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By Fedrick Thomas -

Nokia is one of the leading mobile phone makers in Europe and they really have excelled in this market. Far East and American cell phone makers have tried to break their hold Screen Touch Mobile on the consumer and smart phone market by offering cheaper alternatives, but Nokia has retained its place as a leader. Nokia touch screen mobile phones are considered some of the best mobile phones with their technology. Although the inventor of resistive touch technology Dr Andrew Hsu patented his system in 1999, cell phone manufacturers were not too keen on launching it. It was not until 2008 when Apple launched the iPhone that touch screen technology entered the mainstream mobile phone market.

Nokia launched its first touch screen mobile - the 7710 in 2004, although due to its comparatively high cost, it never became very popular. But after Apple's success the company revisited its touch screen technology and launched several phones that used resistive touch technology. Today the company has a substantial range of touch mobiles in the market and there are several more in the pipeline that will

soon be launched. Touch screen technology has added a new convenience for users and the technology is firmly embedded in the market. Nokia has three X6 phones that are quite popular: the 8GB, 32GB and 16GB. Another popular touch screen model from Nokia is the Nokia C6. The N97 mini and the N9000 are particularly popular across Europe. Mobile phone manufacturers have recognised the diverse market of mobile phone users and have started making phones that appeal to the various market segments. Younger people want cheaper phones with camera and music facilities without having to compromise on the quality and technology integrated into the device.

Some touch screen mobile phones that will be launched soon are the Nokia 5250, X3 touch and type, the new N8 and the navigation edition of the 5800 Smartphone, which includes a comprehensive mapping service. What the mobile phone users want are features like FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, internet browser, camera and video recorder. Larger screens are generally integrated into the mobiles, and this makes them useful as media players. Because you don't generally have a keypad on the front of the phone, the screen will normally take up a larger share, and this makes it easier to use.

The X6 series, Nokia C6, N97 mini and the N9000 have screens that are at least 2". Nokia has realised that phones with a large screen are what the market demands, and in order to accommodate this, more and more of their phones are being distributed with a screen of more than 3.5 inches, making them into mini-tablets. Alexander Lehman is a gadget fan who enjoys keeping up to date with the latest generation of mobile phones and tablet computers. His current model is a Nokia c6, which features a touch screen, and a GPS enabled mapping service.

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