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“See things from the boy’s point of view” - Robert Baden Powell Scouting Around the World

WOSM Announces Next Secretary General Mr Alhendawi began his involvement in Scouting at the age of 13 when he joined the movement in Jordan. He has maintained an interest and involvement in youth support, the Scouting movement, and non-formal education throughout his career.

Upcoming Activities

12th World Scout Youth Forum in 2014. Scouts who have met Mr Alhendawi at various events have consistently appreciated his open manner, and his active and friendly engagement with Scouts. “I believe that Scouting continues to hold a solution for youth development in the 21st century. I look forward to working with the WOSM team to expand the Movement and deepen its social impact, while continuing to create a better future for youth,” said Mr Alhendawi, upon accepting the role of WOSM Secreatry General.

Nov 19-26 — Sea Scout Exhibition @Scout HQ Nov 26 — Day of Fishing — Cedros District Dec 3 — NLC Training @Scout HQ Dec 3 — Leaders’ Luncheon (Port of Spain) Dec 10-12 — Air Scout Exhibition (Tobago) Dec 10 — Zonal Leaders’ Forum (Tobago) Dec 16 — Cub Scout Promise Party @Scout HQ Dec 16 — Opening of Crèche and Christmas Campfire by POS District Council @Scout HQ

Dec 25 — Christmas Day

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It is our absolute pleasure to announce the appointment of our Mr Ahmad Alhendawi as the next Secretary General of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Mr Ahmad Alhendawi will start in March of 2017 after completing his term as the first-ever United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth. As the Secretary General of WOSM, Mr Alhendawi will be entrusted with the mandate of promoting and safeguarding the interests of the Scout Movement. As its Chief Executive Officer, he will also direct its Secretariat, the World Scout Bureau.

ScoutsTT Takes Over the Ortoire River By: Josiah Clarke

His previous experience includes work as the Youth Policy Advisor in the League of Arab States, and Team Leader for a League of Arab States programme on institutional development to strengthen Arab youth policy and participation. Among other roles, he has also served as a Team Leader for the National Youth Policy Project in Iraq, a Youth Programme Associate at the Iraq office of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), Emergency Programme Officer at the non-governmental organization Save the Children.

We are confident that his extensive experience and knowledge will strengthen Scouting’s profile and lead us towards our Vision for 2023.

@Scout Headquarters 10:00am - 6:00pm 2016 marks 100 years since the birth of World Cub Scouting, which took place in the United Kingdom. To celebrate this milestone, ScoutsTT is hosting a Promise Party on December 16, 2016 at the Scout Headquarters in St. Ann’s. The Cub Scout Promise Party is a celebration that will include a host of activities for the cub scouts including archery, climbing wall, a screening of the movie The Jungle Book, and other fun and exciting games. One major highlight of the day will be the renewal of the Cub Scout Promise, which will be done along with cub scouts all over the world at 2:16pm; the same time that the first ever Promise was made to commemorate the official registration of the Cub Scout section.

His recent engagement with Scouting includes making the closing speech at the World Jamboree in Japan 2015, as well as the keynote speech at the


A huge contingent of scouts representing 3rd Trinidad Sea Scouts, 1st Naparima Sea Scouts & 6th Trinidad Sea Scouts actively participated in the Trinidad & Tobago Canoe/Kayak Federation 7th Annual Maritime Ortoire River Race held on October 30th 2016. ScoutsTT was well represented in all categories of the short course event (7km) with the scouts taking home most of the sliver ware in a race that had a total of 123 participants on 75 kayaks with only 6 of the participants in the long course event race of 14km.


Food & Drinks Included

CAMPING OPTION AVAILABLE (FRI-SAT) Contact Prematie at 786-2512

FOR TICKETS/MORE INFO: CALL 624-7271 Scout participants at the Annual Maritime Ortoire River Race


New Research Finds Scouts Have Better Mental Health

Scouting Around the World

IARSC 2016

Originally published on on Nov 9, 2016

The Interamerican Scout Conference (IARSC) took place in the headquarters of the Sam Houston Council, Cockrell Center, Houston from Wednesday, October 26th to . More than 300 participants from 26 NSOs of the Interamerican Region were in attendance to discuss issues facing NSOs in the region as well as directives from WOSM. National Scout Commissioner, Mr. Roger N.C. Berkeley, represented ScoutsTT. A major point of the conference was the amendment of the Regional Constitution.

PHOTOS of the Month

The Scout Association (UK) is pleased to announce that a new study has found a strong link between participating in Scouting and Guiding as a young person, and having significantly better mental health.

Conference participants at the NASA Space Center—Houston

The entire list of resolutions






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Photos by Media Team Member: Tishawn Stoute

Scouts marching through the streets of Fyzabad at the 2016 Memorial Day celebration

Soldiers stand around the cenotaph with flowers and crosses as a sign of respect to those who died in World Wars I and II

Zonal Commissioner for the South-West Zone, Gabriel Kokoram paying his respects

The data, from almost 10,000 individuals, came from a lifelong UK-wide study of people born in November 1958, known as the National Child Development Study. 28% had been members of Scouting or Guiding as young people. The major finding of the study was that, at the age of 50, this group were around 15% less likely to suffer from mood disorders (including depression and anxiety) than adults who had not been members of Scouting or Guiding. Despite it having been many decades since the participants had been Members, there was a clear and strong protective effect on mental health. This was present even

when the researchers accounted for childhood risk factors, including mental illness being generally more prevalent in families from low socio-economic backgrounds. ‘It is quite startling that this benefit is found in people so many years after they have attended Scouts or Guides,’ said lead researcher Professor Chris Dibben, from the University of Edinburgh. ‘We expect the same principles would apply to the Scouts and Guides of today, and so, given the high costs of mental ill health to individuals and society, a focus on voluntary youth programmes such as Scouting or Guiding might be very sensible,’ he continued. The authors of the study suggest that the findings represent the benefits of learning ‘soft’ skills through Scouting, including teamwork and self-reliance, coupled with frequently being outdoors in natural

environments. Scouting teaches young people skills for life, and now there is evidence that these skills can have a lifelong positive impact on one of the most important indicators of our health and wellbeing. Upon hearing the good news, Bear Grylls, Chief Scout, said: ‘I am really proud that Scouting provides young people with an opportunity to develop the skills they need to be resilient and deal with what life throws at them. Through initiatives such as our A Million Hands Campaign, the Scout Association is helping give young people the ability to develop mental wellbeing throughout their lives.’ The study was conducted by researchers at the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and has been published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.


COMMUNICATIONS & EXTERNAL RELATIONS  Establish a communications and external relations plan in support of Strategy for Scouting/Vision 2023  Collaborate with key partners (such as UNESCO and UNICEF) to strengthen Scouting’s position as the leading youth movement, using a clear advocacy approach  Develop and coordinate training to build the capacity of individuals representing World Scouting in advocacy roles

 Support NSOs in telling their Scouting stories and impact on society via various communication channels including  Review and develop communication channels to ensure efficient and timely communication with NSOs, Regions, donors and other stakeholders  Improve support and terms regarding WOSM branding used by NSOs

REGIONS Will support NSOs in communicating their Scouting stories, work together with other WOSM bodies to further improve communication within and about the Movement, and develop effective partnerships with external stakeholders NSOs Will continue to share your Scouting stories in different channels and take part of information from World and Regional Level. You will be encouraged to engage in constructive external partnerships in your local communities, and be invited to nominate representatives for advocacy and external relations activities and events.

Scouting Around - Issue 12 - Nov 2016  
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