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Contents The Tempest: A Success


Melinda Tankard Reist: Sexploitation and Self-Esteem


Food, Glorious Food!


Flappy Bird: Game or Gamble?


Ed Support Baristas


Student Work: Drawing


What is This Phenomenon? An Introduction to Youtubers


Atwell Youth Art Awards


Student Work: O, Little White Dove


The Fault in Our Stars Review


Maya Angelou


God’s Gift of Music


The Tempest: A Success!

Hayley Groen

A S U C C E S S Year 11 Student Hayley Groen gives us a review of the 2AB/3AB Drama Production

The Tempest: A Success!

Hayley Groen

On the 19th and 20th of June at 7:00pm, the James Nestor Auditorium was alive with

which proceeded down the center of the auditorium, to create the feeling that

shakespearean energy, intricate stage makeup and dynamic lighting. The 2AB and 3AB production of William Shakespeare’s

audience members were on a ship as the play commenced. This evoked a very interactive feeling, which provided more of an

‘The Tempest’ was a visual delight and interactive with the audience, connecting with

understanding of the script, essential for a Shakespearean production.

each and every member and clearly presenting dialogue that may be more difficult to understand in ‘ye olde’ 16th century


It sort of combines the magical world and the real world ...

We went behind the scenes with 2AB stage manager Isobel Christian, to discover the inner workings of the production and how this

However, to fully understand how the play came together, we had to find out the

entertaining piece of Shakespearean drama came to life. “Everyone was given an acting

storyline. Though Shakespeare plays are often difficult to decipher, ‘The Tempest’ was

role and a production role. All the areas were covered by everyone in that cast.” Little did we know, ‘The Tempest’ was pulled together

somewhat easier to understand than plays such as ‘Macbeth’ or ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ ‘The Tempest’ is centered on

purely by students, under the guidance of arts director, Mr Dove. The quality of the end

Prospero, a magician who lives on an island with her daughter , abused slave, Calaban

product truly emphasized the hard work put in by all members of the cast and gave younger students an idea of the coursework

and the spirit, Ariel. Prospero was the duchess of Naples. The Duke of naples, her sister, the King and his son were on a ship

they should expect if they wish to chose drama as one of their senior

when Prospero sunk it, and they became stranded on the island on which Prospero

school subjects. “Johann Nai r and Jake Pitcher did the stage

lives. The whole story is about the people on the ship and how they find each other, as the son of the King becomes lost and falls in love

design,” explains Isobel. The stage

with the daughter of Prospero. “It sort of combines the magical world and the real

was indeed, incredible. 1 tonne of sand was used to

world,” says Isobel.

create the Island on which the story was

entertaining, and Isobel states her best memory of the play was whenthe cast

set! Along with the island, large sheets were used as sails

Visually, the play was exciting and

“came together as a family” after Thursday night’s performance when everything had finally “come together.” A huge congratulations to the entire cast and crew, the play was definitely a success and deserves much praise!

Melinda Tankard Reist

Sexploitation and self-esteem Alyssa Bay In Week Eight of Term Two,

Melinda's seminary focused on

and sexy and nothing else really

Corpus students from Year 9 to

the “sexploitation” of females in

counts. They’re given a

12 were given the chance to

today’s society and the impact

message that reduces them to

listen to a seminar by well-

that it has on young girls. I was

the sum of their sexual parts,

known woman’s rights activist

lucky enough to be able to talk

having to attract male attention,

and mother of three, Melinda

to Melinda, as well as Collective

having to be on display - not

Tankard Reis.

Shout's WA State Coordinator,

being valued for anything else

Melinda has been an activist

Caitlin Roper, after the seminar

such as their talents, their gifts,

since the age of seventeen and

about what her message is:

their abilities, their desire to

is one of the founders of

make a difference in the world

Collective Shout, a voluntary

You spoke about the “toxic

or be a good global citizen.

group that "names, shames and

messages delivered” to youth

Everywhere they look, they’re

exposes... practices which are

- what are these messages?

told they’re not acceptable, not

offensive and harmful,

Well, girls especially are told

good enough, they have to

especially to women and girls."

that they have to be thin, hot

change. That’s one of the reasons I asked the question,

“how many of you want to change something about yourself?” - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 things seeing how many girls are not

More of Melinda and Her Cause:

happy with their appearance. How many girls do you see


put their hands up when you


ask that question?

- Collective Shout Official Facebook Page

Definitely the majority. The majority, certainly almost all of


them, have one or two things, and then, in some cases, maybe half would still have their hands


up for three or four things... You

Collective Shout bags: “Fun, cute, functional -

can certainly say generally, most girls have issues with the way

$10 each, and the profits go to [Collective Shout] for campaigning.” - Melinda Tankard

they look. What are some statistics that


you brought up in your presentation [about eating disorders and self harm]?


We know that one in one

- Giving Sorrow Words: Women’s Stories of

hundred girls is anorexic, one in

Grief After Abortion (Duffy & Snellgrove,

ten is bulimic, one in four wants to have cosmetic surgery... We know that there’s been a 90% increase in older adolescent girls self harming in 10 years and a 60% increase in twelve to fourteen year olds harming in the same period of time... One in four young people have a mental illness… Rates of depression and anxiety in girls continue to increase; low self esteem,


2000) - Defiant Birth: Women Who Resist Medical Eugenics (Spinifex Press, 2006) - Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls (Spinifex Press, 2009) - Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry (Spinifex Press, 2011)


dissatisfaction, all of those things continue to be on the rise

PLUS, Recommended Read:

for our girls.

“Flying On Broken Wings”, Carrie Bailee [firm

You were saying that society

press to be released in October]

distorts the image of what it is

What the students said: [Taken from a survey sent out]

• On a scale of 1 - 5 (1 being “Very negative” and 5 being “very positive”), 57% of students rated their reaction to her message either a 4 or 5. • On the same scale, 70% of students rated how useful / informative / enlightening the information presented was a 4 or 5

• 57% of students said they would recommend this session for younger peers, but 23% wouldn’t.

74% of students considered themselves only moderately* surprised by the content shown *(On a scale of 1 - 5 [1 being not very surprised], students rated themselves three or less.)

Other Comments: “Although the speaker had very valid... points... boys felt that it was presented with much bias... Unfortunately, this resulted in many... completely shutting down... a shame as there were some things... we all really needed to hear.” - Benjamin Ring “I found the session very empowering... I now know I can do something to help... I was fairly surprised by the extent to which Melinda was willing to discuss sensitive issues, but I believe we need head-on confrontation so this issue doesn't escalate further.”” - Victoria Hebbs “I feel it was good however it was a bit one sided and placed all males in one category.” - Erin Solomon

to be female - what is your

it that girls can’t get the help that

independent body without the

message on what it is to be

they need. I think it needs a

vested interest in the industry,


whole of community approach -

previewing the ads. There

I would think it would be about

awareness, education and

needs to be serious penalties

authenticity, being true to

prevention campaigns to get

for non-compliance and serious

yourself… recognising we do

young people talking about it as


have unique capacities biologically that men don’t have and I think that



celebrated; the ability to bear children, to nurture children, to breastfeed… they’re amazing gifts. I think our capacity for

“There’s been a 90% increase in older adolescent girls self harming in 10 years and a 60% increase in twelve to fourteen year olds harming in the same period of time.”

empathy and nurture,

Is that what Collective Shout is doing? We do all of these things. We do the grassroots, action, as well as the campaigning, as well as the lobbying and advocacy to the government - lobbying to

recognising our rightful

well. Peer to peer engagement

the government. So

place in the world, taking up our

because that then gives other

we’ve written multiple

rightful place in the world, do

young people permission to

submissions on these issues

what we can to change things.

discuss it and get it out in the

over the last five years… We’re


trying to stop it at a number of

The stigma around mental

different levels. We’ll have a

health, how would you

Another thing you were

protest, but we’ll also visit our

overcome it?

mentioning was industry self

MPs and put a submission into

Just by talking about it. I’m

regulation. What is that, and

government about the failures of

speaking about the issues in

should the government

regulation, about the failures of

schools, then we have


our regulatory bodies. Equality, I

organisations like Headspace

We do think the government

suppose, is at the heart of

and BeyondBlue that have

needs to intervene because the

everything that we do. Fair

specific campaigns around

advertising industry has shown

treatment for women, not

mental health issues. I think

itself to not be deserving of self

treating women as second class

getting it out in the open is a big

regulation because there is no


thing. To give you an example,

regulation when you can put

Caitlin and I went to a

billboards advertising sex clubs

What’s the biggest problem

presentation yesterday to talk

overlooking boys schools where

you see today - not

about mental health and quite a

the little boys in the playground

necessarily criminal, but as a

number of girls shared their own

can look up and see a phone

culture? What are the biggest

journeys with depression, self

number and a website and a

issues facing youth?

harm, eating disorders, losing a

sexual image - there is no

Eating disorders and self harm,

friend to suicide - I think we

regulation; they’re doing

depression and anxiety are



whatever the hell they want and

huge, and then the mistreatment

conversations because when

that system is broken and we’ve

of girls - the way that boys are

the issue becomes hidden and

been pointing that out for ages.

treating girls - is a big problem.

there’s the associated stigma to

We think there needs to be an

Definitely with the access to the



internet the average age of

and the place of females in it,

We are in a society today in

exposure is 11. There has been

her seminar, as well as being

which the exploitation of women

a rise of child sexual assault

enlightening, was seen to be

is a prominent issue, and there

being committed by children to


is undoubtedly a large seg-

other children in the country.

I have since had conversations

regation between men and

C a i t l i n : P o r n o g r a p h y, a n d

with my peers about Melinda’s

women. The media plays an

alongside that, sexual viol-

message and most have said

ever-increasing role in shaping

ence... the culture and sexual-

that the talk was seen to be

the way society functions, and

isation of women.

generally directed at the female

its impacts are often detrimental

audience. Therefore, there was

to the wellbeing of (young)

What do you think we can do

a significant difference between

women, and youth as a whole.

as a collective to stop that?

the genders in the way it was

Unfortunately, the fact of the

A number of things - definitely

taken - whilst the reaction of

matter is that the percentage of

get involved in our campaigns.

most girls

We need you, we need your

seemed to be

energy and your drive and your

positive, and

passion… Also, leading by


example. If a few girls decided

seemed to feel

to be brave - if a few girls

a sense of

decided to not fit the mould, not


to conform - that would enco-

the reaction

urage other girls… to be valued

was not the

for something other than

same for the

physical appearance, to stand


up to the mistreatment of girls,

In a survey

girls with eating disorders, and

stand up to bullying. Leading by

that was sent out to the senior

the number of girls whom self

example, I think, is really

school students about the

harm, are rising. Increasing

significant, not only for your

seminar, one unnamed boy

numbers of young people suffer

peers but for you siblings as

made a comment that, “not all of

from depression and other

well. This is going to get worse

us are lymph-manic and

mental illnesses, and the

for younger brothers and sisters


majority of young females are

if action isn’t taken.

Many of the boys whom

insecure with themselves.

attended the seminar seemed to

With this in mind, the least we

So your take-home message -

have similar opinions, and I

can do as a collective group is

what would it be?

heard more than a few

to stop ignoring the issues at

Be brave. Stand up. Make a

comments on Melinda’s “sexist”

hand. While boys may not all be

difference. Be the change you


“rapists and perverts”, as

want to see in the world. All that

In this sense, while the delivery

Coralie de Robillard said she felt

kind of thing.

of the message may be disp-

the presentation made it out to

uted, I think it is important to

seem, it is important to

However, whilst Melinda is re-

nevertheless not undermine the

understand the reality of the

significance of the essence of

nowned for her endeavours to

issues of the world, and how we

what was being communicated.

can deal with it.

change the constructs of society


“If a few girls decided to be brave - if a few girls decided to not fit the mould, not to conform - that would encourage other girls… to be valued for something other than physical appearance.”

Food, Glorious Food! Rebekah Craggs As the saying goes, the way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach. As it turns out, this is also the key to the heart of students at Corpus Christi College, which is completely understandable when you consider the amazing new cafeteria that has been enjoyed by students and teachers alike for the past two weeks. When I say amazing, I mean amazing. The food is fantastic. There are more options (including spring rolls, butter chicken, and a wider variety of salads), all of which are extremely tasty, diverse and appealing to all sorts of students with all sorts of appetites. The service is fantastic. The teachers have been helping out by monitoring the entrances of

the café so that only a certain number of students are inside at any one time, which makes the process of choosing and purchasing your food very relaxed and quick. Furthermore, the new swipe-asyou-go system (using our student ID cards as a form of cash cards) and cash registers have allowed the first few weeks of the new cafeteria to work extremely well. We have waited a long time for the construction of this cafeteria, and I definitely think it’s paid off. Food is such an important aspect of the school day, not only providing student and staff with fuel for next period, but also a break from class time. Lunch time should be a time to relax, eat yummy food and enjoy yourself and I truly think that the new Corpus café has allowed this to be achieved.

Students Say:

Favourite feature

8% 31%

Self check out Use of school ID More food options Other



88% of students think the cafeteria is much more efficient than the previous canteens. 15%7% 7% 4% 7% 26% 33% Salads Sandwiches Hot drinks Other

Want to see more of...

Soup (daily) Ice creams Breakfast foods

FLAPPY BIRD: Game or Gamble?

Erin Solomon INTORDUCTION “My iPad hits the wall. A spider web of cracks bursts into being across the screen as it shatters into innumerable fragments. The sound of breaking glass mingles with my screams. It is a scream of fury, a scream of remorse, a scream that mourns what I have become. My eyes are blood red. I have gained 214 pounds in the past 3 months. I have forgotten how to walk. All I can do is fly, fly across the screen. They say angels can fly, but as I fly, I weep. I am no angel, no inhabitant of heaven. This, this is hell. My tears sting my swollen eyes. Through the watery film I see my iPad’s glass. The light is dim but it is enough. I wail. High score: 3 Pulled by some indescribable force, I tap the screen again. I cut my finger on a jagged edge. My blood mixes with my tears; crimson saltwater. The liquid slides across the glass to run between the cracks. I know that I am dying; this app ruins people’s lives. It takes control and nothing in the real world can bring me back to reality. This game is my life.” This is just one of the many comments on Flappy Bird in the app store.

EXPLANATION For anyone that doesn’t know, Flappy Bird is an app created by Dong Nguyen. The essence of the game is simple; tap, tap, tap, fly the bird through the gaps in the pipes, hit a pipe, game over, throw your phone at the wall. But why is the app hated by millions of people, and why did it have to be deleted from the app store? Well, as seen from the comments, Flappy Bird ruins people’s lives. ADDICTION There’s a feeling that you get when your skills are perfectly matched against a difficult challenge. You become engrossed, even obsessed. Your entire world is focused on the task at hand - the task in your hand. Your body responds to the perfect combination of frustration from the difficulty of the challenge and the sense of accomplishment from overcoming it. It’s a feeling that most people get while playing Flappy Bird and is the reason why Dong Nguyen was raking in over $50,000 in revenue each day while the game was on the app store. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls this feeling “flow.” It arises when there is a

perfect balance between stress and reward. If the task that you’re engaged in is too hard and you don’t succeed, then your emotions swing in one direction: anxiety, anger, and frustration. If the task is too easy, you swing in the other: boredom and disinterest. When challenge and success are balanced, the result can be emotionally intoxicating.

“Your entire world is focused on the task at hand - the task in your hand.” The addiction to this game is also shown in B.F Skinner’s theory of variable ration reinforcement, where a response is reinforced after an unpredictable amount of responses. This means that a person is guaranteed a reward, or in Flappy Bird’s case a new high score, but it is not known when the new high score will be obtained. This is what makes the app so addicting as people keep playing the game thinking ‘maybe next time’. STRESS AND ANXIETY Stress makes you feel frustrated, nervous or angry caused by an event or thought. When playing this game if you don’t beat your high score you become frustrated and angry with yourself, your phone and anyone around you. If you’re interrupted while playing the game there is usually hell to pay. In a recent study by the American Psychological Association it was reported that 82% of teenagers experience

moderate to high stress. The causes of this? Most likely, Flappy Bird. EDUCATION We can all admit that we have played flappy bird at least once during class and when we go home Flappy Bird seems like a much better option than writing an English journal. The game took control of lives. People’s education, socialising, sporting commitments and other activities had all taken a back seat. Any opportunity to get your hands tapping the screen, you took. We all watched as our grades slowly plummeted; A’s to B’s to C’s to D’s. But grades didn’t matter; all that mattered was getting through that next pipe, getting that next high score. You became agitated if you were dragged away from the addictive game, the feeling a drug addict gets when waiting for their next hit. You open the app. Is what you’re feeling anxiety? Your body tenses, fingers tighten, eyes widen, and muscles and back spasm as you make your way through the pipes as if your life depends on it. God only knows how many hours you have spent on this game, procrastinating doing your homework. We all knew doing well in Flappy Bird was more important than figuring out what Wilfred Owen's poetry truly meant. CONCLUSION So maybe it’s a good idea that the app was deleted in February, so that we are able to stop the addiction, the stress, and the anxiety, and become people who actually have productive lives.

Ed Support Baristas Elizabeth Cook & Victoria Hebbs You may at some point have seen students from the Education Support Centre delivering freshly made hot cups of coffee to teaching staff around Corpus. This is a service that has been run for a number of years by students of the centre, and a lot of work goes into producing the coffee.


Making coffee provides students from Education Support valuable life skills. Serving teachers improves customer service skills while handling change builds the student's ability to take control of and be confident with money. However, arguably the most useful asset is student's knowledge and experience of handling a coffee machine, a skill many struggle with. These valuable skills could make it much easier for students to obtain work as baristas or in customer service positions and  attributes gained  are extremely useful to have in the workforce.! Coffee is sold only to staff for $2 and is made daily by students from Year Seven to Year Twelve. !

Step 2: Preparation!! Coffee-making begins in Period 2 daily, with a handful of students completing different tasks. A student is in charge of grinding coffee beans while a barista such as Braden (pictured) works the coffee machine. After this, one person pours milk into the coffee cups before adding froth and finally a moderate amount of chocolate powder is sprinkled on top.!


Step 1: Taking orders! Teachers are emailed in advance to see if they would like to purchase a coffee, and their orders are transferred and confirmed by the students of Education Support who then label every cup. Sometimes Peer Pals also help with this step. Beverages available include flat whites and cappuccinos – the most popular choices with staff - as well as lattes and the deliciously tasty hot chocolate that earns our trustworthy tick of approval!!

Step 3: Delivery! Deliverers (whom you may have noticed dressed in black uniforms and caps) take the coffee to classrooms, collecting money and practising their customer service skills along the way. Money is then collected and counted.

Student Work:

Matthew Bailey, 10 SA

Matthew is the Visual Arts Representative of Year 10 and received an Outstanding award for his work in fine art in Semester One of this year.


! ! ! ! ! An introduction to YouTube & Youtubers ! ! Craggs Rebekah ! ! we think about YouTube, most of us When second largest search engine on the planet, ! think about viral videos. Adorable videos of only losing to Google.! ! babies and dogs, hilarious pranks, and cute ! ! maybe even Psy’s Gangnam Style (fast fact: With this in mind, it kind of makes sense that this! video has been viewed on YouTube over there would be a high demand for good ! 2 billion times - the most views on any q u a l i t y Yo u T u b e r s . W i t h Yo u T u b e ! video, EVER). ! YouTube partnerships, members are given the ! !! opportunity to make money from their But if you are a teenager, when we think creative content, which, in fact, over one ! about YouTube, we often think of YouTubers; million of them (from over 30 different the! people online who make videos that we countries) actually do. They earn this money ! watch in the comfort of our own bedrooms through commercials that pop up before ! snuggly pyjamas.! and videos, of which both YouTube, and the ! !! YouTuber, gets a cut off.! These are the people who work as ! ! professional YouTubers, making content for So, this begs two questions:! an!audience of hundreds of thousands of ! ! viewers all around the world. They talk about One, how much money do YouTubers ! games, beauty, and their daily lives video actually get paid?! ! (fast fact: YouTubers who take video about ! ! daily lives are called “vloggers”, as they their And two, what’s the most that a YouTuber is ! blog through videos). ! being paid? ! ! !! ! Although the arrival of mass media onto our According to the calculations of ! laptops and tablets is still a relatively phones,, every time a pre! new subject, the reality is that YouTube is not video (pre-roll) advertisement is shown, there ! a real community, but a very vast and only is a payment of between $20 and $25, of ! sweeping landscape of creative content and which YouTube takes 45%. Thus, is a video ! entertainment.! is seen a million times, with every viewer ! !! watching the pre roll, a YouTuber could According to YouTube’s own statistics, more potentially take home about $7000. This ! than 1 billion individuals visit YouTube every obviously fluctuates with the type and length ! with these contributing 100 hours of month, of advertisements, but if you have a really ! video every single minute. It has reached 61 popular YouTube channel, you could be countries since its creation in 2005 and is the raking in a tonne. ! !


! Guess the Youtubers! ! ! ! has calculated the 40 top earning channels on YouTube, 10 of which are shown below, with my added profile of the YouTube channel (as per and


Pewdiepie $7 million 3.7 billion views Also known as Felix, PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber with over 27.5 million subscribers. This is the most subscribed to channel on YouTube (even beating out the YouTube Channel itself), gaining on average of one per minute. His channel includes videos about video games and comedy skit-like videos.


BlueXephos $6.7 million 2.4 billion views A duo of English games (Lewis and Simon) who became popular with a very popular Minecraft series, and maintain that their channel is a “gaming commentary channel”.


Smosh 5.7 million 3.1 billion views Another video making duo, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox once held the title of being the most subscribed to YouTube channel, and make videos centered around comedy, which they release every Friday (with a behind the scenes video every Wednesday).


DisneyCollectorBR $5 million 1.6 billion views As suggested by its channel name, DisneyCollectorBR is a corner of the internet dedicated to all things Disney, including cars, accessories and racetracks, and even has a video reviewing KinderSurprise! (Apparently this channel, though its creator remains anonymous, is very popular with kids.)

! !

Jenna Marbles $4.3 million 1.4 billion views Jenna’s video “How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk to” has over 32 million views, and consistently gets over 1 million views on her weekly videos. She is described as “an American YouTube celebrity, blogger, comedian and Internet personality” ( The New York Times wrote an article in April 2013 about Jenna called “The Woman with 1 Billion Clicks, Jenna Marbles”, and is currently the most subscribed to female YouTube channel.


TobyGames $4.2 million 1.6 billion views This is the (video) gaming c h a n n e l o f Yo u Tu b e personality Tobuscus. He has run series including minecraft and his latest series “Let’s Play of Roblox”. Currently, TobyGames is the 3 rd most subscribed to gaming YouTube channel after PewDiePie and BlueXephos.


RayWilliamJohnson $4 million 2.6 billion views Perhaps most known for his YouTube series Equals Three in which he provides comedic comedy on viral videos, Ray William Johnson currently resides in Los Angeles. Although he has recently revealed that he will be leaving Equals Three (replacing himself on the show with a new host) he has many other endeavours including RunawayPlanet, his vlogging channel, and the 2013 wemovie he directed called Riley Rewind.


UberHaxorNova $3.5 million 1.1 billion views Real name James Richard Wilson, Jr, is described by The YouTube Wiki as a YouTube commentor. Wilson himself says that he is known as “being a jerk”, and is also known for being part of the group Creatures, who play different games together.



Atwell Youth

Some talented Corpus students were selected to exhibit their works for the Atwell Youth Awards a few weeks ago.

ART Awards !

Congratulations to these students for their amazing art works.

~ Year 7 ~ Brittaney Gonslaves Georgie Handcock


~ Year 8 ~ Zan Farcic Riely Murry Anthony Allen Ashil Royal Marc Di Guiseppe Joshua Canestrano Owen Tharmrin


~ Year 9 ~ Joshua Antulov Rachel Raphael


~ Year 11 ~ Phoebe Oxwell


~ Year 12 ~ Kirsty Mouttet Alison McKelvie

O, Little, White Dove

Benjamin Ring 11SA

O, little, white dove nestled in the creases of my palm; I do beseech that this disheartened world may lend its ear to your cry; And march unto the untamed beat of thy naked heart. For, by those sounds, I feed my drunken infatuation; And by them too, You salve the long ground wounds of my once blind intemperance. Shamed by mine soul too scant, too stained to peer through eyes, like windows, into such naive rapture. Yet, my rags of heart cannot forbear; do yield to mine own weakness at thy song Promising, perhaps impetuously, to never let so chaste a tune waver.

O, little, white dove perched on strong but spindly arms; your stilts. Pinion feathers engrafted with the wind, beat thine wings as the yonder beckons. Lancette talons threaten to pierce mine skin. You covet the air, but wish not to fly; Not yet. Divulged, in strict parenthesis, concealed relief in this respite. For I know not what the firmament may bring, or, perhaps I know it far too well. And readied not am I, nor you, for wretched wreaths of thorns in low hanging boughs To draw thy blood and stain thy pallid plumage; O, I fear. The henceforth, when your mindless valour governs every wingbeat.

O, little, white dove enveloped by the night, challenging the stars; The stygian skies feign refuge for intrepid souls, albeit, never will you bow to the escape. Rather, yield as you bear this world’s cross, and bat not an eye as it, In return, Plucks thine sinless feathers from thy body. Parched of love, do seldom catch thy chirrup; once sweet monstrance of mine. Still; Yet, Sentient am I of aching bones, ebbing pain through tired wings. And, drowned in feeble impotence, yearn do I for nothing more, Yes. Nothing more. Than to kneel and be thy rest. To cease thy burden. So, on bended knee, I bid that thee may flitter back to me.

O, little, white dove, a twinkle on a sanguine horizon; Weary grows mine chest, aching for symphonies of quiet birdsong. And know do I my failure, renewed by each unpracticed breath. Mine only solace brought by whispering winds whom preach of thy fame and tell me thy stories. Strange, how strange. Yet then; as if in mocking of this now ashamed contempt, I see a flitter on the skyline. Tired but not defeated, collapse thy wearied frame upon my breast. And cover I thy wounds, and cherish I thy tears. As thee presents to me a single twig. Hark!

O, little, white dove, alight upon my bone, by my side; I rest mine head on feebly bandaged wing, afraid no longer. What threat the skies might bring, now both we’ve seen, now both endured. Long passed are times whence try might I to veil thy beating heart; protect in hopes to keep intact. For, With convenient distance stood, exposed by thine own light thee stands; the abler soul. Wings, which once I cradled, extend beyond even my own perception now, And, affixed with the winds, rest do I on thy back. As you soar. Fly in vanguard. Through mine night, and on, Towards the rising of our sun.


! !

! ! I'm sure most of you have heard of 'The Fault Coralie de Robillard

In Our Stars' by John Green, the beautifully written story about love and loss of our generation. The book was released in early 2012 (good thing the world didn't end) and the much anticipated movie adaptation premiered June 6th around the world. Millions of people lined up outside movie theatres, eager to see their favourite characters come to life on the big screen.


If you are not aware about this story, here is the blurb of the book: "Despite the tumour-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.”


But of course it's much more than that. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie please stop reading this and do so.



This movie was probably the best book to movie adaptation I've ever seen. We all know that books to movie adaptations can be massive failures, but this was the complete opposite! It stayed so true to the book; I felt like I was reading the book whilst watching the movie, and there were just these pictures being projected from my mind! It was fantastic.


The casting for this movie was also really well done. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort were amazing together, and had fantastic on screen chemistry. They really portrayed Hazel and Gus' characters with raw and passionate accuracy. A lot of people were unsure about Ansel playing Gus, but after seeing the movie,

I couldn't have pictured anybody else than him. I loved that they kept the majority of the scenes from the book in the movie such as the trophy smashing, egg throwing, Anne Frank house kiss, picnicking, and everything else. Like I said before, I really felt as if I was reading the book whilst watching the movie.


There was a lot of speculation surrounding Shailene and Ansel having a romantic relationship in TFIOS, and having their sibling relationship on Divergent. However I have to say that I totally forgot about Divergent when I was watching TFIOS, the thought of it didn't even cross my mind until I was out of the theatre reflecting on the movie. They really did a good job at separating their roles on the both very popular films.


I was sure that I wouldn't cry during the movie, because I had read the book twice and was emotionally prepared and aware of what was going to happen. Nevertheless, crying was not something I could avoid. The part that really got me, was the pre-funeral scene when Isaac started saying his eulogy to Gus. That whole scene was an emotional and sad moment that got everybody in the cinema choking up - especially when Hazel said her eulogy.


In conclusion, the movie was real, emotional, funny, loving and heart breaking. It was bold, raw and brilliantly explored the funny and tragic story of being alive and in love. But above all it was... beautiful.


“My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations”




“Okay? Okay.”

! ! ! !


Maya Angelou: The Global Renaissance Woman Mikaela English

On the 28th of May this year, the world observed the death of one of the most influential voices of our time. Maya Angelou was a poet, novelist, producer, dancer and actress. She achieved greatness in many fields; touring as an opera star, working as an editor for an English magazine in Egypt, serving as a waitress and raising her son as a single mother. However, it is the advancements she singlehandedly made in the name of human equality for which she will be forever remembered.

Angelou had a very disadvantaged childhood. She was born in 1928 and grew up in America's South, experiencing racism and being sexually assaulted as a child. Despite this, Angelou grew to be a strong, independent woman. She observed the injustice endured by African Americans, stating, "A black person grows up in this country - and in many places knowing that racism will be as familiar as salt to the tongue."

Angelou could see inequality and made it her life goal to create change. Throughout her lifetime, Angelou built a legacy of equality. At the early age of 14, she was already defying societies expectations; becoming the first African-American woman to work as cable car conductor. She later became the first African American woman to have a script filmed and produced, her film, Georgia, winning a Pulitzer Prize. At Bill Clinton's 1993 inauguration, Angelou became the first African American and second poet ever to present at a President's inauguration. Angelou was accepting of all people. She supported every cause in standing for change in society and encouraged others by setting a peaceful, determined example - especially during the Civil Rights movement in which she worked closely with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X - and her life as an African American woman.. "I'm convinced that the negative has power. It lives...So when the rude and cruel thing is said - the lambasting, the gay bashing, the hate...those negative words climb into the wood work and into the furniture, and the next thing you know they'll be on you skin." Today her works and life are used as a foundation for the fight against all types of oppression; in the struggle for racial, gender, sexual, religious and other types of equality. The legacy of Angelou's life is the idea of universality. Angelou was a 'Global Renaissance Woman' as she called to reform not one nation, culture, or aspect of society, but instead enlighten all of humanity to its flaws.

God’s Gift of Music Sam Vincent God created man in His own image, to be an instrument of praise. He gave humans the ability to sing and to make music with instruments to complement the voice. Music was and is still an important part of the worship service in the Church. There were 12 tribes in ancient Israel. The tribe of Levi (Aaron’s family) was chosen to perform priestly duties in the Holy Temple of Israel. Gold bells were sewn on the hem of the priestly robe of Aaron between decorative pomegranates. Few verses in the Bible referring to music and musical instruments: • “They sing to the tambourine and the lyre and rejoice to the sound of the pipe.” (Job 21:12) • “Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre” (Psalm 150:3) • “And David and all the house of Israel were making merry before the Lord, with songs and lyres and harps and tambourines and castanets and cymbals.” (Samuel 6:25) • “And when the burnt offering began, the song to the Lord began also, and the trumpets, accompanied by the instruments of David, king of Israel.” (Chronicles29:27) String instruments: Archaeologists have found fragments of harps and other stringed instruments from Egypt and neighbouring countries of the Near East. The Bible describes several stringed instruments that were used in Israel. These include of dulcimer, harp, lute, lyre, psaltery, sackbut violin. The harp was the favourite instrument of King David and is classified as an instrument of the aristocratic class, as it was lavishly made. Wind instruments: Despite their limited knowledge of metal- working, the Israelites fashioned a variety of horns and other wind instruments. These are the clarinet, cornet, flute, organ, pipe, shophar (ram’s horn) and the trumpet. The shophar was used to make noise, not music, so it could not play melodies. In ancient times it

was used for warning of danger, to announce the new moon or beginning of Sabbath. Percussion instruments: The people of Israel used a variety of percussion instruments to sound out the rhythm of their music. Rhythm was the vital

Archaeologists have found fragments of harps and other stringed instruments from Egypt and neighbouring countries of the Near East. element of their poetry and songs. These instruments are bells, castanets, cymbals, sistrum, tabret, timbrel, gong, hand drums, and tambourines. Music is an art. It is not simply a variety of notes that sound pleasant. It is a language. There is a strong correlation between music and mathematics. If there was no timing in music, it will just be an annoyingly blaring noise. If played beautifully with rhythm, dynamics and emotions, music can even lighten up a troubled soul for good. Melodies are soothing and calming to people, while rock music can make one dance happily. Music is used as an important source of worship at Church. It can be used to exalt and praise God. In conclusion, music is God’s gift and is greatly powerful which can be used in constructive ways.

THANKS TO: Mr Chen, for photographs; Matthew Bailey, for artwork; all the students who replied to the surveys sent out for this issue; and Mr and Mrs Allen for support in publishing.


Cover: Benjamin Ring Layouts: Coralie de Robillard, 11ME: - The Fault In Our Stars Review - What is this Phenomenon? An Introduction to Youtubers - Ed Support Baristas - Atwell Youth Art Awards Benjamin Ring: - The Tempest: A Success - O, Little White Dove Logan deRosario: - Maya Angelou Liam Rego: - God’s Gift of Music Alyssa Bay: - Melinda Tankard Reist: “Sexploitation and Self-Esteem” - Food, Glorious Food! - Flappy Bird: Game or Gamble? - Student Art: Matthew Bailey Proofreading: Victoria Hebbs, Hayley Groen, Mikaela English, Benjamin Ring, Alyssa Bay

Corpus Voice Š Journalism Club July 4, 2014

Corpus voice issue 2  

Corpus Voice is a student-run School magazine as part of the Corpus Christi College Journalism Club, focussing on a wide variety of youth is...

Corpus voice issue 2  

Corpus Voice is a student-run School magazine as part of the Corpus Christi College Journalism Club, focussing on a wide variety of youth is...