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Madison Centre 4950 Yonge Street, Suite 2200 Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M2N 6K1 416.777.0437 / 877.877.0437 Bus 416.292.2131 Fax |

Scroller Biz Bronze Plus Level: $199.99 Summary Document This summary document provides essential details regarding components of the Scroller Biz Bronze Plus Package.

Your Scroller Biz Bronze Plus Package Includes: • • •

THE SCROLL WEBSITE ( o Business Card Ad in our Scrollerdex Business Listing (Name, Address, and Telephone Number) THE SCROLLER CLUB TruCa$h CARD o With the Scroller Card you have access to a world of shopping options at the lowest convenience card rates in North America. THE SCROLLER SOCIAL NETWORK (SSN) o Online registration to our social network o Share your Scroll Experience forever

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Scroller Biz Bronze Plus




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