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Scripps College Eighty-Fourth Annual Commencement Five o’clock in the Evening Saturday, May 17, 2014 Elm Tree Lawn Scripps College Claremont, California

Scripps College Eighty-Fourth Annual Commencement

Claremont, California

Column detail illustrated by local designer Rick Caughman. The Commencement podium and diploma table were crafted by Kirk Delman, Collections Manager and Registrar of the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, from the American elms that provided the Elm Tree Lawn canopy from 1938 to 2008. 2

PROGRAM *Trumpet Voluntary

Clarke Royalty Brass Quintet


Linda Davis Taylor Chair, Board of Trustees Lori Bettison-Varga, President

“Humbly, We Walk”

Sanggeet Manirajah ’14 Senior Class Speaker

“Flying by the seat of your pants, but flying just the same” Nonie Creme ’94 Founding Creative Director, Colour Prevails and Butter London Conferring of Degrees

Lori Bettison-Varga Amy Marcus-Newhall, Vice President of Academic Affairs Nathalie Rachlin, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Samuel Haynes, Acting Dean of Students

Charge to the Graduating Class *Thy Many Gifts

Lori Bettison-Varga

Women’s Vocal Ensemble Charles Kamm, Associate Professor of Music, Conductor

*March Handel Royalty Brass Quintet Marshals Faculty: Gayle Greene, Professor of English Cheryl Walker, Richard Armour Chair in Modern Languages, Professor of English Students: Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert, Associate Dean of Faculty Thierry Boucquey, Professor of French Ivy Chain: Members of the Class of 2015 Angie Aguilar, Jennifer Arias, Genna Brown, Anne Diemer, Alex Frumkin, Nicole Grimwood, Natalie Hoang, Constanza Jackson, Shruti Kannan, Katy Keisling, Nadine Lafeber, Anna Stricker *Audience stands 3



DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS Yasmine Sampomaa Acheampong, magna cum laude Tema, Ghana French Studies/Politics and International Relations honors thesis A Wager Through the Looking Glass: Differences in the Management of Horizontal Inequalities in Ghana and La Côte d’Ivoire

Edith Jane Adams, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Phoenix, Arizona Hispanic Studies honors thesis ¡No pongas palabras en mi boca! Un análisis de la traducción del humor en los subtítulos

Gretchen Elaine Allen Art Conservation (Art)

Seattle, Washington

thesis William Morris and the Kelmscott Chaucer: Design, Production, and Conservation Analysis

Shayda Amanat, cum laude Art History

Los Angeles, California

thesis Iran and the Arab World Through a Female Lens: Deconstructing Western Phantasms and Terrors

Lauren Elizabeth Ambielli, cum laude Art History/French Studies

Woodinville, Washington

thesis Hidden Transgressions: Louise Bourgeois’s Early Sculptural Self-portraits

Diarra Danielle Anderson Psychology (French Studies)

Chandler, Arizona

thesis Color and Typography Effects on Perceived Tone, Likelihood of Purchase and Attraction

Marie V. Angeles, cum laude SeaTac, Washington English/Philosophy thesis On the Matter of God’s Goodness: An Examination of the Failure of Theodicies, Herman Melville, and an Alternative Approach to the Problem of Evil

Anna Rose Aqua, magna cum laude Art honors (Anthropology)

Denver, Colorado

project Queering the Freeways: Deconstructing Landscape and the Potential in Spaces of Destabilization

Katherine Mack Arenella, magna cum laude Los Angeles, California Psychology thesis Perceptions of Domestic Violence: Leaving Versus Staying in Abusive Relationships


Emily Angelica Areta, cum laude Houston, Texas Latin American and Caribbean Studies honors/Legal Studies (Foreign Languages) thesis De Acá Pa’ Allá: Constructing Pan-Latinidad in Ruben Blades’ Life and Music

Kamyn Gabrielle Asher, cum laude Media Studies

New York, New York

project It’s Better to Have Loved and Lost: Exploring the Creation of Emotional Connections Between Inanimate Film Characters and the Spectator in “The Window Display”

Madeline Sophia Barnes, magna cum laude Classical Studies

Kenmore, Washington

thesis Rational and Temple Medicine in Ancient Greece: The Public Perception of the Two Forms

Annabel Barraza, cum laude, ΣΔΠ Phoenix, Arizona Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies/Latin American and Caribbean Studies honors thesis Bridging Isolation: The Politics of Exclusion in Colombian Refugee Populations in Ecuador and Mexican Immigrants in the U.S.

** Sasha Bassi, cum laude Legal Studies

Glendora, California

thesis Remedying Racial Discrimination in Capital Punishment: An Evaluation of the North Carolina Racial Justice Act

Marta Brygida Bean, cum laude Science, Technology, and Society

Narberth, Pennsylvania

thesis Shots, Everybody?: British Anti-smallpox Vaccination and the Development of Multifaceted Anti-vaccine Rhetoric on Internet Parenting Forums

Winona Anne Bechtle, cum laude, ΣΔΠ La Crescenta, California Hispanic Studies/Media Studies honors thesis Madrid Me Mata: Regional Identity Politics and Community Building Through the Music of La Movida Madrileña

Lauren Louise Becker Covina, California History thesis The Myth Still Lives: Pachuco Subculture and Symbolic Styles of Resistance

Lisa A. Beem, magna cum laude, ΦΒΚ Seattle, Washington Environmental Analysis honors thesis Connecting Urban Residents to Their Watershed With Green Stormwater Infrastructure: A Case Study of Thornton Creek in Seattle, Washington


* Sara Dunleavy Berge, in absentia German Studies

Wakefield, Rhode Island

thesis Grasping at Modernism in 1932: Alternative Readings of Das Blaue Licht, a Collaboration of Leni Riefenstahl and Béla Balázs

Erin Esther Rachel Blagman Art History

Los Angeles, California

thesis Edward Kienholz and the Perversion of the American Dream

Shravani S. Bobde Biology (Mathematics)

Pune, India

thesis Mapping the Landscape of Huntington’s Disease: Internal Education and External Research

Margaret Renee Leslie Bonaparte History (French Studies)

Portland, Oregon

thesis Reexamining the 1950s American Housewife: How the Editors and Writers of Ladies Home Journal Challenged Domestic Expectations During the Postwar Period

Amy Michelle Borsuk, magna cum laude Sherman Oaks, California English honors thesis Their Idea of Tragedy: A Deconstruction of Intersections of Gender and Disability in Virginia Woolf

Emma Claire Brillhart, cum laude Seattle, Washington Politics and International Relations honors thesis A Hope That’s Not So Hollow: How the Supreme Court’s Decisions in Windsor and Perry Alter the Political Environment in Which Marriage Equality Activism Operates

Colleen Nicole Broderick, cum laude Politics and International Relations honors (History)

El Segundo, California

thesis “This is Seattle”: Parents Involved in Community Schools and the Grassroots Fight Against Busing

Hanna Frances Brody, cum laude, ΣΞ Palo Alto, California Biology honors thesis Investigating the Function of Selfish Satellite Sequences Through Expression Profiling in the Jewel Wasp Testis

Hilary Ann Bruegl, cum laude Organismal Biology

Pasadena, California

thesis Remotely Administered Immunocontraception as an Effective and Humane Management Tool for Feral Horses (Equus caballus) in Overpopulated Rangelands

Elsa Lee Bruno Art History/Foreign Languages

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

thesis Exemplary Equines: Gazes and Gesture of Bovine Animals in Trecento Fresco 9

Madeleine Christine Bulkow, magna cum laude, ΦΒΚ, ΣΞ Anchorage, Alaska Mathematics honors + Physics honors thesis Hyper-Kloosterman Sums in Supercharacter Theories thesis Pertubations of Red-Blue Hackenbush

Meridith Burchiel Portland, Oregon Art project The Intersection of Perceptions: An Investigation of Children’s Personal Narratives

Chelsea Elizabeth Carlson, cum laude Media Studies (Art)

Helena, Montana

project Real Tweets of Beverly Hills

Amanda Nicole Carter, cum laude Santa Barbara, California Psychology thesis Feminist Women’s Health Movement Practices, Mindfulness, Sexual Body Esteem, and Genital Satisfaction

Karen Anabey Castro-Ayala, cum laude Burien, Washington Legal Studies/Politics and International Relations honors thesis El neoliberalismo y la lucha por tierras en Sinaloa, México según mi Papa Món

Alexandra Mariko Arai Cauley Yorba Linda, California English honors thesis Delight in Possibility: Community and Elizabeth Gaskell

Maria Ceja Rodriguez, cum laude, ΣΔΠ Biochemistry (Hispanic Studies)

Sacramento, California

thesis Dickerson Dodecamer Sequence Conformation Using 31P NMR in the Presence of Aluminum

Elaine Chan, cum laude, ΣΞ San Francisco, California Biochemistry honors thesis The Genotoxic Potential of Bisphenol-A (BPA), Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) and Their Role in Abnormal Morphogenesis

Nicole E. Chan, magna cum laude Art honors (Chinese)

Hong Kong, China

project Xing: Sex, Gender, and Revolution in Contemporary Chinese Art

Priyanka Padma Chary Portland, Oregon Chemistry thesis A Volumetric Study of Aqueous Butanol Solutions

Fenxiao Chen, cum laude, in absentia 3-2 Engineering

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

A Senior Project in 3-2 Engineering 10

Joanne Chern, cum laude English honors (Asian Studies)

Davis, California

thesis Restoring, Rewriting, Reimagining: Asian American Science Fiction Writers and the Time Travel Narrative

Alexa Rebecca Clark, cum laude Fullerton, California Economics honors thesis Correlation Between Crime, Oxytocin, and Generosity

Allison Jane Comrie Los Angeles, California Media Studies honors project The Plight of the “Girl” Gamer: Deconstructing the Stereotypes of Women in Gaming

Rose Melissa Cooper-Finger, ΣΔΠ Foreign Languages honors/Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Seattle, Washington

thesis Egiazko Misterioa Euskararen: La politique linguistique, les méthodes éducatives et la revitalisation de la langue basque en France et en Espagne depuis le vingtième siècle jusqu’au présent

Claire Courtney, cum laude Organizational Studies

Corte Madera, California

thesis The Pleasure Gap: Harnessing Pleasure to Increase Global Condom Use

Mary Louise Creedon, magna cum laude, ΣΞ Kensington, California Molecular Biology honors thesis 7-amd Binding Is Stabilized by π-Stacking Interactions: An NMR Study

Belen Aline Cruz, ΣΔΠ Chemistry (Hispanic Studies)

Lynwood, California

thesis Oxygen Tension Modulates Growth of Ovine Newborn Pulmonary Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Kelly Anne Davis Organismal Biology

Los Gatos, California

thesis Shoulder Impingement Syndrome in Water Polo Players

Victoria Kathryn Davis, ΣΞ Saugus, California Chemistry thesis Gold(I)-Catalyzed, SN1 Etherification of Alcohols

Vivian Pauline Delchamps, cum laude English honors (Dance & French Studies)

Helena, Alabama

thesis “Of the Woman First of All”: Walt Whitman and Women’s Literary History

Ishani Ravindra Deo, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Mercer Island, Washington Psychology honors thesis Cultural Factors in Mental Health Referral Among Asian Americans 11

* Lydia June de Pillis-Lindheim, in absentia Claremont, California Mathematics thesis Disease Correlation Model: Application to Cataract Incidence in the Presence of Diabetes

Elizabeth Loken Diebel Mendota Heights, Minnesota Psychology thesis Psychological Processes Involved in Skilled Golf Performance

Summer Skye Dowd-Lukesh, cum laude Rancho Cucamonga, California French Studies/Politics and International Relations honors thesis Pseudodemocratic Rhetoric and Social Hierarchies: The Relative Lack of Influence of Rousseau’s Radical Egalitarianism on Early American Political Thought

Rose Emily DuCharme, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ English honors/French Studies

Broomfield, Colorado

thesis Mad Love and Narrative Uncertainty in the Twentieth Century: A Study of The Good Soldier and Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein

Daysha Veronica Edewi, cum laude Media Studies honors (Psychology)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

project My Schizophrenic Existence: Examining Blackness in Personal and Academic Spaces

Jane Lyra Eisenberg, cum laude Geology (Science, Technology, and Society)

Ashland, Oregon

thesis Structure, Composition, and Emplacement History of Orbicular Granites and Comb Layering, Sierra and Sequoia National Forests, CA

Ellen Elizabeth Erving Seattle, Washington Anthropology thesis The Sharing Economy: Exploring the Intersection of Collaborative Consumption and Capitalism

Molly Gelman Fassler, cum laude Bellevue, Washington Philosophy honors thesis Mind Over Matter?: Saving the Causal Efficacy of Intentional Mental Content on Twin Earth and Beyond

Stephanie Heather Feldman Media Studies

Closter, New Jersey

project Be Heard: Narratives of Sexual Assault and Rape

Rachel Lauren Fidler Carlsbad, California Anthropology/Psychology thesis Holocaust Memorialization: Perceptions of the Workplace, Translation of Memory, and Personal Experiences of Museum Staff and Volunteers 12

Emily Quinn Finney Halifax, Massachusetts Physics thesis Using Radio Relics to Constrain the Dynamics of 1 rxs j0603.3+4214

Jacqueline A. Flores Waukegan, Illinois Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies/Politics and International Relations thesis Soy Latina and My Story Matters: Negotiating My Experiences at a Women’s College

Ann Alixandra Franklin Portola Valley, California Psychology thesis The Use of Facebook per Patterns of Attachment

Jacqueline Hope Freedman Dallas, Texas Media Studies honors project Disidentified Masculinities

Sweta Lakshmi Garapati Chennai, India Economics-Accounting thesis A Comparative Study of the Impact of Special Economic Zones on Economic Development in China and India

** Calyx Ayanna-Renee Gaston American Studies

Carson, California

thesis KDAY Project 1580 am to 93.5 fm: Exploring the History of KDAY, Its Role in the Rise of West Coast Hip-Hop, and Its Significance to the Los Angeles Community

Emma Irene Gavin, cum laude Art + Media Studies

Santa Fe, New Mexico

project Wonder/Wander: An Exploration of Storytelling, Illustrated Children’s Literature, and Narrative Simulation Through Hypertext and the Artist Book Form thesis Dreadful Women: An Exploration of Gender-based Social Values and Expectations Through Viewer and Critical Reception of Female Antagonists on Television

Nikita Gettu San Jose, California Psychology thesis Cross Cultural Predictors of Blame Attribution in Marital and Non-marital Rape

Megan Elise Clamp Gianniny, cum laude Gender and Women’s Studies (Dance)

Brighton, Massachusetts

thesis “Other Than Dead”: Queering Vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Interview with the Vampire, and The Gilda Stories

Tara Nathalie Godzich, magna cum laude Classical Studies

Mesa, Arizona

thesis Politicizing Apollo: Ovid’s Commentary on Augustan Marriage Legislation in the Ars Amatoria and the Metamorphoses 13

Elana Alexandra Goldstein, cum laude Pacific Palisades, California Biology honors thesis The Foraging Areas of Attine Ants at the Firestone Reserve, Costa Rica

Jessica Ann Gonchar, cum laude Politics and International Relations honors (French Studies)

Issaquah, Washington

thesis Clinton Connected: A Qualitative Analysis of Portrayals of Hillary Clinton on Online News Blogs

Alexandria Simone Gonzales, ΣΞ Monrovia, California Mathematics/Physics honors thesis The Great Galactic Oversight Characterizing the Most Numerous Stars in the Galaxy

Mary Willa Augusta Green, cum laude Psychology (Art)

Seattle, Washington

thesis How Attention Is Affected by Anxiety Among Individuals with Social Phobia

Maximanova O’Reilly Greenberg, magna cum laude Chicago, Illinois Dance honors/Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies honors thesis “Am I Sexy Yet?”: Contextualizing the Movement of Exotic Dance and Its Effects on Female Dancers’ Self-image and Sexual Expression

Laura Alexandra Grossman Del Mar, California Biology thesis The Impact of Sea Surface Temperature on Outbreaks of Acanthaster planci on the Great Barrier Reef

Lian Winslow Guo, cum laude, ΣΞ San Diego, California Organismal Biology honors thesis Effects of Variable and Constant Acclimation Regimes on the Upper Thermal Tolerance of Intertidal Barnacle, Balanus glandula

Sharmishtha Gupta Singapore, Singapore Anthropology/History thesis What It Means to be Singaporean: Nation-building, National Identity and Ethnicity in Twentieth Century Singapore

Emma Elizabeth Hadley, cum laude, ΣΞ Middletown, Connecticut Biochemistry honors thesis Limitations of Modified Substrate Recognition by Taq DNA Polymerase

Lauren Royce Halberg English (History & Italian Studies)

Chaska, Minnesota

thesis “The Footprint of the Monster”: California and the American Nightmare


Celina Hayashi, magna cum laude Biology honors

Makawao, Hawaii

thesis Vitamin D and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

Allyson M. Healey, cum laude Art History

Sherman Oaks, California

thesis Canvass Flirtations and Kissing for Votes: Representations of the Duchess of Devonshire in the Westminster Election of 1784

Genevieve Giuliana Heger Los Angeles, California Biology thesis Effects of Diet on Escherichia coli 0157:h7 Growth and Nutritional Content of Beef

Katrina Teresa Heger Legal Studies

Los Angeles, California

thesis HOPE for Appropriation

Asia Brianna Henderson Legal Studies/Psychology

Hesperia, California

thesis Juror Decision Making: The Influence of Personal Beliefs When Deciding Rape Cases

Isabella V. Hendry, magna cum laude Decatur, Georgia Foreign Languages honors (Middle East and North Africa Studies) thesis La educación como camino hacia la revitalización de lenguas indígenas: problemas y prospectivas

Ina Catherine Herlihy San Francsico, California Economics thesis What Is the Impact of the Technology Boom on Housing in San Francisco?

Leah Ross Hochberg, cum laude Environmental Analysis

Mercer Island, Washington

thesis Urban Farm and Community Garden Hybrid Models: A Case Study of the Huerta del Valle Community Garden

Catherine Teresa Holcombe, magna cum laude, ΦΒΚ American Studies (Hispanic Studies)

Fircrest, Washington

thesis Willa Cather’s Pioneer Spirit: Ecofeminism on the Frontier

Julia Whittem Howard, cum laude Sociology honors (Gender and Women’s Studies)

Winchester, Massachusetts

thesis Kitchen Justice: Gender Difference in Building Common Ground

Audrey Elizabeth Howell, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Art honors (Classical Civilization)

Seattle, Washington

project The Biomorphic Grotesque in Modernist and Contemporary Painting 15

Roslyn Clare Hower, cum laude, in absentia Seattle, Washington Sociology thesis Seattle Public Schools Educators’ Perceptions of the Efficacy of Autism Inclusion Programs

Katie YT Huang, cum laude Environment, Economics, and Politics honors (Media Studies)

Walnut, California

thesis Soup, Fins, and Exploitation: An Analysis of the Current State of Shark Finning

Theresa Michelle Iker, magna cum laude, ΦΒΚ American Studies honors (History)

Mill Valley, California

thesis Gals Getting “Reno-vated”: Individual Transformation and National Change During the Rise and Fall of the Reno Divorce Ranches

Brianne Sau Mei Imada, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Mililani, Hawaii Asian American Studies honors (Classical Languages and Literature & Dance) thesis Let There Be Light: Participatory Creative-manual Arts Education Through Lighting Design

Janessa Marie Ingram, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ History honors (German Studies)

Medford, Oregon

thesis Cold War in the Courtroom: The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg and the Development of the Cold War

Amanda Yu Lin Jacobs Organismal Biology

El Cerrito, California

thesis Effects of Phylogeny on Structural Correlations of Vertebrate Eyes

Laura Rose Jeddeloh, cum laude Portland, Oregon Anthropology honors thesis Let’s Talk About Sex: An Examination of Sexual Discourses at The Claremont Colleges

Elizabeth Katherine Jones Psychology (Hispanic Studies)

Pensacola, Florida

thesis The Effects of Matching/Mismatching Learning Style and Learning Style Task on Academic Self-efficacy in College Students

Laura Riley Jones, cum laude, ΣΔΠ Legal Studies/Sociology (Hispanic Studies)

San Rafael, California

thesis Criminal Stigma to Activist Authority Among the Formerly Incarcerated

Anissa M. Joonas Creative Nonfiction Writing

Poste Lafayette, Mauritius

thesis “Island-Time”


Sophia Danielle Kalin Menlo Park, California Media Studies honors project Troika of Fortune Tellers

Christina Yae Jin Kang Human Biology

Ontario, California

thesis Effects of Delivery Mode on Initial Infant Gut Colonization and Subsequent Immune System Development

Zoe Mei Kao Hood River, Oregon Biology thesis Trait Evolution in Anseriformes: Is Evolution of Body Mass, Diet, Locomotory Behavior, and Diel Activity Pattern Correlated?

Emma Beth Kellman, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ San Diego, California Humanities Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture honors (Late Antique-Medieval Studies) thesis Politicized Historiography and the Zionist-crusader Analogy

Zoe Dee Kiklis Boulder, Colorado Biochemistry thesis Chemical Dental Plaque Control: Chlorhexidine Tooth Staining and Efficacy of Common Whitening Procedures

May F Kim Mathematical Economics

Diamond Bar, California

thesis The Effect of Religiosity on the Economic Performance of the United States of America

Sharon In-Kyung Kim, cum laude, ΣΞ Honolulu, Hawaii Biochemistry honors thesis A Genetic Screen to Identify Factors Important for chd1 Function in Drosophila melanogaster

Ann Kathleen Kirkpatrick, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Beaverton, Oregon Hispanic Studies/History honors thesis “Playthings of a Historical Process”: Prostitution in Spanish Society From the Restoration to the Civil War (1874–1939)

Jean Louise Larsen, cum laude Politics and International Relations honors (Geology)

Seattle, Washington

thesis Farmworkers and Strawberry Cultivation in Oxnard, California: A Political Economy Approach

Carrie Grace Latimer Humanities Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture (Art)

Evergreen, Colorado

thesis The Plots of Alexanderplatz: A Study of the Space That Shaped Weimar Berlin 17

Blake Lauren Laufer History (European Studies)

Beverly Hills, California

thesis The Y-Word: The Development of Anglo-Jewish Identity as Evidenced by Tottenham Hotspur Soccer Club’s “Yid Army” Supporters

Oriana Hammond Davies LaVilla, cum laude Politics and International Relations honors (Italian Studies)

Seattle, Washington

thesis Reconciliation and the Rule of Law: The Changing Role of International War Crimes Tribunals: A Case Study of the International Military Tribunal (IMT) at Nuremberg and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

Kiley Anne Lawrence, magna cum laude, ΣΞ Mission Hills, Kansas Biophysics honors thesis A Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Sequence Context Effect on CpG Methylation in DNA

Aileen Nguyen Le, cum laude Saratoga, California Economics honors thesis Understanding the Luxury Handbag Market: Do Used Handbags Make Viable Investments?

Pejing A. Lee Palo Alto, California Physics thesis Factors of Achievement and Persistence of Minorities in Physics

Anya Aline Leyhe, magna cum laude Anthropology (Art)

Piedmont, California

thesis An Ethnographic Inquiry: Contemporary Language Ideologies of American Sign Language

Emery Rose Lieberman-Auerbach, cum laude Claremont, California International and Intercultural Studies honors thesis The Crisis of Migrant Motherhood: Exploring the Cultures of Servitude Embedded Within North Indian Domestic Work

Emily R. Lindburg Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Seattle, Washington

thesis Feminist Stereotypes: Communal Versus Agentic

Jennifer Blake Livermore, cum laude Environmental Analysis

Salt Lake City, Utah

thesis The Pacific Crest Trail: A History of America’s Relationship With Western Wilderness

Sarah Elizabeth Kessler Loebner Human Biology

Los Altos, California

thesis Early Life Epigenetic Programming and Later Psychological Ramifications: Programming Positivity 18

Jamie Tomiye Lowe Biology (Japanese)

Honolulu, Hawaii

thesis The Effects of Music Therapy on Stress Induced Muscle Pain

Casey Leigh Oliver Maas, cum laude Psychology (Media Studies)

San Jose, California

thesis Decoding Faces: The Contribution of Self-expressiveness Level and Mimicry Processes to Emotional Understanding

Katherine Anne MacDonnell, magna cum laude, ΦΒΚ English honors (History)

Boulder, Colorado

thesis How the Myth Was Made: Time, Myth, and Narrative in the Work of William Faulkner

Julia Serena MacNelly, magna cum laude West Tisbury, Massachusetts Humanities Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture honors (Russian and East European Studies) thesis The City and the Stage: Ethics of Performance in Ex-Yugoslavia

Georgia Ann Macy, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ, ΣΞ Santa Barbara, California Biophysics honors thesis The Effects of CpG Methylation on BI-BII Equilibrium in DNA

Amelia Jane Shillington Mainardi, cum laude Kirkwood, Missouri Biology honors thesis Heart Rate Variability and Oxytocin: Measures of Parasympathetic Control

Laura Rebecca Mallison, cum laude, ΣΔΠ Hispanic Studies honors/Legal Studies

San Jose, California

thesis La tiranía de la invisibilidad: la necesidad de reconocer y analizar la violencia de género en la Argentina

Caroline E. Malone, magna cum laude, ΦΒΚ Taos, New Mexico Economics honors/Politics and International Relations honors thesis “Sea Water Fish in a Freshwater Pond”: An Institutional Approach to Understanding Cooperative Scarcity in the United States

Sanggeet Mithra Manirajah, magna cum laude, ΣΔΠ Politics and International Relations honors (Hispanic Studies)

Putrajaya, Malaysia

thesis Looking Back, Moving Forward: The Role of Gandhian Economic Philosophy in India’s Development

Kaitlin Elizabeth Marshall, cum laude, ΣΔΠ Politics and International Relations (Hispanic Studies)

Seattle, Washington

thesis Keeping Iran From the Bomb: The Obama Administration and the Puzzle of the Iranian Nuclear Program 19

Isabella Starbuch Mascheroni, ΨΧ Media Studies/Psychology

New York, New York

thesis Life’s a Game but Work Is Boring: Gamification at Your Desk Job

Allison Michelle Matamoros Membreño Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Arlington Heights, Illinois

thesis Medios revolucionarios de la federación de juntas vecinales: el alto para el cambio social en la guerra del gas del 2003

Emily Grace Matteson, magna cum laude, ΦΒΚ Modesto, California Anthropology honors (Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies & Latin American and Caribbean Studies) thesis Discourses of Menstruation: Public and Private Formations of Female Identity

Simone Claire Maule Science, Technology, and Society (Chemistry)

Poulsbo, Washington

thesis The MSM Deferral Controversy: An Analysis of the 2000 BPAC Meeting

Diana Ellen McDonnell, ΘΑΚ Religious Studies

Loomis, California

thesis C.S. Lewis: Embracing and Transcending Reality

Elizabeth Harris McElvein, cum laude Chevy Chase, Maryland French Studies/Politics and International Relations honors thesis Discourses of Domination: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Development in Haiti

Katharine Claire McGregor Music (French Studies)

Fresno, California

performance thesis Voice Recital

Paloma Medina South Pasadena, California Biology honors thesis Response of Flowering Time Genes, CONSTANS and FKF1, to Cold Temperature in Arabidopsis thaliana

Sarah Robyn Menzies Loveland, Colorado Politics and International Relations (Middle East and North Africa Studies) thesis The Transformation of an Empire to a Nation-state: From the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey

Anne Marie Miles Mathematical Economics

Hillsborough, California

thesis An Analysis of Personality in Light of Socioeconomic Mobility


Alyssa Jane Monroe Santa Barbara, California English honors thesis “Are You Better Off Than You Were 4(0) Years Ago?”: Portrayals of Feminism on Parks and Recreation and Mad Men

Hannah Elaine Moore, magna cum laude, ΣΔΠ Biology honors + Hispanic Studies

Salt Lake City, Utah

thesis Characterizing Interactions Between Habitual Caffeine Consumption and Stress Response Physiology in Female Students thesis La medicina y la cosmovisión: intersecciones de la aculturación y la resistencia en la traducción de textos médicos aztecas

Emily F. Morris Media Studies/Rhetoric: Public Discourse Analysis

Costa Mesa, California

thesis Breaking Down Masculinity in Breaking Bad and the Western Genre: Performance and Disruption

Alexa Jair Moy La Jolla, California Biology thesis Effects of Computer Usage on Ocular Health

Katelyn Erin Muir Anthropology (Dance)

Santa Cruz, California

thesis Saving Mothers: Reducing Maternal Mortality and Correcting the Course of Birth in the United States

Claire Marie Murphy Computer Science

Corvallis, Oregon

project Concurrent, Moving Garbage Collection Using Haswell Transactional Memory

Lan-Anh Jessica Nguyen-Phuong Media Studies

Singapore, Singapore

thesis “All You Need Is Love”: The Rising Importance of Celebrity Status, Social Media, and Fandoms in the Music Industry

Katherine Elise Norwood 3-2 Engineering

Wellesley, Massachusetts

A Senior Project in 3-2 Engineering

Caroline Benson Novit Creative Nonfiction Writing

Lake Forest, Illinois

thesis I’ll Write You: An Experiment in Epistolary Form

** Margaret Crystal Nurimba, cum laude Molecular Biology honors (Music)

Upland, California

thesis Roles of SR Protein Kinase Dsk1 and LAMMER Kinase Kic1 in mRNA Processing in Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe 21

Katharina Noelani O’Brien German Studies

Davis, California

thesis E.T.A. Hoffmann: The Ultimate German Romantic Author—Embodiment of Duality as a Success From His Self-perceived Failures

Eden Kathleen Olsen, magna cum laude Environmental Analysis (Italian Studies)

Monmouth, Oregon

thesis Biodynamic Agriculture: A Valuable Alternative to the Industrial Farming System

Monkgogi Bonolo Otlhogile, cum laude Gaborone, Botswana Environment, Economics, and Politics honors thesis Diamonds Are Not Forever: An Assessment of Mineral Wealth’s Effects on Economic and Human Development in Middle Income Botswana

* Natasha Uday Pabrai Irvine, California Biology thesis The Use of Anti-CD3 Treatment and Genetic Screening to Delay Further Beta Cell Destruction in Type 1 Diabetes

Tessa O’Brien Paoli, magna cum laude, ΣΔΠ San Francisco, California Politics and International Relations honors (Hispanic Studies) thesis Deconstructing the Sex Workers’ Rights Movement in San Francisco: Histories From Below

Camilla Wells Pecora Biology (Hispanic Studies)

San Jose, California

thesis Genetic Pathways Involved in Response to the Phenol-based Compounds Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Anna Louise Petkovich, cum laude English/Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Sacramento, California

thesis “Her Power Is Her Own”: Classed Confines, Gendered Expectations, and Questions of Social Movement in The House on Mango Street

Claire Miller Pompetti Wayne, Pennsylvania History thesis Adding Agency to Art: The Pre-Raphaelites, Their Wives, and the Intersection of Art and Victorian Gender Norms

Caitlin Elizabeth Powell, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ English honors (Psychology)

Boulder Creek, California

thesis Man Pain in the Man Booker Prize: A Quantitative Approach to Contemporary Canon Formation

Lauren Rose Prince, cum laude Mercer Island, Washington Media Studies honors (Latin American and Caribbean Studies) thesis Beauty and the Body: Gendered Representations of the Digitally Altered Image 22

Megan Repplier Pritchett, magna cum laude Sociology (Art History)

Fair Oaks, California

thesis “I’m a Jesus Feminist”: Understandings of Faith, Gender, and Feminism Among Christian Women

Irina Rabkina, cum laude, ΣΞ Neuroscience honors (Computer Science)

San Rafael, California

thesis Examining the Intersection of the Cognitive Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bilingual Brain

Ishman Raidah Rahman English/Legal Studies

Dhaka, Bangladesh

thesis Colorblind Liberalism in Legal Storytelling: To Kill a Mockingbird and A Time to Kill

Kyra Elizabeth Ray, cum laude Biology (Psychology)

Seattle, Washington

thesis Identification of Salt-inducible F-box Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana

Megan Case Raymond, cum laude La Conner, Washington Politics and International Relations honors (Hispanic Studies) thesis Rationalizing Voter Suppression: How North Carolina Justified the Nation’s Strictest Voting Law

Allison Elizabeth Hansen Riegle, magna cum laude Washington, District of Columbia Art honors (Media Studies) project Rieglematica: Re-imagining the Photobooth Through Female Performativity and Self-portraiture

Allison Judith Rigby, cum laude Santa Ana, California Art History/Environmental Analysis honors thesis The Reclamation of Public Parks: An Analysis of Environmental Justice in Los Angeles

Madeline K. Ripley, cum laude Economics honors (Music)

Wellesley, Massachusetts

thesis From Adele to Zedd: The Consumption of Popular Music in the United States, 2006–2013

Alfonsina Rodriguez, cum laude Mathematical Economics honors (Hispanic Studies)

Houston, Texas

thesis The Effect of Dual Language Education on Student Achievement

Alison Barbara Ross Newton, Massachusetts Psychology thesis Applying the Biopsychosocial Model: Factors Associated With Depression in Mexican-American Adults 23

Madeleine Drusilla Harkins Roy, cum laude New Orleans, Louisiana Creative Writing honors thesis Arrows: A Partial Novel

Eliana Rose Rudee, magna cum laude Mercer Island, Washington Politics and International Relations honors (Jewish Studies) thesis Perceptions and Strategic Concerns of Gender in Terrorism

Madeline Rose Ruvolo, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Silver Spring, Maryland American Studies honors thesis Sick of Being Excluded: Young Adults With Chronic Illnesses, Social Isolation, and the Need for a More Inclusive Disability Community

Leslie Anne Sachs, cum laude Lincoln, Massachusetts Politics and International Relations honors/Psychology thesis Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault on College Campuses: A Psychology and Policy Analysis

Alexandra Jane Sacks Media Studies

Pacific Palisades, California

thesis Cancelled Too Soon: How the Internet and Social Media Are Saving Cult Television Shows

Hilary Anne Sager, cum laude Public Policy Analysis-Sociology

Hood River, Oregon

thesis What Happens to a Dream Deferred? An Evaluation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Sophie Maria Saouma Middle East and North Africa Studies (Computer Science)

Boulder, Colorado

thesis Lebanon and Hizbullah: Investigating the Failed State Model

Amanda Anne Schaible, magna cum laude Moorpark, California Economics honors thesis Quantitative Easing’s Effect on Shadow Banking: Have Federal Reserve Purchases Caused a Collateral Shortage in the Repurchase Agreement Market?

Rebecca Natalie Schell Athens, Georgia Neuroscience thesis Sceletium tortuosum and Mesembrine: A Potential Alternative Treatment for Depression

Catherine Ruth Schetina, magna cum laude, ΦΒΚ English honors (Religious Studies)

Glendale, California

thesis “It Made the Ladies Into Ghosts”: The Male Hero’s Journey and the Destruction of the Feminine in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! and Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon 24

Julia Elizabeth Seward, cum laude Grass Valley, California Hispanic Studies/Politics and International Relations honors thesis An Intersectional Approach to Environmental Political Theory: A Case Study on Modern Andean Bolivian Indigenous Forms of Resistance and Communal Democracy in Relation to Water Rights

Dana Lauren Shaker, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ, ΣΔΠ Anthropology honors (Legal Studies)

Niles, Ohio

thesis Dwelling in Possibility: Narrating, Requesting, and Providing Food “Options” in the Lives of Dietary-restricted College Students

Kathleen Ford Shangraw, magna cum laude Tualatin, Oregon Neuroscience honors thesis Characterization of Auditory Inputs to a Brain Area Required for Learned Vocal Production

Elena Diane Sharma, cum laude Waxhaw, North Carolina English honors thesis The Young Adult Dystopia as Bildungsroman: Formational Rebellions Against Simplicity in Westerfeld’s Uglies and Roth’s Divergent

Alexandra Marie Sheridan Sunnyvale, California Neuroscience thesis Monotony and Deprivation: The Effects of Long-term Imprisonment on the Neurocognitive Functioning of the Older Prison Inmate Population

Hannah Margaret Shoenhard, ΦΒΚ, ΣΞ Neuroscience honors + Philosophy

Reno, Nevada

thesis Effects of Lesions of Auditory Input to an Identified Premotor Area on Zebra Finch Song thesis Economic Liberty and Justice in Critiques of John Rawls

Cara A. Shpizner, cum laude San Mateo, California Psychology thesis Theory of Mind and Moral Theme Comprehension in Preschool Children Ages 3–4

Lauren Stephanie Siems, cum laude, ΣΞ Biology (Hispanic Studies)

Round Lake, Illinois

thesis Investigating the Role of chd1 in the Nucleolus of Drosophila melanogaster

Elizabeth Anya Silverman, cum laude Bainbridge Island, Washington Politics and International Relations honors thesis Sex Education in California: The Disconnect Between Legislation and Implementation


Emily Hedeen Simmons, magna cum laude Dance honors + Psychology

Corvallis, Oregon

thesis All That Pushes and Pulls: A Choreographic Exploration of the Blurred Relationship Between Individuality and Conformity thesis The Relationship Between Adolescent Depression and Social Skills in Young Adulthood

Francesca Olivia Simmons Gilbert, Arizona History thesis See the U.S.A. on Your New Highway: The Interstate Highway System as a Product of the Military-industrial Complex

Tanawan Sirivatanaaksorn, ΣΔΠ Foreign Languages

Nakornpatham, Thailand

thesis A Comparative Study About the Problems of the Educational System in Spain and China

Beatrice Schuster-Smith, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Creative Writing for New Media honors (Media Studies)

Aliso Viejo, California

thesis Gaming Stories: Narrative and (Co)Authorship in Role-playing Video Games

Briana Moná Smith, cum laude Computational Media

Tampa, Florida

project Radical Role Players: Disrupting Gamespace Performance Between the Digital and the Organic

Dominique Jenée Smith Art/Media Studies

River Forest, Illinois

project Something’s Wrong When You Regret Things That Haven’t Happened: Effects of the Victimization of Women in Media

Leah Beth Soffer, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Economics honors (Dance)

River Forest, Illinois

thesis Public Funding for the Arts: Welfare for the Wealthy?

Casey Marie Sprague Kensington, California Biology thesis Relative Importance of Male Song on Female Mate Selection in the Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata)

Zoe Yvonne Stalnecker Psychology (History)

Indianapolis, Indiana

thesis Email, Colors and Fonts: Responses to How Email Advertising Influences Consumer Buying Behavior and Judgment of Appeal


Lily Clara Stewart, magna cum laude, ΘΑΚ Religious Studies honors (Late Antique-Medieval Studies)

Morro Bay, California

thesis Canonizing Episcopal “Naughtiness”: Negative Depictions of Bishops and the Bishopric in Late Antique and Medieval Hagiography

Hayley Ann Strickland, cum laude Media Studies

New York, New York

thesis Women at Work: Working Girl, Disclosure and the Evolution of Professional Female Stereotypes

Melody Strmel Humanities Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture

Ontario, California

thesis Magical Me: Self-insertion Fanfiction as Literary Critique

Alexandra Hamilton Sullivan, cum laude Virginia City, Nevada Chemistry thesis The Preparation of Rapidly Initiating Ruthenium Metathesis Catalysts for Mechanistic Studies Towards Rational Ligand Design

Sophia Yoshie Suzukawa-Tseng Psychology (Art)

Tokyo, Japan

thesis Contributing Factors to Academic Motivation in Female Undergraduate Students

Elsa Marie Swanson, cum laude 3-2 Engineering

Albuquerque, New Mexico

A Senior Project in 3-2 Engineering

Charlotte Arikai Tabeson Organizational Studies

Oakland, California

thesis The GirlVentures Culture: Supporting People of Color in the Organization

Sherilyn Keiko Tamagawa, cum laude Kaneohe, Hawaii Mathematics honors thesis Quandles of Virtual Knots

Ei Phyu Theint, cum laude Mathematical Economics

Yangon, Myanmar

thesis Empirical Analysis of Causes of Income Inequality: A Level Playing Field for Children at the Start of School Career

Chelsea L’Rae Thompson, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Snohomish, Washington Politics and International Relations honors (Anthropology) thesis Sex, Slaves, and Saviors: Domestic and Global Agendas in U.S. Anti-trafficking Policy


Liv Scarlett Townsend, cum laude Art History (Dance)

Groton, Connecticut

thesis Rembrandt’s Reputation: The Effects of Modern Connoisseurship and the Development of Technology

Alexandra Jeanne Trimm, cum laude Art honors (Art History)

San Diego, California

project The Frozen Moment: Representations of Space, Time and the Experiential in Installation Art

Mariah Faye Tso, cum laude Environment, Economics, and Politics

Cheney, Washington

thesis Diné Food Sovereignty: Decolonization Through the Lens of Food

Elizabeth Page Tyson, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ Dripping Springs, Texas English honors thesis Annie Proulx’s Wyoming: Subversive Storytelling From the Bunchgrass Edge of the World

Taylor Jade Ulrich, magna cum laude Media Studies (Gender and Women’s Studies)

Bellingham, Washington

thesis James Deen: The Feminist Enigma

Julie Vaisarova, summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ, ΨΧ Bellevue, Washington Psychology honors thesis Witches, Warlocks, and . . . Fulgurites?: Learning Information From Fantasy Fiction

Adriana Valdivias East Palo Alto, California Psychology thesis Robbing the Cradle: Gender, Sociosexuality, and Age Gap Direction’s Effects on Mate Acceptance and Likelihood of Entering an Age Gap Relationship

Ingrid Catherine Van Valkenburg, magna cum laude Portland, Oregon Economics/English thesis The Factors for Choosing a Partner: Using Economic Theory to Enhance Readings of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice

Gillian Hannah Varney, cum laude Chappaqua, New York History honors thesis “Votes for Mothers”: The National Woman’s Party’s Conflicted Arguments for Women’s Suffrage, 1913–1920

Alejandra Veyna Pasadena, California English thesis Virginia Woolf and Literary Impressionism


Dana Marie Von Schaumburg, magna cum laude Environmental Analysis honors (Religious Studies)

Parker, Colorado

thesis A Study of Post-fire Recovery in Invaded Coastal Sage Scrub at the Bernard Field Station

Caroline Vurlumis, cum laude Environmental Analysis (Media Studies)

Berkeley, California

thesis AB 32 and SB 375: Investigating Land Use and Transportation Policy on a Regional and Local Scale

Anna-Louise Randolph Walton, magna cum laude, ΦΒΚ, ΣΔΠ Claremont, California Music honors (Hispanic Studies) performance thesis Composition Recital

Amanda Jane Walujono Politics and International Relations

Irvine, California

thesis The Discrimination of the Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia and Perceptions of Nationality

Jessica Lily Warren, cum laude Sherman Oaks, California Anthropology honors (Politics and International Relations) thesis Growing Together Separately: An Analysis of the Influence of Individualism in an Alternative Educational Setting

Emma Hoder Wartzman, cum laude American Studies

Los Angeles, California

thesis First We Cook: An Exploration of Why Americans Should Return to the Kitchen and What It Will Take to Get Them There

Madison R. Williams Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Wilson, Wyoming

thesis Structural Limits of Liberal Neutrality: Understanding Problems for Sustainability

Zaneh Mattise Williams Politics and International Relations

Indian Head, Maryland

thesis American Culture and Its Influence on Korean Popular Music

Cassandra Lee Won, cum laude Media Studies

Carlsbad, California

project (Un)Focusing the Gaze

Victoria Wong, cum laude Brooklyn, New York Human Biology honors thesis Don’t Be Led by the Lead: Racialism, Segregation and the “Poisoned Criminal” Imaginary


Maxine Jonelle Yakobi Behavioral Studies

New York, New York

thesis The Economic and Behavioral Success of Riot Games in an Undifferentiated Video Game Market

Jasmine Elaine Ye English (Psychology)

Olympia, Washington

thesis Identity and Trauma in A Song of Ice and Fire

Catherine Lillian Young American Studies/Politics and International Relations

Minnetonka, Minnesota

thesis The National Rifle Association in Context: Gun Rights in Relation to the National Security State

S.  M. Zackery, cum laude Media Economics

Orlando, Florida

thesis Musical Missteps: The Severity of the Sophomore Slump in the Music Industry project The Genre Formerly Known as Punk: A Queer Person of Color’s Perspective on the Scene

Christine Anne Zenel Anthropology honors (French Studies)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

thesis A Paradoxical Paradise: The Marquesas as a Degenerate and Regenerative Space in the Western Imagination

Alexa Rae Zilberfarb Boston, Massachusetts Geology thesis Metamorphism of Cretaceous Sandstones by Natural Coal-fires, San Rafael Swell, Utah

+ Signifies a double major. Students complete all requirements for each field, and complete two theses. / Signifies a dual major. Students complete all requirements for each field, and complete one thesis. ( ) Signifies a minor. * Denotes October graduate. ** Denotes January graduate. Actual conferring of a degree to any candidate is conditional upon meeting all graduation requirements.


HONORS IN RECOGNITION OF ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Phi Beta Kappa - ΦΒΚ The Theta of California Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was established at Scripps College in 1962. Seniors are elected to membership on the basis of academic standing and the regulations for eligibility established by the chapter and the national society.

Omicron Delta Epsilon - ΟΔΕ Founded in 1915, Omicron Delta Epsilon is one of the world’s largest academic honor societies. The Scripps College chapter, Alpha Upsilon, was established in 2009 to recognize scholastic attainment and honor outstanding achievements in economics, and to foster closer ties between students and faculty in economics within the College.

Phi Alpha Theta - ΦΑΘ Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society in history. Students who meet the criteria are invited to join.

Psi Chi - ΨΧ Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are making the study of psychology one of their major interests, and who meet the minimum qualification.

Sigma Delta Pi - ΣΔΠ Sigma Delta Pi is a national honorary Spanish society. Juniors and seniors are elected to membership on the basis of academic standing.

Sigma Xi - ΣΞ The Claremont Colleges Club of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, elects seniors to associate membership in the national society on the basis of outstanding aptitude for scientific research and achievement in science.

Theta Alpha Kappa - ΘΑΚ Scripps College is a member of the Claremont Colleges chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, a national honor society for Religious Studies/Theology. Students are elected to membership on the basis of academic standing and regulations for eligibility established by the national society.

Latin Honors Scripps College recognizes with Latin Honors graduating seniors who have performed with distinction in their academic studies. Based on cumulative GPA, Latin honors will be awarded in the following categories: Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude.


SCHOLARSHIPS 2013–2014 Scripps College acknowledges the generosity of its many scholarship and loan fund donors whose support enables Scripps to offer a quality education in the humanities-based liberal arts to all students, regardless of their financial resources. On behalf of the students who benefit from your commitment, we thank you. Rebecca Adams ’61 Scripps Fund Scholarship Ahmanson Foundation Scholarship Denise Elizabeth Anderson ’58 Memorial Scholarship Hollis Norris Anderson ’31 Scholarship Yuki Aoki Scholarship in Music Asian Student Fund Scholarship Dorothy Cruickshank Backstrand ’32 Scholarship Bekavac Family Scholarship Nancy Y. Bekavac Scholarship Catharine Raynolds Berger ’42 Memorial Scholarship Betty Lewis Bixby ’33 Memorial Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Bixby Scholarship Bradford and Mary Anne Blaine Scholarship Sharon Walther Blasgen ’64 and Michael Blasgen Scholarship Lucy Kereta-Block and Walter Block P’13 Scripps Fund Scholarship Jean Presley Bowles ’44 Memorial Scholarship Lois Love Brown ’34 Scholarship Margaret Norris Brown ’35 Memorial Scholarship Evan Hartley Burke and Lucille Housel Burke ’70 Scripps Fund Scholarship Nancy Ann Busch-Rossnagel ’73 Scholarship Geoffrey Carrington Camp Memorial Scholarship Edna Van Wart Castera Memorial Scholarship Elise and Merrick Chaffee Memorial Scholarship Class of ’31 Scholarship Class of ’33 Scholarship Class of ’36 Scholarship Class of ’37 Scholarship Class of ’39 (The ’39 Fund) Scholarship Class of ’40 Scholarship Class of ’41 Scholarship 32

Class of ’42 Scholarship Class of ’45 Scholarship Class of ’47 Scholarship Class of ’57 Scholarship Class of ’58 Scholarship Class of ’61 Scholarship Class of ’62 Scholarship Class of ’70 Scholarship Class of ’71 Scholarship Class of ’73 Scripps Fund Scholarship Hillary Rodham Clinton Scholarship Catherine Collinson ’85 Scripps Fund Scholarship Colorado Scholarship Columbia House Scholarship Madelaine Thackston Currie ’36 Scholarship Donna Darnell ’56 Scholarship Deborah A. David ’72 and Norman Kurland Scholarship Davis United World Scholarships Phil Dike Scholarship Dorothy Drake Memorial Scholarships Marian Orr Duffy ’75 Memorial Scholarship Jane Lueddemann Ehrman ’41 Scholarship Nancy Freeman Ellett ’58 and Norman Townsend Ellett Memorial Scholarship Mary Margaret “Molly” Murphy Elliott ’90 Memorial Scholarship Ruth Epstein Memorial Scholarship Jackie Espiau Scholarship Esterly International Scholarship Juliet King Esterly ’34 Scholarship Florence and Mary B. Eyre Scholarship Faculty and Staff Scholarship Fine Arts Foundation Memorial Scholarship Thomas and Margaret Fleming Memorial Scholarship Zemula Pierce Fleming ’47 Scholarship Sarah Stauffer Francoeur ’38 Memorial Scholarship Mrs. Carolyn C. Franklin and Dr. Carl M. Franklin Scholarship Nellie G. Fryer Memorial Scholarship in Art Christine Galitzi Memorial Scholarship 33

Augusta E. Galster Memorial Scholarship Robert H. Garrison Scholarship General Scholarship Fund Katharine H. Glass Scholarship James W. Gould Scholarship in International Relations Harold Graham Memorial Scholarship in Art Margaret Gray Memorial Scholarship Alexandra Brookshire and Bert Green P’14 Scripps Fund Scholarship Martha Jane Griffin ’68 Scholarship Eleanor J. Ham ’37 Scholarship Martha Wehmeier Hammer ’66 Scholarship Award Alexa Fullerton Hampton ’42 Memorial Scholarship Alice E. Harper Scholarship Margaret C. Hawkins Memorial Scholarship William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship Susan Lautmann Hertel ’52 Memorial Scholarship in Art Carolyn Andrews Higgs ’42 Memorial Scholarship Brenda Barham Hill Scholarship Laura Vausbinder Hockett ’85 Scripps Fund Scholarship Gloria McClintock Holden Scholarship Maria Hummer ’65 Scholarship Jackson Scholarship Betty Pickering James ’33 Scholarship Jaqua/Hardin Memorial Scholarship in Music Ernest Jaqua Scholarship Jeanne Jaquith Scholarship Nancy Hart Glanville Jewell ’49 Scholarship Nancy Hart Glanville Jewell ’49 Scripps Fund Scholarship Donald Johnson Scripps Fund Scholarship Fletcher Jones Foundation Scholarship Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Scholarship Award W.M. Keck Foundation Science Scholarship Joanne Glass Keith ’63 and Dennis Keith P’96 Scripps Fund Scholarship Helen Cheney Kimberly Scholarship Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Nancy Mayer Knapp ’54 and David Knapp Memorial Scholarship Lydiane Vermeulen Kyte ’40 Memorial Scholarship 34

Gerry Lahanas Scholarship Ruth Lamb Scholarship Lassiter Family Scholarship Kathleen Sherwood Latimer Memorial Scholarship Samella Lewis Scholarship J.M. Long Foundation Scholarship in Science Christine Lynch Scripps Fund Scholarship Littie and Stuart Mackeown Memorial Scholarship Alfreda Ward Maloof Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth Hubert Malott ’53 Memorial Scripps Fund Scholarship Montana Scholarship B. Paul Moser Trust Science Scholarship Maude Barker Neff Scholarship Dr. H. Andrea Neves and Mr. Barton Evans Scripps Fund Scholarship New Generation Scholarships Donald T. Leahy Charitable Trust New Generation Scholarship Betty Bunn Mohr ’46 New Generation Scholarship Jean and George Smith New Generation Scholarship Lam-Anh Jennifer Nguyen-Phuong Scholarship Grace Nicholson Scholarship Margo Leonetti O’Connell ’64 Scholarship Sandra Day O’Connor Scholarship Katherine Laun Olson ’60 Scholarship Katherine Laun Olson ’60 Scripps Fund Scholarship Tia Palermo Memorial Scholarship A. Elizabeth and Robert B. Palmer Memorial Scholarship in Classics Pattison, McDowell, and Pruessing Memorial Music Scholarship Mignon Pease ’65 Memorial Scholarship Ann Peppers Foundation Scholarship Frank W. and Delora A. Pitman Memorial Scholarship Presidential Scholarships JoEllen Pruitt ’85 and John E. Barnhart Memorial Scholarship Barbara Fowler Ralston ’41 Scholarship Carolyn Revelle Scripps Fund Scholarship Ellen Clark Revelle ’31 Scholarship Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship Ellen Blair Richstone ’73 Endowment in International Relations 35

Viivi Soolepp Romine ’56 Scholarship Rose Hills Foundation Science and Engineering Scholarship Henry Scamman Scholarship Scripps College QuestBridge Scholarships Class of ’63 QuestBridge Scholarship Eileen Schock Laspa ’67 QuestBridge Scholarship Erica Voogd-Phillips ’75 Memorial QuestBridge Scholarship James E. Scripps Scholarships Seaver Institute Scholarship Senior Class 2013 Scholarship Alice Shapiro Memorial Scholarship Millard Sheets Scholarship Helena “O’Bie” Shultz Memorial Scholarship Betsy Smith ’65 Memorial Scholarship Isabel Fothergill Smith Scholarship Award Winifred Wig Smith ’38 Scholarship Sara Stanley ’78 Memorial Scholarship John Stauffer Scholarship for Excellence in Chemistry and the Physical Sciences Harry and Grace Steele Foundation Scholarship Albert Stewart Memorial Scholarship in Art Elizabeth Younglove Suffel ’33 Scholarship Jesse Swan Scholarship Philip V. Swan Scripps Fund Scholarship Barbara Talbott Scripps Fund Scholarship Evalyn Starr Thacker ’48 Scholarship Barbara Brooks Tomblin ’66 and Fred Tomblin Scholarship Trustee Scholarships Wadleigh Scholarship Irving M. Walker Memorial Scholarship Alice Colby Wheeler Scholarship The Mary Gregory Wigginton Scholarship Marian Williams ’37 Memorial Scholarship Alyce de Roulet Williamson ’52 Scholarship Aseneth Louise Willits ’60 Memorial Scholarship Arthur Woods Scholarship in International Affairs Scholarship from a donor wishing to remain anonymous


LOAN FUNDS 2013–2014 Jane Alcock ’47 Student Loan Fund Elizabeth Westfall Bell Loan Fund Alex Butterfield Loan Fund Donna Cavin Memorial Loan Fund William Scripps Clark Loan Fund William Scripps Clark Loan Fund II Class of ’31 Student Loan Fund Class of ’35 Student Loan Fund Class of ’36 Student Loan Fund Class of ’40 Student Loan Fund Class of ’41 Student Loan Fund Class of ’43 Student Loan Fund Class of ’46 Student Loan Fund Class of ’49 Student Loan Fund Mark and Maria “Tati” Curtis Memorial Loan Fund Dorothy Drake Memorial Loan Fund Drown Foundation Student Loan Fund Joseph Drown II Student Loan Fund Joslyn Foundation Loan Fund Bates Keim Memorial Loan Fund B. Paul Moser Loan Fund Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Loan Fund Lois Lamberson Poppino Loan Fund Santa Barbara Loan Fund Laurie Ann Schag Loan Fund Ellen Browning Scripps Loan Fund Albert H. Stone Education Loan Fund Crouch Vandenhoudt Loan Fund Weingart Foundation Loan Fund Trust


THY MANY GIFTS Strong in the strength of all, venturing together, Searching, exploring the life of the mind. Cloudless and blue above, or somber the weather, Day follows day, all things good well-combined. May life be free and full, life be unencumbered, Vision and growth through the years may it hold. Thy many gifts to us, thy benefits unnumbered May we return, Alma Mater, threefold.

Words and music by Isabel Fothergill Smith

In the early years of Scripps College, a “Music Convo” was held each fall at which the four classes and residence halls each presented original songs in a high spirit of competition. At the “Convo” of 1932, Thy Many Gifts was presented by a self-appointed trio consisting of Isabel Smith, then Dean, who wrote the words and music in three parts, and two faculty wives, Mrs. Paul Havens and Mrs. John W. Darr. The song became, and has remained, the Scripps College Alma Mater. It was later revised in the 1960s when Bill Blanchard, then organist for the Pomona College faculty, added a fourth part to the work and made a minor change in notation.


LA SEMEUSE The seal of Scripps College, designed by sculptor Lee Lawrie, depicts La Semeuse— she who sows. The image of the sower of “the good seed of thought, of action, of life” was chosen by the faculty in the 1927–28 academic year. They also selected the College motto, Incipit Vita Nova—“here begins new life.” The esteemed Professor Hartley Burr Alexander was largely responsible for the seal’s image and the motto. Before he arrived on campus, he suggested Incipit Vita Nova, the first words of Dante’s New Life.

“It seems to me that what college ought to do is to begin a new life in a very real sense, and perhaps the motto would have a double significance for Scripps in indicating not only the new life begun for each student, but also the new life which we hope may be begun from a renewed vitality in education [evidenced in the founding of this college for women].” —Hartley Burr Alexander


ACADEMIC REGALIA The history and pageantry of academic regalia go back to the 11th Century, during the High Middle Ages, when the university itself came into being. The knowledge disseminated by early universities was theological or ecclesiastical, and most scholars were members of the clergy. The cap, gown, and hood grew out of the clerical dress of that period. Participants in the Commencement processional reflect the colors, chevrons, velvets, and wools of diverse degrees earned in the United States and abroad. Those in the audience will observe, among others, the deep blue/black velvet robe and hood of Yale University, the crimson and black of Harvard University, black with orange velvet of Princeton, blue and gold from University of California, Berkeley, crimson of University of Southern California, and yellow trimmed in ermine from the Sorbonne. Most gowns reflect degrees according to a strict code first adopted by the American Council of Education in 1932. The bachelor’s gown is plain with long pointed sleeves. The master’s gown is slightly fuller in cut and has long oblong sleeves and an arc cut in the front. The doctor’s gown is still fuller with bell-shaped sleeves and has three bars of black velvet on the sleeve. The velvet bars may be colored to represent the bearer’s academic field. Hoods are the most distinctive part of the American academic dress. The exterior of most hoods is black, with its length three feet for the bachelor’s degree, three and one-half feet for the master’s degree, and four feet for the doctor’s degree. Hoods are lined with the official colors of the college or university conferring the degree, and the trimming is velvet, reflecting the color of the bearer’s academic field. The many colors of the hoods indicate the diverse fields of learning at Scripps College: art, letters, humanities—white; economics—copper; education—light blue; fine arts—brown; medicine—green; music—pink; philosophy—dark blue; physical education—sage green; science—golden yellow; and theology—scarlet. Scripps College is one of the few undergraduate institutions with distinctive academic regalia. The sage green robe reflects the school’s colors; the white and brown trimming on the hood indicates the College’s historic curricular strengths in the arts, letters, humanities, and fine arts. Scripps College commissioned local seamstress Kathleen Kile to create a special presidential robe for President Lori Bettison-Varga for the presidential inauguration held on March 27, 2010. Complementing the College’s academic regalia, the robe is crafted with fabric from two existing Commencement robes. The robe is adorned with four chevrons, a distinction reserved for the presidential rank. The genius of women emblem, the emblem of President Bettison-Varga’s inaugural year at the College, is embroidered on each of the front velvet panels. Inspired by the Scripps College seal, La Semeuse, the emblem joins eight seeds, one for each president of Scripps College since its founding in 1926. Together, these seeds assert the potential and fruition of the genius of women educated at Scripps College. 40

Scripps College 2014 Commencement Program  
Scripps College 2014 Commencement Program