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20 Scouts and Leaders visited USA, linking with Troop 2, Milford MA 3rd Inverness (Crown) Scout Group October 2008






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Inverness District Scout Council The Executive Committee of Inverness District Scout Council has pleasure in presenting its report and accounts for the year ending March 31st 2009. Objectives: The Scout Association is a UK-wide charitable body, incorporated by Royal Charter. Its aim is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. This is achieved by providing an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive training, based on the Scout Promise and Law and guided by adult leadership.

Legal and Administrative Information Inverness District Scout Council is an umbrella body to support Scout Groups in Inverness District. Its affairs are managed by the District Executive Committee, which operates in accordance with the Council’s Constitution and the Association. The Executive Committee is accountable to the members of the District Scout Council at their Annual General Meeting. The Committee consists of office-bearers, elected members and nominated members, with power to co-opt. The members named below served throughout the year, except where otherwise shown. Honorary Members John A Gordon President Roy Sinclair Vice President Trustees Ex-Officio Members Derek Gardiner Stephen Ranscombe Julie Cribb Christine Horne Graham Eden Vacant

District Chairman District Commissioner (from 1st February 2009) District Secretary District Treasurer District Explorer Scout Commissioner District Scout Network Leader

Elected Members Stephen Maddison, Mark Grant, Andrew MacLean, Heather Preece, Alan Anfield and Martin Smith. Nominated Members Iain Macdonald, Wym Simpson, Frank McCubbin, John A. Gordon, Dawn Allmond and Geoff Thomson. The District may be contacted at the District Chairman’s Residence. 77 Stratherrick Road, Inverness, IV2 4LL Independent Examiner: Alec Graham MA CA, Culag, 9 Rangemore Road, Inverness, IV3 5EA Bankers: Royal Bank of Scotland, Harbour Road, Inverness, IV1 1NU


Queen Scout Award Neil Craig

Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit

Chief Scout Award—Platinum Struan Charters Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Andrew Grace Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Matthew Green Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Matthew Heron Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Charlotte Kennedy Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Callum McClellan Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Sam Newmark Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit



Duke of Edinburgh Award—Gold Neil Craig Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit

Duke of Edinburgh Award—Bronze Stacey Campbell Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Struan Charters Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Andrew Grace Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Matthew Green Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Matthew Herron Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Charlotte Kennedy Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Sam Newmark Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit Calum Munro Kathleen Murray Pat Oliver Keith Pratt Andy Thursby

District Scout Leader Asst. Cub Scout Leader Beaver Scout Leader Nights Away Advisor Group Contact

Inverness District 9th Inverness (Culloden) Scout Group

Peter White

Explorer Scout Leader Croy Explorer Scout Unit

Sandra Fraser Mark Grant

Cub Scout Leader Group Scout Leader

18th Inverness (Muirtown) Scout Group

Sandra Hogg

Group Scout Leader

7th Inverness (Kirkhill) Scout Group

John Horne Ewan Purser

Asst. Beaver Scout Leader

2nd Inverness (Kingsmills) Scout Group

36th Inverness (Holm Mills) Scout Group

Inverness District Aird Scout Group

19th Inverness (Inshes) Scout Group

Assistant Scout Leader 18th Inverness (Muirtown) Scout Group



District Chairman Unfortunately our District Commissioner, Derek Chambers, resigned in June 2008 due to his leaving Inverness for work reasons. There was no District Commissioner in post until 1st February 2009 when Stephen Ranscombe took up the reins. The District Headquarters was maintained and widely used for Scouting and community purposes. District Newsletters were issued on a monthly basis. Scout Post which operates every Christmas to deliver Christmas Cards was again successful, with over 25,000 cards being delivered. The Appointments Committee continue to interview prospective Leaders and also reviewed existing Adult Appointments on a five yearly basis. A major District Camp, (Midsummer Madness) was held in June at Belladrum with over 500 attending. This was very successful. A District Scout camp was held at Brodie in September. Along side the fun and training elements, the Lochiel Targe competition was held. Crown Scouts enjoyed a successful trip to the USA.

Over 500 taking part in the Campfire at Belladrum Midsummer Madness 2008 Were YOU mad enough?

The Founders Day service was held in Crown Church and was conducted by our Chaplain, Rev. Peter Donald. Volunteers: Scouting in Inverness depends on the efforts of volunteers. The Executive Committee pays tribute to the many men and women who have given freely of their time and effort in order to provide good Scouting for our young people in the District. This report was approved by the Executive Committee on the 28th May 2009 and signed on its behalf by

Derek Gardiner District Chairman


May I begin by stating that it is an honour to have been approached to become the District Commissioner for Inverness Scout District and I hope that I will discharge my new role and duties to the satisfaction of the members in the District, both younger and older. In taking up the role of District Commissioner towards the end of the 2008/09 Scouting year, it is difficult to make too many comments on the state of affairs on the ground. I hope to get round to visit as many Groups as is possible over the first year and meet as many members as I can. I have already attended a number of meetings and received invitations from a few section leaders to visit and take part in their section meetings. I have attended one and look forward to the next few weeks of the other visits. I will welcome any and all invitations to visit your section meeting. Census numbers look to be steady and increasing in some areas. I would like to thank all of the District teams, who work well together to support the section leaders, for their tireless efforts to keep Scouting alive and well in Inverness District. A big “thank you” is due to all of you leaders, helpers, parents and Young Leaders who run the Groups and section meetings. Without all of you Scouting would not function as well as it does. Although I have yet to get mobile and see at first hand the good work, I have heard many stories and reports of what is being achieved. To all the younger members, I would pass on my Bear Grylls encouragement and good wishes for you to keep New Chief Scout enjoying the new experiences that is Scouting. Life (July 2009) is all about learning, experiencing and above all enjoying. The challenges don’t ever go away, they just change as you get older; but hold fast to your Scouting Promise, “Do Your Best”, and you won’t go far wrong. As I write this note, our Scouting Movement has just announced who the new Chief Scout is to be from July 2009 as Bear Grylls, the 34 year old explorer, who has been a Scout since he was 8 years old. Exciting times lie ahead with Bear as our Chief and camp food may get more adventurous! Let us all support him as our Chief; I have sent a note to UK HQ addressed to him to congratulate him on his appointment from all of us in Inverness Scout District. This year sees the retirement from active Scouting of our District Chairman, Derek Gardiner. Derek has been very active in Scouting for over 50 years and has contributed a great deal to Inverness Scouting, including being a main protagonist of the Gang Show, a biennial event that has helped keep Scouting alive and well in our District, whilst bringing enjoyment and fun for all involved both on stage and in the theatre seats. I would like to wish Derek well in his retirement although, I know, Derek will always be a Scout. Good Scouting for 2009/10!

Stephen C Ranscombe District Commissioner



District Commissioner


Beaver Scouts 2008 has been a very mixed year, what with no immediate replacements for any of the Commissioners’ posts and although I retired as a Beaver Commissioner at the last AGM, I carried on as Beaver caretaker until, with great pleasure, we welcomed Jackie Maclean on board as ADC Beaver Scouts. Jackie, I’m sure you all know, is Beaver Leader at Culloden. However, I was asked, and I was delighted to do so, to shadow Jackie for a while until she found her way around her new job. For the latter part of 2008 we worked together, having another joint Beaver/Cub Leader Games workshop (with the Leaders taking part in the games). This was again a very successful and enjoyable afternoon.

Campfire singing for all ages. Midsummer Madness 08

The Founder’s Day Service was very well attended and lovely to see so many Beavers coming along to this service now. It was a ‘dream’ of a service, the theme being “I had a Dream”. At the end of February Jackie took over the reins completely and the shadow disappeared. I wish Jackie every success as ADC Beaver Scouts and I hope she will enjoy it as much as I did. I’ll now hand over to Jackie for the rest of the report.

Pat Oliver Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers) (to March 2009)

I would like to thank Pat for the help and support in the run up to me taking over as A.D.C. She has been a wonderful wealth of information and ideas for me and all Beaver leaders over the years.

Badge Making at MM08 19th Inverness (Inshes) Beavers

Since taking over I have visited several Beaver Colonies where clearly the young people and adults are doing what Beaver Scouts love doing, having fun and making a mess.

Many thanks to everyone involved in making it fun and special for the youngest group in scouting.

Jackie MacLean Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers) (from March 2009)


Firstly, on behalf of the Cub Scout section may I extend a very warm welcome to Stephen Ranscombe, our new District Commissioner. I can confirm he will be an asset for the District, and is very approachable (especially if you have a Sticky Toffee Pudding in your hand.) District events this year (2008/2009) have been fairly quiet. They kicked off with the MM08 District camp. Over 150 Cubs had a great time out at Belladrum Estate, enjoying many and varied activities. The favourites were the Coconut Shy, Archery and Grass Sledging - oh how my bones wished they were 20 years younger!! Cub and Beaver Leaders and helpers got together in February for a games day. This was a follow up from the craft and games day held last year. Again all involved had a very enjoyable though tiring day. Looks like these Leaders days will become an annual event. The Founders Day Service in February was very well attended by the Cub Scout section. The Cubs who did the Readings were absolutely marvelous, and did themselves and their packs proud.

Cub packs in the district are flourishing at the moment, although there are still the usual Leader shortage problems. Most of the Packs have got round this by using parent rotas, which work quite well for some groups. After the summer break, between September and March, we hope to organize a District Cub craft day, Carol Concert & quiz for the Cubs and also a craft day for Leaders. Finally, on behalf of all Cub Scouts, a big THANK YOU to all Leaders and helpers for your time and hard work in putting together another fun, enjoyable and informative year.

Kathleen Murray Assistant District Commissioner (Cub Scouts) Acting


1/2 )

Cub Pack Holidays and camps have become very popular over the last couple of years, with more than ever taking their young members away for the weekend. I think this is thanks to the organisers of the Centenary and MM08 camps, allowing Leaders to see just how enjoyable camping can be.

CUB SCOUTS (8 - 10

Cub Scouts


Scouts The year to the end of March 2009 has been fairly similar to the previous one as far as the Scout section has been concerned. There are ten Troops in the District, five in the city, and the rest operating in Nairn, Grantown, Aviemore, Croy and Aird. It is good that the Nairn Troop is now fully functional after being restarted in early 2007. Several are operating very satisfactorily, but a couple are struggling. Muirtown continues to provide its water activity programme very effectively.


- 14)

The District Scout section organized two 2008 Lochiel Targe Winners events. The first was the Scout section camp in 2nd Inverness (Kingsmills) September, held at Brodie, and incorporating the Lochiel Targe camping competition. It was won this year by a patrol from Kingsmills Troop, with the Aviemore patrol surprising themselves by coming a very creditable second. The second event, held in March, was the Patrol Leader training day, at which we were pleased to welcome the new District Commissioner, Stephen Ranscombe. As usual, the event was fully booked, and it hopefully helps individual troops to run the patrol system in a more effective way. However, there are still troops which attend neither of these events, and so their Scouts miss out on mixing with their peers from other troops, and learning new skills. Communications within the section are still a big issue. Although I have issued various circulars and information sheets, there is very little feed-back from troops. My role is not really to run events, but to support leaders, providing advice and training as required. If leaders do not communicate with me, it is very difficult for me to carry out that part of my role. The weakest element in the programme of even some of the more successful troops is the number of camps which individual troops organize. There has been a reasonable attendance at centrally-organized events like the Caledonian Water Rally (in October) and Highland Adventure (in May), both activity weekends for especially older Scouts, but even so very few of the District Troops are taking part. In some of the other troops, the Scouts are not even told of these events, and so do not get the chance to attend. A weakness of the current system is that Troops do not have to notify me of the camps they are running, and so I do not have any proper idea of what is happening. However, it is clear that very few troops held a summer camp, although Kingsmills and Aviemore ran a joint event for the second year in a row. Crown troop, with some Explorers, continued their American link, with a visit to the USA during the October holiday. Kingsmills and Aviemore jointly are setting off to Norway this summer, and Croy have foreign plans for 2010. It is hoped that something can be done to increase the number of camps in the coming year. A big problem is the lack of anywhere that is within easy range, other than Brodie, that can provide fixed toilets, and so reduce the amount of work required by leaders. It would also be great to see a big increase in the number of Chief Scout's Gold Awards achieved in the District. Robert Preece Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)


What an exciting year it has been! Firstly I was delighted to be offered the chance to take up the challenge of District Explorer Scout Commissioner and I have enjoyed most of the challenges so far. I hope to have the opportunity, for a few more years, to help develop this section across the District. One of the highlights of this year is our first ever Over 800 Scouts & Explorers from 16 completion of the Countries, camped together last Summer Queen Scout Award by 31st International Patrol Jamborette, an Explorer Scout in our Blair Atholl District. My congratulations go to Neil Craig on this achievement and he has also completed his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Other highlights include the Blair Atholl Jamborette, in which several Explorers took part, Croy Explorers went abroad to Denmark and Crown Scout Group’s trip to the USA. Looking closer to home, the annual Cally Rally was well attended by local Explorers, as well as Explorer participation in a variety of national camps. Within the District there has been a significant drive to rejuvenate the Young Leader Scheme. As a result we now have over 40 Young Leaders helping at almost every Beaver, Cub and Scout section within the District. This is a tremendous success for us all. In addition to this Jenny Mackenzie has taken up the post of Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader) and will further develop and manage this scheme across the District. My thanks also go to the District Executive for underwriting the costs of this Scheme and I would like to remind ALL leaders that I need to know about ALL people, whether they are Explorers or Duke of Edinburgh participants, who are helping with your section. Training will be provided on the Young Leader Training Scheme in August at the adult training sessions. Development has been another key theme of the work carried out over the last few months and will continue to be in the future. We have put in place structures to ensure that all Explorer Scout Leaders in the District receive the correct communications from Gilwell and SHQ. Support with the resources, to ensure that all Explorer Scouts can take up the challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and develop their own abilities, as they choose, will be provided. Looking ahead, we have plans to further develop the current Explorer Units with a plan to revitalise and renew the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme across the District. This will be a significant piece of work, and will take time to fully implement. Additionally two Explorer Scouts, Neil Craig and Struan Charters, are also aiming to complete their Explorer Belt in Poland this summer. We are also in the early stages of developing an Explorer Scout Unit to be run in the Grantown/Aviemore area of the District. Additionally as many know we are also exploring the needs for further Explorer Units in the District, with the plan to bring more Explorer Scouting to more young people. I would like to finish by extending my thanks to all of the Explorer Scout Leaders and a variety of others, both within and out with the District, who have been a great support to me in my first year. Graham W J Eden District Explorer Scout Commissioner 11


Explorer Scouts

SOCUT NETWORK (18 - 25 )

Scout Network The main focus of the Network over the last year has been through camps. There are two types of camp that you will find Networkers at, Network camps where they are the participants and camps for the younger sections where they act as camp staff. On the participation side of things we have been represented at the HUB Camp – an annual national camp run by SHQ Fellowship. This years event was based at Nethy Bridge and the Networkers could choose from skiing/ snowboarding, winter climbing skills, clay pigeon shooting, mountain biking and much more. Other camps included NAC (Network Activity Camp) again a Scottish Network event with activities being 1st priority and PubScouts where the you change the P to a C and have fun with cub style activities all weekend. This is a UK event held near Coventry As well as having fun the Network have worked hard at other camps. They assisted in the organising and running of the District camp MM08 last year. In July four members More than supporting younger along with myself were on the staff at Blair Atholl sections. Jamborette. Part of a 10 strong contingent from the Activities in the Snow at HUB 09 Highlands and Islands Region. The Networkers skills were spread between watersports team, reception and the famous Atholl Experience. New friends were made from Scotland and beyond at the International Jamborette. The Caledonian Rally also benefited from the expertise of the Network both before and during the camp setting up marquees and running activities. It also saw the launch of the Networks Casino activity – a fun filled event that doesn’t involve money! Off the camping field the 5th annual Nessie’s Network Challenge Shield was this year won by Phoenix ESU. They fought of competition from 12 teams representing the Scout Network, Muirtown ESU, Eilean Dubh ESU, Senior Section Guides and themselves. The annual quiz aims to promote links the Explorer and Network sections. The voice of the young people from the Highlands and Islands has been heard on the Scottish Scout Network Council where David Morton and Andrew Maclean have represented the Highlands and Islands. Looking to the future, Inverness District has a new District Scout Network Leader (DSNL), Jenny Macrae who I am sure will mould and develop the Network section and bring it to the next level. Watch this space for a couple of Queen Scout’s Award’s next year. Jamie Gordon Assistant Regional Commissioner (Scout Network)


Three major things happened to the Fellowship over the past year. Firstly I was finally persuaded by Wym Simpson to take on his role as Chairperson; a role he had done admirably over the previous 8 years. Secondly we changed our name from Inverness Area to Inverness District Scout Fellowship. Thirdly, in September 2008 we lost a dear member, Joe Ednie, who will be missed by us all. He had celebrated his seventieth birthday taking part as leader of the under-stage choir at the biennial Gang Show in March. He had given up a lot of his spare time over the years to Scouting in many different ways. He was a credit not just to his own family but to the world-wide family of Scouting. B.R.A.V.O. Joe. Over the past year Fellowship members have helped out at, amongst other events, the District Camp at Belladrum in June and the following weekend it was the Highland Cross. These two events were quickly followed by our annual Dick’s Walk, with the walk organized by the Trefoil Guild, and a meal and chat afterwards at the Old North Inn. A small number of us went along to play petanque, on what turned out to be a miserable evening weather-wise in August. Another game involved a lot more of us when we went to Rollerbowl in November, preceded by a meal there. In December Wym Simpson, ably assisted by other Fellowship members, organized Scout Post with some 25,000+ cards delivered and over £6500 raised for our local Scout groups + the funds of both our Fellowship and the District. 2008’s last event was our mince pie and chat afternoon at HQ, which gave anyone who was free the opportunity to catch up with the news from other members. Another successful Quiz Night was held in February ‘09, even though we had to have a last minute change of venue. Also in February was the Founders Day Service at which Fellowship members participated. March saw some of us dressed in period costume on the occasion of our Murder Mystery evening. I cannot close without thanking those who have done most of the organizing over this past year, namely our Secretary, Irene Whyte, Treasurer Sheila Martin and Vice Chairperson Jean McDonagh who, along with others including Pat Oliver, Kathleen Murray and Iris MacKenzie, have made this past year such an enjoyable one for us all. Geoff Thomson Fellowship Chairperson



Scout Fellowship


Archives Little older material has been added to the District archive during the last year, although a certain amount of recent material has been added which will be of value in the future, including a vast amount of photographic material from the Centenary events in 2007. Proper cataloguing and storage for the material is still some way off, due to time constraints and funding. On the other side of the coin, the book I have written, on the history of Scouting within the present boundaries of Inverness District, is complete, but it is proving very difficult to find a publisher, or even to get costings so that the District could consider publishing the book itself. Grant aid will certainly be needed if this turns out to be the way forward. It has been possible to produce some offprints of the material collected related to older established Scout Groups, and these are being issued to the Groups. Nairn Group reached its centenary during 2008, although their hundred years is not completely continuous, due to a break during the First World War. The next Group to reach this mark will be the 2nd – currently the Kingsmills Group, although originally the Cathedral Group. They reach this milestone in 2012. Crown will reach its centenary in 2016. Again, neither of these Groups has a totally unbroken record over the 100 years. A major project for the coming year will be to put many of the Scout photographs on line through the Highland Council's Am Baile website. This will allow a much wider audience to see some of the treasures that we hold. There are some Scout photographs already available on this website, but these have come from other sources. In some cases it has been necessary to correct the captions that had been attached, as often the originals have little to indicate exactly what they show, and my research has provided the information.

Robert Preece District Archivist


Another year has rolled along and it’s been another year to celebrate the way in which we communicate as a District. The website has been a success after its first year at Several new leaders and plenty of new young people have managed to join Scouts by visiting our District Website. However, it is critically important that we continue to review the website and determine how it can be of best use to the District, both for ourselves, and those who may wish to join The Scout Association. It is with this thought that the website is presently being reviewed, after its first year in operation, to enable it to become more user friendly for the District Team to communicate effectively, deliver news stories and promote local scouting. This proposed format is still in the design phase and later in the year it shall be determined whether this is viable in terms of practicality as a way forward for the District. Regarding the District e-news, this has also proven to be most successful. However, there have been issues with ensuring that everyone receives this regular communication, in particular, the District Fellowship. This has predominately been down to issues with accuracy of data on the membership management system. However, this is being addressed and it is hoped that we will move forward with this from August of this year. Despite these issues, the monthly e-news is distributed to over 140 adults in Inverness District, and features timely and relevant information for all adults. However, for the e-news to continue to make an impact it must have input from Groups. It is also hoped that we can find a regular monthly slot for it, particularly after the emergence of Scouts Scotland Plus and Programme e-news from Scottish Headquarters in the last year. The future of communication in Inverness District is very much dependant on the national reviews that are taking place, with particular reference to Scottish Scout News. Presently, we receive communication from UKHQ through the bi-monthly “Scouting” magazine and weekly Scouting Plus, complimented by Scottish Scout News, Scouts Scotland Plus and Programme e-news from SHQ. We must agree a role for District communications and try to avoid “information overload”, to prevent repetition of information that has been communicated previously. As always my thanks are expressed to those who have supported the cause of communication over the last year and I would very much appreciate feedback - no idea is a daft idea! Graham W J Eden District Web Manager District Administrator - Newsletter





Treasurer’s Report The accounts presented are a consolidation of all those accounts held on behalf of Inverness District Scout Council. Thanks are due to those who have operated accounts of behalf of the District. The consolidated accounts show an operating surplus of £11,033.97 for the financial year. This operating surplus is a result of the donation of £6,000.00 received from the Gang Show and of the transfer of assets to Inverness District Scout Council from the previous Area Scout Council. During 2007/8 the Scout Council received a donation of £5,641.00 from Highland Cross toward the purchase of Marquees and a flat bed trailer, the balance of the donation amounting to £177.18 is earmarked for utilization for any necessary repairs to these items. The process of consolidation of bank accounts into one account was largely completed during the 2008/9 financial year, at is anticipated that the process will be completed during the 2009/10 financial year. The balances transferred from the Training, Beaver, Cub, Explorer and Property accounts to the main District Account, have been earmarked to be utilized for the purpose for which they were originally held. As a result of the current financial climate the year ahead will be extremely challenging and it is anticipated that for the first time in a number of years the expenditure of the District will exceed the projected income. It is likely that it will be necessary to utilize a percentage of the reserves which were built up over a number of years by the Area Scout Council.

Christine Horne District Treasurer


I report on the financial statements of the Inverness District Scout Council (“The Council”) for the year ended 31st March 2009 which are set out on pages 20 to 21. Respective responsibilities of Trustees and Examiner: The Districts Trustees are responsible for the preparation of the accounts in accordance with the terms of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Charities Accounts (Scotland) Regulations 2006. The Districts Trustees consider that the audit requirement of Regulation 10(1) (a) to (c) to the Accounts Regulations does not apply. It is my responsibility to examine the accounts as required under section 44 (1) (c) of the Act and to state whether particular matters have come to my attention. Basis of Independent Examiner’s Statement: My examination is carried out in accordance with Regulation 11 of the Charities Accounts (Scotland) Regulations 2006. An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the District and a comparison of the accounts presented with those records. It also includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts and seeks explanations from the trustees concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in an audit, and consequently I do not express an audit opinion on the view given by the accounts. Independent Examiner’s Statement: In the course of my examination, no matter has come to my attention Which gives me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respect the requirements: To keep accounting records in accordance with section 44(1) (a) of the 2005 Act and Regulation 4 of the 2006 Accounts Regulations, and To prepare accounts which accord with the accounting records and comply with Regulation 9 of the 2006 Accounts Regulations Have not been met, or To which in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the accounts to be reached.

Alec Graham MA CA 9 Rangemore Road, Inverness



Independent Examiner’s Report to the Trustees of Inverness District Scout Council


Inverness District Scout Council - Consolidated Accounts Accounts for year ended 31st March 2009 2008/9


Annual Census (Payable to SHQ & Region) Subscriptions Donations Fundraising (Payable to Groups)

Restricted £

General £ 19,232.60 -21,556.00

2007/8 General & Restricted £ 124.74 0.00

-2,323.40 12,38.00 10,688.33 16,168.86 -10,910.62



590.24 90.00 2,861.75 358.66 18.01 37.50



Restricted £

General £ 6,256.60 962.30 3,294.71 2,938.82 8.00 13,117.16 300.00 884.80 0.00 479.52 28241.91


2007/8 General & Restricted £ 242.00 0.00 2,700.74 21.09 4.00 0.00 0.00



5,450.00 158.70 1762.57

8 8417.83

30004.48 Total Payments in Year Total Receipts in Year Surplus/deficit for Year


4 5




590.24 0.00 5,258.24 11,973.82 3,169.82 494.26 13.71 2,405.50 7,495.30 624.87 41038.45

Activities Badges Interest Postage/Stationery Letting Donations Transfers to District Miscellaneous Total Receipts

Property Equipment Badges Administration Bank Charges Activities Donations Fundraising Transfers Miscellaneous Total Payments


30004.48 41038.45

8417.83 20186.61



Opening Bank Balance 31868.78 Surplus/Deficit in Year 11033.97 Closing Bank Balance £42902.75

20100.00 11768.78 £31868.78 18

Accounts for year ended 31st March 2009 Represented by: 2008/2009 Cash at Bank - General 32,197.75 Cash at Bank- Badges 1,192.93 Cash at Bank - Network 371.32 Cash at Bank - Phoenix 1,274.73 Cash at Bank - Activity 852.48 Cash at Bank - STI 5,621.11 1,376.86 Cash at Bank - Muirtown 15.57 Petty Cash £42,902.75


2007/2008 31069.14 794.77 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 4.87 £31,868.78

Notes to Accounts 1 Includes payment of £2646.00 in respect of 2008 Regional Levy 2 Includes £6,000.00 donation from Gang Show and £1902.44 from accounts previously held by Inverness Area 3 Includes Scout Post for which the District acts as agent for Scout Groups and Bag Packing for which the District acts as agent for Scout Groups. 4 This represents the bringing into the District those Bank accounts which were held by the Area and which continue to operate under the District. 5 Includes £340.48 Founders day Collection,£236.39 late payment of Census for 2008, £48.00 repayment of uncashed cheque. 6 Includes £1,603.87 for purchase of trailer from Grant funding. 7 3 donation of £100 in respect of new sections starting within the District 8 £158.70 for work on marquee - from Grant funding, £24.30 for Thanks badge, £21.00 for Wreath, £315.00 Founders Day, £1 telephone, £118.22 from acting as receiving agent for transfer between 2 Explorer Accounts. 9 Account brought under auspices of District during financial year 10 Account brought under auspices of District during financial year 11 Account brought under auspices of District during financial year 12 Account brought under auspices of District during financial year 13 Account brought under auspices of District during financial year Restricted Balance: This comprises, £3,000 Capital sum for Jamboree Income on Jamboree Capital Donation from Highland Cross

Accounts approved by the Executive of Inverness District Scout Council on 28th May 2009 and signed on their behalf by:

Christine Horne District Treasurer 19


Inverness District Scout Council - Consolidated Accounts

9 10 11 12 13


Membership Census 2008/2009 Male



Change from 08

169 234 201 34 2 640

18 19 30 19 0 86

187 253 231 53 2 726

+20 -24 -1 -1 +2 -2

+12 +4 +2 -5 +3 -4 +12

Youth Membership Beaver Scouts Cubs Scouts Scouts Explorer Scouts Scout Network (Not Declared elsewhere) Total Youth Membership

Leadership Section Leaders Sectional Assistants & Skills Instructors Group Scout Leaders District Skills Instructors District Scouters District Commissioners Total Leadership

40 9 4 0 4 1 55

62 3 2 0 2 1 70

102 12 6 0 6 2 125

1 1 9 2 13

2 2 10 0 14

3 3 19 2 27

-2 0 -1 -6 -9

Members Associate Members

708 0

170 0

878 0

+3 -7

Total Membership





28 3

16 2

44 5

Organisational Support District Administrators District Office Bearers Scout Fellowship Individual & Associate Members Total Organisational Support

Statistical Information Young Leaders Network Members (Total)

+44 0

Units Beaver Scout Colonies Cub Scout Packs Scout Troops Explorer Scout Units Scout Networks Scout Fellowships Scout Groups

13 14 11 4 1 1 16


+2 0 0 +1 0 0 +1

Working with Region to develop more Young Leaders in Inverness District Young Leader Training Weekend Badaguish, Glenmore , February 2009


Inverness District Scout Council c/o 77 Stratherrick Road Inverness IV2 4LL Email: Web: Designed and produced by Julie Cribb & Graham Eden 22

2009 Annual Report  

Inverness District Scouts Annual Report