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Acknowledgments First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to my guide, Mr. Rupesh Viyas for his immense support, guidance and encouragement. Also for giving me copious freedom to make my own design decisions. I would also like to thank the following people for their invaluable time and contribution to my project. To my friend and my batch mate, Dhwani for sharing her views and helping me out in every possible way, without her support this documentation would not be possible. To Sumit for keeping the spirits high and also for being a great support at times. To Lalith, Gargee, Abhisek, Sandeep and to all my batch mates. To Bharat bhai, Patel bhai, Hasmukh bhai, Suresh bhai, Sachin bhai, Hardik bhai, Manilal and the entire printing staff for their assistance in print production in the past two years. And most importantly to my family, for their immeasurable support, patience and for building confidence in me.

I thank them all for being very supportive throughout this project.

Preface This document is a written record of ‘studio three’ (my first real-time project at NID), which is based on the theme of ‘Design against terrorism’.

Through our coordinator Mr. Rupesh Viyas, I got to know that Gujarat police is trying to develop design communication against terrorism and their aim is to communicate and educate common people about terrorism. I took this project because it is not just socially relevant, but also it offers me an opportunity to contribute to the society and general welfare through my design sensibility. Apart from that, the challenge lies in finding the appropriate way in which people could learn in an interesting and interactive manner.

As my target audience is common people, I thought this project shall give me a chance to understand the mind set of the masses and to create appealing visuals for them. It was a great learning experience for me as I got to handle a real-time project for the first time.

Content 01 INTRODUCTION............................ 006 First meeting with client Brainstorming session Project proposal

02 VISUALIZATION FOR POSSIBLE APPROACHES............................... 012 Reasoning Client meeting Representation of selected approaches Narrowing down the project area

03 DATA COLLECTION 022 AND ANALYSIS.............................. Existing vehicle graphics Police vehicle references of other countries Client meeting Redefined design brief

04 DESIGN DEVELOPMENT & CONCEPTUALIZATION................. 032 Developing information Developing visuals

05 DESIGN STAGES............................ 044 Stage 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Final selected design Working with 3M India and material selection Low scale model Execution of the demo gypsy

06 FINAL DELIVERABLE.................... 106 07 CONCLUSION................................ 110 Learning Bibliography / References

01 Introduction

FIRST MEETING WITH THE CLIENT We had a meeting with Mr. Nilesh Jajadia, DCP traffic police, Gujarat. He discussed some of the facts and contexts which we can use to make design against terrorism. They had a list of information which they wanted to communicate visualy.

CLIENT’S BRIEF Nilesh wanted us to develop designs for the following messages and taglines mentioned below: • Specific messages to the following people on how to prevent terrorism Home landing, hotels, travel agents, hospitals, tea vendors, Societies, book vendors, Senior citizens, Private security guard: ATM, Auto drivers, Shopping complex, Security audits and Police depart for internal awareness. • Guide book for CCTV • Messages How you can save life? No fear about police Will this happen again? How we can do it? In case of suspicion, what you should remember? • Tag lines Cooperation is for us. You help police. Police will help you. Each one watch one. knows your neighbour. More eyes: help to catch. Run against the terror. • Activities Half marathon, Radio campaign for alerts, Painting competitions, essay writing, Photographs

06 07

Public water tap, Danilimbda slum area

BRAINSTORMING SESSION Initially I had selected three possible outcomes in which we would get the maximum scope to develop design against terrorism. Possible approaches which can be taken. • Educational column in newspaper. • Design travelling media. • Changing the police identity.

08 09

PROJECT PROPOSAL BACKGROUND Terrorism or the ideology of terror has become the major challenge today for India. India is facing lot of issues because of it. Few of the regions affected with long term terrorist activities are Jammu and Kashmir, Mumbai, central India, Punjab as well as the national capital New Delhi. Every year several people lose their life in bomb blasts and other terrorist attacks.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE One of the important reasons that our society succumbs to terrorism is the lack of education about it and how to act in a way that such incidents can be prevented. Common people of India have not been educated enough to suspect or even explain information about the suspicious person or objects. Existing posters/ banners do not attract attention from the passerby public and they are not well noticed, hence their information and impact does not travel longer. Voices of the loud announcements get lost in the noises of surroundings people in the public places. Sometimes these are often considered as irritants and rather unnecessary. For the above mentioned causes I consider the effective education as primary aim is to educate people about the security measures so that they can be alert and informed about suspicious activity and other important things which everyone should to keep in mind.

TARGET AUDIENCE Common people of India.

10 11

02 Visualization for possible approaches

REASONING While I was brainstorming for the concepts I reasoned out the failure of the existing approaches which took place to stop terrorism or to alert common people. Hence I concluded with the following factors:

REASON BEHIND THE FAILURE OF EXISTING APPROACHES Lack of interaction/participation: The existing approaches were not interactive or participative enough hence they fail to get involvement of people. Limited awareness sources: These approaches have a limited reach to the common public in electronic and print media. Old traditional approaches: They keep on using the old traditional approaches like posters, hoardings which are not appealing enough for the passers by. Information and their impact: Existing information does not travel longer. The announcements at railway stations, bus stations, airports and other sensitive areas are not audible as well.

12 13

2ND CLIENT MEETING In the first half of the meeting I gave a presentation regarding my initial ideas which I had sorted down from the brainstorming sessions. I shared those initial solutions, which were very much appreciated by DCP. • Dedicated educational column in newspaper. Interactive games/quiz/puzzles, cartoon strip, daily alert tips • Design travelling media. • Changing the police identity.

Decision which we took: • Promotional items should be introduced in order to hold the attention of the people and spread awareness with a clearer message. • The context should be more focused on alerting people what to watch for. • Make initial prototypes for the selected ideas. • Introduce leaflets in travel time readables.

REPRESENTATION OF SELECTED APPROACHES 1. EDUCATIONAL NEWSPAPER COLUMN Newspaper is a powerful media which has a tremendous reach to the common people. That’s why I chose newspaper and decided to make a educational column which is supposed to aware and educate common people to be alert against terrorism in an interesting and interacting way. To make that happen I thought, it will be good if I can make a character or mascot which can be associated with people directly.

column against


14 15

Mascot Design To spread awareness and educate common people through effective communication, we need a character which not only conveys the message but also can relate to the people. To achieve that I developed a mascot named ‘Chintu’. Chintu is a young and wise Indian boy who is loved by everyone around him. With his amusing tone and sense of humor, he can easily convey the message. Why young boy? Everyone can relate to children. Young children have this potentialy memorable characters that endure in our hearts and minds. Serious messages are often well accepted if delivered by someone young instead from someone very authoritative. Children can appeal to the better nature of people, and give tongue in cheek advice without really offending the elders.

After making the mascot I finalized some content which can be included in this particular column. Those were:

Cartoon strip This newspaper column will publish one cartoon strip daily which will spreading awareness and educate people. Cartoon strip will contains two to six frames which will be short and simply convey the message. And further these cartoon strips can be used in a poster, for school awareness programs and other media’s.

16 17

Games/ Puzzles/ Quiz spot the terrorist

I thought of some kind of games or puzzles which were related to same theme which can be interesting and people would enjoy while playing. I chose a name also for that which was ‘Spot the terrorist’. In this game, there will be a picture which will show so many things and player is supposed to target the right person who looked more like a terrorist by his/her activity/ dressing style. This quiz section carries different kind of quiz every time like objective question, picture related or description type. Role model stories Role model section was directly related to ‘Real life bravery stories’ which were about against terrorism and in which any common man help people while any kind of terrorist activity was going on. This section inspires the common people to stand against terrorism or at least be alert.

Ask the expert The idea was to include this in the column which selects one person every week who gave the right answers from the quiz section and their answers will be published with their names and photographs. So that people can take interest and participate because everyone wants to see his/her name and photograph in newspaper.

Daily alert tips One alert tip will be published daily in this column, which would be more beneficial as people will be aware as long as the column stays.


18 19

2. TRAVELLING MEDIA security measures

The idea behind developing travelling media is to introduce carry pouches in trains/buses back seats, station ticket counters, bus stops and other areas where people wait. And put small brochures or booklets which carries the basic information regarding the understanding of security measures.

3. CHANGING THE POLICE IDENTITY Common public generally keeps a distance from the police department. They hesitate to go to the police when any sort of terrorist activity is happening around, generally they have a wrong image, which has to be enhanced.

3RD CLIENT MEETING Meeting began with my presentation in which I introduced the Mascot sketches, cartoon strip and concept of quiz for the newspaper column and overall plan for the column. The DCP suggested that interactive games, cartoon-strip and quiz should be more interesting in order to spread the right message and guide them to take necessary precautions.

NARROWING DOWN THE PROJECT AREA While having the third brief meeting with DCP Mr. Neelesh singh and Shamsher singh. They told us that for Gujarat region, they were going to purchase 250+ hardtop gypsies from Maruti. And this will be a good opportunity to make design identity for police vehicles. We also found that the common man do not want to be involved in any police activities, this is due to the wrong image of the India police department. This has always been a giant barrier between them. To change the image of police department itself, we collectively decided to go with the police vehicle identity design. We strongly felt that reinforcing the brand identity of Ahmedabad police department would help build a positive public perception of the police. Prior to this project, the police vehicle did not have a uniform look. Some gypsies were too overcrowded with bits of information while some lacked even basic identification. Through identity design for the police vehicle we wanted to present Ahmedabad police department as dependable and accessible to the common man and the new design of the vehicle reinforces that.

20 21

03 Data

collection and analysis

EXISTING VEHICLE GRAPHICS Before I developed the new graphic identity I researched to get an idea about existing vehicle graphic which they have on police vehicle. Not only in Gujarat but on various place also like Delhi, Chennai etc. After examine so many vehicle what I found is:

• I noticed many police vehicles which do not have any kind of information or massage. • Some carries police logo on the vehicle but some do not have.

22 23

• Some police vehicles have too much of information. • There is no hierarchy in text and visuals. • Some of them have just a red colour strip which seems like an ambulance. In short they do not maintained uniformity which was our prior concern.

24 25

POLICE VEHICLES REFERENCES OF OTHER COUNTRIES After researching on our police vehicles I also studied about the police vehicle identities of other countries. This was very important to know, how they used the vehicle outer surface graphically. Here is some interesting imagery which I found online.

26 27

Things which I noticed in these references are: • Very minimalistic approaches in terms of colour and information. • Use of striking colours as a band which goes on the middle part of a vehicle. • Florescent reflectors used to attract the passer by public. • Bold and legible text which are easy to read.

28 29

PERCEPTION’S FACTORS Humans perception of response to visual and text are depending on certain physical and psychological parameters.

PHYSICAL FACTORS • Ability to see clearly. • 125 words per minute to 500 to 600 wpm average 250 wpm. • Distance, day and night light. • Standing average 5’ 4” / seating average 4’ 3”

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS • How shapes and patterns are perceived against the background. • Negative spaces between letter forms affects perception and recognition of letter and words. • Particular colour or shape can evoke particular mood or feeling.

30 31

04 Design

development & conceptualization

After we redefined our design brief to Gujarat police vehicle identity design. I started developing final content (information text and visuals elements) which was going to be used on the vehicle itself.


32 33


After brainstorming for the content text, I sort down this text which are really necessary

+É~É{ÉÒ »ÉÙ­­­2KÉÉ ©ÉÉÅ. Ahmedabad police

+©ÉqÉ´ÉÉq ~ÉÉà±ÉÒ»É Police control room Visual elements: gujarat Police emblem

Dial 100 logo OTHER: Reflectors

COLOUR PALETTE Here are the possible colour palette which I used on police vehicles.

After finalising content and basic colour palette for police vehicle identity, I started developing visuals like Ahmedabad police logo, icon for Dial 100, Maruti hardtop gypsy drawings etc.



As we decided in pervious meetings with client that we are going to highlight the Dial 100 more and more so that people can recognise it as an image not just a text. I explored different styles to show dial 100 which look more an image rather than text. So I came up with these explorations.

34 35




SELECTED LOGO FOR DIAL 100 This combination was selected for the final output because it has a potential to become an identity for ‘dial 100’. As I used typical telephone icon in that so people who can not read, also can understand that its related to phone or dial. I chose red colour because it has longest frequency level which always take our attention that is why we have traffic signals in red colour. I also kept the text bold in which the hierarchy allow the ‘100’ as most important after the image.

36 37

Keeping readability and legibility issues in mind, I explored some of the Gujarati and English fonts and short listed one for the final output. It become necessary to use Gujarati script as my target audience’s native tongue is Gujarati.



TYPE FACE : Calibri

TYPE FACE : Frutiger





: 10 pt

: 10 pt



TYPE FACE : HelvBlack

TYPE FACE : Impact





: 10 pt


: 10 pt

: 10 pt

There are many English and Gujarati typefaces but sans serif typefaces were more preferred for its clarity. So I decided to explore in sans serif category. Here are some typefaces which I consider:

[ku¬Mk yLku ÍzÃke øk{u íÞk - øk{u íÞkh

[ku¬Mk yLku ÍzÃke øk{u íÞk - øk{u íÞkh

TYPE FACE : Bhasha Bharati Ajuba Two

TYPE FACE : Bhasha Bharati Bharat Two





: 10 pt

: 10 pt

[ku¬Mk yLku ÍzÃke øk{u íÞk - øk{u íÞkh

[ku¬Mk yLku ÍzÃke øk{u íÞk - øk{u íÞkh

TYPE FACE : Bhasha Bharati Title Two

TYPE FACE : Bhasha Bharati Bipin Two





: 10 pt

Dotted boxes shows the option which were selected for the final output.

: 10 pt

[ku¬Mk yLku ÍzÃke øk{u íÞk - øk{u íÞkh

[ku¬Mk yLku ÍzÃke øk{u íÞk - øk{u íÞkh

TYPE FACE : Bhasha Bharati Alok Two

TYPE FACE : Bhasha Bharati Arati Two





: 10 pt

Finally, Bhasha Bharati Title Two in Gujarati and HelvBlack in English were selected for its elegance and boldness. However Bhasha Bharati Bipin Two was much nearer to sans serif and also more clear and bold. But I finally decided to keep the text in Bhasha Bharati Title Two.

: 10 pt

[ku¬Mk yLku ÍzÃke øk{u íÞk - øk{u íÞkh TYPE FACE : Bhasha Bharati Maruti Two POINT SIZE : 12pt LEADING

: 10 pt

38 39

MAKING INITIAL DRAWINGS FOR MARUTI GYPSY HARDTOP I also tried to find the drawing of Maruti hardtop gypsies so that I can start the initial process of exploration with that. But I did not find any line drawings, that’s why I made these line drawing of gypsy in different angles; Front Side and Back.

40 41

MAKING VECTORS FOR GUJARAT POLICE EMBLEM While I was making these visual, I searched for Gujarat police logo (high resolution) in the department and also on the internet, but I did not find any largest file which can be used for the bigger area. So I decided to make vector file for that, so that I can use it in any scale.

42 43

05 Design stages

4TH CLIENT MEETING Meeting began with my presentation. I shared my initial concepts for the gypsy identity. These were the highlighted points which incorporated in the identity design: • The colours that were used in the artwork were dominantly Blue, Red. • The back of the gypsy highlighted the message to dial 100. • The design with vertical bands was initially selected. • The florescent bands were appreciated as they will glow and highlight the Gypsy during night and the bright colour of the bands will stand out during the day as well. Decisions taken: • The colours of the gypsy should be red, blue and white, with red and blue in equal proportions. • The bonnet of the gypsy should be in off-white colour with the emblem of Ahmedabad police on in blue colour on it. • The emblem should be printed on a sticker and then put up rather than getting it painted on the gypsy. • Police to be written on each the sides and should be clearly visible using the English and Gujarati scripts. • The tag line should be: tamari suraksha ma.

44 45


Red and blue colour used vertically so that it will be visible even if the lower part is covered or vise versa. Dial 100 and Police is more bolder than other information.

46 47


Horizontally used red and blue colours allow to kept the upper part empty which good If we consider the design for tropical places like Ahmedabad. Dial 100 and Police is still kept bold.

48 49


I divided the upper part and lower part in red and blue in equal ratio. And used the reflectors both upper and lower part.

50 51


In this design, I break the space with red diagonal line and kept the lower part with blue colour. And used the phone icon with wire so that it looks more appealing.

52 53


I kept the frontal part with red colour and rear with blue. And this time I increased the size of the message.

54 55


56 57


I merged the design of exploration No.3 and No. 6 to make something which has the benefits of the both.

58 59


In this I tried something which has very minimalistic design in terms of colour space. Mostly the elements are same.

60 61


The idea of using red and blue colours in curvy form is to incorporate some softness in the design itself so that it will look more approachable.

62 63


Discussions with client after the first stage of exploration, will collectively decided to use exploration No. 1 for the second stage alterations. I used gypsy contours to make the border areas for red and blue colours. I also introduced the Gujarati translation on one side.

64 65


In this stage I incorporate English and Gujarati text on both side rather than the one.

66 67


In fourth stage, will decided to explore more colours and patterns to achieve maximum public attention. That is the reason I used checked patterns and colours like black.

68 69


70 71


During the meeting with DCP Ajay tomar, I proposed the middle band with the reflective material. So that police gypsy can be use as a road barricades during nights and emergency cases.

72 73


I explored different colour combinations so that we can have the best out of it. Here I used red colour as a middle band.

74 75


76 77


Stage six was also the experimental one, In which I explored the various colour combinations with use of different patterns.

78 79


80 81


Finally we freeze on this design in seventh stage, but we decided to check it with light and dark blue combination. While we were discussing the design we came up with the tag lines ‘Whenever-wherever’.

82 83


84 85


86 87


FINAL SELECTED DESIGN FOR GUJARAT POLICE VEHICLE The blue and red color scheme has always been associated with law and order. While this gives a sense of authority to the vehicle, the bold text set in both English and Gujarati script is easily readable even from a distance and at first glance even while in motion. The design also includes reflective materials set on both sides of the gypsy, top and bottom, help in identifying the police gypsy even during heavy traffic in the dark. Another idea behind the reflective tapes is to enable them to be used as barricades in an area like a traffic accident or if required at night. The logo has been used repeatedly on both sides as well as on the bonnet and the back to familiarize people with the logo as well as induce a sense of authority.

88 89


20 inch

Design dimensions for the final selected design (in inches). Gray dotted line shows the dimension area.

6 inch

18 inch

11 inch

2 inch 3 inch

3 inch 4 inch

3 inch

90 91

WORKING WITH 3M INDIA & MATERIAL SELECTION The 3M India company was involved in this project for the execution part. Its formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. And its one of the largest company who deals in commercial graphic films. For the final execution we explored some of the finest materials which 3M suggested for this project and selected one out of them to keep in mind the durability, printing quality and cost effectiveness. Here are some of the products of commercial graphic film.


3M Scotchcal Graphic Film Films IJ3650-10 (white) are piezo ink jet printable, with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. These films are an excellent choice for permanent, medium-term cut graphics or single panel vertical graphics and signs. Benefits • Reliable permanent cast film for longterm signs and graphics.


3M Controltac Graphic Film with Comply Adhesive The film has pressure-activated adhesive and 3M Comply Adhesive for easier installation of large fleet graphics, signs, emblems and more. Benefits • Industry standard for vehicle graphics providing air release, reposition ability, slide ability and removability. • Opaque film to produce high quality, long-term graphics with jet printers.


3M Scotchcal Graphic Film (clear) Films IJ3650-114 (transparent) are piezo ink jet printable, with a pressuresensitive adhesive. These films are good for permanent, medium-term cut graphics or signs. This film is forward wound on an unnotched core. Benefits • Reverse image on this clear film for second surface graphics.

92 93

IJ 40C - Gloss

3M Scotchcal Graphic Film with Comply Adhesive IJ 40C are vinyl films with a removable, pressure-sensitive adhesive and Comply adhesive for easier, bubble-free application with up to 7 year expected durability. Benefits • Excellent image ability, air release technology, easy removal with heat. • Gloss finish.

IJ 40C - Matte

3M Scotchcal Graphic Film with Comply Adhesive IJ 40C are available in a gloss or matte finish, use it where a good, versatile film is needed for general signage and indoor floor and carpet graphics. It is designed for piezo inkjet or screen printing with solvent or UV inks. Benefits • Ideal for partial vehicle wraps, POP, flat vehicle and indoor short-term floor applications. • Matte finish.

IJ 40 - 114

3M Scotchcal Graphic Film IJ 40 -114 films use for screen print permanent, interior or exterior graphics. The film has pressure-sensitive adhesive, resists gasoline vapors and occasional petroleum spills, and is available in transparent, white or black. Applications include graphics for vehicles, windows, signs and more. Benefits • Resists gasoline vapors and occasional petroleum spills

FINAL SELECTED FILM FOR EXECUTION After consider all products and their benefits we decided to go with the “IJ180C - 10’ because of the following reasons: • This material was best suitable for vehicle graphics because this product providing air release, reposition ability, slide ability and removability. • It has an opaque film to produce high quality, long-term graphics with jet printers. 3M approved HP Latex (with water based ink) machine to be use for the printing and charge for per square feet are Rs. 301.70.

94 95

LOW SCALE MODEL OF THE SELECTED DESIGN Before going to actual execution part I made a low scale model to see how these gypsies will look when we put the graphics on them. I used fiber sheet to make a two dimensional model with the use of stickers which carries the design.

Low scale model of gypsy design in acrylic sheet.

EXECUTION PROCESS OF THE DEMO GYPSY Before going to actual execution part I made a low scale model to see how these gypsies will look when we put the graphics on them. I used fiber sheet to make a two dimensional model with the use of stickers which carries the design.

Pasting 3M graphic film on the surface of the gypsy.

Checking print on the reflective sheet.

96 97

Setting film in the grooves with the help of hot gun.

Setting the media on the frontal side of the gypsy.

98 99

Pasting reflectors on the surface of the gypsy.

Printing and cutting the reflectors.

100 101





102 103





104 105

06 Final output:

Gujarat police vehicle identity

106 107


108 109

07 Conclusion

Learning This project started of with designing something against terrorism, but eventually it took very different approach which was indirectly helpful to the society. Starting from the project topic selection to making the final output, I thoroughly enjoyed it at every single stage. Most importantly I learned, how to handle a government project and how to deal with a department like police. During this project I understood that as a graphic designer our work will not be finished till the time we have final product ready. Other things which really motivated me during the course of the project was how to design something according to perception factors and keeping postproduction in mind. Altogether it was a very different project which I never attempted before and which I consider quite enriching.

110 111

Bibliography/ References BIBLIOGRAPHY • A radical police rebranding. • • Human perception factors. • •

VIDEO REFERENCES • Anti-Terror Campaign: Terrorism Has No Religion. • Anti Terrorism Ad.

112 113

Gujarat Police Vehicle Identity Design  

Prior to this project, the police gypsies did not have a uniform look. Some gypsies were too overcrowded with bits of information while some...

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