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this issue ISSUE 01 FEBRUARY 2013

SCRC LAUNCH Shellharbour City Regional Church (SCRC) is an initiative of the Illawarra Presbytery of the Uniting Church to establish a place that is one part of the transformation and equipping of individuals and the community of the Shellharbour region and beyond.

Hopefully this provides the school community with a significant injection of finance, utilises a community asset and, this is our important vision, adds a supportive presence and influence into the school community.

“Come along at 5:30pm on Saturday 16 March to help us launch Shellharbour City Regional Church. Come to encounter Jesus, stay for a BBQ and be a part of a new thing God is doing.” Clearly, we recognise that we are only one part of the puzzle in seeing this happen and so you will hear and read the word “partnership” often in communication about the vision of and for SCRC. These partnerships will be with other Christian groups and organisations as well as community groups with similar goals and values. Our first partnership is developing with the Flinders Primary School. Initially this is through hiring the school’s hall on Friday afternoon, Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

As we move towards our official launch on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March 2013 Robyn and Mark will be spending time with potential team members, those seeking more information, and those who have offered to share their gifts as we launch to do trial set-ups of the hall, pray together, prepare and practice songs for the launch and Easter gatherings and simply get to know each other. You are warmly invited to come along at 5:30pm Saturday or 9:30am Sunday to share in this preparation. We’re not looking for perfect, just available and passionate about Jesus!

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PRAYER FOR SCRC One of the words that we use to sum up our Purpose is “prayer”. Following are some prayer points and requests we would love you to commit to bringing to God over the next few weeks:  Robyn & Mark as we prepare for launch—wisdom, passion, health, energy, trust...  the developing team as we learn to work, pray & worship together  those considering how they can offer support  those who will receive the letterbox drop brochure in the week leading in to launch  the Flinders Primary School staff, students and community  Easter gathering preparations  wisdom as we look at the way forward with potential development in Shellharbour City CBD


END IT MOVEMENT Slavery occurs where one person exercises the ‘right’ of ownership over a person. (League of Nations)

They are held against their will often under the threat of violence. Physical, emotional and mental abuse is often part of their enslavement. (IJM)

Slavery still exists. It is estimated that there are anything between 10 million and 27 million slaves in the world today. The reason for this broad range is that those people being counted are largely a ‘hidden’ population. It is estimated that human trafficking alone generates annual profits of around $32 billion. The majority of trafficking victims are between 18 and 24 years of age. (UN.GIFT) In 1850, the cost of a slave (in today’s US dollars) was $40,000, the avgerage price of a slave today is $90. (Free the Slaves)

Coalition Partners Made in a Free World Providing businesses and consumers solutions to remove slavery from supply chains. Using the free market to free people. Polaris Project One of the leading organizations in the fight against modern-day slavery, they transform the way the world responds to human trafficking. IJM Lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local officials to rescue victims, prosecute perpetrators and protect the poor.

The victims most vulnerable are women and children. Children in particular are sold, bonded, trafficked, subjected to commercial sexual exploitation, recruited into armed conflicts and forced to work as domestic workers. ( Several factors contribute to the persistence of slavery practices despite it being illegal in most countries, most significantly, poverty, the lack of enforcement of anti-slavery laws, and crime and corruption, including at the state level. (Free the Slaves)

Slavery has various forms today including human trafficking, forced labour, descent-based slavery, bonded labour and child labour. (

Other less known forms of slavery include domestic servitude, forced marriage and those traded for the purpose of organ removal. (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) More information at:

A21 Prevents trafficking through awareness and education, protects those who have been trafficked, and prosecutes traffickers. Free the Slaves Helping slaves break free & stay free in global trafficking hotspots, while changing systems that allow slavery to exist. Love 146 Works to abolish child trafficking and exploitation through prevention and aftercare while contributing to a growing abolition movement. Not For Sale Using work on the ground and in mainstream supply chains, they target the root causes of slavery while equipping the movement for freedom.

At SCRC we want to focus not only on local mission but also on mission beyond Shellharbour City. Our intention is to support mission in three ways: 1. Local Initially our local mission focus will be on the development of our own mission initiatives within the Shellharbour region and, specifically, ministry with children and their families within the Flinders Primary School.

2. National Our national focus will be on rural ministry—we are yet to finalise a national project. Check the website and eNews for updates. 3. International The End It movement focuses our attention on human trafficking and how we can partner with a number of organisations in seeking to “Shine a Light on Slavery”. We will also be supporting Mission in Action in a variety of ways. Details in next issue.


Shellharbour City Regional Church (SCRC)

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 SCRC Mission support – info will be available Complete and email to or post to: SCRC, PO Box 37 Shellharbour City NSW 2529


SCRC SUPPORT We are always in need of support. Listed below are just some of the ways that you can support SCRC:  prayer (see page 1)  finance (see page 3  practical support (see page 3)  music, PA/media  set-up/pack-up  kids ministry

Coming Up @ SCRC SCRC LAUNCH Join us on Saturday 16 March @ 5.30pm and/or Sunday 17 March @ 9.30am for our official launch at Flinders Primary School (Adam Murray Way, Flinders).

EASTER @ SCRC Good Friday @ 9.00am Easter Saturday @ 5.30pm Easter Sunday @ 9.30am

NOT A FAN Begins on Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 May 2013.


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