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Stiforp is a brand new Marketing System and income generator created to put marketers and their businesses ahead of their competition and also to give them another source of income. As we all know, to stay ahead in this competitive market we must equip ourselves with the best tools available. Stiforp, still in per-launch as come up with a magnificent marketing package that can be use to promote any business or opportunity you my be involved in. All the tools are generic and easy to implement, so you won't have to reproduce any of them to suit your niche. Here's a sneak preview of some of the tools you get with Stiforp. Landing Page Setup, Video Spokesperson on Your Site, Interactive Flash Movie Presentations, Lead Capture Pages, Autoresponder, and loads more and apparently they have got more still to come. The income side of Stiforp is a 2x14 forced matrix system with what is know as a powerline attached to it, this allows their members to see exactly how many paid members have joined after them. You will also get paid a one off commission on the first three members in the powerline. Aside form that you will also get paid a $25.00 fast track bonus on everyone you personally enrolled and a $2 bonus on their enrollee and $1 on your second generation enrollee. On top of that, you also get a 50% matching bonus on everyone you personally enrolled and the potential to earn a matching bonus down five levels deep. You also have the potential to earn over $2000 without ever sponsoring a sole. But obviously the money really, is in the matching bonus, so it's an incentive for you to go out and enrolled as many as you possibly can. The cost of all this is $49.95 for your first month and then $9.95 monthly there after. I personally feel this is a great bargain considering the amount of tools you are getting and the effect they will have on your business, and also the potential income you can earn. I know a lot of people will be skeptical of this, in fact I would be very surprised if you weren't! This is why Stiforp's allowing you to take a free tour so you can see first hand what they are offering you. My conclusion is this! The Stiforp marketing and income opportunity system is amongst the best you'll ever find on line for such a low monthly cost. It is a great marketing system and business opportunity rolls into one, that will put you and your

business way ahead of your competition and also give you a life time of wealth.

Kenneth Nairne founder of Shop UK Style invites you to take a free tour of this amazing marketing system and discover how you can utilised it to increase your business potential in this competitive market place.

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