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Ann Terry Wade Haven (Seal Beach, CA) We still spend half the year in Port Townsend,WA, a very beautiful place.We come back in the fall to Seal Beach. Our daughter, Jane, is married and living in Budapest. She travels weekly in her work. Our son, Dave, lives in Sacramento.



Brent Shaw Foster (San Diego, CA) In July of this year I visited my sister Ann Shaw McFarlane ’53 in Australia where she entertained me royally for a month.Then in October, I joined my sister and six other members of the class of ’53 in a week-long visit with Nancy Shroyer Howard ’53 at her castle in Chianti, Italy.

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Shirley Beaham Moore (Tucson, AZ) I am looking forward to seeing lots of friends from the class of ’56 at our next year’s 50th! • Nancy J. Rude (Walnut Creek, CA) I retired from teaching at St. Mary’s College after 25 years. I am still active with my private piano studio and performances in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am planning an extensive trip to Europe this summer to perform in Basel, Switzerland, and to attend music workshops. • Emily Ingham Sandstrom (Prescott, AZ) I have been battling cancer since 2002, but I am “stable”

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Farida K. Fox (Santa Rosa, CA) My partner and I are enjoying good health working in the garden, keeping the wood store going (saves on heating bills), caring for chickens and bees and living (pretty well) on a lot less money than ever before (aren’t we all?). My kids are struggling though, as are all young middle-aged adults, and will continue to do so for generations to come unless there are real changes in our country’s leadership.

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Ann McEwen Standridge (Monroe, NC) Finally, this June I will retire from a regular job teaching, and begin to explore and discover the rest of my life. Barbara Cook Wormser (Redlands, CA) I enjoyed the chance to visit with other members of the class at our 45th reunion.

Chocolate. There are few foods that people feel as passionate about—a passion that Tracy Wood Anderson ’84 understands. In March, she celebrated the first anniversary of her small family-run operation, Woodhouse Chocolate, in the heart of Napa Valley. As college students traveling through Europe, she and her husband, John Anderson, fell in love with the small neighborhood chocolate shops. Years later, casting about for new career directions, the Andersons saw the movie adaptation of Joanne Harris’ novel Chocolat. Inspired, they decided to make their dream of becoming chocolatiers a reality. Anderson, a graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, began expanding her culinary skills to include gourmet candies. She spent two years taking classes and traveling in Belgium and France exploring the world of fine chocolates. Soon the Andersons opened their own chocolaterie. Having charge of the company’s product design and production, Anderson’s culinary and fine art background has been influential. As a studio art major at Scripps, she enjoyed experimenting with mixed media. “Something you might not think of in other art mediums becomes possible with mixed media,” Anderson explained. Her love of alchemy and respect for tradition is apparent in her decadent handmade chocolates. Anderson’s dark, milk, and white chocolate creations are brimming with such epicurean flavors as raspberry Chambord, garden fresh mint, and candied walnut buttercream. Her next confectionary ambition is a family favorite, pâte de fruit, a dense fruit jellied candy. Anderson said the chemistry aspect of tempering has made the project a little daunting. But she conjectured, “It’s all about learning—being willing to take a risk.” Her creativity, education, and willingness to experiment have helped this alumna turn a passion into a livelihood.

Life is Sweet

Tracy Wood Anderson, in her kitchen

at this writing. I keep busy caring for hospice patients here in Prescott. I am also very involved in local community projects, church, and the homeless in particular. I keep in contact with Joy Brown ’55 and Martha Hodge Beeso ’56.

Spring 2005  
Spring 2005  

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