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Dear Readers, The copy of uNbound that you are holding is our last issue of the year. As May approaches, we, the women of AASU, are preparing to bid farewell to the graduating seniors who have shaped our organization with their enthusiasm, leadership, and love. We will remember them fondly as the women who influenced us in immeasurable ways with their warmth and dedication. In this issue, we have attempted to express in words and pictures our impressions, memories, and gratitude for the community we have built this year. Along with the collection of poetry, art, photo collages, and collaborative work, you will find tributes to seniors who have so positively impacted AASU to be what we are today. uNbound would like to wish these graduating women best of luck in their future endeavours outside of the Scripps bubble. We hope that they will never forget the relationships and memories formed in AASU. This issue is dedicated to the AASU seniors.

uNbound Staff Tina Hsu Rachel Poutasse Heidi Hong Candace Kita Junyan Wu

- uNbound staff

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By Kelsey Tanaka

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the lord is good to me I hate summer camp. I don’t know anybody there and I am too shy to make friends. The pool is too cold and I become lost in the locker room, I don’t like the games we have to play, and I fail miserably at wood shop and archery. When we have to play dodge ball with the older kids, I excuse myself and go hide in the bathroom for ten or fifteen minutes. Before we eat lunch, sing a song: The Lord is good to me And so I thank the Lord For giving me the things I need The sun and the rain and the apple tree The Lord is good to me. there is only one of me, no more, no less Tucked away in the back of a closet somewhere, there are four framed pictures of my class every year from kindergarten until third grade. We are arranged by height, and I am always in the bottom row on the far left side since I am the shortest. In each of these portraits, I am wearing enormous round glasses and a bulky sweater. My hair is messy and I always have a huge grin on my face. In sixth grade, for the first time I am not the shortest one in the class. Conan So is smaller and more Asian than me, and we actively avoid each other. After that year, I never see him again. take me away from this place Three days into orientation, I discover the chapel in the corner of Margaret Fowler Garden. I am very homesick and it is too hot outside and I realize that I have made a terrible mistake. I cry and cry because choosing a college was one of the most important decisions I have ever made and I fucked it up and I just want to go home. I have never felt so alone in my life. tell me lies and i will lap them up and beg for more This summer, my romantic interest of the time patiently and very earnestly explains to me that racism, sexism, and global warming do not exist. I protest mildly, but I carefully avoid saying anything that he might interpret as a challenge. is my reflection like me or is she my opposite When I look in the mirror I look into my own eyes. I am searching for somebody fearless.

by Rachel Poutasse


snap shots images from the daily lives of AASU members


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candace kita





WE LOVE SENIORS! Kimbo! bet you can’t guess who this is. Just wanted to say shpanks for putting up with me for the past 4 years of friendship. I think we should move to portland together when you’re off being a scientist/researcher and i’m a bum on the street. jk (i hope). anyway- just wanted to say thanks for always listening Kim! I will miss you so much (I already do!) and I can’t wait to my vents and also putting up with random moodyness/just plain craziness. to see what sorts of brilliant things you end up doing in your field (though I’m sure I won’t understand any of it). I love you iheartyou. sooo have you guessed who this is yet? -- Tasia lots, and I’m so glad that we’ve gotten to do the whole AASU KIMBO—no leave me! Stay here and continue to ditch me with Carol. I’m journey together. You are really frikin’ awesome :) -- Nicole kidding, I love you and everything you have done for AASU. Seriously, anytime we couldn’t figure out what to do, we were like Kim has the answer!! Heeeey Suitie!! It has been a crazy ride, but we made it!

Kim Fong

Thank you for being your super sweet, smart, funny, FABULOUS self. I am going to miss you like crazy Miss Northwest/ Oregon. You are going to kick major booty in grad school and I can’t wait to read about you in the paper when you become famous! I’m sure we’ll be in touch, love always! <3always, Megan Kim, I will never forget how many times a day Shiyuan would praise your crazy financial management skills last year. How smart, organized, efficient, and responsible can one person possibly be? Thanks for all your hard work in AASU last year; we missed your presence this year. ~Emi

Kim! I am so glad that I met you this year. You are so sweet and funny. I know that wherever life takes you, you will do great! Good luck and come visit us! -Anna Thanks for all you’ve done—not only in keeping the AASU budget on track, but in being my former—and now fellow—sponsor! Keep fostering those hidden artistic talents you’ve revealed in all the notes, cards, and designs you’ve made for AASU and AASP. I’ll miss you and good luck in grad school! My sponsor! You are so dedicated and compassionate, I’ve really valued the time we’ve had together. I think my transition to college would have been a lot harder if I didn’t have you there my first year. Best of luck at UW!--Tina

Congratulations Kim! You are so hardworking, intelligent, and sweet and you have been such an important part of AASU and Our trusted financial manager. What would we have done without you? Enjoy the PNW next year! – Kelsey AASP. Good luck at UW. Tam, why is your coolness factor always a number of degrees above the rest of us? I’ll miss sitting across from you in class and giving each other looks (with Chantal) when someone says something messed up. Too funny. I admire all the work you’ve done with AASU, the AARC, etc. while always remaining grounded in the community. I’ll miss you LOTS! – Nicole You are way cool. I’ll always remember your relaxed yet fierce attitude and your sunglasses! Good luck in Vietnam, you’re going to make a difference! -- Tina I really admire your dedication to everything you do and your work to positively impact the communities around us. Good luck in your future community work and in post-college life in general! tamtamtamtamtamtamtam. i wish we still lived next to each other like sophomore year. I regret not taking the time to get to know you better because from the brief encounters and conversations I’ve had with you, I’ve come to the realization that: YOU’RE AMAZING! srrrrriously. I have only the utmost respect for you and all of the work you do for your community in Lincoln Heights, with the SECA students, etc.--and ya look good doin it too :) jk. anyway, good luck in whatever you’re doing next year and the years to come-- peace out :) -- Tasia TAM!!! Even though we haven’t gotten to hang out a ton these last few years I’ve always really admired you and all the kick ass work you do from a far!! Everything you’ve done and continue to do in the community just blows my mind! I wish ya the best for the future and am looking forward to hearing about all crazy change you’re gonna make happen! See you in the battlefield! <3always, Megan Good luck in Vietnam! – Kelsey


Tam Duong “Dizzle:” you are the SHIT! The definition of real topped with a fierce attitude and down politics. Jade might be your middle name but you’ve brought some serious fire to the AARC and sparked so many imaginations (you have mine, at least). I am so appreciative of the opportunity to grow and learn with you through SEACA and Rise Up! … and for finally coming to know you better through your community and home. How will the crew survive without you next year? Haha. I will miss laughing at Jani and Dustin with you . =) BUT I’ll be in Chinatown this summer, so hit me up before you take off for Vietnam! ~Emi I’m sad that I didn’t really get the chance to know you this year, but I know AASU won’t be the same without you. Congratulations and good luck! I was just thinking about the little kid who wrote about his electric blanket for our project for some reason haha. I’ll miss you! We need to print out a copy of the project for AASU.

C h r i s t i n a Y a m a d a

Christina, you are such a sweet, wonderful, talented person. We will miss you next year! Congratulations! A breath of fresh air in class, and always an extremely welcome presence in AASU—you’re energy is incomparable. I wish we could have spent more time in one-on-one conversations, but really—thank you for lifting the spirit in a too often lethargic Theories & Methods. ~Emi Thank you for everything you have done for AASU! The organization won’t be the same without you at all. You all should stay and be our coordinators! I remember sitting next to you at one of the AASU dinners and talking about majoring in politics and your time in DC. You, along with other AASU women, have really been a great, positive influence in my decision to major in politics! Thank you! Good luck next year! You always bring so much warmth, spirit, and humor to AASU, and we’ll miss you! Good luck with post-college life, and I hope you’ll come visit us next year! To my class partner of four years! I’m so thankful to have a friend like you Christina! You know how to brighten my day, and keep me grounded at the same time. I don’t know what I would have done without you in D.C.! Thank you so much for being an amazing friend, and bringing me into your fam. It means a lot! I don’t know what I’ll do without you next year! Please keep me updated on how everything goes. I’m totally counting on our paths crossing again soon :) <3always, Megan Christina, I will miss… being able to count on you for hugs! …and your lightheartedness, even when we’re talking about depressing political issues …and complaining with you about all the work there is to do (though I know we definitely won’t miss the work, yay we’re done)! We better keep in touch regardless of whether or not we both stay in LA! – Nicole I think you’re one of the first people I met during orientation at Scripps. I can’t thank you enough for all of those times you let me stay at your house when I was stranded in L.A. :) I know we’re both super busy but I’m glad that we have made more time towards the end of our time here at Scripps to hang out. You are such a generous person and I appreciate your friendship. -- Tasia

So many interesting politics classes, Tom, Nancy. I’m so glad I was able to share the experience with you. We’ll keep the AASU energy alive and well in LA next year! – Kelsey You make me laugh! Even though I don’t know you too well, I really value your contributions to AASU and your voice in our meetings! Good luck! -- Tina Nicole Montojo-- you are another person that I wish I had taken the time to get to know better/spend more time with. I feel like we have the same life...well kind of--okay fine, we have little sisters around the same age. that’s it. but your’e the type of person that is easy to feel comfortable around/talk to and I think that just speaks to the wonderful person you are (ie-despite my social awkwardness we still manage to have non-awkward conversations- a true feat for you! lol.) I really really respect you for all of the work you’ve done outside of Claremont. Also- your piano playing skills and musical tastes are awesome. Please please please let’s keep in touch :) -- Tasia Nicole, I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you. You will definitely be missed by all, and I hope you will come back and visit often. Good luck! I’m sure you will be successful no matter what you do in life. Stay. AASU isn’t going to be the same without you at all. I’m going to miss you and POC meetings. :) Come to DC again and visit!!! Ahh! Nicole! You have become an indispensable friend! Infinite thanks for always being such a reliable, compassionate, and empathic listener to all of my musings, hopes, and tirades. What craziness we have experienced in Race & American Capitalism! I’m not sure I would still be in the class without you and Megan. Haha. Anarchist politics to a point . . . Hopefully we will continue our conversations regarding violent revolution, yes? I need to bolster this argument for a potential rematch with you-know-who. All in good fun, of course . . .. ;-) ~Emi I really admire the work you have done with admissions, especially your efforts in getting admissions too recognize certain underrepresented Asian Americans and first generation Asian Americans as underrepresented minorities—you’ve been really instrumental in pushing for real change! Nicole, I am so glad that I had the chance to meet you this year. You are so bright, and I really admire all of the ideas and input you give. I know that you will do great wherever you go. Good luck! -Anna Thanks for sticking it out with me in the political party debacle. It’s amazing to see how we’ve changed. Can’t wait to work with you outside of Claremont! – Kelsey


N i c o l e M o n t o j o

The most understanding, heartwarming person being I know. Nicole believed in me and even though I couldn’t always be there when she needed me at certain events, she was still so sweet and appreciative. I’m going to miss seeing her around! I’m really glad that I’ve gotten to know you better this year through AASU and particularly Traci’s workshops. Your compassion and dedication will definitely be missed next year! Thanks for all the work you’ve done on campus to in both the admissions office and in AASU. You are one of my favorite AASU members! I’m super glad that I was able to know you for 2 years. You give so much to our organization, you bring us back down to Earth when we get too riled up and aren’t thinking rationally, you are so passionate about many issues that need to be addressed more and you take action when its needed. I wish you the best in the future, I’ll miss seeing your face around…don’t forget to visit us! -- Tina NICOLE! I’m so glad that we have gotten the chance to hang out more this year, you’re truly an AMAZING person and I admire you so much! Thank you for being there to talk about all the craziness that goes down here and off-campus, and sharing your thoughts and opinions with me. I’m really excited to see where life takes you next and to hear about all your future adventures! Best wishes, and I’m sure we’ll be in touch! <3always, Megan

Nicole Montojo

Tasia Yamamura

Tasia! You made it! Thank you so much for all your wisdom and leadership—AASU and AASP won’t be the same without you. Good luck!

Don’t leave me! Wait one year and we can go to the Bay and start the AASU house. I’m going to miss you! Have an incredible time in Japan and let’s meet up in Vietnam next summer. Love you tons. I’m really glad to have met/gotten to know you last semester! We have similar taste in music and I really enjoyed exchanging good music with you. We should keep in touch! Good luck next year! Good luck in Japan! Say hello to the motherland! – Kelsey Tash, tash! Thank you for always taking care of me & showing me the AASU ropes. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have survived without you last semester. You have been such an important part of AASU and AASP, and always an awesome, “sisterly” role model for the underclassmen. I am so grateful for your constant support (did you know that you’re one of the few people to see me at a true “low?” No joke … haha) I’m super bummed we’re missing each other in Japan this summer, but I am determined to make an East Asian excursion sometime next spring to visit all the JETs/Fulbrights/etc … we’ll make it happen! ~Emi TASIAAAAA!!!!! The most loveable person ever!!!! I’m so sad (yet happy for her) that she is graduating. She is so hardworking, yet she’s able to maintain a very balanced lifestyle. She is also crazy (in a good way of course) and thinks that I’m funny, which is crazy in itself. Tasia will do great things. Period. TASIA! I’m so happy that I got to hang out with you more this past semester, through our trip to Melrose, cooking/baking parties, and web of support. I heart you so much! Don’t leave! :) I know that you will have an amazing experience in the JET Program, and hopefully one day I can visit you in Japan! Tasia, you are so wonderful, glamorous, funny… I could go on and on. It’s funny that until Emi pointed it out this year, I never noticed that you never wear jeans. Haha, I know that’s a pretty mundane point to make in a farewell comment, but it’s one of those things in a long list that make you special! I’ll miss seeing you around campus… and the days when we’d both be taking naps on the AASU couches! Love! – Nicole What am I going to do without you? You’re my cooking buddy, my music buddy, my sustainable living buddy, my spirituality/meditation/ mental well-being buddy, my great-outdoors appreciating buddy, my tea buddy…seriously, what am I going to do? Do you really, really have to leave? Hopefully our yogurt baby will continue to live on or be birthed in other active cultures. And we’re gonna travel Asia together, I hope! Good luck, have fun, enjoy JAPAN! -- Tina TASH! I don’t even know what to say!! Wow, what a journey it has been! We have so many amazing (and embarrassing.. haha) memories and jokes that I’ll never forget. Thank you everything you have done for me (the big and the small things) :) you are truly an amazing friend and just incredible person overall! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in Japan. You better keep me posted aka update on our blog!!! I’m not going to make this mushy because I know we’ll be in touch! Here’s to suities forever… <3always, Megan iheartmyself. jk. -- Tasia


Congratulations Kelsey! You have been so important to AASU and AASP and I am so happy I’ve been able to get to know you better. And you’re also really funny. Dear Sponsor, I’m so sorry I left you to head up MORE all alone! I’m not going to miss you because I plan on seeing you as much as possible. You are wonderful and I don’t know what we will do without you next year. I look forward to chilling with you, Meg, Ashley, Tupac, Biggie and Malcolm X. Kelsey! You have been so inspiring to me this year—you’re active in the community and use your politics in daily life to help people in the community. You do so much for AASU and somehow still find time! I really appreciate getting to know you. Good luck next year! Oh, Kelsey. You know I love you. =) It goes without saying that you have been, and continue to be, a foundational mentor and friend to me. Thank you for everything you have done, not only for me, but for this community as a whole. Remember that time, fall of my first year / your junior year, when you took me to Anthropologie and we got dinner for the first time? I remember I bought one ridiculously over-priced shirt; I still think of you when I wear it. Haha. Or, on a darker note . . . when you almost checked out last semester, but TOTALLY pulled through and came back stronger than ever before?? Oh my goodness—you’re a lifer, as Sefa would say. Truly, though, thank you. I would not be the person, or the student leader, that I am today without you—and for that, I will be forever indebted. Let’s for sure hang out this summer in LA . . . Ian will be back! Hehe. ~Emi

you do. Don’t forget to come back and tell us about all of the great things you do! –Anna I’m thankful I’ve gotten to know you through AASU. Your infinite capacity to care for everyone around you, as well as your constant optimism, makes you a truly special person in our community. I can’t imagine what next year will be like without you, but I know that you will be doing great work outside of Scripps! Kelsey, I’m so privileged to count you among my friends. Your strength and passion for life have anchored AASU this year, and I am so thankful for your leadership. I hope your work at the Labor/Community Strategy Center continues to be transformative, and if I’m in LA, we better see each other often! – Nicole I am so unbelievably glad you joined AASU again. You have really influenced me to become more involved in AASU, to be confident with whatever I do, to be supportive of everyone, have faith in the future, to not always prioritize school above everything because there’s really so many experiences you miss out on, and most importantly, to take action and not just sit by idly waiting for someone else to move first. Please please please visit us next year! You’re going to do amazing things, I know it! -- Tina

Kelsey Tanaka

Kelsey is truly an amazing leader and a person who really stands up for what she believes in. I will definitely miss Kels’ presence at Scripps. I think she really made an impact here and in AASU and definitely inspired me to continue and to really be interested in Asian American issues and culture. She was an amazing role model and such a great friend… somebody I could trust and talk to about anything. Continue being amazing, Kelsey! Kelsey! You have been such a great role model to me. I really appreciate all those times that you listened to me, and I also really admire how passionate you are with what you do. I will definitely miss all of your funny stories. I know that you will be successful in whatever Please stay! I’m serious, I don’t know what I am going to do without you at all. Who will study with me? Who understands Tom the way we do? NOBODY! I’m going to miss you. You are incredibly sweet and fun and I don’t want you to leave but you are going to make an incredible teacher so I guess we can let you go. :) Oh Megan, the many many awkward moments with Tom this year just wouldn’t have been the same without you. As I sit and write this at 2am and am happy to know that you too are up at these hellish hours with me. It’s been a long and confusing and delirious road but, we made it! And when you’re lonely next year and having withdrawal just remember, we’ll always have baseball. – Kelsey

Kels, THANK YOU for everything!!! I’m really glad that we’ve gotten to spend more time together this semester, even if the circumstances weren’t always that great (HAHA, community built through struggle? a.k.a thesis and baseball class?) Thank you for truly inspiring me, and challenging me to stay in check and dedicated to left movement work  I am so excited to see where life takes you next and hear about all your adventures. You really show me everyday what life’s all about and what it means to fight for what you believe in (sorry so cliché, but you know what I mean!). I’ll be seeing ya …. <3always, Megan Regardless of the ups and downs we’ve had this semester, I just want to say that I respect your politics and passion for working to better our community (in Claremont, L.A., etc) rather than just sitting back and learning theory within the academic bubble. A lot of people just talk about being proactive and doing community organizing work but you actually do it and I respect that. -- Tasia

constructive—there have been so many times when I’ve just sighed to myself, “Thank God for Megan!” You are a superb role model and a will-be excellent teacher. Let’s keep in touch next year, yeah? ~Emi I am so glad I got to meet you this year! You are one of the most sincere, caring, genuine people I have ever met, and I truly admire your selflessness and dedication. You’re a great role model for all of us in AASU and I know you will go far. Good luck with Breakthrough this summer and with everything beyond!

Megan Toyama

Megan! You are so wonderful! Such a supremely gentle and compassionate woman never existed. You have an incredible gift for interpersonal communication, and I am in constant awe of your ability to nurture. Your contributions to AASU and AASP have always been deeply

Megan, you are perhaps the kindest person I know. I’m so glad we’ve had so many classes together over the years; I’ve learned so much from you, and I’m positive that I couldn’t have gotten through them without you (especially this last one, ahem). I admire your dedication to teaching and the field of education; the world has so much to learn from you. I love you and I will miss your smile SO much! – Nicole


I’ve only known you a year but I feel like it’s been so much more! You have been such an optimistic and caring figure in AASU, definitely the rock within the group that keeps us going strong and with direction. I’m going to miss hearing your input in discussions, the unforgettable activities such as the web of support and the cinnamon roll hug! Your passion is infectious and rubs off on everyone around you, whether they want it or not. I can just see now the wonderful things you’ll accomplish in the future, especially for our education system! I’ll miss you and expect to see you back to visit us!!!!! And, not that you’ll need it because you already have everything you need to be a success—GOOD LUCK. – Tina BALLINNNNN! jk. megs- i don’t even know where to begin with you-- i love you girl! I think that your passion for teaching and making an impact on your students is really commendable and speaks to the beautiful person you are- inside and out. Thank you for all of the pep talks, gym nights, cooking adventures, bonding over little sisters and cats, hip hop music listening sessions, and for your friendship over the past 4 years. You’re an inspiration and I LOVE YOU more than can be expressed in words here on this page. I know we’re going to be friends for a long long time (and then we can start our jewelry making company when we retire together!) jk- but seriously- you’re one of the people who’ve shaped the person I am after my time here and I know that we will be in touch for a long long time. – Tasia You are one of the kindest, intelligent and responsible people I know and I’m so glad I was able to get to know you this year. Your leadership in AASU and AASP has been so important and I am sure you’ll be successful no matter what you decide to do! I believe in you!! Megan, my lovely sponsor! I am so sad that this is your last year here, but I know that you have fun and exciting things awaiting you in the future. Thank you so much for always being someone I could turn to for help. I have always admired how caring and understanding you are, and I know that you will make an amazing teacher. Good luck with everything in the future. I’ll miss you! –Anna Megan—you’ve been so inspiring to me this year as a senior and mentor. You’re so friendly and approachable and your advice has really helped shape my decision to be a politics major. You’re going to be an amazing teacher and I hope you enjoy your time as a Scripps graduate next year!

Megan Toyama

Congratulations Class of ‘09 10



Late Night Confessions to Strangers, Whom I Love defying time (just an illusion after all), we thought ourselves exceptional armed with our optimism and intellect

here with you breathing in the same velvet air I whisper love is not our calling but fused into the cells of human being I ask you to see me not as a woman with body parts breasts torso and limbs just the self laid bare beautiful powerful I am pleading to be released from my bondage inhale every element my life and soul floats blue and pure like air stealing into the nostrils of those you know and love undefined and untouchable I refuse to be loved thus suffering trapped under the weight of your creation I believed that someday you would understand my strength, that source of power, untouchable invisible fire ask me to weather years of unbreakable solitude for all the love in the world this hour slipped through our fingers like soft velvet.

Heidi Hong 13

! U ASS o t k c a B e om


Welcome Back to AASU

AASU invited alumni back to campus on April 25th for an afternoon of bonding and reminiscing. Here are a few photos from the afternoon:



! U ASS o t k c a B e om





hum lullabies to those at the margin, dependent on vision, ears eager for a message of self-fashioned salvation— who reply with fluency in the language of Liberation parallels the urgency of struggle as it is constantly reborn into every moment of every minute passing— through the guarded spaces of our ghettos mixed in with the sound of gunshots that are mistaken as a part of our Struggle



Wash and rinse three times or you’ll make it too powdery white Kneed with your hands like this or you’ll ruin its fullness Measure to your first knuckle or you’ll ruin the consistency Let stand five minutes or the water won’t settle Never peek before or the steam will escape Paddle the grains gently or you’ll crush their shape Eat it plain—no soy or butter or seaweed flakes or you’ll distort the taste Finish each grain gladly or you’ll grow an ugly, splotchy face Serve your parents first or you’ll look ungrateful Save all the leftovers in plastic ware or you’ll die lonely for being wasteful Cook a pot of rice each day or you’ll forget how it’s done What goes into a bowl of rice is more of you than just instruction

is reborn bastardized in the rhetoric of riot and insurrection— muting the uprising but rising up in codes universally heard as resistance spoken as Truth tells us to quell the artificial winds fabricated by the shallow texts of white-washed history whose pages kindle under the fire of Voice— Scream, cry, yell revolutionary screams, revolutionary defiance, truth, struggle, liberation embodied in the lyrical tones that ascend from your mouth and drown out the hate that has survived too long. Listen for the revolutionary voices drawing life from those who seek it in the form of whispers amplified and Heard as a collective Scream.






We (Asian Americans) have to stop being so fucking polite.

- Helen Zia

uNbound April 09  

Scripps College Asian American Student Union magazine

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