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PREPARATION 1. Peel the potatoes a slice them 2. Grate the tomatoes 3. Fry the tomatos 4. Add the potatoes 5. Add the eggs GENYLY GOOK

By: Manuel Moreno.


INGREDIENTS for 6 persons: -1 bottle of brut cava - sugar (2 big spoons) - some pieces of fruits cut: apple, orange, peach, melon, strawberry or something you have in that moment - 2 glasses of orange or lemon soft drink - some alcohol: gin, vodka, or similar - some ice cubes You must drink it very cold Assumpta Fradera

Trufes de xocolata Ingredients: • 1 paquet de xocolata en pols de 200 gr. • 1 paquet de 200 gr. de galetes maria torrades. • 1 ampolla de nata líquida de 200 ml. • 1 copeta de conyac. • Fideus de xocolata. Prepració: 1. Picar una a una les galetes en el morter. 2. Posar en un bol i barrejar amb la xocolata en pols. 3. Afegir la nata i la copeta de conyac, tornar a barrejar i deixar reposar a la nevera de 3 a 4 hores. 4. Amb l'ajuda d'una cullera, fer boletes i arrebossar amb el fideu de xocolata.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES Ingredients: • 1 200 g packet of chocolate powder. • 1 200 g. packet of toast biscuits. • 1 200 ml. bottle cream. • 1 brandy cup. • Chocolate noodles. Preparation: 1. mince one by one the biscuits in the mortar. 2. put in the bowl and mix with the chocolate powder. 3. add the single cream and the cup brandy, mix and leave in the fridge 3 - 4 hours. 4. With one spoon make balls and coat with chocolate noodle. Mercedes Ahulló

CATALAN CREAM Ingredients: One litter of milk, Nine yolks of eggs, 300 grs. Of sugar, 50 grs. Of starch, One piece of cinnamon One chunk rind of lemon, Some starch (corn flower)

Put the yolks eggs in a bowl; beat them together with the sugar. Add a cup of milk, with the starch together with the rind of lemon, and the cinnamon. Put it on the fire, after boiling use a colander to add it to the yolks and sugar adding the starch, diluted in cup milk, mix well, place on the fire and remove constantly, went it is on the verge of boiling, remove and pure in the cup, let it cool, dusted with sugar and burns with the an iron. JosĂŠ LuĂ­s Santos

RICE WITH MILK Ingredients: 1l of milk, 1/2 kg of rice, 1/4 kg of sugar, Cinnamon stick, The rind of a lemon

Preparation: Cook half of the milk with the ring of lemon, the cinnamon and the sugar during 10 minutes. Add the rice and the other milk to the previously cooked rice, go adding little to little the rest of the milk, take of the fire when this is cooked. Put in a bowl and garnish with sugar and powder cinnamon. Dori Jimenez English 1

BEGGAR PATATOES INGREDIENTS: - 2 potatoes, - 1 onion, - 1 green pepper, - Extra virgin olive oil, - Salt

PROCESSING: Peel the potatoes are cut into slices Put oil in a pan and brown the potatoes a bit, add the onion and peppers cut in slices Season with a little salt and leave to simmer and covered, until gently cook Eat it with fried eggs. Lola Ruiz. English M

Orange sponge cake Ingredients: 200g. Flour, 200g. Sugar., 4 eggs beaten, 1 small glass of oil., 1 spoonful of butter., A packet of yeast, chop up 1 whole orange with peel. Put all ingredients in the bowl, chop up with a mixer until a fine dough. put the dough in the mould and to cook at 180ยบ in the preheated oven, during twenty- five minutes. Leave it cool, unmold and serve.

Gluten Free Biscuits Ingredients: - 2 Eggs, - 110 gr. Sugar, - Aniseed, 100 ml. Oil, - 350/400 gr. Flour Preparation: Mix the eggs, sugar, oil and aniseed. Put the little flour and mix again. Repeat until the dough is ready spread the pastry and with the mould to make the form or figure. Put the oven 30 minutes at 120ยบ.

sponge cake 2 INGREDIENTS: 4 Eggs, 1 Glass of sunflower oil, 1 Glass of milk, 4 Glasses of flour, 4 Glasses of sugar., Yeast, Aniseed. PREPARATION While we preparing the recipe we put the oven to maximum temperature. Mix the eggs with the sunflower oil and milk. Add little by little the flour and sugar. And later add the yeast and one stream the aniseed. Remove with energy. Pour the dough in a mould and put in the oven at 180º during 25 minutes, only booton oven. Ana Martinez

Torrijas INGREDIENTS : Bread (better from several days), ½ the milk, Two the eggs, ¼ the sugar, ¼ cinnamon stick PREPARATION Soak the bread in milk, beat the eggs and coat, in very hot oil fry, mix with the sugar and cinnamon. Ana M Garrido


.250 grams of black chocolate. . 250 grams of milk chocolate . 250 grams white chocolate. . 750 ml cream. . 3 envolopes of curd. . 60 grams butter. . 1 packet of biscuits. By: Lola PallĂ s. INSTRUCTIONS:

To begin grind cookises, one this is done we add the butter ismall pieces and some milk, mixing well so that the biscuits are soaked. We take a mold and cast to remove the mass obtained, and we put in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, in a saucepan cast black chocolate, 75 gr, sugar, 250 ml of milk, 250 ml of cream and sachet of curd, over medium heat until we get a uniform mixture and the chocolate is broken. Then we threw in the saucepan and cookies we had brooked. Now do the same with milk chocolate and while, the only difference is that the latter ( the target) does not and sugar. Before you add the following mixture of chocolate, make sure the above is cool ( you can go putting in the refrigerator between each layer) Once you have completed the process put i bach in the fridge, and if you leave it there 1 day.

INGREDIENTS: 6 EGGS, SOME MAYONNAISE, 1 TIN OF RED PEPPER PREPARATION : 1 Boil the eggs twenty minutes. 2 Cut the eggs in halves. 3 Remove the yolk with the tuna and the mayonnaise. 4 Refil with this mix the white eggs. 5 Decorate with a piece of red pepper. 5 Put in the fridge. Trini Chouza

CATALONIAN ESPINACH INGREDIENTS 800 : gram of espinach, 80 :gram of grape, 8o :gram of pine nut, olive oil, sea salt PREPARATION Boil the espinach, drain and save in a one pan put the oil and fry the dried grape and the pine nuts, add the espinach and stir fry. HAVE A GOOD DINNER

Potato omelette with onion INGREDIENTS for four person : 6 eggs, 1 kilogram potatoes, 1 onion, Oil

INTRUCTIONS 1. Slice the potatoes and the onions. 2. Put the oil in the pan the potatoes and the onions. 3. Beat the eggs, add the eggs to the potatoes and onions

4.turn omelette. Pilar Parras

INGREDIENTS: 250gr, Green beans, 250gr Peas, 250gr Carrot, 250gr potatoes, Eggs boiled Stuffed olives, Red pepper, Tuna fish PREPARATION: Cut vegetables and potatoes into small pieces. Boil the vegetables and eggs Rinse and let it cool Put half the vegetables on a patter add the tuna and grated egg, cover with the reserved vegetables and cover with mayonnaise. Serve cold. Pepi ENGLISH M

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