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et?s face it, just a few years ago, cell phones were deeply frowned upon by the gaming industry. Any distraction to the player was seen as a threat to the casino operator. Taking a picture of a jackpot was forbidden by some operators. Taking a video of your play was unheard of. The idea of letting a player set up a video camera on a tripod in front of a slot machine ? preposterous. Even a few Russian slot cheats were not enough to deter the proliferation of cell phones on the casino floor. Now, player?s are not only invited to film their games while they play, but most slots are now equipped with USB ports to insure your batteries don?t die while you?re doing it. In many gaming markets, cell phones are used to track play, obviating the need for player?s cards. The reason why the industry changed it?s policy is because the player?s demanded it. This new found empowerment has now gained momentum and birthed a lifestyle.

Welcome to Slotsbook?, where information is power. .

- D&J

Welcom e to Slotsbook ? Slotsbook? is a free* Social Media platform designed by slot players for slot players.

Slotsbook? is a Social Community consisting of slot machine enthusiasts from all over the world.

Slotsbook? Members can upload, download, post, share, and archive their own slot machine videos or link to videos posted on youtube.

Slotsbook? features include, High-Definit ion Yout ube Aggregator exclusive to Slot Machine Players, featuring 30 of the most popular slot channels (by views). Slotsbook members maintain full monetization of their videos through youtube.

Full Slot Machine Database and Index. Player?s can research, rate, and review the performance and volatility of slot machines found in casinos all over the world. Manufacturers include IGT, Aristocrat, Ainsworth, AGS, Scientific Games, Incredible Technologies, and Everi Holdings. Simply type the name of the game, and a full description of the game, with video, pops up for review.

Ask A.D.A.M.? ? Analyzing Data And Metrics, an advanced artificial intelligence platform that allows players to text game inquiries or any other queries pertaining to the slot industry to an AI platform capable of understanding and intelligently responding to over 10,000,000 phrases. There is no other slot machine expert available to players 24/7.

Players Card Access- Slotsbook? provides instant, and direct access to all of the most popular player?s clubs, including Pinnacle Entertainment (MyChoice), Boyd Gaming (B-Connected), Mgm Casinos (M-Life), Caesar?s Entertainment (Total Rewards), Station Casinos (Boarding Pass), Wynn Resorts (Red Card), Venetian/Pallozzo (Grazie), and Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas (Identity).

The Coolest Free St uff - Player?s earn points for participating in Slotsbook?. These points can be redeemed for some really cool gear at the Slotsbook store. (Stuff you?ll really wear!)

Player?s Forum - Where player?s discuss all things slot machines.

Slot sbook? Radio ? A wide-ranging selection of radio stations to listen to while you play.

* Requires purchase of APP, all features within the APP are free to members. There are no additional In-APP Purchases.

Let's be r eal . Perhaps what is most astounding about the modern slot player is how remarkably little they know about how a modern video slot machine works. I have heard some pretty far out theories, but nobody really seems to get it. Slotsbook? was created by people that understand the math. Scrappy Elegant Gaming owns patents in the gaming industry. We create games.

So, in order to truly appreciate Slotsbook? , and how it can improve your chance of winning, it becomes necessary for you to truly understand how a slot machine works. First of all, there isn?t just one RNG (Random Number Generator) running at one time, there are several, and they often fluctuate based upon a player?s behavior. This is commonly referred to amongst gaming engineers as ?Intuitive Math?.


et?s say, for example, when a player repeatedly presses the spin button, or does so in a regular cadence, this is indicative of a player whose paying rapt attention to the game. This player is playing off of the least mathematically favorable RNG generator. The player that hits the spin button erratically or unsystematically in relation to specific game prompts is perceived by the processor to be distracted or disinterested, and this earns ?Mr. Lazy Press? a shot at the most liberal RNG the game has to offer. Mathematically, the chances of something exciting happening actually increase, in order to capture the bored player?s attention. There is a patent for this. Did you know that? Did you know that you?re playing on a different RNG based on the denomination you choose to play? Did you know that a slot machine is generating random numbers even when it is not being played? Did you know that a slot?s payback percentage varies based on the gaming jurisdiction you?re playing In? That is why we created Slotsbook?. The calculated ?weighting? of a slot machine is what determines how likely it is for symbols to align. Let?s say you have a 3 reel video slot machine, with 10 symbols, but one of those symbols is special and only comes up once every 100 spins. The mathematical expression of getting 3 of that symbol are 1/100 X 1/100 X 1/100, or 1/1,000,000. A casino could theoretically offer a payout of $1 million on that combination and still break even over the long run. The payback percentage has become a scary gray area for the casino operator. What this means is theoretically, if a machine is set to have an 87% payback (Video slot average, don?t look so shocked), then the gaming operator can expect to win $13.00 for every $100.00 spent. However, this is based on a theoretical

extrapolation of how much money the game will return over an infinite number of spins. However, a slot player?s attention is not infinite, nor is their budget, so slot manufacturers have been forced to produce games that are far more volatile, in order to capture, and maintain a player?s attention, in the short term. Slot manufacturers have made it easier for the player to understand what a game is mathematically capable of awarding, thus creating the working illusion of a game?s potential. What the slot manufacturers have figured out is that, the player?s imagination is a breeding ground for profit. What?s possible? Through the sharing of information, Slotsbook? helps the slot player determine what?s probable, because much to the great chagrin of the gaming operator, infinite, and random, only exist in nature. Therefore, identical games, manufactured at the same time, by the same manufacturer, equipped with identical software, are at some point, going to exhibit identical behavior. Believe it.

"W hat Slot ma nufa ctur er s have figur ed out, is that, the player 's ima gination, is a br eeding gr ound for pr ofit."

How do we identify these games and exploit these -D.Rosenblatt trends? Slotsbook?. Because people don?t play what doesn?t pay.

"M uch like a ca sino, Youtube ca n toss you out on your a ss, for a bsolutely no r ea son."

Pr ot ect in g you r videos an d f ollow in g.

Protect th e f ol l ow i ng you w ork ed so h ard to create. There are startling similarities between the policies of YouTube速 and a casino. Very much like casino, YouTube速 can refuse to host your videos for any reason whatsoever.

Slot Manufacturers truly don?t care if you win or if you lose. They care if you play. The information they gather from Slotsbook? helps them build better games. Less stuff like Terminator, more stuff like Buffalo.

Much like a casino, YouTube速can toss you out on your ass for absolutely no reason, and because of their financial position, often get away with it.

Slot Manufacturers just want to sell/lease groovy cabinets to the Casino.

What does a person do to safeguard their following on the internet? Where do your followers find you after YouTube速 arbitrarily decides your promoting gambling, or comes up with another stupid excuse why they are justified in snapping off your channel? Perhaps a slot manufacturer, or worse yet, a gaming operator doesn?t like the way their game or property is represented. It?s not hypothetical, it?s happening, and it has happened to many slot players, of all levels of play. Slotsbook? archives a copy of every video uploaded through the app. These videos are digitally vouch-safed and provided to players free of charge. Done properly, this is expensive, that?s why we charge for the app. Members of Slotsbook? are never at risk of losing their videos or their following. We don?t get a cut of your monetization. The metadata gathered by Slotsbook? is how we can afford to offer all this cool stuff. Slotsbook? meta-data is used by slot manufacturers worldwide. Slotsbook? is the world?s largest slot machine focus group. This is a good thing.

Gaming Operators have a stake in whether you win or lose. Games with extremely favorable long-term payback percentages can slaughter the house in the short term. Casinos don?t like informed players. (Where did all those Monopoly games go?)

"Watching slot play is fun!" Most people would never have imagined that Slot Machine play would evolve into a spectator sport. Yet, millions of people, from all walks of life, watch fastidiously. Viewers are as loyal to their favorite players, as they are to their favorite games. Most viewers are slot machine players themselves. They identify with the player?s they are watching. They have been in the seat. They know, first hand, the excitement of an out of control bonus round, and the profound disappointment of a dud. Slotsbook? doesn?t just put all the live slot action in one place for a person to enjoy, it methodically analyzes the data, and proceeds to identify trends, trends that are then shared with the players through the various Slotsbook? forums. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

"It's fun to experiment with new games, but it gets expensive super fast." Slotsbook? contains a comprehensive, searchable, database that contains a description of every game on the casino floor and it?s various bonus/payback features. Videos demonstrate various game events, and line win capabilities. Before you dump your bankroll in a new game.

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The most important thing that slot players need to understand is that there is a mathematical ceiling set for every game in operation. There are volatility and payback parameters that are set by the operators to limit the odds of a potential windfall, and to insure a fair and consistent hold for the house. This information is contained in what is referred to in the industry as a ?Par-Sheet?. Occasionally, casino slot directors, lured by favorable hold percentages, bring penny machines into the high limit area, and set them at a higher denomination. This is where knowing what a machine?s bonus features are, and how this type of machine is performing globally, can provide the player a distinct advantage. This is where watching slot videos isn't just fun, it helps you win by showing you what everyone else

is doing.

"The only thing worse than casino music, is elevator music." Slotsbook? offers a wide variety of high definition radio stations, in a multitude of formats for the player?s enjoyment. Like everything else on Slotsbook?, it?s free. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

You'vegot this.

A ugmented Real i ty Jack pots and oth er f ree stuf f s.

The Slotsbook? store offers awesome gear designed to make you look as good as you play.

veryone loves free stuff. There are all kinds of ways to win free stuff on Slotsbook?. The coolest thing is, you really don?t have to try hard. Posting videos, interacting in the forums, rating games, and participating in player?s surveys are just some of the ways folks earn gift certificates redeemable for cool stuff at the Slotsbook? store. Players can also purchase items from the store with a major credit card. The Slotsbook? store isn?t slinging swag. There is a wide selection of stylish, super comfortable gear for everyone, and at a price that won?t cut into your bankroll. There is no more coveted incentive to the slot player than ?Free Play? or ?Bonus Play?. At Slotsbook?, we figured out a way to make filming your live play more fun and exciting.

In t r odu cin g CAM ERA CASH? . Augmented Realit y (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment whereby the objects that reside in the real-world are "augmented" by computer-generated perceptual information delivered through your smart device.

Slotsbook? collects video samples of the symbols, line pays, and game events of videos uploaded to, and linked with, our system. This creates a large marker file of all the visual indicia featured in your favorite games. Players that utilize the Slotsbook? video camera while filming their play become instantly eligible for CAMERA CASH? Jackpots. A CAMERA CASH? jackpot occurs when a Player utilizes the Slotsbook? camera in their app to film their live play. Once the video of live play is uploaded to a profile, forum, or other post on Slotsbook?, it is digitally analyzed and the images are compared to the randomly chosen game and symbol sequence. If SLOTBOOK? detects the slot video uploaded to the system contains the randomly selected daily game, and it?s corresponding, pre-determined symbol sequence, that player becomes notified by Slotsbook? of their win through a super-imposed image placed over the video uploaded. Symbols do not have to land in a winning combination to be eligible to win a CAMERA CASH? Jackpot. Players with live streams are notified instantly of their win. Players are paid exclusively through VenmoÂŽ. Camera Cash awards range between $10.00 - $1000.00 USD*.

* CAMERA CASH? is 100% free of charge, does not require the player to place a wager of any kind, and does not constitute a bet. Camera Cash is sponsored by advertisers and survey/poll beneficiaries.

Meet A.D.A.M. Ask A.D.A.M.? ? Analyzing Data And Metrics, is an advanced artificial intelligence platform that allows players to text game inquiries or any other queries pertaining to the slot industry to an AI platform capable of understanding, and intelligently responding, to over 10,000,000 phrases. Like a loyal friend, A.D.A.M. is available 24/7 via text to answer any question you may have pertaining to Slot Machines, and the casino gaming industry in general. A.D.A.M. has opinions on slot machines. Which ones to play, and which ones to stay away from. A.D.A.M. draws on the meta-data gathered from Slotsbook?, and is constantly learning from the information posted/discussed in the forums. A.D.A.M. can instantly put you in touch with your casino host, call you a car, or even take a room service order, so your favorite salad is waiting for you when you get back to your room. Think Alexis in a casino, or a magic eight ball with a personality. You never really know, until you ASK A.D.A.M.

"We wer e looking to play a r a r e hor se-r a cing ga me that still took coins. A.D.A.M . found the ga me, a nd a r r a nged a complimenta r y r ide to get us ther e. Awesome." -SlotMaiden77

It 's all about choices.

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Slotsbook is an advanced, Social Media Platform for Slot Machine enthusiasts all over the world.

Slotsbook Brochure (SEG)  

Slotsbook is an advanced, Social Media Platform for Slot Machine enthusiasts all over the world.