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Range Features Cushioned colour matched magnetic door seals Scudo sliding shower door enclosures also feature the same protective control on their closure. Matching the discreet functionality of the soft open buffers, the Scudo magnetic-door seals guarantee a soft and controlled closure of the door every time. With a modern, colour-matched aluminium sheen, their aesthetic finish is matched only by their superior practicality.

26 Scudo Bathroom Collection

Soft Open Buffers

Quick release bottom runners

Smooth and impact-free door openings are a staple of this high quality Scudo sliding door range. Utilising the pressure absorbing functionality of a singular discreet piston, this modern innovation ensures that shower doors open with a gentle and controlled feel.

Bringing absolute practicality to the range, the entire sliding door collection includes a quick release mechanism, allowing the door to swing away from the frame for direct access to all areas of the shower; ideal for simpler and thorough cleaning.

One piece stylish handle

Profile cover caps

Stylish and modern, each stainless steel handle is wonderfully sympathetic to the high quality finish of the entire range. Featuring modern art styling, the stainless steel handle stands as a testament to the exquisite design featured across the entire range.

Scudo specialise in stunning design whilst maintaining a focus upon bathroom safety. As such, their chromed cover caps provide the perfect protective finish to the exposed aluminium edges of the outer frame.

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Scudo Beautiful Bathrooms latest brochure - seventh edition

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