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MachinIma Genius Rysan Fall An SL legend Phaylen Fairchild Modelling It’s an Art! Passing of a Great DollyRock Fancy winning 50,000L? Find out about our stunning June competition inside!!!

Letter From Scruplz The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about commercials. To hear her speak you would think the world as we know it was coming to an end due to the number of commercials or product placements that had the audacity to interrupt her favorite television programs. I’m not kidding. She was red-faced and clearly in need of a Captain Morgan moment. After we talked I got to thinking about commercials and the variety of product placements you see on television on any given night. Call me weird but I like commercials. That’s right. I’ve become quite the fan of those Snickers commercials with Betty White and Abe Vigoda. And let’s not even talk about the “diva” commercials. You know, the one where Aretha Franklin is in the backseat complaining it’s too hot and the guy next to her calls her a diva, hands her a Snickers and all of a sudden she’s some mellowed-out Y gen guy all happy and no longer overheated. Cut to front seat with Liza Minnelli complaining about someone’s knees poking into the back of her seat. You get the point. Cute stuff. Will it make me buy the product? Probably not. But I can remember the product more if there’s a healthy dose of humor thrown in for good measure. Of course there are always those commercials that just make you want

to go all Dexter and stuff. You know the ones I’m talking about. The Ch-ch-ch CHIA! Pet. Clap on, Clap off! The clapper. And my all time favorite to hate… the Snuggie. *Shivers. Either they have a brain-melting slogan song that makes you want to peel your eardrums off, or they repeat the same line over and over till your brain simply oozes out your ears. Those are the ones that you would gladly buy if you could get a guarantee that after you’ve hung yourself in the shower with the accompanying belt for an additional $19.95, someone would stop them broadcasting another commercial … ever. Thankfully in SL commercials are not really that prevalent. But films are. You can find machinima on a variety of topics throughout the grid - some good, some not so good; nevertheless, it’s entertainment. This month Scruplz has the great honor and pleasure to bring you interviews with not one but two of Second Life’s best and brightest machinima artists. Phaylen Fairchild and Rysan Fall both grace the pages of Scruplz this month with in-depth interviews and knowledge shared from their collective brain trust. I don’t know if you’re familiar with their work but they’re both so brilliant, imaginative, and clever at their work, it’s simply amazing. The commercial artists of our first lives could take some cue from both of them. Personally I’m kind of hoping we can get Phaylen’s diva to do some inworld commercial work.

I have a feeling if she’s selling it, we would all be buying. Every time I watch one of their pieces of work, I’m so enthralled I’m secretly hoping the little progress bar at the bottom of the screen never reaches the end. They’re that good. Go right now and check out their work. Okay, I mean after you’ve read the articles. But go. Seriously, go see their work; you won’t regret it and you’ll probably thank me for sending you along. I’m guaranteeing you’ll get a much-needed medicinal laugh from Phaylen‘s diva character and your soul will thank you with some of Rysan’s hauntingly beautiful work such as The Abyss. I’m hoping for a cameo in one or the other’s films but, I’m not holding out too much hope. I’m no Betty White. But who knows… I mean, surely Abe Vigoda didn’t expect to get back into the film game at the age of 89. ;) Cherie Parker Scruplz Publishing

Issue # 2 Founders & Publishers Mallory Luke Cherie Parker Emma Portilo Barney Roundel Writers and Content Providers: Gamp Lane Raphaella Nightfire JadaBright Pond Mallory Luke Xtabber Young Crap Mariner Romper Mills Photographers: Barney Roundel Cherie Parker Aleida Rhode Gamp Lane Keltoi Recreant Cover: Featured: Phaylen Fairchild & Rysan Fall Photographer: Cherie Parker WWW.SCRUPLZ.COM

Contents: Letters from Scruplz Contributors Show us your Sunshine Competition The Art of Modeling Phaylen Fairchild DollyRock loegan Magic Rysan Fall Crap Mariner Jack Straw - Safe Area Romper Mills 5 Quill Art

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Scruplz is launching this summer’s hottest competition ....

To celebrate the launch of Scruplz Publications, we are proud to announce the launch of the summer’s newest and hottest photography / modeling competition. We are searching for the brightest talent in SL to show the world just how good you are and we’ll show them INSIDE our magazine!

The Theme:

~ Show us your Sunshine ~ Winner’s Prize: 50,000L in cash!!!!

This event is proudly s ponsored by:

~ The Rules ~ Contestants should submit one (1) photograph corresponding to the category of this contest’s theme, “Show us your Sunshine”. Each image should include only one model, and no text except for the artist’s signature in the lower right, using size 10 Arial font at 30% transparency. The entrant must have full rights to the image being submitted for consideration. Size specifications are 1:1 ratio, i.e.1024x1024 with a minimum of 150 dpi. Submission of said photograph(s) will constitute full permissions given to Scruplz Publications to use as deemed necessary. Only original as-yet unpublished work will be accepted (previous publication via any electronic or print medium is strictly prohibited and will thereby be disqualified. All photos should be submitted via email to Name the photograph: Scruplz June Competition – [name of photographer], [name of model], e.g. ‘Scruplz June Competition – John Doe, Jane Doe. In the email please provide all information regarding the content of the photography, i.e. designer name, outfit, accessories, pose creator, location of shot. Model and photographer may be the same person. Any and all queries in relation to the rules of the competition should be directed to Cherie Parker via email only at

Using photo manipulation software such as Photoshop is acceptable and encouraged with the exception of “morphing”, which is strictly prohibited. Absolutely only ONE photograph per entrant. Submission deadline is midnight June 20, 2010. Winning images will be published in the Scruplz July 2010 issue, on the Scruplz website and/or blog and the Scruplz Flickr page. Winners will be announced in the July issue of Scruplz. GOOD LUCK!

By entering the contest, all entrants grant an irrevocable perpetual non-exclusive license to Scruplz Publications, and the owners of Scruplz, to reproduce, distribute, display and create derivative works of the entries (along with a name credit) in connection with the contest and promotion of the contest, in any media now or hereafter known, including, but not limited to: Display at a potential exhibition or online. Display or publication of any entry on an authorized party’s website does not indicate the entrant will be selected as a winner. Additionally, by entering, each entrant grants to Scruplz Publications the unrestricted right to use all statements made in connection with the contest, and pictures, or choose not to do so, at their sole discretion. Scruplz Publications will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such use.

Photography Competitions From Around the Grid

Angel Dessous Model of the Month Winner - May Lingerie

Model: Darling Tomorrow Wearing: ‘Glamour’ in silver Photographer: Barney Roundel

Photography Competitions From Around the Grid

Angel Dessous Model of the Month Winner - May Formal

Model: Caoimhe Lionheart Wearing: ‘Dolce’ in auburn Photographer: Skip Staheli

Photography: Gamp Lane and Barney Roundel

The ART of Modeling by: Gamp Lane

Gamp Lane - new model 8/2007

My friends say I looked like an anorexic on crack..umm with a big chest...haha. No, I won’t show that photo ... Scruplz is a classy publication after all:) Today, I am fortunate enough to model as much as I like, and am branching out into photography and writing. it hasn’t been an easy journey, but I paid my dues and and my efforts have been rewarded. So don’t tell me “Gee Gampy you’re sure lucky”. Luck had nothing to do with it for me, and I applaud you if you have that kind of luck. for most of us who achieve any degree of success, in any area we pursue in SL, it really a lot of time, effort, and diligence to reach our goals. Don’t EVEN get me started on the challenge of learning photography..that’s for another time! So the ART part? ... Yes, I did title this column “The ART of modeling”. Scruplz is a publication about art in all its many forms, and I certainly believe modeling qualifies as an art form. Without going into a bunch of academic mumbo jumbo, suffice it to say this little blurb from Wikipedia defines art in the manner I intend it for the purpose of this column: “Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions. It encompasses a diverse range of human

Gamp Lane - May 2010


Fairchild Sit back and enjoy the ride, as Scruplz presents for your reading pleasure the ongoing saga of a true pioneer and advocate of virtual worlds, the incredibly gifted, well respected and always humorous Phaylen Fairchild. To use the word "pioneer" is almost an understatement, as Phaylen hit the grid running in 2002.....well ok, it was December 31st to be she really isn't all THAT old, as she is quick to point out. However, suffice it to say that she IS one of the oldest Residents in Second Life (SL). Prior to SL, Ms. Fairchild had been drawn to the Massive multiplayer Role Play Games (MMRPG), which she later iintegrated into her Real Life (RL) work. She began as an Assistant Site Manager for the Warcry network's Everquest 2 community site and later worked ats Site Manager for Warcry's matrix Online portal. over time Phaylen wore many hats as she worked actively across all of the network's community sites. From Warcry, she moved into the world of Warcraft community portal team. Her duties there were similar, as she wrote content for the website, hired volunteer staff and moderated community forums. Eventually Phaylen left these duties in order to pursue her RL aspiration to write screenplays, which she had shelved to pursue these other ventures/adventures. Even so, Phay continued to visit SL in her spare time, and she soon began to realize the potential it had for storytelling. She started filming short sequences within the platform, and soon had taught herself to use advanced editing software as well as special effects programs. Her knowledge has only broadened since then, as you will see as we continue. A wealth of information pertaining to Phaylen Fairchild exists on the Internet, and the Reader is encouraged to delve into all the nooks and crannies for the full story. For our purposes, we will touch on Phaylen's PAST..PRESENT..and FUTURE, but will keep the ghosts in check (you know..Tiny Tim and that whole gang? umm nevermind).

THE PAST Most of us can only imagine how it was for the brand new Second Life Avatar in 2002. There are a whole slew of us who showed up on Orientation Island about 2007, and the changes since then have been mind boggling, so going back to the Beta Testing days in SL might make one cringe a bit. You must understand that there were only about fifty (50) Residents on the grid then, and they became very close. Linden Labs would actually call people on the phone to see how things were going!!! Phaylen Fairchild was the creator of the first gridwide event in March, 2003. She hosted an Alice In Wonderland themed scavenger hunt (Phay portrayed Alice in all her glory), with items being spread out over twelve (12) sims. Riddles were used to lead players from point to point, with characters such as the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat adding to the fun. The culmination was a combat scenario where players battled the Queen of hearts in order to retrieve a destructive Oracle from her and return it to Alice, the rightful owner. One of Phay's other joys in those early days was functioning as an official instructor, mentoring, and assisting Residents in acclimating to the new virtual environment. She also made one of the first prim dresses in SL! In 2005 she organized the pre-show for the first Metaverse Awards, which honored community residents, in all areas, for their contributions to SL. The Award itself was created by a designer in RL. In 2006 Phaylen was approached by creators of the RL television show Big Brothers, and was asked to participate in a virtual world version of the show. There were 15 Second Life contestants. Phay was eliminated in Week 6, but then joined the Edemol Virtual Team and assisted with their follow up to Big Brother. Immediately following Big Brother, Phay was sought out by Italian producers who were familiar

with her work with Edemol. Magnolia producers are the originators of the worldwide franchise Survivor, and they were interested in transitioning into the virtual world. Phaylen joined them as a consultant and co-organizer of the event. Called Celebrity Survivor, Second Life, the event was broadcast weekly for seven (7) weeks. This event began in late 2007, and took 10 Second Life contestants through the gamut of Survivor hoops. Needless to say the show was an enormous success. No rest for the wicked..errr weary...and Phaylen was off and running again, as she was invited to organize the first Day of Remebrance in SL. This was seen as a means of paying tribute to Second Life Residents who had passed away in Real Life, and was sponsored by Linden Labs. The untimely death of noted Sl fashion designer Ginny Talamasca was the precipitating factor in the creation of this event. The nature of Sl lulls us into thinking life goes on eternally, and Ginny's passing represented a wake up call to our community and really set us on our ear at that time. Phaylen has also participated in Second Life's fifth and sixth birthday celebrations. During SL5B, Phay was Lead Resident Organizer. During this event, Linden Labs presented her with the gift of a time capsule from June, 2003. The capsule contained her journal and some photos. For SL6B she was the Lead Resident Organizer as well. You will also find Phaylen's name associated with such events as; the inworld portion of the yearly Second Life Community Convention. The convention is held yearly in different American cities, and is also replicated in SL Phay also has helped with the SL tribute to Burning Man called Burning Life. As you may know, Burning Life is the Second Life version of a real Art, Fire, and Community festival called Burning Man. Both Burning Man and Second Life began in San Francisco, California, USA, on planet Earth. (Description obtained from the Internet) THE PRESENT Now we move into something that might be called Phaylen's pride and joy. Ok so this is a little bit of the past, but it transitions into the present...and I'm the Writer doggone it, so I can do as I please....maybe? Phaylen Fairchild created the first sitcom, DIVAS, which is filmed within the virtual world. The

concept was originally conceived as a vehicle for actor Damon Wayans and actress Molly Shannon while Phaylen was working in Hollywood. Phay modified the characters and setting, but kept the sense of humor. The first episode of DIVAS premiered on December 1, 2007. One person described it as a cross between Desperate Housewives and the film Death Becomes Her. DIVAS is written, produced, directed and also stars Phaylen Fairchild, and is now in its second season. Beginning episodes were not done in voice, but this season's offerings have given Phay and the other members of her cast the ability to speak, which adds another, even more hysterical, dimension to the production. Additionally, DIVAS has now crossed into the World of Warcraft for some of the episodes, another first! I'm just going to toss in this little known fact about Phay at this juncture...Our Ms Fairchild was robbed...yes ROBBED..of her SL childhood. She tells Scruplz that she had a secret desire to be a POLE DANCER in her early years in SL. Many of us were so blessed to have had that opportunity (tongue in cheek here), but not in an episode of DIVAS she was able to fullfill her SL lifelong dream, and performed a pole dance! Isn't it wonderful when dreams come true? THE FUTURE In the near future, we will find Phaylen doing much more machinima. Currently she is working on "DIVAS The Musical", which is an extremely exciting venture for her. The musical will feature Real Life Broadway Talents, and the songs will be hysterical...something on the order of "Hello Phaylen" and other amusing take off's on well known Broadway songs. Just picture tunes mixing in features of Lady Gaga and Weird Al Yankovic...this will be a definite must see..and hear! About ten years ago, Phaylen wrote a short story called "Thief In The Night". She is presently filming her adaptation of this story for Second Life, which will be called "The End Of The World" The film is set in a quaint little home belonging to a woman advanced in age (not an "old lady"..that's just wrong to say). She somehow gets the notion that the world is going to end the following day...and mayhem ensues. Phay tells us she is making this on the order of a suspense thriller...think Stephen King and M. Knight Shyamalan. We look forward to the premiere of her film in October, 2010. It's not enough that our Readers are already quivering in a virtual corner just thinking of all Phay has accomplished to date, but there is MORE! Around Christmas, 2010 we anticipate the release of the

By Mallory LukeThe first thing you notice when you

meet Machinama Artist Rysan Fall Photography - Gamp Lane is his body of work. His picture in his profile made me want to cam My avatar was standing on my Lifebody (SL) fishing him but thatSecond is not the I am dock while in real life I was about bouncing chair search to talking here.inAmy Google the sounds of Madonna’s “Papa Preach”, when the of Rysan FallDon’t produced almost two banter from an SL chat grouphits scrolled upwards onhe my thousand and that is why monitor. Barely paying attention, theof text suddenly caught dons the cover Sculptz Magazine my attention. Blink.this Is this a joke? Did not I really just read month. It does hurt that that? My heart sank.heI scrolled back read words is pleasing toto the eyethe as well. He again. This looks likechoose the realthe deal. I quickly name Rysanglanced Fall as aat my friends list to see if Cherry Cheevers on. Sigh. reminder of the was pathlogged many take in She wasn’t. I felt a pittheir in my stomach as thein words started pursuit of things a lifetime, to digest. “I love DollyRock used He to shop there when second and or other. arrived in SecI first came to SL butond haven’t there in years”. Life inshopped early December of 2007I felt a rush of guilt. It’s true, of that too. I feel and likeI’m so guilty many he found a place especially guilty because I consider Cherry a friend. We to express himself. He was making don’t chat often butMachinama when we do, time he gets away from before knew there us and we’ve been known to chat forname an hour or two at a was a dedicated to the art he time. Cherry is a long was creating. A quick definition of time SL designer and owner of DollyRock. Quirky, In Machinama is machine cinema. provocative and well made designs. Mostly club type detail it is a collection of associated wear. Sigh. Yes, clubproduction wear. techniques whereby computer-generated imagery (CGI) In 2006 and 2007, like so many using new residents, spent a is rendered real-time,I interaclot of time in SL clubs. at DollyRock tiveI shopped 3-D engines instead ofoften. profes-So

did my friends and the majority of the other patrons of Blackhearts, my favorite 80’s club hang out. The DollyRock (DR) brand was recognizable. I can’t tell you how common it was to spend an hour primping before heading to the club only to rez and find at least two others wearing the same DR outfit. Oh yes, we all shopped at DR back then. My clubbing days are few and far between. I’m even banned from Blackhearts now but I’ll save that story for another time. Seems I’m not alone in my thoughts, the group text chat is still scrolling across my monitor with people sharing similar experiences. Sadly enough, a few people even mention they’ve never heard of Dolly Rock. I think to myself, “they must be youngins”. This is a sad day indeed. The closing of DR has me reflecting and asking myself questions. Have I become a snob? Why

don’t I go to clubs these days? Have I grown up? I have another theory. We form early relationships and settle into our own little social circle of friends. We find other things to fill our SL days and fall into a comfort zone. I shudder at the thought of dancing alone in a club and perving profiles while I wait for someone to strike up a conversation. Somehow, standing alone on my little fishing dock and chatting in IM”s to familiar friends is much more appealing. I recall a conversation with Cherry where she mentioned things were slower than they used to be. Optimistic about her new sim build but slightly cautious too. Recently I invited Cherry to advertise in the launch edition of Scruplz. Her reaction caught me off guard. “I don’t think my line appeals to the fashionistas :-).” Cherry is a smart lady and knows her demographic. Sadly,

I knew she was right. I can’t seem to shake this sense of loss. Something you may not know about Cherry is how absolutely funny she is. I can’t recall a single chat with Cherry that she didn’t have me laughing out loud for at least part of the conversation. She’s also a creative writer. Her colorful sense of humor spills into the words she writes. Cherry, sugarbabyhoneybuncheswithcherriesontop, what are your plans? I hear Scruplz is looking for a few talented writers. Just sayin’. Xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo Mallory

You can read Cherry’s fairwell message here:

Photography Competitions From Around the Grid

Champagne! May Sparkling Face of the Month 1st Place

Model: Reign Congrejo Wearing: ‘The One’ Photographer: Talyia Tarber

Photography Competitions From Around the Grid

Champagne! May Sparkling Face of the Month 2nd Place

Model: Lile Bickin Wearing: ‘Etreinte Bordeax’ Photographer: Odetta Magic

The popularity of live music in Second LIfe (SL) just might be one of the fastest growring past times for both new and veteran SL residents. The concept of real music streaming in from the home studios of real people across the world direct to our headsets is nothing short of mind blowing. Live music can be found around the clock at various venues across the grid. This segment is the first in a series of articles showcasing the live music venues and the people behind the venues that contribute to keeping live music in SL.

Our first stop is the Kasbah, located on the Studio Genre Sim, Ahura. This Moroccan themed venue is just the place to relax after a long, busy day. Rich colors and cozy furnishings are part of the reason you'll find some of the best SL performers standing on the Kasbah stage. Kasbah owner Loegan Magic and his friendly, welcomng staff will make you feel at home instantly and keep you coming back to this inviting venue. We sat down with Loegan to hear more about the Kasbah.

in SL

as well as first life. Genevieve heard we needed to move from the location were were located at and generously offered us a home at the Studio Genre Sim. ML: How would a SL resident go about purchasing the art outside of SL? LM: It's easy, contact the artists in world and they will share pricing information and arrange shipping. ML: You've been a huge supporter of both music

and art in SL. In fact, tell us about the video streaming of live artist Genevieve Silvercloud at the Kasbah. LM: On Sunday nights during our live music performances, Genevieve can be seen on live video stream actually creating her latest artwork. It was actually Genevieves idea. (I've seen Genevieve waving in the camera to the crowd and it looks like she's having a great time!)

ML: Loegan, you actually own not one but two live music venues, the Kasbah and Speakeasy. Tell us a little about Speakeasy? LM: The Speakeasy has a very retro feel and is open on the two nights a week that the Kasbah is closed. The venue is a great place for new artists to start out.

ML: Loegan , is there anything you would like to tell our readers? LM: There are so many artists in SL that should be heard and seen. Please come out and support live artists and the venues that support them. ML: Thank you Loegan, well said. The Kasbah is currently open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 7-10 pm, SLT and averages about 25 live concerts a week. The Speakeasy is open on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Loegan would also like to thank his staff, guests and the artists for their contributions at the Kasbah and Speakeasy. Please contact Loegan Magic if you'd like information about performing at either of his venues. You can view their web log at http:// Also, you can view video of Genevieve Silvercloud painting during a recent Maximillian Kleene performance at So round up the usual suspects and head over to the Studio Genre sim located at Ahura. Live music, incredible art and even live video streaming of art, it doesn't get much better than this.

rysan fall By Jadabright Pond

Photography by Aleida Rhode & Barney Roundel

If you search “Rysan Fall” on Google, you’ll get nearly 3,500 results - ample evidence that this Second Life machinima artist deserves his spot on the cover of this month’s Scruplz Magazine. Say his name aloud - he chose it as a reminder of the path down which life’s pursuits, whether first or Second, lead many of us. Upon his arrival inworld in early December of 2007, he found a place to express himself. He was making machinima before he knew there was a name for the art he was creating.

For those of you unfamiliar with machinima, the Machitopia website (, among others, defines it as “a collection of associated production techniques whereby computergenerated imagery (CGI) is rendered using real-time, interactive 3-D engines instead of professional 3D animation software.” The resulting images, once saved, can be played back, allowing the creation of movies and videos in Second Life and other virtual worlds. For Rysan, the journey into machinima started when he offered to film a friend’s Second Life wedding, setting off a chain reaction. A second filming request followed the first, and Rysan made a point to improve upon the original. Fall Films was born in March 2008 and continues to grow. His desire to have each project outperform the one before it has culminated in Rysan’s latest production, “Across the Universe” (, a music video produced for performer Craig Lyons ( craiglyonsmusic). According to Rysan, it’s his most difficult project to date, and the help of creamer Silverfall getting the avatars on set was instrumental in achieving a quality result. Coordinating the video involved getting an orchestra of avatars assembled on a stage to backdrop Craig Lyons. The film opens with a shot of the earth and fades to show Craig on stage with the orchestra

behind him. The group accompanies Craig as he performs John Lennon’s “Across the Universe.” Universe.” A series of scenes depicting the destruction of the earth play in seamless precision, punctuating the lyric,“Nothing’s going to change my world.” Like most artists, virtual or not, Rysan has had to put serious effort into getting recognition for his work. Finding ways to spread the word about the quality of his projects and gaining credibility for Second Life art in the real-world marketplace are just some of the barriers he’s had to overcome. While he’s achieved monetary success in Second Life, Rysan continues to search for his real-life dream job. In his ideal world, his perfect job would involve editing videos for real-life companies in Second Life, blending machinima craft into real life. Rysan says that when customers expect him to see their vision, he has to look inside of himself to find it for them and bring it to life. It’s a struggle as he stares at a blank screen and tries to figure out the direction to take, whether he’s filming many models over an extended period of time for the Photo Life fashion pageant or recording the birth of an avatar’s prim baby. There are several improvements Rysan would like to see from Linden Lab that would make it easier for him to produce quality machinima - fewer limits on animations, lag when many avatars are on a sim, and more avatar

detail, particularly facial expressions and more overall fluid movement. Ninety percent of his projects are filmed live, so at present he has to rely on his editing ability to hide SL quirks and flaws. In real life, he lives in Connecticut and works on an average of two productions a week. Rysan, through his one-man machinima production company, is building a body of work that currently features a video of U.S. President Barack Obama on an island vacation. He hopes to add future episodes of Second Life Enquirer News to his resume; in the meantime, you can follow Rysan’s work through his YouTube account (

Photography by Cherie Parker & Keltoi Recreant

Adonaira Aabye

Don Hosho

Joy Felini

Julie Hastings

Jarl Soderstrom

Cala Rossini

Eira Juliesse

Lulu Jameson

Paris Honi

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Scruplz - June 2010  

June 2010 Scruplz Publications

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