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ALTER EGOS Stephen Yoder Building Trades Steven Yoder was a little bit of an x-factor for Albemarle football last fall, a speedy, dangerous weapon on an offense filled with playmakers. While his touches were few in an offense that spread the wealth, he made the most of them, piling up 188 all-purpose yards on less than 20 touches. Yoder is part of the building trades program at CATEC, where he’s working on the class’ current house project, doing everything from wiring and plumbing to framing. The class has built doghouses before taking on the house and Yoder has learned how to use a variety of tools. “My uncle built his own from the ground up,” Yoder said. “It’s an important trade to learn if you get involved in the building stuff, it can really help you in the long run.” And like he experienced during Albemarle’s historic season last fall, working together is the key. “The more people you have the quicker it gets done, the more teamwork you have the better you do,” Yoder said.

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To learn more about the building trades program at CATEC and what students in the program learn, click this page. ::


Volume 9, Issue 1  
Volume 9, Issue 1