s Dutch stew “Hutspot”! Project by Jake Griffiths Jakes’ project is to collect recipes from different countries and cultures. Jake asks different people who work in Coleg Elidyr, to tell the story of who cooked this for them and how. Then Jake will try to cook the dish himself and with his step by step guidance would like to pass it on to others……………..Blessing on your meal! From Machteld, his Essential Skills Tutor.

Jump into Jake’s first recipe and indulge yourself into Karien Wolf’s Dutch stew “Hutspot”!

My mum used to cook hutspot for us. I really liked it, so I asked her how she did that, so my mum and I made hutspot and that is how I learned to cook it.

For four people you need: 1. 500 grams potatoes peeled

2. 500 grams carrots cut in pieces

2. 250 grams onions sliced

3. Put the potatoes in saucepan and add water to boil.

4. Put the carrots on top. Cook until soft.

5. Then mash into mixture.

6. Meanwhile fry the onions in light olive oil.

7. When fried lightly, add water and either stock or soy sauce (tamari).

8. Put to the boil and thicken with a bit of flour, this is the sauce to pour over your stew.

In Holland we serve it with smoked sausages. Very tasty winter meal!

Wolf’s Dutch stew “Hutspot”!  
Wolf’s Dutch stew “Hutspot”!  

project by Jake Griffiths, Inara Akhmetova from Coleg Elidyr