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1. Dale Lovelock wins the 2013 Pa & Ma Bendall Memorial contest. 2. Yolanda with Joel Beck. 3. Chris, Levi, Jack and Zerko at the Immersion Tour. 4. John Stokes with Gary Elkerton at the book launch of Kong at the Wharf Tavern. 5. Shandah, SCSurf Girl. 6. Shagga, Louis and Rusty at Shagga’s film night, WindanSea Boardriders. 7. Stu, Bill Hoffman and Mark Pico at the Immersion Tour. 8. Grommies at Shagga’s film night.


CONTRIBUTORS Crys-kai Carroll George Tarlington Sam Hall Dunbar/Warbrick Jack Dekort Kieron Douglass

Christine Masters Christian Patey Chris Reynolds Kane Brown World Surfaris RTL Visuals

COVER PHOTO BY Jack Dekort SURER Mitch Adams EDITOR / PUBLISHER Crys-kai Carroll 0417 838 047 PUBLISHER Graham Hart ADVERTISING Crys-kai Carroll 0417 838 047 Kerryn Hill-McKay 0410 233 161

ED’SNOTE Gday everyone, we are stoked to be back on the streets. It’s been close to 16 months since our last issue was published. I was unable to get the magazine out because of the premature birth of my son. I also fell from a patio that I was tiling landing on my head/shoulder and had to have four months off work. Over the last six years Sunshine Coast Surf Magazine has seen many changes and we have tried to better our last issue every time the next one is published. Local printing company GT Print has helped relaunch the magazine and their expertise in the printing game is second to none. Simone Brady from GT Print is the new Graphic Designer for the magazine and has brought to life all the stories and photos for this issue. We are adding some new sections in the magazine like music, art and surf culture. Local musician Christian Patey will be handling all things music, Christian is a cool guy with great knowledge of the local music industry. I would also like to introduce our new columnist George Tarlington. George is a long-time local and always has a great insight into all things surf. We also have a new sales manager Kerryn Hill-McKay, if you want to advertise or have your products reviewed contact Kerryn for any inquiries you may have. Until our next issue, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or checkout our website to keep up-to-date with all things surf on the Sunny Coast and surrounding areas. We will be starting our new “Letters to the Editor” section next issue so if you would like to send a letter to the editor email


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Mitch was going to be on the cover of the issue that didn’t get published so I thought that It was only fair to run the cover when we came out again. I am glad we did as the shot sums Mitch up. He is fast, powerful and smooth. No sponsor, no bullshit, just raw talent, Mitch is your local underground surfer that blows minds every time he is in the water. We finally nailed him down for a few words. SCURF: Back in 2007 we had a small photo of you from the Yaroomba Classic. A lot has changed since then but you never really did the full contest thing. M.A: Not really, more just local comps and money wise. I didn’t have that big push from family to back me... solo really and I couldn’t afford to go to all the surf comps. SCSURF: Years ago Chris Reynolds said “You have to see this kid Mitch surf,” but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I saw you surf when I realised what he was talking about. The speed in which you surf is unbelievable! Is it something that you have been working on or did it just come naturally? M.A: Well I never knew I surfed that quick until I had my mates filming me and I got to see myself surf and yeah, when I compared it to other surfers around I could see that extra speed and flow. SCSURF: Did the boards you were riding help much? M.A: It was more just racing down the line looking for that air section or having enough speed for the barrel section. SCSURF: A lot of the photos I see of you are mostly big rail grab airs, but I have seen you do 4 | AUTUMN 2013

some of the biggest round house cut backs. Is this something you enjoy doing just as much as boosting? M.A: I don’t mind it, when I’m looking at the beach I’m always looking to surf where the crowds aren’t. I’m not really looking for the perfect wave, I’m looking for that dredgey, bowly dirty wave that I can do some power moves on like big airs, rail grabs etc. SCSURF: You seem to slip under the radar a bit, is that by choice? M.A: I have had some bad luck in the past with sponsorship and I haven’t really been out there pushing it too much. Having said that I would really like to represent a company, especially a small brand that’s working their way up, someone you can grow with and help out, so it’s not all just about me. SCSURF: Are you just seeing where this surfing journey is going to take you or have you set some goals? M.A: This year I’m going to train and hopefully save a bit of coin, do a few WQS events and have a stab at it and see where it takes me. SCSURF: How are you going to get fit? M.A: Well I’ve just moved into a house full of gym

junkies, not the bulking type more the pro-tech boys hahahaha, they keep fit so that will help me. SCSURF: Do you see yourself being paid as a free surfer or doing full time WCT? M.A: Yeah that is definitely what I see myself doing being a free surfer, but you need that platform of doing things like the WQS to be seen. SCSURF: At 23 years old the tough decisions about work and careers come into play, do you have other options besides busting fins out? M.A: Yeah I have been studying residential drafting for about three years now, I really love it. I want to have a stab at making surfing a career for myself, but you always have to have something to fall back on. SCSURF: Jack Dekort has been shooting with you for ages now, how does a typical photo session go? M.A: Jack is awesome and I would be nowhere without him, sometimes I will get a text but most of the time it is really random and spontaneous. Sometimes we get the shots and sometimes we get hoaxed, but he is really good at what he does and has helped me a lot. SCSURF: When I’m shooting I always say to guys to go big and don’t worry about landing so much

Mitch “...I’m looking for that dredgey, bowly dirty wave that I can do some power moves on like big airs, rail grabs etc.” just to get the shot. When I watch you surf I can’t believe how many huge airs you stick, it’s like 90% of the time. M.A: It’s a great feeling seeing a photo that you know you landed, when I see a photo that looks sick but I know I didn’t land, I feel a bit like arrrhhh, but I didn’t land it. So yeah I’ve worked on sticking them and I land most of them hahaha. SCSURF: The cover shot has you wearing a leggie but you surf without one most of the time. M.A: They slow me down (laughs), I feel like I get a lot of drag and I find them restraining. SCSURF: Ok Mitch, quick 5: Favourite food: Nachos. Favourite surf spot: Noosa River Mouth. Favourite music: Anything that sounds good. Favourite manouver: Stale fish air. Favourite saying: Yeww! (laughs), I always go yeww! SCSURF: Thanks mitch good luck with everything. M.A: Yeww!

Photos: Jack Dekort

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There comes a time in a surfers life when they really understand what surfing means to them. Whether it is through the vigor of competing or many sessions flowing down the line of mother natures greatest gift, we all at some stage understand why we surf. For Mitch Surman surfing has become a way of life and at a young age he has already come to realise his place in the surfing world and it’s all about flow and craft. Through soul searching and letting go of life’s expectations and releasing the pressures one can put on themselves, can you relax and begin to see the path that is set out for you. Mitch is all about carves, style and getting the toes over the edge. Over the last five years SCSURF has been keeping one eye on Mitch, so we thought we would get a few words from him just to let you know a bit more about him. SCSURF: Hey Mitch, so this was the interview we were going to do two years ago, a lot has changed since then, where did longboarding really start for you? MS: It was a while ago, thanks for remembering me! I guess longboarding has been a big part of my life for a long time now. I have always surfed all types of boards but ended up on longboards the most. SCSURF: What was it like competing on the World Longboard Tour? MS: I went to four WLT each very similar. Like everything you have to make the most of it and have a laugh. It’s always going to be awesome traveling overseas. SCSURF: How hard was it financially to get to places like Europe to compete? I remember when you were doing fundraisers outside the Westpac bank in Maroochydore. MS: Haha... getting to the events was super hard, Westpac always supported me with going to them, they always would fundraise and other little things to help me out which was pretty cool. A few times, I survived the trip on bread and peanut butter. SCSURF: When you stripped it all back and got more into the soul and rhythm of logging was that a big change in your life? MS: It was something that I always wanted 6

to do but the longboarders that I grew up watching around town didn’t really surf logs. When I lived in California everyone was riding logs. The vibe in the water was epic so I guess that’s where it started for me. SCSURF: The short board scene has guys like Ozzie Wright that have a different kind of style in and out of the water, the logging scene is similar where the style is not so main stream. Logging seems to be a culture in itself. What are your thoughts on this? MS: Yeah I think that’s what makes it great. It has such a good following there is no wrong way to ride a log, there are so many different styles, I think it keeps it really interesting. SCSURF: When you got into shaping was it an easy transition for you being that you are a carpenter and you had a planer and saw. MS: I’d like to think it helps. There are plenty of good shapers out there who’ve never picked up a hammer though. Shaping is such an art, if you want to be a good shaper I feel you just need to have respect for the shaping industry and its history which does involve a saw and a planer. Even though I’m a carpenter there is so much to learn to be about being good board builder, I have a few shapers that have been helping me become a good board builder but it doesn’t come overnight. SCSURF: How cool is it | AUTUMN 2013

seeing someone ride your boards and love them? MS: It’s epic when you see someone stoked on their board. Best feeling. SCSURF: Who are the surfers/shapers that give you inspiration? MS: The surfers that I look up to are Tyler Warren, Joel Tudor, Tommy Witt and Dane Reynolds... The shapers; Bob McTavish, Pieter Surfboards, Tyler Warren and Neil Belcher. SCSURF: OK Mitch, time for the quick 5 with SCSURF Favourite music: Anything Favourite food: Mexican Favourite surf spot: Noosa Favourite manoeuvre: Trimming Favourite saying: Everything happens for a reason SCSURF: Thanks heaps Mitch good luck with everything. MS: Thanks!

Photos: RTL Visuals

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Boards es

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en crafting bo her has be ards c l e B l on t i e “ a o d t d e to cart” N bl a he S e s b r r o o a n f l e l un e i ne, 2 y n a sh r y, i a n shi g w t t d h e 1 e o n l o a i n t h g o ne d s s a e l l ine, ta df la ode l Co o o e Ne e r ju h m h t t il B ast st d it r re o o elc . Yo rop F atu o d t n e in! her u sig hav D u yo


8 | AUTUMN 2013

Photo: Chris Reynolds

Over the years Belcher’s shaping bay has been used for many things like, wild parties and somewhere to crash. Back then Neil was also the man on the dance floor and had to have his shoes re-soled regularly. Today all it’s used for is creating custom surfboards that are dialed in perfectly, anything less for Neil is a disappointment. Neil is fanatical about his boards, how they look, how they ride, how the rail is defined. From start to finish Neil does everything so you know you are getting quality. It all started for Belcher when he was a kid growing up in Melbourne. Neil would do the grind in the city all week then spend weekends and school holidays surfing and hanging at the beach in Torquay. This is where his love of shaping and surfing was born. After finishing a carpenters apprenticeship in 1984 Neil got a job with Freddy Mac who was small time shaper in Torquay and his love of crafting boards was far more appealing than being a full time chippy, so he brushed Melbourne and chose the path of “being a shaper and living the lifestyle.” From 1985-88 Neil worked at Rip Curl in Torquay where he worked with Stephen Bell (Now the Quiksilver team manager). Stephen would later became a major influence for Neil. 1989-2000 Neil worked for Hayden Surf Craft (Sunshine Coast) and did everything from making skis, boats, paddle boards and ding repairs which helped refine his knowledge of surf craft. Working there was priceless, they allowed him to live the endless Summer working between France and the Sunny Coast. 1997 comes and Neil needs a break, so he takes off for Europe where his mate Stephen Bell started Euro Glass with Maurice Cole and Tom Curren. The Euro Glass factory was the hangout back then for the Pros and local guys Sasha Stoker, David Scard, Matt Clark and G.T were doing the tour. Neil was stoked to have mates and crew from the Sunny Coast to surf and party with. Summer in France was the melting pot of surf groove with an air of french arrogance mixed with Aussie bravado. The surf scene was pulsing and to be an Aussie shaper in France while living with Gary Elkerton was like having the key to the city and Neil was turning it! Back then the WQS and the WCT were on at the same time so Hossegor in France was Summer bliss for six weeks. Pro Surfers in that era would travel with about six boards at a time and you needed a good ding fixer at every destination, if a Pro needed a board fixed or a fin glassed in before a semi final it had to be perfect, Neil was the man. It takes a life time of experience to perfect an art and you never stop learning. Neil tells me the story of when In the Mid to late 90‘s he was doing ding repairs for Pro Surfer and good mate Sasha Stoker. He said “Sasha was riding for Al Byrne and dinging boards daily. When each board was past it’s prime, too damaged, I would claim the boards as payment. One of those boards was a 6’0 swallow tail that went that good it was unbelievable. I didn’t surf good enough to handle them, but had fun trying (laughs). While I was In France Kelly Slater had been over for trade show and promo stuff and he left three unridden, signed and stickered 6’1

Al Merricks to go in Quiksilver shops so for two weeks Belly (Stephen Bell) and I rode the three Al Merrick’s and dinted them up to look like Slater had thrashed them. I am light on boards and didn’t dint them enough so Belly goes and punches a few extra dents in them just to make sure they looked ridden. After riding Sasha’s A.B’s, the Al Merricks although forgiving and easy to ride seemed a bit dull. From this, I thought if I could successfully combine the two designs, I was on to something (laughs).” Over the years Neil has had many influences working with guys like Darren Handley, Luke Short, Wayne Lynch and many more but its Neil’s own passion that keeps the stoke with every board that leaves the shaping bay. Every time I have personally been to the shaping shed it turns into a long in-depth conversation about what is good surfing and good boards, it’s easy for me just to hang around, every time I’m there I see something I haven’t seen before. The shed is the best time warp visually and after being there I feel like going surfing or brings back memories like running through the track to A Bay just after it has rained with GANGgajang playing in my head. Neil has also been a judge on the Pro Junior series and says, “While I was judging a Pro Junior in France, RD1 U14 EURO groms a new heat starts and what unfolds was quite amazing, a micro grom (way smaller than others) takes off and goes absolutely mental on his 1st wave does cutties, tube, reo, floater and surfs all the way to the beach, perfect 10’s all round. Meanwhile standing in the corner of judging box quietly is Quiksilver boss ‘Pierre Agnes’ blown away by what he’d just seen turns to his P.A as says find me that kids parents NOW!!! That day, they signed up a very young (10 years old ) Jeremy Flores.” Neil has so many cool stories about his travels and days spent cutting blanks but being someone who doesn’t like to beat his chest we left out about 1000 words. There are also so many great stories about Belcher’s shaping shed and the good old days but like everything in life we change and we grow. Neil’s life has changed a lot and is now a family man with his beautiful wife Mariko and his little man Oscar. One thing that hasn’t changed is Neil’s passion for creating beautiful boards. He also takes great pride in having happy customers and will often go far and beyond to make sure you are ripping on your custom Neil Belcher Design! He has also been one of Sunshine Coast Surf Magazine’s biggest supporters and always says, “We need the magazine and we all need get behind it.” Neil’s team riders Noah Kearney, Alistair Reginato, Reece McPherson, Matt Clark, Darren “Eggy” Vitler and a whole lot of Belcher die hards you see ripping day-in day-out on the Sunny Coast!

Custom Surfboards & Repairs 2/8 Kelly Court, Maroochydore, Qld 4558 ph. (07) 5479 5677 AUTUMN 2013 |


mick fanning


Gday Mick thanks for doing an interview with SCSURF. Mick: No problem happy to do it. SCSURF: You went into Bell’s trying to win back-to-back titles, how pumped were you going into the event? Mick: I was pretty pumped but unfortunately stumbled in the quarter, was pretty angry at myself for falling off three times in a row. SCSURF: You had a good start to the year with a third at the Quikky Pro, but how bad did you want to smash Kelly in that epic heat at Kirra? Mick: When you get to the semi’s you want to carry on, but when you have contenders you really want to win. But he got that epic one, was a sick heat though we had fun. SCSURF: What are your thoughts on the priority rule? Mick: Love it. People want to see the best surfers sitting in the right spot and surfing, rather than hassling each other. SCSURF: I have always enjoyed watching you surf rail to rail, do you think aerial surfing like an air reverse is becoming a little monotonous and should a huge snap off the top with a massive rooster tail always beat it? Mick: It’s like any manouver really, if it’s done well it should get scored accordingly. Personally I really enjoy watching both styles of surfing, but you know the difference between good surfing and average surfing and I feel the judges are getting a good grasp on it too.

10 | AUTUMN 2013

SCSURF: What has been the biggest change you have seen in pro surfing since you started? Mick: Probably the professionalism. When I first got on tour everyone had a great time and pretty much you traveled with guys on tour. Now everyone has their own entourage and train really hard. SCSURF: What has been your most memorable win? Mick: Tahiti was special last year, it is an event everyone wants to win. To be in the final with Parko was epic too. They are all good especially if you get Kelly in a final too. SCSURF: While you are on tour what place gets the blood pumping and you just cant wait to get there.? Mick: I always love the pacific events but each year you get excited about all the places you go, see friends and surf the waves on offer. Every stop has special little things. SCSURF: When was the last time you surfed on the Sunny Coast? Mick: It was sometime last year. Had a fun little surf with the big human Dean Brady. SCSURF: Have you ever surfed the Island on the Sunny Coast? Mick: I have been there but didn’t surf. Great setup. SCSURF: If you could spend a week anywhere in the World and be guaranteed the waves will be pumping where would you go? Mick: Probably Fiji. I love Namotu Island - such an epic place. SCSURF: I have seen you with

grommies signing autographs and I remember you signing my daughters hat at the Kirra Teams a few years ago. You seem to really love the groms, will we see a little Mick soon? Mick: At the moment no. In the future hopefully, maybe a few years. It’s so easy to stoke out a kid so why not! SCSURF: I read somewhere that you and Parko trained pretty hard in the off season. Are you more focused this year than any other year on tour and is the training becoming more intense because of the new crop of young fit gate crashers? Mick: I surfed a lot over the Xmas period so I felt I was a few steps ahead. Usually I stop just to have a break but I cut my foot in Hawaii so that was my break. Everyone trains hard these days but for me a lot of it is injury prevention. SCSURF: What will be the main setup you use this year with your boards? Mick: DH and I worked hard last year on boards so this year it’s just refining it a little. My standard board is 5’11 x 18’3/4 rounded square. SCSURF: Good luck this year Mick I wish you all the success and happiness for you and your family and thanks heaps for your time with Sunshine Coast Surf magazine. Mick: Thanks very much and the same to you guys! Pics: Ripcurl - Dunbar & Warbrick

Photo: Ripcurl, Dunbar

AUTUMN 2013 |


12 | AUTUMN 2013

Photo: Kane Brown / Liquid Movement

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mick fanning 14 | AUTUMN 2013


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Bali e l i m S If you have been to Bali you will know the smiles that greet you, the warm people and relaxed attitudes. For surfers on the Sunshine Coast Bali has been the number one overseas travel destination for the last 35 years. Over the years Bali has had so many changes from the Bali bombings to the ever growing population and pollution. Somewhere in amongst all that are families living their everyday lives just like us, raising families, wanting the best for our children and pursuit of happiness. In Bali opportunities are harder to come by than here in Australia so when one arises you have to take it whole hog; which brings me to tell you a story of friendship, goodwill and a whole lot of love. Dave and Christine Masters from Mooloolaba have been traveling to Bali for a long time now but it was after the the Bali bombing 10 years ago that they meet a young five year old boy named Komo. Komo’s dad (Froggy) Made, was a cook on the infamous Capt. Coconut Surfing Safaris. As you can imagine there was no business after the bombings and people were struggling. Capt Coconut had recently renovated his boat and borrowed from the bank and due to no business because of the bombings, Capt. was about to 16 | AUTUMN 2013

loose his home and business which in turn would cause unemployment for Froggy. Froggy was on the beach sitting under a palm tree when he stopped Christine and Dave as they walked by, he asked them if they would like to be a business partner for the boat. Christine and Dave meet with Capt. Coconut and his family and after hearing their story, they decided to help them out and gave Capt. a large sum of money to get Capt. Coconut Surfing Safaris back on their feet with no obligations. This generous gift helped keep the crew of the boat employed and it would be the beginning of the three families becoming life long friends. When Komo was about eight Froggy starting thinking that surfing could be something that would be good for Komo. The surfing culture in Nusa Lembongan was not what it is today, however because Froggy was working on the surf boat he knew there could be opportunities for Komo in surfing, plus a healthy life style. Coming to present time; Komo had always had dreams of coming to australia. Last year he had

to stay at home when five of his closest friends come to Australia. One of his best friends now lives Coolum doing his HSC. Christine and Dave promised Komo once he was 16 and was getting good grades from school they would arrange to bring him to the Sunny Coast. Quiksilver sponsor Komo, they pay for his schooling in Bali and his room and board. Quiksilver also put Komo’s education first. Since his sponsorship, Komo has gone from near bottom in the class to the top three which is a huge achievement. When Christine and Dave meet with Quiksilver to arrange for him to come here, they learned that Quiksilver held Komo in very high regard. Not just for his surfing, they also see Komo as having a career within the industry. Komo’s visa application really depended on his school giving permission so Komo and his friends were praying at every temple on Lembongan. The prayers were answered and the school gave him one month leave. While Komo was here on the Sunshine Coast I had a chat with him to see how he liked coming to

the Sunny Coast. His answers where in a thick Bali accent but his english was pretty good! SCSURF: Gday Komo how have you liked coming to the Sunshine Coast? Komo: (Big smile) Very good I like surfing Alex and Noosa it’s so good, since I have been here I have surfed, Wurtulla, Kawana, Alex, Maroochydore, the Island and Snapper Rocks at the Gold Coast. SCSURF: I heard you did some training with Porto and Eggy while you were here? Komo: Yeah it was good, it helped me with my style and heat strategy, I had a comp with David at Mooloolaba and Eggy judged, that was fun. SCSURF: I see you have a sponsor in Quiksilver, that’s pretty cool! How have they helped you? Komo: It’s been a good experience with Quiksilver, they have helped me with boardshorts, t-shirts, hat, sunnies... SCSURF: To make you look cool hahaha. Komo: Hahaha yeah, they gave me a job at the Quiksilver shop in Kuta which was a good start for me. They also help with my schooling. SCSURF: Do you surf after work at Kuta? Komo: I just work there on a Saturday and Sunday because I have to study to do well at school. This year I got third in my class and I want to go to university. I hope to get another contract with Quiksilver because that will help me get there. SCSURF: Do you want to be a professional surfer, is that what you dream of? Komo: Yeah that is my dream (big smile). SCSURF: Who is your favourite surfer? Komo: Julian Wilson and in Bali it’s Garut Widiaria.

SCSURF: Are you hoping to come back to Australia soon? Komo: Hopefully, I will have to save a lot of money though. SCSURF: What’s it like in Bali now, do feel it’s getting too crowded? Komo: Sometimes in Keramas many tourists and too crowded but we still get good waves because we know the conditions, like where the best place to surf is for the different wind. And we know all the secret spots, but we don’t tell them where they are hahaha. SCSURF: You live right near the beach at Lembongan, that must be good for your surfing. Komo: Yeah it’s good, but now when I’m at school in Sanur it’s a little bit hard because I have to bring the bike and surf at Keramas or Sanur, but

It’s good when I’m surfing at Lembongan. SCSURF: It gets big there at Lembongan have you surfed when its well over head? Komo: Lacerations is so good when it’s 5 foot and pumping. SCSURF: Do have big gun to ride for when it gets big at Uluwatu or Lacerations? Komo: No I just use my Belcher, it’s my favourite board! SCSURF: Do you like Aussie food? Komo: Yeah I love the steaks here, I have put on six kilo’s because I have eaten too many. SCSURF: Do you have a girlfriend? Komo: No, become champion first then get girlfriend (laughs). SCSURF: Good luck Komo and we hope to see you on the Sunny Coast again soon.

Above: Gary Elkerton, Komo and Robbie Sherwell. Right: Komo with Christine and Dave Masters. Lifestyle photos Christine and Dave Masters. Surfing photos by Sam Hall (SDH Images).

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s p a n jack s Since our second issue was published photographer Jack Dekort from Yaroomba has had his photos featured in every issue. From front covers to waves of the season Jack has helped out with the magazine and over the last six years Jack has perfected his technique in all fascists of surf photography. The hardest type of surf photography is water shots and Jack had a tough time while shooting an epic day at the Noosa river mouth, the tide and rips were like a tornado in a tea cup, however Jack hung in there and captured some of the best photos of the river mouth anyone has ever seen. Jack is one of those guys who is always out there searching for that one photo, often he will shoot for hours and show the boys the photos on the camera and say, “I just need to edit them up” but being a perfectionist and never giving photos that are average, sometimes the boys never see the photos again. One of the first things about surf photography is you just have to be there and that is the hardest part. Jack has to juggle his other job and sometimes misses a day here and there when the swell is pumping, but Jack seems to have the uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time getting gold for us all to froth over. I asked Jack to show some of his work since the magazine was last out and give us a little insight into the photos, the locations and what he likes about each shot. If you would like any copies of the photos or you want to checkout more of Jacks work go to or

Clockwise from top: Matt Carrick, sharing wedgey barrels all day with only a hand-full of guys, doesn’t get much better than that!; Rivermouth - This was the first wave I shot during this session, it broke outside the pack and peeled through unridden; Stephan Prado from Brazil picked off one of the better ones this day at Pipeline; Ziggy and I started off at Jimba that morning but was a bit too big and all over the place so we ended up at Deadmans for a bit of a novel session, turned out to be a few legit makeable ones coming through; Dane Peterson US expat living in Noosa is one of the finest loggers around and one of my favorite lens men; The Running Man: I named this photos after the famous 80’s dance for obvious reasons.

18 | AUTUMN 2013


a young surfer... usually under the age of 15.

Most of the time people that are called groms are youngin’s who rip. Jye, nine and Jesse now seven, the Parkinson’s are the epitomy of Groms. I caught up with the boys whilst attending the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast, by Kieron Douglass. Jye you were five years of age when you first entered the water and Jesse you were just a little bit younger at three years of age, its such a perfect age to start surfing! Do you remember your first ever wave? Jesse: I don’t remember my first wave... I actually don’t remember not surfing. I’ve seen photos of me when I started and I was Goofy! Jye: No, but mum and dad have told me that I used to wear goggles because the salt water stung my eyes. Hows the competition between you both, say if one was to bust out a cool little manoeuvre, does the other one go “oh yeah, watch this!” Jesse: No I don’t, but Jye says that sometimes Jye: Yeah sometimes, but mostly we just like surfing together. When you tell people you surf, they automatically think you live on the Gold Coast but in fact you guys learnt to surf and live on the Sunshine Coast. Does it get just as crowded in the surf like Snapper Rocks would on the GC? Jesse: It’s not that bad at Yaroomba which is our home break (sometimes we get it to ourselves) but Noosa gets really crowded, I guess it’s good practice for Snapper. Jye: Not really, but Noosa can get crowded. Because we surf up there a lot, the locals are really cool and call us on to waves most of the time so its alright. What I think is great about you both, not only are you very close but you have had the chance to mould your own styles of surfing. Jye, you

have that relaxed style like a younger version of Donavon Frankenreiter or in his day a younger version of Asher Pacey. Do you think that relates to your personality? Jye: Yeah, I guess so. Mum and Dad are always telling me that I’ve always been cruisy, sometimes that’s not so good in competitions, but it’s how I am. Jesse, you are definitely coming across like a young Mick Fanning, much like a pocket rocket. Who is your biggest influence for that style? Jesse: I don’t know, I really like Julian Wilson and I have watched him a lot on videos and when he is at home surfing. A couple of weeks ago we got to surf with him for a day at First Point Noosa and it was awesome, he even towed me out and pushed me on! You both have some amazing sponsors behind you and just to name a few, the legend Darren Handley (DHD) Quiksilver, Shapers, Skullcandy, Coolum Surf and the list goes on. It must be such a cool feeling knowing these guys have your back? Jesse: Yeah it is. Darren is really cool and talks to us heaps about our boards and Quiksilver have been unreal. Jye: yeah it is cool. Darren makes us the best boards and Quiksilver has a lot of good surfers we can learn from. It’s great having the best people supporting us. Besides hanging out with legends, what else have you been up to at the Quiky Pro? Jesse: Surfing heaps and hangin out at the

DHD gromhouse. Jye: I’ve been surfing, this is my first year without Dad in the water with me so I’ve been learning different stuff. Jess and I have also been hanging out with some of the other DHD groms like Kyuss and Sandy, playing cricket and having water bomb fights. Both you guys already have such an impressive track record at comps. All I see are a bunch of firsts and second placings. Do you paddle out determined to win or are you just out there to have fun and if you win its just a bonus? Jesse: If I win its a bonus, I like to have to fun. Sometimes I get disappointed but not because I don’t win - only if I don’t surf as well as I can. Jye: I just want to get two waves and get through my heat. It’s nice to win but if I don’t it’s OK. Tell me, you have become quite friendly with Mr Julian Wilson, do you guys use that to your advantage at school with the girls? haha Jesse: (Jesse goes silent and has a look of horror on his face!) NO!!!!!!! Jye: (Shaking his head vehemently) Nuh..... I guess the best way to go about life is to just take it as it comes but what are your dreams and where would you like to see yourselves in a few years? Jesse: I’d like to travel overseas a lot, surfing good waves and having fun. Jye: Just to travel, win a couple more comps, be happy. We are going on our first surf trip overseas in a couple of weeks to the Mentawais, can’t wait!

Mick Fanning Limited Edition AUTUMN 2013 |


Know a grom... are a grom... To feature on this page join your local Boardriders Club and get surfing!

Ella Smith

Will Carter

Holly Williams

Zac Medwin

Makani Golsby-Smith

Sol Golsby-Smith

Age: 9 School: Coolum Beach Primary School. Started Surfing: 6 years old. Favourite Foods: Mango, choc mint Ice-cream. Other Interests: Running, dancing, skateboarding and bike riding. Favourite Saying: “What’s for dessert.” Favourite Surf Spots: The Pass, Double Island rights & Natadola Bay Fiji. Surfing Hero: Stephanie Gilmore. Sponsors: Wardy Surfboards. Do you have a coach: Brad Lee and Jeff Previti. Favourite Manoeuvre: Wack off the Top.

Age: 11 School: Stella Maris. Started Surfing: 3 years old. Favourite Foods: Chicken and cashew stir fry, lasagne. Other Interests: Skating,league and chilling with my mates. Favourite Saying: I don’t wonoo. Favourite Surf Spots: The pocket and Dbah. Surfing Hero: Stephanie Gilmore. Sponsors: Mum and dad. Do you have a coach: Grant “GT ” Thomas. Favourite Manoeuvre: Now, backhand snap. In the future rodeo flip.


0405 451 852


Age: 10 School: Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School. Started Surfing: 5 years old. Favourite Foods: Curried sausages. Other Interests: Skateboarding. Favourite Saying: What the heck. Favourite Surf Spots: Snapper, Noosa, Wurtulla and DI rights. Surfing Hero: Owen Wright. Sponsors: Dicky Surf, Gas Fins and Hurricane. Do you have a coach: Silky. Favourite Manoeuvre: Backhand snap.

Age: 8 School: Pacific Paradise State School. Started Surfing: 3 years old. Favourite Foods: Spaghetti Bologonese. Other Interests: Skateboarding. Favourite Saying: Let’s go for a surf. Favourite Surf Spots: Snapper. Surfing Hero: Kelly Slater and Dad. Sponsors: M.A.D (Mum & Dad). Do you have a coach: Dad. Favourite Manoeuvre: Backhand snaps.

Age: 10 School: Pacific Lutheran College. Started Surfing: 4 years old. Favourite Foods: Rice. Other Interests: Nippers (Alex Headland), Yoga. Favourite Saying: “That’s Sick!” Favourite Surf Spots: Alex, Kawana. Surfing Hero: Stephanie Gilmore. Sponsors: Beck Surfboards, Gas Fins, Hurricane Surf. Do you have a coach: GT and Porto. Favourite Manoeuvre: Floater.

Age: 7 School: Pacific Paradise State School. Started Surfing: 2 years old. Favourite Foods: Carrot. Other Interests: Skateboarding. Favourite Saying: BOO! Favourite Surf Spots: Kirra. Surfing Hero: Dad, Kelly Slater, Parko and Dingo (in that order hehe)! Sponsors: M.A.D (Mum & Dad). Do you have a coach: Dad. Favourite Manoeuvre: Cut Back.

BSA LIC - 1134077 “Where quality comes first” 20 | AUTUMN 2013



Well I guess as most of the songs I write are about life anyway... now being a mum has inspired me so much in many ways, it’s an Interview by Christian Patey amazing journey, it’s one of the biggest joys of life. I guess my songwriting is always naturally evolving, and my songs are now probably even more about unconditional love then before, haha. Good to hear the unconditional love is high and coming through Hey Sue-Anne so what’s been happening with in your music. What have you been listening to you lately? lately? A lot has been happening! I have been working Lately I’ve been listening to Bobby Alu, Rev on my new upcoming Album Gypsy Blood. Sunday, Cats are Black, Ray Lamontagne, Frank Great sounds really cool, when will this album Ocean, Electric Empire, The Leisure Bandits, and be released? The Band of Frequencies. We have just finished mixing and mastering the Nice there are some great artists there especially first single of the album Love Gets Sweeter. It’s due Ray Lamontagne .Where did you record your to be released to Triple J on the 5th of April. The album? Album is due for release in October. I recorded my album with Anthony Lycenko in Exciting news congrats! How has your writing Byron Bay. It was actually recorded between experience been now that you are a mum? Rockinghorse Studios in Coorabell, and The Back What has inspired you?

Room at 301 @ (Murray Burns’) Studio. Knowing Byron I bet there was some laid back tunes being created. Can you give away any hints to what the sound is like on the album? Did you do anything different with the writing and recording to previous recordings? Well with this recording we did try quite a few different things.. Most of the tracks I ended up playing guitar and singing at the same time, which I think really captured the essence of the songs, as opposed to doing them separately. Then we built everything around that. I think we got a great result from doing so, I’m really happy with it! There are some really acoustic sounding tracks and other little surprises in the mix that you will have to wait to find out when the album is released. Sweet I like the sound of that mixing it up and doing things your own way. Where is your launch going to be? Will you be taking this album Gypsy Blood on the road? I will launch the first single Love Gets Sweeter at the SolBar, and do some shows around Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron. Then taking a band on an East Coast Tour to launch the album in October. Thanks Sue-Anne, all the best. Stay tuned or for further details

REV SUNDAY Rev Sunday have been added to the Triple J digital radio station Playlist on rotation. Their EP For A Limited Time Lonely was released last October 2012 to positive reviews. With songs of family and childhood memories, it is a journey through acoustic and electric indie/rock. For A Limited Time Lonely was recorded at 301 Studios, Byron Bay, working with Jordan Power, who recently recorded Angus Stone’s latest album and the boys will be back to the 301 Studios at the end of April to start recording their second EP and releasing a new single in May. The boys love live shows, playing with high energy blends of indie rock and recently rocked out at the Skullcandy launch party for Mick Fanning’s new signature headphones on the Gold Coast during the Quiksilver Pro, then went on to play at the Noosa Festival of Surfing headlining gig on the Zinc Stage at First Point. Checkout Rev Sunday on Triple J Unearthed or go to their Facebook page and support local music. Mob: 0403 196 797

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fax: 07 5448 7011 1/19 Mudjimba Beach Rd, Mudjimba Qld 4564 QBSA Lic# 1108241 ABN 38 562 181 289

Ph: 07 5445 8407 | Fax: 07 5445 8478 Unit 4/4 Robert St, Kunda Park Qld 4558 Email: AUTUMN 2013 |


The old drop in. Give and receive and move on. But one drop in went down recently that had a little more riding on it. The 2013 Quiksilver Pro was down to the last eight and a half minutes of the mens final between Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson. Parko slipped under the lip into an incredible barrel and began to travel. Kelly, further down the bank and holding priority, turned, paddled and faded his fellow competitor. Joel threw a now famous middle finger salute before pulling thru the back of the wave without causing an interference on Slater. The drop in was blatant burning in free surfing terms but under the ASP rulebook it was fair play. The Priority Rule which was created in 1983 is all in favour of sportsmanship. It allows the competitors surfing skills to win heats, not your ability to block and keep your opposition from catching waves. Very few of us will ever wear a competition rash vest or have to worry about the ASP rule book. Though there is a unwritten book/law which is set to prevent absolute choas in the water. If we play by the rules the waves are shared and good times flow. But with everything in life, tempers flare and patience is thrown out the window. We’ve all been on the giving and receiving end, witnessed it and been involved one way or another. Think about the last time you surfed Noosa and how the whole scenario played out. You didn’t want to even go up there, but you did after saying never again last time. Hard time finding a park, even harder time finding a wave to yourself. Pure f#%king bliss. We all broke a few little rules that day. Next time you fade someone or get faded, just stop for a moment. Picture Kelly Slater on the podium with his oversized novelty check worth 75 large and blame it on him.



Richard and Amy Kotch have been surf guiding in the Maldives for years now. Each year they deliver an exceptional level of service that has had clients return home stoked and eagerly awaiting their next trip. The duo divides the year in two. From October to April they chase the North Swells in the far off paradise of Micronesia at Pohnpei Surf Club and from April – October they’re landlocked at Hudhuranfushi Resort, Maldives. The pair was able to sit down with World Surfaris and answer a few questions regarding the upcoming Maldives season. Here are a few highlights from the interview... How consistent is the surf in the Maldives? If you are not too fussy you can usually surf every day. Lohis is probably the most consistent wave in the Maldives – it can still have a 2-3ft wave when everywhere else is flat. Last year, in a six-month season, we had ten days that I’d call un-surfable. The year before had only six. I’m not saying that we get epic, worldclass waves all the time but that you can definitely go out and have a fun surf. How crowded does it get over there? For such good waves the crowds are still not too bad. Compared to the Super bank or the “name” waves in Indo the crowds are good. You can always get waves. The waves are long with multiple take off areas so you can always find an un-crowded section. I must say though that last year was the worst I’ve ever seen it, but that means that this year the crowds will be way down. Guarantee it.

Why book with a travel agent It seems that in the last 10 years technological advances have shrunk the globe and demystified the travel industry. It’s spectacularly easy to book flights and accommodation online these days, but for now there’s a huge difference between organising a long weekend away to figuring out a two week surf adventure overseas. When you book with us you make us accountable for your trip. World Surfaris are a member of the Travel Compensation Fund (TCF) which is a consumer protection body. In a nutshell this means your money is safe when booking with a TCF agent and in the unlikely scenario the agent goes bust then the consumer can lodge a claim. World Surfaris have been in business for the best part of two decades, this means we’ve been able to establish great relationships with all our trip suppliers and the benefits of that relationship are passed onto you. By all means shop around, but in the end weigh up the real cost and ask yourself is DIY travel actually worth it? Support the guys who support the local surf scene, World Surfari’s sponsor: World Surfaris Coast of Origin, Noosa Festival of Surfing, Dan Thomas Memorial, Ma & Pa Bendall, Board Meeting, Alex Winter Classic, Fun in the Sun, and more...

Looking for a room with a view to hold that special event...

Look no further than Maroochy Surf Club • Catering for up to 200 guests • Corporate, social, training, weddings, birthdays etc (Audio visual equipment available to hire) For more information, visit our website or contact Kerri Smith P: 07 5443 1298 | E: |

22 | AUTUMN 2013

Left: Surf guide Richard Kotch sits pretty in another ‘cokes’ barrel, Maldives. Above: We only represent quality operators, so you can get the waves without the hassles.

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Travel agents license no. TAG1549

We established our business in 1997 and our mission to provide your surf stoke remains as strong as it was 15 years ago.

BECAUSE WE HAVE BUILT OUR REPUTATION BASED ON TRUST AND RELIABILITY, and every year we send thousands of surfers to all corners of the world, safely and efficiently.


Picture Richard Kotch: Lohi’s Left , Hudhuranfushi Resort, Maldives

Autumn issue 18 2013  

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