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ANNUAL REPORT 2008- 2009

SCSD Library/Media Services activities reflect the overall philosophy, mission and goals of the school and the district. The SCSD Library/Media Services program recognizes that in an age of information and media saturation, it is critical that students acquire information literacy skills as well as a commitment to lifelong reading and learning. Through the SCSD Library/ Media Services program and in the classroom, students develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills as they use a variety of traditional and technological resources. In an environment that is dynamic and effective, the school library/media services program does not exist in isolation. The librarian works in partnership with students, teachers, administrators, Board of Education members, the local public library and the school community to develop and execute a comprehensive, integrated program.

SOLON HIGH SCHOOL The bookstore atmosphere is a big hit. Attendance averages 548 students per week.

Working collaboratively Teachers work closely with Media Services to maximize the available resources and utilize 21st Century Skills. Some of the collaborations include: Language Arts 9 debate topics; 5th grade - famous Iowans; HS Biology - science fair topics; 7th grade - Revolutionary War biographies; Language Arts 12

SOLON MIDDLE SCHOOL It is not unusual to see every chair filled and students on the floor.

- World War II; 4th grade Language Arts extension activities; Language Arts 12 - careers; 6th grade science - astronomy; HS Health - evaluating health info online; Language Arts 10 and 11 research papers; Psychology I book talks; Language Arts 8 Graphic novels

LAKEVIEW ELEMENTARY Books, magazines, laptop computers... They are all part of the mix. Multimedia rules.

Checkout goes off the charts


SMS & SHS: Twilight book discussion groups SMS: Pizza for each 2,000th checkout (that’s a lot of pizza) LV & SHS: Live feed of the Inauguration SMS: Staff Open House SMS: Dragon Day & Andrew Clements Day LV, SMS & SHS: Read Across America (Dr. Seuss) SHS: Open mic poetry reading, READz & Thanks a Latte


LV & SHS: D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)

Since 2003, circulation district-wide has increased significantly (see chart to the right). Many factors have positively affected book checkout, but one of the most important is funding. Increased funding, both through SCSD and through generous donations, has allowed Media Services to refresh its holdings, especially the fiction collections at SMS and SHS.

Average copyright date (Most of our seniors were

born in 1992)

Lakeview fiction Lakeview nonfiction



SMS fiction


SMS nonfiction


SHS fiction


SHS nonfiction


Another factor is assertive promotion of reading, both with programs/contests and with “hand-selling” techniques. Book displays and book lists (paper and electronic) have been successful strategies for alerting students and staff of new acquisitions and of subject strengths. Does a welcoming, attractive environment make a difference? We think so. There is always something interesting and colorful to see in each of the Media Centers.

DATA SMS - % increase in circulation

302 SHS - % increase in circulation

250 % increase district-wide


SCSD Media Services enters the Blogosphere been mentioned in online educational newsletters and blogs.

What’s up in the Media Center? •••

This year there was no need to wonder. It was all there on the blogs.

Other resources on the Media Services web site include: an inventory of our equipment, with links to instruction manuals, Media Services documents (for example, the Materials Reconsideration form), links for parents, subject-based web links for grade levels and for individual classes, links to our 3 online public access catalogs and links to area libraries, and more!

WHY BLOG? Blogging is an easy way to keep parents and students up to date with Media Services activities, whether it be an announcement of an upcoming activity, a story about super readers (TEAM READ!) or highlights of a book club (SHS READz). The K-4 blogs list read-alouds and links to websites. Information on how to access the blogs went home with students several times and was highlighted at staff meetings. In addition to the blogs listed on the upper right, the Media Services web site hosts podcast blogs for 4th and 7th grade Language Arts iBookTalks, a collaborative project between Media Services and the Language Arts teachers. Our iBookTalks have even




ress: b add e w t direc .us/ is the 12.ia This k . n o sol ices. aserv ervices i d e m aS Medi site. SCSD own s t i s a e ing h in th build ame n h the c e t f a i E top o the s e n h o t t Click bar a tion a g i v na de n. eft si scree the l n o inked ch are l or ea s g o l age f B p n i e ma of th ing. build




1st grade MC blog


2nd grade MC blog


3rd grade MC blog


4th grade MC blog


SMS Blog-a-lot


SHS READz blog


Media Services blog


Peripatetic Librarian

BLOGS FOR ALL Great things are happ ening in the Media Services un iverse and this is an easy wa y to stay up to date. Blogs are refreshed regularly and contai n news, audio, movies, links and photos. Subscribe to an RSS Reader and new blogs will be deliv ered to your computer.




Lakeview PTO SMS PTO SHS PTO Friends of the Solon Public Library Solon Education Foundation Solon Women’s Club

Paula Day, Lakeview Media Center Kim Blankenheim, Lakeview Media Center Jen Bishop, Solon Middle School Karen Clingerman, Solon High School

Annual report 2008-2009

Kathy Kaldenberg, District Librarian

Content by Kathy Kaldenberg, Librarain kkaldenberg@solon.k12.ia.us

Quality vs quantity



Everyone knows you can “google” and find millions of hits on almost any subject. You get a lot of quantity, but do you have much quality?

WorldBookOnline (now WorldBookWeb) is updated constantly, providing students and staff with high quality information in several different interfaces (elementary to high school level)

One of the keystones of the SCSD Information Literacy curriculum is helping students understand how to evaluate and analyze resources, both print and electronic. It is a necessary life skill for doing everything from researching the Holocaust to finding the recommended treatment for poison ivy rash. The State of Iowa is assisting students and their families by providing a powerful suite of subscription databases, Iowa AEA Online. Grant Wood AEA supplements these with several other valuable tools available only to those with either a authenticated network or proper ID/passwords. Students and staff at SCSD use these resources every day for magazine articles, educational videos, images, sound effects, copyright friendly music and tutorials for using popular software.

Clipart.com is a royalty free, copyright friendly source for educationally appropriate photos, clipart and sounds. Our usage keeps increasing as students and staff learn how to use resources in a responsible and ethical manner.

Students learn how to efficiently utilize these resources within existing curriculums. Fourth graders use World Book Web for state reports. Fifth graders search Ebsco for magazine articles when they write their research papers. Check any SHS Language Arts “Works

Cited Page” and you will probably find several references for Ebsco or SIRS. Familiarity with the use of online databases is required for postsecondary education. SCSD alumni/ first year college students have told us that they are more prepared than their peers. (see chart below)


This is not YouTube. Discovery Education Streaming offers high quality educational videos on hundreds of subjects at all grade levels.

Stats from Ebsco (2007-2008) indicate that SCSD is a “power user”, with usage far exceeding other school districts in GWAEA 10.

Profile for Solon Media Services

SCSD Media Services Annual Report 2008-2009  

Statistics and information highlighted for Solon Community School District Media Services, for 2008-2009.

SCSD Media Services Annual Report 2008-2009  

Statistics and information highlighted for Solon Community School District Media Services, for 2008-2009.

Profile for scsdmedia