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Scramble is what happens in MMA, jiu jitsu, and grappling, when two fighters are halfway between positions. It’s the moment when everything is at stake, and it’s a chance for either fighter to come out on top. It’s about whoever has the strongest will. Scramble is here to rescue you from flying skulls, winged skulls, flying winged skulls with top hats on, minotaurs, bulging muscle man, dragons with flying skulls and top hats on them, flying minotaurs with winged skulls and flames, and all the other crap that infests the visual side of the MMA world. Our aim is to offer something fresh, original and alternative, with designs born from a fusion of Japanese themes and a Western upbringing. We are here to innovate. We hope you’ll join us for the ride...

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Tanren t-shirt available in red & white sizes S, M, L, XL The kanji on the front reads “Tan Ren”, and was created just for Scramble by a calligraphy artist in Kyushu, south Japan. It’s a word that can be applied to your training - it means “forging”, and invokes the same feeling as when a blacksmith forges a sword - intense heat and endless reworkings with the hammer. Improving and refining the material - just like your jiu jitsu or MMA game.

Essentials t-shirt available in blue & green sizes S, M, L, XL Featuring our logotype emblazoned across the front with the message Essentials of Jiu Jitsu, this t-shirt was initally inspired by the famous Japanese pro-wrestling / MMA crossover legend Kazushi Sakuraba’s WATER t-shirt, but grew all on its own from there.

Bone Crusher t-shirt available in red sizes S, M, L, XL Darren Uyenoyama is a UFC fighter. This is his t-shirt. His pseudonym, Bone Crusher, is brought to life by the talented stylings of artist Bong Abad, and gleefully stomps from the front to the back. We broke our “no skulls” policy just for this one - but the skull is, like, totally crushed, so it’s OK.

Raspberry Ape t-shirt available in red sizes S, M, L, XL There is only one way to protect your neck from this savage beast, and that’s to buy this t-shirt! He is calmed by the ultra high quality discharge printed black silk screens, endeared to the bright red 100% cotton heavyweight shirt, and the combination Meerkatsu art and Scramble design will form a protective barrier...

OSU zip-up hoody available in navy blue & grey sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL The Scramble OSU hoody boasts an embroidered Scramble swoosh logo on the hood, along with an ‘OSU’ detail consisting of gi material stitched into the fabric. The zip lets you show off your badass Scramble tees as well as the hoody, and also lets you put on the hoody without messing up your hair.

The Wave jiu jitsu kimono sizes A1, A2, A3, A4 The Scramble Wave Kimono is the follow up to our sold-out Ichiban jiu jitsu uniform. The inside is lined with fully sublimate printed rashguard material with a repeating pattern made up of the famous Ukiyo-e painting, Great Wave off Kanagawa, by Hokusai. The jacket is made from 550gsm pearl weave cotton and the pants are standard 8.5 ounce cotton. The outside remains relatively uncluttered leaving space for academy and sponsor patches.

Crossed Swords shorts sizes S, M, L, XL

Be Water rashguard sizes S, M, L, XL

The Scramble ‘Crossed Swords’ Shorts, perfect for no-gi grappling, MMA, surfing, or fashion shows in ninja-based establishments.

A medium weight white rashy of 85% polyester and 15% elastin (also known as spandex) with red underarm panels and stylish contrast black stitching. The print on the front is inspired by the great man himself, Bruce Lee, and features an extract from the famous Hokusai print.

Kamon shorts sizes S, M, L, XL Featuring the brush strokes of our talented Japanese calligraphy artist (the graphic says “jiu jitsu” on the thigh), and a repeating kamon design, these badass shorts are made of a heavier material than our other models that makes them both more durable AND more comfortable.

Bushido Athletics rashguard sizes S, M, L, XL Boasts internal stitching for a more comfortable fit, and even greater durability. We’ve added elasticated cuffs to prevent the sleeves rolling up, and even an elasticated waistband at the bottom of the rashguard to stop it riding up during your roll.

Bushido Athletics shorts sizes S, M, L, XL Feature contrast yellow stitching, a yellow flex panel in the crotch for all your high-kicking / rubber guarding needs, a velcro strap with drawstring inner, a pocket for storing your gum shield or your opponent’s balls, and all kinds of other awesome crap that you need when grappling or doing MMA.

Rainbow spats sizes S, M, L, XL

Grappling spats v2.0 sizes S, M, L, XL

Not just an ego aid for the flamboyant, the Scramble Rainbow Spats boast double thick material for comfort and durability, and offers some compression support to those pins of yours. They also rock a new style waistband with double stitching for strength.

We’ve brought back our classic black grappling tights, with new and improved Scramble logos (on shin and butt), and a seal of officialness on the thigh. Scramble Spats - we didn’t invent the idea of grappling tights, but we like to think we were the first to pioneer the Men in Tights grappling renaissance of the last couple of years.

Shadows rashguard sizes S, M, L, XL It showcases a Gawakoto artwork on the front, and the seven virtues of Bushido the back design: Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honour and Loyalty. As with all our rashguards you can expect a comfortable bit of performance kit. It won’t make you better at fighting but it will make you look a whole lot cooler.

Wholesale & Shipping Information Scramble products can be shipped to any location around the world. We use the most competitive freight comparison sites to ensure that shipping charges are as low as possible. We are happy to work with any specific couriers at your request. Credit terms are available upon application. Trade prices are available in both USD and GBP. For a copy of our trade prices and order form, or if you have any questions about our products, please contact us at

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Credits Photography by Aleksandra Dimitrova Design by izuni Models: Joel Brady, Aidan McLaughlin, Mike Kampo Camp, Sebastien Sapno, Andy Eales, Stacey Arnold, Luke Arnold.


Scramble Lookbook  
Scramble Lookbook  

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