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Stiforp is a 3 year old company and is in its prelaunch phase. The next phase is set to begin August 5, 2011. The official launch is going to happen September 20, 2011. There is a trend in the online marketing industry nowadays and there is a statistic that states that 97% of up and coming network marketers fail. The reason for this is because of the high price tag numerous online business opportunities have and the lack of proper training and guidance within the network marketing world. Stiforp's goals are alleviating those problems. Stiforp is simply profits spelled backwards and is a unique opportunity. Their whole marketing goal and mission is to provide a lost cost and effective way of earning an income through online work. The marketing genius and method behind this is that it takes aim at already established internet marketers as well as new up and coming marketers with no experience. Stiforp is a generic tool that can be used to increase leads on an existing company as well as something you can brand to become your own profitable business. In Direct Sales within internet marketing, there is usually a high price tag involved with most online companies. This has affected me personally when I was looking for a primary opportunity and was unable to correctly position myself within the company because I didn't have the initial start-up capital. That company lost out on me as a customer because of no possible way of joining and correctly positioning myself. We are all in the business of helping each other out and they lost my business because they simply couldn't adjust for my lack of funds. There is a big time financial hardship felt throughout this county especially nowadays with the job market and economy all over the place. Online and home based business is exploding and there is a huge potential to earn a massive income because of it. Stiforp provides a low cost and effective way of earning a nice income with not a lot of start-up capital. Imagine if that direct sales company had provided me with Stiforp when I mentioned that I didn't have enough money to start. I could have used Stiforp to earn a few grand and then been in a lot better position to join that company later on. Stiforp is meant to help others who can't afford their way into a direct sales or MLM opportunity as well as simply just providing extra income. It's meant as a tool to help those with nothing create something. It's meant as a tool to increase your own business by creating for yourself more customers by providing them a way to be able to join your direct sales or MLM opportunity. You can use it to create trust and rapport and can better the lives of you, your teams, and your potential customers.

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