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6th August 2013





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Friday August 9

Parenting Resources

Human Biology Zoo Excursion

Canteen Clarifications

Thursday August 15

Award Sponsors

Year 1 Primary Parent Assembly 9:00am Auditorium Thursday August 22 High School Athletics Carnival Friday August 23 Primary School Athletics Carnival

Principal’s Pen Barking Cats

I’d like you to think about a barking cat. If it will help, have a look at the link It actually shows a cat barking! So why is that of any interest?

Aug 29-31 Cert II 2A Outdoor Education Expedition Sep 3-6 Year 8 YWAM Camp Perth Thursday September 5

For most of my life I’ve been told that I’m “different”. I still don’t know for sure if that is meant to be a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, different can and usually does mean that something catches your interest or is out of the ordinary. A barking cat is both – out of the ordinary and therefore catches our attention. We expect a cat to meow, not bark. When a cat does bark, it has

Year 6 Local Government

our interest. Most people recognize that those individuals that strive to live by Christian values are


different and that difference often gets them to stand up and take notice.

TERM DATES Thurs 25 July - Friday 27 Sept

If you watch the clip, it is amusing that when the cat realises that it is being watched being “different”, it changes back to what it thinks is expected. As humorous as that may seem, I actually

Youth Groups: CORE Youth - Years 7 to 9

find it somewhat sad that the cat appears to be self-conscious about being set apart. For us, the

Friday night 7-9pm at Cornerstone

pull of society’s idea of what is expected is very strong, and the pressure to “fit in” is tremendous.

0418 833 994 Julian/Karlien

The funny thing is that when we stand up for what we believe and are “different” then people pay

Xtol Youth Group - Year 10 +

attention and realize that we have something very special.

Friday nights 7-9pm $4 entry Busso Bretho campsite

Romans 12:2 says “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the

0417 937 238 Margie

renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good,

0418 216 087 Graeme

PO Box 775 Grace Court Busselton WA 6280 p: (08) 9754 1144 f: (08) 9754 1142 e: w:

pleasing and perfect will.”


To me, that’s a call for us to be “Barking Cats”.

Cleaver’s Clangers He drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes bends. To write with a broken pencil is pointless.

Around the College Homework Classes

and concerns parents have had in the past,

Primary Assembly

If your child requires assistance with

but the reason behind the decision hasn’t

Our Primary Assembly will be held on

homework, Mrs Chapman is running a

been explained in recent times.

Thursday August 15 and will be hosted by

class after school on Thursday afternoons

student enters Year 4, this ban is lifted.

3:30 - 4:30pm.

It is held in the Library

Once a

the two Year 1 classes. It commences at 9:00am in the Auditorium. All welcome.

computer lab.

Clothing Labels Please ensure your children are in


Student Award Sponsorships

possession of clothing that is their own, and

Recent media attention in local press

We are currently seeking sponsors for

not holding onto items belonging to other

has raised the issue once again of the

our end of year awards, and invite any

students. It’s also timely to remind you to

dangers children can face on messaging

interested businesses or individuals to

make sure your own children’s clothing is

applications and social media networks.

express their desire to be included.

clearly marked.

The ‘kik’ program was noted as one

are initially approaching our sponsors

Currently, Jack Michael Anderson is missing

such communication tool that had some

from 2012, but should any awards not be

a Size 10 Sports Jacket which is marked

concerning elements. We would encourage

covered this year, will be looking towards

with his name.

If you have it, can you

parents to ensure they are aware of who

other members of the school community

please return it to the front office as soon

their children are connecting with and to

to be involved. If you want to be part of it,

as possible.

monitor their communication.


please email your details to diannefraser@ Curtin University Open Day Curtin Open Day is the chance for your child to explore the campus, learn about courses, speak to lecturers and current

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.


students and participate in activities. It is

John 14:27

being held on Sunday 4th August, 10:00am Canteen Clarifications Any child from Year 1 to 12 is encouraged to access the canteen with pre-ordered meals, but some clarification needs to be made about our youngest students. To ensure that Year 1, 2 and 3 students aren’t faced with the pressure of purchasing items for their friends, a decision was made to only allow these youngest students the option of utilising the canteen with parentoriginated orders.

No over the counter

sales can occur for students in these years, This policy has eliminated many problems

If parents would like to contact their child’s teacher via email please call the office and request the email address. Staff email addresses will not be listed in the public domain, but are able to be obtained by parents on request. Parenting Course

- 4:00pm. To plan ahead, visit their online address at

Staff Email Addresses

Bully proofing Parent Night Debbie Robinson, our school chaplain, recently arranged for a parent night which looked at the topic of bully proofing your child. Steve Heron, from the BUZ program, attended the evening and spoke about his new book ‘Bullyproofing your child.....the art of social confidence’, and also gave parents the opportunity purchase the book on the night. Over 40 parents chose to attend the night and it was extremely valuable to hear what Steve had to say. A great initiative that provided opportunity for the school and parents to partner together in growing wonderful children!

The ‘Parenting Children Course’ (0-10 years) will be starting soon at the College on Thursday evenings for five sessions. This is a great short course on the practical principles of raising kids in the early years, within a relaxed, small group environment. The first session will be on Thursday 15th August at 7pm - 9pm, and sessions will be facilitated by Nathan and Emily Seinemeier. There is a cost of $25 per family to cover the cost of course guides etc., and childcare is available if necessary by prior arrangement. Please contact Emily for registration, childcare or further details on 0467 598 983 or email nseinemeier@

Community News Buzateers Buzateers school






encourages your children to live life to the fullest and gain confidence.

It runs

on Tuesday afternoons. For more information, call 9751 2435 or email buz@ Visitors on Site

students, endeavouring to inspire

commit to coming in once a week

All parents are reminded that they

a love for science as a career

to help with this great program,

MUST be registered as a visitor


contact Lyn or leave a message

when they come on site.

Organised by Will Meyer, the

If you have need to see your child,


are visiting a classroom, delivering

informative. Thanks Mr Meyer!

Kindy Dress ups

class, it is necessary for you to

Athletics Carnivals

their supply of Dress-ups. They

The College canteen is open

enter the school through the front

Later this month, students from

ask that if you have costumes,

for business on Wednesday,

office and sign in as a registered

Year 3 to Year 12 will participate

clothing, hats, or bags that would

Thursday and Friday of each

guest. The only exceptions are at

in their annual Athletics Carnivals.

be perfect for such an activity,


the commencement of the school

As we have done in the past few

to please let the Kindy have first

We prefer that orders be placed

day for drop off, and at the end

years, students will be bussed

of the day for collection of your

to Bunbury to test out their skills


in the Bunbury Athletics Arena

It is a legal requirement for us to

facilities. Details will be forwarded

know who is on site at any time,


and we need your help to have

Students in Pre-Primary to Year

that happen. It is also necessary

2 will have their own event here

for anyone on site as a guest, to

on site, on Friday September 13.




an item, or even helping in the

have a visitors lanyard on them. We look forward to greeting you at




Reading Repairer Helpers

the front office.

Lyn Chapman desperately needs


Reading Repairer.

Last week, the team from Scitech

be required in her room at 8.35

spent time with our Secondary

until about 9am. If you are able to

some more parents to help with They would

at the front office for her.

The Kindy is looking at building up


It’s all in the name of

creative play!


via the online canteen. Visit

Important Enrolment Advice

Any current families who have

The menu is also available for

younger children they wish to have

viewing online at the College

attend Cornerstone, must make sure these younger siblings are enrolled for 2014.

Please don’t

assume they will automatically be enrolled.

website. Orders must be placed by 9:30am.

We are currently

finalising numbers for classes for Pebbles, Kindy, Pre-Primary and more, so to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on a place, NOW is the time to act.

Sleep Science Going to bed at different times during early childhood impacts on a child’s brain power and could have a lasting impact, a study has found. UK-based researchers investigated more than 11,000 children, and found that irregular bedtimes were linked to lower reading, maths and spatial awareness skills in both boys and girls. ‘Our findings suggest that inconsistent bedtimes, especially at very young ages and throughout early childhood, are linked to children’s cognitive development.’ They conclude that going to bed at a regular time is as important a habit as brushing your teeth and eating healthy food.

UNIFORM SHOP The uniform shop will be open each Monday 8:30am - 9:30am and Wednesday 3:00pm-4:00pm You can also view the order form on the College website at, or complete an order form out of your family information pack and return it to school with your child.

Study Tips from Miss Needham’s Desk Do you waste hours on the Internet when you are researching for

an assignment? Here are our top 10 tips to be more effective and efficient in your research. 1. REQUIREMENTS: Before you start, review all the info about the assignment carefully. 2. BRAINSTORM: You need to decide what you are going to research. 3. PLAN: You need to work out how much info you will need for each section of your assignment. This should only take 10 minutes. 4. FEEDBACK: Show someone your initial plan before you start researching. 5. BROADEN SEARCH: Don’t forget that there are other places to research apart from the internet! Libraries, books, magazines and newspapers. Don’t always go straight to Google. 6. INTERNET SEARCHES: Many students waste a lot of time as they do not know what they are looking for! Well you have a plan, so you will start with the first item on your brainstormed list. 7. BE SELECTIVE: When the search results appear on your screen, do not just click on the first link. Take a few moments to look at where the links are from

(eg. National Geographic? A blog?). 8. ASSESSING INFORMATION: When you find information that looks useful, you need to decide if the source is reputable. Who is the author and what are their credentials? What sort of organisation has created the site? 9. RECORDING INFORMATION: If you find information that is useful, you need to record this information. 10. RECORDING REFERENCES: If you print the information, make sure the following is on the page and if not then write onto the page: the title of the source, the author, the publisher, and place and date of publication. This is your preliminary, or draft, bibliography. You can learn more in the Research Skills unit on www. Next month’s tip will cover how to start writing your assignment. Our school’s subscription details to www.studyskillshandbook. are Username: cornerstone Password: 157results

‘Mainly Music’ is an exciting new music program commencing on Wednesday 14th August at 9.30am for 0 to preschool age children and their parent/caregivers. Throughout the morning, children develop gross and fine motor skills, language, imagination and pre literacy/numeracy skills, as well as socializing with others. Children and their caregivers join together for a session of interactive music and creativity, followed by a morning tea in a relaxed setting. ‘Mainly Music’ will be held at the Cornerstone Church of Christ Auditorium each Wednesday through term time from the starting date, at a cost of $5 per family each session to include morning tea etc. For further information, or to register, please contact Emily Seinemeier on 0467 598 983 or email on eseinemeier@

Parenting Insights by Michael Grose

Messages Bookshop is re-opening on Monday 12 August. To celebrate, they are offering a special of 40% off all books and 20% off all other stock for the month of August. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab a bargain!

Beating Parent Anger: A parent comes home from work tired, and is not ready to manage children who are working from their own agendas and schedules. The only response to a children’s resistance is an angry “Do it now because I say” which comes out louder and more aggressively than intended. Certainly, in the cold light of day the parent revisits this with regret! More than likely the adult is a dad, but it can also be a mum! Are you storing up anger? Frequently parent anger comes from another place. It’s often NOT about the kids. It can be stored up frustration that comes through the front door with you. It’s bottled up and just bursts out when your kids are just being kids....... noisy, wanting to play and wanting to keep doing what they are doing without your interference. If this is you, then you need to do something to get rid of your pent-up frustration before you come home. Go to the gym; have a run; walk rather than drive to give yourself some thinking time. Anything to help you process your feelings so you don’t bring the bad stuff home! You’ve blown your top, what now? Do exactly the same as you would expect when your kids mess up – do whatever it takes to restore the relationship! Wait until you and your child have calmed down and make your peace. It will help you make peace with yourself. Apologising is not a weakness. It’s a strength and it shows you are human.

Newsletter # 10, 2013  

I’d like you to think about a barking cat. If it will help, have a look at the link It actually shows a cat ba...