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HELPSMinistry Helps Ministry Magazine – Second Issue – Mar/Apr 2012

The Favor Factor god’s calling of distinction on your life

Recognizing God’s Plan of Significance how to receive his grace and favor

A Devotion to Serve • serve with a good attitude

I Love My Church! inside!

• faq: an immature assistant

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The Favor Factor | A Devotion to Serve | I Love My Church!

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A word from the publishers hank you for your continued support. We are delighted to present, the Helps Ministry magazine for the second quarter of 2012. Digital and print copies are available. As always, we ask for your prayers, participation and support in helping us minister to the Body of Christ.


We offer a big thank you to the leaders, pastors and armorbearers that have continued to refer us in 2012 to your church and other ministries. Because of YOU the Armorbearers International community continues to grow. Remember us, help us spread the word. Go by the featured Shout Out testimony page and post your testimony. Or just click the Tell A Friend link on the website to refer us to your friends and ministry associates. We, sincerely appreciate it. Also, we invite you to browse and participate in our community Ministry of Helps Network located at the website Go there now and visit. Greet, Chat, Pray and Grow with other Christians, Local Church Pastors, Leaders and Helpers. Create a group for your specific church or ministry team, ask a question, post your church or ministry group’s pictures, promote your church or ministry for your area and more. In this issue, we present two articles The Favor Factor and God ’s Plan of Signif icance. We seek to express how important you are to the heart of God. Therefore you have already been extended favor beyond what any of us dream or deserve. It’s all in the receiving now. We continue to encourage you to grow in fame and favor to impact our culture for Christ. The A Devotion to Serve column this month features Serve With A Good Attitue, a devotional excerpted from the book A Devotion to Serve. We invite your comments and feedback. Enjoy and forward it to a friend that you think might enjoy reading the Helps Ministry magazine. Additionally, we feature one of the Q/A sessions called “An Immature Assistant?” Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful Easter! Helping leaders and supporters build strong teams in the local church, Rev. Varn Brown & Minister Earma Brown Publishers

helps ministry magazine


helps ministry magazine

a devotion to serve Serve with a Good Attitude


ear godly garments. Be careful of the attitude you wear when serving your leader. One of my previous team leaders said often, “I am careful of my attitude and mindset when I serve my leaders because whether I intend to or not I often transfer it to them. I don’t want them to have to guard against receiving a bad attitude from me.” If we strive to wear a garment of humility, kindness, and congeniality, our leaders may safely trust themselves to us. Be pure in your service. Make sure your service is to your leader’s benefit. For example, a pastor friend of mine expressed her disappointment at the immaturity of her assistant. She explained, “My armorbearer insisted she come to my speaking engagement for support. I said great; then she asked if I would pick her up, which was fine but on the way, I interpreted two dreams, counseled her, and prayed with her before arriving at the meeting. I was drained before I made it to the platform.” I agreed with my friend’s frustration regarding the assistant’s lack of consideration for her need. Remember, there is a time and place for everything. Allow your concerns and needs to take a backseat to discerning your leader’s need. God is faithful; as you plant seeds of excellent service in your leader’s life, He will remember to take care of you. -Minister Brown

PRAYER: Father, give me a good attitude. Strengthen me with your love that your compassion for your leaders and your people may flow through me. Prayerful Meditation: Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering; bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do. Colossians 3:12,13 l 4

helps ministry magazine


helps ministry magazine

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A Word From The Publishers


Publisher/Managing Editor Earma Brown

A Devotion To Serve


Publisher/Executive Editor Varn Brown

The Favor Factor


God’s Plan of Significance


Armorbearer FAQ: Immature Assistant


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I Love My Church!


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left God’s favor shines on you!

The Favor Factor Have you realized yet you are distinctive, peculiar, and favored? by Varn Brown


ave you realized yet you are distinctive, peculiar, called out and favored of God just because you are Christian. The Apostle Peter put it like this, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. (1 Peter 2:9) Years ago, I was watching a Christian program, probably the Richard Roberts Show or a televised event at Oral Roberts University campus. It was a normal Christian program with all the familiar faces of Christian programming during that time. What caught my attention and moved me was what happened at the end of the show; maybe you saw it too. They were honoring Dr. Oral Roberts and his wife Evelyn Roberts. By the Holy Spirit it seemed the show took an unplanned turn. Pastors, ministers and ministry couples started coming up to Dr. Roberts, some on their knees in tears repenting for speaking against him in the past. It got to be quite a line of weeping people; they were all saying basically the same thing, “Please forgive me for persecuting you.” Dr. Roberts would say to each one, “It’s already done. I’ve forgiven you. I forgave you a long time ago.” They were repenting for persecuting him when he made statements that not many if anyone understood. “He believed and said, “If I don’t raise 8 million dollars by March 31st, God will take me home.” (My wife/

editor and I were debating about whether to use this story. For we carefully consider each article prepared for the people of God. We looked at a calendar and noticed it was March 31st, that was one of our little confirmations.) Back to the story, after all was said and done, it’s recorded that he didn’t raise 8 million dollars by March 31st but 9 million dollars. Nevertheless, when he made those statements the Media and the Church gave him such a hard time, even ridiculed him to scorn. Before I saw this program, I knew nothing about Dr. Roberts. But this particular scene never left my memory. So never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would get the opportunity to meet and talk with Dr. Roberts. Yet, some years back I did. My

and currently I have none.” Then we talked about the televised event where the Church was repenting to him over persecuting him. He said he remembered it like it was yesterday. He repeated the scene of him saying to each one he had already forgiven them. You might be wondering why I shared this story. Well, it has to do with my reason for asking the question. By the way, I wasn’t surprised by his answer. Not implying I’m anywhere near Dr. Robert’s level, but I know the mantle and the favor that’s on my life and what it requires to walk in it. I know I don’t have many close friends. We have hundreds of friends but no David and Jonathan relationships in our life. I’ve learned the favor of God is no lemon meringue pie; yes it is a powerful thing to have favor operating in your life

This favor graces you with the power and presence of God. wife and I hosted him as armorbearers on one of his trips to speak at our church. At the airport Earma and I were sitting with the Roberts waiting on a plane, he said we could ask him questions. One of my questions was, “Do you have any very close friends?” He said, “Throughout my life I’ve had only a couple of close friends

but it’s not always easy. Dr. Roberts was obviously a man of distinction and had the favor of God on his life. Taking example from his life, my life and I suspect yours as well, the favor of God distinguishes you, separates and empowers you to do whatever our Father God has called you to do.

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helps ministry magazine right God’s favor.

Unmerited grace is given in the favor from God. This favor graces you with the power and presence of God; it is a walk of faith, humility and blessing. Walking in God’s favor, you live a life of distinction and separation, a special vessel kind of life. (2 Ti. 2:20,21) If you think about it or have observed it, most of the great men and women of God live a life of separation and distinction. So, you could say this is a distinction thing that God does with his people that are called by his purpose, according to his favor. Look at the distinction Abraham received after being called and obeyed moving into a new land. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abedigo lived a life of distinction. Moses was separated as a child to survive the slaughter of the enemy and then he was called to lead a people out of bondage. I could name many more. The favor of God brings a life of distinction to the individual; blessings come with this distinctive life style but please notice sacrifice comes with it as well. defining favor Some of the defining words of favor are friendly regard, approval, partiality, a small gift or token. To approve or like, to be partial to, support, advocate, to help, to do a kindness for. Now that we know what favor is, the question is, is there favor operating in your life from an authority like your boss, your employer, your pastor or from God. For another example, lets go to the Word of God and look at someone with the favor of God upon his life, and that would be, you guessed it, Joseph. Genesis 37:3 Now Israel loved Joseph more than any of his other sons, because he had been born to him in his old age and he made a richly ornamented robe for him, a coat of many colors. Now this is where the story starts for Joseph and the favor of God was evident upon his life. There is always a reason for the favor of God upon our life. I’ve observed sometimes it takes a lifetime for us to yield to it in obedience. Joseph’s father gave him a coat of many colors. The coat signified the love and favor his father had for him. Joseph received a dream from the Lord and the dream revealed that one day he would be master over his brothers. If you remember the story, his brothers didn’t love him for it. Instead, they threw him in a pit because of jealousy, sold him for profit and told their father an animal killed him. Observe how it starts; sometimes in your life with God’s favor present, its like this, you know 8

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its there but you can’t tell anyone. Or like Joseph, you did tell someone and you are paying dearly for it now. For sure you don’t want to say anything to your brothers because they may throw you into a pit or sell you. For Joseph, it doesn’t end there his new slave owner took him and sold him to a new slave master which was named Potipher. Now don’t forget, this article is about the favor of God on our lives and the process it takes for God to use it through us. Most importantly why he gave us the favor in the first place. To jump the gun a bit, consider this; the favor on our lives is to save our brothers’ lives, to preserve a nation and even a generation.

Back to the story, Joseph receives his new master but the Lord is still with him; every thing he put his hands to the Lord blesses. His master is so blessed he doesn’t have to lift a finger because Joseph takes care of everything. But the Lord is the governor of Joseph’s life and says, the process is not finished so Joseph’s life goes to the next chapter. God takes him through purification of his soul. The enemy rises up against Joseph through Potipher’s wife who accuses him of raping her. Biblical history tells us, she is lying; Joseph is innocent but he paid the price for her accusation and lie. Joseph is put in prison for years. The beautiful thing about Joseph is he is a dreamer. If you remember the story,

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top May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us. Psa. 90:17a

THE PURPOSE OF FAVOR So, remember if you are favored of the Lord he doesn’t give it to you for selfish reasons. He hasn’t given favor to you or to us the Body of Christ to just be well liked and live our lives. He’s given it to us to influence and save a family, a city, a nation, a kingdom and even a generation. He’s given it to us to become more and more a distinctive, peculiar people who impacts our culture in a positive way for Christ. In ending, don’t forget favor is given for a God purpose. That purpose is to bring God’s will to pass, a kingdom purpose to pass. “Do you see it?” So in God’s kingdom, realize you are the favored of God and use it to accomplish His will.

this is what caused the chain of events in the first place. Or we could say, him sharing the dream may have triggered the events including the part about all his brothers bowing down to him, even his father. So the Lord prospers Joseph in the prison; everything he put his hand to the Lord made sure it succeeded.

grain. To read the full story, read Genesis 41. The dreams were so troubling that his whole kingdom was upset about it and no one could interpret them. According to the Genesis writer, the Lord was speaking to Pharaoh about what was about to come to pass but there was no one to tell him what it meant. Now I know you can see the hand of God in pharaoh’s dream this. These dreams caused the Pharaoh The good thing about the favor of God on our and his kingdom so much terror that the life, there’s always a gift of God that comes jailer Joseph’s master remembered one of along with it. For Joseph, he interpreted dreams. his prisoners had the ability to interpret The story goes on, Joseph was still in prison dreams. When he had two prisoners when Pharaoh had some dreams. He dreamed from the king’s staff, Joseph interpreted of seven fat cows and seven thin cows that ate their dreams and said one would be back up the fat ones. He dreamed of seven heads of before the King pouring his wine and he grain, full and then seven other heads withered was and the other would surely die and and scorched that swallowed up the fat heads of he did. (Genesis 41)

As you might know, biblical history says Joseph was brought before the king. He tells the King Pharaoh what the dreams meant. Not only that but he gives him wisdom what to do because the Lord is telling him that a great famine was coming. Now the beautiful thing about this whole matter is that Egypt was saved so that Joseph and his brothers would be saved. It took a favored servant of God to pull it off. Pharaoh promotes Joseph and puts him second-in-command; Pharaoh’s kingdom survived. Joseph and his family are saved all because of the favor of God on a man of God’s life.


Serving in His favor, Rev. Varn E. Brown, Sr. helps ministry magazine


helps ministry magazine

Recognizing Go Plan of Significa 10

helps ministry magazine

d’s ance

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Did you know YOU are special, distinctly and wonderfully made? Our Creator wants intimate and personal relationship with His people (you and me). In fact, our Father God favored and approved us (mankind) from the beginning.... By Earma Brown

f you’ve been running, you can stop running. If you’ve felt afraid, stop being afraid. If you’ve believed there’s no plan for your life, you can take hope. He has the blueprint. He made us and stamped APPROVED on each of us. How do I know? Remember in the Bible, Father God saw everything that He made and indeed it was very good. The Genesis writer said it like this, “And God saw everything He had made, and behold, it was very good—suitable, pleasant—and He approved it completely...Genesis 1:31a AMP Now that’s on Father God’s side, on our side of the equation He created a need within us for relationship, to be significant and noticed by others. We all share a common need to be important and favored by God and those around us. Scripture tells us during the creation process God brought Adam every beast and bird to name. (Gen. 2:19) In the Old Testament names were understood to capture or express something of the essence of the things named. It is implied through Scripture that Adam watched each creature over a period of time to understand something about its nature. Then Adam assigned a name that reflected that nature. In addition, God has named each star and a sparrow does not fall unless he knows about it.(Ps.147:4;Mt. 10:29) How much more does he know and notice us? If you are anything like me, it’s hard for our finite mind to grasp sometimes, saying with the Psalmist, “What is man that you are mindful of him, Lord?(Heb. 2:6) To put it another way, if you have a friend that never remembers your name. How long would he remain your friend? God’s plan of significance started with the naming process. He named the stars. He named humankind (Adam) then gave him his first job of naming every living creature and eventually his wife. He created humanity with a need to feel important. We strain toward God’s plan of significance. Deep inside, each of us wants to live meaningful lives and be recognized by God and man.


helps ministry magazine


helps ministry magazine

Webster tells us significance means to be noticed, important, meaningful; recognized, honored, esteemed, notable, influential, excellent, valuable, distinct, character. Have you noticed all the defining words of significance support a person’s feeling of worth? Let’s take a definitive look at a couple of other words name and favor to broaden our understanding of God’s plan of significance: name means to signify; single-out, to be called, chosen, appointed, authorized, entrusted; favored, approved, anointed, consecrated, and peculiar. Some of the words that define favor are help, suppot, encouragement, show kindness, like, approve, value, prize, treasure and esteem. Through these three definitions we see that in the creation process God gave humanity the gift of significance. He made us valuable, important and distinctively in His own image. He named us and singled us out, called us, favored us, authorized and entrusted the creation in our (humanity) hands to subdue and have dominion over. (Gen.1:26-28) As you may know, biblical history recorded humanity fell into sin and gave authority over to Satan but God further declared our significance by redeeming us through his only Son’s death, burial and resurrection. RECOGNIZING GOD ’ S PLAN OF SIGNIFICANCE

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important,” are words from a popular and Grammy award winning movie in 2011. The movie was about a bright female journalist and some African Amercian maids who impacted their world during the 60s’ Civil Rights Movement. I believe the words resonated with so many because of our (humans) inherent need to feel special and important. The Ephesians writer in an explanatory note wrote, “For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name.” (Ephesians 3:14,15) Therefore, we can say God has given us a name that indicates our destiny (final outcome). Father God has predestined us to share the name of Christ. We are the Body of Christ. We are collectively and individually the Church of God, which he bought with His own blood. (Acts 20:28) Other names that indicate our significance are Christians, God ’s sheep, the Body of Christ, the Bride, My Beloved, My Jewel, a royal priesthood, a holy people, my righteous ones, children of God, children of light, and more. These names God has called us are important for they give us a picture (an image) of who we are in Christ. There are many promises of God linked to knowing who we are in Christ. If you have not already, begin to put these in your memory and spirit to gain a better understanding of whom you are in Christ. • Church of God-Jesus paid for his church with his own blood. (Acts 20:28) • Children of God-Our names are written in the Book of Life. Rejoice! (Rom. 8:16) • Righteous-We are heirs of the righteousness that comes by faith. (Heb. 11:7)

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important!”

A • • • • • • • •

few of the promises of blessings and favor from God to the righteous are: He does not take his eyes off the righteous. Job 36:7 He blesses the home of the righteous. Pr. 33:3b The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run to it and are safe. Pr.18:10 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful. Jas. 5:16 Body of Christ-Christ feeds and cares for His body. (Eh. 5:29-30) Beloved-We are accepted in the Beloved of God. (Eph. 1:6) Holy Nation-We are a people separated and consecrated to God. (1 Pe. 2:9; 1 Pe. 1:16) Favor-He surrounds with favor as a shield. (Ps. 5:12)

I think one of the greatest reasons Father God has gifted us with such significance is He knows the minute we realize how significant we are in His eyes, we are free to value and esteem others in a more powerful way. OVERCOMING THE ENEMY OF INSIGNIFICANCE

Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem. He grew up in an obscure village called Nazareth in Israel, one of the smallest countries in the world. Even now, the tip of Israel can only claim seven miles in width. Fulfilling earlier century prophecy, Jesus was called the Nazarene. Also, as prophecy predicted He was despised, rejected and considered insignificant by the men of his day. 12

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la grande helps ministry magazine

Yet, Jesus impacted His world and the worlds to come with His good news message. After His sacrificial death on the Cross His name was exalted by Father God as the name above all names. In fact, God has declared him sitting at His right hand until all His enemies are made His footstool. How did Jesus gain such significance with the Father and with man? First He overcame an enemy called insignificance. Jesus prevailed over the rumors about his virgin birth. He didn’t listen when the voice of insignificance whispered to him, “You’ll never amount to anything! Look at how they whisper about your mother being pregnant before married.” He didn’t let the fact that he was born in a stable or grew up in the insignificant little village of Nazareth stop him from doing the works of the Father. He didn’t allow the fact that he didn’t start his public ministry until thirty. No one declared that he was a child traveling minister. Insignificance has a voice. That same voice of insignificance plans to kill, steal or pervert God’s plan of significance for your life. It can speak through others, or it can bombard you as your own thoughts. It taunts, “You’re nobody. Do you think anything you are doing will make any difference?” “After all who will care,” he whispers urging you to give up. You can know the plans of the enemy have been behind every circumstance that has said: you are unimportant, unnoticed, meaningless, trivial, unknown, inconsequential, defamed, undistinguished, forgotten, obscure, strangers, and a foreigner to God. Subtly, he steals from us by devaluing our gifts or contributions to the Body of Christ. The housewife, the career woman in the workplace, the volunteer in the local church are led to think they have made no real contribution. To the evangelist he says, “Your words mean nothing. You are not stable so who listens to you. Then to the struggling pastor he undermines with, “You’re not well traveled and sophisticated like others. Your whole congregation can fit on two pews. He robs us of purpose by getting us to grow weary with ever walking in our destiny. Or he pushes the child of God on to the path of compromise. I’ve learned compromise not only detours us from God’s path but it always lead us farther than we planned to go and we stay longer than we planned to stay. When we don’t know or believe God gifted us with significant lives we will find it hard to combat the lies of our enemy. Our enemy Satan wants to assign a name to our destiny (final outcome). He wants to give us a name that will perpetuate an unexpected end. For years the devil has tried to give me a name of shame. Through a set of circumstances designed to destroy and a couple of wrong life choices, I received that name. Maybe there is a name or two that he has tried to assign you. Our Lord has restored our name of righteous and holy; the one intended for us through the finished work of Christ at the cross. The name connected to our purpose and destiny is holy. The family that you are most a part of now is righteous and peculiar. God has taken great measures to make sure we know we are significant. Throughout Scripture, we know Jesus overcame the circumstances of his birth and humble beginnings by humility, submission to the authorities in His life and obedience to the Father. He exemplified a pattern that increased his wisdom and favor with God and man. After examining this pattern we will know what it requires to gain

significance. The physician Luke tells us the story of Jesus’ parents searching for him three days and finding him asking and answering difficult questions with the Scribes of the temple. “Why did you do this to us?” they asked him. “Did you not know I had to be about My Father’s business?” he replied. Then the Scripture declared, Jesus went with his parents and submitted to their authority. After Jesus humbled himself and submitted to the authority in his life he grew in stature, wisdom and in favor with God and man. If you want to gain significance in life then do these things in increasing measure: Humble yourself - God will resist the proud but gives favor to the humble. According to Peter we should,” Humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and he will raise us up in due season. Submit to the authoritis in your life. For Jesus submitted to the authority of his parents and grew in grace and favor -significance. Also, these same principles are linked once again when the Apostle Peter

urges the church with, “Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility… Obey the Father. Jesus said, “I only do what I have seen the Father do.” Can you say or can any of us say that we only do what we have seen the Father do? Just as our Lord Jesus was given a choice, we are given a choice today. Make a new commitment, as I do, to stay humble, submit to the authorities in my life and obey the Father. Doing so, we will gain the power to walk over every circumstance in our life that has said, “You are insignificant.” Furthermore, we will grow in wisdom and favor with God and man thereby overcoming our enemy of insignificance. Join me in recognizing God’s plan of significance. Find someone in your circle of influence that needs it and value them, esteem them with favor and significance. l helps ministry magazine


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Immature Assistant Q/A with Rev. Varn Brown & Minister Earma Brown

uestion: Hello my name is Armella. I BROWN’S RESPONSE: wanted to get some advice on armorbearing. I h a v e h a d o n l y o n e Pastor Armella, first of all we send our greetings assistant since I have become the Senior Pastor and blessings to you. Thank you for writing in. of my church. About three months ago, the relationship was dissolved due to some strain. REV. BROWN Her recent complaint was that she felt ignored. Hello Pastor Armella. The first thing I recommend is that you have your armorbearer(s) read The problem that I see is that my needs have our book In the Spirit of Armorbearing. The reason changed since the relationship was formed. I say this is I see a few basic things occurring that There are times that she pulls heavily on me we cover in our book. Things like: an armorbearer for much attention. However, there are so being needy instead of taking the role of ministry. many others that I must focus my attention on as well; not including the ministry of the MINISTER BROWN word. I am not sure if this is possessiveness I was saddened to hear the relationship became that leads to emotional tantrums and manipu- strained and the armorbearer was let go. I reclation in some ways. ognize the enemy’s intent to create division and confusion among God’s people. Even so, I I can say that I have been somewhat distant encourage you that God has better planned for because of the constant pull. There are other you. Your first assistant/armorbearer was immaflags that as I look back on it when I was in ture and didn’t know how to minister to your times of being honored or celebrated that she needs; yet it doesn’t mean her intentions weren’t was always in a negative disposition or not even in the right place. She perhaps just needed trainpresent. I do not believe that any of these ing and guidance in this area. actions were normal. Are there any suggestions or advice? —Armella, Illinois, USA



helps ministry magazine

helps ministry magazine

REV. BROWN I agree she needed training. She must be instructed that (the armorbearers) are there to serve and if a person is needy they can’t effectively serve, this must change. I believe if your armorbearer is willing to serve you, be obedient to you and your authority and read our In the Spirit of Armorbearing book you will see a change. MINISTER BROWN

Even with saying all that, we recognize you may want to just move on and establish your armorbearer team with someone else. How ever the Lord leads you to handle it, we encourage you to implement armorbearer training. One reason, we suggest the class atmosphere is because correction can be brought without singling the young lady out. But if your time does not permit or there’s no one to assign the teaching to, giving your new armorbearer our book should be helpful as well. REV. BROWN If you do decide to do a class, I also recommend our In the Spirit of Armorbering Study Guide study guide for a class. I believe with teaching and training all of the acts of the enemy will fade away, the spirit of control, a needy spirit and jealousy. I would like to say your assumptions are right of the assistant. I suggest that you pray about if you should keep this person as your armorbearer or consider training others, for training is very crucial. MINISTER BROWN

One last thing, according to how things went when the relationship was dissolved or if she is contentious, I encourage you to pray about including the former assistant. Over the years, we’ve noticed most armorbearers aren’t intentionally mean spirited. They are at best zealous (sometimes over) and at worst immature and have lack of knowledge about how best to serve their leaders. She may not realize there’s a reason we encourage Armorbearers and Helps ministers to pray more, read and study the Word of God more. It’s because, as you know, the rigors of ministry demand a maturing spirit. It seemed obvious that she wasn’t mature enough to guard against a jealous or envious spirit. Anyway, I said all that to say if the relationship can be restored, I would love to see you pull the former assistant back in, train her and commission her to train any following team members as they come. We hope our words were helpful. We pray God’s blessings and peace upon you, your family and ministry. We also specifically pray that our Father God (the Lord of the harvest who sends laborers) will send and match you with the exact person(s) you need to help you. Helping leaders and supporters in the local church, Rev. Varn Brown and Minister Earma Brown Armorbearers International

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I Love My Church! My name is Minister Donna and I’m a member of Kingdom Family Ministry in Uniondale, NY where my Senior Pastor is Bishop-Designate Fabian E. Williams & my Co-Pastor is Dr. Regina L. Williams. I serve as Administrative Assistant to Dr. Regina L. Williams, Bishop’s Scribe, ...and various other ministry areas. My role as an Administrative Assistant has always been more on the armor-bearer level, because I always see past the Administrative needs of my leader. It is my honor, joy and passion to serve in this capacity. I acknowledge my calling to train others as my leaders are being elevated in ministry and will require a team to cover them properly at all times. These courses are a blessing and I just recently received my Armorbearer books. Thank you for allowing the Master to use you in this capacity. I look forward to a deposit that will change how I serve God in this ministry for the better! Hi my name is Christine, and I’m the mother of two wonderful sons whom I love dearly. I live in n.e. washington d.c. Yes I do attend or have a local church( Family Community Fellowship Church). Presently my church has ministers in training, and I was appointed to one of the ministers to be her armor-bearer. This is truly an honor for me to be a servant of God’s annointed; called by him. When I was appointed, I immediately got on the computer and looked up the duties of an Armor-Bearer. That brought me to your site. I am excited and ready to get started. Hi My name is Nishon and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I am a proud member of New Light Missionary Baptist Church under the Leadership of Bishop Adam Addison. I have been spiritually led to be an Armorbearer, and recenty appointed that position. Very excited to know that there are co-laborers who are willing to share in the insight, of whats needed to be an effective Armorbearer. Hello everyone. My name is Mari. I currently reside in Killeen, Texas. I serve under my Pastor: at Dominion Life Fellowship as her Armorbearer. God has also placed in me the gift to teach His word. I am excited to learn more of the Spirit of Armorbearing and how to effectively serve in Ministry and do all the Lord has given me to do in the earth. Hello my name is Elder Faith.I live in Tampa, FL. USA. I am an Elder in my church now and also am head armour-bearer to my Bishop and his wife along with my husband. The church is New Life Christian Fellowship here in Tampa. I am from Philadelphia, PA. I love serving the Lord and want to teach the other leaders in my church the effective and right protocol to serve our leader. Peace be unto you!! My name is Sis Melinda and I attend Thy Word Worship Center International Ministries. I am a servant of Jesus Christ and armor bearer to Dr Margaret Nutall. God is doing great things and works and I just want to be able to serve more effectively in the Kingdom. Hi, my name is Jean-Michele. I prefer Michele. I currently live in Park Forest, IL. I am married with two children. My desire is to learn more about the area of service of the church. My pastor suggested that I take this because he sees me moving and operating in this gift. My desire is to serve God with all my being. I have learned a lot so far in the lessons I have studied. My name is Edwina and I am the director of the Armor Bearer staff, as well as, the director of the Women’s Fitness Club at Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Gainesville, FL. It has been a bit of an adjustment for me as I recently moved into the leadership role of the Armor Bearer staff. I just want to do my best in biblically leading the special group of people. Happy to have found this forum, and I look forward to any information that would assist us in a healthy progression in serving our Pastor.

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helps ministry magazine

right Writing A Book God’s Way

Readers Favorite Give Your Book The Test of Significance by Earma Brown Are you ready to test your book’s significance? Many hopeful authors tremble in their tracks wondering if their book will sell. That’s a good question. W ho wants to invest time or money into a sinking ship? Don’t be afraid; here’s how to test your book’s significance. You can know your book is significant if it presents useful information, answers important reader questions, and impacts people for the good. I f i t ’s e n t e r t a i n i n g o r f u n n y i t c o u l d go further than you imagined. It’s significant, if it creates a deeper understanding of animals, humanity or this world. With one to three of these elements your book is worth writing. More than three, it has potential of making great sales even to best seller status. If your book proves significant then it is saleable. Here are a few tips to help you know if your book will sell well before you even write it. Give your manuscript the test of significance. ____ Does your book help your readers gain a new skill? Thousands of people search for specific information daily. They want simple to read and easy to understand information. Seek to educate your audience; include engagement tools in your book. They may want to learn how to change their car oil or build a deck. Educate your audience and your book becomes significant. ____ Does your book solve a vexing problem for your audience? Get this right and you could have a best seller. Do you know the solution to a vexing problem? Write the solution in your book. You might be surprised at who’s searching for a little relief from a stressful problem. Remember, problems come in all sizes, shapes and categories. ____ Does your book offer expert advice, inspiration, hope to a specific group of people? Target a group of people within your broad market. Your target group could be single dads, moms or working moms. For example, the 18

helps ministry magazine

Chicken Soup series for Teen-Agers, Mothers, even Prisoners sold much better that the original more general Chicken Soup for the Soul. ____ Does your book offer an opportunity to learn something new or interesting? Sprinkle your book with little known interesting facts about your topic. Be careful to avoid information overload with pages of detailed statistics. But if you sprinkle them as morsels throughout your book, you create anticipation that will lead your readers through to the end. People love statistics and bite-sized trivia about just about any topic. ____ Does your book offer an easy to read style to learn about something? Take a complex subject in your field and make it simple. Most people enjoy an easy reading language. The Dummies series catapulted this concept to new heights with all kinds of complex subjects made simple. Your readers will not only reward you by reading to the end but they will be happy to tell all their friends about your insightful easy-to-read book. According to experts, of the significant areas your book need only have: 1 2 3 5 6

for a newspaper or magzine article for a signif icant book for a best seller for a Pulitzer Prize for literary classic

Are you ready to start writing yet? Did your book idea pass the test of significance in at least two areas? Great, it will sell! Now that you know your book is significant, go ahead take the plunge. Don’t hesitate any longer. Your audience is waiting for your unique ideas and viewpoint. Make it different. Make it count. Make it yours. mag Article excerpted from Writing A Book God’s Way by Earma Brown.


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