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Essie Cosmetics

Table of Contents 1. Client Profile 2. Client Brief 3. SWOT Analysis 4. Target Market 5. Mood Boards 6.Textures 7. Competitor Analysis 8. Color Palette Options 9. Type Face Options 10. Logo Options 11. Logo Options Continued 12. Style Guide 13-16. Media Market 17. Closing

Client Profile Company Name: Essie Cosmetics by L’Oreal About the Company: Established in 1909 by Eugene Schueller, visionary scientist. L’Oreal is dedicated to continuous research and development, state of the art manufacturing quality products and making beauty an easy access to women around the world. Essie was created by Essie Weingarten in 1981 and just recently merged with L’Oreal in 2010. Mission, Vision, Goals: Beauty is a language Beauty is universal Beauty is a science Beauty is a commitment L’Oreal offering beauty for all Industry: Beauty/Cosmetics Strengths and Core Competencies: L’Oreal is a renowned company and brand that has been around for 104 years. They have n numerous awards including the following, in 2011: 1. World’s 100 Most Sustainable Corporations by Corporate Knights 2. Humanitarian Award by American Conference of Diversity 3. New Jersey Headquarter received Leed Gold Certification 4. France: Top Com Corporate Business Awards Products/Services: Nail Polish Tone: - Bright -Happy -Colorful -Trendy -Whimsical Names (for the nail polish) Niche: What sets Essie apart from all other brands in their industry is one simple thing... That is Essie Weingarten takes an “art form” to naming her polish colors. They are unforgettable and women remember the name long after the color.

Creative Brief Background/Overview: Essie was founded by Essie wiengarten. She created nail colors with a unique story behind each nail color polish. She thrives with over 250+ colors and is currently a part of L’Oreal cosmetics. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): The “whimsical” names and colors with a personal thought/story in mind. Objective/ Purpose of the Poster/ Goals: Reach out to young women with the exciting and various holiday season on the horizon. We plan to implement a new “holiday” collection that will incorporate colors that will work with occasions starting from Thanksgiving dinner to News Year Eve. Our goal is to take the core values of L’Oreal is to rebrand Essie as a new appealing “hot” commodity for the young population. By doing this we will stay consistent to Essie’s tone of a personal touch with each and every color. Words That Describe the Visual Appearance You Want to Achieve: -Fun -Cheery -Bright -Playful -Whimsical -Mischievous -Sparkle -Fresh -Eye catching Taglines: -Colors are my obsession-Classy Meets Fun, Essie’s the One-Passion for fashion-New color. New story. New connection. With women all over the world. Call to Action: Event on Friday Nov. 22nd unveiling of our new holiday collection and brand. The location would be at our Flagship store on the Upper East Side of New York: 37 E 65th St(between Madison Ave & Park Ave) New York, NY 10021. We would have swag bags for the first 100 guests and door prizes throughout the night. Featuring free manicures and meet&greets with Essie herself. The next couple events would launch a huge sale/event on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

SWOT Analysis Strengths • Innovation- being able to think outside the box • Constantly expanding and growing • L’Oreal has been around for 104 years and Essie has been around for 32 years, both still thriving and carry a strong presence • L’Oreal is multi-faceted with the many products and always unleashing new & creative products • L’Oreal offers many levels of pricing • Essie went worldwide with Europe in 2012. • Since 1981 Essie started with just 12 shades and now she is booming well over 250+.


• Expansion into Asian Markets • Update the website to make more user friendly • Increasing sales by adding a fifth collection to the


normal four each year • To seek out new target markets

• OPI and Sally Hansen as competitors • Price competition • Not being seen/accessible enough could lead to depletion on the brand


• Essie’s website provides limited information on the company and it’s history etc. • Only product is nail polish • Essie’s logo lacks eye catching appeal • Essie still lags behind OPI • Essie is owned by a larger company.

Expanded Target Market Age: 23 Years old. Gender: Female Location: Jacksonville Income Level: $10,000 Social Class: Middle Occupation: Graduate Student Education: Bachelor’s Degree Marital Status: Engaged Hobbies: Running, Shopping, Getting Nails Done, Girls Night Out etc. Create Your Customer: Name: Kelly Cole Target audience: Young Women/Girls Age: 14-35 Income: Working class/Students

Mood Boards


Competitor Analysis

Trends: Gel Polish Textured Polish Magnetic Polish Nail Care Nail Treatment OPI: Donates millions of dollars to charities. Sold in salons Creates the professional tone. Revlon: Encompasses all cosmetics. Uses celebrity advertising Sold in stores/online Sally Hansen: Provides at home kits Provides nail growth and treatment Sites to find the shade that fits you. China Glaze: More then 300 Colors Create an accessible and filled website.

Color Palette Options

C=12, M=85 Y-100, K=3 RGB: 210,75,39

C=17, M=100 Y=40, K=0 RGB: 205,50,102

C=22, M=69 Y=75, K=50 RGB: 117,60,40

C=14, M=30 C=68, M=96 Y=35, K=16 Y=78, K=25 RGB: 188,156,141 RGB: 93,41,56

C=100, M=0 C=67, M=0 Y=5, K=20 Y=56, K=0 RGB: 0,173,229 RGB: 73,188,148

C=10, M=0 Y=99, K=0 RGB: 150,0,1

C= 22, M=100 Y=100, K=11 RGB: 178,33,38

C=72, M=4 Y=82, K=72 RGB: 0,75,35

C=0, M=0 C=57, M=61 Y=12, K=0 Y=79, K=2 RGB: 255,253,229 RGB: 100,107,81

C=0, M=0 Y=o, K=56 RGB:136,138,140

C=87, M=81 Y=0, K=0 RGB: 66,77,161

C=45, M=35 C=0, M=0 Y=100, K=30 Y=0, K=100 RGB: 218,165,32 RGB: 35,31,32

Type Face Options

Classy Meets, Fun Essie is the One Nenuphar of Venus Font Size: 29 Weights: Italics

Classy Meets Fun, Essie's the One Apple Chauncery Size: 24 Weights: Regular Classy Meets Fun, Essie's the One Zapfino Size: 29 Weights: Regular

Classy Meets Fun, Essie's the One Chalkduster Size: 29 Weights: Regular


Logo Options- Black and White

Essie Cosmetics

Essie Cosmetics


Logo Options- Color

Essie Cosmetics

Essie Cosmetics

Style Guide Final Font

Classy Meets, Fun Essie is the One Nenuphar of Venus Font Size: 29 Weights: Italics

Final Color Palette #d40099


C=17, M=100 Y=40, K=0 RGB: 205,50,102 Pantone: 225 C


C=100, M=0 C=67, M=0 Y=5, K=20 Y=56, K=0 RGB: 0,173,229 RGB: 73,188,148 Pantone: 311 C

Pantone: 3385 C

Final Logo

Essie Cosmetics

#8e0000 C=25, M=100 Y=100, K=26 RGB: 150,0,1 Pantone: 207 C

Media Market- Gift Card

Media Market- Mirror

Media Market- Print Ad

Media Market- Print Ad


Essie brand continues to grow strong. We chose this specific logo for Essie’s new branding because we believe it keeps Essie’s eye catching appeal while adding a classy new look. When people see Essie’s new logo we want them to think of nails right away. We chose the simple but elegant colors of red and black for the new logo to shine off the new seasonal collection of Essie as well as create a logo that can be continued through the years and define Essie cosmetics. The font chosen provides the final piece to Essie’s new classy logo. We know this new branding of Essie will strengthen and provide even greater stability to this company as well as its head owner L’Oreal.

Essie Final  

Re-Brand of Essie

Essie Final  

Re-Brand of Essie