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!"#$%&'()%*+"%,-./('%0/1+% !"#$%&'()%*+"%,-./('%0/1+ So many great accomplishments have taken place

in the 7th and 8th grade. First off a big congratulations goes out to the 8th grade girls basketball team as they were not only Firelands Conference Champions, but FC tournament champions as well. Our students are doing better in the classroom and we have had several student volunteer to be peer tutors to assist the students who need help after school. In wrestling, Dakota Blanton made it to Junior High State. He competes next Saturday. In 21st Century Skills class our 8th graders participated in a classroom debate using an article read in Scope magazine, "Banning sports in school". Students did a fantastic job of taking the debate serious and a better job of finding evidence for both sides of the debate. It was interesting to see how many kids who play sports were persuaded more toward the other side. After the class was over the students reflected their stance on their own blog. Students also clipped video from the debate and posted a shorten propaganda type video to persuade more students to their side. 7th grade students completed their literature circles and their work is displayed on the 7th grade wiki under the page Literature Circles. Students spent 3 weeks grouped by reading level in a book club environment discussing the contents of each chapter and finding new vocabulary words. The students seemed to enjoy the discussions and working as a collaborative group using technology.

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In Mrs. Oney’s Multimedia 7 class, students shared in the excitement of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games as they updated their Google Medal Count Spreadsheets each morning of the Olympics. Formulas were used to calculate the medal counts. Students reflected on the different components of the Olympic Winter Games as they created Google Presentations demonstrating their knowledge of figure skating, ice hockey, curling, skeleton, luge, skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, bobsleigh, and Nordic combined. Students shared the history of a winter Olympics sport, the equipment used, athletes competing, and a summary of the sport in their Google Presentation. For the 17 days of the Winter Olympics, students learned lessons in geography, sportsmanship, language arts, math and more. Students in Mrs. Oney’s Multimedia 8 class have been busy collaborating, filming, and editing footage in iMovie as they prepare to release the latest edition of TNT, Trojan News Today. Features in this TNT edition include an update on Rachel’s Challenge, survey results, a public service announcement, and photos from spirit week. The Rachel’s Challenge video can be viewed at Students also updated their Google Medal Count Spreadsheets of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Students researched a winter Olympic sport and typed an informational essay. A Powtoon was then created depicting their winter Olympic sport to be shared in class. In the next month or so 7th and 8th grade students will be starting science projects in Mr. Oney’s room. You may want to discuss potential topics with your child.


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