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Brown CounVOTER INFORMATION The date of the primary election is Tuesday, May 4. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Voter registration for the primary closed April 5. However, Indiana residents can still register to vote in the Nov. 2 general election between May 18 and Oct. 4. POLL LOCATIONS: Hamblen 1: Hamblen Township Volunteer Fire Department, 4650 Sweetwater Trail Hamblen 2: Unity Baptist Church, 7361 Spearsville Road Hamblen 3: Church of the Lakes, 8844 Nineveh Road Jackson 1: Faith Full Gospel Church, 6881 State Road 135 North Jackson 2: Fruitdale Volunteer Fire Department, 5200 State Road 135 North Jackson 3: Helmsburg Elementary School, 5378 Helmsburg School Road Jackson 4: Helmsburg Elementary School, 5378 Helmsburg School Road Van Buren 1: Van Buren Elementary School, 4045 State Road 135 South Washington 1: North Salem United Methodist Church, 7718 State Road 46 East Washington 2: Parkview Church of the Nazarene Family Center, 1750 State Road 46 East Washington 3: New Life Community Church, 1450 State Road 135 North Washington 4: County Office Building, 201 Locust Lane Not sure what precinct you live in? Check with the county clerk’s office by calling 988-5510, or go online to ABSENTEE VOTING: Absentee voting for the primary election is under way in the county clerk’s office in the Brown County Courthouse. Dates and times for in-person voting, in advance of the Tuesday, May 4 primary election day, are: Monday-Friday through April 30 – 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 24 – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 1 – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, May 3 – 8 a.m. to noon. Voters who would like to absentee-vote by mail can submit applications, available through the clerk’s office or the secretary of state’s Web site,, until Monday, April 26. Thursday, April 22 marks the first day that voters with disabilities, confined voters or voters caring for a confined person can vote absentee in front of a traveling absentee board. For more information, call the county clerk’s office at 988-5510. PHOTO ID LAW: Voters must present valid photo identification at the polls and when voting absentee in the county clerk’s office. The ID must: - Display the voter’s name, and the name must conform with the name on the voter registration record; - Display the voter’s photo; - Contain an expiration date, and either be current, or have expired after the date of the last general election, Nov. 4, 2008 (includes military ID with an expiration date of “INDEF”); and - Be issued by the State of Indiana or the U.S. government. In most cases, an Indiana driver’s license, Indiana photo ID card, U.S. passport or military ID will suffice. If a voter does not possess ID meeting these requirements, the law requires the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to issue an Indiana ID card free of charge, as long as the voter is able to present sufficient identifying documentation. Voters should note that an expired ID that is otherwise valid would fulfill the photo ID requirement as long as it expired within the deadline. Also, voters should note that the photo ID law does not contain a requirement regarding the voter’s address. The law does provide exemptions for voters who are unable to afford costs associated with obtaining a free ID; those with a religious objection to being photographed; and those who are residents of state-licensed facilities that also serve as the voter’s polling place. Voters who are unable or unwilling to present photo ID at the polls will be asked to cast a provisional ballot. The voter will then have 10 days to follow up with the county election board and either present a valid photo ID or affirm that one of the law’s exemptions applies to them. More information about the photo ID law is available at The Brown County license branch will remain open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday, May 3, and from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 4, to issue driver’s licenses and state ID cards. QUESTIONS? For more information on voting in Brown County, call the clerk’s office at 988-5510. 2 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

Brown County Election Guide April 2010 


1. What occupations, training and experience qualify you for this position? 2. Now that the assessment issues are current, are there any policies or practices that you would put in place to prevent the assessing and tax collecting problems of the past? 3. If elected, how do you plan to prepare yourself for the duties and responsibilities of the office?

Rhonda Hardin Kelp (D)

1. I have worked in the recorder’s office for over 10 years, working with the public and their real estate. I have also sat in the assessor’s office when they have gone to assessor meetings and/or training. I have completed the Level I and II assessor-appraiser course that is required. 2. I will strive to keep the assessment issues current by continuing my

education and keeping informed on any updates concerning the assessor’s office and working with everyone to get things accomplished. 3. Be in the office and ask questions of current assessor. I will continue my education and keep the current employees so there will not be a lack of service and knowledge in the office.

Donna Lutes (R)

1. I held this position for 20 years, 1987-2006. 2. I think the state did that for us already by removing the township trustee assessors. That puts the county assessor in charge of the assessing. In past years, people were led to believe that the county assessor was in charge of assessing, when in fact each township trustee assessor was in charge of doing all the assessing in his/her own township. This often led to wildly different values on similar properties. With one person in charge, it will be equal across the county

and also you won’t have to wait for one person to turn in their work while others are already finished. 3. I have kept up on a lot of things with the assessing. I have my Level II. I am currently a full-time realtor. I feel it will be a smooth transition. Mari

H. Miller (R)

1. I am currently serving the final year of my second term as county auditor. I took both the Level I and Level II assessing courses and passed the tests. I am certified. My experience as auditor has prepared me to deal with the public as a problem solver. I am also familiar with the assessing software since both offices are working in the same software system. The two offices work closely together in order to get tax bills out. 2. I would make sure that all of the state’s deadlines are met, ensuring timely tax billing processes. I would also monitor the reassessment process and confirm that the work has been done

Vote for Mari Miller

Your Conservative Republican Candidate for Assessor

. Currently finishing 2nd

term as Auditor . Part of team to bring Brown County’s tax bills back on schedule . Hard working and efficient . Fair, Honest and Ethical Paid for by the Committee to Elect Mari Miller Assessor, Mair Miller Treasurer

 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

I also have been on the county council board for seven full years. I was elected to the recorder’s office for two terms and then I ran for county council once again. My position as recorder gave me a good insight into the workings of how everyday government is accomplished. Our office holds the 1. What occupations, training deeds to all properties and we were in and experience qualify you for this a position to help people sort out their position? properties and help them understand 2. So much of the county business the legal descriptions of their property. flows through the Auditor’s Office, Our office was always willing to fill what talents and experience do you in the other offices when needed. This have to handle the complexities of this also gave us more understanding of office? how the other offices did their everyday 3. What motivates you to run for business. this office? 2. There again, I have been in a supervisory position and have had as Barbara Bock (D) many as 30 people under my supervision No responses. at one time. I learned to juggle   workloads and to see that all reports and Glenda Stogsdill (R) 1. I have had over 20 years of information were handled in a timely experience in banking and most of that manner. I believe that a well-run office time I have been in a supervisory position. is as good as the people working for you. I plan to have the best people working for me, and I expect them to take care of the customers in a friendly and timely manner. We work for the taxpayers of Brown County, and they deserve the best that we can give them. 3. I like being in the mix of everyday government. I feel that the county deserves a hard working person and one that cares for the taxpayers. I have always had a good work ethic, and I feel that I can offer the county my moral ethics and be a fair and open minded person. I will always be open to the public views and promise to do the very best I can. Paid for by the Committee to Elect Glenda Stogsdill Auditor, Glenda Stogsdill, Treasurer

by the contractor before submitting a claim for payment. I also encourage the county council and commissioners to be informed and on top of the progress. 3. If elected assessor, I would familiarize myself with the timelines for the office and I would ask Assessor Gore if I could spend some time in the office for the last two months of the year.




“Fair, Honest, & Experienced”

15 Years in Brown County Government


1. What occupations, training and experience qualify you for this office?

Tim Alward (D)

1. I’m a doctor, I’ve been living in the county for going on 34 years, and I served as coroner for nine years in the ‘80s. I served the last year of Jack Bond’s term. He resigned that position, and the Democratic folk and this county asked me if I would fill out the last year of that four-year term. They asked me to run, so I did, and did it again, to make nine years. Many people have been under the mistaken misconception that you have to be a physician to be coroner. Not true. Only about one county in 10 in Indiana has a physician serving in that capacity. It does give you a bit of a leg up by being a physician, I think. Is it helpful.

County Clerk

1. As the unopposed incumbent in the primary, what lessons have you learned to improve your office’s function?

Beth Mulry (D)

I am honored to be unopposed at this time and appreciate the trust the community has placed in me. As an incumbent, I have worked to improve the function of the clerk’s office. Below are a few examples of improvements that I have undertaken since taking office in 2008. I have incorporated the use of self-evaluation in the annual employee performance review. This provides employees with an opportunity to constructively review their own performance to identify areas that may need improvement. Part of the selfevaluation process includes identifying the employee’s performance level in all functions of the office. Employees are Brown County Election Guide April 2010 5

assigned individual cross-training or improvement goals based upon their selfevaluation and my performance review. Employees submit monthly tracking reports to me indicating their progress toward their goals. The office is now using a computer program developed by the State of Indiana to issue and record marriage licenses. Clerk staff members input the applicant information on the computer rather than in the large books by hand. Adding electronic storage of the marriage information helps to protect the vital records. The program automatically uploads marriage information to the State of Indiana, eliminating the need for a monthly paper submission by the clerk. In coordination with the State of Indiana, Brown County prosecutor, circuit court and sheriff’s department, the clerk’s office is utilizing the Indiana Protective Order Registry. This program provides online access to protective orders and pertinent information to law officers much quicker than the paperbased method. Prior to implementing this registry, clerk staff mailed a copy of each protective order to any county requested by the protected person. The new program

• • • •

automatically sends an electronic notice of the protective order to these counties when the order is issued. This not only reduces postage expenses, but also shortens the time it takes to provide the counties with notice of the protective order. I have enjoyed serving as clerk of the circuit court since 2008, and look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve Brown County in this position. Thank you to the voters of this community who support me.

County Commissioner

1. List the occupations, training and experience that qualify you for this office. 2. What motivated you to run for this office, and what do you consider as the top two most pressing needs in the county? 3. How important is it for the commissioners to pursue high speed Internet for the future of Brown County? 4. If elected, Steaks • Burgers how do you plan to prepare yourself Ribs for the duties and Chicken responsibilities of the office? Seafood

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Dist. 2 Julie Carter Cauble (D)

812.988.0444 101 E. Washington Street

Dine In Carry Out

Sun. - Thurs. 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Fri. - Sat. 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

PIZZA PASTA SANDWICHES 140 W. Main Street, next to the Gazebo 988-6565 6 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

1. I’ve been a part of the community for over 30 years. I have worked at the Brown County Junior High as the head custodian for over 27 years, dealing with people and solving problems. I manage

my family’s rental properties and have small business experience. 2. Brown County has been good to me and that makes me want to give back by helping my community. The top two issues I feel are most important are bridges in the county and public safety throughout the county. 3. I think high speed Internet is very important for people working at home, people doing research and small business. 4. I plan to attend meetings to find out the issues and ask the residents of our county their concerns.

Dist. 2 Ronald A. Sanders (D)

1. I am 52 years old and have lived in Brown County most of my life. I’ve been married to Terry Sanders for almost 25 years and have asked her to renew our vows this year. She owns and operates Creative Style Salon in Nashville. I own Quick Sale Auction Service Inc. I currently serve as the Jackson Township trustee and it is the last year of my term. I have worked hard for the people of Jackson Township and will work as hard for the whole county. 2. I have attended public meetings for years, and the effect the decisions make on our lives motivated me to run for trustee and now commissioner. I look forward to serve. 1. Roads. 2. Jobs. 3. High speed Internet is very important for the future. It could bring high paying jobs here with low impact to our county. If we could get that kind of industry here, it would be great. 4. My hands-on experience as the Jackson Township trustee is my best preparation for the office of county commissioner. The township trustee serves as the executive of township government. The county commissioners are the executive branch of county government. I currently attend county commissioner meetings so I will be aware of the current issues facing the board and the county as a whole.

Dist. 2 John B. Kennard Jr. (R)

1. I grew up in the grocery business, starting out at 12 working in a small family neighborhood store. Worked thur high school and then full-time managing another neighborhood store while attending Mississippi State full-time. Graduated with a degree in Business Management with a minor in accounting. After college went to work with

the Great A & P Tea Company starting as a store manager trainee and within 6 years I was promoted to the Sales and Marketing Director of the A & P Coffee Division of Compass Foods. I learned to watch dollars and how to motivate and encourage people that were generally underpaid and overworked. 2. Motivation to run: Got my motivation to run for Commissioner through my experience working at the Brown County Health Department. I learned some of the ways local government does and does not work for the local citizens. 3. High Speed Internet. Absolutley essential to the growth of Brown County. probably one of my top three priorities. 4. Preparation for the office: Spending time talking to past and present Commissioners, research, and probably most importantly talking to Brown County citizens.

Dist. 2 Leonard A. Murray (R)

1. I am in my ninth year as the AT&T damage prevention manager for the state

of Indiana, including several years as a director on the board for the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service (Indiana 811), also known as the state One-Call center. On the board, I served as the chairperson for the Board Development committee and am experienced in the legal and ethical requirements of serving as a board member such as the county commissioners. I also served much of the last nine years on the Indiana OneCall legislative committee and have been involved in the creation and change of state laws, such as IC 8-1-26, the state dig law. In February, I was elected as vice chair to the Indiana Damage Prevention Council of Central Indiana. I work with city and county water and waste organizations across the state, as well as county highway supervisors and commissioners and am well aware of the scope and responsibilities of the position of commissioner. I am one of the most senior and experienced non-commissioned officers still serving in the United States Army, a Master Sergeant having just passed 34 years of service, active and reserve. As

such, I have successfully managed budgets larger than that of Brown County’s, and borne the responsibility of careers and lives for decades. I served 11 of the last 34 years as a career counselor, working up to area manager, dealing with the issues and problems of thousands of soldiers and how to guide them in their careers, both educationally and professionally. I have a deep desire to help young people succeed in their careers. I have a top-secret security clearance, and a love for this country and liberty. I have training and experience in leadership, both formal and practical, and now train Army units’ staff personnel in foreign country operations and customs before their deployment overseas. In Brown County, I have served on various committees and study groups, such as the Long Term Recovery Committee dealing with the aftermath of the 2008 flood, and am the Brown County Coordinator for C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team). I participated in the Brown County 2020 Project, which drew input from all parts of the Brown County community on where the county needs to be in 10 years, and I want to help accomplish its goals. I have recently been selected as a 2010 VIP member of the Biltmore Who’s Who Registry of Executives and

Nashville United Methodist Church On the Village Green 36 S. Jefferson St., Nashville IN 47448 Office: 812-988-4666 . PO Box 518, Nashville, IN 47448 . Rev. Fred Haywood, Pastor Rev. Peggy Haywood, Associate Pastor Sunday Worship Services: 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. Children’s Church included Nursery Services available Sunday School (all ages): 9:30 a.m. NUMY – Jr.& Sr. High youth meet Wednesday evenings from 6-8:00 p.m. 1 Timothy 2:1-3, “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior…” Brown County Election Guide April 2010 7

Professionals. 2. My reason for running comes from the need I see in the county. For too long, the people of Brown County have had to deal with a county government that favored one side or another. Many have lost all trust in the system and wonder if anyone can really be relied on to not just use whatever position they have for some personal gain or agenda. The community of the county seems fractured. I want to help the county pull together as a community. I want to bring my 34 years of experience in service to the country to the effort in service to our county. Add to this the fact that when we look around Brown County, we see unemployment at 12.6 percent, which is higher than any of the counties around us, and much higher than the state or national averages. Business after business around the county has had to close, and there is little sign visible that it will change any time soon. It seems no one is presenting any legitimate ideas to even attempt to help. I believe I can do better. 3. Reliable and accessible information is the life-blood of both prosperity and liberty. Without a radio station or daily newspaper in the county, and high speed Internet not available for much of its residents, Brown County

is especially challenged. There is not a week goes by that I am not asked repeatedly when high speed Internet will be available. It isn’t a question of whether we have to have it available, but what do we have to do to get it sooner rather than later throughout the county. 4. I am well informed on the events and needs of Brown County, and know and keep in touch with people from all parts of the county often, as well as most of our public officials, both elected and appointed. There will be a period of coming up to speed on current plans and goals of the board of commissioners, but this should be fairly short. I have no doubt that of the people running, I am the most qualified for the job.

County Council

Resource Center (CRC) was established by a seven-year Lilly Grant, which ends next year. It was created to raise the education level of Brown County residents beyond high school. The CRC board of directors is seeking a 1cent levy for seven years to create an endowment to ensure its continuance. Would you support this limited and modest tax? Why or why not? 4. Due to decreased revenue through state and local sources, the volunteer fire departments and emergency services are seeing a reduction in funding from township trustees. What do you see as a solution to this problem? 5. If elected, how do you plan to prepare yourself for the duties of this office?

Dist. 1 James Milnes (R)

1. List the occupations, training and experience that qualify you for this office. 2. Due to the decreased revenue, how would you prioritize county government spending? 3. The highly successful Career

1. I am presently a member of the county council, and experience counts. I served on the PTABOA and the Brown County School Board.  I am a graduate of Helmsburg High School in Brown County, so I



8 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

have a longstanding interest in the welfare of Brown County and its citizens. I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. I was a liaison engineer in Bloomington, senior design engineer in Indianapolis, and manager of mechanical engineers in Taiwan for RCA/ TCE. I am certified as a Level II assessorappraiser which brings unique training and knowledge to the county council. I am also a U.S. Navy veteran. 2. As a member of the county council, I have been encouraging higher efficiency and waste cutting. I still believe that the county needs to develop long-range plans for maintenance and buying capital equipment. This will help us avoid having to raise all of the money needed as the need arises. As to prioritizing government spending, I believe we should fund first and foremost what is actually needed before funding things we “want” as opposed to “need.” As Americans, we have become accustomed to fulfilling what we want and call it a need. 3. First of all, I believe in education; I also believe very few taxpayers want their taxes increased. Often we think one or a few cents’ increase in taxes doesn’t hurt, but combined with all other taxes, it often does hurt. I did some checking, and I found that what is proposed by CRC directors will raise approximately $141,000 a year. Before deciding to raise taxes, I need more information on the CRC budget insofar as administrative costs, scholarship opportunities, student tuition, etc. Will student tuition and the $141,000 kick in enough to keep the CRC afloat? 4. I have checked this one out. It is not true that the township trustees have reduced their funding to our volunteer fire departments. Hamblen Township, for instance, has two departments; one is on the tax roles separately from the trustee and her board; the other one at Cordry-Sweetwater has received the same or more each year, including this year. Therefore, the volunteer fire departments have not seen a reduction in funding from the township trustees. 5. If elected to serve on county council, I plan to build on my experience and knowledge to fulfill my duties as a council member. The citizens of Brown County should be aware that all counties have so many mandates handed to them from the State of Indiana which give the council very little “wiggle” room.  

Dist. 1 Christopher Roth (R)

1. Ten years on Cummins Apprenticeship Committee; four years on Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran

Church Board; five years maintenance officer for Jackson Township Fire Dept.; 24 years of project work for engineering/ manufacturing companies doing cost analysis; bachelor's degree in EET from IUPUI; 23 year resident of Brown

County 2. ROADS – without roads, number 2 and number 3 does not work Protection – EMS, fire, sheriff Poor relief – WIC, TRIAD, etc. 3. Yes I would support this. I know many people who have used the CRC to further their education; the CRC has a place in our county. However, I want to make sure that all facilities that use tax money are using it in the best way. 4. First item would be to make sure the trustee is not abusing the office and that all the money they make personally is valid. I do not believe the office of trustee is needed; the work they do could be spread out through other offices. This would allow the trustee operation funds to go to the functions they serve. All local government branches need to be as efficient as possible. Second, we get approximately 50k from timber sales each year; last year 1k went to each fire dept. All of this money should go to the fire departments. We are an urban interface county. Many residents live adjacent to large forested areas. Each year, the fire departments fight forest fires that they receive no compensation for. 5. I will visit with each office that has a budget to be approved to see and understand their needs and operations. I would also spend time with the community to understand the needs and visions of a future Brown County. I would also look at the new 10-year plan and compare that to the visions of the community.

Dist. 2 Cindy J. Steele (D)

1. I have served as county council member for the past fouryear term. As council members we often face tough decisions that require quick action. I try to be fair and listen to opposing viewpoints while weighing the costs and benefits of each option. I ask a lot of questions in our meetings. My colleagues have respected me enough to make me the council president this year.

I run a business that produces Our Brown County and INto Art magazines from my home in Helmsburg. I have a bachelor's degree from Indiana University’s Business School. Prior to starting my business I worked for two Fortune 500 companies and a newspaper group as a computer software analyst/ support person installing and supporting accounting software. 2. The state is facing decreased revenues due to the recession, but our local government general fund budget is not facing a crisis at this time. We have been operating on a minimum basis (close to 2003’s budget numbers) during the tax billing catch-up years. We are finally in the black. The problem is that we didn’t spend money during those years on infrastructure and capital improvements. The commissioners now have the duty of setting some project priorities. As council members, we have to look at the amount of funding available to meet their requests and also consider alternatives to local tax dollars such as grants and regional partnerships. 3. Brown County people seeking a means to improve their circumstances with better jobs and opportunities can get help at the CRC. It provides services that are not otherwise being offered in the county and is therefore doing a good thing for the community. As I speak to others on the topic of a tax levy solution to the CRC’s financial problems I hear some varied opinions. Looking back, some say “startup grant funds were mismanaged and who would prevent the CRC from mismanaging our tax dollars?” Others say there needs to be more of a plan to sustain operations through sliding-scale fee structures. I don’t want to see the CRC go away. It would impact too many local people that are struggling to get ahead. I think we should poll the public through a referendum process to see if they would support a tax levy. And if the public supports it, there should be a means to track the goal of sustainability beyond the endowment. 4. The county council passed a local option income public safety tax a while ago that now funds the ambulance service. Grants are being pursued by the commissioners to fund an ambulance base. Regarding the volunteer fire departments, the exact amount of shortfalls for each would need to be reviewed before I could make comments about solutions. And any decrease in funding might be corrected as we move out of this recession. Also, Jackson Twp. has a grant to build a new, larger station in Helmsburg thanks to the support of the county commissioners. Brown County’s department has the money to remodel their station and now owns the Brown County Election Guide April 2010 9

land it occupies. Van Buren’s department might have the greatest needs at this time. 5. I am prepared to serve Brown County for another term and have accepted the leadership role as council president.

Dist. 3 Steve Gore (D)

1. County council, eight years; county assessor, four years; township board, five years; tax consultant and IT manager, 25 years; treasurer, volunteer fire dept., 23 years. 2. Emergency services first; criminal justice second; administrative functions to support the above third; elective projects if possible after the first three. 3. Yes, I believe the CRC has been a valuable asset to our community in helping students obtain GED diplomas and further their educations in preparation for careers, such as nursing. 4. I am not aware of any decrease in trustee funding to the fire departments. As treasurer of the volunteer fire department in my township, I know our funding has been stable for many years and is a mix of tax dollars and annual fundraising efforts by the fire department members, their families and members of local civic groups. 5. I have been interested in local government issues for many years and have a working relationship with the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance. I stay informed by studying on the Internet, talking to other elected officials, county department heads and members of the public.  

Dist. 3 Michael J. Magner (R)

1. Vice president and partner of civil engineering and land surveying company; 34 years experience in design and construction management for local public agency projects including bridges, orads, jails, courthouses, also commercial offices, churches and site development. Certified for public and private disaster damage assessment by IN Dept. of Homeland Security. Member local emergency planning committee and essential services technical review for area plans in southern Indiana. As part of my job, I prepare annual budgets and long term pans for county commissioners and county councils. Member, trustee and board secretary at Parkview Church of Nazarene. Homeowner and taxpayer in Brown County since 1976. 2. Provide for offices and services 10 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

required by the Indiana code first; provide for public safety second; provide for economic development third; non-essential services as funds available. Brown County has several items pending including ambulance service and county office space (old jail) that are major investments of time and tax money that will require thorough planning for the best use of the county taxpayers' money. We do not need tax increases. 3. I would need to see the proposed budget first to determine if the tax rate and length of tax is appropirate; however, I do support having the CRC in Brown County. 4. First, work with the township trustees to review and adjust the township budgets to include line items for these services. Second, there are grants available from numerous sources for such services, equipment and training. 5. I have worked with county commissioners and county councils for many years and have knowledge of the Indiana codes and responsibilities for the county council position. I have attended meetings this year to be better informed of the items on their agenda and will continue to be present at future meetings.

Dist. 3 Jerry Pittman (R)

1. I am a graduate of Brown County High School and Cincinnati Bible Seminary with a bachelor’s degree in education. I owned and operated a multimillion-dollar petroleum business in Brown County for 27 years, employing as many as 20 people. I owned and operated a 110-unit apartment complex for five years with six employees. In the course of these businesses, I developed business plans and budgets for lenders to my companies. 2. Brown County is a poor county because over half our land is off the tax roles and our population is small. Our priorities should be police and fire protection, ambulance service and roads (not necessarily in any order). Next should be economic development to enhance revenues for government. 3. The Career Resource Center is a wonderful program and I support it, but I will not support any tax increase for Brown Countians unless a clear majority is in favor. I would seek any other options for funding, i.e., private sector or cutting something else from the budget. 4. I would support a voluntary initiative to help fund these services. Once

again, I will not support any increase in taxes unless a clear majority is in favor. 5. If elected I will seek out any training available through the state and or private education as well as a very careful study of our county’s budget.

Dist. 3 Edward Wojdyla (R)

1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in finance, Ball State University, 1980; associate degree in chemistry, Ball State University, 1980; master’s work at Indiana University, including public funding of community facilities; accounting and economics courses at Indiana State University, 1986-1987. Certification: CPA (Certified Public Accountant License), State of Indiana, 1989; CMA (Certified Management Accountant Certification), 1993. Experience: Practicing accountant; financial controller at several major U.S. companies; three years serving on the county council of Brown County; nine years serving on the Brown County Parks and Recreation Board; two years as a board member of the Indiana State Wrestling Association. 2. Revenue prioritization: Optimize the use and benefits of taxpayer funds; make sure department efficiencies and resource allocations are in line with peer counties; make sure compensation/benefits are in line with peer counties and private employers; and make sure our government services are not competing with private employers. Government funding priorities should focus on excellent public safety, and for a reasonable level of administrative services and support for aging citizens and for youth development. 3. Funding for the CRC can be considered only if it can be shown that this organization still serves a significant beneficial purpose in the community, and only if there is a total transparency of the use of taxpayer funds and the benefits generated the CRC programs. If public funds are to be used for the CRC, then it would be necessary for the county council to be involved in appointing the CRC board, to assure it meets its fiduciary responsibilities regarding the use of public money. In either event, county government should not be competing with the Brown County school system. With changes in technology, the CRC needs to define a beneficial mission that

justifies the levy of additional taxes on the taxpayers of Brown County. With the high school’s recent implementation of Credit Recovery courses, more students will complete their high school education, and those who fail to complete their graduation requirements will be able to resume their education online through Credit Recovery courses. Ivy Tech continues to broaden its involvement with the Brown County school system by offering dual credit courses at the high school. When the foregoing advances in education are combined with the many additional technical courses offered through the C-4 program, our high school students have the greatest opportunity for education achievement that has ever been provided to any generation of Brown County residents. 4. As previously stated, I believe that one of local government’s top priorities is to assure the public’s safety, and that includes a strong and viable fire response capability. In this endeavor, our review of each trustee’s budget is essential. Therefore, it is incumbent on the county council to evaluate and support all reasonable and financially justifiable opportunities to strengthen our local fire departments. There is no magic we can call upon to achieve this goal, but it is something all parties must work together

to resolve. 5. I believe that my education and experience in very competitive industries has provided me with the training needed to handle the fiduciary responsibilities of a county council member. I will continue to call for accountability and transparency in government. I will continue to bring to light the opportunities we have to more effectively allocate and spend the taxpayers’ money. I am one of the few who run for office for the exclusive benefit of the citizens of Brown County. I do not need the benefits offered for this position, and therefore all of my decisions are based on what is in the best interest of the taxpayers of Brown County.

Dist. 4 Ron Fleetwood (D) No Response

Dist. 4 Arthur Knight (R)

1. I owned and operated Knight’s Grocery for 25 years. I started Knight’s Trash Removal seven years ago with my son. I have served on county

Doug Cauble for School Board We hold the future in our hands!

Doug and Griffin Wesley Cauble

Paid for by Doug Cauble for School Board

council for nine years. With this list of occupations, training and experience, I feel this qualifies me for this office. 2. Due to the decreased revenue, I feel the importance of county government spending should include emergency services and the highway department. 3. The CRC has been highly successful and a great service to our community, although, due to the economical times, I would not support the limited and modest tax on Brown County taxpayers at this time. 4. Due to decreased revenue through state and local

sources, the volunteer fire departments and emergency services are seeing a reduction in funding from the township trustees. The solution I see to this problem would be to have the $42,000 in timber sales go to help the fire departments in 2010. The other emergency services are budgeted through the county general fund. 5. I plan to continue to increase my credibility by continuing to learn more about issues that concern you. I feel my past experience of nine years on council has prepared me for the duties of this office.  

Prosecuting Attorney

1. As the unopposed incumbent in the primary, what lessons have you learned to improve your office’s function?

Jim Oliver (D)

As prosecutor, I’ve learned that horrible crimes do occur in Brown County, and I have prosecuted them effectively. I’ve learned that substance abuse continues to be a problem, whether it is methamphetamine, alcohol or marijuana, but prescription drug abuse affects many more of our neighbors. In the last decade, we had more deaths of prescription drug overdoses than all other drugs combined, including alcohol. Behind alcohol and marijuana, pills are the drugs of choice for juveniles, and the favorite of younger kids. I led a team of professionals to talk in the high school and have been working with the administration about getting into the lower grades. I have aggressively prosecuted those caught dealing in prescription drugs. I’ve learned that child abuse and domestic violence continues to be a problem. I helped bring a batterers’ intervention program, the most effective tool for reducing future violence, to Brown County, and continue to provide unparalleled service for victims. Most importantly, I’ve learned that Brown County, though small in size, has a huge heart. Whenever I’ve encountered a need, whether it is in an organization I volunteer with, professionally or personally, somehow that need is always met by our community. I’ve learned that I’m blessed to live in such a place. Brown County Election Guide April 2010 11

School Board

1. What occupations, training and experience qualify you for this position? 2. What motivated you to run for school board and what are your primary concerns for the school system in the next four years? 3. Democracy depends on informed and participating citizens. How can the school system prepare students to become involved citizens? 4. Given the funding crunch and cutting of school funds, do you have any creative ideas to make sure students are getting a quality and well rounded education?

Dist. 1 Carolyn Bowden

1. I am a physical therapist with a bachelor’s degree who has 32-plus years of experience in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab units, outpatient clinics and home health care. As part of my job experiences, I have had to learn to manage costs of services while maintaining and maximizing the outcomes of the services provided with multiple changes throughout the years. Going through changes is always a challenge; however, it is the person who takes that challenge and turns it into an opportunity that does well. I also have to teach my patients and provide different models of that education in order for that patient to succeed with their particular learning style. As a health care professional, I also must continue to learn new ways to treat patients while revisiting the old ways that still work and modify those treatments to my clients. I see a lot of similarities in my job and the education fields. 2. I have served for the last 2.5 years on the school board and I see the need to continue to work with the current board members on the objectives of promoting excellence in all of our children’s learning opportunities and in all of our staff’s performance, along with maintaining a structurally balanced budget that we have just attained. 3. When my daughter was in Nashville Elementary school during the time period that the late Gov. Frank O’Bannon was running for his second term, the children were learning about the election process and voting for who they wanted to be governor of Indiana. She came home 12 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

excited with information to share with me, and, of course, discussing her vote. Later in high school, she participated in classroom debates in current events, social studies and government, thus learning about being a citizen in this country. We should continue to offer non-political educational opportunities such as the ones I have mentioned so that they may be able to learn how to search out the information they need in order to participate in duties and responsibilities of being an adult and citizen. 4. We must use best practices of teaching that are currently within the teaching staff’s education and experiences while modifying and supporting those practices to reach all of the children in order to give them the skills and tools to succeed in learning and to be a lifelong learner. The Balanced Reading and Writing allows our students to work at their level and to advance as they master each skill and the Math Initiative will also provide that opportunity. I have seen in our buildings where challenges and learning opportunities are occurring, not only in the classrooms but in the halls. We as a board have kept the arts, musicchoral and band and drama departments, along with sports, so that there is a chance for all of the students to be successful in one area that will carry over to other areas of learning. We need to partner with the parents of our students in order to give everyone the chance to be successful.

Dist. 2 Doug Cauble

1. Thirty years with Brown County Schools as an administrator in facilities and transportation. My three decades of board-level interaction and decision making experience have given me a multifaceted understanding of public school operations in the State of Indiana. Additionally, I have a bachelor’s degree in sociology and fine art, and extensive training in school operations and administration. 2. Community service is very important to me, and I want to give back to Brown County Schools and to the citizens of Brown County. In Indiana, fiscal concerns have risen to the top at most school corporations. This is also the case for Brown County Schools. We are being asked to do more with less every day, and it’s important that we strive to lessen the impact of any funding reductions on our educational programs. The Brown

County Career Center is a great asset to our educational system and to our community. Sustainable, community supported funding streams need to be identified and developed. 3. I believe public education plays a vital role in developing “informed and participating citizens” by fostering independent thinking and giving students the desire to participate. I also feel the democratic process can be modeled at Brown County Schools (or any organization) by having open and transparent decision making at all levels. 4. The school corporation has done a good job in identifying efficiencies and implementing cost saving strategies; this process will need to continue. It is very important to have guidance from our educational professionals to identify areas of potential reduction that will have the smallest negative effect on our students. Funding general fund expenditures from other allowable funds is another good strategy.

Dist. 2 Judy Hardwick

1. I retired with 20 years in the Brown County school system. I worked in the Title One Program, teaching reading and math for 12 years. I then coordinated the Parent Involvement Program and worked as administrative assistant to the Title One director for eight years. I retired May 2002. In 2006, I ran successfully for a seat on the school board, on which I have served as vice president for the past two years. I have served on the Coordinated School Health Advisory Council and I also served on the park and recreation board for 11 years, and was a part of securing and developing Deer Run Park. 2. I am currently serving on the school board and would like to continue. I feel we have handled the budget deficit responsibly. We have not had a balanced budget since 2002, but are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We have accomplished this by making cuts in our general fund for the last four years working toward this goal, and I would like to see it through. I am very proud to say we have been able to accomplish this without taking away any programs from our children, or letting any teachers go. I would also like to see through to completion of our district-wide “AdvancED North Central

As Your Sheriff - I’ll Expect • Deputy Professionalism & Increased Visibility in the County • To House More Department of Corrections Inmates in Brown County Jail • Continued Training/ Education for Officers, Dispatchers & Jailers • Increased inmate life skill training & education. • More Cross Training with County Emergency Services






Paid for by the Committee to Elect Rick Followell Sheriff, Kay Followell Treasurer

Brown County Election Guide April 2010 13


As Your Sheriff, I Will Move These Effective Programs Forward: TRIAD GED & Tutoring Church Services & Bible Study START Class AA Thinking for a change Training for all staff Grants Wise use of tax dollars

VOTE STOGSDILL Republican Candidate


Experienced & Dedicated 21 years in Brown County Law Enforcement Paid for by the Committee to Elect Brad Stogsdill Sheriff, Glenda Stogsdill Treasurer

14 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

Accreditation.” This process will take approximately an additional one and a half to two years to complete. First and foremost is to finish getting our general fund balanced. The very next thing is the multi-grade classrooms. They were adequate and served their purpose, but are not the best learning environment for our children. Having two teachers per grade level with a smaller class size is what I would work toward. I would like this next school year to be the last of the multigrade classrooms. Our teachers and support staff have only received minimal if any compensation these past eight years. I commend them in their dedication to our students, for being willing to work under difficult conditions, and with no raise in salary. As we come out from under the deficit in our general fund, I would like to be able to compensate them for a job well done. I would like to continue expanding our Balanced Literacy programs, “Just Right Reading” and “Writing.” We have also started a Math Initiative, K-12, and I would like to continue working with the teachers to see this developed. 3. The school corporation puts citizenship at a high priority. The Coordinated School Health Advisory Council, on which I served, had students

from the junior high and the high school. These students participated along with other community individuals evaluating the Brown County Schools Wellness Policy and developing a Health Schools Report Card. These students served for the entire school year. The high school has in place the Freshman Academy, Key Club and a mentoring program; participation in We the People, personal finance, personal and business law and entrepreneurship; Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education, within C-4; and Brown County Student Leadership. Citizenship is also addressed in government class. The students also do Relay For Life participation and conduct blood drives. The corporation also has a policy against bullying and this is addressed by classroom teachers in all corporation schools. At the junior high they have Career Day, Reality Store and participation in We the People. Also, each classroom teacher addresses good citizenship daily in the classroom. Each elementary school has a Life Skills Class conducted by the elementary counselor and each classroom teacher addresses good citizenship daily in the classroom. They also use a variety of programs such as Peaceable Place and Respect and Responsibility. 4. I feel I have demonstrated my concern, along with the other school board members, by the thought that has been put into the cuts that have been made these past four years. We spent countless hours along with our administrators and principals in looking at everything that was available to be cut. During this process, we tried to stay away from all cuts that would affect our students in an adverse way. These cuts were gut-wrenching and hard to make, but it has been a job I had to do, and will continue to do, with the welfare of students my first concern, if re-elected.

Dist. 3 John Mills

1. (A) Business owner (pottery) for 42 years; (B) two terms on this school board 20 years apart; (C) budget reduction on my/our watch from $17 million to $13.5 million over three years without riffing teachers. 2. I want to continue to protect teachers and programs, as much as possible, as further cuts and mandates come from the state level. 3. By encouraging them to think independently and offering them the

necessary tools, such as critical thinking skills. 4. Smaller class sizes and a vigorous evaluation and improvement process for teachers are essential. For board members, the creativity is in finding ways to put money into the right places.


1. What occupations, training and experience qualify you for this position? 2. What motivated you to run for this office? 3. How can the sheriff’s department develop better programs such as a society skills program, for helping and supporting released offenders going back into the community to reduce recidivism? 4. If elected, how do you plan to prepare yourself for the duties and responsibilities for this office?

Larry G. Collins

1. Over 20 years experience as a special and reserve deputy. Certificate of achievement, 1980 Sheriff’s Enforcement School. Full-time animal control officer for Brown County, nine years. As a reserve

officer I served as a jailer, dispatcher and road officer. 2. I am a lifelong resident of Brown County and have a good rapport with the people. I have heard their concerns and my desire is to serve, protect and help the people. 3. If elected, I will use any asset that is available during my term, as each person is special in their need. 4. I will work with the current administration, assuring a smooth transition, while keeping morale up.

Rick Followell (D)

1. Twentyplus years of law enforcement, five years as a community corrections officer supervising inmates on house arrest, work release and road crew, and 15 years as a fulltime sheriff’s deputy. 2. I love my community and its people. I have always wanted to be a

policeman and then the sheriff of Brown County. I believe I am here to protect my community. 3. We need to teach more life skills, such as how to build a resume, interviewing for jobs, money management, social skills, etc. Offenders also need to have access to AA, drug rehabilitation and anger management. 4. I will surround myself with knowledgeable people I can pull from and help me in making the best decisions. Listen and learn.

Debra Guffey (D)

1. I have 16 years law enforcement experience being a reserve deputy here in Brown County and I am up to date on all training that is required and offered. Being a business owner here in the county has given me the administrative skills needed to run

this department. 2. My goal is to run the office of Sheriff in as professional and effecient a manner as I possibly can. I want to see to it that the citizens of Brown County are protected by the law as much as is


Brown County Election Guide April 2010 15


• 29 years of military leadership • Housing Department of Corrections inmates will generate revenue for the County’s General Fund (50 inmates = $638,000) • I’ll work in concert with County Council and Commissioners to do what’s best for the county • A Sheriff who will be accessible to everyone • Brown County needs and deserves real leadership

I don’t NEED this job - I WANT this job! ENOUGH is ENOUGH

4th 7th Vote DEMOCRAT May November Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired) Paid for the Central Committee, Bailey, Paidby for by the Brown Committee County to Elect RickDemocrat White Sheriff, Donne White Treasurer, AuthorizedMaxine by Rick White Treasurer, Authorized by Rick White 16 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

humanly possible. My goal is also to see to it that all empolyees of the department work in a most effecient and professional manner. 3. Schooling is now offered for offenders to get their GED and that is a great program that will be continued. When elected I plan to see what other programs are available to the department that may be implemented. 4. As a start I have been attending County Commmissioner and County Council meetings to acquaint myself with the procedures now used with county government. I will work closely with the current administration in order to combine my experience with theirs for the good of the citizens of Brown County.

Rick White (D)

1. A successful military career that spanned almost 30 years and two years with the sheriff’s department, all quantified by occupying various leadership positions. My military leadership qualifications included command of elements as few as 12 soldiers, 785 soldiers of a combat

engineer battalion and as many as a 1,200-man forward deployed task force. My military career began at the lowest level of the Army command structure, through the noncommissioned officer ranks and culminating in retirement as a senior field grade officer with duty on the Joint Staff, The Pentagon. I am a distinguished graduate of the military’s senior level leadership, technical, tactical and management schools. My varied military assignments placed me in combat and technical advisory roles, including coordinating efforts with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, both House and Senate congressional committees, numerous federal agencies, including, but not limited to the Drug Enforcement Agency, Defense and Central Intelligence agencies, the State Department and numerous foreign armies and governments. After my retirement from the U.S. Army in 2001, accepted a jailer’s position with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department and subsequently was promoted to assistant jail commander and jail commander. I am a graduate and former instructor of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Jail Officer Course. I feel my community involvement over the past nine years provides me with invaluable insights to serve as your sheriff. I am a former member and president of the county Board

of Zoning Appeals, currently serving as president of the Brown County Water Utility, and president of the Van Buren Township Advisory Board, past Worshipful Master and currently serving as secretary of the Nashville Masonic Lodge, and I am active in the local chapters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and the Brown County Veteran’s Coalition, including as commander of the Brown County Veterans Honor Guard, providing military funeral rites for veterans. 2. As previously noted, I am very active in the Brown County community. Instead of sitting back and complaining about what is wrong with our county, I want to be a part of the solution. I am a native of this county and I care about how our county is being run. That’s why I ran four years ago (when no one else wanted to challenge the incumbent) and the same reasons are still applicable. None of my opponents’ leadership qualifications are comparable to mine and I can put these leadership qualities to effective and practical use as your sheriff. 3. First, you must recognize that a county jail is not designed, funded or staffed to rehabilitate inmates. Inmates are incarcerated by court directives that determine it is in the best interest of the community’s safety. A sheriff’s statutory responsibility is to house and feed those

Elect Tony

SCISCOE 2010 Brown County


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Tony Sciscoe Sheriff, Tony Sciscoe Treasurer

Brown County Election Guide April 2010 17

sergeant. I returned to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office when Harry Snider was the elected sheriff. Throughout my career I have attended many training facilities and courses of study. To name a few are domestic violence, accident reconstruction, drug interdiction, crime scene TEC, burglary school, breathalyzer school, EVOC training and many others. The best training I have had in my career as a law enforcement officer has always been serving the county’s residents and all who visit, being able to talk to your neighbors and friends, respecting their views and opinions as they have respected me and my position. Indiana law requires all law enforcement officers to attend mandatory training. 2. I retired Feb. 7, 2005, from the Charles “Chuck” Dill (R) 1. I have made sheriff’s office at the rank of captain. my career in law During this time I have had the opportunity enforcement a total of to be on the outside looking in. Since 34 years, 27 of them my retirement, the county has grown in at the Brown County population, a new, up-to-date jail. We have Sheriff’s Office. more officers, jailers and dispatchers now. My career in law Sheriff Stogsdill has done well during his enforcement consisted term. Like him, I also have made a career of deputy town in law enforcement, which has given me marshal and town the hands-on experience just by being marshal of Nashville, there and doing it every day, and now I doing the same in am in the position to return this back to Morgantown. Moving on to Edinburgh the county. I have more skills, time and City Police, I advanced myself to rank of leadership ability than most others, and I am committed to putting it to work for the county taxpayers. 3. This is an excellent question! When I first started in law enforcement, Republican Candidate there was just one basic program SHERIFF (probation). Over the years, other more beneficial programs have come into use: AA, literacy program, Start Program, spiritual support, public restitution. I think the best way to address this problem is not necessarily more or new programs, but a joint followup system put in place involving the sheriff’s department, prosecutor and C o m m u n i t y Corrections in monitor and assist the programs after release of their incarceration. If it Paid for by the Committee to elect Scott Southerland Sheriff, Scott Southerland, treasurer.

inmates and be able to provide adequate medical care. Having said that, I will continue current jail programs (same ones I had when I was jail commander) and attempt to expand them within budgetary and manpower constraints. All of the programs currently being offered to the inmates are optional and not mandated. The one program that will not be limited by fiscal or manpower constraints is a well-rounded religious program. 4. Although I feel I am prepared to assume the duties of Brown County sheriff immediately, I would like the opportunity to review the current sheriff’s departmental policies and his previous and current year’s budgets.



“Not all experience is the same - Past performance is the best gauge of future results.”

18 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

would be possible, it would be great to incorporate some of the CRC programs so that inmates would have the opportunity to change and improve their career choices. Statistics have shown in any type of program involvement follow-up is a must if one is to succeed. 4. When elected, my first responsibility will be to the sheriff’s department and the county taxpayers. I will update myself on any and all laws and procedures that have been passed since Feb. 7, 2005. After that, I plan to set up a system where myself and all officers will be a proactive sheriff’s office and not reactive. I realize that no one can foresee what’s up and coming or may happen or where, but increased patrolling throughout our county and better communication between our officers and the county residents should certainly be a good start to being a proactive department. More to follow later!

Tom Jarvis (R)

1. During my 28 years with the Indiana State Police, I was involved in many facets of law enforcement. I began my career as a road trooper and was promoted into the investigative division in the seventh year of my career. My investigative experience includes everything from minor misdemeanors to major felonies such as homicide. I served the Indiana State Police in supervisory and administrative capacities due to my different ranks of assignment. The position of sheriff is mainly a supervisory/administrative position. My experience in these two areas qualifies me for the position of Brown County sheriff. 2. Since my retirement from the state police, I’ve been approached by several people here in Brown County, asking me if I would consider running for the sheriff’s position. The feedback that I was continually receiving was that our county needed someone with my background and experience to modify some of the methods currently being utilized within the sheriff’s department. If I’m fortunate enough to be elected to this position, my first priority will be to review all procedures that are utilized for dispatch and deputies alike, evaluate the current methods that are in place and make sure these procedures are the most effective for serving the citizens of our county. 3. There are numerous programs and resources that are available for educating, counseling and job placement of offenders and repeat offenders. It is imperative to

initiate, implement and follow through with the implementation of these programs for these citizens. Along with being exposed to these programs, creating a system of accountability and follow-up with the released offenders could potentially be an option as well. This type of program could possibly eliminate those offenders who “fall through the cracks” of the system. 4. I think that my answer to question No. 1 clarifies the preparation for duties I can bring to Brown County for this position. The knowledge that I have gained in these areas is obtained through years of training and instruction. The sheriff’s department has many great employees. It would be my hope that regardless of who is elected, the transition would be a smooth one as the sheriff’s department moves into a new chapter with a different administration.

Tony Sciscoe (R)

1. I had worked for the Indiana Department of Corrections for 12 years with over half of that as a supervisor. I attended both adult and juvenile training academies. I worked for the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office for two years where I attended

the Indiana State Jail School and helped implement and run the juvenile boot camp. I also attended drug interdiction training for uniformed officers and for dealing with violent offenders. I currently work for the Brown County Sheriff’s Office and have for the past eight years. I have worked as the jail commander for the past five years and have attended classes that pertain to the jail division. I have also attended several sheriff’s association conferences and worked as a reserve officer. All this has helped me prepare for the position of sheriff. 2. I decided to run for the office of sheriff because I enjoy my job and love my community, and know that I have what it takes to make it even better by serving my community as the sheriff 3. I feel that we are moving in the right direction by providing the inmates with AA, church services and the Start Program. The Start Program deals with issues that inmates will face upon their release from jail. This program has been in place for a little over a year and it is too soon to determine how well it is working, but I feel that if an inmate really wants to make a change, this is a good tool to help. 4. I plan on continuing to do my job as I always have and learn as much as I can about the everyday functions of the sheriff’s office and the other county offices. I believe will make me a better rounded sheriff.

Brown County Salutes

Please include us on the salute to: Fire




I’m fully that this election is a job interview, and the people voting will be the people deciding whether or not to hire me. With the limited space available, here is part of my resume: My law enforcement career began in 1986 when Rex Kritzer was sheriff. I attended the Indiana Law Enforcement

All Three aware

2 column x 3” full color ad - $39 Sign up for all three - $35 each Business Name Contact Phone

Scott Southerland (R)


Please respond by April 30 812-988-2221 Office - 812-988-6502 Fax -

Brown County Democrat

Academy in 1989 with 128 other recruits, and graduated in the top 10 percent of the class. I have worked at Cordry Sweetwater, in the Brown County Jail, as a uniformed deputy, and as a detective. I have been assigned to a multi-agency drug task force and have been the lead investigator on major investigations. I have received law enforcement or other specialized training from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s training division from Quantico, Va., the United States Department of Justice, the El Paso Intelligence Center, the Indiana Drug Enforcement Association, the National White Collar Crime Center of Glen Allen, Va., the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Office of the United States Attorney, the Crisp County, Ga., Sheriff, the Marion County Sheriff, the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police, the Indiana Department of Corrections, the Evansville Police Department, and others. I have been a guest instructor at schools hosted by the Indiana State Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Some of the subjects studied include homicide investigation, financial crime, internet crime, computer forensics, domestic violence and sexual assault, supervising and managing drug investigations and personnel, property and evidence room management, drug investigations and undercover operations, and interviewing techniques. 2. Simply put, we can do better. When the call for help arrives, the public we serve expects and deserves our full attention and our best effort, every time. 3. A primary cause of recidivism is substance abuse. Many believe that to achieve the highest rate of success, treatment and counseling should begin while an offender is incarcerated, and continue upon release. When released, an offender is under the direct supervision of probation or parole, and the sheriff’s office has no oversight. That having been said, I think those offenders and the county in general may benefit from a cooperative effort of all involved. If a program starts in the jail, and is continued after release, all the better. 4. I wouldn’t run for office if I didn’t believe I was ready now. I have served, in many capacities, under five administrations, both Democrat and Republican and, of course, I will continue with ongoing training and education as it becomes available.

Brad Stogsdill (R)

1. After graduating from Brown County High School in 1986, I studied law enforcement at Vincennes University for two years. In 1989, I was hired at the Brown County Sheriff’s Office as jail officer Brown County Election Guide April 2010 19

and reserve officer. I became merit officer in 1992 and graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1993. Since then, I have worked my way through the ranks from corporal, sergeant and now lieutenant, where I have been in an administrative position since 2005. During my 18 years as a merit officer, I have completed numerous hours of law enforcement training. I have been a certified instructor in basic law enforcement, defensive tactics and standardized field sobriety. I have completed drug interdiction training and several drug enforcement schools. I have also completed numerous hours of domestic violence training. The state mandates law enforcement officers to receive a minimum number of certified training, and I have always exceeded the minimum requirements. 2. Since becoming a merit officer in 1992, I have always known that I would someday seek the office of sheriff. I care deeply about the office, as it has been a huge part of my life for the past 21 years. I want to keep the sheriff’s office proactive and moving forward into the future. I want to give Brown County a sheriff’s office it can trust and be proud of. 3. This is a good question and a tough issue that all county jails face. At our jail we have the following programs in place: GED, literacy program, START, AA, Bible studies and church services. We work with Community Corrections on their Thinking for a Change Program and DOC with a Community Transition program. This is very difficult, because in a county jail setting, inmates do not serve a long-term sentence, which makes it difficult to complete very many reform programs. We provide the best we can for their spiritual, educational and addictions needs while they are here. These are good working programs, and if elected, I plan to carry out and enhance these programs and adopt new programs as they arise. I am 100 percent for trying to help our inmates achieve a better life after completing their sentence. Most of our inmates are good people who have just made poor choices. 4. I have been preparing myself for this job for 21 years by learning county government and learning how the Brown County Sheriff’s Office operates. For the past five years I have been in an administrative position as a lieutenant overseeing six merit officers and two merit sergeants. I am also the merit officer over the reserve division. I have been working very closely with Sheriff Robert “Buck” Stogsdill in preparing myself for this job.

20 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

I have been attending Indiana Sheriff’s Association meetings and educating myself on legislative issues involving the sheriff’s office and the jail. I believe, if elected, my transition to sheriff will be the smoothest in the history of this county.

Township Trustee

1. What occupations, training and experience qualify you for this office? 2. Due to decreased revenue through state and local sources, the volunteer fire departments and emergency services are seeing a reduction in funding from township trustees. What do you see as a solution to this problem? 3. If elected, how do you plan to prepare yourself for the duties and responsibilities of this office?

Hamblen Township Steve Arnold (D)

1. I am a lifelong resident of the Spearsville area. In the 1990s I served a term on the Hamblen Township Advisory Board. In that position I was the board’s secretary. From 1998 until 2003 I was secretary/treasurer and then vice chairman of the Hamblen Township Fire Protection District board. In that position, it was my responsibility to set a tax rate for township residents. Another responsibility was to control the organization’s budget, which I think we did successfully. I have also served on the boards of the Brown County Emergency Management Advisory Council, Brown County Literacy Coalition and Friends of T.C. Steele State Historic Site. I have worked as a floor coverings manager at Menards in Columbus since 2005. From 1993 until 2001, I was a journalist and photographer for the Brown County Democrat. During my time there, it was my pleasure to travel around the county getting to know people and their concerns. I feel that I know the people of Hamblen Township and will serve them with respect, honesty and integrity if elected. In these hard times, we need, more than ever before, to work together to solve problems. 2. This is a hard time for everyone. The economic tsunami has caught us all off guard. Government agencies as well as citizens have had to cut back and put themselves on a budget. Fire

departments and emergency services are vital and a top priority. These are hardworking volunteers who go above and beyond every day. Having worked with many of them in the past, I have enormous respect for them and what they do. One way to combat possible budget cuts is to pursue more grant money to supplement any losses in appropriation. This has worked very successfully at the Gatesville Fire Department. If elected, I will run a tight ship. Vital services to citizens will be maintained. 3. I have had the privilege of great examples set for me in township government over the years. I expect to seek counsel when I need to, but I am up to the challenge of working hard for my fellow citizens of Hamblen Township. I would like to publicly thank the outgoing trustee, Joan Collins, for her outstanding service to us all. She has truly been an asset to our local government.

Hamblen Township Jennifer Rogers-Gilles (D) No responses.

Jackson Township Malinda “Mindy” Weddle (D)

1. In January 2010, I was appointed to the Jackson Township Advisory Board. This opportunity has given me unique insight into the duties and responsibilities of the township trustee. I have owned and operated a small business in Brown County since 2003. During that time my production has increased and resources have grown even in a struggling economy. I have been a member of the Brown County Studio & Garden Tour and have served as vice president and president. As well as managing a business and a home, my work experience has included positions in customer service and retail sales and also as an artist for a memorial company where each project is individual but all must work within a budget, a timeline and meet the needs of the customer. The office of township trustee requires many of these same abilities. My children are the eighth generation to call this township home. I have a vested interest in serving the needs of family, friends, neighbors and fellow residents of Jackson Township as their trustee.  2. The township is funded by various tax revenues. Some examples are property taxes, CAGIT (County Adjusted Gross

Income Tax), LOIT (Local Option Income Tax) and more. A percentage of these monies is then distributed to the township, then a percentage is then distributed to the volunteer fire departments. These numbers are not determined by the trustee, only distributed. Currently, the amount distributed to each volunteer fire department is equal and funded to maximum percentage allowed by state mandate. I would also encourage residents to support the many fundraisers and events sponsored by our fire departments, because they are volunteers and give so much of their time and effort. 3. Being on the trustee’s advisory board has been a tremendous learning experience. To be prepared for this, I have already researched and read as much as possible to learn the duties of the trustee and the board. The State of Indiana offers many training opportunities and courses for newly elected trustees. I plan on taking advantage of these events to the fullest if I am elected. Most importantly, township government is the closest to the residents and voters in all of government. My interest is in serving the community in which I live, and my ability to listen impartially to the residents will be an asset.  

Jackson Township James Kakavecos (R) No responses.

Jackson Township Mel Lane (R)

1. In light of a trustee’s obligation to provide fire protection to the people he serves, I offer my 20 years of full time fire service employment as qualification for this elected position. Twelve years with an all volunteer department, (overlapping with my full time employment) I ended my fire department career as a chief of training in Indianapolis. My current position is with Indiana University, the Office of Risk Management. There, I provide guidance for new construction projects as it relates to Indiana’s fire code, overseeing staff who provide fire safety inspections across all Indiana University campuses. I am State of Indiana certified to Chief Officer III, fire safety officer, incident command, hazardous materials technician, commercial building inspector, and trained with Indiana Task Force 1. (Copies of certifications provided upon request.) 2. The fire volunteer system is the most effective use of funds available today. Departments are encouraged to create

innovative methods for fundraising. This will not change. My first concern is not the raising of funds, but the raising of the efficient use of personnel and equipment. As an example: A department with a 1,000-gallon tanker on the scene of a fire, whose members manage only to get half of that water to the seat of a fire, are in effect wasting 50 percent of their resources. In the same way, members of departments who fail to work together cause a decrease in their ability to extinguish fire in a timely fashion, causing more loss to the people they serve. Effective training is key. Better trained and disciplined firefighters provide a better service. 3. I have already begun to make myself familiar with township boundaries, fire department response districts and the make-up of the population and their needs. I will also take advantage of training provided by state and local entities.

Van Buren Township Nettie Walls (D) 1.

As the unopposed incumbent in the primary what lessons have you learned to improve your office’s function? 2. Due to increased revenue through state and local sources, the volunteer fire departments and emergency services are seeing a reduction in funding

Experience DOES Matter

Tom Jarvis is... Exemplary: “I will drive my own vehicle and pay for my own gas, just like the taxpayers of Brown County” Experienced: Tom has 28 award-winning years as an Indiana State Trooper. Multiagency task force assignments specializing in homicide, vehicle theft, white collar crime, drug and burglary investigations is where Tom spent 21 years of his career. Tom was later promoted to The ONLY candidate endorsed by Squad Sergeant the Indiana State Police Alliance where he supervised the Criminal Investigative Division of the Bloomington Post. Tom assisted and supervised Investigators in that division along with completing administrative duties required of that position. Efficient: Will do more with less money. Ethical: Will run a transparent operation - you ask; he’ll tell.

Experience Does Matter authorized and paid for by the committee to elect tom jarvis for sheriff; darwin scott, treasurer.

Brown County Election Guide April 2010 21

from the Township Trustees. What do you see as a solution to this problem? 1. I make myself available to to my people when they need me. I have office hours, but they are just a formality. When someone needs something, I try to connect with them as soon as possible. I have learned to treat people the way I myself would want to be treated. With respect and dignity. 2. I have not decreased revenue to the fire departments, and as far as I know, none of the other trustees have either. As a matter of fact, we started a cum fund 2 years ago, hoping to be able to better the Dept. in the near future. The Van Buren Fire Chief is constantly trying to get grants, of whatever nature there is out there, but they are not easy to get. I would like to see the communities get more involved in the fire departments, and work with us on fundraisers, etc. Â

Van Buren Township Phil Krueger (R) Â

No responses.

Van Buren Township Vicki Payne (R)

1. My husband Steve and I have had a business in this county for 32 years. I have done the accounting for our business and learned to deal with the public throughout this time. I am currently serving as a member of the Van Buren Township Advisory Board. 2. I would form a committee to look for grants and help them apply for these. 3. I plan to attend the Department of Local Government Finance meeting and continue to use the hired county consultant.

Washington Township Paul D. Hardin (D) No Responses.

22 Brown County Election Guide April 2010

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