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Sierra Crook.

Various logos for various people with various needs.

The Professional Counseling Clinical and School needed a logo that fit the Harding University branding, and coordinated with current counseling logos.

@FF0000panda is Sierra’s twitter username. The characteristic red panda face complete with markings paired with large, nerdy glasses echo the name.

AM-EC is an independent filmmaker that needed a logo that matched their simple and slightly askew style.

Heavenly Muse is a literary magazine written by, and for, young Christians. Their logo needed a strong tie to literature and a youthful appearance.

Wonder Full is a pet project started by Sierra Crook that emphasizes attention to and appreciation of everyday objects.

The combination of the edgy style combined with the normally comforting imagery and words reflects style of the Christian rock band.

Selling you clothes that keep you comfy and classy.

Featured are the cover, a spread, and a single page from an online periodical issue designed for Luxe Riot screenprinting in Seattle, WA. This issue had a %5 click rate increase to previous periodicals. Tshirt and apron designs were created uniquely for this issue, and photography came from Luxe Riot’s suppliers. Illustrations were purchased by Luxe Riot from multiple sources.

Doing good with goats.

This PSA poster series promotes the charity Give a Goat, which gives goats to impoverished families in the Phillippines. Emphasis on what the individual gift of what goat can do should motivate each person to do what they can.

These postcards and poster were designed to promote Corpus Christi, TX as a potential Olympic host city for a class assignment. Corpus Christi’s focal attractions are its beaches and big skies.

Ten points for each ring you go through.

Because everyone and their mom has a facebook.

These Facebook cover photos were in use or are going to be used by Harding University Admissions to keep potential students and parents aware of upcoming events on campus.

Branding Generation HU: Print edition.

Generation HU is a new program created for recent Harding University alumni, to help them make connections and support the school by donations and recommendations. The logo was designed by Enrique Colon. All supporting designs created by Sierra Crook. Pieces shown from left to right: oversized vinyl banner, tshirts, mailer, and thank you card.

Branding Generation HU: Web edition.

Pieces shown from left to right: Christmas e-card banner, email coupon, social media icons, and web graphic.

Hire me.

Sierra Crook's 2012 Portfolio  

A survey of Sierra Crook's design work from 2010-2012.

Sierra Crook's 2012 Portfolio  

A survey of Sierra Crook's design work from 2010-2012.