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26th November 2013



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Market Day End of Year Awards Nights Kids on Show

November 29 Primary Market Day Tuesday December 3

Principal’s Pen

Senior Student Speeches

ELC Concert

Last Wednesday, during our final COGGs for the year, our Senior Secondary students presented Wednesday December 4 Secondary Graduation and Awards Night Thursday December 5 Primary Graduation and Awards Night

their speeches as they sought support for the prized positions of Head Boy and Head Girl. What we witnessed was nothing short of remarkably heart warming and encouraging. In each case, the candidates expressed with fluency their desire to serve others, of pride in our school, and in the process, displayed a level of Godliness and servant leadership beyond their years. We are blessed with a wonderful group of young men and women who truly wish to make a positive impact in our world.

TERM 4 DATES Tues Oct 15 to Thurs Dec 12

Next year’s student leaders will be announced at the Secondary Graduation and Awards Night which will be held on December 4th. These Year 11’s have now completed their studies for the year, but big plans are afoot for them when they return in 2014. With two thirds of the Class of 2014 already planning to spend their

Youth Groups: CORE Youth - Years 7 to 9 Friday night 7-9pm at Cornerstone 0418 833 994 Julian/Karlien Xtol Youth Group - Year 10 + Friday nights 7-9pm $4 entry Busso Bretho campsite 0417 937 238 Margie 0418 216 087 Graeme

Leaver’s week in the Phillippines on a Mission Trip, I have no doubt that our leaders for next year are preparing to live lives of influence beyond their time with us. This is what we hope for. This is what we, as a College, desire. When each year group reaches the end of their time at Cornerstone, we hope they will begin to create for themselves opportunities by which they can make a difference and leave a positive legacy that endures. Philippians 2:3-4 says ‘Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.’ Our Senior Secondary students are displaying this passage in the real world. It’s wonderful to see.

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Cleaver’s Clangers With her marriage, she got a new name and a dress. Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft and I’ll show you A-flat miner

Market Day

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show our appreciation of these remarkable

The Primary School Market Day is

potentially life threatening. It must be

men and women.

scheduled for this Friday, November 29,

treated as a medical emergency, requiring

If you would like to help out around the


immediate treatment and urgent medical

College in 2014, contact the front office

members are welcome to attend this annual


and we would love to provide you with the

fund-raising event that has proven to be

For the safety of our precious students

opportunity to assist in a whole range of

extremely popular. Thousands of dollars

who are at risk of such a reaction, please

ways. For those who have helped us this

have been raised in the past, to support

be aware of the foods to send to school

past year, thanks!

some of the world’s most disadvantaged

with your children to help us minimise the

people. Whilst it is a curriculum exercise,

risk to them.

Parents and extended family

it benefits the Compassion charity. Students are busy preparing items to sell, and are involved in the full marketing process. A great learning opportunity with a great outcome for the poor. Come and join us on this special day.

Mission Trip

‘A miserable heart means a miserable life; a cheerful heart fills the day with song.’ Proberbs 15:15

Our Year 10 students are making their way to Kalgoorlie tomorrow for their annual Missions trip. The students will be involved in a number of activities and service roles which will help unite them as a group, as well as derive the benefits gained from helping others. Please pray for safe travel

Awards Nights

Address Updates

We hope that all families will be able to

Please ensure that the office is aware of

forward to hearing great things upon their

attend the College’s annual Graduation

your current address.


and Awards Nights.

Commencing with

have on record will be the location to which

the ELC Concert on Tuesday December

your student’s report will be sent. Please

Student Council

3rd (6pm), followed by the Secondary

email, or

Voting has now been completed for our

Graduation and Awards Night on December

call us with this updated information as

Secondary Student Councillors for 2014.

4th (7pm) and finally the Primary Concert

soon as possible.

Come along on the Awards nights to hear

for them and a time of blessing. We look The address we

and Awards Night on December 5th (7pm).

the results for yourself!

An huge number of students are going to

Notification of Departure

be award recipients at the Primary and

With waiting lists growing for places at

Last Day of Term

Secondary nights, as well participating in a

the College, please remember to advise

A reminder, that the last day of term is

number of student performances. Neither

the office is you are aware that your

Thursday December 12.

night is expected to be a late event, so

children will not be returning in 2014.

we would encourage you to come along

There is a requirement to provide a term’s

Student Pantomime

and witness Cornerstone showcasing our

notification, and failing to provide this

Seven of our students are involved in

student achievements. It’s a special night

does have one term’s fees added to your

a Pantomime

of celebration. See you there.


is being performed over the coming

Nut Aware Policy

Volunteer Parents

Club. Performances run from 28 Dec - 12

As you would be aware, the College has

We are incredibly blessed to have a

January. Tickets are available to Callows

a Nut Aware policy that applies to food

sensational team of parents who are

Corners Newsagency and go on sale 2nd

consumed on the school grounds.

regularly on site helping staff within class

Dec. Get in early as tickets sell out fast.

We have several students who have

or with other school activities. By the time

Go along to support your fellow students.

severe allergies to nuts, and who are

you receive this newsletter, a special thank

More info contact Marj 9752 1657.

at risk of Anaphylaxis. This is the most

you morning tea would have been held to

‘The Wishing Well’, that

holidays by the Busselton Repertory

Newsletter 16  

Last Wednesday, during our final COGGs for the year, our Senior Secondary students presented their speeches as they sought support for the p...