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Change is Good

More than 2000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, an original guru of change said, ‘Change is the only constant in life.’ Most of us would agree with that. In fact, the IT industry is the very pacesetter for change, dictating how we evolve our businesses as well as our lives. Change is all around us. And our IT Society magazine is also going through some. One of the changes, you may have noticed, is the editor. In March, I was appointed to succeed Bernard Leong as editor of the IT Society magazine. Bernard did a wonderful job as an editor, and it is now my responsibility to take our magazine to the next level.

For starters, we are going with shorter and sweeter. Pithier content that gets to the heart of the matter for a more insightful read. We’ll also be incorporating new content to address a wider range of issues ranging from work-life balance to self improvement, and IT career development tips. You can also hear more perspectives from IT leaders and peers from the industry as we get their views on hot topics. On top of that, this magazine will be more interactive - we are already planning to link this quarterly publication to our online properties so that you can “talk back” to us.

Business Analytics (BA). We look at how analysis of massive and complex data that is now available for businesses is helping them to make better sense of the way forward. Hear the latest on BA from the experts, and learn a useful tip or two that may make a difference at work this week.

In this issue, we discuss one of the key accelerators of the speed of change in business decision making today –

Tan Teng Cheong

Thank you for picking up IT Society. We hope you’ll love the changes, and give us more ideas on how we can continue to evolve the magazine into an even better read for you.


SCS Magazine 2013 Issue 2  
SCS Magazine 2013 Issue 2  

Singapore Computer Society Magazine 2013 Issue 2