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f you are worried that your hair is thinning or you are starting to find a lot of strands of your hair on your brush or on your pillow, there are many foods that you could consume to reduce and stop hair loss. By making certain that

these foods are in your diet, your scalp and hair will always be healthy. Here are several foods which will make your hair happy. Foods containing protein- Human hair is made up mainly of protein, and therefore, keeping its health requires adequate protein intake. But you shouldn't stop at eating the ideal amount of protein. You also need to take the quality of protein into consideration. It is best that you eat protein from both animal and plant sources. Go for leaner proteins, too, because high-fat diets often cause higher testosterone levels, which play a role in hair loss. Rather than having steak constantly, satisfy your protein requirements by eating fish, egg whites, beans, low fat yogurt, tofu, and soy milk. Foods that contain iron- Iron is essential to maintaining gorgeous and strong hair because it plays a role in the production of hemoglobin, which is the part of the blood that carries oxygen to your cells. If your scalp gets ample amount of oxygen in the blood, it is more likely to produce healthy, durable strands of hair. Liver is an excellent source of iron, but you can also fulfill your iron needs by taking dark green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, as well as raisins. Follow that link to learn more about Provillus side effects. Foods that contain silica - Silica helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals in a much better way, which consequently can promote healthy hair. It is found in bean sprouts, cucumber skin, red and green peppers and potatoes.


Zinc-containing foods - A lot of hair loss patients were found to be deficient in the mineral zinc, which is important to several body functions. With regards to hair health, zinc is used by the glands that connect to hair follicles. When you are low in this mineral, hair follicles become weak, causing hair loss. Foods that contain zinc include seafood and red meat. Bear in mind though that excessive zinc is also detrimental to your hair. If you more detail about how to keep your hair healthy and strong, please click here. Foods full of B vitamins - Biotin, niacin, and cobalamin are B-complex vitamins that could help regain shine and thickness to hair strands. Eating whole grains, avocados, and legumes can help you obtain adequate levels of these vitamins. If you want a convenient approach to meeting these nutrients, try Provillus, a health supplement that contains B vitamins and zinc.


Hair loss prevention tips foods you should eat more of  

When you are short on this mineral, hair follicles become fragile, causing hair loss. Zinc-containing foods include seafood and red meat. Be...

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