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Advanced Manufacturing Sheffield Region

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials in the Sheffield City Region

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Sheffield City Region The Sheffield City Region is recognised worldwide for its expertise in high precision engineering, metals and alloy production, and high quality design and manufacturing of products for a wide range of global industries. ‘Made in Sheffield’ and ‘Sheffield Steel’ are synonymous with quality and high standards, and Sheffield's heritage of over 200 years in pioneering steel making and engineering excellence has resulted in a culture of innovation, fundamental to the development of its modern manufacturing economy. Today the Sheffield region is host to many world-leading manufacturing and engineering companies including, Rolls-Royce, Tata Steel, Siemens VAI, AESSEAL, Dormer Sandvik, Gripple, Sheffield Forgemasters, DavyMarkham, LUK UK, Bridon International, Pegler Group, Swann Morton, ATI Allvac, Outokumpu and many more. The manufacturing sector in the Sheffield region has distinct expertise in undertaking the design and implementation of novel materials and manufacturing technologies and techniques to create solutions required by the needs of high-precision industries. This means it serves the supply chains of many international manufacturing and engineering market sectors, including the civil nuclear, offshore wind, low carbon energy, aerospace, automotive, defence, medical, and oil and gas industries. This expertise is the foundation on which much of the UK's wealth creation is built. The area also boasts an unrivalled range of R&D expertise. Both Sheffield universities have excellent research credentials in engineering and materials, plus there are independent research organisations including; the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, Casting Technology International (Cti), TWI’s Yorkshire Technology Centre, Tata Steel’s Swinden Technology Centre, and the Nuclear AMRC. The Sheffield region is home to the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP); the UK’s premier advanced manufacturing technology park,

and with a global reputation for providing world-class advanced manufacturing technology solutions to industry. The region’s manufacturing and engineering heritage means that there is a ready-made supply chain available for most industries, and the region’s history of advanced engineering, has led to the development of a skilled and experienced workforce, supplemented annually by the engineering graduates of the Sheffield universities and the local further/higher education colleges in the area.

Aerospace The Sheffield region is a centre for production of super alloys for use in aircraft structures and there are a number of quality machinists who act as product and supply integrators for the likes of Rolls-Royce. Tata Steels with facilities in the region is one of Europe’s prime producers of engineering steels used in aerospace for applications such as aircraft landing gear, and helicopter gear heads and rotors. In addition, the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) has become a UK centre for aerospace research. The AMP is home to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing; a world-class centre for advanced machining and materials research for aerospace and other high-value manufacturing sectors.

Royce's high-thrust engines. Construction starts summer 2012 with the facility operational in 2014. A selection of the region’s companies operating within the aerospace sector include; ATI Allvac, which offers a full range of speciality metals and alloys, including stainless steel, nickel based super alloys, titanium and titanium based alloys in most product forms; Maher (Super Alloys Division), an international supplier of superalloys, nickel and cobalt alloys, titanium, special stainless steels and copper alloys; and Technicut, the UK market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist rotary cutting tools for the high speed and high performance machining of aerospace alloys and composite materials.

The AMRC identifies, researches and resolves advanced manufacturing problems in research areas including; high-performance machining; low-volume, high-value assembly; manufacturing technologies for composite materials; and structural testing. The AMP will also become home to Rolls-Royce’s new aerospace blade casting facility that will manufacture turbine blades for Rolls-

The strength of the Sheffield City Region within the aerospace sector lies with the production and manipulation of high quality raw materials used for aircraft component manufacture.

AMRC with Boeing The AMRC has become a world-class global research facility developing innovative and advanced technology solutions for advanced materials forming. The AMRC is tangible demonstration of what is possible when academia, government and industry collaborate to develop cuttingedge technologies enabling world-class scientists and engineers to deliver real economic and environmental solutions benefiting everyone.

Very generally speaking, the AMRC identifies, researches and solves advanced manufacturing problems. This is done through several interconnected research areas: •

High Performance Machining

Composite Materials

Customised Assembly

Measurement and Testing

Additive Manufacturing

The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing builds on a partnership between the world's leading aerospace company and the world-class research within the University of Sheffield's faculty of engineering. Research projects fall into three categories: •

Generic research carried out on behalf of the AMRC partnership, with results distributed to all partners. Generic projects are agreed by the board of members, and results are shared between all members.

Specific research for individual partners. The partner invests directly in the research and has exclusive access to any resulting intellectual property.

Innovative projects carried out on behalf of the partnership, with results presented to all partners. These projects are usually funded by EPSRC, the European Framework Programme, or other external body, and may involve collaboration with external research and industrial partners.

The AMRC is headquartered in the Rolls-Royce Factory of the Future, which combines environmentally sustainable solutions and manufacturing principles to solve advanced manufacturing problems. The Factory of the Future is continuously evolving to push the boundaries of current manufacturing knowledge and technology.

Rolls-Royce ABCF The Advanced Blade Casting Facility is expected to produce its first blades in late 2014, with the facility capable of manufacturing 100,000 blades per year when fully operational.

The Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham will be the location for the new Rolls-Royce Advanced Blade Casting Facility (ABCF). The 14,000 m2 facility will be one of the most advanced blade casting facilities in the world, featuring groundbreaking manufacturing techniques such as 3D structured light for geometry inspection. Each blade will be cast to form a single crystal of super alloy, making it extremely strong and able to resist the intense heat inside a jet engine. The single crystal turbine blade is a critical component of the jet engine and there are over 65 in every Trent engine. One single crystal turbine blade extracts around 1000 horsepower from the gas

flow towards the rear of the engine, which is equivalent to the power of an F1 racing car, to drive the engine's compressors. Single crystal turbine blades operate in temperatures up to 200 degrees above the melting point of their alloy and sit in a disc that rotates at more than 12,000 rpm. This means that the centrifugal force exerted on a blade is equivalent to the weight of a London bus. The new facility increases the involvement of Rolls-Royce with the AMP. The AMP Technology Centre houses a Rolls-Royce research and development facility, while the business is a partner in the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, has the title name at the AMRC's Rolls Royce Factory of the Future and is a partner in the Nuclear AMRC.

Nuclear Power Sheffield City Region is set to become the power behind the UK’s new civil nuclear industry and the centre of the supply chain for UK nuclear new build opportunities. The Nuclear AMRC located at the AMP combines industry expertise with university innovation to help UK manufacturing companies identify and overcome their manufacturing problems, thereby helps manufacturers compete for contracts worldwide, and seize the opportunities of new investment in nuclear power and other innovative energy technologies. The team develops innovative and optimised processes for the production of large and complex components for the power industry, and new approaches to the nuclear industry’s most challenging machining problems. It also works with manufacturers to develop advanced and innovative joining and cladding techniques for the most challenging industries and environments. The welding team has the resources and experience to help companies develop new and optimised welding processes which can meet the highest quality requirements. The Nuclear AMRC are able to analyse the material consequences of innovative manufacturing processes, and make sure that components meet the highest quality requirements. Sheffield Forgemasters is a major producer of cast, ring rolled and forged components for the general engineering and nuclear power sectors. They produce some of the world’s most technologically advanced products and also some of the world's largest steel castings, ranging from one to 350 tonnes, and steel forgings of up to 275 tonnes. Forgemasters has a long history of manufacturing components for civil and military nuclear applications, and its production is approved to ASME NCA 3800 standards.

Davy Markham are one of the Sheffield region’s largest engineering and machining specialists with substantial fabrication, machining and assembly facilities, ideally suited for the manufacture of key components for the nuclear power generation market. The huge machining capability of Davy Markham allows the machining of a wide range of components and the company also employs a wide range of specialist fabrication and welding techniques.

Environmental Energy Research and development activities in the region include Siemens’ UK Wind Power Research Centre at the University of Sheffield, which focuses on developing the most reliable, innovative and efficient wind turbine generators. The Siemens centre specialises in providing the overall technology, architecture and design of onshore and offshore wind turbine generators, which provide electrical energy from wind power.

increasingly used in high-value industries for their combination of light weight and high strength. Research at the AMRC focuses on the production and machining of composite components, including hybrid parts which combine highperformance metals and composites in a single structure. It includes core areas of research; automated production of composites, and the machining of composite and metal-composite hybrid materials.

The AMRC’s Composite Centre is meeting the manufacturing challenges of the new generation of carbon fibre composite materials

The Sheffield City Region is home to many innovative research groups and environmental energy companies, using the region’s expertise in advanced manufacturing and metals to develop new environmental energy products. Companies developing environmental energy technologies include; •

ITI Energy Ltd – a spinout company from the University of Newcastle, which has designed and developed an intensified and miniaturised (i.e. highly efficient) and environmentally friendly (CO2 neutral) patented gasification process technology – converting biomass into flammable gas mixture for green energy generation.

ITM Power – Through the use of patented materials, system architecture and processing methods, ITM Power is working towards the development of low-cost and more efficient fuel cells and electrolysers. ITM Power's technologies are for "real world" applications across a range of areas including domestic, commercial, transport and military.

Pulse Tidal – Pulse has taken major strides towards the development of new wave and tidal power technology. By using hydrofoils which act just like a fish or a whale tail, Pulse is able to take energy from rivers and the tides with the same efficiency.

Oil Components & Gas The UK was the first country to experience offshore oil and gas production in hostile conditions when it started to explore and develop fields in the North Sea some 40 years ago. Since then the UK Oil and Gas industry has developed ever more sophisticated technologies, including a significant change from rig based wellheads to sub-sea wellheads. The Sheffield region provides specific expertise of component manufacture in high performance alloys such as stainless steels and nickel alloys, tungsten alloys and tungsten carbides, and developments in sophisticated tooling and metals processing technology.

Drilling tools are manufactured by Sheffield region companies such as: •

Cutting and Wear – developed special materials and techniques to resist wear and improve drilling rates

Marshalls Hard Metals – Manufacture of tungsten carbide inserts for drill bits

Darron-SBO – engaged in the manufacturing of drilling equipment in sophisticated alloys, designed to take various physical and electrical measurements during drilling

The drilling of wells has become highly sophisticated with drilling taking place in increased water depths and being steered to enable access to different pockets of oil and gas.

The UK Oil and Gas industry has developed sophisticated technologies to extract fuel from more hostile and challenging conditions, from which extraction is not easy. Sub-sea wellheads are expected to last 20-30 years and are often in extreme water depths. Maintenance is a major issue so the industry opts to select metals which will resist erosion and corrosion. Components for valve, pump and seal manufacture are produced by companies including: •

Norton Cast Products – experts in intricate and demanding castings made with complex alloys

William Cook – design and manufactures sophisticated components, assemblies and systems

AESSEAL – specialists in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals and support systems used in pumps that require high standards of reliability, and leading-edge technical expertise

Medical Technology The Sheffield City Region has one of the UK’s largest concentrations of orthopaedic and medical device companies, making it a lead in medical diagnostics. The region provides exceptional access to clinical trials, research collaboration and new product development with particular strengths in advanced wound care, orthopaedics, surgical instruments and medical equipment. The region has an unrivalled concentration of orthopaedic companies, and is a major centre for clinical research. These companies include;

B Braun Medical Ltd – B. Braun offers healthcare professionals and hospitals an outstanding range of products, from world renowned surgical instruments to innovative implants and therapeutic systems.

Orchid Orthopedic Solutions (formerly Sandvik Medical Technologies) – Recognised as the market leader in investment cast orthopaedic products plus near net shaped forgings, finishing and instrumentation, specialising in the design, development and manufacture of the highest quality instruments and devices for use in Orthopaedic Surgery.

JRI Ltd – Specialists in orthopaedic implants and instrumentation, including hip and shoulder replacement systems, and innovative concepts in bone grafting.

Similarly the region is home to world-leading surgical instrument and medical equipment companies, including: •

Swann-Morton – the world leader in the manufacture of surgical blades, scalpels and handles.

Ceramisys – manufacturer of a range of synthetic, porous bio ceramic implant products for orthopaedic repair and soft tissue enhancement.

Bolton Surgical – manufacturers and suppliers of high quality surgical instruments and accessories for use within the modern Theatre environment.

Symmetry Medical – specialises in precision forging, casting, rapid prototyping, machining and full finishing for orthopaedic implants.

Numed – providing healthcare equipment to Primary and Secondary Care.

Platts & Nisbett – specialist surgical equipment manufacturers.

Orthopaedic Innovations Ltd – Design, development and manufacture of orthopaedic implants and instruments.

Vibrant Medical – treatment for lower limb cellulitis, oedema and wound healing.

University of Sheffield The University of Sheffield is one of the top research universities in the UK, home to internationally recognised centres for research and with much of its research independently classified as world-leading.

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sheffield comprises, seven departments: Automatic Control and Systems; Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Engineering Materials, and Mechanical Engineering. The Faculty of Engineering has research-led learning and teaching across the breadth of engineering subjects, and nearly 70% of research is rated as ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’, leading to an annual research income of around £39 million. Over the years the Engineering Faculty at the University of Sheffield has collaborated with over 2,000 organisations keen to harness their expertise, technology, and insight. These have ranged from some of the world’s largest corporations to smaller regional companies.

Sheffield Engineering Gateway is an engineering faculty-wide initiative aimed at transferring departmental expertise to companies across the engineering sector. The Gateway allows companies to: access innovation; engage with staff and students; access world leading facilities and expertise; improve efficiency and product quality; and utilise funding opportunities.

Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield Hallam University’s Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI) is a 5-star rated research centre which brings together a highly multi-disciplinary team of researchers, supported by a large advanced equipment base, ranging from the latest electron microscopes to high performance computing hardware. MERI’s research covers a broad range of topics, from semiconductors to concrete and from theoretical modelling to industrial applied coatings, and the majority of activities are focused on real commercial needs and many of their activities are sponsored by companies.

MERI’s Research Centres include; Polymers, Nanocomposites & Modelling; Structural Materials and Integrity Research; Thin Films Research, and the Mobile Machine and Vision Library. MERI also deliver analysis and consultancy services to any industry which has materials based needs. All services are provided by experts from the research community at Sheffield Hallam University, and solutions are delivered using a range of state-of the art instruments and techniques.

This includes sponsorship from a broad range of sectors such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, automotive, biomedical and many more.

Sheffield Hallam University is one of the UK's most progressive & innovative universities. It has seventeen internationally renowned research centres, and has extensive and established industry links from Rolls-Royce to Network Rail.

Advanced Manufacturing Park

The Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) is the UK’s premier advanced manufacturing technology park, providing world-class technology solutions to ensure repetitive advantage for advanced manufacturing industries. Technologies on the AMP centre on materials and structures, covering metallic and composite materials; typically used in precision industries including; aerospace, automotive, medical devices, sport, environmental energy, oil and gas, defence and power generation. Technology developed on the AMP is already being utilised in leading edge projects, such as within Formula One and the next generation of military and commercial aircraft, including the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Locating on the AMP opens up collaboration and supply chain opportunities with world leading R&D and production companies including; Rolls-Royce, Mori Seiki, Dormer Tools, Castings Technology International (Cti), TWI’s Yorkshire Technology Centre and The University of Sheffield’s AMRC with Boeing and Nuclear AMRC.

An AMP Vision defines the type and quality of engineering and manufacturing companies that are suited to locating there, ensuring that investors will be surrounded by likeminded organisations. The AMP offers a full range of property and development opportunities, from small office and workshop space, through medium-sized hybrid & light industrial units, to larger custom-built Design & Build options. The AMP has been identified as a location within the new Enterprise Zone, with benefits including a property tax discount worth up to £275,000 per eligible business over a 5 year period. Investors to the AMP are assisted by skilled and highly experienced advisers, providing a fast, accurate and free service, taking potential investors from initial enquiry to comprehensive aftercare.

Enterprise Zone The Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone comprises a number of well-connected development areas along the M1 motorway corridor, where a range of Enterprise Zone Incentives are available to encourage growth and investment by hi-tech firms. These areas have prioritised the development of modern manufacturing and technology-based enterprises, and to encourage investment by innovative manufacturing and technology firms in the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone, a package of financial, planning and support incentives has been put in place. These include valuable capital allowances and Business Rate Relief schemes on discrete sites, as well as simplified planning procedures and infrastructure developments to provide widespread access to super-fast broadband. Enhanced Capital Allowances: Sites suitable for major capital investment are offering 100% Enhanced Capital Allowances to firms making significant investments in plant and machinery. Business Rate Relief: Small and mediumsized businesses can qualify for Business Rate Relief worth up to ÂŁ275,000 over a five-year period when they move on to selected sites. Fast-track planning and super-fast broadband: Certain categories of development in the modern manufacturing and technology sector can access simplified planning procedures, while super-fast broadband is becoming available region-wide.

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Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone locations M1

DonPower Valley Project The Yorkshire and Humberside region has the UK's largest concentration of coal and gas fired power generation and the CO2 emissions from those plants will have to be reduced dramatically if they are to continue operation. The Don Valley Power Project is the UK’s leading carbon capture and storage project which will be based in Doncaster. This exciting new development will have a transformative effect not just on the local area, but on the green energy sector as a whole. The project infrastructure it will create will have important roles to play, enabling the region to continue generating power from fossil fuels. It will also allow other energy intensive industries such as steel and cement production to install carbon capture technology to reduce their Co2 emissions. When it comes to green energy, Sheffield Region is leading the way. “The Don Valley Power Project is one of the most advanced, innovative and exciting carbon capture projects anywhere in the world and is attracting major international interest and investment.” 2Co Energy - Sarah Ryan, Public Affairs Manager

The project will include; •

One of Europe’s leading green energy projects

Total Investment £3 billion, creating 2000 jobs in construction phase, 200 FTE’s when constructed

88 acre Business Park that is able to provide opportunities and synergies for industries and technologies

Ideal for Foreign Direct Investors with heavy duty Power Requirements

650MW Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power station

Doncaster Inland Port This is a landmark development for the Doncaster area, reinforcing its position as the logistics capital of the North, after an agreement was struck with Helios Europe and their development partners. The development will encompass up to 5.75m sq ft of rail linked distribution warehousing plus an intermodal container facility that will provide retailers and third-party logistics providers with buildings that have both direct motorway access and direct rail to port container services. The inland port will also benefit from having customs clearance and bonded warehouses on site. The site will be situated within 1 mile of Junction 3 of the M18 with close proximity to the A1(M), M62 and M1. This will be facilitated through the construction of a new link road both to the Inland port and Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

The £300m Inland Port, which will be the UK’s largest port and logistics complex will begin construction in 2013. The project will include; •

A development of 5.75million sq ft of raillinked warehousing with an inter modal connectivity Rail freight terminal designed to handle national and international consumer freight

Direct access to rail lines and M18 motorway network

Creation of 5,500 jobs offering a range of employment opportunities

Private Sector investment of £300m

Target Date for Commencement on Site in Autumn 2012

Doncaster Sheffield Airport Doncaster Sheffield Airport is the UK’s Newest international airport and a key asset for the Sheffield City Region and the North of England. The airport includes one of the UK’s largest aviation business parks, Robin Hood Airport Business Park, which offers occupiers unrivalled access to the airport. The 62 acre Business Park has planning consent for over 2,000,000 sq ft (186,000 sq m) of commercial development and is a suitable location for an office HQ, office development or warehouse and distribution unit. Opportunities exist for new build office and industrial/distribution units ranging from 7,500 sq ft (796 sq m) up to 245,000 sq ft (22,760 sq m).

Robin Hood Airport is already a thriving business community with over 100 businesses occupying in excess of half a million sq ft of existing space.

The airport features a 3,000 metre long, 60 metre wide runway, making it only one of a handful in the UK capable of hosting long haul and freight plane services. Airport features include: •

Flights to Europe and beyond with named operators such as Thomson Fly, Thomas Cook, Ryanair and Wizz Air

A 3,000m runway capable of handling the world’s largest cargo aircraft

Caters to over 1 million passengers per year with flights to over 40 destinations across Europe

Soon to benefit from a direct link from the M18 motorway via a proposed new link road

880 acre site with no aviation restrictions

Investor Support We offer a comprehensive range of support services to investors, all provided through a dedicated Investment Manager – a single point of contact for all your needs relating to the project.

High quality property options Our team works closely with the local commercial agents, developers and local authority investment teams to maintain a comprehensive database of property across the Sheffield Region that is suitable for advanced manufacturing and

Unique HR consultancy service The region offers a unique HR consultancy service that provides a bespoke service to inward investors and expanding indigenous companies. The service is fully funded and therefore clients will not incur costs for utilising this resource. Consultants are fully qualified HR professionals and are equipped with information about all

Aftercare Our team provides a comprehensive programme of ongoing support for inward investors to enable them to expand, develop and prosper within the region. This includes access to supply chains and the knowledge base, and introductions to the

Access to Finance Finance Yorkshire is a £90m investment fund, which offers a series of seedcorn, loans and equity linked investments to help SMEs meet the

engineering operations. No charge is made for this service and we are impartial when recommending sites that meet a company’s specified requirements.

available training and recruitment options and offer sector specific knowledge of the local labour market and current employment climate. A Consultant is dedicated to each client to analyse their ongoing recruitment, retention and development needs, develop an action plan and offer tailor-made solutions to suit their specific requirements.

strong networks existing within the Sheffield Region manufacturing community via targeted networking events and personal introductions.

gaps in funding for development or acquisitions from £15k to £2m.

Soft Landing Programme A funded Soft Landings programme allows a comprehensive array of services to be offered to small, dynamic international companies exploring the viability of UK and European markets. The UK is a great place to do business. Expanding into the UK offers huge potential for international companies looking to access the UK market or get a foothold into Europe. Rotherham Investment & Development Office’s (RiDO) awardwinning Business Centres are located in the heart of the Sheffield region. The Centres offer modern premises combined with tailored business support in a costeffective location to help your business grow and succeed. Through a funded Soft Landings programme companies can benefit from a package of support for the first six months to assist their transition into the UK market, including; free 6 months use of an office or workshop with reception and admin support; and free 1-to1 mentoring from a business advisor, who can provide access to relevant specialist help and advice, and links to appropriate support organisations and trade bodies. The Sheffield Region has the only business centres in England that have the National Business Incubation Association's (NBIA) Soft Landings International Incubators designation. The region’s central location backed by a combination of relatively low employment costs, premises rental levels and living costs makes the region a cost effective location to launch UK operations.

Project part-financed by the European Union European Regional Development Fund

Investing in your future

Location Sheffield City Region has excellent transport links which provide connectivity within the city region and direct access to the rest of the UK and the world. •

Air – The city region has excellent air connections, with five international airports accessible within a 90 minute travelling time: Doncaster Sheffield, Manchester, East Midlands, Leeds Bradford and Humberside.

Rail – Sheffield City Region has access to all other major cities, with trains for the 2 hour rail journey to London running every 30 minutes. Via St Pancras International the Eurostar network provides high speed rail travel to Paris and Brussels.

Road – Sheffield is at the heart of the UK motorway network, providing easy access to all other major cities and key airports.

Sheffield City Region is the most centrally located region in Britain, and is also well connected to other cities in the UK, Europe and the world. It would be difficult to find a city region with more open green space than Sheffield region. Sheffield is England's greenest city with more than 200 parks, woodlands and gardens, and is also the only UK city to have a national park, The Peak District, within its boundary. The open countryside offers stunning scenery, walking, climbing, cycling and general outdoor life in the country.

House prices are among the most attractive in the UK, with town and country homes ranging from large detached houses to picturesque cottages, modern estates and apartments to Victorian and Edwardian properties. The Sheffield region offers a wealth of leisure, cultural, sporting activities including; theatres; a range of sports for both spectators and participants; interactive museums; touring art exhibitions and stately homes such as Chatsworth House on the doorstep. At night the bars, restaurants and clubs in the region cater to all tastes and pockets - as the birthplace of the Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Def Leppard and the Human League, the Sheffield region is steeped in music.

The Sheffield City Region is located at the centre of the UK’s advanced manufacturing heartland.

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Sheffield City Region contact Rachel Clark, Business Development Manager E: T: +44 (0) 114 254 1334 M: +44 (0) 7795 953522 AMP Technology Centre, Advanced Manufacturing Park, Brunel Way, Rotherham, S60 5WG, United Kingdom

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials  

The Sheffield City Region is recognised worldwide for its expertise in high precision engineering, metals and alloy production, and high qua...

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials  

The Sheffield City Region is recognised worldwide for its expertise in high precision engineering, metals and alloy production, and high qua...