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A Bountiful Harvest

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Champion Ewe Midwest Regional Jr. Southdown Show Supreme Ewe - 2013 WI Sheep & Wool Festival Open & Jr. Shows Sire: MB Genetics 1-680 Impression Dam: MB Genetics 7F-548 Bred & Owned by Jenna Langer, WI

Jenna 12-748J Champion Ewe•WI State Fair 2013 Sire: MB Genetics 1-680 Impression Dam: MB Genetics 9-7G (900 x The Edge) Exhibited by Haley Yunker, WI

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Emily Johnson, IL • Troy Longenecker, PA.• Lucas Wilson, In • Dathan Smerchek, WI• Jenna Langer, WI • Danielle Robinson, WI • John Jones, WI

We salute these young Southdown breeders on their many accomplishments this summer. The ewes pictured were purchased from MB Genetics or resulted from utilizing MB Genetics seedstock. For the 2013 Stars of Louisville Sale, MB Genetics is consigning three high quality ewe lambs from the same families as the winners pictured above. Please check the MB Genetics blogspot or facebook page for pictures and detailed pedigrees of the sale ewes and view more customer results.

Quality • Integrity • Commitment Mike and BarBara Bishop We use and W4628 hall road recoMMend rio, Wisconsin 53960 high noon Feeds 920-992-6183 southdowns@mbgenetics.com


Table of Contents Advertising Index 32 Annual Meeting Notice 4 ASBA Directors Elections 29 ASBA Meeting Notes 20-26 NAILE Southdown Schedule 7 President’s Message 2 Proposed ASBA Constitution & By-laws Change 5 Spirit of the Breed application 17 “Stars of Louisville” Sale Catalog 10-13 The Southdown Louisville Preview is printed by: Sutherland Printing Montezuma, IA The Southdown Louisville Preview is published one time per year by: American Southdown Breeders’ Association Gary Jennings, Secretary/Treasurer 100 Cornerstone Road Fredonia, TX 76842 Office: (325) 429-6226 Fax: (325) 429-6225 southdown@ctesc.net www.southdownsheep.org The Southdown Louisville Preview is sent to all current and active members of the American Southdown Breeders’ Association and Junior Southdown Association.

From the Editor

As I reflect on the past year, I have had tremendous change in my own life - getting engaged and moving to Nashville Tennessee, but one thing that has not changed is the great people involved in the Southdown industry. When you go to major shows like the All-American Junior Show and see so many Southdown juniors at the top of the individual and team showmanship classes, as well as in the promotional contests, it is easy to take pride in the wonderful stock of our youth. Our youth won’t be as great without the many adult members who are involved with Southdowns. We are truly blessed as a breed to have so many strong individuals that take pride in Southdowns. I would like to thank all those that have made this publication possible. As you flip through the pages you will see some new advertisers and some that have advertised in the past. I would like to thank each of them for advertising. Without the support of these breeders we wouldn’t be able to bring you a high quality Southdown Louisville Preview. I hope you find it helpful as you prepare for the North American Livestock Exposition. See you at the show! Lisa

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Lisa Scramlin, Editor Cell: (517) 214-7522 scramli3@hotmail.com

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President’s Message “There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody knew that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Somebody wouldn’t do it.” This quote is familiar to those involved in volunteer organizations or committee work and it can certainly be applied to the ASBA as we come to the end of another fiscal year. We all need to keep this in mind with the many roles volunteers must fill to both conduct the business of the ASBA and provide the programs that have kept Southdowns in the forefront at regional and national junior shows. Sincere appreciation goes to those who do serve, whether it be scooping ice cream for root beer floats at a hot National Jr. Show, designing show awards, researching genetic issues, or the tedious task of updating policy and procedure handbooks and everything else in between. November 17 will mark the 131st Annual Meeting of the members of the American Southdown Breeders’ Association; no other livestock breed association can match that record in the United States. At the Annual Meeting, the ASBA constitution requires financial reports from the Executive Secretary, election of directors, and voting on questions submitted by the Board of Directors. This year adult members whose dues are current will be asked to vote on 6 directors for the board, the judge for the 2014 National Show, and a proposed amendment to the constitution. Being present at the meeting is an important job for “Everybody” in order to become informed first hand on the state of the association, to take ownership in the process of electing board members, and directly interact with other members. (The vote of any member absent from the Annual Meeting may be by proxy providing an official proxy is filed with the office of the Executive Secretary 15 days prior to the meeting.) The banquet held immediately before the formal business meeting is a convenient way to meet other Southdown breeders away from the distractions in the sheep barn and an opportunity to take part in honoring the achievements of both junior and adult members. The busy schedule at the North American may prevent some from taking part in the banquet, but all are very welcome to join in after the meal to take part in conducting the business of our breed. Safe travels to those who are coming to Louisville next month! Barbara Bishop President ASBA Board of Directors 2 THE SOUTHDOWN LOUISVILLE PREVIEW

AMERICAN SOUTHDOWN BREEDERS’ ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: President Barbara Bishop Rio, Wisconsin (920) 992-6183 Vice President L. C. Scramlin Holly, Michigan (248) 634-3043 DIRECTORS: Patty Abell Aurora, OR 503-201-6904 Jim Davis - Odell, IL 815-998-2359 Scott Flanagan - Ballinger, TX 325-234-8843 Brian Forsee - Owenton, KY 502-484-2801 Monty Jones - Fielding, UT, 435-458-3222 Gary Kwisnek - Clarksburg, PA 724-459-5254 J J Maddox -Custer City, OK 580-593-2455 Mike McElvain - Heyworth, IL 309-473-2937 Jessica Miniter - Scituate, RI 401-829-0095 Jeff Oldenburg - Mulhall, OK 405-649-2049 Lee Pettey - Red Bluff, CA 530-529-9596 Amy Powell - Watertown, TN 423-920-8054 Jeff Repasky - Lonsdale, MN 612-282-7782 Kyle Thayer - Cummington, MA 413-634-5528

Gary Jennings Secretary-Treasurer 100 Cornerstone Rd. Fredonia, Texas 76842 (325) 429-6226 FAX (325) 429-6225 Email southdown@ctesc.net

October 1, 2013 Dear American Southdown Breeders’ Association Member, As in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the American Southdown Breeders’ Association, this is your official written notice of the annual meeting of this Association. The 131st annual meeting of the Association will be held Sunday, November 17, 2013, in the south wing of the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The annual banquet will begin at 6:30 p.m. with the annual meeting immediately following. The cost of the banquet this year will be $22.00 per plate. It will be an excellent meal and a time to sit down and visit with Southdown breeders from across America. It is our hope that you will be able to attend the meeting and all the events of the North American. Friday evening, beginning at 5:00 p.m., will feature the showmanship classes for our youth. Saturday will begin with a skillathon for our youth members at 9:00 a.m., followed by the “Stars of Louisville” ewe sale at 12:30 p.m., and market lambs will be shown during the day. Sunday’s events will begin at 8:00 a.m. with the Junior Southdown Breeding Show. Then, the Open Southdown Show will begin Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. What a great year to take part in the Association and all of the Southdown activities! If you attend the annual meeting and are a member who has paid dues in the past fiscal year, you are entitled to vote on election and business items. If you cannot attend and wish to vote, a proxy may represent you. To utilize this proxy, please request as follows: A member may personally request in writing a proxy, providing the absent member shall after receiving notice of the annual meeting, file 15 days prior to the meeting, said proxy in the office of the Executive Secretary of the Association. You will note that this year a change in the Constitution and Bylaws has been proposed, plus election of directors and judges will be held. Again, it is our sincere hope that you can attend this great show and all the events of the Southdown breed. What a great year it has been for our breed, and Louisville will be a fitting end to this 131st year of the Association. Sincerely, Barbara Bishop President American Southdown Breeders’ Association


Proposed ASBA Constitution and By-laws Change

At the informal meeting of the American Southdown Breeders’ Association held on November 10th, 2012 in Louisville, Kentucky, a motion was made that would constitute a change in our constitution and by-laws. The motion in its full content is as follows: It was moved by Darrell Howard that a Board member will serve no more than 21 consecutive years or seven consecutive terms. This would include a motion to change the constitution and by-laws. This would be done by adding the underlined and italic language to Article V: Directors and Officers. 1. There shall be sixteen directors chosen by the members of the Association at the Annual Meeting, who shall constitute the Board of Directors of the Association and who shall have power to manage the affairs of the Association, subject to the provisions of the Constitution and By-laws. The President or any Board member may request a Board of Directors meeting and conduct business. Nine of the Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and may be held either in person or by telephone. The Directors shall be elected from the membership, must be a member and manage, raise, or own Southdown sheep. They shall serve for a term of three years, not to exceed 21 consecutive years, and shall be elected one from each of the twelve Districts hereinafter described and four Directors-at-large (two from each of the regions representing the largest number of registrations, not to exceed two Directors-at-large per region). This proposed change will be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting on November 17.

2013 North American International Livestock Exposition Southdown Schedule Wednesday, November 13th 12:00 Noon – Begin Receiving Sheep (South Wing)

Friday, November 15th 12:00 Noon – Lead Line (South Wing) 5:00 p.m. – Junior Breeding Sheep Showmanship (South Wing) 5:00 p.m. – Market Lamb Showmanship (South Wing)

Saturday, November 16th 8:00 a.m. – Junior Market Lamb Show. Please note that market lambs will show alphabetically by breed, with Southdowns later in the day. (South Wing) 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. – Junior Southdown Skillathon (South Wing) 12:30 – Stars of Louisville Southdown Sale (South Wing) 4:00 p.m. – Informal Board of Directors’ meeting. Please note this is open to all ASBA members. (site not yet assigned) Sunday, November 17th 8:00 a.m. – Junior Breeding Sheep Show. Please note that Southdowns are the first breed of the day. (South Wing) 6:30 p.m. – 131st Annual meeting and banquet of the American Southdown Breeders’ Association (South Wing) Monday, November 18th 8:00 a.m. – National Southdown Show (South Wing)

Friday, November 22nd 11:00 a.m. – Supreme Champion Selection (South Wing)

The Southdown booth will be “front and center” over the big junior weekend. Please stop by and say “Hello”. We will have promotional materials for you to take home and would love to visit with you! southdownsheep.org 7


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Meet an ASBA Director Is there a family tradition or activity you partake in every year at the show? Some of our friends and family for the last few years have made it a tradition to go eat at the Paula Dean's restaurant every year, and if you know our crew we tend to make it an exciting event!

When did you start showing at NAILE and what do you always bring with you? My brother and I started showing Suffolks in 1976. And the most important thing to bring with me is my wife, of course, but besides her I always bring a notebook so I can line-up shearing.


What is your favorite NAILE memory? I really enjoyed the 125th anniversary celebration of the American Southdown Breed Association in 2007 because it combined a lot of good friends with a great deal of history.

Spirit of the Breed Award

Every year there are individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of the Southdown breed. • Do they show exemplary service to the breed? • Candidates must be twenty-two years and older. • A candidate may only win the Southdown Spirit of the Breed Award once. Southdown Spirit of the Breed winner will be announced at the annual ASBA Banquet in November. Winners will receive a plaque the following year at the announcement of the new winner, upon return of undamaged trophy. Nominate for the Spirit of the Breed Award by answering the application below on a separate page. 1. Name, phone number & address of person(s) submitting application. 2. Name, Phone Number & Address of Individual, Husband & Wife, Family, Farm/Ranch Nominated. 3. Besides the ASBA, what other organizations, groups, schools, etc. is the nominee involved in? 4. Has the applicant been involved with the ASBA a long time? 5. Does the nominee raise livestock other than Southdown sheep? 6. Is the applicant a good role model and one you think emulates the Southdown breed ideals? 7. Write a one-page essay on why this nominee is an exceptional candidate for this award. For further information see § 324.00 of Policy and Procedures on web under Association Information. Send this application (you may photocopy this form) and typed essay no later than November 1, to:

American Southdown Breeders’ Association Southdown Spirit of the Breed Award 100 Cornerstone Road Fredonia, TX 76842 Office: 325-429-6226 www.southdownsheep.org Fax: 325-429-6225

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2013 ASBA Meeting Notes April Conference Call

A conference call meeting of the Board of Directors of the American Southdown Breeders’ Association was held Tuesday, April 30th at 7:00 p.m. CST. Those directors on the conference call were Barbara Bishop, L. C. Scramlin, Patty Abell, Jim Davis, Scott Flanagan, Brian Forsee, Monty Jones, Gary Kwisnek, JJ Maddox, Mike McElvain, Jeff Oldenburg, Lee Pettey, Amy Powell, Jeff Repasky, and Kyle Thayer. President Barbara Bishop called the meeting to order and asked for approval of the minutes of the last informal meeting held in Louisville. They are emailed to the directors and printed in the 2013 issue of the Journal/Directory. It was moved by Lee Pettey to approve the minutes as submitted and seconded by Brian Forsee. The motion passed. L.C. Scramlin, chairman of the budget committee and the Executive Secretary gave a brief report on the 2nd quarter income and expenses for the Association. The income and expenses are similar to the past year, however, there are losses in the cost of the annual banquet and the printing of the Journal/Directory. With no questions, a motion to approve the report was given by Gary Kwisnek, with a second by Patty Abell. Motion passed. Dr. Scott Flanagan, of the research committee, stated that finally a commercial test for Ectodermal Dysplasia would be available very soon. It was also noted that breeders would be able to test sheep from the past five year with DNA on file at the commercial labs. Dr. Flanagan noted that we should decide on what the exact abbreviation for Ectodermal Dysplasia should be for all future use. It was moved by Mike McElvain to use the abbreviations of EDC and EDF for future designations. This motion was seconded by Gary Kwisnek. Motion passed. Monty Jones, of the High IQ committee, stated he would be reaching out to Clemson University for news of the High IQ flock at that University. Jim Davis, of the nomination committee, would have a report to the Directors at the next meeting, which will be held in July. Jeff Repasky, of the Ewes for Youth committee, stated he would be contacting breeders at the upcoming National Sale in Ohio for possible donations of ewes for this program. Patty Abell, of the futurity committee, noted that the premiums for the futurity this year would be increased with the large number of ewe lambs being nominated from the online sales. It was also noted that an updated version of the futurity rules had been published in the latest issue of the Journal/Directory. L.C. Scramlin, of the National Sale committee, reported that an excellent set of sheep had been consigned to this year’s National Sale by a stellar set of consignors. Brad Payne of Missouri will be the judge of the show for sale order. 20 THE SOUTHDOWN LOUISVILLE PREVIEW

2013 ASBA Meeting Notes Continued The Ohio Southdown Association would be serving coffee and donuts both mornings of the show and sale. The Association would be providing light refreshments after the show on Friday. Jeff Repasky, of the breed standards committee, said the Association would be presenting a plaque to the ewe and ram with best breed type at the National Sale. This selection would be evaluated during the show and presented immediately before the sale. Brian Forsee, of the National Show, stated that even with the changes in management at the North American, the sheep show would continue as we all know it. There is a strong possibility of a fourth show ring for the breeding sheep show on Sunday to help with the completion of shows at an earlier hour. Mike McElvain, of the communication committee, said that the Journal/Directory had been mailed out to the membership in early April. He noted a need for help with editorial content and solicitation of ads in future issues. He also stated the publication would be losing around $1,200 this year. He also reported that the website once again, had on line registry with payment through PayPal. A year round communication calendar is currently being developed that will identify responsibilities, dates, and content of messages that need to go to the membership. Amy Powell, of the youth committees, noted there would be a raffle held with the National sale in Ohio. Tickets are to be $1.00 each, and some very nice sheep equipment will be drawn for between the ram and ewe sales. All money will go toward the ASBA scholarship fund. The tickets will be sold by the Southdown Ambassadors. President Bishop spoke for Sami Meyers of the annual meeting and banquet committee. She is currently looking at different locations for the annual meeting and banquet in hope of reducing the price of the meal. With no further committee reports, the President asked for any new business. Mike McElvain moved that the agenda for the midyear and informal director’s meeting must be sent to all directors by email no less than two weeks prior to the meeting date. This motion was seconded by Patty Abell. After discussion this motion was voted on and passed. Mike McElvain moved that all committee reports are to be submitted in writing and distributed to all directors by email seven (7) days prior to the meeting date. This would also include the budget. This motion was seconded by L.C. Scramlin. Motion passed. Mike McElvain moved that no binding vote may be taken on any item not on the meeting agenda, unless it is added to the agenda by a majority vote of the directors present at the meeting, and be at the appropriate time on the agenda. Monty Jones seconded this motion. After discussion, this motion was voted on and carried. Mike McElvain then discussed the adoption of the resolution of failure to transfer southdownsheep.org 21

2013 ASBA Meeting Notes Continued registry papers. This would exclude the cover letter to be sent by the breed secretary. After discussion on this issue, it was chosen to withdraw or table the discussion at this time. President Bishop stated she would like to schedule another meeting to be held in July. The date discussed for the next meeting would be July 15th again at 7:00 p.m. CST. There was then considerable discussion on a warranty proposal concerning genetic issues. It was agreed upon that this issue should be referred to the Executive Committee, the Research and Development Committee, and the National Sale Committee for further discussion. L.C. Scramlin brought up a futurity rule he had been contacted concerning, “an exhibitor could turn in futurity points from either the junior or open show, but not both”. Patty Abell said this rule had been discussed in the past, and should be brought up in the informal meeting in Louisville. It was also noted that in the next meeting we should discuss a location of the National Sale in 2014. President Bishop again thanked each director for their participation in the conference call meeting. With no further business to conduct, Scott Flanagan moved the meeting adjourn. With a second from Brian Forsee, the meeting was concluded at 8:35 p.m.

July Conference Call

A conference call meeting of the American Southdown Breeders’ Association was held on Monday, July 15, 2013, at 7:00 p.m., CST. Those directors who participated in the conference call were Jeff Oldenburg, J.J. Maddox, Brian Forsee, Scott Flanagan, L.C. Scramlin, Mike McElvain, Jim Davis, Patty Abell, Barbara Bishop, Amy Powell, Lee Pettey, Gary Kwisnek, and Monty Jones. President Barbara Bishop called the meeting to order at sharply 7:00 p.m. She asked if the directors had read the minutes of the previous meeting and for a motion to approve the minutes. It was moved by Brian Forsee to accept the minutes as submitted with the correction of the date from May to April in the opening paragraph; seconded by Patty Abell; motion carried. The Executive Secretary then gave a brief financial report on the Association’s third quarter results. It was noted that an excellent year for the Association is in progress. Registrations and transfers are very good, and futurity nominations will set a record high this year. We are fiscally sound and should end the year very well. It was moved by Lee Pettey to accept the report as presented. With a second by Scott Flanagan, the motion carried. The President then called for committee reports. Amy Powell of the Youth Leadership Committee reported on the overwhelming success of the 2013 National Junior Show held with the All-American Show in East Lansing, Michigan. Over 370 head were shown at the event. Our youth did very well in all events of the show, dominating the showmanship competition and winning many other leadership events. Root Beer floats were a special treat for the youth on Sunday. southdownsheep.org 23

2013 ASBA Meeting Notes Continued A big thank you was noted to Claudette Choma for her work in donating and making all of the 14 banners given at the show. Monty Jones of the High IQ Flock Committee reported on the two flocks at universities. The flock at Colorado State has been sold due to budgetary restraints. However, the flock at Clemson University is still very active with over 100 head. The sheep are being used in a number of different experiments. Mike McElvain of the Communication Committee noted there are a number of new people on this committee. With different responsibilities for each person, there will be more information available for the membership. Jim Davis of the Nomination Committee put forth the names of Aaron Jennings and Bart Cardwell for possible judges of the 2014 All-American Junior Show. It was moved by Lee Pettey to nominate Aaron Jennings as the first choice for judge of the 2014 All-American. With a second from Patty Abell, the motion passed. Jim will contact with Bart Cardwell to see if he would be interested in judging the show if necessary. Mike McElvain of the Policy and Procedure Committee commented that the policy and procedure document recently sent to each of the directors contained 22 years of history for this breed. He had highlighted possible changes in the policy in red print and placed a line through those items that needed to be deleted. He will prepare a final revised document to review in Louisville. President Bishop reported that the Executive Committee will be acquiring bids from the Hilton Garden Inn and the North American International Livestock Exposition to determine the best location for the banquet and annual meeting in November. L.C. Scramlin of the National Sale Committee reported on the success of this year’s National Sale. The Ohio Southdown Association did a great job in managing the sale. There were coffee and doughnuts available each morning, and the raffle to raise money for the scholarship program went very well. The Association greatly appreciates all those who worked to make the sale a success. However, many still wish the sale could be online in order for all potential buyers to participate. It was also noted that Jeff Repasky and his Breed Standard Committee selected the best breed type ram and ewe with emphasis on the head at the National Sale. The award for the ram went to the Scramlin Family of Michigan. The ewe award went to Splendorview Farm of Massachusetts. Patty Abell of the futurity committee reported that 77 lambs had been nominated at Sedalia, which was up from the number nominated last year. The President then asked for any old business. Mike McElvain moved to remove the tabled motion from the April 30th conference call meeting and bring it back to the floor for consideration. With a second from Jim Davis, the motion to reconsider passed. The motion was to implement a policy for the failure to transfer papers. The motion is stated as such: 24 THE SOUTHDOWN LOUISVILLE PREVIEW

2013 ASBA Meeting Notes Continued Upon the Association becoming aware that a buyer claims to have purchased an animal registered with our Association and upon that buyer’s claim that they are unable to obtain from the seller the appropriate transfer registration certificate, the Association’s Executive Secretary is authorized to issue duplicate certificates in the name of the buyer after following the procedure: a. Upon the buyer stating in an affidavit submitted to the Executive Secretary of the Association that an animal appropriately identified by flock name and number has been purchased from the seller, that the buyer has attempted to obtain the transfer of the registration certificate, that the buyer considers it critical that the registration certificate be issued promptly and that the seller of the animal has failed to cause the registration transfer to occur. b. The Executive Secretary shall cause the affidavit to be communicated to the seller by US Mail to the last address the seller conducted business with the Association. The Executive Secretary shall cover the affidavit with a letter stating that in 10 days duplicate registrations will be issued unless an objection is raised by the seller. That letter shall also advise the seller that they remain under an obligation to pay late transfer fee plus the fee for the duplicate registration. c. Within the 10 days, the seller shall advise the Association of a dispute with the buyer and the Association involvement shall terminate and it is an issue between the buyer and the seller. d. If no objection is issued by the seller, the Executive Secretary will advise the buyer that upon the payment of the fee for a duplicate certificate, appropriate papers will be duplicated and issued in the buyer’s name. The buyer will further receive a refund of this duplicate fee upon the payment of the late registration and duplicate fee by the seller. e. The seller will be prevented from further registering any animal with the Association until such time as the transfer work have been fully completed and fees for late registration and duplicate registration. The motion was the then voted on and passed. The President then called for any new business. The first item was to adopt the updated Association Sponsored Sale Warranty. This updated sale warranty had been forwarded to each director prior to the meeting. After much discussion by various board members, Brian Forsee moved to table the sale warranty until the informal meeting in Louisville. With a second by Lee Pettey, the motion to table was voted on and passed. The next item of discussion was the site of the 2014 National Sale. Again, after much discussion, L.C. Scramlin moved to table the final decision until the informal meeting at Louisville; seconded by Gary Kwisnek; motion passed. The final item of discussion was the audit of the Association books. After a short discussion, Gary Kwisnek moved to do a church audit between now and Louisville. This motion was seconded by Lee Pettey. The motion carried. With no further business to conduct, Patty Abell moved that the meeting adjourn. Seconded by J.J. Maddox, the motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m., CST. 26 THE SOUTHDOWN LOUISVILLE PREVIEW

2013 Election for National Southdown Board of Directors The following directors up for re-election are: Dr. Scott Flanagan - Region 2, District 1 (Texas) Brian Forsee - Region 3, At Large (Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida) Directors are resigning or are not seeking re-election from the following areas: Region 1 District 2 – California Region 1 District 3 – Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico Region 3 District 3 - Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida Region 4 District 3 – Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina The elections will take place during the Annual Meeting at Louisville on November 17th. Members from any of the six regions/ districts listed above who are interested in running for a seat on the board should contact Jim Davis at jbdavis@maxwire.net or Gary Jennings at southdown@ctesc.net.

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