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Sage MIP Fund Accounting Modules A True Fund Accounting Software 471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Sage MIP Fund Accounting Modules This system’s modular structure gives organizations the opportunity to purchase only the functional areas they require. As your organization develops, adding specialized modules can address the needs that come with expansion and growth. And Sage MIP Fund Accounting maintains the integrity of existing data any time additional modules are installed, giving you a solid foundation for financial accountability.

471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Accounts Payable Module Now your accounts payable process is easier than ever! Flexible and easy of use, the Accounts Payable module lets you to set up and track an unlimited number of accounts. Accounts Payable transactions also simultaneously update the general ledger and vendor accounts and let you easily track vendor payments by vendor. Simplify processes. Easily process invoices, checks, full or partial payments, or even issuing payments from multiple accounts. Time-saving entry features let you balance your payables entries or allocate them using the distribution feature—automatically. Enjoy peace of mind with strong security controls that let you further isolate tasks for more secure processing. Add power to your reporting. Quickly check vendor balances on-the-fly and drill down to the accounts payable process details for any transaction with the flexibility to customize or select from the many readyto-use reports. Easily monitor outstanding payables, top vendors, and more using the one-click navigator analysis views and the system graphing tools. Maintain and report on payables history for an unlimited number of years. 471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Accounts Receivable Reporting Time-saving modules facilitate smooth processing and provide critical accounts receivable analysis information, freeing up your time for other tasks. A/R Reporting: Comprehensive management and tracking options Save time with detailed accounts receivable analysis that lets you update customer records on-the-fly while entering receivables transactions. Easily track complex invoices across an unlimited number of reporting segments. Slice and dice billing history to generate comprehensive sales analysis, plus customize or select from the many ready-to-use reports. A/R Billing: Make billing easier Easily create unlimited charge codes that calculate automatically using flexible accounts receivable analysis processing with full integration with other Sage MIP Fund Accounting modules. Quickly generate invoice on the fly, plus calculate, review, and adjust multiple invoices before printing to produce detailed statements and invoices. 471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Allocation Management Do you need to perform complex allocations of indirect costs? Do you have multiple fundingsources' investments pooled for higher return requiring interest-earned allocations? The Allocations Management module performs your complicated allocations with the click of a button. Calculate, review, and generate allocation entries using a flexible, easy-to-understand toolset offered within your accounting system while maintaining a complete audit trail and eliminating the risk of spreadsheet errors. Powerful Allocation Entry Features Flexible allocation options—Allocate direct costs, indirect costs, interest earned, dividends, and more. The Allocations Management module lets you tailor allocations to fit your needs through flexible setup options. You can perform allocations on virtually any account balance at the program level, department level, grant level, or across multiple segments simultaneously and more. Save time and effort—Skip the spreadsheet and perform allocations directly within your accounting software. Set up your allocations only once and use them as often as you need, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Continue Next Page>>

471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Allocation Management (cont.) Easy to use—Establish allocation codes to set the calculation parameters you need. Generate allocation calculations that create general ledger entries. Even build sequential allocations dependent upon previous calculation results within a single calculation. Advanced calculation options—Perform allocations based on transaction entry counts such as invoices entered or Purchase Orders issued, fixed percentages, unit measures such as square footage and number of employees, fixed dollar amounts, indirect cost rates or dynamic percentages such as relative account balances, weighted average daily balance, and even non-financial data collected using statistical fields. Perform allocation based on actual or budget amounts for any date range. Ensure allocation compliance with OMB Cost Principles—Use the powerful calculation options available in the Allocations Management module to distribute costs to federal grants with accuracy and consistency. Prevent over-charging grantors—Limit allocations to avoid exceeding contractual indirect cost limits.

471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Allocation Management (cont.) Advanced Reporting Options Check the accuracy of your allocation calculation—Allocations Management includes a host of reports that allow you to view the impact of the allocation prior to accepting it. View the calculation details—Run a comprehensive calculation register directly from the calculation screen to trace the steps performed within your allocation. Provides a comprehensive audit trail to support your allocation basis. Retain source balances—Need pre-allocation and post-allocation reports for your auditors? Allocations Management allows you to retain source balances so that you can generate the reports you need. History automatically maintained—General Ledger entries generated by the Allocations Management module can easily be recalled for review, making audit reports a snap. Fully Integrated with Other Sage MIP Fund Accounting Modules Allocation bases—Fully integrated with the Payroll module to leverage key allocation bases such as direct labor hours or Employee Headcount to allocate indirect costs. Grant compliance—Indirect cost rate associated with Grant Administration module available to cap allocation entries for grant compliance. 471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Bank Reconciliation Module The Bank Reconciliation module makes reconciling your cash accounts simple and easy, giving you immediate access to cash transactions for instant reconciliation. Improve bank reconciliation processing Enjoy total cash management control with the ability to reconcile an unlimited number of cash accounts independently and as frequently as you need with hassle-free bank reconciliation processing. Easily monitor bank balances and cash transactions, record discrepancies, and track suspense items, such as bank errors or disputed transactions, plus produce post-reconciliation reports. Save time and eliminate duplicate data entry with automatic updating of clearing details retrieved within Bank Reconciliation Analysis reports. Automatically clear checks and deposits with information from your bank with the Data Import/Export module.

471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Budget Module The Budget module helps you create and track available budgets for grants, programs, and departments, and extends your reporting power. With it you can easily monitor the performance of budgets and enforce budget compliance by preventing entries that might put you in the red. Say goodbye to cumbersome, inflexible spreadsheet budgeting Instantly create budgets for any timeframe, including multiple fiscal years and cross fiscal year budgeting for grants. Easily create and maintain an unlimited number of budgets and financial reports for nonprofits at any level. Save time by entering multiple adjustments using the timesaving modification tool or use the revisions worksheet and view original budget while entering budget adjustments or revised budget figures. Improve accuracy with advanced reporting options Quickly and easily make flexible budget inquiries and check for budgeted amounts, money spent, committed funds, and available budget within the system. Easily drill-down to detailed entries for a complete audit trail. Produce detailed financial reports for nonprofits that can be easily disseminated to your management staff and board of directors for more accurate forecasting and budget analysis.

471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Data Consolidation Module Do you have chapters, local offices, or field locations that maintain their own accounting books day-to-day, yet you need to see aggregate and comparative reports? The Data Consolidation module makes it easy to generate consolidated reports from independent locations that use any Sage MIP Fund Accounting product. Data Consolidation Processing Consolidate data from any Sage MIP Fund Accounting Product—Production databases at site locations can use any Sage MIP Fund Accounting (Intro, Pro, Advantage or Government Series). Consolidate for aggregate reporting and management—Consolidate data from independent Sage MIP Fund Accounting data sources to produce aggregate financial statements or to generate comparative reports for more effective decision-making. Aggregate quickly and easily—Create consolidation files from the site locations with the click of a button. Combine the consolidation files into a single reporting database with the Data Consolidation module's simple, intuitive interface. Eliminate duplicate entries—Enter information only once and use it in the production database and for consolidated reporting. Continue Next Page >>

471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Data Consolidation Module (Cont.) Customized reporting—Custom reports from the component databases are included in the consolidated organization when you perform a consolidation. Even design new reports in the consolidated data. Perform necessary adjustments—Adjust balances and create elimination entries in the consolidated data to ensure accurate consolidated reports. Complements Other Sage MIP Fund Accounting Modules Review Budget—Budget figures consolidate automatically when you own the Budget module. Enter budgets or budget adjustments within the consolidated data. Allocate Income and Costs—With the Allocations Management module, you can use the allocations feature within the consolidated data to distribute interest income, share costs, and more.

471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Data Import/Export Module Transferring information to and from the accounting system is simple with the Data Import/Export module. Easily bring data from other software into the system during the initial setup to establish charts of accounts codes, vendors, and beginning balances, plus export reports to Excel and other applications for quick analysis. Safely Transfer Data Easily import Excel data, timesheets from timekeeping software, cash receipts from other systems, accounts receivable transactions from specialized billing systems, and more. Import one-sided entries and let Sage MIP Fund Accounting balance the entry automatically, or use the distribution feature to automatically allocate entries as they are imported. To eliminate duplicate entry and save time, import Excel data and virtually any type of data. Ensure data accuracy and integrity with all system data validations. Easy-to-use system lets you create a template to tell the system where to gather the desired information. Conveniently export reports to Excel, maintaining all original formatting, with a single click. Supports multiple file formats including spreadsheet, database, word processing, and HTML.

471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Encumbrance Module Easily reserve budget for planned expenditures and financial commitments with the Encumbrance module. Improve your internal tracking and external compliance for administering and reporting on encumbered funds. Flexible and Extensive Encumbrance Controls Easy-to-use module lets you enter your encumbrances using the spreadsheet-style entry or generate them using the integrated Purchase Order module. Maintain a complete audit trail with support for full or partial encumbrance liquidations and preencumbered funds for later application. Enhance decision making and analysis with reporting options that show encumbrances on your financial statements. Easily verify available budget prior to making a purchase with included encumbrances in budget checks. Select from a number of ready-to-use Encumbrance Analysis Reports, such as encumbrance summaries or aging reports, or create your own. Extends the budget monitoring capabilities by factoring encumbered funds into budget checking inquiry and reporting features. 471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Fixed Assets Module The Fixed Assets module provides your organization with a powerful tool for tracking assets, easily calculating depreciation, and automatically allocating depreciation and disposal entries in the general ledger. Flexible Fixed Assets Production Maintain detailed records of fixed assets by attaching important documents to asset records. Save time and avoid duplication of effort using Quick Asset Entry to enter fixed assets on-the-fly while recording invoice or purchase entries. Flexible depreciation options allow you to use the standard depreciation methods included in the system, or set the depreciation interval and perform calculations on your schedule. Generate accurate, distributed entries for the general ledger, distributed across programs, departments, and more using percentages, fixed amounts or units such as square footage. Use the powerful reporting options to easily research questions regarding fixed assets for complete asset tracking. Easily analyze depreciation calculations and accounting entries with detailed reports before you accept the figures. 471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

Forms Designer Module Easily customize virtually any printed accounting form, including adding a logo to your customer billing statements, using an auto-signature for check authorization, or generating your own stock check. Accounting Form Designer Save money by producing your own accounting form whether it’s a paycheck, purchase order, bill, or invoice, plus produce your own forms as needed. Create an unlimited number of customer forms, plus modify the standard accounting form or create your own. Personalize any accounting form with your organization’s logo, mission statement, or other details. Save time with the auto-signature feature of Forms Designer, which includes security features to limit access to the custom forms and signatures and to set rules for checking amount maximums. Easy to set-up and use, Form Designer lets you easily create your own accounting form with the drag-and-drop visual design tool. Specialized controls handle alignment with a simple mouse click. Quickly and easily change fonts, colors, and field locations. 471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

General Ledger The General Ledger is a multi-fund, multi-fiscal period, double-entry fund accounting system that acts as the core of the Sage MIP Fund Accounting system. The General Ledger features: Flexible, table-driven chart of accounts structure to allow organizations to track an unlimited number of funds, grants, departments, programs, cost centers, or any other data required to meet reporting requirements right from the general ledger Built-in business rules to maintain accurate nonprofit financial data Built-in check writer and cash receipting Complete financial report writer containing a full set of FAS 117-complaint default financial statements Built-in compliance reports and worksheets 990 Worksheet to reduce the pain and cost of filing federal return Maintenance of unlimited open fiscal periods And transaction entry tools to help ensure accurate data entry by allowing users to apply predefined distributions, automatic offsets to appropriate accounts, and validation rules to ensure the quality of data recorded in the general ledger. 471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 200 - Anchorage, Alaska 99503 - Phone: (907) 277-5007

General Ledger Designed for organizations with a need to manage high transaction volume or access data from remote sites, the General Ledger module includes a wide selection of standard features: Cash Receipting Cash Disbursements Journal Vouchers Create basic budget entries Comprehensive security and audit trail Award-winning, integrated report writer for producing customized financial statements, analysis reports and transaction journals consistent with the general ledger Use the powerful Report Writer to: Create customized financial statements Compare budget in statements of revenues and expenditures Customize and print standard reports

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