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Community Grants Events Funding Assistance & Support Tips & Questions Community Partnership Funding Program

Funding Available • Major Events Sponsorship Program • Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) • Community Grants Program - Project funding for community groups • Community Partnership Funding Program - Significant community operations / services - Aligned to council’s vision

Major Events Sponsorship • Grow the value of the events industry across the Sunshine Coast and to enhance the profile of the Sunshine Coast as a major events destination • Separate to Community Grants

Major Events Sponsorship • • • •

Economic Benefits Next closing date - 10 Sept 2010 Under $10,000 or over $10,000 Senior Economic Development Officer (Major Events) • (07) 5441 8630 or economicdevelopment@sunshinecoast.ql

RADF • Partnership between Arts Qld and local council • Separate to Community Grants • Professional development and employment of arts and cultural works in regional Queensland

RADF • Next round – 15 September 2010 • Large Number of Categories with their own objectives • RADF Liaison officer - 07 5441 8352

Community Grants • • •

Individual Development Grants Minor Community Grants Major Community Grants

Individual Development Grants • • • •

Residents representing the region Up to $500 6 rounds 8 weeks to notification

Minor Grants • • • • •

Community organisations Up to $2,000 6 rounds 8 weeks to notification No co-funding requirement

Major Grants • • • • •

Community organisations Up to $50,000 2 rounds – March & September 4 months to notification Co-funding required > $7,500

Grant Categories • Community Development – Quality of community life

• Community Events – Celebrating our character and diversity

• Economic Development – Improving economic performance and prosperity

Grant Categories cont’d • Environment (individuals can apply) – Protecting and enhancing natural assets and biodiversity

• Heritage and History – Promoting our heritage and social history

• Sport and Recreation – Community participation in sport and recreation; facility development

Community Events

Events - Aims & Priorities Aim • To encourage and support a range of community celebrations and events across the Sunshine Coast that celebrate the region’s character and cultural diversity

Events - Aims & Priorities Priorities • To Further development & revitalisation of an established event • New events that have been developed with the community and establish new partnerships • Enhancement of the professional delivery or sustainability of an event

Who Can Apply? • Not-for-profit groups whose project benefits the SC community • Incorporated associations or auspiced applicants • Financially viable groups with appropriate insurance • One grant application per round

Eligible Activities Projects - defined start and finish date - benefit SC residents - address specific category aims and priorities

Who Cannot Apply • • •

Commercial profit entities Government agencies or departments Organisations with gaming machines

Ineligible Activities • Core business of educational, religious or medical organisations • Insurance premiums • Council DA requirements • Top-up funding for a previous council grant

Low Priority • Fundraising • Previously funded activities • Low community benefit • Unsustainable activities

Project Timeframes • Major Grants - activities may not commence prior to funding announcements • Minor and Individual Grants - activities may commence after an application is lodged

How Do I Apply? • Read handbook • Visit website

• Download application form (or call us!)

Submitting Applications • Customer Service Centres • Post • Do NOT email or fax • Received or post marked by due date (late applications not accepted)

Hot Tips! • • • • •

Check organisation and project eligibility Align with the category aims and priorities Pay attention to time frames Ensure community benefit Concise & clear descriptions

Hot Tips! • • • •

Develop the project Tell the story – compelling!! Contact the funding body Confirmation / Proof of partnerships

Hot Tips! • Don’t assume panel knows about your organisation • Clear and adequate budget information - quotes for items over $1,000 • 3 letters/emails of support • Remember the “fiftieth application” principle

Support • • •

Grant Info Sessions Application Clinics Grant writing help (for external grants)

• Strategic Development • Organisational Development Workshops • Focus on Independence

Contacts Internet (Under For Residents)

Email Phone 07 5475 7272


Community Partnership Funding Program

CPFP - Key Messages • Incorporated community organisations • Significant contribution to the SC community • Closely aligned to council’s vision for the future (Corporate Plan)

CPFP - Funding Categories Community Capital Community Events Community Facilities Community Pools Emergency Services and Community Safety Environment Sport Facilities

Relationship to Grants



Community Partnership Funding Program

Grants Program

Funding for the on-going operation of the organisation for the prescribed period

Projects with a start and finish date, NOT including operational or on-going expenses

Up to three year funding

Funding for the duration of the project

Relationship to Grants cont’d Community Partnership Funding Program

Grants Program

Funding amount

Funding is based on approved programs. There are no minimum or maximum funding limits

Grants up to $50,000


No specific co-funding requirements. Evidence is required of sound financial management and sustainable budgeting

Grants over $7,500 require 50% to 75% contribution, based on amount of grant

Note - Community organisations can apply for both partnership funding and grant funding, either concurrently or at separate opportunities


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