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Accelerated Support to Governing Bodies of Sport: Participant and Coach Development

We are accelerating work with governing bodies across the industry to improve our offer to all sports and help your coaches make a difference where it matters. Participant and Coach Development Participants have differing wants and needs when taking part in sport, including performance objectives, enjoyment and personal development. Using intelligence on current and future participant markets to shape the development of coaches ensures participants receive coaching in a way that meets their wants and needs. This will result in enhanced growth, satisfaction and performance in your sport. sports coach UK has pioneered an approach called participant development modelling that will help you develop a better understanding of participant wants and needs. In turn, coach development modelling uses the participant intelligence to inform and support coaching interventions. We help sports apply the modelling process and make the right links between participant and coach.

Focus of Accelerated Support


Community of practice with governing bodies of sport Governing bodies of sport sharing and learning with (gymnastics, swimming, cricket, golf and netball to date) each other, facilitating cross-sport working and to advance participant and coach modelling and efficiency gains in ways of working their application to participation and performance interventions Targeted projects with sports to identify and utilise intelligence on participant wants and needs to inform the education and development of coaches

Governing bodies of sport understand customer wants and needs and the implications for coaching

The production of participant and coach modelling case studies

Governing bodies of sport can learn from the experience of others

Workshop sessions at the 2011 Coaching Summit Effective products, tools and support services available to governing bodies of sport


Enhancing resources and support services for participant and coach modelling

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Participant and coach Development  

Information on the support sports coach UK can provide governing bodies of sport in participant development modelling