Scudo Bathrooms - Edition 14

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S6 ACQUA ARM BATH SCREENS The Acqua Arm Bath screen range is answer to providing a multi-panel screen, which is easy to store or extend while creating an effective bath screen seal. The Acqua Arm offers a cushioned seating position against the bath top as it drops down to create one long seal, leaving the panels to be located with ease as they are not in contact with the bath top. This technology has also been used to great effect in our single panel bath screen, providing a solution for people who want a watertight solution to a bath screen in a larger bathroom where the screen does not need to be folded away.



> Watertight Acqua arm > 6mm toughened safety glass > Frameless modern design > Acqua Shield glass treatment > Lifetime guarantee > Large adjustment for out of true walls and easy installation

All screen fittings are universal. i.e. either left or right handed, creating one continuous seal. The four-panel screen dimensions, when in the folded away and stored position, have a depth of 72mm x width 220. The five-panel screen dimensions when in the folded away and stored position have a depth of 75mm x width 250.





Stylish modern and sleek designs, crafted from quality materials to last a lifetime. Scudo is the only option for people who truly know how to create a beautiful bathroom.

As a standard sign of performance and quality, Scudo Acqua Shield is expertly applied to all shower enclosures in this range. By forming a protective bond with the glass during the manufacturing process, Acqua Shield creates an invisible barrier against limescale, soap scum and general bacterial build-up.


4 Panel screen in the folded away and stored position.

5 Panel screen in the folded away and stored position.