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Il vero caffè ΒΙΟlogico italiano

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Espressi Espresso Bio

Double Espresso

(From our 100% organic Blend)




Montebianco (macchiato)


(Espresso, foamed milk, pas-ciok powder)


Cyprus Coffee €1.50

Espressi Mokaccino

(Espresso, foamed milk, pas-ciok powder, hot pas-ciok)


Caffe Confuso Scuro (Espresso with our signature Dark Confuso cream)

Caffe Confuso (Espresso with our signature Confuso cream)



Cappuccini Cappuccino (espresso, milk, foamed milk)

€2.50 €3.00

Caffelatte (espresso, milk, foamed milk)

€2.80 €3.00

Paspuccio (Espresso, foamed milk, pas-ciok powder, caramel sauce)


Cappuccini Gianduio (Espresso, foamed milk, Gianduia cream, whipped cream, hazelnut crunches)


Filter Coffee of the day

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Hot Chocolate Hot Pas-ciok (Our hot dense signature chocolate “Pas-Ciok”)


Pas-ciok Confuso

Pas-ciok Panna

(Our hot dense signature chocolate “Pas-Ciok” with confuso cream)

(Our hot dense signature chocolate “Pas-Ciok” with whipped cream)



Dark Confuso on Black Chocolate (Our hot dense signature chocolate “Pas-Ciok” prepared without milk, Dark Confuso cream on top


Hot Chocolate Hot Mocha (Espresso, foamed milk, hot pas-ciok, pas-ciok powder)


Hot Mocha cream / confuso cream (Espresso, foamed milk, hot pas-ciok, pas-ciok powder, whipped cream or Confuso cream)


Cinnamon Mocha Dark Confuso (Espresso, foamed milk, hot pas-ciok, cinnamon powder and syrup, Dark Confuso cream)


Iced Coffees Freddo Espresso (espresso, ice, sugar) €2.20

Freddo cappuccino (espresso, ice, sugar,milk)

Frappe €2.40


Iced Americano €2.20

Iced Coffees Iced Caffelatte (espresso, ice, milk) €2.80

Iced Caffelatte

vanilla / caramel / amaretto (Golden Blend espresso on iced milk with sirups at choice)


Iced Mocha

Coffee Sorbet

(espresso, milk, cold pas-ciok)

(Our signature “Sorbetto”, an iced smooth coffee cream)



chocolate sorbet (Our signature cold Pas-Ciok, an iced smooth chocolate cream)


Iced Coffees Frappo Confuso (A blend made with Espresso, Milk, brown sugar, Confuso Cream and caramel sauce)


Coffee Smoothie Banana (A blend made with fresh joghurt, vanilla, fresh banana and chocolate sauce)


Pas Cookies & Cream (A blend made with espresso, milk, brown sugar, “ Chocolate Cookies” biscuits and syrups, whipped cream)


Infuso Ai Frutti Di Bosco (dry aplle piece, hibiscus, elderberries, rosehips, blackberries, red berries flavour

Green Tea Chinese Green tea, of the typology gunpowder, with whole leaves curled fermented seeds. Antioxidant, draining, stimulating. Ingredients: China Green Tea

Black Tea Tea Ceylon, O.P. long leaf. contains all the organoleptic characteristics of the tea of origin Sry Lanka, stimulating. Ingredients: CeylonTea Black

Red Forest Berries Infusion of red forest berries coming from Italy. Full of vitamins and scented. Ingredients: dry apple pieces, hibiscus, elderberries, rosehips, blackberries, red berries flavour

Infusion Mint and Cedar Infusion of mint and cedar, refreshing, digestive and full of vitamins. Ingredients: peppermint leaves, orange flowers, rosehips, hibiscus, applepieces


White Tea White tea, defined as the most appreciated tea in the world. Only buds of the best Chinese plants. Ingredients: China Tea Pai Mu Tan

Cocktail Citrus Infusion of dried Sicilian citrus fruit. full of vitamins, antioxidant, refreshing. Ingredients: apple pieces, rosehips, lemon peels, hibiscus, lemon flavour

Jasmine Tea

Infusion Rosehip

Jasmine green tea with classic aroma and with delicate perfume, antioxidant, stimulating. Ingredients: China Green Tea, jasmin flowers, jasmin flavour

Italian rosehip infusion. full of vitamin c., Antioxidant, increases immune. Ingredients: rosehips.

Infusion Chamomile

Earl Grey

infusion of flowers of Italian chamomile. relaxing and digestive, with delicate perfum. Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, whole.

infusion of flavoured with the addition of oil of bergamont Ingredients: citrus peels, lemon grass, bergamont

Iced Infusion Herbal Infusion Our fresh iced teas made with “mint and cedar” loose leaf teas, ice, lime, fresh mint


Flowers Infusion Our fresh iced teas made with chamomile and rosehip loose leaf teas ice, orange


Fruit Infusion Our fresh iced teas made with red forest berries loose leaf teas, ice, lemon


Iced Tea Organic Iced Tea (by organic farming)

green tea / green tea sugar free peach tea / lemon tea €3.20

Juices Organic Juices ace, apricot, pineapple, (by organic farming) pear, peach


bluberries (by organic farming)




Caesar Salad

Iceberg lettuces, marinated chicken fillet, parmesan shavings, croutons and our homemade caesar dressing

rucola Salad

Fresh wild rucola, baby mozzarellini, cherry tomatoes, our homemade pesto sauce and balsamic vinaigrette

Pascucci Prosciutto Salad

Fresh mix leaves salad, baby mozzarellini, prosciutto San Daniele, pine kernels, pomegranate, cherry tomatoes





Pascucci Club Sandwich Tender Chicken, fillet bacon, egg, rucola lettuce, tomatoes

Vegan Club Sandwich Vegetables, avocado, tomatoes and tachini

€7.40 €6.20


Salami Baguette Spianata calabrese, milan salami, coppa salami, edam cheese and lettuces

Hot Chicken Baguette Tender chicken fillet, edam cheese, tomato sauce and colour bell peppers

Hot Pascucci special Baguette Spianata calabrese, milan salami, coppa salami, edam cheese tomato sauce and colour bell peppers

Tuna Baguette Tuna, mixed salad






Mortadella Brioche Lettuces, mortadella and tomatoes

Trio Brioche Milan salami and tomato Mortadella and tomato Smoked cheese and coppa salami

Crogue Monsieur Ham cheese and bechamel sauce

€3.90 €4.30


Prosciutto Focaccia Prosciutto San Daniele, scamorza smoked cheese, lettuces and tomatoes

Mozzarella Tomato Focaccia Slices of baby mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, rucola and pesto sauce




Fruit Platter Cold Cuts Platter Cheese Platter Grand Mix Platter

€4.00 €6.50



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