Scudo Bathrooms - Edition 14

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CONTACTLESS FLUSH SENSOR The Scudo contactless flush sensor is a great upgrade to push button alternatives, and is suitable for both existing and new cisterns. The infra-red sensor provides a hygienic way to operate your flush that is quick and easy to install. The flushing valve and sensor is operated by 4 x AA batteries, with a life cycle of thousands of flushes. There is also a manual override when the batteries deplete. Create a high-end feature in your bathroom with minimal investment, a good way to upgrade your bathroom quickly and effortlessly. > > > > > > > >

Dual flush No electrical installation Uses 4 AA batteries that can provide thousands of flushes. Manual back-up, button can still be used as a push button if battery runs out Adjustable Dual Flush Adjusted between 2 and 6 litres. RoHS Certified IPX4 rated

Contactless Flush Sensor £90.00


See it in Action Scan the QR code to see our video demonstrating how the sensor flush works.

HYGIENIC SENSOR FLUSH Dual flush Wave hand over sensor for half flush Hold hand over sensor for a full flush

EASY TO FIT / RETRO FIT The contactless flush sensor valve is a great upgrade for most WCs. Fitting cisterns with a height between 260mm-320mm and a flush button hole of Ø40mm it will complement most cisterns on the market.