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The Leadership Principles of Prince Jonathan in the spirit of leadership

7 Rules of Receiving Answered Prayer living the prayer fulfilled life

A Devotion to Serve • serve in humility

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hank you for taking the journey with us in 2012. We ask for your prayers, participation and support as we journey into the new year 2013.

We celebrated our ten year ministry anniversary and twenty year wedding anniversary this year in 2012! We offer a warm shout out and thank you to the pastors, leaders, armorbearers and helps ministers that have used our books and ministry resources to teach classes, lead small groups and Bible study groups over the years. With great anticipation, we debut Rev. Varn Brown’s third book In the Spirit of Leadership and the fourth book of the Armorbearer Training Series. Because of YOU the Armorbearers International and Helps Ministry Network communities continue to grow. Remember us in 2013, continue to help us spread the word. Go by the featured Shout Out testimony page and post your testimony. Or just click the Tell A Friend link on the website to refer us to your friends and ministry associates. We are grateful for your referrals.

Also, we invite you to browse and participate in our community Ministry of Helps Network located at the website Go there now and continue to Greet, Chat, Pray and Grow with other Christians, Local Church Pastors, Leaders and Helpers. In this issue, we feature two articles The Leadership Principles of Jonathan and 7 Rules of Receiving Answered Prayer. We seek to refresh your heart and spirit as well as teach the same leadership principles that the Holy Spirit taught us over the years. The A Devotion to Serve column this month features Serve With Humility, a devotional excerpted from the book A Devotion to Serve. We invite your feedback. For ward this resource to a friend that you think might enjoy reading the Helps Ministry magazine. Additionally, we feature one of the Q/A sessions called “Need Advice? Tired of Being Go-To-Guy.” The 2012 Readers Favorite was “God’s Law of Retribution.” Thank you for reading. Have a Merry CHRISTmas and a wonderful holiday season! Helping leaders and supporters build teams in the local church, Rev. Varn Brown & Minister Earma Brown Publishers

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a devotion to serve Serve In Humility Have you noticed as sure as ‘pride comes before a fall; humility comes before honor? Before your next promotion, you can be sure an opportunity to show humility will come. We all know God resists the proud but he draws near the humble in heart. Yet, many of us miss the mark because we seek to be great. When we need only humble ourselves and God will handle the GREAT part. The Word of God says, “Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God.” (1 Peter 5:6) This means we don’t have to pray, “Lord make me humble” anymore. It’s our responsibility to humble ourselves. Even so, I am not saying God doesn’t participate in making us humble. You might remember when Moses explained the wilderness experience to the Israelites in, “Remember the Lord your God led you all these years in the wilderness to humble you and test you to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not?” Deuteronomy 8:2-18 para. Any mature Christian will tell you, after Father God gets through disciplining us, pride is gone. Let me give you an analogy of refining metal to illustrate how He (Father God) sometimes participates in cultivating humility in our life. In refining silver or gold, the metal is put through intense heat, more than several times to remove dross and impurities. Each time, the gold or silver comes out improved, more clear and precise. To grow in humility we must cooperate with (trust) God. We must yield to his seasons of intense heat. Practice humility. Each time we exercise humility, we grow. Each time we grow in humility, we get a little closer to God’s destiny and His perfect plan. —Minister Brown, Co-Author of A Devotion To Serve l 4

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In this issue A Word From The Publishers

Publisher/Managing Editor Earma Brown

03 Publisher/Executive Editor Varn Brown

A Devotion To Serve


The Leadership Principles Of Johnathan


7 Rules Of Receiving Answered Prayer


Armorbearer FAQ: Don’t Want To Be Go-To-Guy


I Love My Church!


Readers Favorite: God’s Law of Retribution


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left God’s Mighty Men & Women!

The Leadership Principles of Jonathan In The Spirit Of Leadership: God’s Mighty Men & Women by Varn Brown


ave you ever had a day where trouble seemed to come in sets and from different directions? Well it was that kind of day for Prince Jonathan. It was a known fact his father had turned his back on Israel’s God. The count had just come in that only 600 soldiers were left from their 3,000-member army. They had gotten the news that three war parties were sent out from their enemies’ camp and headed their way. On top of those facts, the Philistines had banned blacksmiths in the land of Israel. Therefore, there was not a single sword or spear in the entire army of Israel that day, except his own and his father’s. A day or so later, Prince Jonathan decided to go over to the enemy’s camp with his armorbearer to spy out the camp. He did not tell anyone where they were going. They crossed a narrow pass between two steep cliffs. After arriving, he said to his armorbearer, “Let’s go over to those heathen, maybe the Lord will do a miracle. It doesn’t matter to him how many is in our army or theirs.” His armorbearer said, “Yes! Do whatever is in your mind. I am with you heart and soul.” The rest is history. Prince Jonathan and his armorbearer climbed over the cliff and

killed about twenty men who fell left and right. After that, panic struck the entire Philistine army and at that same moment, a great earthquake came. The Philistines began killing each other in confusion. The Lord saved Israel that day through a man of God and his armorbearer.

the most impressive quality that really got my attention was the love, faithfulness and loyalty that he showed toward David. That is what I want to discuss more about.

A Rash Vow Broken Now think about this, Jonathan is an heir to his father’s throne. The people loved him. Prince Jonathan, the Leader For instance, one time King Saul decided Prince Jonathan emerged a leader in bibli- that he was going to kill him because of cal history in a time Israel was depleted of a rash vow he made and commanded the weapons and good leaders. In fact, weapon people to follow. But the people would not making had been outlawed in Israel by the let him. King Saul was between a rock and

Yes! Do whatever is in your mind. I am with you heart and soul. Philistines as a way to keep control of a nation known to rise up with the help of their unseen God and take back control. Jonathan has shown several beautiful acts of good leadership. From the story above, he showed that he was fearless and that he had courage above others; later he showed that he was very loyal to his father. But

a hard place I Samuel 14:24 So, he called the whole army to a fast and said that if anyone ate anything before sundown it would be their head. Jonathan, not knowing of the decree, took his spear and put it in some honey that he saw on his way while in battle and ate it. Saul found out and said he must die; but the people helps ministry magazine


helps ministry magazine right God’s Leaders

were not having it. So history says the people loved Jonathan and he loved the people. I Samuel 20:16-17 para. Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David saying, “May the Lord call David’s enemies to account.” And Jonathan had David reaffirm his oath out of love for him because he loved him as he loved himself. The leadership principle I’m speaking of is something that I have not seen before or heard it discussed. As history tells us, Jonathan is set in line to become king after King Saul. All you have to do is read about any kingdom and you’ll soon see that kingships are not given up easily. But in this case, Jonathan is willing to do this very act. In fact, as we talked about earlier he made a covenant of loyalty with David instead of his father. The Bible goes on to say, Jonathan loved David as himself. The Anointing Provokes A Response The anointing always brings a response. And so it was, after David killed the giant Goliath. According to the heart of the hearer, in the case of King Saul and Prince Jonathan they each responded differently. King Saul plotted to kill David out of jealousy and the word of God tells us Jonathan loved him from that time on. Lets look at some of the facts, when Jonathan first meets David they became very good friends, writer of Samuel 1 recorded, “Now when he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.” I Samuel 18:1 Later, he actually says to David I know one day you will be king. When he said that it makes me want to know what Jonathan literally saw in David to make him say that. He goes on to make a covenant with him, love him as a brother and be willing to give him his kingship. I believe he saw the anointing on a man of God that was undeniable. It was so much so that he said to himself, “If I should go up against him, I would surely die. He could have thought to himself “That’s actually what happened to Goliath”. The anointing of God makes all the difference. I have never seen this as a example before in the word of God. The only one that would be comparable would be John the Baptist when he said “I must decrease so that you may increase” when speaking of the Christ. 8

helps ministry magazine

Jonathan displays a beautiful example of someone willing to be so obedient to the will of God toward another person. From biblical history, we know that King Saul destroyed his relationship with the Lord and the prophets with his disobedient life. But Jonathan was of a different sort. He was nothing like his father King Saul. A Covenant Vow Honored For one thing after confirming David would take his place as king after his father King Saul; he blessed him and made a covenant with him. Which they honored toward each other. They loved each other as close-knit brothers. I can say like Jesus said I haven’t seen this kind of faith; no not in all Israel have

I seen faith like this! This is a beautiful leadership example. Simply put Jonathan was a prince and he met a man named David who was anointed. He heard about the lion and the bear he killed. He saw the anointing when David worshipped and the tormenting spirit would leave his father, the king. He saw that anointing in action against Goliath. He saw and experienced the anointing when David led the army that destroyed Israel’s enemies, the Philistines. He became best friends and a spiritual brother with David. But Jonathan’s father King Saul hated David so much that he tried several times to kill him. But each time Jonathan would help him escape his father anger. They were brothers in faith with a covenant between them. They would keep it even in death as David honored Melphibosheth, Jonathan’s family in their covenant. As we know,

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top He will baptize you with Holy Spirit and with fire...Luke 3:15c


just as Jonathan believed and God willed David eventually became King of Israel. So we should all give Jonathan a hand of applause because his acts of leadership were exemplary! John the Baptist We started this discussion with the revelation about the act that Jonathan did toward his covenant brother David. I thought to myself; man I don’t know of anyone else that have made a sacrifice like that other than our Christ and John the Baptist. So I felt it would be a good word to bring them together on this act of leadership. For they all were leaders Jonathan, John the Baptist and of course Jesus. I call them the three Js. ( J.J.J.) In this part of the article I’ll talk about the unselfish acts of John the Baptist. As for John the Baptist, can you see him being there literally for the Christ baptizing thousands of

people for the Kingdom saying, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord,” proclaiming and when he sees him he makes the famous statement, “Behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world!” And he would say later, “I must decrease and He must increase.” These acts of John the Baptist equals great leadership, selflessness, great vision, and then being willing to deny himself to gain a greater purpose. For more of Rev. Varn E. Brown, Sr. teaching about the leadership principles of Prince Jonathan and other biblical heroes, get a copy of the fourth book of the Armorbearer Training Series: In The Spirit of Leadership - God’s Mighty Men & Women at the Shield Shop

According to the writer of Luke 3:15, the people were waiting expectantly and were all wondering in their hearts if John might possibly be the Christ. John answered them all with these words, “I baptize you with water. But one more powerful than I will come. The thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. His winnowing fork is in his hand to clear his threshing floor and to gather the wheat into the barn, but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” John was one crying in the wilderness saying prepare ye the way of the Lord and make his path strait. He was a great prophet who was a fore runner before our Lord the Savior of the world. John saw Jesus coming and said, “Look the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world. This is the one I meant when I said, a man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me. I came baptizing with water that he may be revealed to Israel.” This is the beautiful act John displayed before the world to see and this is the best example alone side the act of Jonathan toward the future King David as a leader. Both were willing to step aside and allow a greater anointed person to succeed them. I don’t know if this says it well enough but “Kudos” to you, John the Baptist! -vb

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helps ministry magazine

7 Rules of Recei Answered Praye 10

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iving er

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Do you have an expectancy to receive from God? My belief and experience is the more we expect to hear and receive from God, the more we will receive from Him. Remember, we are His. We are His sheep, His people and even His children... By Earma Brown


o you see the answer to your prayers often? If you’re anything like many of us getting to know God and receiving answers to our prayers can seem difficult at first. Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Sound interesting?

Let’s talk. The Apostle John said we could be sure about this matter, “This is the confidence we have that whatever we ask according to his will, he hears us and if he hears us, we have whatever we ask.” My prayer has been that Father God would teach me to be effective in my prayers, you know like the Apostle James, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. So, here are seven rules I learned over the years formed into the acronym R.E.C.E.I.V.E. Receive, Expect, Covenant, Exceedingly, Inherit, Victorious and Endurance: 1. Receive. Learn the law of reaping/receiving. As you know, God ordained seasons. How do we know? From experience and the Ecclesiastes writer confirmed that there are all kinds of seasons. But there’s another bit of advice from the Ecclesiastes writer that I didn’t notice at first. It goes like this, “He who observes the wind will not sow. And he who regards the clouds will not reap.” Another translation reads, “..if we wait for all conditions to be right, we may miss the opportunity to sow or reap (receive). 2. Expect. Eagerly expect an answer. Do you have an expectancy to receive from God? My belief and experience is the more we expect to hear and receive from God, the more we will receive from Him. Remember, we are His. We are His sheep, His people and even His children. So as His children, we can expect to receive from Him. The Apostle John so eloquently instructed us, “If a child of an earthly father asks for a piece of bread and he gives it to him. How much more will our heavenly father give what we ask.” helps ministry magazine


helps ministry magazine

3. Covenant. Know your covenant with our Father God. As Christians we are in a blood covenant with the Father through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. He is our propitiation. Through the shed blood of Christ, we are redeemed from the curse of sickness and poverty. 1 Peter 2:24 I encourage you to personalize your covenant with God. Especially if you are having any trouble believing and receiving from Him. I’ve discovered most times the trouble we are having with receiving is a trouble in believing. If so, begin to increase your Word intake, personalize your prayers and acknowledge the covenant of God. Put your name in the scripture. For example, “Whatsoever things I desire when I pray, I believe I receive them and I shall have them.” 4. Exceedingly. Almost everything I’ve prayed about, the Holy Spirit will say bigger, more, better, higher. Which is what I call the Ephesians 3:20 prayer. You see, I’ve found out God’s vision and desire to bless us is so much bigger than what we think ask or imagine. So many times, the Holy Spirit would communicate to me, “Raise your expectancy level!” I used to wonder what He , the Holy Spirit meant. Now I know; I adjust my thinking and raise my expectancy level to receive. I pray according to Ephesians 3:20, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us.” 5. Inherit. Imitate others in faith and inherit the promises of God. Do like you see others victorious in the faith are doing. That seems to be already in our DNA. We naturally imitate those we admire. The Word of God says, “... do not become sluggish but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” Heb 6:12b

“I’ve discovered God’s vision and desire to bless us is so much bigger 6. Victorious. Through Jesus and than what we think, ask or imagine!” His finished work, we can receive the victory. Child of God, any victory you

are believing God for, you can receive it. 1 Corinthians 15:57 If it aligns with God’s Word and His will, the victory is yours. The Psalmist encouraged the people of God in the Old Testament and now us, “With God we will gain the victory for He goes before us and tramples down our enemies. Psalms 108:13 7. Endurance. Since the just live by faith, the word endurance better known as patience was bound to come up in a teaching about receiving answers to prayers. The Hebrew writer knew about it saying, “Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. For you have need of endurance (patience) so that after you have done the will of God you may receive the promise. We may get tired or even impatient in waiting for the promise. Even so, don’t give up; your answer may be just around the corner. Even after giving you the seven tips, I still encourage and recommend you to the greatest teacher ever, the Holy Spirit. I pray this article makes you thirsty to know and experience more of the God who is attentive to the prayers of His people. l For more of Minister Brown’s teaching about prayer, get a copy of her latest book Living the Prayer Fulfilled Life at the Shield Shop or for other ministry books and resources.


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la grande helps ministry magazine

exceedingly abundantly above or instance, early in my Christian faith, I was led by God to move from one city to another.” After staying a short stint with family, I prepared to move into my own place. Several family members strongly told me you won’t be able to do that, especially not that fast. You’ll have to take at least four to six more months and move into a dump at first.


Everyone has to move into a dump at first, they said I didn’t agree. In fact, I couldn’t agree. I had already taken my opportunity to sow; I was eagerly expecting an answer. I had acknowledged my covenant with my Father God. And I had prayed according to Ephesians 3:20 over the matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m telling this story respectfully. I am grateful for the start my family gave me. It’s just that they didn’t know behind the scenes, Father God had already instructed me to raise my expectancy level and to pray the exact same scripture I just gave you. Why? Because He wanted to bless me with more. Not long after that conversation with family, I received a beautiful new apartment with washer, dryer, microwave... Now don’t tune me out here. He wants to do the same for you. Whether you’re praying for a bicycle, a house and property or your ministry needs, raise your expectancy level. Add Ephesians 3:20 to your request and petitions. Watch what your heavenly Father will do! He’s God all by himself, you know. He’s ready and willing to do what you ask according to His will and word. —eb

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helps ministry magazine

ARMORBEARER FAQ Tired of being the Go-To-Guy Q/A with Rev. Varn Brown & Minister Earma Brown

uestion: I need some advice...I am the first armorbearer ever to my pastor. I’ve been serving my leader for the past six years and I have become chief armorbearer (the go-toguy) that everyone comes to. It is a team of five, three women and two men. There are assistant pastors who oversee the ministry of armorbearing...I do all kinds of things for my pastors: from ordering and having garage door opener at his home to carrying his Bible, just last night I traveled with him to a speaking engagement. I said all of this to say, because I’m viewed as the go-to-guy, I want more structure for our you have a checklist for organizing this area of ministry? I want to remain self-sufficient and effective in all areas as a team. name withheld


armorbearers are your recruits or people that started with you in armorbearing. At any rate, from what you have sketched out for us we believe it’s time for you to start raising up other armorbearers. If not already, you should begin teaching more about armorbearing. Especially pull another young man in close to mentor. Allow him to support you as you support the man of God. Pour the things you have learned and experienced throughout these six years into him.

My leader calls it “duplicating yourself.” As you begin to duplicate yourself through mentoring, teaching and training you will begin to see a stronger balance of everyone pulling upon you as the go-to-guy. Your other team members and recruits will begin to effectively share your load. On a cautionary note, REV . BROWN ’ S RESPONSE : as that shift begins to happen guard against Thank you for taking the time to write us. It feeling insecure and out of fear holding back was encouraging to hear how our Lord has knowledge that should be imparted to the been using you to build His ministry to your other armorbearers. leaders. You did not say whether your fellow 14

helps ministry magazine

helps ministry magazine

Since you have the honor of being the first armorbearer in your church (and I do mean honor because it’s usually harder for the first) begin to write down some of those things you have learned as guidelines for those coming after you. -------, I would be remiss if I did not encourage you to our book In the Spirit of Armorbearing book available from our web site. Earma has written and compiled our twenty plus years of Helps experience and revelatory knowledge about armorbearing as a resource to others. The book and companion study guides are an excellent outline and structure for your group or class. Speaking of structure, along with the study guides she sends the gift articles “Teacher Tips” and “How to Organize Your Armorbearer’s Team.” Now let’s pray, Father I pray a special blessing over -------- for his obedience to your call to help your leader. Continue to grant him the spirit of wisdom, revelation and balance in his ministry. Father, I ask that you anoint him afresh to teach and impart to others the spirit of servanthood that you have developed in him. In Jesus name. Amen. —Rev. Varn Brown © Rev. Varn Brown and Minister Earma Brown. All leaders need practical support. Your leader deserves to have a chain of support in place! Varn and Earma, Co-Founders of Armorbearers International, help leaders and supporters build strong teams in the local church. For speaking engagements, workshops and participation in conferences visit or for other insightful articles and resources visit them on host site

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I Love My Church! Hi I’m Tammy from Baltimore, Maryland and I am presently serving as an Armorbearor to my Spiritual Mom who is an Associate Minister for 15 years at the church I attend for the last 6 years. I also serve as a Senior Usher. I am looking forward in doing the upcoming lessons to enhance my knowledge so I can continue to walk the walk for the Lord. In Christian Love.

Greetings, my name is Chris Marshall, I live in NYC and I attend CCC East which was established by Apostle Frederick K.C. Price in 2001. I am presently in the Helps Ministry as part of the Ministry Protection Unit. Hello all, My name is Roz and I live in Powell,Ohio right outside of Columbus,Ohio. I attend the Ephesus Church and serve as armorbearer to Dr. William T. Cox, Sr. I was called to be an armorbearer about 7 years ago...make sure that I continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as I develop the heart of a servant. Hello my name is Jennifer Bishop. I live in Romulus Michigan. I attend Beyond the Veil International Christian Church. This is a beginning church that is soon to be a year old. I have served before on the Usher board, Choir, and Pastorial care. I currently sat down to get understanding before just doing. (if that make sense to you). I know how I’m now trying to know why. :-) God bless you and thanks so much for the knowledge. Praise the Lord, My name is Audranette Arrington better known as Audree. I live in the Washington Metropolitan area. I was born and raised here. I am the mother of three children. I attend First Baptist Church of Glenarden under the leadership of Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr. I serve on the Global Missions Ministry. I am Adjutant/Armorbearer for one of the Associate Pastors, Pastor Belynda Gentry. I have been serving Pastor Belynda Gentry for 2 1/2 years.  I love the Ministry of Armorbearer. It is a blessing to be able to serve. I am excited about the opportunity to take part in the studies and discussions. I thank God for Bro.Varn and Sis. Earma answering the call to do this. God bless you as you impart in us what God has given to you. It is my desire to honor God in what HE has called me to do and to be the very best at it that I can.Although I am serving Pastor Belynda, it is an honor to walk along side her. Greetings, My name is Yolanda. I live in Virginia Beach, Va. I and my husband have been  amourbearors for 2 years. I am currently serving in the Navy and have been for almost 14 years. I will be transitioning out of the military in February. My church is Liberty Worship Center, in Williamsburg, Va. My awesome :D pastors are Pastor Larry Nixon and Prophet Keinna Nixon. My name is Rita and I live in Houston Texas. I have been at my church for a little over 3 yrs and can say that I have learned so much from my leaders about God and how everyone in the body of Christ is important. I have found purpose and happiness serving God.

Peace be unto you!! My name is Sis Melinda Herron and I attend Thy Word Worship Center International Ministries. :) I am a servant of Jesus Christ and armor bearer to Dr Margaret Nutall. God is doing great things and works and I just want to be able to serve more effectively in the Kingdom. Hello Everyone, I am Elizabeth Kennard ( Joyfilled ) I am a missionary at Life Through the Word Ministries International Inc. and I have recently been appointed as armorbearer to the Bishops wife, my First Lady. ..This is my first time as an armorbearer and I would openly accept all the advice you may be able to share. In Christ.

Excerpted from Equipping the Saints Bible Study Forum

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helps ministry magazine

right in the spirit of leadership

Readers Favorite God’s Law of Retribution by Rev. Varn Brown


re you agreeing with the enemy’s voice? Job’s wife said for him to curse God and die repeating the voice of the Devil himself. When he, the Devil, said to our Heavenly Father, ”If you take the hedge of protect i o n d o w n , J o b w i l l c u r s e yo u a n d d i e. ” As the story of Job plays out, God took him up on the challenge. He gave Satan permission to bring all kinds of trouble upon Job’s life. Even so, he (Satan) was instructed, he could not kill him. When Satan made his bet with God about Job, God was cool because He knew He had the law of retribution at his side. He knew Satan was blinded by his pride and didn’t know he had to repay Job for his troubles double, after it was all said and done! For the Lord is a God of retribution, He will repay in full. Retribution: To pay, punishment for evil done or reward for good done. Job probably was very familiar with the word retribution or the concept of it. Because the enemy had plenty he had to repay him for the trouble he brought upon him. In the story of Job he was doing his best to convince his friends of his right standing before God? But they scorned him all the more. So you know his heart cried out for retribution? Job took a righteous stance when all hell broke lose upon him. After the trial, the Lord confirmed that Job had not sinned. (Book of Job)

God of Retribution God has many beautiful names. One of them Jehovah Gmolah which means the Lord of Recompense. Like Retribution, Recompense means to repay or reward, to compensate, requital. The words are very similar Retribution and Recompense. We serve a God that rewards for good behavior, repays for bad behavior and compensates one for his troubles. Our Heavenly Father is a God of retribution He pays and repays back for the good or bad that we do. Jeremiah 51:56 The word of God says as long as there is seed time and har vest the law of sowing and reaping shall be upon this earth. Whatever you do whether it is good or bad there shall be a reckoning, a retribution. Our Father God says the beautiful seeds that you have sown toward me you shall reap a harvest from me in this life and the one to come.


helps ministry magazine

My mother Betty Ruth Brown sowed beautiful seeds of parent hood into me and my four brothers and oldest sister. And guess what? She did it all by herself. She is gone too soon. But according to God’s law of retribution, her seeds have brought forth a beautiful harvest, in this life and the one to come; she is already there enjoying it. Do you see where I am going with this? Our heavenly Father He watches over us to make sure we are paid, repaid and compensated. Amen! Job’s trial was symbolic of Christ’s trial. In the same manner of Job, our Lord and Savior fought the battle of Satan’s lies saying that he was not the Christ. You see, the enemy waged the same kind of war against Jesus with his attacks. Just like Job, He fought a good fight of faith and trust but the enemy did not see Gods plan of Retribution that would go into effect. Prophetic Picture Do you remember? Jesus said “My God, my God why has thou forsaken me!” We understand God’s law of retribution a little better. He could’ve said “My God, my God where is your retribution for me?” It’s like in the story of Job (a prophetic picture of the retribution of Christ) once again Satan’s pride blinded him into thinking there could be no retribution. He didn’t factor it in; even though our Lord and savior was crucified, the law of retribution would still be applied. Through God’s law of retribution, justice (payback) was still demanded.

Through all that Satan brought upon Jesus through his crucifixion the law of retribution was activated. For Jesus through his death, burial and resurrection has received the ultimate retribution, His seat at the right hand of the Father and a harvest of the souls of men, bringing salvation to humanity. God freed us with the cross of Jesus and the Law of Retribution at his side, we humanit y was restored. Rev. Varn Brown is Co-Founder of Armorbearers International who offers help with designing strong teams of support for local church leaders. For more of Rev. Brown’s teachings about leadership principles in the kingdom of God, get a copy of his latest book: In The Spirit of Leadership - God ’s Mighty Men & Women at the Shield Shop at

Leadership training that leaves a legacy Training leaders and supporters in the local church

New Armorbearer Training Series book on the way Are you an armorbearer in training or responsible for training a group of leaders or armorbearers? Rev. Brown’s newest book In The Spirit of Leadership God’s Mighty Men & Women will help. In his usual contagious teaching style he visits the biblically famous King David and his explosive mighty men. In a study of the character of these men, you will discover afresh King David, General Joab, Captain Abishai, the exploits of The Thirty and more..Find out the details at the Shield Shop 19

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