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The Power of Education 2013 Charitable Giving Report

Dear Friends, The importance of earning a college degree for future success is well documented. In a recent article favoring compulsory K-16

Southern’s talented students succeed. These include: • Establishing the Foundation Student Support Fund

education, Richard Reeves and Quentin Karpilow of the

to provide students with financial assistance outside

Brookings Institution wrote: “We need to make post-secondary

of the traditional financial aid process. Areas of

education the norm for everyone, not just the advantaged. In

support include tuition and fees for those who

today’s economy, a high school diploma is not enough; now,

otherwise would be unable to remain at the

more than ever, college is the gateway to the American Dream.”

university, covering the costs of books for students in

The life-changing power of education is represented in

need, and paying costs of off-campus educational

the stories of the donors highlighted in this year’s annual report of the Southern Connecticut State University

programs during the summer and other breaks. • Supporting experiential learning by funding

Foundation. Joan Specter, ’56, went from living in a twofamily Quonset hut on Whitney Avenue to becoming a

undergraduate research grants for summer 2014. • Funding the Civic Engagement/Service Learning

successful businesswoman. Although 83-year-old Douglas

Initiative, the goal of which is to incorporate

Relyea, M.S. ’08, has achieved a great deal in life, he

community work into the curriculum so that students

demonstrates his continued belief in the value of education by

gain real-world experiences that enhance their

pursuing every learning opportunity available to him. The late

education while providing benefits to the community.

Nancy Marano, ’68, professor of education, believed writing

Looking to the future, the university has embarked on the

was the essence of human society and that learning to

development of a new 10-year strategic plan, and the SCSU

communicate effectively would empower her students.

Foundation will align its fundraising efforts with the priorities

As the leaders of Southern’s fundraising efforts, we are

identified through this process. The support of alumni and friends

committed to generating the support which will ensure that

will be critical to ensuring Southern students have an educational

every Southern student is afforded the opportunity to

experience that propels them forward to successful lives. On

experience the power of education. To that end, the Foundation

behalf of the SCSU Foundation Board, we offer our sincere

has funded a number of new initiatives designed to help

appreciation for your continuing commitment to Southern.

Very truly yours,

38 | Charitable Giving Report

Robert L. Stamp

David R. McHale

Executive Director SCSU Foundation

Chairman SCSU Foundation

Fundraising and Financial Highlights

Year in Review 2013 $2.74

Total Net Assets as of Fiscal Year End

Dollars Raised by Fiscal Year

(June 30, 2013) in Millions

(July 1 - June 30) in Millions















Sources of Support for New Gifts and Commitments Fiscal Year 2013 $1,891,351






Faculty/Staff 2% $38,694 Friends 18% $336,143

Corporations 19% $354,939

Foundations 23% $435,425

Alumni 38% $726,150

Endowment 31% $587,908

Restricted Support 57% $1,079,585

Looking Ahead According to Commonfund Securities, the latest data further supports their longstanding view that the U.S. economy is rebounding and inflation is well controlled. The forecast for the U.S. economy, corporate earnings, and the equity markets in 2014 is optimistic, as a rise in consumer net worth, consumer confidence, corporate cash flow, and profits continues. Kiplinger’s Economic Outlook for 2014 anticipates gross domestic product growth of 2.7 percent or better, with short-term interest rates remaining low throughout the year. Inflation is expected to tick up slightly to 1.8 percent, and business spending is anticipated to be up 4.5 percent to 5 percent as U.S. growth strengthens.

Unrestricted Support 12% $223,858

Distribution of New Gifts and Commitments Fiscal Year 2013 $1,891,351

U.S. stocks ended the year with broad gains, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average having its biggest rally in 18 years to finish 27 percent up for the year, according to The Wall Street Journal. At the close of the fiscal year on June 30, the fundraising results for the Southern Connecticut State University Foundation significantly exceeded our estimates — ending at close to $1.9 million. The Foundation’s net assets also increased over the prior year to just over $20 million as a result of healthy growth in the financial markets. The market value of the endowments increased $1.7 million from last year to $15.4 million.

The Foundation’s Investment Committee revised their Investment Policy through a change in asset allocations. Commencing in January, the portfolio is investing in small allocations to Emerging Markets, Hedge Equity, Global Bonds, and Distressed Debt. This change in policy will help weather any potential downturn that may present itself in the future. The Foundation Board remains optimistic that its investment portfolio will continue to achieve earnings that, when combined with generous contributions from our constituents, should provide strong support. Our objectives remain to increase resources available for scholarships and programmatic initiatives.

Spring 2014 | 39

Living the Dream Celebrated as a businesswoman, politician, and culinary wonder, Joan Specter, ’56, establishes a scholarship that honors friendship and the life-changing power of education.

By Natalie Missakian

40 | Charitable Giving Report


oan Specter, ’56, can’t recall exactly how much tuition cost when she attended Southern, but she remembers it being “ridiculously low” — maybe $20 or $30 a semester — and to her that seemed like a lot. Specter, wife of the late U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pennsylvania), was a newlywed and had come to New Haven so her husband could attend law school at Yale. The couple had very little money and was living on Whitney Avenue in the Quonset huts, a tract of prefabricated two-family homes often used by the military to house soldiers during World War II. “They were tin-roof buildings with one floor, and the walls were paper thin. You could hear everything your neighbor said,” Specter recalls. “One family lived in the front of the hut, and another family lived in the rear. It was a wild experience, I can tell you that.” It was there that Specter met Louise Jongewaard — everyone called her “Dode” — who lived next door and was also attending Southern while her husband studied at Yale Divinity School. Bonded by similar circumstances, the two women quickly became friends. “We were very poor. We had no money. But we had a house — a good ol’ half of a Quonset hut — and we packed up every morning and went to school,” Specter remembers. “And we felt like we were the luckiest people in the world that we could get a college degree for so little money.” So when Specter established a scholarship at Southern in December 2012, she decided to name it the Joan Specter and Louise (Dode) Jongewaard Endowed Scholarship in honor of their friendship and their pursuit of an affordable education. The money is earmarked for undergraduate students who are in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need. “I gave a gift to the school because they gave me a gift. They gave me the gift of education — an affordable education — and it was wonderful,” she says. Specter started at Southern in 1953 (she already had one year at Temple University under her belt), when the school was known as New Haven State Teachers College and was still located on Howe Street. Hers was the first class to graduate from the new campus, which bore little resemblance to the Southern of today. “They had just one building and no auditorium, and we graduated in this big open field, sitting on folding chairs,” Specter remembers. After graduating with a liberal studies degree, she returned to Philadelphia and earned a master’s in food and design from Drexel University. Her husband would go on to serve 30 years in the U.S. Senate, the longest of any Pennsylvania senator. Specter, meanwhile, made a name for herself as a dessert maven and successful businesswoman and later launched her own political career as a four-term Philadelphia city councilwoman. While in graduate school, she met her cooking partner and together they opened a culinary school. As her reputation in the culinary world grew (she also wrote a food column in the local paper and had a food-related radio show), she was approached by

“I gave a gift to the school because they gave me a gift. They gave me the gift of education — an affordable education — and it was wonderful.” — Joan Specter, ’56

a local entrepreneur who wanted to start a dessert business and asked Specter to develop the product. “I said, ‘Well, what do you have in mind?’ and he said he was interested in pies,” she recalls. “So I said, ‘Sure. But it will take me a while to figure out what I want to do.’ ” Specter tested recipes and came up with the two signature pies that made her — as one Philadelphia Inquirer food writer dubbed her — the queen of the local pie trade: the candied walnut apple and the double chocolate mousse. In 1977, she opened her bakery and started selling pies to local restaurants. The business grew into a wholesale food distribution company and by the late 1980s, her gourmet frozen pies could be found in restaurants and upscale food markets across the country. A few years into her business venture, she was approached to run for the Philadelphia City Council. She won the 1979 election and was re-elected three more times. Upon leaving politics, she worked for more than a decade as a fundraiser for the National Constitution Center, a museum located across from Independence Hall and dedicated to educating the public about the Constitution. Now retired, she lives in Philadelphia and has two sons, Shanin, who is an attorney, and Steve, an MD who has a doctorate in nutrition, as well as four grandchildren, one of whom attends Yale. She still keeps in touch with her friend Dode, who lives in California. “We talk on the phone all the time,” she says. Specter’s words of wisdom to Southern students and graduates are simple: Keep your mind open and say yes. “That’s what I did in my life. What did I know about running a bakery? Or being a city councilwoman? I mean, really?” she asks. “There are lots of possibilities out there. Just because you went to school to be a teacher, doesn’t mean you have to be a teacher. You can be anything you want to be. You just have to really want to be it.”

Spring 2014 | 41

Part Two Douglas Relyea, M.S. ’08, capitalizes on an education program for seniors — and establishes a scholarship to help others earn their degrees. By Natalie Missakian

42 | Charitable Giving Report


ouglas Relyea, M.S. ’08, takes the catchphrase “lifelong learner” to a whole new level. The 83-year-old former chemist has spent the last 15 years taking classes at Southern, first as a graduate student pursuing his master’s in biology and now — after reaching that goal in 2008 — as an undergrad majoring in French. He is a proud, if unorthodox, member of the Class of 2014, who was set to receive his bachelor’s degree in May as this issue went to press. “I give new meaning to the word “senior,” quips the octogenarian, who is minoring in German and has grandchildren the same age as many of his classmates. Relyea is taking advantage of a program that lets Connecticut residents 62 and older enroll in courses at state public universities and colleges tuition free. Under the program, applicants can take unlimited courses where space is available after paying a registration and other basic fees. In addition to being offered at Southern, the program is available at Eastern, Central, and Western Connecticut State universities and the University of Connecticut, as well as the state’s community colleges. Relyea figures by the time he is finished, the state will have subsidized his education to the tune of nearly $50,000. After doing the math, the Bethany, Conn., resident decided he should pay the debt forward, so he established the Douglas I. and Mary L. Relyea Endowed Scholarship at Southern, named for Relyea and his wife. The scholarship is open to undergraduate students majoring in French or German who maintain a grade point average of 2.7 or higher. “I looked around at all these students paying for every credit and thought I really should give something back,” he says. Relyea has a long-held commitment to education. He already holds a bachelor’s from Clarkson University, a master’s from Cornell, and a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. He also completed one year of post-doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin and worked for 40 years as a chemist with Uniroyal. He has received 19 patents for his research, developing insecticides and fungicides for crop protection and has authored 25 scientific papers. When he retired, his desire to keep learning drew him to Southern, where he has been taking classes since at least 1999. Steven Burian, chair of the Biology Department, who worked with Relyea on his master’s thesis, notes that it’s likely Relyea had taken all of the biology courses in Southern’s catalog. “He took a huge number of courses, probably double the number of courses that you need for a master’s degree,” Burian recalls. Relyea says he pursued his master’s in biology because he has a deep interest in insects, entomology, and ecology — a curiosity that was piqued during his many years working on insecticides. His master’s thesis focused on the taxonomy of the mayfly. His interest in world languages also goes back to his days as a chemist. He was expected to have rudimentary knowledge of French and German because scientific terminology was rooted in

“I looked around at all these students paying for every credit and thought I really should give something back.” — Douglas Relyea, M.S. ’08

those languages, but he always wanted to master them, he says. Relyea jokingly calls himself a transfer student, explaining that Southern gave him credit for 10 liberal arts classes he took while earning his first bachelor’s degree more than 60 years ago. He also received a waiver for the mandatory “Introduction to Wellness.” Relyea has run a total of 180 road races and 120 biathlons and continued to run until a knee injury eight years ago forced him to give up the sport. He estimates he has logged around 35,000 miles. “I’d done races. I had a body mass index (BMI) of 21. I have an annual physical exam. I eat three meals a day at a table. I was, at the time, 81 or 82 and still breathing in and out. Did I really need a course in Introduction to Wellness?” he recalls. So he wrote to the department chair of Public Health and pleaded his case. He quickly got an e-mail back from his secretary, telling him that the department chair was granting the waiver “and we both envy your BMI.” Luke Eilderts, assistant professor of French, says Relyea brings a different perspective to the classroom than a student fresh out of high school. “He’s beloved by his fellow students. He’s very intelligent,” says Eilderts, who coordinates the French program. Burian adds that Relyea was a role model for the fledgling scientists in his classes, who were learning how to ask the right questions and apply scientific principles. “Doug was great at that because he already had all that background. It was second nature because that’s how he lived his life,” Burian says. When the class discussed research papers, for example, Relyea often questioned their conclusions. Sometimes he even re-did the analyses. “He would never accept anything at face value — which is how science should be,” Burian says. Relyea says he is getting an “excellent” education at Southern and notes that a key to finding happiness in the golden years is to come up with a five- to 10-year plan before retiring. “Don’t just leave the job and go home and put your feet up and watch TV,” he says.

Spring 2014 | 43

The Teachers’ Teacher Professor Nancy Marano’s passion for education influenced countless students as well as her family. A memorial scholarship established in her honor continues her legacy at Southern and beyond. By Natalie Missakian

44 | Charitable Giving Report


hen Kristin Marano leaves the house — even if it’s just for a quick run to the grocery store — she always brings a book with her “just in case.” It’s a habit she learned from her mother, who was never without a book even when she became too ill to read them herself. “We were encouraged to have a book with us wherever we were, wherever we went,” says Marano, who describes a childhood home filled with bookshelves. “We always had family discussions about what we were reading.” Kristin’s mother, Nancy Marano, ’68, believed reading was the foundation for good writing, and she was passionate about passing on that skill to her own family and students. At Southern, she was a longtime professor of education and an architect of the university’s Writing Across the Curriculum program, which promotes writing in every academic discipline and offers workshops and tutoring for faculty and students. In a fitting tribute, the university dedicated a student writing competition in the professor’s honor after her death in 2011. The Nancy Marano Writing Across the Curriculum Award annually recognizes the best student work completed in writing-intensive courses. “In her mind, writing really was the essence of human society,” says her husband, John Marano, (pictured at left) of Madison, Conn. “She loved good writing, she loved her students, and she wanted her students to be able to communicate effectively.” To honor that passion, he established the Nancy Laine Marano Endowed Scholarship Fund at Southern. The scholarship is open to a junior or senior in the School of Education who maintains a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. To be considered, applicants must write an essay explaining why they deserve the award. “She was quite an effective communicator,” John Marano adds. “She had a special way with people, making them feel comfortable.” One of her first students was none other than her husband. The two met at a New Haven nightspot while John was at Yale University and Nancy was attending Western College. She had come home to the New Haven area for Thanksgiving break and, serendipitously, “it was one of the few times I hadn’t gone home for a holiday,” he recalls. A friend of Nancy’s suggested he ask her to dance. “I followed the advice,” he says. Soon after, she transferred to Southern, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. They married in 1968 and have two daughters, Kristin and Lauren. Although John worked in engineering, his job required more and more writing as he climbed the corporate ladder into management. “I needed a lot of help,” jokes Marano, who held corporate executive positions at Mobil and Union Carbide and now owns a company that makes medical devices. “She took me under her wing and helped me with my writing and communications, which I really believe helped my career. As time passed, if I had an important piece of writing for my job, she would review it and give me pointers, and I would do the same for her. We bounced things off of each other in that way.”

“She was always a teacher — as far back as I can remember.” — Kristin Marano Nancy Marano began her career as a special education teacher in Charleston, W. Va., specializing in children with learning disabilities, and later held teaching and tutoring positions in Princeton, N.J., and New Canaan, Conn. She earned a master’s in special education from West Virginia Graduate College in 1977 and a doctorate in educational studies from the University of Michigan in 2000. In 2001, she joined the faculty at Southern, where she was actively involved in academic life. In addition to serving on the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, she was a member of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Advisory Board and was faculty advisor to the Future Teachers of America. Professor of Mathematics Maria Diamantis, who worked closely with Marano, describes her colleague as enthusiastic, patient, and caring. “One of her students gave her a plaque that read ‘You Inspire Me,’” says Diamantis. “She kept it in her office, where she could easily see it and always be reminded of her mission. She was completely devoted to her students.” “I only ever knew my mom as dedicated to the discipline of education,” says Kristin Marano, who now lives in Winston-Salem, N.C. “To say that she was passionate about it sounds limited and trite. It was more just who she was, foundational to her being, part of her core. She was always a teacher — as far back as I can remember.” Marano says her mother often spoke of her students and how much she enjoyed watching future teachers in the classroom. “You could see the twinkle in her eye when she’d talk about them,” John Marano adds. In her personal life, Marano believed strongly in human rights, women’s rights, and helping the poor. She also was fiercely protective of those she loved, her husband says. Although diminutive in stature and typically reserved, she often surprised people when she spoke in defense of her beliefs. “She was calm but very determined,” John Marano says. He remembers one family vacation in Cape Cod when a sales clerk spoke harshly to the couple’s young daughters. Marano marched back into the store and gave the woman an earful about treating children with respect. “She was reserved until you pushed her buttons,” he jokes. Knowing how thrilled she would have been to help others obtain a college education, he says the family has enjoyed meeting some of the scholarship recipients, describing them as “wonderful, pleasant, and very smart students.”

Spring 2014 | 45

Giving to Southern

Honor Roll of Donors

Our Honor Rolls recognize gifts made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information; however, errors and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our apologies for any inaccuracies. If you find an error, please contact Susan Quagliaroli at (203) 392-7083.

President’s Club Patrons $10,000+ Doris & James Barber Community Foundation for Greater New Haven Compass Group USA Inc. Estate of Wanda Dick Sylvia Drexler Drexler Foundation Estate of Robert Eisele Geraldine Frankel Lynn Fusco Fusco Corporation Anne Gundersen* Haskins Laboratories Amy Huie-Li Janice Illingworth Albert Jett Rita Landino John Marano Shannon & David McHale The National Collegiate Athletic Association New Haven Register Northeast Utilities Foundation The Oaklawn Foundation Audrey Paight Joseph Paight Paul L. Jones Fund Douglas Relyea Estate of Dorothy Schrader Joan Specter Walter Stutzman Stutzman Family Foundation Margaret & John Sullivan Richard Tripodi 46 | Charitable Giving Report

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Veronica Doneski Ann Donohue Mildred Doody Anna Doolittle Thomas Dorr Kim Dorsey Shawn Dougherty Richard Downey Jacqueline & Gregory Downing John Doyle Brian Driscoll Marian & Robert Drobish Diane Smith Drugge Barbara Drummond MaryAnn Dudley Mara Dunleavy Lori Durocher Joy Duva William Dyson Alan Eckstrand Donna Egloff Pasquale Elia Edward Elliman Jessica Embacher Lucinda Embersits Marty Ernstoff Agatha Esposito Linda Esposito Kenneth Ewaskie Anna-Margaret Fabisiak Kirkland Fain Patricia Falk William Faraclas Bonnie Farley-Lucas Lesley Farricielli Joseph Fazzino Marybeth Fede Mary Feige Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Denise Fiedler Wadad Finan Lois Fiore June Estep Fiorelli David Fiorini Deborah & Richard* Fitzsimmons Cynthia Fixer Nancy Flammia Norbert Flammia Stephen Flanagan Brandis Flash Thurza Fletcher Gustave Flink Louis Florio Sarah Flynn Vicki Folden James Foley Clare Ford Meredith Ford Martha Fordiani Verne Foster Jeffrey Fournier Frame Advisors LLC The Frame Shop and Gallery of Waterbury Dominic Francese Diane Frankel-Gramelis

Kelley Frassinelli Melvin Freden Joanne Frenkel Diane Fulco Janina Fusaro Francis Gagliardi Rosemary Gagliardi Robert Gaipa John Gallagher Patrick Gallagher Charlotte Gallucci Judy Gardner Robert Gearing Henry Gemery Carol Gennette Jeannette Gentile Mark Gentry Michael Georgen Joan Gerdsen Lillian Gerhardt Ann Gibran Nancy Gill Sean Gilmartin Anthony Ginnetti Beverly Ginter Darnell Glass Howard Gleichenhaus Betty Gobeille Audrey Goclowski Kathleen Goddison Ellen Godomsky Adam Goldberg Jerry Golebiewski Neil Golub Isabel Gonzalez-Echevarria Goodfellas Restaurant Virginia Goodwin William Goodwin Patrick Gorman Krystyn Gorniak-Kocikowska Mary Gould Graebel Susan Gray Ruth Green Robert Gregory Roberta Grossman Marcia Gruce Hope Grunt Margaret Guelakis Janet Guilmette Robert Gulas Grace Gunnip* Deborah Gwiazdowski Valerie Haberl George Haddad Catherine Hair John Hajus Mitchell Hallock Audrey Hancock James Hanley Michael Hanlon Harvey Harkness Terry & Hugo Hart The Hartford Hartford Insurance The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.

Richard Harvey Harvey Hubbell Foundation David Hauser Jeannette Hawran Jocelyn Hayes Headfly Web Solutions LLC Evelyn Heffernan Marianne Heffernan Karen Helland Raymond Heller Norman Henchel Barry Herman Floresita Hernandez Patricia Heslin Deane Hetric Kim Hibbard Christine Higgins Denise Hindinger Charlotte Hitchcock Bonnie Hittleman-Lewis Adele Hodges Mable Hoffler-Page Eddis Hoffman Jerome Hojnacki Lori Hollings James Honore Harry Howell Margaret Huda Claudia Hudson Donald Hughes Maureen Welch Hunter Angela Huntley

Florence Johns Bethann Johnson Joyce Johnson Kurt Johnson Richard Johnson Robyn Stewart Johnson Jordan Jones Diane Julian Richard Kaminski Constance Kapral Eugene Karpinski Michael Kasinskas Christopher Keefe Cindy Keegan Mary Jane Keeler Elizabeth Keenan Mary & Dennis Keenan Raymond Kellogg James E. Kelly James F. Kelly Janeth Kelly Jeffrey Kelly Patricia & Timothy Kennedy Linda Keshishian Donald Kessler Linda King Martha Kirschner Miles Kirschner Edwin Klinkhammer Kurt Knoernschild Kenneth Koch Andrew Koorejian

Susan Langhans Paul Lapuc Anthony Laudano Susan LaVallee Nicholas Laveris Dawn Lavoie Marylou Lavoie Michelle Lawler Daniel Leavitt Linda Lebel Gloria Lee Judith Legeza L’Elegance Patricia Lenihan Roberta Leonard Cora Leonardi Nathan Lerner Pamela Lerner James Letts Paul Levatino Levitsky & Berney PC Frederick Lewis Catherine Ligi Maria Loiewski Timothy Loney Susie Long Long Wharf Theatre Mary Rose Lovello LRG, LLC Maureen Lucas Renee Lynes Kenneth Lyon

Thomas Hylinski IBM International Foundation David Ifkovic Kenneth Imperato Stephen Ingulli Michael Ippolito Shirley Jackson Thomas Jacobs Mary Jadach Kendra Jemmott George Jerome

Dorothy Kramer Jason Krauss Margaret Krepinevich John Kryzanowski Leo Kuczynski Meghan Kuebler James Kusack Rae Lambert John Lampronikos Lisa Lancor Dorothy Lane

Glenn Mackno Patricia & James Madigan Lisa Magliocco Monica Maia Alison Majeau Ann Maki Robert Malchiodi Anita Malentacchi Anthony Maltese Peter Mandras Dorothy & Patrick Manley

Sharon Manley Anne Mapolski David Marczely Lucille Marottoli Marianne Marple Elizabeth Martha Eleanor Martin Mary & Jeffrey Martinik Dorothy Martino Edward Martino Barbara Matthews Kathleen & Anthony Mauro Ann Maxham Raymond McGarrity Daniel McGrath George McGuigan James McIntyre Hollis Mckenna Paul Mckenzie William McKernan Bonnie McNair Kathleen McNeill Faye Meacham Carole & Stanley* Mendygral Anna Micci MidState Information Services Mihaela Miller Leslie Millington Frank Milone Margaret Mirto Mary Monahan Margaret Moniz Christine Montgomery Mary Montgomery Stephen Montgomery Catherina Mordecai Debra Moriarty Kathleen Morin John Moroniti Joseph Morris Christine & David Morrow Gerald Moss Evelyn Moulton Raymond Mugno Robert Mundy John Murphy William Murray R. Stephen Myrick Eleanor Nace Eva Naples Anne Nardi Gabriel Nardi Mary Navin Betty Naylor Christine Nelson David Netinho Network for Good Barbara Neufeld Margaret Newton Ryan Nobrega Donald Norcross Dorothy Noyce Oak Street Reunion Eleanor O’Brien* John O’Dea William O’Hare Spring 2014 | 49

Patrick Okeefe Dorothy O’Neil Maureen Onofrio George Ostrowski Tracey Owers Sadiann Ozment Gatin Pagano Andrea Paight Jeannette Palluzzi Joseph Palmer JiongDong Pang Robert Pannozzo Carol Papazian Dorothy Pappas Vermelle Paris Joseph Parisi Lisa Parisi Donna Parke Gary Parkman Jill & Stephen Parkosewich Steven Parks Berdjouhi Parseghian Walda Passaro Edward Patrick Randy Paul & Associates Inc. Harvey Paulin Patricia Pearson Sandra Pease Lynda Pedersen James Pegolotti Marite Pelverts Darnelle Perry David Peruta Maria Peters* Ralph Peters Fred Petrella Paul Petrie Helen Pfeifer Philadelphia Gymnastics Center Inc. Walter Piechota Edward Pierce Frank Pinto Michael Pisani John Ploski Francesca Poole Joseph Poulsen Dennis Powers Thomas Powers Ann Pratson Susan Prentis Marie Prete Geraldine Prince Prudential Foundation Kerstin Pugh Lori Pujda Marc Rabinoff Steven Racine Monica Raffone Sabdhya Ramesh Diane Rasch Jeffrey Raup Karen Redman Lillian Reeder Martin Regan Tricia Regan Ann Renstrom 50 | Charitable Giving Report

Resource Video Theresa Riccio Cynthia Riccitelli Paula Rice Elizabeth Richardson Bernadette Riggs Marguerite Rinaldi Anna Rivera-Alfaro Arlene Robbins John Rochette Michael Rogers

Wayne Schwartz Marjorie Scorey Dorothy Scrobko SCSU Women’s Association Linda & Martin Scully Joseph Seeman Deborah Seibert Robert Semenza Paul Serenbetz Helen Shecora Joan & John Sheehy

Cynthia Swainbank Edmund Swartz Sweet Boutique Elaine Swirsky John Switchenko Carl Sword Lisa Taggart Christina Tashjian Frank Tavares Clelia Tenerowicz Amy Terlaga

Richard Rogerson Nancy Ronne Harriet Rosen Joseph Rossi Andrea Rowe Heather Rowe Donald Rozanski Paul Rubino Jennifer Ruggiero Russell Sage Foundation Dorothea Russo Paul Rust Joseph Sabol Concetta Sacco Sahin Holding LLC Michele Salamone Michael Salvin Alain Samson Frank Samuelson San Damiano Daily Giving Cina Santos Marilyn Santucci Warren Sarasin James Savidge Edward Savino Carol Sbabo Donald Sbabo Salvatore Scafariello Gay Schenck Walter Schenck Emmanuelle Schindler Irene Schragger Janice Schuck

Erika Shore Shubert New Haven John Sidoli Kathy Siegler Kiran Singh Philip Sirignano Six Flags New England Andrew Sklepowicz David Smith Ellen Smith Randall Smith M. Roberta Spann Sean Stearley Steelcase Foundation Nancy Stellaccio Sterling Forms & Computer Supplies Russell Stevens Patricia Stich Heidi Stobbart Martin Stokes Cynthia Stretch Carolyn Strout Ming Suen Barbara Sullivan Constance Sullivan Easton Sullivan Lauren Sullivan Martha Sullivan Thomas Sullivan William Sullivan* Sandra Summers Ming Sun

Judith Terrill Kim Tester Kevin Thompson The Tiara Club Lois Tolles Robert Toothaker Barbara Torcellini Cynthia Toscano Jeffrey Tottenham John Tracy Laurie Tracy Rudolph Trankovich Carol Tripp William Turnier Amy Tursky Edward Tyburski UBS Matching Gift Program Michele Vancour William Varnum Mary Vaughn Jean & Clifford Verron Nancy Via Joseph Violetta Mary Visnic Robert Vitti Michael Vollero Mariacristina Von Feldt Edward Voss Ann Wagner Ann Waldman Rosemary Waldron Corneli Wallin Patricia Walsh

Eleanor & Norman Warrender Judith Watkins-Shapiro Suzanne Weber Thomas Wellington Wendy Wells Wells Fargo Foundation Ann Wengloski Dal Wentzel Mary & Edward Weselcouch Todd Wheeler Mary Ellen White Alice Wilcox Dorothy Willis William Wilson Steven Winter Timothy Wise Frank Wolak Patricia Wolf Roshelley Woodson Jon Wormley Michelle Wormley Roger Woznick Renay Wright Kathy Yalof Mary & James Yanosy Arthur Yost John Young Ralph Yulo Roselyn Zackin Charles Zaremskas William Zenko Patricia Zibluk Joyce & Brian Zukauskas Janet Zukowski Robert Zuraw Grants Favor Inc. Leakey Foundation Sociologists for Women in Society Faculty and Staff Honor Roll Antonio Aceto Carolyn Alling Shirley Anderson Jaye Bailey James Barber Leonard Barbieri Christine Barrett Nicholas Bauer Christina Baum Betsy Beacom Judith Behler Michael Ben-Avie Therese Bennett Denise Bentley-Drobish John Bergevin Corinne Blackmer James Blake Leonard Bonn Peter Boppert Vivian Bordeaux Laura Bower-Phipps Sharon Bradford Vincent Breslin

Christine Broadbridge Dian Brown-Albert Lise Brule Anthony Brunetti Sandra Bulmer Merle Bunco Rondell Butler Terrell Bynum George Caffrey Susan Calahan Conrad Calandra Doreen Cammarata-Gilhuly Amy Cappello Mary Pat Caputo Braxton Carrigan Suzanne Carroll Darci Carson Vincenzo Cassella Shirley Cavanagh Thomas Celentano Oliver Chambers Jian Chen Xiao Cheng Isabel Chenoweth David Chevan Sherryl Chin Karen Christian-Porteous Catherine Christy Nancy Chucta Shawna Cleary Richard Cogswell William Cohane Marylou Conley Nicholas Constantinople Rosalie Cota Brad Crerar Gregg Crerar John Critzer Kimberly Crone Karen Cummings Thomas Cummings John DaPonte Margaret Das Linda Davison Pamela Day Richard DeCesare Sandra DeLeo’n Robert DeMezzo Emmett Dennis Deborah DeSisto Tanya Diaz William Diffley Marie DiFrancesco Patrick Dilger Gaetano Dimicco Ann Dombroski Michael Donnelly Giovanni D’Onofrio Joseph Dooley Thomas Dorr Robert Drobish Suzanne Duke Jerry Dunklee Ellen Durnin Robert Eldridge Scott Ellis Ruth Eren

Marian Evans William Faraclas Bonnie Farley-Lucas Ann Farrier Marybeth Fede David Feinmark Chaka Felder Vincent Ferrie Janelle Finch Lawrence Fitzgerald Nicole Fluhr Deborah Flynn Ellen Frank Kelley Frassinelli DonnaJean Fredeen Philip Gaboriault Betsy Galian Peggy Gallup Lisa Galvin Marie Garcia-Abrines Terese Gemme Ross Gingrich Barbara Glynn Ada Goldberg Floyd Gollnick Krystyna GorniakKocikowska Robert Gregory

Paula Kennedy Hak Joon Kim Janet Klicsu Renee Knight Michael Kobylanski Philanthi Koslowski Timothy Krauss Klay Kruczek James Kusack Frank LaDore David Lake Lisa Lancor Cassandra Lang Susan Larson Michelle Lawler Susan Lawrence Gloria Lee Heidi Lockwood William Lunn Christopher Lynn Barbara Mallick Anthony Maltese Michelle Mann Doris Marino Jane Marrone James Mazur Robert McEachern Hollis Mckenna

Ryan Nobrega Vitrice Oliver Linda Olson Wanda Outing Tracey Owers JiongDong Pang Patricia Panichas Timothy Parrish Cynthia Patterson Jacqueline Patton Gregory Paveza Belinda Pearman Sandra Pease Darnelle Perry Lucille Perry Philip Pessina Paul Petrie Laura Pettie Carolynn Pettit Christine Petto Christopher Piscitelli Francesca Poole Geraldine Prince Deborah Puglia Susan Quagliaroli Timothy Quill Monica Raffone Jaak Rakfeldt

Stanley Seliga Joseph Selvaggio Michael Shea Cynthia Shea-Luzik Robert Sheeley Pamela Sheppard Winnie Shyam Eric Simms Judith Sizensky-Searles Andrew Smyth Maureen Spellman Dawn Stanton-Holmes Bridget Stepeck-Holt Brigitte Stiles Cynthia Stretch Villia Struyk Walter Stutzman Theresa Sutherland Daniel Swartz Frank Tavares Angela Todaro Lawrence Tomascak Jaime Toth David Vance Michele Vancour Merryalis Vazquez Mary Verner Carol Wallace

Wendeline Hardenberg Frank Harris Martin Hartog William Hochman Margaret Huda Sandra Huebner Percy Huggins Jr. Shirley Jackson Sondi Jackson Kurt Jagielow Bethann Johnson Sara Johnson Michelle Johnston Jordan Jones Barbara Kagan Patricia Kahlbaugh Elizabeth Keenan Raymond Kellogg Robin Kenefick Marianne Kennedy

Paul Mckenzie Kevin McNamara Joel Meisel Diane Michaelsen Norman Middendorf Sharon Misasi Joyce Moore Giacomo Mordente Winnifred Morgan Diane Morgenthaler Gary Morin Mehdi Mostaghimi Raymond Mugno Bennie Murphy Joseph Musante James Mutts Gerard Nelson Vara Neverow Deborah Newton Patricia Nicol

Lisa Rebeschi Tricia Regan Richard Riccardi Paula Rice Lystra Richardson Anna Rivera-Alfaro Salvatore Rizza Linda Robinson Mary Robinson John Rochette Michael Rogers Nancy Ronne Heather Rowe Jennifer Ruggiero Michele Salamone Theresa Sandifer Marlene Santiago-Cordero Cindy Schofield Marcia Schultz Jessica Scibek

Jan Wang Aaron Washington Mark Waters Megane Watkins Carlton Watson Deborah Weiss Colby Whelan Patricia Whelan Marvin Wilson Timothy Wise Robert Workman Jianxiong Wu Kommaly Xayasone Kathy Yalof Phyllis Young Patricia Zibluk *Deceased

Spring 2014 | 51

Southern Connecticut State University Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors OFFICERS



David R. McHale • Chairman Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Northeast Utilities System

Lucille W. Alderman

James E. Blake Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Southern Connecticut State University

Richard F. Tripodi • Vice Chairman President RFTS Inc. Michael R. Chambrello • Treasurer Mary O’Connell Kozik • Secretary Senior Chemist AECOM Corporation Robert L. Stamp • Executive Director Vice President, Institutional Advancement Southern Connecticut State University

BOARD MEMBERS Paula Armbruster Associate Clinical Professor (Retired) Yale University Dr. Robert S. Frew Professor Emeritus of Computer Science Southern Connecticut State University

Frederick R. Afragola Chairman Frame Advisors Frank D. Antin Senior Vice President (Retired) The Bank of New York Mellon Mackey Barron President HB Communications Inc. Lynn Fusco President Fusco Corporation Robin Sauerteig John Soto President Space-Craft Manufacturing Inc. Diane L. Wishnafski Executive Vice President (Retired) NewAlliance Bank

Charles Baraw, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English Southern Connecticut State University Erin McGuckin Student Representative Southern Connecticut State University Mary A. Papazian, Ph.D. President Southern Connecticut State University Robert D. Parker Alumni Association Representative Director of Communications (Retired) ACES Teresa Sirico Alumni Association Representative Teresa Sirico Realtor LLC

Thomas J. Madigan Vice President, Investments UBS Financial Services Inc. John J. Mezzanotte Partner-in-Charge Marcum LLP Marc A. Nivet, Ed.D. Chief Diversity Officer Association of American Medical Colleges William H. Pratt, Esq. Partner Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP Anthony F. Verlezza Associate Partner Equus Group LLC

CONTACT US For additional information, please contact: Southern Connecticut State University Foundation, Inc. Telephone: (203) 392-6900 Gifts may be made online at: or you may contact the Development Office. Telephone: (203) 392-5598

Pieter van Vredenburch Southern Connecticut State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, age, gender, gender identity or expression, national origin, marital status, ancestry, present or past history of mental disorder, learning disability or physical disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, or criminal record. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Pamela M. Lassiter, J.D., SCSU, 501 Crescent Street, BU 207, New Haven, CT 06515, (203) 392-5899, 52 | Charitable Giving Report

SCSU Foundation Report 2013  
SCSU Foundation Report 2013